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Coyote Meaning and Messages

For the most part, the Coyote symbolism is reminding you to laugh at yourself. In other words, things have been entirely too serious of late. Therefore, you simply need to let loose and get on with it. Coyote symbolism means that you stop dwelling on your worries and stresses and let them go. Furthermore, since you have asked for help, you have to get out of the way of yourself. In particular, you just let go and allow your spirit helpers to do what they need to do.

Specifically, Coyote meaning is signaling you to do something that gives you pleasure and joy and focus on the positive for a change.

When a Coywolf (also known as the Eastern Coyote and Woyote) makes an appearance in your life, it is a warning that you need to adapt to your current situation. Significant changes are currently required for you to restore balance in your life.

On the other hand, the Coydog is a message that you will need to let go of some of your loyalties to others.  You have outgrown them, and their energies no longer relate to yours.

This canine is closely related to the Dog, Wolf, Jackal, Dingo (Coming Soon), Maned Wolf, Ethiopian Wolf and Dhole (Coming Soon). These animals, wolves, and dogs can interbreed successfully. The German Shepherd and Husky can also closely resemble this species.

Coyote Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Coyote totem are very adaptive to new situations. They also love to play practical jokes and pranks on their peers. Folks with this spirit animal always live in the present moment, and they find joy in all of the things they do. People with this power animal have a very close-knit family and love to work with children. They know how to be themselves without having to put on airs and masks. These folks also realize that by allowing themselves to be vulnerable, they will gain the most growth in their lives.

Coyote Dream Interpretation

When you have a Coyote dream, it symbolizes deception and weakness. Perhaps you are tricking yourself into believing something is right when you know in your heart that it is not. Also, to dream that this canine attacks you, indicates that you are allowing your thoughts to focus on what you perceive as an unfavorable fault within yourself or on adverse outcomes. This spirit animal in a dream may also be preparing you for a death, a severe illness, or a dramatic change in your family. This change could also mean a substantial spiritual shift in your consciousness in the form of transformation.

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  1. Growing up on a Reserve, Coyote, Nikakwaho’ta’:’ah, was my favourite Spirit Animal. Every Coyote story started out with the storyteller, usually my Tóta, my Grandmother, saying that “This is a Coyote story. Better watch your toes in case she bites them. Better watch the stuff in your pockets in case she steals them.”. Nikakwaho’ta’:’ah is a trickster animal. Indigenous people do not see her as an enemy or as something bad. She created human beings because she was bored and she wanted someone to play with. Yes, she will do bad things if you are not careful and if you let her trick you, but Coyote reminds you to be on your toes and to pay attention. So often we go through our days on automatic pilot without paying real attention to the world around us. When Nikakwaho’ta’:’ah is around you had better pay attention. She also reminds us to be more playful. Part of growing old is that we grow stiff and serious and we forget how to play and how to laugh for real. Our laughter becomes forced and faked and rehearsed. We take ourselves too seriously. Let’s face it. In the end we are just silly monkeys who have learned how to use our brains to convince ourselves that we are more than that. Coyote does not take us seriously. Why should she? That is why so many cultures hate her and Crow and Raven. Not only are they trouble makers but they do not treat us as more important than other animals. Again, why should they? Why should we? Why should I take myself so seriously? It is so easy to laugh at others. But the greatest joy and the greatest relief is to laugh at ourselves. When was the last time you howled at the moon like Nikakwaho’ta’:’ah does? Have you ever howled at the moon? It isn’t about the moon it is about letting go of all that stuff you’ve been carrying around with you and just doing something that makes no sense. Coyote can help you do that if you let her. Just be careful. Nikakwaho’ta’:’ah might just also bite your toes.
    that coyote is a trickster
    that nikakwaho’ta’:’ah is a clown
    always up to no good that coyote
    she just loves to fool around
    if you got anything worth stealin
    that nikakwaho’ta’:’ah will run away with it
    but wouldn’t you love to be coyote
    to play the trickster for a little bit

    1. Hello, my name is Bran. Blessing to you and your family. Are you the author of this article? I had a very powerful dream last night that I would love to chat with someone about. I’ll keep it short for the moment. In my dream I was at a visitor center at a reservation with some young men and an elder. I was asked if i wanted to put a tattoo onto a woman there. I was shown broken peices of tribes art on a earthenware tile and asked to create the tattoo art based on the inspiration given me by the tile art. I was then taught about Native American stories, taught a usefull way of praying protection over my family, then I had my sketch in the elders art sketch pad. It was a tree, The Sun, a flower, and the coyote. There are personal things I’m not mentioning just yet. Thanks for listening. I’d love to chat with someone about this on a more private platform. Thank you.

  2. My friend asked if spirit animals were real (we don’t REALLY believe in them) what would I would think I would be..I answered with “i’ll just take a quiz,and will see what I will get for fun”…I got coyote in the quiz,and it matched up perfectly with me,especially after I read this article for fun..thoughts?

