Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Symbolism, Golden Meaning, Golden Totem, Golden Dream, and Messages
Trust your passion and it will lead your to your purpose.
-Golden Retriever

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Golden Retriever symbolism is reminding you that you have all of the support, knowledge, and skills needed to achieve your goals. Therefore, this Golden meaning prods you to trust your instincts and act on your goals. In other words, this spirit animal is asking you to get moving!

Moreover, allow the universe to support your actions by letting go of your material concerns. Thus you must unconditionally trust where you are headed and let go of any self-doubt. Also, the Golden meaning prompts you to enjoy your journey as you embrace your purpose and resolve your fears.

Alternatively, Golden Retriever symbolism is reminding you that by using your passion for reaching your goals, you can unconditionally love and accept yourself. Additionally, by doing this, and like the Goldfinch and the Badger, you will remain focused in the present moment and centered in your self-confidence.

Golden Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Golden totem are known for their reliable support and compassion for others. In general, like the Labrador, they also reserve any judgments of others with forgiveness and love. These folks understand that not all of us can walk a perfect life and that the world must find a balance somehow. Thus, people with this spirit animal know that every hero requires a villain. They are also confident in reaching their goals. In particular, they are trustworthy as someone to confide in and are known for their sage advice on all matters. In particular, Golden power animal folks enjoy the outdoors and love to work.

Golden Dream Interpretation

To see a Golden Retriever in your vision represents your family ideals and your intense bonds with those around you. Alternatively, a barking Golden dream can also mean that you have overlooked some emotional issue with someone close to you. Perhaps you misheard them.

30 thoughts on “Golden Retriever”

  1. I had a dream that when I went outside I saw a dirty golden retriever waiting and doesn’t leave, I just washed him (I assume he’s a male dog) and adopted him.

    1. I had the same dream!! He appeared in my backyard (don’t know how because it’s completely fenced in) and he was dirty and hungry. Like your dream, this dog also did not seem to want to leave. So I washed him, fed him, and adopted him.

  2. I was out at a park night time. Grounding myself (no shoes or socks ) holding my hands up to the moon light. Telling the moon how grateful I was for the experience I had that day and just for everything around me. Suddenly this 2 young golden retrievers came to me and began to kiss and rub their faces on mine. One of them even stood on top of my legs. (Making like a cross with both our legs). They both did not want to leave. Their owner kept calling for them but they refused. Does this have a deeper more spiritual meaning ? I felt deeply loved by them both and writing this is bringing tears into my eyes..

  3. I was out at a park night time. Grounding myself (no shoes or socks ) holding my hands up to the moon light. Telling the moon how grateful I was for the experience I had that day and just for everything around me. Suddenly this 2 young golden retrievers came to me and began to kiss and rub their faces on mine. One of them even stood on top of my legs. (Making like a cross with both our legs). They both did not want to leave. Their owner kept calling for them but they refused. Does this have a deeper more spiritual meaning ? I felt deeply loved by them both and writing this is bringing tears into my eyes..

  4. I just had this dream where i was in this place with 2 kids and it was a lil crowded and there was this golden retriever that came in and it wasn’t ours so we planned to bring it back home. we were cuddling it and petting it and when i got the rope it was gone and the kids ran outside and said “he’s probably going home why get it.” and i think i said something about wanting to be there and i started chasing it down a long street and then i woke up so i don’t really know what chasing a dog means…

  5. I dreamed about strolling with a golden retriever dog and going in a place im not familiar with in real life. It is a crowded place. I noticed that staffs were wearing nurse-like uniforms. I noticed one staff, who i thought is gay because of his gestures, he pulled his nurse-like top and i saw that he is wearing inside a black corset covered in clear white gemstones. I asked him something and he led me to a room where another staff dressed as nurse was sitting, the golden retriever which in my dream was “my” dog, tried to sleep under a cabinet inside the room i was in. i was talking to the man inside the room and he noticed that there was a dog under the cabinet and he was scared, he stood up and from the cabinet the golden retriever tried to jump at him. I was confused with the dogs reaction and so I put the dog outside the room. The golden tried to jump at me, like he was trying to say that “dont go to that room”.. but i pushed the golden and closed the clear door.

