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German Shepherd Symbolism, Shepherd Meaning, Shepherd Totem, Shepherd Dream, and Messages
Service is a noble calling and there are many ways that we can be of service. Allow yourself the freedom of being who you are. You will be surprised where it will take you.
-German Shepherd

Shepherd Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Shepherd symbolism is reminding you that you are never alone in this world. Furthermore, this spirit animal shows you that your family and friends are essential allies in everything you do and any goal you choose to achieve. Notably, you can also find tranquility and peace in solitude. Thus, the Shepherd meaning emphasizes that being a friend to yourself is just as important.

Similar to the Falcon, Shepherd symbolism is asking you to be alert to the small changes around you. Therefore, observation is critical in knowing exactly when to act or to make that next move toward your goals. Also, you must keep a close eye on those you care for and be of assistance if at all possible. It is also possible that the Shepherd meaning is letting you know that all they need is a friendly ear.

When you encounter a Police Dog, the Shepherd symbolism reveals to you that it is not up to you to decide what is right or wrong for others. In other words, everyone finds their balance of moral integrity, and in doing so, must walk their path. The only way you can lead them through this is by setting the example. However, make sure that you are clear with what your principals are first.

**Note: This post deals with primarily the German Shepherd. However, it does also include the Australian, Pyrenean, Belgian, and the Belgian Malinois of the herding group of dogs.

Shepherd Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Shepherd totem are people of integrity and place a lot of honor in their role as a guardian of morality. They are very protective of those close to them. Folks with this spirit animal are also extremely loyal during hardship and challenging circumstances. Similar to the raccoon, they have a love for puzzles. They also love journeys, especially those involving spiritual quests. These people also tend to judge themselves harshly for any perceived mistake. Therefore, one of their most painful lessons is self-forgiveness in all matters.  People with the Shepherd totem will often seek out careers that are of service to humanity. They will also find themselves drawn to coaching sports activities for children. Their herding instincts will serve them well with this.

Those folks with the Police Dog totem will have the added challenge of being very concerned with ethics and integrity.  They consider themselves a guardian of morality and, as such, will find themselves being the judge and jury of everything. Folks with this power animal will also continually replay their interactions with others in their mind, and judge their actions within it.

Shepherd Dream Interpretation

When you have a Shepherd dream, it highlights your protective instincts and attentiveness to your current situation. The vision is letting you know that you can see things through with courage and intelligence. In other words, trust your instincts.

Alternatively, a Shepherd dream in which you are training this Dog suggests that you are open to new ideas and or easily influenced by others. You may merely be seeking some reassurance.

When you dream of a Police Dog, make sure that you are not judging yourself. Self-criticism will slow down any progress you have made toward your goals. If the Police Dog is chasing you, then you need to release your feelings of guilt. In other words, let go and move on.

29 thoughts on “Shepherd”

  1. I had a dream that the German Shepherd dog so intelligent that when the owner introduced myself, and others the dog was smart enough to want his owner to an introduce himself the dog I look at the dog I leave on a long journey and behold this dog followed me from miles and miles I was kind of scared cuz I thought it was going to hurt me but I don’t know what happened after because I woke up.

  2. Stacey Williams

    Had a dream last night ..in the dream my kids and i were about to cross major intersection walking we were at the crossing lighg..i looked to my right and there was this beautiful dog a big dog standing next to me ..he had his harness on already he looked stunning regal royal kind protective ..my daughter handed me his leash and i connected it to his harness and we proceeded to cross the street i felt so proud walking with him i wanted everyone to see him lol he walked with his head up tall and proud..he made me feel safe and secure❤

    1. EspionageCookie

      This might simply represent that you are in a safe situation in life, and that it is likely to not be as fearful as you think to try to explore something new or new options to explore in your own plans. In other words, that you are safer than you think, and success is likely easier than you would imagine it to be. That does not mean it would necessarily be effortless, but it is nowhere as difficult as you might be picturing it to be.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The number 4 in numerology corresponds to energies of realism, practicality, protectiveness and loyalty, similar to the German Shepherd. 4 is also the number 4 or IV Tarot Card called the Emperor, which represents being a strong yet benevolent form of authority. If you pictured yourself training them, you might be on your way in teaching yourself to be strong or teaching others around you to be as strong as you. If you’re already doing it, keep doing it or do more of it. If you aren’t, it’s a sign that it’s a good move to invest in this. Perhaps instead of helping people too much that they become dependent on you and so would force them to struggle in the long term, perhaps those you look after have come a long enough way for them to learn how to be independent and how to make their own decisions.

