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This page is open for comments and questions about any Animal that is not already on the Spirit Animals Website. We encourage our fans and followers to please participate in helping others that are looking for answers by answering some of the comments and questions on this page or on any of the Animal pages. Check back here regularly for lists of pages that have current open discussions on them.

I also have a number of unanswered emails in my inbox. I have fallen way behind with them so would love it if we could get some help for those seeking answers. If you answer one of the emails please start your comment with @theperson you are replying to.

I thank you in advance for your heartfelt help with this website,

Silken Raven.

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Hi there, awesome site! So much of what you have brought to my attention has helped me in my personal growth and spiritual journey as of recent. Thank you so much. I wanted to request a few totems: Cardinal- I see cardinal every single day and hear his magnificent song. Pig- I dreamt of a pig recently and wasn’t sure if it had any significance. Warbler- I see a lot of warblers! Thank you and may Spirit bless you with abundance!


I have all ways felt close with pigs. They are intelligent creatures and they get me. Out of all the websites I have looked at about totem animals I recommend this website to others. But I must ask you…Why is there not a pig?

I have a list of animals that still need to go up on this website. For a while there I was adding 4 a week and burned out a bit. It’s been a few months since I have added animals – simply because of the time I have available of late. We’ve also been upgrading the website and having to do some general clean up and technical maintenance. So the animals a little bit neglected. Rest assured that there will be regular posts coming again soon.
Pig has been added to the list and will be up eventually. Please have patience. Silken Raven

I appreciate your consideration and response.



One day i was in this community, a very sad place fueled with alcohol, violence and dirt. I am a photographer and spoke to the people, it was first hard but than became good, than a child showed me his white rabbit, it was huge and an amazing surprise, love to know this meaning. also how can i know which animal totem i have.


Hiya! I’ve been looking all over, but I haven’t found an online source of the (symbolic/metaphysical) meaning of having Bigfoot/Sasquatch as a totem. I first met bigfoot in my vision quest medicine circle.. And as for Bonobo.. some time ago, part of a dream I had was of a shaman/medicine woman telling me I needed a Bonobo tail medicine pouch. Any insights on the meanings of these totem beings? Thankies~


i so dream today about my kids animal spirit. It was 2 polar bear running and enjoing life and next i see big tiger after somebody ask if i saw tiger looking into my kid ayes and tiger can scary or damage white bear and kin gona have bad luck. This person trow knife and it go other way and try to hurt kid. do you know what dous it mean or maybe somebody who can help me i worry so much thank you in advance.


I found a dead owl on the road. I picked her/him up and brought her home. is there a proper way to bury her according to the native americans. This same thing happend about 2 yrs ago to me. can I keep some of her feathers


Hello! My name is Lily, and I just have a few questions I was hoping you may be able to answer. Over the past month I’ve been searching for my spirit animal (your website is amazing and very helpful!). So far the same one keeps appearing, the Butterfly. I even remember when I was younger I went to a pretty awesome place called ‘butterfly world’. It was an interactive room where you could hold butterflies, and I held so many (I was very intrigued by flying creatures as a child). They seemed to like resting on my arm. A man even told me I was a ‘butterfly whisperer’ because they seemed to not want to get off me. Now, a few years later Ive been seeing butterflies everywhere. Whether it be a painting of one or some printed onto a jewellery box. Yesterday, one yellow swallowtail came flying straight towards me and gently glided over my head. The only problem is that I don’t feel very connected to butterflies. I’ve never really felt connected to them. Last year I used to dismiss butterflies when I saw them around my home. I’ve always felt more connected to one of their natural predators; birds. Perhaps the butterfly is trying to create a connection? It just puzzles me because I’ve felt very close birds, wolves, and big cats throughout my life. Thank you so very much for reading this, I appreciate it! I hope you have an amazing day and a fantastic week! Lily


I asked about a hawk that was found dead in my back yard in April. The hawk was a strong totem for me. Since I found the hawk I no longer see them everywhere I go. Now the mourning dove is with me almost constantly. Walking near me in my yard. Any idea what is happening?

