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Know when to withdraw and take the time to think things through. Use your introspection wisely.

Bear Meaning, and Messages

For the most part, Black Bear symbolism is about introspection. In particular, the Bear meaning is letting you know that it is time to go inward and explore the notion of your very existence. Therefore, with this spirit animal, you must delve deep into your heart to find the significance of your path and journey. In essence, Bear symbolism is notifying you that you are free to roam at will and follow your path.

If this mammal has Cubs close at hand or a Cub visits you, the message is to make sure that you bring your children closer to you. In other words, Bear symbolism signifies that you need to connect with the kids around you and ensure that they are safe, free of fear, and free from harm.

On the other hand, the Grizzly Bear symbolism recognizes that perhaps you are overly sensitive to perceived invasions and threats. Protecting your space is a good thing. However, you may be overreacting to the situation.

In contrast, Kermode or Spirit Bear meaning reminds you that we are all stewards of our environment. Everyone must do their part to stop the progressive destruction of this once pristine planet. Spirit is advising us that every little bit is a part of the whole.

Comparatively, the Brown Bear meaning inspires us to bring balance and integrity to the physical world. It is your mission to generate harmony in the world and the ecology of this planet.

Also, see Panda and the Polar version of this species.

Bear Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Black Bear totem have a great deal of patience in manifesting their ideas and projects. They excel in waiting for just the right moment to spring them on the universe. Additionally, they have great confidence in who they are and where they are going in life. For the most part, they are authority figures. Also, they are nurturing and protect all children well.

Folks with the Brown Bear totem have an excellent understanding of their destiny. They know their direction, purpose, and are great facilitators in helping others find their way. Besides, people with this totem are very mission-oriented.

People with the Grizzly Bear as their spirit animal totem are fiercely competitive and can be highly aggressive in attaining their goals, independent thinkers, and generally wish to be left alone.

Conversely, people with the Kermode orĀ Spirit Bear totem as their guide in life are deeply devoted to the planet. They walk this planet on a mission to restore its balance. Their focus can be so intense that they will occasionally forget to nurture themselves in the process.

A Humorous look at the Grizzly Bear Totem

Bear Dream Interpretation

When you have a Bear dream, it could signify that it is time to explore your thoughts. Thinking the same thing over and over may be creating an undesired reality. Perhaps you have allowed others to do your thinking for you! Step back and reassess things. Go inward and find your precise feeling on this matter and follow what you know is right in your heart.

Alternatively, if this mammal is cinnamon in colour, it represents the need for you to return to those things that give you comfort in life. Being a martyr has its values, but in this case, the cost to yourself is more than you should carry.

If your Bear dream includes a grizzly, it is a warning that there are destructive and terrifying processes such as earth changes (global warming) and earthquakes coming. It forewarns of a natural disaster of some type in your vicinity. In this case, the message is clear that the force of nature is far more potent than humankind.

To see a cub in your dream vision indicates the need for you to connect with your inner child to heal past trauma. It is not wise for you to ignore this episode in your life, and it needs to recover so that you can move on. The white Kermode indicates that new wisdom and knowledge are forthcoming shortly. Conversely, if one of these mammals is seen in the colour green, it announces the transformation of past traumas, and regeneration of growth within yourself.