Accept things as they are and look realistically at the world around you.
-Labrador Retriever

Labrador Meaning and Messages

In this case, Labrador symbolism is letting you know that it is time for you to explore the concept of “Unconditional Acceptance.” Absolutely everyone is different, no matter how much they try to conform to societal norms. Thus it is in your best interest to find acceptance for yourself and everything else. Take a lesson from the Labrador meaning and welcome that we are all creatures of Spirit no matter what species we are. This spirit animal understands that others have their paths, and though it is okay to disagree with what they say and do, we must learn to accept them unconditionally. Like the Panda, Labrador symbolism teaches that what we perceive as darkness must have light somewhere, especially since there cannot be light without the dark.

Labrador Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Labrador totem will have a reputation for being one of the most accepting and loving persons. They practice “Unconditional Acceptance” at all times and never pass judgment on others for their differences or choices in life. These folks are supportive and will work behind the scenes to help you. People with this spirit animal totem understand the concept “There by the grace of God go I.” They also know how to set their boundaries. Like the Cow, these folks are compassionately generous with their love, bounty, and wisdom. People often turn to them for advice simply because they know that there will be no judgment for their indiscretions.

These folks have a habit of rescuing people, even those who do not want saving. They have to find a balance within themselves because they cannot fix everything.

Labrador Dream Interpretation

When you have a Labrador dream, it symbolizes that you have made the right choice for yourself recently. Like the Beetle, it is a signal that you are on the right path with your goals, ambitions, family, and friends. If the Dog is bringing you a bird, it is a message that a spiritual breakthrough is imminent for you. If the Retriever is walking by your side, then it signifies companionship in the form of a soul mate. This person has either come to you or will be coming to you soon.

39 thoughts on “Labrador”

  1. I had a dream that I was woken up by a black lab, but didn’t know it at the time as I thought it was my own pet who woke me (as he usually does when he wants to go to the bathroom). They are both black, it was dark so I couldn’t see too well. I followed this lab into the bathroom and turned on the light to my surprise it was a much larger dog than my 12lb Boston Terrier. I was stunned and was trying to get him out, but he was too busy exploring and decided to eat a little of my dog’s food from his bowl. I woke up my husband and the dog finally left our bathroom and jumped on my husband in a playful way. He played with him a little and followed him downstairs to see how he got in our house in the middle of the night. Then I woke up.

    What does this mean?

  2. I had a dream last night that a brown Lab attacked my dog ( a small 20 pound terrier). The brown lab was very nice to me and I never felt threatened by him. He then attacked my dog and threw him. I ran to my dog and he wasn’t moving. I thought he was dead. Then I saw his eyes open but he was in pain. I thought to myself I have to get him to a pet hospital immediately. Just as I went to pick him up, the brown lab grabbed him from my hands and threw him again.

  3. Hi I dreamt I was being attacked by an evil entity and I stood in my source power and embodied source love light arc angels Micheal covered me in electric blue flame, then two white labrador young dogs came to give me Love and one of them was giving me dog kisses a lady whom I could not see quite clear said to them come it’s time to go and led them away I heard the younger dog say but I want to give this lady a kiss I want to love her as well, then I became this beautiful higher being with intense light and sound was eminating from me ,

  4. Jeanmarie Trice

    Yesterday, as I was sleeping, I dreamed of my husband opening the front door. There at the doorway stood a white Labrador Retriever. He was excited to come in but did not move forwards into our apartment. My husband was standing in the way and I mentioned to my husband, “ he is picking up your vibration. Move aside do he can come in”. As soon as my husband stepped aside and let go of the side of the door, the Labrador bounded into my arms and lap and it was like an excited homecoming. My husband was miffed that the dog did not pay any attention to him so he went back to his bedroom.

    Dream #2. Meditation of me sitting underneath a huge cypress tree on a high cliff with a large booming waterfall several hundred feet from me. I can feel the rumbling of the waters from the fall however, I am leaning on the trunk of the tree nestled in between its massive roots, sitting on lush green grass. There is a rainbow over the waterfall. A chipmunk comes toward me and soon it’s mate appears. I give them a large handful of walnuts for them to eat.

    Can you explain to me what these dreams mean? I have a general idea but am unsure as to what they actually represent.

    Thank you for your understanding and help.

  5. I dreamt I reached out to pet a black lab and it went for me, I raised my black leather bag and the dog attacked it instead of me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps since the Labrador represents unconditional acceptance, the lab attacking your black leather bag represents how it is telling you to let go of judging yourself or others by the material things they own. If you feel a sudden need to respect others when they have more expensive stuff, and to treat others as either invisible or even lesser if they have less stuff, then it is time for you to find acceptance in yourself as well as others, since the things you cannot accept in others often involve the things you cannot accept in yourself. Perhaps what you have that others have may not be to the same level of difficulty or the same level of flaws, but still any extent to which it exists in you makes you feel unable to accept those who are the same way. Perhaps to deny that you have certain qualities, you may seek to look down on people who have the exact or similar characteristics that you feel insecure about yourself.

