Great Dane

Go ahead! Think for yourself! You will find much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.
-Great Dane

Great Dane Meaning and Messages

Are you feeling a little out of sync and not quite fitting in with the world at the moment? Relax! Great Dane symbolism is letting you know that you’ve moved forward into new territory for yourself – so take it easy. Get a feel for where you are at – sure things will feel awkward at first, but know that you are certainly on the right track. You need to learn how to live in your new skin. Alternatively, the Great Dane meaning symbolizes that you have the power to accomplish anything you have in your sights! With this spirit animal totem, you can achieve everything you focus on and set your mind to right now. Moreover, Great Dane symbolism reminds you that you have all of the tools, knowledge, and guidance you need.

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Great Dane Totem, Spirit Animal

If you have a Great Dane totem as your power animal, you have power and clout in the world. You also have a gift for diplomacy and politicking. To others, you seem larger than life, albeit a bit of a klutz. Most will underestimate your intelligence and power until they get to know you better. People with this spirit animal are devoted to their friends and family, love to debate social issues, especially if they can take the side of the underdog. Your compassion is fully developed, and you have a powerful sense of unconditional acceptance for those who are less fortunate than you are.

Folks with this totem can also see and communicate with ghosts and are often a practicing medium.

Great Dane Dream Interpretation

To see this large dog in your dream is a symbol of your self-assured, good nature, and easy-going attitude. Alternatively, if this dog is trailing behind others, it symbolizes the need to learn to be an independent thinker and not let others influence you too much.

A sleeping Great Dane dream signifies your need to get focused on the project at hand. A multicolored dog of this breed is a symbol of the changes you are currently experiencing in your life. It is also a message that this change is for the best. The dream is letting you know that things will soon settle for you.

21 thoughts on “Great Dane”

  1. I have never dreamt of a Great Dane before, had to look up dog breeds to find a photo- lol- the dream: I’m entering a large very green lush looking field- a large black with some white and brown markings is running towards me- as it gets closer I’m startled by its size- the dog stops as if it sensed the fleeting startle I felt- then it looked off to the side to my left as if being called as it was getting ready to respond I woke up with curiosity- it’s was an in color dream- so I know it’s a message of sorts- any interpretation is welcome.

  2. Saw a Dane in my dreams for the first time last night. It was also the first dream I’d had where the setting was the house I’ve been living in for three years now. Was a very short one, daylight, I was walking to the driveway from the back door, rounded the corner to find my corgi and hound socializing with this great big Dane, speckled great and black. Beautiful dog, about 4 feet tall at the shoulders. Looked up and met my gaze with the wisest looking big grey eyes. Was still kind of a shock and I awoke with a start. Wish I’d stayed there just a little longer. Could also have been the binaural beats I was playing. Great for lucid dreaming… LoL segue, “lucid in the sky with diamonds”
    Some say dreams don’t mean anything and are representations of the imagination but I’ve never had Dane, know anyone that has, or been around one in three dozen years. Hope to see him again.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I don’t know why, but I get the feeling the corgi and the hound represents two of your closest friends, while the Great Dane represents you. That is, big and powerful, yet wise and compassionate at the same time. You make people around you feel safe with your protection and guidance, but you repress the recognition of your own strengths out of insecurity, so it only allows itself to be expressed within your own dreams.

  3. Hello, what does it mean when in a dream or in reality a great dane, or really, any other animal one meets, dies or is dead? I’ve had this happen a couple of times and was left wondering. Thank you for your reply!

    1. EspionageCookie

      The death of a dog in your dream might meant the end of a friendship in real life, and if it was a Great Dane, it might be a person you associated the characteristics of the Great Dane with. Either you had a big friendship break up (which can hurt as much as a romantic break up) or you slowly drifted away due to taking different paths in life.

  4. Alice Anderson

    Your article made me feel awesome, thanks for that.
    Great Dane essentially one of the best dog breeds. The Gentle temperament and Giant structure have lead them to name Gentle Giants.
    They posses one of the great qualities of Affection with Charm Compassion for everyone around.
    Hell lot of confidence and courage they are so elegant and friendly
    and with there Laziness just wins my heart.

