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Hi there, awesome site! So much of what you have brought to my attention has helped me in my personal growth and spiritual journey as of recent. Thank you so much. I wanted to request a few totems: Cardinal- I see cardinal every single day and hear his magnificent song. Pig- I dreamt of a pig recently and wasn’t sure if it had any significance. Warbler- I see a lot of warblers! Thank you and may Spirit bless you with abundance!


I have all ways felt close with pigs. They are intelligent creatures and they get me. Out of all the websites I have looked at about totem animals I recommend this website to others. But I must ask you…Why is there not a pig?

I have a list of animals that still need to go up on this website. For a while there I was adding 4 a week and burned out a bit. It’s been a few months since I have added animals – simply because of the time I have available of late. We’ve also been upgrading the website and having to do some general clean up and technical maintenance. So the animals a little bit neglected. Rest assured that there will be regular posts coming again soon.
Pig has been added to the list and will be up eventually. Please have patience. Silken Raven

I appreciate your consideration and response.



One day i was in this community, a very sad place fueled with alcohol, violence and dirt. I am a photographer and spoke to the people, it was first hard but than became good, than a child showed me his white rabbit, it was huge and an amazing surprise, love to know this meaning. also how can i know which animal totem i have.


Hiya! I’ve been looking all over, but I haven’t found an online source of the (symbolic/metaphysical) meaning of having Bigfoot/Sasquatch as a totem. I first met bigfoot in my vision quest medicine circle.. And as for Bonobo.. some time ago, part of a dream I had was of a shaman/medicine woman telling me I needed a Bonobo tail medicine pouch. Any insights on the meanings of these totem beings? Thankies~


i so dream today about my kids animal spirit. It was 2 polar bear running and enjoing life and next i see big tiger after somebody ask if i saw tiger looking into my kid ayes and tiger can scary or damage white bear and kin gona have bad luck. This person trow knife and it go other way and try to hurt kid. do you know what dous it mean or maybe somebody who can help me i worry so much thank you in advance.


I found a dead owl on the road. I picked her/him up and brought her home. is there a proper way to bury her according to the native americans. This same thing happend about 2 yrs ago to me. can I keep some of her feathers


Hello! My name is Lily, and I just have a few questions I was hoping you may be able to answer. Over the past month I’ve been searching for my spirit animal (your website is amazing and very helpful!). So far the same one keeps appearing, the Butterfly. I even remember when I was younger I went to a pretty awesome place called ‘butterfly world’. It was an interactive room where you could hold butterflies, and I held so many (I was very intrigued by flying creatures as a child). They seemed to like resting on my arm. A man even told me I was a ‘butterfly whisperer’ because they seemed to not want to get off me. Now, a few years later Ive been seeing butterflies everywhere. Whether it be a painting of one or some printed onto a jewellery box. Yesterday, one yellow swallowtail came flying straight towards me and gently glided over my head. The only problem is that I don’t feel very connected to butterflies. I’ve never really felt connected to them. Last year I used to dismiss butterflies when I saw them around my home. I’ve always felt more connected to one of their natural predators; birds. Perhaps the butterfly is trying to create a connection? It just puzzles me because I’ve felt very close birds, wolves, and big cats throughout my life. Thank you so very much for reading this, I appreciate it! I hope you have an amazing day and a fantastic week! Lily


I asked about a hawk that was found dead in my back yard in April. The hawk was a strong totem for me. Since I found the hawk I no longer see them everywhere I go. Now the mourning dove is with me almost constantly. Walking near me in my yard. Any idea what is happening?

Purple Orchard:

Hi, Can you please give me some guidance on this animal spirit message? Monday morning, I saw a turtle, it was moving toward me during meditation. Today, Friday, I was taking a walk and noticed a turtle and upon seeing it, it jumped into the water and swam away. How does the message change if it swam toward or moved away?


Hi,i know this sounds crazy, but ever since my grandfather passed in 1992,i have heard the same bird almost everywhere i go,and I’ve even heard it on the tv,that’s right ,the tv! I’ve pointed it out to around 8 people over the past 22 years,whether it’s whistling in public or on tv..else wise people would swear I’d lost it..i don’t know what it means ,and I’ve never seen it. Just heard it..It sounds like a high to low pitch,lasting about 3 seconds followed by 4 doodelooh


what would be the meaning of this? I found a little crocodile image that was hidden by somebody inside my sock that is rolled up. I have not wear this sock for the last 2 years and have never seen it before. It could not fell in there by accident.