  6. hello lee abigail,
    is your mother a very intuitive person? it seems that in this dream, she is able to see something about your or the shared situation between you and her that you are not. perhaps she will help you in coming to an understanding about something emotional in your life, that matters very much in the scheme of your lifespan. what is she able to recognize, that’s connected and dear to you, that others (including yourself) aren’t as readily able to? this is one of the questions you should ask yourself, and in that same vein, how has she helped you in the past in such a way?

  7. Just this morning, i dreamt about lots of black labrador (maybe around 6-8 all black lab) and I cant recognize who is our own black lab. Then my mom came and right away found who is ours. Then the 3 of us hugged each other. What does it mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the Labrador represents unconditional acceptance, the fact that your mother found the one who is both of yours, then that might represent your mother’s unconditional acceptance of you, as well as possibly other people. If you feel that she cannot distinguish you between others who have the same achievements, the same talents and the same experiences, recognize that she knows you so well she understands very deeply still how unique and special you are beyond the qualities of status that you seek to earn to impress others. That you are not just your work and your achievements, but your own unique self.

    1. EspionageCookie

      If Labradors represent unconditional acceptance, the flower associated with the same meaning is the Day Lily, or more formally called the Daylily Hemerocallis.

  8. Melissa Samachetty

    Last Night I dreamt of Labradors like lots of them attacking me almost tearing me apart and I was screaming for my dad’s help but either he couldn’t hear me or could hear me didn’t come and save me or anything. The thing is that I have a very good pretty much excellent relationship with my dad and I don’t understand why I dreamt of him that way . Plus my little cousin she was by my side and was helping me stay alive by telling me to repeat something I don’t remember what though . Could someone explain to me what my dream means please. P.s :I have my exams coming very soon like starting in a week exactly so maybe this dream is about it I don’t know.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps your dad represents the unconditional acceptance of the Labrador, but for them to attack you means that you mistakenly believe that he does not actually unconditionally love and accept you for who you are, flaws and all. If this is connected to your exams, perhaps you feel scared that he will not accept you if you do not do well in your exams.

  9. Prerna Bahukhandi

    I dreamt of a off white labrador puppy. One vutlure was flying in the sky and it took a cat from there suddenly. There were 5 kittens also but think of saving the labra puppy and took him into my house. Suddenly owner of kittens came and i didn’t know if they are saved but, all five of them were saved.

    1. EspionageCookie

      A vulture, when is seen as a negative symbol in the dream, means that they end up feeding on the pains of other people, but for some reason, I get the intuitive sense it should be interpreted positively here. The vulture’s positive meaning is that, as much as they feed on the corpses of leftover animals attacked by other predators, vultures are the unappreciated garbagemen who clean up whatever trash and dirt people leave behind, whether literal trash or the emotional garbage people have in their lives. In a way, they are a sign of a deeper cleansing of emotions and mistakes in your life, that is not at all pleasant to clean off, in the same way people may look down on janitors cleaning bathrooms, street cleaners cleaning trash off a natural park or people driving the garbage truck to remove all the trash people have.

      I don’t think the vulture was trying to harm the cats and the lab (who represent feminine grace – the cats and unconditional acceptance – the lab). It seemed like instead it was just carrying them to clean off whatever emotional traumas are associated with those characteristics so they can be easily saved and received back.

    2. I dreamed that a tall slender male black lab appeared during the buzz of a busy day. He walked beside me in unison as i felt reassured and protected by his presence. After multiple encounters he appeared that night at a restaurant/bar in my hometown. Someone came anxiously up stairs to inform me he requested me from outside. I jumped up and yelled let’s go! As I turned towards the stairs he appeared, racing up to me with an alarmed yet protective expression. I felt immensley relieved and cared for. He wanted me to follow him but I woke up. What would your impression be of this dream?

  10. Last night I had a dream about a black labrador that had a battery where its brain should be. This battery ‘brain’ somehow came out and the dog lay there, lifeless. I can’t really remember whether I got it back in or not. Any ideas on the symbolism?

    1. So I think battery symbolises fuel and power to move on. If it were the brain then it means that you are a person that just does, you don’t waste your time thinking on it too much. Maybe you naturally help people without a thought, maybe you accept everything and everyone without a thought. I wouldn’t take this dream as necessarily a bad thing because maybe it is about letting just stop for once. Maybe it’s time you didn’t care about what other people needed or not.