  3. that coyote is a trickster

    that nikakwaho’ta’:’ah is a clown

    always up to no good that coyote

    she just loves to fool around

    if you got anything worth stealin

    that nikakwaho’ta’:’ah will run away with it

    but wouldn’t you love to be coyote

    to play the trickster for a little bit

    I didn’t have to look very far or even draw a card to know my Spirit Animal, my Spirit Animal for the year on my New Year’s Eve Spirit walk. Just as I was getting dressed to leave our lunatic dog, Benji, rushes for the door to the back yard barking and howling, and when I followed I could hear what had set him off. At least two Coyotes howling on the path behind our back yard. I went up to the fence and could just make out their shapes, a pair of them, standing amongst the trees. But by the time I got fully kitted up and on my way they were gone. On my way back from my walk I encountered a group of drunken New Years Eve’s revellers pouring out of a bar. I had no choice but to stop walking momentarily to deal with them and then get past them. As I glanced up the sign on the seedy bar they had just poured out of it said Coyote Jack’s. No kidding. Then when I got on the path near our yard I took special care to move quietly, the way I had been taught to as a boy. And there they were. A pair of twins standing together just off the path. I had encountered these twins last year. They’re pure coyote. Pure Nikakwaho’ta’:’ah. Not the Coywolfs or Coydogs you so often see around cities nowadays. Small and silent and curious. We stared each other for a long while, the cold wind gusting through the trees. And then the two just turned and walked off. So no question of my New Year Spirit Animal. The great Trickster, Coyote. She who knocks things of balance and who will steal the earth from right beneath your feet. She who plays. She who brings mischief and chaos and it is in chaos and mischief that we have the greatest opportunity to grow. It is in mischief and chaos that we learn to just play. This is a powerful sign to me. I have been struggling with severe depression lately. I always do for the holidays because that is when the worst things would happen to me when I was a child. But Coyote reminds me that I need to play more. Be more mischievous. Take myself and this life and my problems a little less seriously. My heart is warmed that Nikakwaho’ta’:’ah, that Coyote will be my guide this year. I might lose a few things to her Trickiness. But I also might lose this cloud, this darkness that I’ve been lingering in for far too long.

    1. All I can say is Wow Jules. Your writing was moving and the poem – I’m speechless. just going to revel in it.

    2. I love the writting too! Happy 2021 New years Spirit Drawing!
      Before I woke up I had a dream in which there had been a spider in my blankets. I’ve been doing alot of cleansing and ridding of some dark spots within, but it was only a house spider. Even so I heard a voice above me exclaiming the same thing “it’s just a house spider”. But no I had enough, my choice so I took to my hand and swept it off the bed. Even small things can have the loudest voices especially if they wanna make a web in your ear 😀 they could make earwigs for a living!

    3. Jules I’m a few years late to this thread, but in case you’re looking back at all.. I just wanted to say that reading your words is profoundly moving. I had a coyote dream last night, and wondered why. Your storytelling helped me think through the “why”. I am not indigenous, but wish for better understanding in all things. You are a great teacher, thank you.

  4. Brandon Morris

    My grandmother was a very spiritual individual. She believed all life should be equal. She taught me many amazing things. The person I am today is because of her. She took me in when my mom chose drugs over us. She (my grandmother) passed away three years ago. I’ve been lost ever since. You could say I even gave up. So, I always find a way to feel connected with her as much as I can. Not too long ago I decided to move just outside the city area. Because she loved nature along with peace and quiet. I was at the last traffic light just before it turns into a dirt road and gets incredibly dark. The light turned green and I had just gotten onto the dirt road. The speed limit was 45 mph and I probably had only gotten up to just about 20 mph. Three coyotes came running out in front of me so I started to slow down. I assume they were chasing something because they weren’t even focused on my vehicle or had even noticed I was there. The two leading in front ran fast enough to make it before I got close but the last one was maybe 2 feet front of me when he noticed my lights. He stopped sprinting and immediately turned to back to the side of the road they came from. He looked like a pup. I noticed the other two didnt really notice as they were chasing something. I had stopped at that point. I waited to see if he would still cross the road(not wanting to scare him any further I stayed still so he could catch up to the others). He crossed very cautiously making sure to take his time in case I do something. As he walked slowly he stopped and it almost seemed like he was staring at me. Not the car, but at me. Then proceeded to the otherside of the road. That’s when I noticed the other two had returned while I was focusing on the pup. They were sitting on the otherside waiting for the pup to return. It gave me a weird feeling so that’s why I looked this up. Let me know what you think!

