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Think outside the box. In order to resolve your problem you must first take the time to figure out exactly what the problem is. Only then can you decide what you must do.

Collie Meaning and Messages

For the most part, Collie symbolism is asking you to come home to yourself. All too often, we get caught up in the drama all around us. Moreover, this spirit animal indicates that this can be to the point where we lose ourselves and who we are. When this happens, we get into a state of reacting instead of acting in our own best interests. Collie symbolism has come to your aid by reminding you that you need to be faithful and true to yourself and your personal goals.

In other words, be sure to re-establish your priorities and stay focused on the present. The Collie meaning is directing you to return to what makes you happy. As a result, this grounding and centeredness will show you exactly what your next decision will be and enable you to take appropriate action.

Alternatively, Collie symbolism may be warning you that you have forgotten who you are. Moreover, you must let go of everyone else’s problems so that you can take care of your own needs and desires. Therefore the Collie meaning is reminding you that it is essential to love and nurture yourself first. There will always be more than enough of you to share if you look after yourself.

Also, see the other dogs in the herding dog group. The BouvierGerman Shepherd, and the Old English Sheepdog.

Collie Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Collie totem are the “Good Samaritans” in everyone’s life. They live for service to others and will often forgo their own goals and dreams to help others with theirs. These people are faithful and loyal to their family and peers, and they are also highly intelligent. Collie totem folks always have a good sense of direction. Occasionally, when they choose to, these folks can keep their goals in sight singlemindedly. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and tend to want to correct all the things that they perceive as “wrong.”

Collie Dream Interpretation

When you have a Collie dream in which the dog is traveling or passing through, it signifies that you need to find your way back home spiritually. In other words, you have been giving away too much power to others. You have lost your way because of it. If this dog is in a kennel, then it symbolizes that you are feeling trapped or caged in by some situation or dilemma. The first step to freeing yourself is always the recognition that something needs to change.

Alternatively, if the dog is resting quietly by your side, the dream symbolizes that you are entering a time of peace and contentment with your life. You are now in a position to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work and have come home. If the dog is white in your Collie dream, it is symbolic of a new compelling spiritual awakening within you. Hence you should keep yourself open to receiving guidance from others.

11 thoughts on “Collie”

  1. Ms. Vernay Dabney

    I have a wonderful 20-month-old rough collie named Lassie Kenly Marie Dabney. I am a lifelong fan of the Lassie TV show, and have always wanted my own Lassie, ever since early childhood. Lassie is helping me come home to myself. I love her, and I can feel her love for me.

  2. I dreamed twice that I was walking in a field. I climbed a small rise and saw a beautiful border collie standing and staring off in the distance. I remember thinking what a beautiful dog it was. I dreamed this twice in the same night

    1. Hi Sherry
      I to had an experience with a collie . I have a dog friend to a Borodor, but that is a total other story all together

      We recently had an addition tour family little Anny and I heard her whimpering this morning and she woke me as I went to turn the lamp on, I saw a Collie peeking around from behind my flatscreen. It is 50 inch so it was big and very very beautiful

  3. In my dream it was a very heavy thunderstorm with the lighting hitting the trees nearby, I had ran out of town and was up a hill side in the forest, my siblings ram ahead and I couldn’t see through all the darkness until lighting stuck and I saw the outline of a wolf it turned to me and darted underneath a tree, I then ran cause if that was a wolf I’d probably be eaten. when I started to pass the tree it hide under a border collie jumped out it was limping and frightened I picked him up and put him under my shirt and tucked my shirt in and began to run, behind me the trees fell and a mudslide began, he howled and that’s when I woke up

    1. Although related, the Border Collie is slightly different than the rough or smooth haired collie. The Border Collie has more intensity, and focus. Use his energy to accomplish your goals and get things done. Apparently you have a mission that will require all of your attention.

  4. Collie says “In order to resolve your problem you must first take the time to figure out exactly what the problem is. Only then can you decide what you must do.” But what if after years of trying you still can’t figure out what the problem is?

  5. I just adopted a border collie mix and he is literally saving me from my fears of hackers etc. I love dogs! I miss my golden that passed in October. I wish humanity could love deeply like dogs do

  6. I thought of looking up the collie because when I was running today I made it all the way up a hill and when I was sitting down to rest two collies run at me from my neighbors house so I instantly get up and when I do I think they will bark at me or something but instead they started sniffing at me then one went away from me all calm and the other just stays directly next to me then when the owner exits his house only one runs to him. So what I did was kinda urge the other to go to the owner but instead turns to look at me then moves a bit more then looks at me again then the owner says “You can keep him if you want!” I just smile and laugh then the collie finally goes to his owner and the owner says thank you sorry it was long I just wanted to get into detail

    1. Miss my Reilly boy. He was 11 going on 12. My five kids grew up with him, and my mom had his brother Jake. Sadly we had to put Ry down last June and mom put Jake down in January. They were the most beautiful dogs. What are the chances that I would see 2 collies in the same day that resembled our two collies–one mahogany and the other sable and white? I think they were saying hello to us from heaven to reassure us that we will be reunited one day. Not the same without them. Heartbreaking!

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