Waxwing Symbolism
Embrace your unique creativity and fly in harmony with your community to create a beautiful and joyful world.

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Waxwing symbolism asks you to list and clear out things you have but don’t need or use anymore. An additional advantage here is the removal of clutter and the opening of space for positive energy flow. In other words, this spirit animal’s message clearly asks you to pass on and share what you can.

Similar to Turkey and Orangutan, the central message of Waxwing symbolism focuses on generosity. Ask yourself if someone in your life is really in need. You can also consider supporting a charity. Remember that giving is not always about money. Time, extra hands, and sharing your skills and knowledge can also help. 

Waxwing symbolism also says that people are sometimes so proud of their money, fame, and social status that they cannot accept small gifts from others with the necessary grace. The Waxwing meaning also asks you to be grateful when you receive a gift from someone, no matter how small.

The Waxwing’s meaning also reminds you that you will always receive far more than you need.

The Waxwing is a member of the Cardinal family.

Waxwing Totem, Spirit Animal

People born with a Waxwing totem always show kindness. They earn respect because of their deep-rooted manners. Everything that these people value will always be the focus of their attention. They are polite, respectful, and gentle teachers.

If you have a Waxwing totem, you always see a benefit in helping others, even if it means putting aside your own needs. Like the Mongoose and the Woodlark, these folks have a habit of sharing, which they practice from an early age. Community interaction is an integral part of their lives.

People with this spirit animal as their totem enjoy rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, and magical practices. They are also masters at making positive changes to their environment. These individuals occasionally use masks to aid in transformations. In addition, they have a passion for color and will often use it to move forward with their lives and healing purposes.

Dream Interpretation

When a Waxwing dream appears, listen carefully to the birdsong. That may be an important message sent to you from the spirit world. Make notes of anything in the vision for clarity on the subject.

The Waxwing that carries the berry is an emblem of sharing. Someone may surprise you nicely, or you can approach someone who offers you a blessing. Alternatively, a Waxwing dream may represent meeting people at a long table with food passed from one to another in kinship.

If two Waxwings in a dream pass a berry to each other several times, you will soon meet a lover. A flying bird is symbolic of imminent positive change to your reality.

Like the Owl, when this bird is perched in a tree looking directly at you, it reminds you that you have access to any knowledge you require. All you have to do is look within.

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    Thank you very much for your time today will be greatly appreciated.

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