Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Symbolism, Shih Tzu Meaning, Shih Tzu Totem, Shih Tzu Dream, and Messages
Find a friend that you can share with. A little cuddling and hugging will go a long way toward allowing yourself to be loved.
-Shih Tzu

Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Shih Tzu symbolism is reminding you that it is always better to act than to react. In other words, this spirit animal insists that you take the time to delve deep within yourself and find the right action for you. Thus the Shih Tzu meaning teaches you to make a habit of this. Also, you will soon defeat your automatic reaction response and find new ways to act on challenges.

Furthermore, recognize that “what goes around comes around” and that it is not up to you to play judge and jury. However, like the Badger, make sure that you stand up for yourself. Also, be clear with your boundaries and focus on your priorities. It is also important to realize that when “drama” is involved, you need to tread carefully. Thus you should make sure that you do not bear any grudges. In other words, Shih Tzu symbolism is letting you know that when you place judgment on others, you are most likely also putting that same judgment on yourself. To clarify, you are most likely reflecting each other’s issues.

Alternatively, the Shih Tzu symbolism may be letting you know that we are all noble and spiritual creatures in this universe. Our spirituality shines through no matter where we come from, what we have done in the past, or what we are doing now. Shih Tzu meaning also recognizes that the most significant force within us is our heart. Therefore, when we engage our passion with love and understanding, we are on the right path. Additionally, take the time to recognize your own noble and regal attitudes. Make sure that these attitudes are serving you well. It could be that you have to abandon them.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Shih Tzu totem are caring, compassionate, and courageous. They love to be active in their lives. Moreover, they enjoy the refinements and more beautiful things that life has to offer. Folks with this spirit animal totem also enjoy working with others. However, they must be the leader. These people are protective and conscious of their public image. Therefore they can often be someone else entirely when they are at home with their close family. Shih Tzu totem people have a lot of pride in their accomplishments. Occasionally they can hold a grudge or two toward those who have crossed them. They also have a stubborn streak, and often once they get an idea into their head, they will follow through with the tenacity of a Bulldog. This headstrong attitude is something that has to be carefully self-monitored to balance the right mix of stubbornness with determination.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Shih Tzu dream, it can herald the arrival of an authoritative individual in your life. This government official, policeman, or new boss will take an active role in your life for a period before going on to their next project. Take care to listen carefully and share information openly and honestly to keep this a positive experience.

Alternatively, if there are several of these little dogs in your Shih Tzu dream, it foretells abundant happiness is now coming your way. If the dog is angry or barking at you, like the Deer, it is reminding you that you should be gentle with yourself and that you are judging yourself harshly.

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