A gentle reminder - If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Pug Meaning and Messages

In this case, Pug symbolism is reminding you that to change things, you first have to admit to yourself that something needs changing. Like the Snail, once you have recognized what you desire to change in your life, the universe will move mountains to help you attain your goals. However, the appearance of this spirit animal means that you must see it and desire it first. Change can come in many ways. Subtly as in a slight diet change or drastically as in a move across the country. Most changes, however, occur within us, in our choices, and in the way we think about the world and ourselves. Pug Symbolism brings to light that only you can change yourself.

Alternatively, the Pug meaning can also mean a change is before you at the moment. It is a change that you need to accept and embrace. Do it without fear of what the future may hold for you. Move toward it, and everything will fall into place for you.

Pug Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Pug totem are attentive to their close family members, have a great deal of charm, and are very playful by nature. They enjoy quiet solitude but are also very friendly. They can also embrace change quickly and wholeheartedly. Pug totem people, like the Angelfish, accept things easily for what they are. These folks are very smart with problem-solving. They have a keen and happy go lucky attitude toward life in general and are an animated storyteller. Often they will have friends on the edge of their seats with their tales.

Pug Dream Interpretation

When you have a black Pug dream, it is an omen of change. Like most changes, there is always a void of not knowing what is in the immediate future. Rest assured that this imminent change is going to be for the better. If you have a fawn-colored Pug Dream, it signifies that you are accepting whatever changes you are trying to make and integrating them into your life. Alternatively, to see many Pugs in your dream brings to light your inability to accept specific changes in your life even though these changes are necessary for you to move forward at this time. The vision is letting you know that the changes will happen with or without your acceptance.

17 thoughts on “Pug”

  1. My dream was extremely strange. It was wet outside in a grocery plaza, huge place because I couldn’t find my car. These two beautiful pugs approached me, very happy very energetic, one white one black. I thought they were lost but they had 2 other companions. These pugs were raised by squirrels! They allowed me to take them with me, I left the squirrels behind. Idk what to think of all this.

    1. Love this haha. Use many different dream interpretation Websites to interpretation squirrel, pug, and whatever things come up in your dreams in general: specific colors, animals, clothing, water, anything you can. One time i had a superrrrr detailed dream and found out SO much because of how many specific things i investigated, for example, apparently “vertical stripes” on the Vertical striped shirt I saw meant something specific, so did the bounce house, so did the specific foods on the table, CUTTING tomato as opposed to just eating tomato, etc. We remember what we remember from our dreams for a reason, I wish you all luck in contuining to retriever specific guidance and help of many kinds from dreams and self-interpreting them with the vast internet!

    2. EspionageCookie

      Pugs represent a need to recognize change, and squirrels represent a combination of playfulness as well as practical resourcefulness. Parenting in a dream often connotates to the major influence of these particular parents, and squirrels raising pugs in your dream might mean that the change you need to recognize in life has something to do with the symbolism of squirrels. That is, you need to find a balance between preparing for the future while enjoying the present moment for today.

      If you have trouble swinging between either an extreme overthinking of worries to the point of unnecessary preparation to the need to just give up all the rules for a bit, then it may be best to realize that if you simply made an effort to schedule regular breaks or times to relax, the less likely you will break the certain rules of discipline you have applied to yourself. Since parenting is a metaphor in your dream, think of it like how parents who have too many strict rules often end up with children who rebel too much or do the exact opposite, while parents with firm yet flexible rules will most likely have kids who will trust their rules more, since they have some outlet for freedom and expression. If you consider this as a message to “parent yourself,” a lot more fairly, then this is the sign you need.

  2. I recently had a dream that my black pug JB was just sitting there next to me and all of a sudden his fur was growing out so fast I can see it in my eyes! He was changing to a fawn pug and I recall freaking out and telling everyone (I don’t remember where I was tbh) that my black pug was changing color…not to be mean but I got a BLACK pug for a reason..so I kinda understand why dream me was freaking out rather than surprised or saying “wow/cool”.

    Idk if it’s too late but like 3 months ago I also had more like a nightmare where my location was like at a pulga (outdoor store) and my baby JB was almost kidnapped, even drugged to sleep so he wont make noise I’m guessing.. so ofc I looked for him like crazy until the burglars left the bag to escape and I rushed to thier direction and I found my JB sound asleep around some seats similar to the movies which makes no sense since I was outdoor? Idk? in that dream I woke up terrified and angry. :'(

    Sorry to be long but I sincerely am confused of my own dreams and I really wish I had some answers.😅😩

    1. EspionageCookie

      From what I sense, this seems to represent your worries for your dog and those worries are being expressed in your dreams. Realize that the more you worry in your imagination about your baby JB, the less you are able to focus on him in the present reality to keep a watch on doggo JB.

  3. I had a dream that i got a fawn colored puppy pug i named otis after milo and otis. I took him to class. I went to pets smart to get him a collar bowls beds and other iteams. There was one time during the dream i remember i had to feed him and i was like oh crap i forgot to buy food. My grandparents had dog food. So i put the food in a bowl. I though i need to put the food in his bowl not a random bowl but i let it go. I also let him out to do his business.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This represents how you need to recognize change in the sense of preparing for your daily practical needs, whether it’s your basic food needs or your everyday chores. If you are being forgetful with the little things lately, know that it will allow you less opportunity to explore your imagination if you cannot handle the practical stuff first.

  4. 😛 hi i have a pug and 7 yrs. ago she was given to me. Now with everything i have just read about the pug animal spirit totem and it has made so many references to my personality and my life., i feel (and always have) so lucky to have been given such a wonderful gift and everything they say about the pug rings true with mine and myself.

    p.s. i hope that made some sense all apologies if not.


    1. Hello hopelizabeth,

      To have received such a bundle of joy in your life. Means in a certain respect you are kindred souls truly meant to be in each other’s own lives. In a way, you have a furry guardian angel and in turn your his/her own guardian angel, not as a master but as family. Be Well.

  5. 😛 😛 one time i had a dream of a yellow pug then he took off a mask and said im you father then he said jk im yo momma then she said i like turtles and died

    1. EspionageCookie

      This dream seems to represent that you need to recognize change in that you’re spending too much time watching Star Wars, doing other nerdy pursuits, looking at memes online or looking up random jokes on the internet as a form of procrastination to avoid your everyday responsibilities.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This represents how you need to recognize change in that you want to play more and sleep more. Even if you don’t have time for that, a short time to nap more or a handful of minutes spent on a hobby for fun makes a lot of difference to your sanity if you have a lot of work to be done.

  6. I dreamt of a blue pug and blue butterflies but my landlord was baby sitting it. I hoped he would keep it. I’m sick with fever and in the middle of a lease signing.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Pugs represent the need to recognize change, and butterflies represent transformation, which means there is a similarity here. The fact that they are both blue might represent the throat chakra, or the themes of change and transformation specifically in the themes of communication, listening and speaking up more in your life.

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