    1. I have a Beautiful Mother coyote with 3 baby’s living in my back yard under a mulberry tree The pup’s are beautiful just as the Mother, they are getting big, I have a question for all of you Please.. I would like to know why the Mother would bring the little ones up to my deck each day and let them sleep the better part of the day with my 2 cats (She The Mother) doesn’t bother my cats at all, they all just lay around and rest all afternoon in the shade of the deck, and come evening she takes them ( the baby’s) back out to the tree feeds them and they play and go to the den and we don’t see them again until morning? what do you make of this,?

    2. Wow.. that sounds like a unique unwritten agreement between mother coyote and your momma cat ❣️ what a special honor for her to trust your cat with her pups lives. There may have been a prowler, a big dog, or even possibly other coyotes that posed harm to the young. Your momma kitty deserves a few extra treats in my book 😉

  5. I dreamt that I was doing tug of war with a pair of white earphones. (I don’t know the other person). I asked coyote to help and he/she used their mouth to help tug them for me. Another coyote appeared and I said they could both come with me if they both helped. Can anyone help me interpret this please? Thank you.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense the tug of war with white earphones might suggest a struggle or conflict with social media. Perhaps too much time spent on the computer, arguing with people online, or both. I get the sense that the two coyotes might be telling you to look for ways to find fun and enjoyment beyond the screens of a device. Perhaps in some kind of exercise, funny book, a fun activity with friends like board games/card games, enjoy nature, some hands on creative activity, and whatever may work for you personally.

  6. I was driving on a desert road late at night last November when a coyote on the side of the road seemed to want to cross in front of me. In a moment of slow motion time I looked it in they eye and pleaded silently for it to stay on the side of the road. I couldn’t slow down in time or go into the other lane of oncoming traffic and sadly, it just ran in front of my car, and I hit it. I was absolutely devastated. I love animals and I have always had a soft spot for coyotes.
    I was especially bothered by the fact that I hit it and it was left on the road and I couldn’t see if it was dead, or move it so it didn’t get hit again and again on the highway. I kept thinking about that the whole time. Finally after many dark, winding miles on the desert road, I arrived at a gas station. It was there that I realized (by the look on the faces of the people who saw me pull up) that the coyote was not left behind on the road, but it was stuck in the space behind the grill of my small sedan.
    It was not alive.
    I pulled into a nearby empty lot and removed the poor thing from my vehicle. It looked so perfect laying there. I had never touched a coyote before, but I pet it and told it I was very sorry. With a very heavy heart, I wrapped it in a towel and put it into a nearby trashcan. It seemed a horrible waste but I didn’t know what else to do with its body and I had no way to properly bury it.
    . RIGHT AS I PLACED IT into the bin, a huge shooting star fell overhead. If I remember correctly, it fell from right to left. (I remember reading once that the direction a star falls is significant.) Anyway, I took all of this as a sign or an omen. A bad one. Turns out, the year that followed was very VERY hard for me, emotionally.
    Things are getting better now, and other omens seem to have taken the place of that horrible one in the desert.

    If anyone has any insight to this, I would absolutely love to hear it. What is your interpretation?
    Another interesting fact is that the song “familiar” by the artist Agnes Obel had been playing at the time that I hit the coyote. Here are a part of the lyrics to that song.

    “Or keep your eyes on the road and live in the familiar without you and I
    It glows with gates of gold to true life
    For our love is a ghost that the others can’t see
    It’s a danger
    Every shade of us you fade down to keep
    them in the dark on who we are
    (Oh what you do to me)
    This love is gonna be the death of me
    It’s a danger
    ‘Cause our love is a ghost that the others can’t see
    We took a walk to the summit at night, you and I
    To burn a hole in the old grip of the familiar true to life
    And the dark was opening wide, do or die
    Under a mask of vermillion ruling eyes”

    Thank you for reading my story.

    1. Powerful story, Claire. Just tonight I had a coyote cross a few feet in front of my car limping badly as it had lost an entire leg I assume right before our encounter, probably escaping whatever injured it, as the tendons were still hanging out. It was honestly the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen. I tried not to vomit and cried for the poor, confused little thing. I called the authorities and warned walking neighbors of a seriously injured coyote in the area, but that’s all I could think to do. I will never, ever forget this for my entire life. We made eye contact and it was as if the coyote was begging for help but I couldn’t do anything other than call a hotline. I am still so torn up and it’s been hours since. Anyway, I’m just curious as well to the meaning and we seem to have somewhat similar stories concerning injured coyotes. Interesting. I hope you find peace and all is well.

