Poodle Meaning, Totems
Dare to be yourself! Allow yourself to express your thoughts and visions to those around you today!

Poodle Meaning and Messages

In this case, Poodle symbolism is reminding you to express your individuality! Like the Platypus, his spirit animal directs you to find comfort in your uniqueness and the beauty of how different you are from others. In other words, the Poodle meaning asks you to find ways to accentuate those remarkable differences and enjoy your eccentricity. It’s okay to be you, so take the time to enjoy being yourself in whatever form that takes. Poodle Symbolism is all about creative self-expression that is essential for your own well being and your self-esteem. Stop worrying about social acceptance, and know that you are delightfully perfect in your unique way. Similar to the Hedgehog, just be yourself.

Poodle Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Poodle totem, like the Heron, find great joy in their uniqueness. They love to dress eccentrically and will often go beyond what is the fashion to be themselves. These folks have a great deal of self-confidence in who they are and are extremely intelligent and creative. More often than not, Like the Deer, they will find themselves in a career that involves the arts in some shape or form. They can attract everything they need in life and are very charismatic people.

These people also love to entertain friends and family and find a great deal of joy in simply being.

Poodle Dream Interpretation

When you have a Poodle dream, it symbolizes an upper-class attitude. Are you or those around you putting on airs of importance lately? The dog is reminding you to behave with dignity and humility while maintaining your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you have a pink Poodle dream, it signifies that it is not always healthy to blend in with the crowd. Dare to be yourself!

Alternatively, to dream of a black one of these dogs symbolizes that perhaps you have lacked a little self-respect of late. You need to give yourself some leeway and maybe take care to find forgiveness for yourself and others.

9 thoughts on “Poodle”

  1. I dreamed about one light brown poodle.
    It had gone missing and returned home.
    This dog really loved me and being petted and rubbed by me.

    I was around my parents who both have passed.

    I said to them that this was so strange and odd that the dog found its’ way back to us from either running away to St. Louis or Chicago.
    On a truck or in a car?

    The dog was missed and well received back home in the Philadelphia area.

    I did once own a black poodle but this one was light brown and had the softest fur.

  2. I dreamed about a blue poodle (girl). I don’t even own a dog. The poodle was jumping and playing with me and my son. The funny part is his dad want let us have a dog, but in the dream he brought it home.

  3. You’ll be together again and she will meet you at the rainbow bridge to help guide you through. There you will feel no pain, sadness, anger and regret. Only love with open arms by all the loved ones who have passed. I’m really sorry about you losing your Fur Baby. I can relate and part of me died that day. I miss him every day and I know he’s watching over me just like your fur baby is watching over you. What better of a Guardian Angel could you have? God Bless and take care.

  4. I drempt I was in a waiting area at a very nice veterinarian office. Waiting for my fiance dog, three brilliantly white fluffy poodles were there and one of them was very affectionate towards me. Lots of petting, the dog even let me give it a piggy back ride, where it was actively holding on to me. Everyone thought it was amazing. It was a really good feeling in the air, very happy dream. But what does it mean?

  5. I saw a vision of a White poodle dog with a red neckband on my bed , playing with a silver cushion. Please tell me what does it mean.

  6. Last year I had a near death experience and I saw what looked like a black sheet floating 5ft away then As i laid dying i heard a dog growling next to me then the black like sheet began to shrink. My fiancée and son got to the house and helped me. Next morning while I was in the kitchen I saw a big white poodle for a good 5seconds. I have never in my life owned or petted a white poodle. The description of poodle totem is on point! I’m an artist and owner of a comic book store.🖖🏻

  7. four weeks one day 16 hours 9 minutes and 45 seconds ago after 22 years and 50 weeks . i had to make the decision to send my bonnie [mrs dog] to dog’y heaven because she was in pain from a collapsed spine , she went to sleep in my arms as the needle was administered to her little leg , i had my right index finger in her mouth to bite on as she did but did not draw blood the last thing on this earth that she did was sigh and then lick my finger and she was gone to a better place. 1 am 61yrs ex. sasr but cried like a baby on and off for two days before i could compose myself. my baby had beaten cancer , being stiched up internal when she was spayed before she lived with me , broken leg and etal things in her life . she kept braking out of her house in mt. pleasent perth when i lived there and gutted herself going over the spike fence. in her little life i probably spent well over $20k at the vets for her health and would never think twice at doing it again or anything else to have my little love back with me. i could not stand the thought of her in the cold dirt , so i had her cremated so she can be with me when it is my turn . i would gladly trade her places just ho hear her again. she and the 63kg bull arab i also have adopted me my bully had mange and no one wanted him either . he weighed 6.7Kg and was going to be sent to dog’y hevern by his owner.amazing what tlc and love will do. i have an invisible tatoo on my forehead i think that says sucker or the like to animals. sorry for my raving on , i prefer to call it self expression as i now only cry inside for my bonnie ,dady’s girl [ mrs dog] i prey she is at rest and not in pain but more important we will be together again. that is my beginning again .

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