Disengage from the drama and remove yourself from its toxicity
-Black Widow Spider

Spider Meaning and Messages

In this case, Spider symbolism is bringing your attention to your creativity. It is at a peak right now. Therefore, you should embrace your ideas and dreams and take action. Also, while doing this, you must take the time to find a balance between your past and your future. All these are subtle messages on which you need to focus and translate to the present. Primarily though, this arachnid is giving you the message that you weave your web in life and that your reality is yours to create. Spider meaning makes it clear that what you see before you is the result of your thoughts. In other words, this spirit animal teaches that if your current reality does not suit you, then it is time to make changes.

Orb Weaver Spider Symbolism

If a Web Weaving Spider symbolism appears to you, it signifies that you are the engineer of your destiny. Like the Jewel Beetle, now is the time to catch your dreams and take advantage of all of the things that present themselves. There are no obstacles in your path. Go for it!

Black Widow Spider Meaning

When Black Widow spider symbolism crosses your path, it’s time to re-evaluate what you are doing. There is something that you are creating that is not in line with the dreams you are trying to create. Therefore, you must take an inventory of your thought processes and see where you are sabotaging yourself.

Alternatively, the Black Widow Spider’s meaning is reminding you to pay closer attention to your intuition rather than relying on what is directly in front of you. Your inner knowledge insists that you need to adjust accordingly.

Jumping Spider Symbolism

When the Jumping Spider leaps into your life, it signifies that now is the time to showcase your uniqueness and talents. In other words, there is now an opportunity to be yourself in a safe environment. Take the time to examine your hidden talents and go ahead and share them with the world.

Wolf Spider Meaning

Wolf Spider symbolism insists that you pursue your objectives now. Now is the right moment, so it is best to take action using all of your creative abilities. The goal may look unattainable; however, this arachnid assures you that with your quick response, you will be successful.

Alternatively, the Wolf Spider meaning is advising you to lay low until the timing is right. Furthermore, you have to be patient until you have a clear view of how to attack your goal.

Brown Spider Symbolism

If a Brown Spider has made its presence known, it symbolizes the need to remove the toxic energies that are trying to manipulate your thinking and your actions. In other words, like the Aardwolf, find solitude and clear your head and return to yourself. Leave other people’s perceptions of who you are behind.

Occasionally this Spider meaning prompts you to evaluate the hidden wounds that you hold close to yourself. It is now time to find ways to heal them.

Water Spider Meaning

When Water Spider symbolism appears, like the Cow, it is a reminder that your emotional well being is just as important as your physical health. Thus, you will have to allow yourself to feel the emotional turmoil within yourself. Only by “feeling” these emotions can they be released, and healing takes place. Holding onto these old wounds will not serve you.

Alternatively, the Water Spider’s meaning is letting you know that you can extricate yourself from this situation if you emotionally disengage yourself from the drama.

Daddy Long Legs

When this arachnid shows up, it represents the fact that you need to look at the “Bigger Picture” so that you can understand on a deeper level what is happing in your life.  Take a good look at what is going on under the surface of things and then adjust your plans accordingly.

Alternatively, the Daddy Long Legs represents a change in perspective and the development of some surprises in your life. Right now, the advice is to go with the flow and embrace what is coming your way. This change will lead to a deeper understanding, new concepts and ideas, and a changing of your outlook on life.

Sometimes, like the Pilot Whale, the Daddy Long Legs signifies that something in your life is out of balance. It suggests that there is some sort of power struggle going on in your life that is resulting in coercion or oppression. Thus this imbalance needs to be corrected through mediation and compromise.

Spider Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Spider totem know how to balance the past and future, physical and spirit, male and female. They are both fierce and gentle at the same time. Folks with the Spider totem are creative, especially when it comes to writing. They are also patient and will take their time to lay the foundation of their success. Spider people are quick to take action when opportunities arise, and will rarely miss when they strike.