  3. I dreamt of my boyfriend’s German shepherd bite my right hand holding tight to my hand and refused to let go of my hand. It happened that I had visited my boyfriend’s house without calling him to tell him that I was coming. On getting to his compound, the gate was opened, so I entered and his dog on seeing me held my hand and refused to let go of my hand. I didn’t shout, I was calm waiting for my boyfriend to come and ask his dog to let go of my hand. Meanwhile another shepherd dog was standing by my left, but I don’t know this dog. Please help out here with the meaning of the dream.

    1. EspionageCookie

      His German Shepherd biting into you upon going near your boyfriend’s house might represent that your boyfriend feels protective of his own vulnerable emotions, and feels too embarrasses to show you who he is behind his walls. Another German Shepherd next to you might represent that you are feeling nearly the same way yourself. Unable to commit because you feel ashamed of who you truly are outside the false “everything is okay” mask you show to the world.

  4. I remember when I was very young I was sleeping in my parents bed I woke up randomly and saw a german shepherd sat at the side of the bed then fell back asleep I’ve never had a german shepherd in my life I keep thinking was it someone acting like my favourite dog or just a spirit of one. It’s something I’ve always had at the back of my mind

      1. Same here… one appeared next to me and barked loudly. Scared me pretty good. Seemed like a warning bark. I’m not sure what to think of it.

    1. I dreamt I was hiding crouched in a bush where there were a snipermen looking through his scope on my right and a policemen on the other side, waiting for something to occur whilst I watched this german shepherd watch me with calmness as he stayed sitting across the road.
      I did not know what I was experiencing but I felt safe therein.

  5. This makes me sad, but it only makes me hope that you keep that chin up and that frown upside down. I too can’t get along with my mother who is also religious. But all in all be happy that you don’t have the attitude they have and are more accepting of people; cause that is truly an admirable thing.

  6. I red carefully your life story. It is really heartbreaking but my opinion and advise is that you and your parents has to go on therapy as soon as possible.
    Good luck!