  7. Around 11pm two nights ago, I opened my back door to check on my stray cat I feed. Normally I feed him earlier but, I wasn’t feeling well that day and put it off. As I opened the door the most beautiful coyote came up my steps and looked into my house. It was most unexpected because I can’t see to the right of the steps. I held the door open in disbelief as he gracefully peered inside. About 5 seconds later, the coyote left and slowly ran into my backyard. I got a good look at him. The coyote was a dark gray and dark red (Auburn) color. Big bushy tail. I thought it was a fox at first because I have a fox den in the woods about 250 yards away. I haven’t seen or heard the foxes in about 2 years. After looking at many images of foxes and coyotes, none of the images look like this animal. It almost looks like a cross between a coyote and a wolf. The thing is wolves are almost or are extinct in Maryland. I wasn’t scared by this visit but, I immediately felt a serene feeling about this visit. Can anyone share what the meaning of this visit was about? Btw, the coyote was not scared of me. Thank you

    1. Near-extinction of Maryland wolves aside, it sounds like you’re describing a coy-wolf. If it was larger than an average coyote, I’d bet on it. They don’t fear humans (or anything else) bc they are badass, basically (haha seriously though they will effing kill you. they take down cattle, it’s a mess). if it WAS a coy-wolf, you should be extremely careful and wary of it. Coyotes are no big deal. Coy-wolves are dangerous. (I like wolves & wildlife in general, & I actually MIGHT pet a coyote… I wouldn’t go NEAR a wild coy-wolf or wolf). Good luck!

  8. The twin towers had just fallen and I was on my way to work, several miles out in the desert. As I was traveling about 60 mph, three beautiful coyotes approached me from the north, to my left. I was going too fast to stop and the first two coyotes made it past my car. The third stopped just in time. What could the coyotes symbolize?

  9. Since 1999, my spirit animal was clearly a hawk. But in the last 6 years, it has slowly changed into coyote. I dream of dolphins and elephants, but in the waking world, I have close encounters with hawks. Now, it seems coyote has taken the lead.

    This all began when, 6 years ago, I witnessed a coyote steal a dog (off a leash) while on a bike path. I felt, even though it wasn’t my dog, that this event was for my benefit. My husband, who was with me, said right after it happened “the coyote did that for you.” It was strange…

    A year later, I was out for a run when a coyote appeared in the center of the path. As I ran forward, he stepped aside and then ran along side me for 1000 yards. He never acted aggressive, only playful and curious. A year or two later, in roughly the same spot, I had a vision of a coyote sleeping next to the path. It turned out to be a large rock covered in moss, but to my eyes, it was a breathing, sleeping coyote.

    I didn’t see much of coyote until this past October (nearly 5 years later) when we were looking at homes to buy. While exploring the property of a house, a coyote came out of the bushes, not more than 10 feet from me, to look at me. He stared at me, quietly curious, and almost beckoning. He was not afraid of me, I wasn’t afraid of him, we just considered ourselves. He moved on, but not before turning around to look at me one last time. I knew that this was not an encounter to take lightly.

    Just a few nights ago, I was awakened around 5am by the solitary howl of a coyote not far from our house. It woke me from a deep sleep. I sat up and listened, and a few minutes later, the yips and howls of the pack approached and then disappeared in the darkness. My husband was awakened by me sitting up, but could not hear the coyotes I was hearing. The next day, I found the recordings of our security cameras on which could be heard the faint sounds of the traveling pack. The sounds were still barely audible — my husband could not figure out how the low sounds would have awakened me, though. He concluded, yet again, that the coyotes were communicating with me.

    I don’t know how true any of this is, but it is fun to think about. I wonder how likely it is that our totems can change depending on the circumstances & evolution of our lives.

    1. wow that exact same thing happened to me…. I have always resonated with the hawk but lately (like in the last week) I have seen a coyote running along side my car twice and I’ve heard the whole pack while outside one night but no one else noticed? I still see my hawks regularly but now the coyote has been making regular appearances…..❤
      Love and light,

  10. I am totally not one to comment on these sorts of things, generally speaking but my interest has been piqued. Late September/early October I bought a piece of moldavite in Salem, MA (I’m from the area) from a shop on Derby Street. (I got the moldavite flush, like badly) Anyway, later that night (I’m a night owl, I typically go to bed at around 4-5am regardless of whether or not I have work) and was chilling out on the porch having a cigarette at around 3am when I noticed a coyote prancing by me. This was typical and normally I wouldn’t pay it much mind, but the previous night I had had a dream where I snuggled up to a wolf and a fox came in and started snarling at me. The wolf jumped up and attacked the fox as if it were protecting me from the fox. Now, during this time period, and I still am, I was unemployed, a contract had just finished and I was out of luck. I basically have been unemployed for 3 months (and I have NEVER been unemployed this long), not really sure what to do next. Tonight, yet again, at 3am I see the coyote, I’m 90% sure it was the same one. But this time, he stopped and we stared at each other for a moment before he continued prancing about. Individually, I wouldn’t draw any conclusion but given the wider context of whats been happening (or not happening) I am super curious to hear what peoples thoughts are. I feel like there’s a story arc here that I’m not being let in on, hahaha.