Purple Orchard:

Hi, Can you please give me some guidance on this animal spirit message? Monday morning, I saw a turtle, it was moving toward me during meditation. Today, Friday, I was taking a walk and noticed a turtle and upon seeing it, it jumped into the water and swam away. How does the message change if it swam toward or moved away?


Hi,i know this sounds crazy, but ever since my grandfather passed in 1992,i have heard the same bird almost everywhere i go,and I’ve even heard it on the tv,that’s right ,the tv! I’ve pointed it out to around 8 people over the past 22 years,whether it’s whistling in public or on tv..else wise people would swear I’d lost it..i don’t know what it means ,and I’ve never seen it. Just heard it..It sounds like a high to low pitch,lasting about 3 seconds followed by 4 doodelooh


what would be the meaning of this? I found a little crocodile image that was hidden by somebody inside my sock that is rolled up. I have not wear this sock for the last 2 years and have never seen it before. It could not fell in there by accident.


I have searched many animal spirit/totem sites and so resonated with yours immediately! Thank you for your love and dedication. I came across the site when I was researching red winged black bird for my wind whispers (type of prayer flag) that I create. The flag is a gift for a friend that shared her beach home with me a few weeks ago. She loves the Red Winged Black Birds that are on the VA island. While reading the description the message so seemed to be directed for me! I have a deep connection with birds. How surprising then when I opened my mail today and a 2015 calendar showing both a blue heron (also big lately) flying followed by the red winged black bird! WOW.. knew immediately it was a powerful message.. you intuition would be greatly appreciated!


Hi! your website has been a answer to my prayers! I fell asleep recently and had a quick vision of the side of a highway. I saw two dogs attacking and killing a raccoon . Please help!

C Kell

I was thinking of the love of my life. We are not together and not sure you can call us friends but maybe. Alot of confusion. Well I had sent her a fb text and no reply though it did make her do something. Again not sure but here i smy questions I was in my car thinking on how much I love her and wish we would be together holding my crystals and a love bug out of no where landing on my windshield. While we do have them in Florida I am south and we rarily see them. And there were no other around

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49 Responses to Requests

  • ❓ Hello there! I love your spirit animal interpretations and I share them all the time. I would like to use a number of your descriptions/links for my website which is under construction at the moment. Could you please derive a interpretation for the Oriole bird or specifically the Black Hooded Oriole? Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon. :)

  • Hello..I recently had a dream where a huge oversized Black Wolf with golden eyes walked up to me..I pet him in my dream and felt the texture of his fur and then he was laying beside me on my bed…when I woke up I was petting my blanket???,,it felt so real I even smelled him…is this my spirit animal????..Thank you .Leala

  • HI! I have recently done a power animal retrieval on my daughter, and she received Walrus… I have been having trouble finding out much about Walrus, and wondered if you had anything further that I could add to the research I have been doing!

  • how do I go about finding my animal totem?

  • Last night my daughter’s friend brought me a pack of newports.When he arrived at my home my cat tired to attack him a few times. She was acting like a guard dog that was on a chain just going from one side of the room to the next side of the room.She kept trying to attack him.This was his first time over my house.She has never done this before And I have never seen anything like this in my life.Also her mouth was open like she was panting.

  • I dreamt a white fox kit came running to me…. it had a broken chain around it’s neck. And I took the chain off to set it free. But it followed me instead… and I looked up to see a german shepard coming toward us…. then i woke up

  • Hi I wanted to know why I’m having a spider dream and not just any spider a black and yellow garden spider in the 1st dream it was just there not moving and nothing else was there just the spider and I woke up scared the second time I was on an airplane and this old couple tried to shoo it away from the seat in front of them but the spider walked across the seat down the side and I guess it spun a Web because it walked across to the seat in front of me and it terrified me that I could not move and and my wife was with me in this dream and she was frightened also can someone tell me what this means

  • Hello. I have seen a Red Fox cross my path twice within a 7 day period PLUS Hawks have been numerous flying over head…as many as “3” at a time within the same 7 day period. Can you please help me to understand?