  7. Wow Lucas, thank you so much for sharing that. I am totally blown away by your honesty, your energy and your very beautiful soul.
    I read your post, a few things I read more than once.
    Your “typos” (lol nobody should care about these but people are petty sometimes) were just as fluid as mine will be throughout my post, our phones “auto correct” mode can be devilishly auto incorrect but who cares? We totally get where youre going, and if we didnt, ee wpuldnt deserve your time anytime anyway.
    I am on this site because my wonderful Uncle Erik just passed away, suddenly to me but knew & he even told me but I Mt want to hear him say it. My Uncle Eggy (he was 8 yrs older than so i could pronounce his name initially) taught me how to defend myself, game (which I still enjoy), to drive, to be funny and to be okay with them , whomever they are, not being ok with me – it’s their loss & their problem – fuck em. How I found out about his dead was through 2 separate evening with local police attempting to get the information of where my Uncle was because he hadn’t contacted me or his friend who owed him $200 from a fantasy footballball win. He aslo taught me to love NFL football & the rules etc., Anyway, the second evening which was 21 days from the previous police visit to the home my estranged mother and uncle shared, the officer found that he had passed away. Didn’t say when , how or anything. So it began. The search for answers. My Uncle is a very strong old soul. He LOVED HIS GERMAN SHEPARDS! He loved all dogs, but his first dog “Frisbee” began his journey. He had Lily, she was majestic and many other dogs through the years but it IS a fact – dogs are a man’s best friend. People judge, dogs love you unconditionally. Your are perfect in your dog’s eyes , aND you are here for them.
    I am so sorry about your experience. I have two daughters, 24 and 19, I have seen through their friends so many different ways people raise children and your story is heart wrenching , absolutely so very fucked up. Surprisingly, your story runs very similar to many people Ive known, loved and or briefly passed by in my lifetime. Please do not feel alone, there are some really horrid adults raising our youth. There are also more wonderful ones though, please remember I mean saying that, there’s a test at he end of this ? Here are some very general things I’ve heard people say one should do when u dermer distress;:
    1. Mediation . (I have not successfully been able to do this as of yet)
    2. Get your shit together and move the fuck out as fast as you can. (SOOOOOOO much easier said than done !I’ve been telling myself this for years lol I just end up blowing myself off and enjoying the day)
    3. Family therapy, group therapy that sort of thing. Since your parents are never going to change (they are too comfortable and set im ways) dont waate your time on them right now.
    Personal therapy ? Yes. You WOULD benefit from Ala-non meetings. Look them up, go to one fucking meeting they will pick you up and drop you off. If that doesn’t help, you’re not listening at the meeting.
    4. When I was a kid, and yes my mother is narcissistic (her reply to my sobs and crystal saying I just want to see my uncle and make sure he’s ok, to the cops she quips, “I do not want her knowing what is going on.” The African American 6 foot 9 , muscular built officer showed his heart was with me as I sobbed in front of the house at 10:45pm for all to hear. The cops said “we can’t force her to be human.” If thats not selfish etc etc what is? It’s ok, im moving past it.) looking back now and since my uncles passing I’ve become enlightened to all of the now andwered questions my uncle & I would frequently discuss. His passing game allowed him to know what’s going on and the answers I’ve gotten are pretty harsh. In a nutshell, she desires to be alone for the rest of her life. She’s always stating this and now I know it to be true.
    You see Lucas, everyone has their own path and are here to live this path which their soul most likely write out before arriving here. You have your path. I don’t know the details of your situations and i dont need to because when you believe what im saying , what their problems are with you (its actually themselves they have a problem with, just somehow easier to blame their child) or your choice or your lifestyle or anythino negative they project onto you is ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS TO YOUR SOUL & YOUR OWN SOULS PATH. Some day you will have to deal with what happened, but right now you must focus on getting out of their house to a safe place to live. It may take 10 years, but it is your focus so nothing else should matter. Trade or regular traditional or online course to strengthen your skills. Jut always be doing something to help get you safely somewhere else. And get your ass to an Ala-non meeting asap. Ever consider volunteering your time at a local County animal shelter? You will be a new person in doing so and I believe your way out is someone you meet while volunteering or even sighing up to volunteer, that quickly Lycas. You are that close. Please stop thinking about that terrible inciddent, you are stuck in it YOU MUST GET OUT OF THE PAST SO LATER YOU MAY REFLECT AND HEAL. Crap I was in all caps too long.
    Here’s the best advice I give to all of my kids friends, myself and now you : Every high your parents did , said, behaved like or lacked in effort YOU do the OPPOSITE with your chikdren or any young people around you. Have empathy ALWAYS , walk I someone else’s shoes :how would I feel if someone I looked up to loved where saying this to me? If the answer is bad, then stop. Treat people as you expect them to treat you. Stand up for yourself. They were the irresponsible ADULTS who couldn’t get heir shit together and blamed their kid. What shining gems they are not. For now, let that sit in a locker marked “Later.” And focus on you and your soul. Ok i hope this helps and I am not correcting my typos. Fuck em.

  8. I keep on seeing the same Germany Shepherd in real life and in my dreams, to the point of that I drew it. It is now a point to keep. When ever I feel down, I just remember that I have a guardian to keep me safe

  9. Ok so after I almost slid off of a cliff then I got to were I was heading to I was under a rock I saw little rocks falling I herd footsteps so I was being dum I therown rocks over my head then I herd it move then I see a flash of a black germen shepherd so I go see what it was nothing was there then I herd movement all the way back home

  10. First of all i work night shift so i sleep almost all day , so my dream takes place at home and about how i go see this guy that i like ant night and stay up with him until morning and the 3rd day i woke up in the evening when the sun was going down and when i woke up i saw a shadow that ran towards me , i was confused not scared so when i went outside i saw a german shepperd that supposely it was mine and it had lilish colored flowers on his head and he would walk on my side. Then my brother, the dog and i, were seating on the front porch and my bfs mom treated me like a stranger and i got up and told her off , o told her that she was the one who never contacted me when she needed help …. and she started crying .. it was awkward, the dog backed up and gave me my space. 😕

    1. One last thing I’m really into it ow and I have no freands so I’m starting to get depressed so someone tell me why I’m being hunted by a germen shepherd in my sleep and in real life and please tell me how to find a freand before it do something stoopid this feeling is killing me

  11. I just had a dream of an old whitish gray and black German Shepherd. In the dream I was returning to an old place that I used to live and had not been there in years and no one was living there currently in the dream. It was a bright and sunny day. As I get out of my car and start to look around, this old whitish gray and black German Shepherd appears in the drive way. It was old and feeble and walked kind of slow. It started to walk towards me. As it gets closer, I realize it was a dog that I used to have, but old. As I start to recognize the dog in the dream, I remember that I left him there when I moved away. Like, he was abandoned. As I approached him, it seemed like he remembered me. He was friendly. In the dream I racked my brain to remember what name I gave this dog so many years ago. I then remembered his name was Jacob. I instantly felt the tinge of sadness and guilt that I (for whatever reason) left him. It came time for me to leave and this time I couldn’t leave him. I decided to take him with me. At this point, I wake up. ( I do other things in the dream..I don’t remember. This is the only thing that stood out)

    In real life, I currently own a German Shepherd named Caleb and I also owned one when I was little. The one I had when I was little was named Jacob. He was not whitish gray and black. He was black and tan and so is my current dog. I have not thought of Jacob in a very very long time, so I was surprised that in my dream the dog’s name I was trying to remember was Jacob.