  5. I dreamt of walking along paths in mountains walking along me was a Great Dane. There were many others walking in a long line ahead but couldn’t make anything else out. Ended up at a home and surrounding need by medical coworkers. (I am in the medical field). The Great Dane started to leave and and I spoke to it saying “hey, where are you going? “ it playfully pounced on its front legs and smiled at me with bright eyes as if happy to be noticed. It started to continue walking out and looking around as to which direction it wanted to go. After waking I was sad but didn’t know why. Couldn’t control my tears for quite some time. Fell asleep again and met different people that healed others in different forms and different parts of the body. Who or what does the Great Dane represent?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the Great Dane represents the leaving of patients outside the hospital or the literal passing of some patients, seeing that you are in the medical field. You might feel that they have the characteristics of this dog, in that they feel like they offered a lot of big wisdom to you as well as a gentle compassion. Even if you weren’t exactly close with a patient for most of their life, you may still feel very attached to them when they finally leave this life for the next life after.

  6. I had a dream that two large great Danes we’re walking towards me. One was completely black and the other one was white with black spots. I remember feeling a little scared. They walked towards me and passed me the black one on my left in the white speckled one on my right . After they walked past me, I turned around and they were gone. Then I noticed next to a tree, there was a small puppy. She followed me everywhere I went. She was tan with a brown nose. I remember noticing how large her paws were, so I started calling her Duck. During this dream with Duck, A long time friend whom I had recently had a falling out with him to me and we resolved our issues. It was a very comforting dream. I am just curious about the significance of the Great Danes and the puppy. I have to say, when I do work, I was saddened that it was not real.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The two large Great Danes might represent both of you as friends, meaning you have fairly similar personalities. You might have felt scared because you also feared that this friendship would end. The new puppy that came by might represent the revitalizing of the friendship through innocent play, laughter and mischief, which are gifts she offers all to you.

  7. Over the last 2 weeks I had dreams of evil animals attacking me. The first one involves me and my friends trying to escape a evil raccoon which only came after me and bit me several times. The other was a dream about an evil deer attacking me and constantly chasing me trying to run me over. It cuts me up lol but does anyone have any suggestions of what this could mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      A raccoon chasing you in a dream means you will likely face the consequences of certain lies. Racoon bites in dreams means some of your secrets will be revealed. A deer attack in a dream represents troubles and conflicts in all kinds of relationships.

  8. Hello i just had a dream of a great dane but i started off in a room alone and afraid of something i dont know what but i was terrified. So i looked around and saw all the windows good and closed except for one and it had a bunch of clutter infront so i when to patch it up with more stuff and as i was finishing i saw it…. it was huge dog slim and pointy ears up it was walking on the street and i was terrified of it it looked at me with glowing black eyes and it horrified me for some reason . I started panicing when it started walking towards me but as i was in a panic my dream skipped foward for a breif sec and i saw it starring at me through the good windows it was a great dane i looked at it and i felt settled right away but i was still so frightend and then i woke up in a big gasp felt like i was roaring out of my sleep but in fear almost….. what does this mean. Please help me figure this out. Ive been struggling with the move from one state to another and getting a new job soon that is going to pay me well but i still need to pass the interview. And then im looking into my first new apartment with my boyfriend i just dont understand what is going on in this dream i just had.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the Great Dane is associated with learning to adjust to new places, it seems that this is connected to you moving. This is a sign that you just need to take the move or other changes in your life slowly, and simply have the patience to wait until you get used to everything.

  9. I dreamt that while I was playing soccer as a goalie, bored from having no action for a while, a beautiful great dane walked over to me and hung around. Then to my initial surprise the dog started talking to me in perfect English. We maintained a super friendly conversation a while, we hugged and then he walked away while I continued to stay in my soccer goal. What on earth might this mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      A dream as a soccer goalie or goalkeeper represents how you need to protect and maintain a certain goal of your own. The random dog you found might represent that while you feel protective of your own goals, all others want to do in your life is just to chat, relax and be friends with you, without caring much for your goals.

  10. I encountered and helped 2 extra large breed dogs in 2 days in a row, the first day was a Mastiff, and the second day were 2 huge Great Danes. Both sightings were so similar, and the dogs’ temperament are also very similar, very sweet dogs! Both cases ended up with happy ending with owner came to pick them up after calling the police. These two situations were so similar in many ways, just wonder why this happened the way it did! Nonetheless, the situations were nerve wrecking as they all were in danger of being hit by car as they were wondering around very busy street, and the second day was after dark! I’m very happy how all the dogs went home with owner, though!

  11. I dreamt a great Dane chasing what looks like a poodle until it caught it, killed it and buried it. Can you interpret for me

  12. I have two great danes and I can see where this comes from… thank you for the insight and may the spirit of the great dane be withj you 🙂

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