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Make sure you pull your own weight today. Many hands make light work.

Bulldog Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Bulldog symbolism is reminding you to stick with your guns. It is safe for you to be stubbornly loyal and determined to do the right thing. However, Bulldog meaning is also warning you that you must be careful that you are not taking on the roles of judge and jury. In other words, this spirit animal advises you that a subtle approach will get you much further.

Alternatively, Bulldog symbolism is letting you know that your opinions are valuable. However, you must be self-aware enough to make sure that you don’t have a “My minds made up – don’t confuse me with facts!” attitude. In particular, you must know yourself well. At least enough so that you are clear that there is no personal rivalry involved.

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Bulldog Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Bulldog totem tend to be a bit passive and complacent. However, if you provoke them, these folks become very protective. They will move amazingly swiftly to protect those around them and what they perceive to be their territory and family. People with this spirit animal are gregarious by nature. They enjoy bringing others to laughter. These people also tend to fly under the radar until they choose to make themselves known. People with this power animal also know how to time things to get the best results in life. Moreover, they always manage to get things done with a minimum amount of effort.

Bulldog Dream Interpretation

When you have a Bulldog dream, it symbolizes that you have transformed an enemy into a powerful friend without realizing it. Alternatively, to dream of this dog can also mean that you will be receiving good news from an absent friend.

If you see a friendly dog of this type in your dream, it signifies that you will rise in life, regardless of the adverse criticisms and the malicious interference of others. When this dog is swimming in your vision, it is a warning that you are allowing yourself to make emotional decisions that are not necessarily best for you.

14 thoughts on “Bulldog”

  1. Last night I dreamt that I’d been to a museum with my sister whom I haven’t been in contact wilth for years, and we took home an English Bulldog stray.
    He jumped up the bed at night as we were sleeping. He lay with my sister for a while, sighing all the time. Then he leapt up and lay down with me. I often dream of laying down with a dog, too. Usually this is a (fat) jack russell.

  2. What does it mean when you dream of 7 black and white bulldogs? They were just lying in 7 different overbrush patches staring at me. I wasn’t scared, just curious as to why they were there and looking at me. They never moved, but just layed there. At the time, I was on a stone ledge and had slipped. So I was trying to climb back up and some of the stones were slipping from under me. Then a tall man that seemed angelic, gave me his hand and pulled me up.

    1. This interpretation was really useful, it portrayed exactly what’s happening in my life at the moment. This was super helpful and gave me strength and hope that no matter the trials of the enemies, honest hard work will bring me success.

    2. That could be taken 2 ways. 1… they were watching you in a protective manner, waiting to see if they r needed.
      2… they were there to distract you while u slipped. You need to be careful of who u interact with. They may seem friendly and non harmful but deep inside, they wait for you to fail.

  3. First off, now, I’m in the 6th grade. In the 1st grade, there was this suspicious part of the woods, so 3 of my friends went there with me. Walking through the woods, we saw this teepee looking kind of thing on the right side of us. On the left side, there was this stream. In front of us, there was this big dog house. All of a sudden, we hear something in the woods. We keep exploring, and after about 5 minutes, this bulldog jumps out of the woods. My friends said it was black, but I could have sworn it was white… There was this girl in my class that hated me, and i hated her too. A year went by, and the girl that I hated and I started to get to know each other, and we turned out to have a lot in common. We became friends, and I took her down to where the bulldog was. Finally, someone else had said it was white. That time, the grass was really tall, and the bulldog was inside of the house. We heard wining, and figured it was puppies or something, so we didnt think much of it. That same year, the girl that had become friends with me had moved to a new school. This year, one of my friends and I always had cheer practice on the hill right beside that spot. She asked me if I knew if anything was down there, and I told her the story after practice. Two days went by, and we decided to go down there again. She said it was black and it still looked white to me. Since we have been down there, we have had this strong… connection? Idk, but this IS NOT a dream, please help us…

    P.S., I accidently left this out, but all of my friends that were really close to me have left the school now except my newest friend that did cheer with me.

  4. I have ad a dream I was going to some house party. At first it wasn’t clear and maybe not clear at all but I do remember seeing a bulldog go-to this house. The owner would feed him etc. I’ve always loved bulldogs and been wanting one ever since I was a teenager. However my landlord does not permit dogs. Moving forward, as I got closer to the house I began calling the dog over. He was a bit old and couldn’t walk down the stairs so he decided to slide down. His left arm was rather swollen. When I went to pick him up out of joy I woke up. I know my spirit guides are protecting me and moving me into a positive direction. Good day!

  5. I own a couple bulldogs. But been having a dream lately of a bulldog with 2 heads. Don’t remember much other then the dog has 2 heads

  6. Bulldog in itself is a dream, Just be kind to him and you will never dream of another dog even in reality. I am a proud Bulldog owner.

  7. I had a dream of my Australian bulldog running around with a brown snake in his mouth I tried to call him but he kept running back and forth but in a real playful way.please help me to understand what my dream was about

  8. I dreamed that the pet bulldog of a friend is barking at me angryly and even she pushes him he turn around and still try to reach me in the stairs . So i entered the bedroom upstairs to hide and when i dont here any barking and open the door i saw my friend holding him and the bulldog was calm even i patted him in his head and was calm and happy. Does this mean something bad????

  9. In my dream the bulldog was dark brown and apparently a puppy. The dog was very happy and playful jumping and playing with me. The dog was attached to me.

  10. I think one possibility is that you love yourself and know how to protect yourself, but fear this may be rage or your dark side, and so you lock it up. This part of you is powerful!

    How did you feel about bulldogs prior to the dream? And what color was the dog, its teeth, the cage, etc? This is all information to help you interpret. Also since the dog had been obeying you since it was a puppy, perhaps it was a child part of yourself who is ready to do what it was born to do, to be set free and be in its – your – power. Perhaps there is no more need for defense.

  11. Nusrat Fatma Khan

    In my dream I had a very ferocious fully grown & healthy bulldog since the time he was a puppy. He would just obey me and was ready to tear apart anyone who was causing me harm thus I had kept him in a cage. What do I understand out of this? This is the first time ever I really felt like looking up for my dream interpretation! 😐

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