  6. Paul R. Stensvaag

    So my neighbor and me were having a bit of a spat about a white pine that sometimes drops sap upon his rental (lease) Mercedes. He wanted be to cut it down, then said he’d pay for it, etc. etc. (what really bothered him was pine needles under his wipers, poor dear).

    I dreamed Radar, my 17 week young puppy came happily running up the drive missing his left foot at the ankle(same side as the neighbor). And awoke with a sad start. But everything was OK with him! Within 5 minutes a tree crew showed up with elevating buckets and saws and ladders. I dressed quickly and had a word with them about the limits of their activities.

    All’s well that ended well. The pine was save and I appreciated the “heads up” dream warning from my not so little, best friend!

  7. Weird dream a few nights ago, about a Golden Retriever. Never had pets before, but I want a dog, though I don’t know what breed yet. (Though a Golden Retriever was an option.) Should I be worried that I dreamed about having one and that I couldn’t find her? I had to rescue her, and she didn’t get hurt in the process, I just wasn’t able to locate her afterward. Even though it was a dream, I remember every day that passed without being able to locate her, I was losing hope and feel like I was living a nightmare. I also dreamed about two dogs attacking me that same night, and me trying to avoid them by pulling my legs up in the tall chair I was sitting ‘peacefully’ in before. Don’t know if it was the same dream.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Sometimes if you feel a very strange intense connection to someone you’ve never met in a dream, human or animal, it might represent a past life with him or her. You might very well have been close to a golden retriever in a past life, or multiple past lives. A pet may even follow you throughout multiple lives, and if there is no physical presence of this dog, it might follow you around as a spirit doggo from doggy Heaven. Some dogs do this even in lifetimes where they haven’t met their best friend.

  8. So yesterday I was walking into my parents room to grab laundry and I saw a golden retriever puppy walk in and vanish. Also not even 10 minutes ago I walked into the office and saw a black labrador puppy on the couch and it also vanished. Right in front of my eyes. What does it mean? I am really trying to figure this out and I am pretty freaked out.

    1. EspionageCookie

      If your parents did not have those puppies before, they might have been pets in their past lives, and they are following them around as spirit doggos from doggy Heaven, to protect them and give them company. They’re loyal friends who will often follow you around through multiple lives, really.

  9. So I have been on my path today in life, and I ran across a question regarding my path of modern day and ancient practices of my path. I had a long talk with a dear friend and I told her about my dog (she passed away a couple years ago) , and say she is the one that visited me the most in my dreams. Now unsure of my animal , a another friend recommended this site , I click the generation , and a golden lab pops up , same as my dog that passed away . The information provided is so TRUE to my current situation in my life and my path in my spiritual journey. The message is ABSOLUTELY spot on . Everyone has been saying the same thing for me for 2 weeks . Im in Awe .

    1. EspionageCookie

      It represents how you hold the qualities of a golden retriever in the “palm of your hands,” and you may have similar loyal characteristics as the dog itself.

  10. Hi I had a horrible dream that I’ve not long woken from. I dreamt someone outa puppy golden retriever in the oven to cook it. It came out looking golden still and wasnt cooked properly I’m sure it was still alive so the lady was going to put it back in. I had to stop it. It made me so sad. Then I woke up. I am currently pregnant.. what does this kind of a dream mean

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the oven represents your pregnancy, such as the metaphor of “a bun in the oven”, and the golden retriever represents the personality of your baby. You were sad because you wanted your baby to come soon, and others telling you to put the baby back shows how you’re worried about your baby.