  11. Once again I am visited by Coyote, Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah. My heart has never been very far from Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah. On this, Canada’s National Aboriginal Day, Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah speaks to me most deeply of the old ways, the ways that we have lost sight of and the ways that have been taken from us. Still Coyote remains. No matter how many ways and how many times that human beings have tried to remove Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah from the planet, she finds ways to survive, even to thrive and to be fully Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah. We all know that Coyote is clever, but we do not always know how strong and resilient that she is. Perhaps this why she has become such a strong and powerful symbol to the First Nations. Today I celebrate the Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah spirit of all First Nations people. We remain strong. We remain resilient. Like Coyote we have adapted to all attempts to make us vanish. Like Coyote we shall remain always and fully who we are, because Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah will always remain one with our Spirits.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful posts. They’ve opened my mind and my heart to a deeper understanding. Thank you!

  12. It is interesting that I am visited by Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah, Coyote, on the last day of my Spirit Year. Coyote was my Spirit Animal for this year. Coyote has always been a welcome visitor in my life. She is a Trickster and a troublemaker, but Coyote is clever because she always looking for mischief to make, she always wants to play. Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah likes to knock things off balance and often that can make us uncomfortable or even lead to some kind of harm. But life, by its very nature is a full contact sport. There is going to be loss and pain whether we like it or not. But Coyote, because she is a Trickster and a Thief, can remind us that our possessions are not as essential as we think that they are, and that the ground that we think is so firm beneath our feet is not nearly as firm as we think it is. Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah can teach us to let go and to not take ourselves, or the life that we’re living so seriously. The beginning of wisdom is learning to laugh at yourself. Coyote will laugh at you whether you like it or not. The world might laugh at you whether you like it or not. Part of growing old, of truly growing old from the inside out, is that we become so cautious and careful. Cautious people do not laugh at life. They certainly do not laugh at themselves. This year has been a chance for me to remember how to make mischief for myself and to allow Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah to be a part of my life. I have not always succeeded. My darkest hours were those in which I failed to laugh, in which I failed to allow Coyote into my life. But, once Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah is allowed to come into your life, she is very difficult to get rid of for very long. I am glad that Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah, Coyote, has broken into my life and now nips at my toes when I begin to become too complacent or numb. Tekwanonwerá:tons, Welcome, Coyote. You and your Mischief are always Welcome, even when I forget that you are Welcome in my life. For the rest of my days, Tekwanonwerá:tons Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah. Welcome Coyote. Tiatén:ro, You and I are friends. You and I shall always be friends.

  13. Coyote, Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah, is my Spirit Animal for the year. Interesting that she would appear to me on the first day of the month of my Birthday, when she appeared to me a year ago. Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah is the great Trickster, the trouble maker, who made mankind in the midst of her mischief. She is the Wise Fool, who knocks you off balance and pulls the earth out from under you. She makes change because she is never up to any good. She comes to your house, makes messes, and drinks all your sweet tea. Coyote makes trouble. But trouble can be a good thing. It forces us to change, to adapt and to learn. We need a little mischief in our lives. We need to make fools of ourselves now and again, if for no other reason than to learn not to take ourselves or the world we live in quite so seriously.

    1. I was driving home the other night and i came to an intersection I come to often, theres this sheet metal cut out of a coyote in the median to the left that always catches my eye. I usually turn right at this intersection to go home. On this particular night I see what looks like a dog in the street stright ahead so i went stright to see if it needed help and it was a coyote with really bad mange. I can hear coyotes in my neighborhood often enough and ive seen one or two before but this was the first time id seen one just in the street like this. So i was going to sleep right now and wondered if there was any significance to a coyote crossing your path but now I’m worried that the mange might be an ill omen because i am planning a large change in my life right now that involves moving past some peiple that have grown toxic. Anyone have any thoughts?

  14. Coyote, Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah, the trickster is also my Spirit Animal for this year. Coyote’s spirit has always been precious to me. She is the child in all of us, the trouble maker and the instigator of creativity. My Grandmother, my Memaire, used to say to me “Did you do something stupid today? If you didn’t, do something stupid.”. That was always an incredibly freeing thought to me. It is most difficult, and most important to remember our Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah when things go wrong, when we are suffering. We begin to take life too seriously and forget that the way out is laughter and play. The last week has been difficult for me and I allowed myself to forget the Coyote spirit. This is a good and strong reminder to do something stupid today.

  15. Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah, Coyote is the Wise Fool in traditional Mohawk stories. He comes into my life often to remind me that play, and even chaos, are the mothers of creation, that the best things in life can come only through mischief and mistakes.
    “There is a crack in everything.
    That’s how the light gets in.”
    Leonard Cohen
    Coyote makes those cracks. He knocks things off balance, and sometimes, most times, that is the only way that they can move. Coyote, Nikakwaho’ ta’:’ah, is a friend to be welcomed, though he is always up to no good.

