Listen closely today. The clues to the answers you are seeking are auditory and will come from your friends and family.
-Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzer Meaning and Messages

In this case, Schnauzer symbolism is reminding you that in protecting your heart, you are stopping the flow of experiences that will help you to heal and grow. In other words, Schnauzer meaning prompts you to allow those around you to see more of who you are. Therefore you need to involve yourself more with your peers so that you can grow on many many levels. Like the Lynx, when you take these steps, it will teach you the art of discernment, how to set boundaries, and how to make choices that are right for your journey. Thus this spirit animal warns you that hiding from all of these experiences only invites an eventual Cosmic Calamity that will force the issue. Schnauzer symbolism says that now is your chance to move forward on your terms. Get out there and risk your heart!

Schnauzer Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Schnauzer totem are highly protective of those around them. Like the Chicken, they are bold in their decisions and will often act without forethought. This quick action will occasionally get them into trouble, but for the most part, it will serve them well in matters of their heart. These folks have an active lifestyle, enjoy being social, and are usually well-grounded in any situation they find themselves in. People with this spirit animal are courageous in the face of darkness and danger. They also have a highly developed sense of intuition. Most likely, they also have the gift of clairaudience.

Schnauzer Dream Interpretation

When you have a Schnauzer dream, it is a message that you must stay alert to the “signs and omens” around you. Like the Parrot totem, you are being shown what you need to see. Therefore, you must also listen very carefully to the signs that will include an auditory direction. Trust what you hear.

Alternatively, the Schnauzer dream may be letting you know that your loyalty is in question. Either by yourself or by others. This questioning is a good thing simply because you are in the process of discerning what is precisely right for yourself.

5 thoughts on “Schnauzer”

  1. I’ve had dreams like this after my pets died. They’re the types of dreams where you know it’s real and not a dream. My take: Your pet is taking care of you still, by telling you that he’s in a happy place and you don’t need to worry about his needs anymore. It’s funny that we think we’re taking care of our pets, when we don’t always realize that they’re watching over us while they’re on earth and while they’re in heaven.

  2. I dreamt of my shnauzer last night- she died a few months ago and I’ve mourned her like no other dog I’ve ever had. She was a rescue dog and had a lot of issues because she had clearly been treated badly before she came to me. Last night she came running to me, greeting me with real joy, frolicky and jumping about. I could actually feel her coat and warm body under my hand, but I was so sad at the same time. I woke up with tears pouring down my cheeks. I think she’s happy where she is but wants me to know she’s still with me… Anyone have any thoughts?

    1. She is there with you always; you are tied through spirits. She loves you deeply and is happy to be by your side for eternity.

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