  11. [intro] I’m an artist with some confidence issues around expressing my ideas freely into drawings. However before sleep I just spilled everything on paper, it looked good and boosted belief in my ability.
    [dream] In the dream, I was in a room with a golden retriever on a leash, immobilized, in the center of the room under table. I was petting him but the dog seemed depressed. I lifted him up and it peed on my chest a little (indicating pet’s sadness(like when depressed cats pee in the wrong places)). So I decided to free the dog so it could at least move around the room. Dream ended there but I felt happy about what I did.
    So in a sense, the golden retriever was me being repressed and breaking out of it, at least one step

    1. EspionageCookie

      Yes, the golden retriever represented you. Perhaps it was a metaphor for how you felt like as an artist, you felt like you had to follow certain rules and standards around you for what counts as “true art,” instead of the art that you like. Instead of expressing your own creativity, you may simply feel pressured to copy the type of creative art that is popular and the type of art that people want, especially if it pays you more in many ways. You might feel that you are breaking free from these set of rules, like you feed the doggo from the tied leash.

  12. Searching for my spirit animal, today, I pulled up a picture of a golden retriever treading water. I wept. It brought back to me the news footage of a golden retriever abandoned by its owner during the enormous Harvey flood this August 2017.

    Rescuers saw the dog standing on top of its doghouse with water up to its neck. They rescued the animal. Its legs were straight out stiff as the man lifted it over on to the boat It sat there, eyes shut. Even the Golden Retriever needs to be rescued and retrieved.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this represents a person who you feel has the personality of a golden retriever, and you feel was abandoned by others in his or her life. You feel this person is in a lot of trouble and needs saving, and you felt emotional over it because it represented the feelings you had for someone in your life.

  13. I live with 9 golden retrievers. They have been my lifeline for close to 40 years. I lost one of my most beloved summer of 2015. He and I used to hold hand to paw. Never a part for more than three days except for the summer I traveled to the UK to celebrate this breed. Then o called every day to talk with him. Surely this breed is my love and my totem. My deceased sister sent him to me and I believe she watched over me through him.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This seems to represent how in your times of teaching others, whether through formal classes or simply teaching others new stuff in casual or deep conversation, the people loyal to your teachings, represented by the golden retriever, want you to praise them more for being a good student but you often don’t recognize their efforts enough. You might feel they already recognize how highly you think of their progress in learning, but in truth, they are unsure of that unless you tell them your praise directly.

  14. I dreamt about a small golden r. who I found dead really close to my house. As I looked away to the grass there was a lot of small and adolt pigeons. Before all that I found a black and white cat on my way to school who when I poked it its head fell of. So I dreamt about three different dead animal species. What does all of this mean?

  15. I had a dream that an unknown friend let a golden retriever off the leash. She needed help catching it to put back on the leash, so i assisted in catching the friendly dog but it was running circles around us

  16. Hi i left a message about a month ago about something in my photos and you responded by to me which i got, thank you

    last night when i was in bed i could hear a bird flapping his wings outside my bedroom, what does this mean?
    Alot of stuff happening to lately, is there death coming?

    thank you

    1. It is possible you are having an awakening! Look up awakening symptoms- infinite waters on YouTube has a great video

  17. So i had a dream in which i was at my house and i was leaving for school for pet day. When my mom suprised me with a with a new golden retreiver puppy and a guinee pig . But the golden r. Had a problem with its two front legs and so instead of bringing a pet i brought my best friend but at the last moment i went back for the puppy and told my friend to meet me at school

    The other characters were|My coydog,my cat and my 2 brother… What does this mean

  18. charmecia austin

    Had a dream that involved a lot of people walking their dogs in a church like place…and while passing through there I saw a golden retriever in a labeled cage…and next thing you know I turned around and found the same golden retriever grown up and standing next to me while I was walking around the church like place. It didn’t leave my side or anything. Wonder what it means ?

    1. Hello Charmecia: Pay attention to the message in the quotation box at the top of the page. It will give you an idea as to what your dream has been trying to tell you.

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