  16. I have a great and special love for Coyote. He has joined me on many of my spirit walks. Coyote following immediately on the heels of Raven is a very powerful totem sign. When the two tricksters get together they make very big trouble. They make very big change. That can be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Things have to get broken before they can be changed. The world has to be pulled from underneath your feet, and you have to fall before you can stand in the world in a new way. And coyote loves to do that. He is also a reminder that the best learning comes through play. It’s no accident that the most intelligent animals are the ones who play the most. Personally, I’ve been going through some great and terrible upheaval. Coyote, particularly following Raven, may be letting me know that this is also an opportunity to change.
    “The best way to turn your hell into heaven is to make the fall voluntary.”
    Joseph Campbell

  17. I was turning to leave the parking lot at the mall where I had just been at a restaurant and saw Coyote walking down the sidewalk. I pulled out on the street and slowly drove next to him. I was so excited that I called out to him: “He, he? Coyote. Coyote.” He stopped and looked at me and I said: “Where are you going Coyote? Where are you leading me? What do you want to tell me?” So, I followed him a long way down the road as he slowly pranced on (in no visible hurry, and completely undisturbed by people crossing his path or me hollering “Coyote” at him) along the sidewalk and underbrush next to it. I was really ecstatic to be next to Coyote and took it as a good omen as I had just asked Hope, this waitress girl whom I liked at the restaurant, to call me if she ever wanted to meet up. I noticed Coyote was moving kind of slow and maybe sort of limping, but I wasn’t sure if he was really hurt or just taking his time. I thought he was telling me to pursue my dreams and reminding me to stop being in a rush and take my time. “Walk like me, brother. Don’t be startled or afraid, brother. Walk your path, go where you must go, do not be afraid, do not hesitate, do not stop. You may be wounded, but keep walking and enjoy your life. Take risks and give up your self-importance. Life is a sacred journey, but also an irreverent adventure. Be who you are. Free yourself of fear and walk your spirit-path.” This is what I heard Coyote “say” to me on our little walk together. Finally, he slipped through some bushes and went off on his way and I circled back to the restaurant where I had just been and there I observed Hope working and wondered if she felt anything about me or thought about connecting with me? Was she reachable? Was she interested in me? I watched her from afar for another 20 minutes and then let go. If the Great Spirit wills there to be a deeper encounter between us, there will be one. If not, then it is not meant to be. Trusting the Universe knows and loves and understands what I truly need and will provide it, is trusting that a Higher Power is at work in my life. Coyote seems to be a messenger of the Gods when he comes to me unsolicited saying: “Go now in Peace and know that your destiny shall be fulfilled according to the Plan which is written for you and sent to you from above. This is the Life which Great Spirit has willed for you – rejoice and be glad in it!”

    1. I like how you “listened” to the Coyote. Patients is very difficult for us humans, especially today with the speed of things. Remember : it is ok to get, but better to feel.

  18. Where my boyfriend and I live we have called in some pretty nice size coyotes/coywolves. But here lately the holla in our woods have become infested with them. My children aren’t allowed to go outside unless an adult is with them and at night when i come home, I will not get out of the car til he comes out. They have been laying in our yard at night and growl at us. They are ALWAYS around us. We thought they could just be using the holla for pup season but it’s definitely not just for that. They have basically made our place home. We use to have a whole lot of deer (in the summer the fawns would come and walk up to house and lay by the porch), Turkeys and their young would go all over, and groundhogs. We have hardly seen any of them anymore. We began to start taking pictures of them due to people thinking we had lost our minds, but that just showed us how bad things really are. One picture has over 12 of them in it. Heres the reason Im commenting/asking. in the pictures there are ghost pf them in each picture. What does this mean if anything?

  19. I’m from Australia and had never even heard or seen a picture of a coyote except for Wiley E until about 2 hours ago. I decided to do a spirit guide hypnosis as I have been searching for my spirit animal for a long time and this fox /wolf animal shows up with her tongue lolling out and a grin on her face haha. Wicked sense of humour. I had to google an animal crossed between a wolf and a fox to find out what she was. Stunning Beautiful Creatures!

  20. I didn’t have a dream of coyotes but i have been surrounded by them twice… Once before dawn when i was running with my boxer up a hollywood cannon at 4:30 am…They formed a circle around me and my dog like a drill team…I was paying attentions to the coyotes running in the garden to the side of us cause there were so many…. suddenly My dog stopped I look up…and there is a huge alfa Coyote directly in the middle of the street about 15 feet ahead of us and My dog was kinda of a bad ass normally but he was frozen… then two more came in and so on when the last one being number 8 came in to close the circle… i stamped my leg and made some strange chant like a hi wa anyways it broke the circle but they continued to follow us up the canyon lurking in the park woods while we stayed on the road… the other time was at Dusk…and its something out of a Don juan novel meets Tim burton…Very smart animals and happens to be my totem animal…

  21. I had a dream that I was walking outside at night and I saw a coyote. I howled to it and it seemed to listen, and when I was almost close enough to touch it it ran off and I followed it. It took me from the parking lot of my apt complex to a fence, and on the other side was a house with a clothing line and no garden; just grass that stretched on forever. There were lights on in the house and I could hear yelling, like 2 people were having an argument. I was trying to hear it but I looked behind me and a little boy in shorts and a sweater full of holes stood on a stump, looking at the house too. We talked for a little before his dad came out to bring the boy inside and I followed.
    Later I had left and did some other things but before I woke up I was running on all fours and tripping in mud trying to get back to the house.
    Can anyone help me interpret this?