  • I dreamed there was a green and yellow snake hiding under my white sheet on my bed and only his large head was sticking out as if he were hiding and watching me. And I hear these three knocks in my dream for the past three nights that literally wake me up but there is no one there. Is there a connection between the snake hiding and the three knocks.

  • hi.When i was small a green mamba came a few feet away from me and just sat the looking at me and then slide away. A few months later i was almost bitten by a black mamba and ever since then i have always had dreams about snakes, snakes under my bed or somewhere around me just watching me> I even came across a few dead snakes while walking. Today i opened the back door and found snakes skin by my door. Please tell me what does all this mean as i am deadly afraid of snakes.

  • Is it possible to get dragon totem information? I’m super interested in what it would mean! :)

  • Hi,

    Requesting you to add Mongoose on this website.
    This is a great website and I look forward to reading the messages everyday.

  • Hello Spirit-Animals.com!,

    I have been looking for information on spirit animals because I am trying to figure out what my spirit animal is. My problem is that, for the last several years, I have been having dreams about gryphon transformations, and I don’t know if it has anything to do with my spirit animals or not. (My gryphon form is usually half-tiger/half golden eagle.) However, my questions are these: What do you do if you want more information on spirit animals that are not listed on your website? Are there plans to add mythological creatures to the spirit animal list? Or do I have to simply look at the tiger spirit animal page and the eagle spirit animal page and piece together an interpretation?

    Thank you for reading :smile: !

    Have a fantastic day!

    – Signed,

    T’awna (Tee-on-a) M. 😆

    • Oh, and I forgot to mention that your website is awesome!


      – T.M.

    • Hello T’awna:
      We are slowly adding more and more animals to this website (although not quite as fast as I would like to). There are also a number of animals on here that could use a rewrite and more information about them as well. This website is an ongoing project that keeps growing. Until such time as we start adding mythical animals your best bet is to combine the pages of the animals in question. There are also many other resources to find the information you seek.

  • Okay so I have had a couple of things happen. Last month the month of May, One day I was driving to church on a Wednesday evening and I saw a turtle crossing the road. I stopped and waited to make sure that beautiful creature made it across. It was on a back road, not a busy road at all. And it crossed from the left to the right. So a couple of weeks went buy and one morning on a Saturday morning I was taking my daughter to work and once again on a back country road there was another little beautiful turtle crossing in front of me and once again I stopped and waited to make sure it got to the other side. This time it was crossing from the right to the left. So fast forward to a couple of days ago, I pulled out of my driveway on my way to take care of some errands and right after I pulled out a beautiful doe came out of the woods ran along side of my car for about half a min. before veering back into the woods. I was so astonished but at the same time felt absolutely blessed to have this happened to me. So what does this all mean. It has to mean something.

  • I have crow as a totem….the other day crow flew across my path while driving with snake dangling from beak…..any idea what this means….keep my eye on the prize????

  • I wonder if you could tell me what it means to be with a wild rabbit at death? I witnessed a baby bunny get hit by a car, and I was with it when it died. I didn’t want it to be alone. This has affected me deeply, and I know that there had to have been a reason I was there at that very moment. Any ideas?

  • I had the weirdest dream and was wondering if anyone can help me with it. My mother has been dead for over five years now. I had a dream that involved her and I know to dream of a dead relative its a means of warning. I know this because she was warning me. Her exact words to me were “The Cherokee are coming to take your book of shadows and the water is in the house.” That was all that was said to me before my husband woke me up. Can anyone help me out??

  • Can you give me info on the wild boar or pig as a totem animal. It is not a common one.Thank you for your time.

