Dachshund Symbolism, Dachshund Meaning, Dachshund Totem, Dachshund Dream, and Messages
Allow yourself to take part in something new and make sure you fully engage yourself in the project.

Dachshund Meaning and Messages

In this case, Dachshund symbolism is reminding you that you are a master at handling all situations and scenarios. You are capable of crawling out of the most sticky situations at any time. Similar to the Afghan, use your innate sense of humor to look at everything from a different angle.  Moreover, this spirit animal will help you quickly see what you need to do next. In other words,  Dachshund meaning guides you to detach from the outcome and accept “whatever is” for what it is.

Alternatively, the Dachshund symbolism may also be letting you know that it is not your job to fix everything. Furthermore, you have to make room to allow others to find their way. Therefore, your best approach is to use a wide-ranging and flexible sense of humor and let it be.

Dachshund Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Raccoon, people with the Dachshund totem are the comical clown that loves to play games, pull pranks, and feed their curiosity. They are also lively and charming in company with a great sense of humor. Folks with this dog totem love to incite laughter. These people have strong family values and always put family above all. They love challenges and will often give chase to unravel something that piques their interest. People with this spirit animal will worry something until they discover all of its secrets. Thus, they tend to like to do things their way and can sometimes get stubborn about it. As people with the Raven totem, they are unafraid of dark places and move fearlessly between the light and the dark.

Dachshund Dream Interpretation

When you have a Dachshund dream, it symbolizes that you may be taking too long to make your decision. In other words,  someone else may seize the opportunity. Alternatively, if you see more than one of these dogs in your vision, then you are being reminded that a good friend will support you with your decisions. However, because this friend understands that you must do this yourself, they will be supportive without committing themselves to the project.

10 thoughts on “Dachshund”

  1. Abd assuming he had been abused prior to me bringing him home. Well he is now almost a year old and he absolutely loves chasing the lawn mower servile, heck even the wheel barrel. Anything that has a front tire. He goes with me to the Gas Station and goes in to see the clerk Every other day to get not one not two but the clerk likes hhim so he gets three dog biscuits.. He has got a personality withal many emotions that I have never seen an animal have before and just loves watching TV. Now lately even THough we are residing in city limits.. It’s three acres a LIL on the outskirts 9f our town. And lately I have noticed we have had a Mountain Lion prowling around. And at times he goes out the front or back door to go potty he has lately been sniffing in the air and won’t leave the porch with is good wo
    Ugh a mom rain lion around.. But recently I always make sure he is on a leash now. I do not let him from freely, he doesn’t get to go outside as much as he used to and he has his ways of warning me if the Mountain Lion is near by or if him and I are in danger and we hurry fast walking to get in to the house. Here is my question, because I could never ever imagine something as tragic as a Mountain Lion hurting him and hauling him off. Because that’s a thought/vision that haunts me.. I have noticed we actually just this morning realized we have three mountain lions living right outside of our front door in the bushes to the right of our home. And now they are sticking there heads out during the day and just watching us and being very S. They PROLLY only 10 feet away and all adults. So my question of this is… Are the Cougar here forms f
    Any messages for me u. My life or is my life all been figured out and are the sightings of these cougars a message for me or do you guys think they are here to harm us?

    1. Cougars tell us to look after our loved ones.
      So it’s strange they all sitting there in plain sight when they tend to remain hidden.
      Abd (your dushchund name?) should not be let out, they are watching him.
      Is no form of forestry department you could call to move the cats further from your territory?
      Or move?
      If you love Abd you have to protect him.

      I would definitely investigate this & get help from people who know cougars.
      You can’t sit in your house watching them…
      Best of luck…

  2. Hello everyone, so sorry to hear or read of your losses. I have a LIL jack tussle, terrier and boxer mix. He was a LIL Walmart baby I brought him home at 4 weeks old. I held him once and he just went limp in my arms and gave me a look I will never forget. I didn’t even call home to ask if it was okay to bring him there, I just took him from the man giving him away and I walked away and brought him home. As time went on and he has grown I have noticed A LIT of scaring on my LIL man

  3. This is wonderful. I recently lost a dear friend of mine as well. My little Zouzou was the bravest and most fearless dog I have ever known. He was a little red dachshund with the sweetest temperament. He was always so loyal to me. When we met, he decided that I was his human. He decided this as if I had no say in the matter. That’s how stubborn he was. I didn’t know it then, but he knew that someday I would need him. From that point on, he never let me out of his sight. He never left my side. He ran beside me when we were both in good health, and then watched over me when I that health failed. He only loved me. Even when I mistreated him, or neglected him. He only loved me. I will never truly understand what that little guy saw in me. But when I lost him… I lost a piece of my heart. I lost one of the few things in my life that never judged or ridiculed me. I gave him love and a home with food and a bed. But what he gave me was so much more. He gave me purpose. I never felt better about the person I was than when he was with me. The way he looked at me. The way he forgave me for everything. The way he always believed in what I was and what I could be. The way he trusted me. From him, I learned to love myself. I learned to see myself the way he saw me. I learned that the life of an animal is something truly amazing. I learned that the love of an animal is something truly magical.

  4. Gail – We lost our Patty in March of 2015. She’s visited me many times in my dreams since, and several times I’ve even felt her spirit while I was awake. I haven’t been visited by any of our previous dogs, but I hope they’re all having fun together.

    Dannielle – “Animals are in my mind are Gods & Goddesses- on Earth and in the dreaming that exists forever that we return home to after each stay in this world.” Oh my goodness, yes!

  5. I had a dream only once after my dog patty died, it was a park n I saw A group of dogs, I recognize all the dogs I had in my life in a pack they were waiting in the snow for my dog patty to come meet them all of them started to wagging their tails when she ran to them.they all smell each other than they all ran off in the snow. So they are all together in death,I woke up crying and and happy at the same ime.

    1. Gail that dream sounds like it was a beautiful communication from the spirits of your loyal canine friends. I have had dreams where my deceased rabbit has come to let me know he was still living on somewhere beyond this Earth & even a dream preparing me for the loss of my niece.
      Animals are in my mind are Gods & Goddesses- on Earth and in the dreaming that exists forever that we return home to after each stay in this world.
      Bless your heart <3 I feel you 🙂

    2. My beautiful Ghidra lived with me almost her entire 15 years, and died on her 15th birthday. I have been a psychic medium for many years, and because her last six months were horrendous, with a failing liver and anemia from free bleeding which increased until I couldn’t watch her suffer anymore. After she was gone, I prayed to my spirit guide Renee that she not remember me until I cross over, so she would just enjoy being free and healthy again. She died last April 19th, 2016, and a few months later I was still constantly grieving (even though I have two 7yr old rescued chi-terrier mixes, which I do love). I got the joyous gift of being allowed to see her on the other side, running like lightning with her friends who had passed before her, my son-in-law’s cocker Sadie and a chihuahua friend, Coco. I hadn’t seen that joy in years, and she was in a beautiful grassy field, romping and jumping with the others. I still miss and cry for her, but that small peek into her afterlife has soothed my soul. I never knew how much you could love an animal until I got the privilege of being her people-mom, even though I have had many other pets I loved and cared for throughout my life. She was special, and there will never be another like her. I am so glad for you, Gail, you got a rare gift! I wish every pet-parent could have our experience – much love to you!

    3. I dream of a brown Dachshund, it came out of a water circle and it look at me playfully. In the dream its like I was showing someone it who weren’t happy but I know I was excited to see it.

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