  22. what if a coyote appears at ur work and is aggressive and it didn’t wanna let me go thru…now I’m nervous and feel like something bad is going to happen

  23. Ilania Infantas

    I had a dream and woke up terrified . . .. I was in this house with my old boss who is also my best friend in real life, and my career mentor was there and we were working and had to lock the doors for whatever reason and it was a dark night, and looking out the windows there were coyotes surrounding the place, at first they were just sitting watching and crying calling one another, they were trying to get inside by any means possible, scratching and pushing at the screens to the windows. ….. It ended up being too difficult to keep them out so we were running from room to room and eventually we had to go outside where we were chasing the coyotes and facing them to get by to leave, to escape…..
    I don’t know what the dream means but I have recently gone through a lot of changes very quickly, it has been difficult.

  24. I’ve never been able to sleep well. Sometimes, lately, I run at night. Sometimes, I’ll see a raccoon, or a rat, or a cat. For a few weeks now, there have been rabbits, running out in front of me, running alongside me on the opposite side of the street, AFTER, running straight out in front of me, and over the weekend, one was running right AT me. I stopped first. But two nights ago, a pretty big coyote ran right out in front of me, crossed the street, ran up the hilly street about 50 feet, maybe a little more, stopped, turned, and looked at me. I really wasn’t sure what to do, as I was startled, awed…but also realized it’s just me, alone at 3 AM, and coyotes can run very fast. Part of me thinks, the coyote only stopped to look because they were thinking, “Wait, is that A PERSON running around here at this hour?!” Like, I know that I was actually the “odd one,” in this scenario, but…I don’t want to believe this was a negative sign…any thoughts on this? Thanks…

  25. Im not sure if the coyote is my spirit totem or not but ive always felt a strong connection the the coyote when an incident happened to me years back. I was coming home from a friends house and as i step on my front porch i get the feeling that someone is watching me. I turn around to look out my porch screen door and i see a coyote walking ever so calmly down my sidewalk. As he walks i front of my house he looks at me straight in the eyes and then keeps going. I found it very weird that a coyote was in my neighborhood when i live in a very populated suburb of chicago. I always thought this occurance held a significance just not sure what.

  26. I was heading home and took a back road in the mountain side. I was driving at a high speed since its a hwy. it was one lane only both ways. I noticed a white animal up ahead of me. It was crossing from my left side the the right. I had to slow do quickly in other to not hit it. As I got closer it was a pure white coyote. It took its sweet time crossing the road. We made eye contact a few times.

    Any advice on what this encounter meant? I read up a few things but want more Intel. Thanks.

    1. this is so strange. the same thing happened to me yesterday. was here on the net trying to find some meaning.

    2. This morning while I was sitting on my deck coyote came walking up to the fence and stood and stared at me as I stood up he trotted away looking back at me I live on a golf course in Texas very strange I had just seen a few weeks ago a bobcat slowly cross the road in front of me with her three babies she stopped and stared at me and then walked on I’m wondering what this all means hopefully something good

  27. About a month ago I had a dream about a coyote meeting me in the road by my house it was late at night. It was kinde and playful at first then it got more aggressive till it bit my right foot. When it bit my foot I tried to kick him but he was to quick so I ran at him; landed on him and began to choke him. Once he was unconscious I cared him to my house and then throw him on the ground. He woke up once I did that then he tried to bit me again then I grabbed a stick as he was bitting the stick I woke up. Any ideas what this meant

    1. Coyote is not out to get us, but to teach us, whether we are willing students or not.

      Maybe it was telling you to lighten up and stop taking things to seriously? Does that apply to you right now?

  28. My mother passed march 3.

    I have had dreams every night. I am in the snow on a high mountain. (I’m from FL but was born in OR.). A coyote comes and starts circling me. I try to stand and coyote pushes at me to make me sit. An Eagle flies overhead and swoops down. It lands on my right shoulder and coyote growls. The eagle and coyote fight. But if I try standing to leave they force me to sit. Then they resume fighting with eagle diving in and out while coyote snaps and snarls. I wake before the fight finishes.

    Any idea? I am 1/8 Cherokee through mom.