  11. Recently I had a dream and in it a black lab was with me through almost all of the second half. The dog was very affectionate, aggressively so by the end of the dream. I wasn’t really scared of the dog hurting me.

    Any help would be great, thanks!

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this Labrador represents the unconditional acceptance of a family member, best friend or partner. Whatever it is, it is a sign that you can trust the loyalty of this special person in your life.

  12. I had a dream that a black Lab, missing one of his front legs, was running towards me,several feet in front of a police detective, and started talking to me as he was running towards me. Telling me, ” He’s coming for u, u better run now if u want to get away.” Can someone please tell me what that means? Freaked me out a little. Lol. Thanks😉

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this Labrador represents the part of you that unconditionally accepts others but is hurting itself by helping people who hurt him. The police detective is the critical part of your mind that wants to “police” this part of you, so that you would stop feeling sorry for people who don’t treat you the way you deserve.

  13. I had a dream of my beautiful loving sweet black lab, his name was Monster because he was so huge – we had his mom and we kept him from the litter. He’s long gone and he came to me in a symbolic dream. I noticed his nose was dry and I awoke very thirsty. It was very little vingb

  14. today, September 11,2017 i dream around 3 a.m. ” i was in the kitchen, then i open the kitchen window to have a fresh air , then soon as i open the window that cute little robin bird suddenly fly into my hands, i was so surprised, and i opened my palm to let it go but don’t want to go, so i go out to put it down to the floor, and i was really surprised that the beautiful big brown Labrador retriever was lying on the ground where the window i just opened. so i waited if the dog is coming to attack me , as i don’t know where was it came from., that dog get up and just walk and passed around me. that’s how wake me up at 3 a.m.

  15. The last paragraph is me to a T. How do I find the balance? Do I fabricate some sort of rule or limit on who I can and cannot Help.

    1. need to find balance as per that last paragraph. There are different people with their agendas and biases. And we tend to see everyone as equal..and helping everyone including enemies. It is not correct..I have faced same as Labrador retriever is my totem. You have to give priority to people who help u in ur tough time..and foremost love yourself..than anyone else. And one more thing in general ..don’t help unless asked..except emergencies. Still u feel the impulse to lessen the pain of others..ask them do u need my help ? If they accept help..else give only positive vibes n move on.

  16. I had a dream that I gave a big hug to our Labrador who was actually a pet at home in childhood, it was the biggest hug ever!

  17. I had a dream of me finding a White Labrador Retriever. As the dream progressed, so did our companionship. What could this mean?

  18. I had a dream of a large huge labrador running through a narrow tunnel opposite the direction I was going I look back to see if the lab could make it safely through the tunnel without barreling down its occupants but in all the labrador was happy. What could this mean? ❗

  19. I dreamt of a chocolate lab that keeps bringing me a snake that bit it’s nose 2 times 🙁 I keep walking backwards into the bathroom and I shut the door but the snake came in anyways. I woke up after I proceeded to get into the tub/shower. 🙁 The dog didn’t look like he was affected all that much from the snake’s bite.

  20. Pretty much right on! I have a new lab mix in the family, now 11 months old, and he sure is a messenger of devotion, love, loyalty, trust, joy, and playfulness. 😀 But calmness? 😯 Moderation? 🙄 You must be kidding me!!! Maybe this will be true of him when he is older, but that is not a message he is bringing me now. And he himself brings no sense of boundaries, but he IS increasing my awareness of where mine are and where I need to enforce them! That is a lesson that is good for me. <3

  21. Hi! What does it mean if you have two labrador retriever, one black and one white?
    Does it mean that I have a choice to make?
    Blessings 😛

  22. I dreamt that I was sitting down on the floor at a friends house and their labrador came and layed down next to me. The labrador was licking me and snuggling up next to me so much that the dog was so heavy I could get it off me I was trapped haha It was basically smothering me. I would like to know what this means? It seamed to be very friendly and showing lots of love towards me, so it was comforting.

    1. Glen, I had a very similar dream where I was lying on the ground and a milk chocolate Labrador came to me and lay beside me, almost hugging me. It was weird but comforting. In reality, I am not a dog person but my favourite dog is the Labrador

    2. I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamt i was taking notes on a computer to a meeting for a co-worker. In the meeting i got a video call from a professor at a university for a job interview. I excused myself from the meeting and took the call outside. During the interview i had the urge to look to my left, so i did. There standing a few feet away was a black lab looking at me. It did not seem threatening or angry. Just stood there until i acknowledged it. When i did it came over wagging its tail happily to nuzzle up to me under my chin. I was laughing when it did and started patting the dog. I also continued with the interview as well. And that is where the dream ended.

      I am not sure what this means or why it showed up.

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