I have searched many animal spirit/totem sites and so resonated with yours immediately! Thank you for your love and dedication. I came across the site when I was researching red winged black bird for my wind whispers (type of prayer flag) that I create. The flag is a gift for a friend that shared her beach home with me a few weeks ago. She loves the Red Winged Black Birds that are on the VA island. While reading the description the message so seemed to be directed for me! I have a deep connection with birds. How surprising then when I opened my mail today and a 2015 calendar showing both a blue heron (also big lately) flying followed by the red winged black bird! WOW.. knew immediately it was a powerful message.. you intuition would be greatly appreciated!


Hi! your website has been a answer to my prayers! I fell asleep recently and had a quick vision of the side of a highway. I saw two dogs attacking and killing a raccoon . Please help!

C Kell

I was thinking of the love of my life. We are not together and not sure you can call us friends but maybe. Alot of confusion. Well I had sent her a fb text and no reply though it did make her do something. Again not sure but here i smy questions I was in my car thinking on how much I love her and wish we would be together holding my crystals and a love bug out of no where landing on my windshield. While we do have them in Florida I am south and we rarily see them. And there were no other around

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  1. Today I had the first ever dream about a brown eagle. It was like I was in a pretty white and open home with large windows in my room and it was like I was sleeping in the dream as well. When I opened my eyes in the dream I saw a brown eagle with long claws and yellow beak watching me sleep. At first I thought It was beautiful but It was like the eagle was trying to get in. When I blinked it was in my room eyeing me. I was another small white animal above it on a different floor of the windows. Like maybe a white fox or bunny I wasn’t too focused on it in the dream. I hid under the covers and then the eagle was making noises and clawing at my blanket trying to get in and I woke up.. it was very strange as I don’t really dream about animals. I’m fairly young but does anybody have insight on what it could mean? I’m starting a new job soon and it’s a very big step in my career and I had a fight with my significant other a day before I had this dream as well. Please anyone with knowledge or insight I need some answers.

  2. Dear Silken Raven,

    I just stumbled across this site when doing a search on the Web looking for meaning of a raven sighting, which I had this Thursday, October 14. I feel this is very urgent since I have to meet with people on Monday who do not mean we well. I feel that the raven (swooping down right in front of my car in the middle of a street so that I was almost startled. I am beginning to think this has to do with my impending visit and the raven seemed very urgent.

    I feel this is very urgent and would like to request your advice if you get this before October 18,

    Thank you.


  3. I am curious about what my spirit animal is. What are some things I could do before bed to encourage my spirit animal to come to me? And is there any really detailed test that I could take? Thanks.

  4. EspionageCookie

    I’m into anime and other Asian shows, so I remember that the white bunny is very important to Chinese and Japanese mythology. For example, Sailor Moon has the main character called Usagi in the original Japanese dub, which means “Rabbit,” in Japanese. She is called the “Princess of the Moon,” as the Rabbit is associated with the moon itself. It might also be related to how astrology depicts the Moon in birth charts, and especially the characteristics of the zodiac sign Cancer which rules the moon. Again, Sailor Moon is based on astrology with each superhero being named after an astrological planet, and Sailor Moon, fittingly, represents Cancer. I believe there is some type of princess on the moon mythology on it, somehow, but I forget? The Chinese-American animation “Over the Moon,” has white rabbits involved with the Chinese goddess of the moon for another example, so hope that helps.


    I’ve been reading Dolores Cannon’s books, who makes various transcripts with her clients who she practices past life regression hypnosis. I believe in one of her book series (The Convoluted Universe, which has 5 books available from Ozark Mountain Publishing) had a client talk about bigfoot under hypnosis. It turns out Bigfoot is actually an intelligent creature to almost the level of human beings, and will evolve to be someday. Bigfoots are also known to be rather shy, because despite their big scary looking appearance, they are rather gentle creatures and are conscious that human beings tend to be rather violent. They seem to be able to interact with elementals or nature spirit such as invisible fairies, dwarves or elves around to be friends with. (Still, this does not mean that every claim of sighting is genuine. There are many skeptics when it comes to topics like this, because there are so many genuine frauds among real practitioners, so keep that in mind.)

  5. Hey! I was wondering if you could put up a Cockatiel spirit animal, I already know my main spirit animal (Raven) and all my others that have helped me but I just wondered since I have a cockatiel as a pet if there was a certain spirit animal attached to it or certain qualities of the cockatiel spirit animal. I have looked on the internet and there’s not much about the cockatiel spirit animal. It would be great if you could maybe give some information on the cockatiel animal totem. (don’t worry if you can’t)
    Thanks a lot,
    Aliso Lilac

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