    1. Both of these animal totems reflect aspects of you that are in disharmony..learn about each of these animal totem qualities to see which resonates with you and find a way to resolve the conflict within you..when you tried to stand and leave..that represents avoidance..the animals knocking you down means you need to face and heal the disharmony within you..snow represents purity..high altitude represents higher consciousness..being more conscious in your life..hope this helps 🙂

    2. To Christine: re: your March 25, 2016 response. Not sure if you’ll ever see this (post from me)… Incredible, beautiful interpretation / guidance from you.
      Wish I could read more of your writing, thoughts, etc. about Spirit Animals (etc). Thank you…. for what you wrote here, back on March 15, 2016.
      – Blessings to you, – Lissa

  29. In a dream I was sitting in a stream and many fish which appeared to be large trout or small salmon were pooled at my feet going over the edge of a small waterfall. I was startled by an animal which came and stood by my right side. At first I thought it was a wolf then saw it was a coyote. I was first a bit afraid but the coyote appeared to be friendly and just stood by my side.

    Any thoughts on interpretation?

  30. As oddly as this may sound, in the past, every single time a coyote crossed my path i was on my way home, and when i’d get home my husband (at the time) and i would argue and he would leave for days at a time. We are no longer together but when it passes, something strange happens, like one time i was unable to move my neck and i needed help getting out and into bed, iroically, this was days before thre ex and i had court, and currently, the coyote is making his appearance again. Making me wonder if the ex is up to no good; conspiring plots against me, as im also dreaming of him. ❓ 🙄 😥 😥 🙄 😥 😐

  31. ❓ I dreamt about a Coyote coming to me and playing. He was on his back with his legs up and tongue lolling from smiling mouth. He was kicking his legs in the air.
    What can this mean? I know the Coyote is one of my spirit guides, a main one but this I can’t figure out.
    Please help me…

    1. It obviously means that your spirit animal is different. This could mean that you are more of like a coyote god to them. Making it as if you more of like a cyote all the time but you don’t overdo it. Example. You would walk your dog alot… but you would let it rest for twice the amout it took to walk your dog around. Here is the tricky part. While you are relaxing your spirit animal is still with you relaxing by your side because coyote’s are more relaxed anyways. So, in your dream he is thanking you for not summoning him as much as they normally should. The coyote also is more emotional to how YOU describe coyote. In this case, the coyote is treating you with the same respect you show it. If the coyote in any way harms you or your family, you have taunted it and it is just showing you the same respect you showed the coyote. Remember, coyotes are easily ticked off, so please treat it the way you want to be treated. I AM a coyote so… when I heard about how this spirit animal acts I said to myself… “this sounds exactly like me”… Except I don’t like playing jokes on people THAT often… Only when I’m bored and need a good laugh. Hope this helped!

    2. Are you more serious by nature..your dream could mean to have a more playful carefree attitude in you you allow yourself that 😆

  32. Walking home during sunset i saw a coyote walking west across a bridge of train tracks over running water… Can anyone interpret that??

  33. I have seen an all white coyote in physical form that no one else has seen before in my family, my father and his friends were with me when this had happend and we all were standing next to eachother walking down a road hunting (not coyotes but deer) not this coyote walked about 40 yards in front of me and then vanished only to see it a few hundred yards down the river about 2 minutes after. We went home and the next day we were hunting again and i saw an all black coyote and this one looked me dead in the eye as i aimed my rifle at it and then it turned around and ran and dissappeared into the brush but ever since that day my dreams havent been the same and i was wondering if this is connected somehow. please feel free to email me.

    1. I saw an all black coyote today while hunting deer. He didn’t look at me but I had no urge to shoot it like it was sacred. And then later saw a regular grey one. All the time I’ve spent in the woods I’ve never even seem one coyote.

    2. All animals are equally sacred..did you understand that they were showing you this ❓ ❗

  34. while at work on Christmas morning, I stepped out of the Security guard shack at Black Thunder coal mine at Wright Wyoming and not ten feet from me was a beautiful site. I though, how did someone’s dog get here? Then it dawned on me that it was a beautiful coyote. I was so excited! I whistled for it to come. Talked to it softly and asked it to come closer. All the time it sauntered away, still looking back at me and rounded the corner of the building about forty feet away. Made my day and I thanked my Eagle and Wolf totem for the experience os seeing brother coyote. Thank you again Mother Earth for helping me understand and see your beautiful creatures…

    1. I just saw a coyote for the second time in my life. I was driving and it was standing in a driveway on a country road, it was so beautiful, its face and colors are burned in my memory. I was on my way to check out a rental and was having some misgivings, but when I got that message from coyote, I knew to look and listen to what was said and unsaid. wow, I can’t believe what a profound message it was! the other part of the message I believe, is to let go and trust that things will work out and have some fun! I have been struggling with my situation, downright fighting it every inch of the way, which of course is getting me no where, but upset. Thank you coyote!

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