  • First Fox to present itself was a white female second was a sick red male Fox with food in his mouth third is a healthy female red Fox what exactly do they mean ? I love foxes always have wolves and falcon

  • Hi, I’d like to know about the meaning of seeing a fox at night. I was coming home around 1.30 am on New Year when I saw this red fox staring at me just 5 metres away in the street, and then he turned around and left. He didn’t look aggressive or dangerous, but kept eye contact for a few seconds. My father died a little over a month ago, and my current situation is very uncertain in many ways. Please help me understand the meaning of this, it’s the first time in my life that I meet a fox so close. I’ve seen one in the past just crossing the garden but it was not like this. Thank you so much!

  • I would love to see what you have to say on the snail. Today in meditation, I saw a rather sudden and crisp vision of a lovely peach-colored snail. It literally spun into my awareness! For some reason, I’ve been drawn to this site in particular to get a meaning and am also repelled from reading any other interpretations (It’s all quite strange, but I’m just going with it : p) As a sort of P.S., I appreciate the quality of this site – I think it is the best of it’s type : )
    Hope you can add Snail to the list.
    Thanks : )

  • Hi, going though a big transformation fase I just woke up from a dream where a chameleon crossed my path. Maybe something to add to its dreammeaning?
    The dream:
    I would like to share my favorite terrase-with-view with my parents. We walk in an open hallway where the green vegetation is blocking the way. A few days before the vegetation wasn’t so wild and I have to work a way true. I’m calm and concentrated in clearing the way while mom and dad are following me.
    Passing the gate to the terrase a beautiful little chameleon on the right side catches my attention. Seeing this new creature on this spot gives me a feeling of joy and happiness that I share with mom and dad. It is not scare and stays where it is…
    How I love to observe the chameleon, it’s time to continue walking towards the terrasse.
    I wake up…

    “Chameleons are fearful and hostile, which is why they feel the need to remain unnoticed by blending in with their environments. ”
    I’m leaving my camouflage/ hiding away behind…

    Loving this website,
    Many greetings

  • I recently saw a black fox (grey or red) between the woods and my neighbour’s house. As soon as he saw me he ran into the woods. I have never seen a black fox before and was wondering what the coat colour could symbolize. Please email me with your responses. thanks

  • Hello, I am a middle school student in Idaho, and I would like to ask permission to download the picture of an opossum that appears [at the top of your home page]. I would like to include it in a school assignment. Thank you, A.Sherman

    • Hello Adreanna: The best place for you to find what you are looking for in images is through this website: http://search.creativecommons.org/. Do a search for Opossum there and make sure that you check the appropriate boxes for what you need. Most of our images do come from the Creative Commons – however we are upgrading to purchased images so not all of our photos are still available.

  • I came home from my daughter’s house.. and I walked in the door.. and I heard this loud noise.. I followed the sound of something churping.. adn i wa a big black cricket sitting on the bottom of my bed.. just churping like nobody was there with him.. my friend scooped him up.. and put him outside for me.. the cricket was very loud and he seemed quite comfortable.. what does this mean… :smile:

  • Grasshopper has significant meaning to me at this point in my life. Today I saw one missing almost all of his wings. Had a hard time moving. Any ideas on what this could mean? Thanks!

  • Hello,
    My cat had passed away a couple of years ago on my bed. However, it seems like his spirit is still in the apartment as my other cat keeps calling him. Unfortunately, we did not keep his remains.
    I will be moving shortly and wondering if there is such a thing as to have the passed cat’s spirit taken with us or will the bed suffice.
    Thank you for any response.

  • I’d like to see information on cardinals. I see them often in the city and had an unusual experience with one. I was driving at about 35 mph when one flew right at my driverside window, stopped abruptly, fluttering his wings as if trying to get my attention and then in an instant was gone, without hitting the car. It seemed his whole purpose was simply to get my attention. This was a male, bright red, and this happened very early in the morning, at first light.

  • Hi,
    You have opossum on your site. It is a regular entry but you fail to mention it on your site map. It also does not show up when you click on “Explore the world of the Land Animal Totem and the message they bring you.” When you do a totem search, it does not lead you to the full page of information on the opossum. In fact, the only way I can access it is by using Google while doing a search under “opossum animal totem.”