    Can anyone possibly interpret what the dream may mean?


  12. In real life I am scared of big dogs, but this is 3rd time that I have seen German Shepherd in my dreams and they are very friendly with me and I am not afraid of them.
    I am alone and I feel like when I feel lonely God is trying to send a message that I’m never alone in this world and he is there to protect me.

    Thank you Lord 🙂

  13. the dream i had was very strange, i still feel that there was a message though.
    it was a plane crash in a sort of like Forrest#opened field with tall pine Forrest trees.
    i was there alone and there was ONLY german Shepard Dogs everywhere, most of them was like crying , some was running around scared, there was not a human soul to be seen beside myself.
    out of the blue there was this one female German Shepard that ran and jumped up to me with its paws on my chest, crying and don’t want to let go of me but at the sometime pushing me away into another direction with it.

    that where my dream just ended… but it feel there was so much detail and meaning to my dream but i dont understand what the message it had or has.’

    the other dreams i commonly have is me having labor pains or giving birth, my last dream abouth giving birth was a week ago , i gave birth to a baby girl at home saw her face and everything to detail.

    the other common dream is snakes attacking me but im always ending up catching it by the neck and killing it or throwing it far away.

    the other common dream is, intense pain of all my teeth pushing tight against eachother with intense pain and all falls off.

    in these dreams feel the detailed pain very intense and emotional….

    can anyone help with explanation?

    1. the dream depicting that the shepperds are crying symlolizes your care for people,and your fears of your past painful relationships.the female dog is the meaning of your through difficult times, and also you are very overprotective in this time in your life since you have been betraYED , AND OVERCAME IT IN THE PAST WHICH IS YOU KILLING THE SNAKES IN YOUR DREAMS . YOUR WELCOME WANT TO REACH ME CHAT AT FACEBOOK CHARLIE VEGUILLA PROFILE PICTURE IS AN ALIEN TAKE CARE GOD BLESS

    2. Well one last thing I had a dream I saw a German Shepard next to selling post then I was at my house it was in my house then it came over and started licking me then another we’re I was trying to get a dog Rick said no mom said no but when I got back she said it was a surprise I slep with EM but then a few days later we were going somewhere and I had to leve EM behind WHY WHY ??????

  14. This is so funny I was dreaming I walked into my bathroom and looked out the window and saw a German Shepard looking at me she was cold so I took her in and gave her a warm bath the dog was so loveable didn’t want to leave my sight kept staring at me liek she wanted to tell me something all I can say I felt her love it was a very strong love so I hugged her and I woke up it was a beautiful dream I hope you can help me and tell me the meaning of this beautiful dream blessings to u Carmela

    1. I had a very similar dream only I wasn’t in the bathroom it was outside when I saw the dog and it was so happy to see me and I felt its love and I hugged him. It was so beautiful and vivid. I hope we find replys as to more in depth interpretation if these two dreams. God bless.

    2. This can be symbolic it might happin like mine did mine was it just wouldn’t stop staring at me and I keep having dreams every day I just hope that one dream I had were my door slammed then some germen shepherd grabed my neck then I got paralyzed for like en hour I was late for school well that was when I was tricked and hafley possessed so no it won’t but stoopid shadow thing keeps following me and feel stadic all over my body when I sleep my point is that lison to your gut / feelings it’ll tell you just don’t indop like me I have no freands I’m so lonely don’t make that mistake

  15. I agree with Jack above…I’ve had my first German Shepherd, Ebba Lou, for almost 3 years now and she has changed my life. She is my best friend who is by my side every day and sleeps on my bed each night. She knows what is going on with me or my kids on a level I’ve not yet experienced with any animal. I feel blessed to have her come into my life.

  16. I have (2) GSD ‘S & I believe they are the most honorable of all companions , I cannot express the depth they show when times are tough, the best friend is my older 110 lb Ajax, at 3 yrs he’s beau tiful & helps me do everything!

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