Afghan Symbolism, Afghan Meaning, Afghan Totem, Afghan Dream, and Messages
Have you or someone around you been putting on "airs" of self importance and narcissism? Know that these traits are signs of insecurity and unworthiness. Take time to ground yourself with humbleness and humility and love yourself for who you are.
-Afghan Hound

Symbolism, Meaning, and Messages

When Afghan symbolism crosses your path, he is letting you know that you need to keep your eyes focused on your goals. In other words, Afghan meaning guides you to chase them down wholeheartedly, and with all the enthusiasm you can muster. It is essential to realize that you do have the speed and agility to maneuver your way to where you want to go right now. So, pay attention to this spirit animal and make sure that you take that opportunity and go for it! You know what you must do!

Alternatively, Afghan symbolism is guiding you to embrace today’s mundane tasks with passion and good humor. With this in mind, change your outlook toward day to day drudgery. When you do this, Afghan meaning will help you completely transform your day into a magical mystery tour filled with wonder and awe. After all, laughter and joy can fill every moment when you choose to look at things from a different angle. Therefore, chores no longer become chores and are done in a flash.

Also, like the Squirrel, Afghan symbolism can be a direct message to you that you are just taking life a little bit too seriously. In other words, relax and take your time. You do not have to do everything in one day.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Afghan totem are very dignified and reserved in the way they carry themselves. In other words, they can do an outstanding job of putting up appearances. However, laughter is always their undoing. They would also crawl miles through the brambles if it earned them a chuckle, a smile, or an outright laugh. This behavior is because their clown instinct is never very far away. Moreover, like Angelfish, they are happy and gregarious beings.

At the same time, Afghan totem people strive to be extremely independent individuals. This independence is a byproduct of their attempts to appear reserved and dignified. However, this spirit animal totem does love to socialize and can be a little co-dependent in their natures. They can also find situations where they find themselves alone a bit stressful. Usually, they can manage their stress by distracting themselves and keeping busy.


Dreaming of a red hound totem can be a message that you need to keep your intentions focused on your current goals. In other words, allowing yourself to get distracted right now can undermine all your hard work. To dream of a golden dog of this breed, symbolizes that an unexpected spiritual gift is coming your way.

To have a white or cream-colored Afghan dream symbolizes that perhaps your goals need to be more spiritually oriented rather than materially focused. Alternatively, similar to the Quarter Horse, to have a black afghan dream means that you have attained your goals – even though you cannot see it yet. It is time to enter the void and start a new project.

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  1. Jean Michel guillaume

    I dreamt about 3 beautiful pure white and very feminine afghan dogs in a context of meeting unexpectedly an old woman friend owning them …what does it mean?

    Thanks in advance

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