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Focus your intentions! If you want to get something accomplished today be clear on your goals.

For more in depth insight into individual DogBreeds visit our Dog Spirit Animal Totems section of the website and click on your favorite Canine or use the

Dog Totem Generator on that page.

If Dog has come into your life;

You are being reminded that kindness will often get you a lot further than criticism. Allow yourself to be gentle with those around you and to accept that their paths are not necessarily similar or conjoined with yours.

Dog can also be a reminder that you should always be loyal and truthful to yourself. You should make a point of being your own best friend. By having self respect and self value you can love yourself first. This is essential for you to be of great assistance to others. Having self respect will assure that others will respect you. Dog Totem Generator

If Dog is your Animal Totem

People with this animal totem have a great spirit and a huge capacity to love. It takes a lot to break a your spirit. People with a Dog as an animal totem are usually helping others or serving humanity in some way. You embody the loving gentleness of best friend and the fierce energy of protector. You will have a deep understanding and compassion of human shortcomings, and have the compassion for unconditional acceptance and love. Canine Totem Generator

If Dog has come to you in a Dream;

The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success. The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten. If the dog is vicious and/or growling, then it indicates some inner conflict within yourself. It may also indicate betrayal and un-trustworthiness. If the dog is dead or dying, then it means a loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts. Also consider common notions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty (“man’s best friend”) and to be “treated like a dog”. To dream that you are feeding a dog means that you are nurturing an old skill or talent. It also implies that you need to put more time and effort into fostering your friendships. If you dream that a dog has puppies, then it refers to your nurturing abilities. Canine Totem Generator

Additional Associations for Dog:

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9 Responses to Dog

  • Hi, my shadow spirt animal is the dog. Should I be worried? 😕

  • I dreamed I was walking with my husband side by side. He looked behind us and saw a familiar person about 2 city blocks away. Beside that person was walking a horse with a dog on its back. My husband was happier to see the horse and dog rather than the person. I dont think he even acknowledged the person, they stayed their distance while the horse and dog came to him. When I turned to talk to my husband, a man came along grabbed the horse by the mane & cut deeply into its face as if trying to carve out a ball of meat. I frantically screamed out to the person who had been walking beside the horse & dog to come help but they didnt come. A silver flat structure with knives that propel on its left & right sides appear to serve as a divider between the attacker and my husband, the horse & dog. As my husband tries to balance the table like structure I tell him to be careful. I fear his thumbs may be severed. I didn’t witness the death of the horse, or any thumbs being severed but blood was definitely shed from the force between the man and my husband. The blood was splattered on me but I dont know from where it came.

  • I had a dream that there were many large dogs and i started stroking them but they were being brought into a medium sized room and locked in. I don’t know what this means as that is all i got from my dream. However, before i went to sleep I prayed to God asking him to give me a sign indicating if I should try to get in contact with my animal spirit. I also asked if he could give me a sign telling me if i should be patient and let life guide me, or if i should decide what i want to do with my life right now and follow that. I am 16 years old you see so i’m at a confusing ‘choose your career’ time of my life :roll:
    If anyone can help me understand if my dream is a sign then i will be very grateful.


  • every time i go any where no matter whose dog or what type dogs all seem to look at me even pull their owners towards me until i have stopped stroked them and spoken to them yes i do i speak to the dog and they put their ears back and listen once i have done that they happily go their own way can anyone explain why
    the other animal i notice and all ways sounds as they are shouting at me iv got very close to them and have got photographs standing near them are crows and rooks animals can tell us more than we know
    just wounder if any one else experiences this.

    • OMG same. Dogs pull towards me until I stroke them and talk to them and a crow almost hopped onto my hand. And I can get close to most birds

  • I just came back from a family dinner that was ruined by my ex boyfriend because he got drunk and yelled obscenities at everyone . It made me realize that this time there is no going back as badly as i feel for him and understand his pain I know I’m powerless to help him. On my way home I drove by a scene with a police officer and another driver pulled over blocking traffic from hitting a dog that had clearly been hit by a car. I think that this is my higher power sending me a strong message but I’m not sure if it’s a warning or just a “pay attention”. What do you think?

    • You made the right decision. The death of the dog signifys the death of the relationship. The officer and traffic was basically just to make sure you got the sign. That you attention was brought to the situation at hand. You are better of leaving that man in your past. He can be helped just not by you. He’s not ready and you’re not the answer to his internal questions. Hope this brings you comfort and peace. Love and light friend.


  • The high point of my life right now is tossing toys for my dog. She smiles back all the time. Sometimes she gives me the old pig eye when I want to go back in the house.

  • Thank you for the insight in this article. I am very thoughtful of my dogs. I only just now Google searched dog as a totem. I do not dream. I think of myself as someone raised in part by Labrador retrievers. Again thank you.

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