    Yet, I did get the opossum once, last week, in a Four Direction reading. I just could not access the information on it through your other links.

    Doing my share to improve your absolutely wonderful site!

    ~ magpie

  • Hi-
    I love your site! I’m part Cherokee and really feel a connection with this. I really want to learn more. How do you find out what your true spirit animal is? I feel like I connect with a tiger, but I have have come across scorpions in my house over the last 24 years, in an area where they aren’t home too. Also, its description is m . How do I find out? Thanks so much!

  • I wondered if the common buzzard might come up? =)

  • Hello, I have a question about a yellow bellied marmot. I cam upon an injured one last summer & rescued him before he was hit by another car. He survived and was released back to nature. This rescue led to a chance meeting of a man (who just happened to pull into a parking lot & helped me find a box) this man has become the love of my life. We have been together almost a year since that day. Had i not happened to drive by that rockchuck at the moment I did, I probably never would have met this man. This meeting came after a very emotionally difficult divorce from my husband of 20 yrs. I had come quite a long way emotionally by the time I met this new man but had thought I may never fall in love again… Was wondering what the marmot may symbolize in terms of love.
    Thank you so much!

  • lionfish please. you also don’t seem to have very many aquatic creatures.

  • Hi Silken Raven

    Thank you for this portal.
    Could you please add Scottish Terrier to the totem list? I dreamt I saw a black one with thick wings flying around outside a window.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello- I have a couple of general questions. I have crows and red tailed hawks visit and fly near me often. These creatures are native to my area and are sighted regularly. Is there a different significance because of that? Meaning, I’m beginning to doubt messages they may be showing me because they visit so often. Also, can/do our animal guides change throughout our life? I’ve done my meditation to find them perhaps 8-10 years ago. Do those same animals guide us for life?

  • A friend lead me on a journey to find my spirit animal several years ago. What I encountered looked to be a cross between an elk and a moose. He said that what I saw must mean I had two spirit animals. I disagreed. I remember this massive ancient animal staring down on me judging me and finding me wanting. It wasn’t two spirits together it was one power. Anyway that thought drove me to find out what it was. For some reason I focused on the moose and poured through natured books and sites to find it. Then on a whim the ancient aspect popped into my head one day and did a search for extinct moose. What I found was the stag moose and my spirit animal.

    Now my questions. Is it okay to have an extinct animal as a spirit or was my friend right, and the stag-moose just wish full thinking? If I’m right and it is the stag moose, should I look to the moose for general knowledge as they were believed to live much the same, and what additional knowledge should I take as it is extinct?

  • a wild boar approached me in my meditations recently, but i cant seem to find a page for it or any of its porcine cousins

    thank you for this site it has been a source of continuing synchronicity for me

  • your wonderful site has answered questions sought for many years. Would love to see a listing for the platypus as discussion group option. 35 years plus with extremely unique experience still needing another traveller’s shared knowledge to help with a long sought insight of meaning or explanation. I know in my hearts heart there are others who have shared something akin to my experience. This involves first traveling inward… for the first time seeing my longtime “observer” in my minds eye and received a message via ‘a look”; and then my body involuntarily snapping into a perfectly straight form with head back and mouth open. A sound unlike anything I had ever heard came from my mouth that I have never been able to replicate or find any information explaining anything that could help me know more as to meaning or the process of what occurred. Any assistance or direction would culminate many years of seeking. I am very comfortable with direct contact and would welcome same/help.

  • I would request the siberian tiger if that is not up here. I think that would be a great addition :)

  • Roadrunner…I recently encountered my very first roadrunner on a trip to the south this weekend and upon research it appears to the Native American Indian tribes they are for protection, quick action/mental alertness/thinking and also good luck :) It was awesome to see the little guy dart back and forth. I just love animals and I feel it is a great blessing when one crosses my path with a message :)

  • (Somehow replying to our own post at WOLF section didn’t work, but really wanted to thank you)
    Thank you so much for replying Silken Raven! It’s interesting to read and think about and I guess it all makes sense.
    Lots of love and light to you!

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