Chihuahua Symbolism

Don't ask! Simply act! Stop questioning your motives and your reasons. Follow your heart it knows the way.

Chihuahua Meaning, and Messages

In most cases, chihuahua symbolism is reminding you that you should follow your heart at all times. In fact, when you allow your heart to lead the way you will see the easiest way to attain your goals. After all, your heart knows what is right for you at all times. Furthermore, what may seem like a ridiculous direction for you is the right way for you to go. Thus you must allow yourself to feel your way through this. Consequently, chihuahua meaning is also emphasizing to you that you are loved and supported completely.

Alternatively, chihuahua symbolism could be letting you know that you have to stop looking and leap!

Also, see other dogs from the toy group; Pomeranian, Pug, Poodle, Shih Tzu and Yorkie

Chihuahua Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the chihuahua totem love to tackle big projects. They have a gift for just getting the job done, big or small. These folks tend to make brazen decisions and actions. They often surprise those around them when these crazy actions are successful. Once these folks decide on something, they tend to stand their ground firmly in that decision and refuse to back down. People with this spirit animal are intensely loyal and devoted to those close to them as well as highly protective. They love being the center of attention and sometimes tend to lean towards histrionics to get the attention they crave. These people also have a fantastic sense of humor and love to make others laugh. In fact, they are the ones at parties with everyone gathered around them in absolute stitches over their amusing stories and wit.

Chihuahua Dream Interpretation

When you have a chihuahua dream, it symbolizes that someone close to you is trying to get your attention. Their actions, body language, and the words they have been using have not been clear or direct. Instead, they have resorted to elaborate hints. It may also mean that they are too insecure to express themselves openly.

Alternatively, the dream could indicate that you need to stand your ground in a situation rather than backing down from your ideas and ideals. In other words, your input is valid. Therefore, it needs to be recognized.


  • I have a trifecta of Chi girls! Cherry, Blossom and Pepper. They are a three ring circus of fun, and love! I can see how the Chi could be one of my spirit animals, though I have identified with the Dragonfly as well.

  • My spirit animal has yet to be confirmed to me. I recently was shown Quan Yin is my spiritual guide; but chihuahua guide really strikes a cord for me!

  • This is strange because I also have four Chihuahuas. I dreamt I found a Chihuahua, named Harrison, and returned in to its owner. I was upset because they said they always let the dog out alone. When I pointed out that the dog had crossed a busy street, the owner just said that the dog knows what to do.

    • I also find it strange that I picked Chihuahua as the first choice on your website.
      Because I also own 4 Chihuahua’s too!!!

      • I have one chihuahua. He is like having 4! This totem is definitely for me!!! Lays out my personality spirit.

      • hahaha! 4 is the key for the chi’s haha! I have one…
        Pablo.. he is my love, and he thinks he is a rottweiler ^_^

        Ironically, I am planning to take him to Avalon which is the heart chakra of Gaia.. and this will help open his heart (he is fearful of big dogs after a few chasing incidents in puppyhood!) xx

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