Orb Weaver Totem

These folks are the “Dreamcatchers” of our civilization. They are always full of solutions and weave their destiny intricately. These folks freely share their knowledge and intuitions with others. Like the Angelfish, people with this spirit animal totem have no limitations and pursue their purpose with genuine creativity.

Black Widow Spider Power Animal

People with the Black Widow Spider totem have a gift for sensing the vibrational energy around them and then acting accordingly. They are patient and good at manifesting their desires. These folks are good story-tellers. When it comes to seeing the different perspectives of obstacles in their way, they are unique in that they use all of their senses to overcome them. They are easy to get along with until someone irritates them and prefers solitude rather than dealing with others. These folks continually seek balance in their lives.

Jumping Spider Totem

People with the Jumping Spider totem love to shine in the spotlight and do their creative dance. They are willing to show their uniqueness and allow themselves to be vulnerable. These folks continually examine who they are and how best to present themselves to the world.

Wolf Spider Spirit Animal

Folks with the Wolf Spider totem are opportunists and pursue their objectives relentlessly. In other words, they take full advantage of everything that presents itself. These people are generally shy and introverted loners who, for the most part, are careful about how they present themselves to the world. They are discrete about all of their actions in a way that you “never see them coming.”

Brown Spider

When you have the Brown Spider totem, you tend to spend a lot of time working on your relationships with others. In other words, this power animal’s primary focus in life is to heal past emotional baggage by re-experiencing and cycling through various dramas that need healing. They are experts at going inward to release the past. These folks can be loving and nurturing and, at the same time, find every trigger button with their friends.

Water Spider

People with the Water Spider totem are experts at lucid dreaming. They tend to live between the physical and emotional realms and use that unique space to find their direction in life. These folks can survive harsh environments while growing up and will seek out success in the most alien worlds. They love challenges on all levels.

Daddy Long Legs Totem

Folks with the Daddy Long Legs as their totem have expanded vision and see the “Bigger Picture” about everything that is happening in their lives. They always see the things that other people overlook. These folks understand what is going on behind the scenes and on the horizon. People with the Daddy Long Legs Totem face their fears quickly and tackle them head-on.

Spider Dream Interpretation

When you have a Spider dream in which this creature is spinning a web, it signifies that rewards are imminent for all your hard work. In other words, you will be promoted in your job, or recognized for your achievement in a difficult task. Spider dreams are also symbolic of creativity due to the intricacy of their webs. To see a spider climbing up a wall in your dream denotes that you will achieve your desires.

Orb Weaver Vision

Like the Virus and the Parrot, when the Orb Weaver appears in your dream, it is time for you to evaluate the repeating patterns in your life. It’s a case of “same story” “same place,” and here I go again. You need to find ways to approach these issues differently and from a higher perspective so that you can resolve the pattern.

Black Widow Spider Dream

If you have a Black Widow dream, it is time to re-evaluate your relationships with others. Make sure that they serve your highest purpose and do not undermine your confidence or your self-esteem. Occasionally this creature is sending you the message that someone is trying to harm you. Thus you must take an inventory of your close relationships and figure out who is holding a grudge.

Jumping Spider

A Jumping Spider dream signifies that now is the time to do what you have been putting off. The opportunities and open doors will not be available to you forever. Alternatively, this arachnid is letting you know that now is the time to take that leap of faith and make the changes you have been contemplating. By jumping forward confidently, everything will fall into place.

Wolf Spider Dream

When you have a Wolf Spider dream, it is a message that you must take the time to research your new project properly. Have patience with yourself so that you can lay a good foundation for your future. Occasionally the Wolf Spider dream signifies the need to share your knowledge with your peers. There is no sense in allowing them to go blindly forth into the trap that awaits them.

Brown Spider Vision

A Brown Spider dream indicates the need to ground yourself during creativity. This action will help you keep your focus. Alternatively, one of these brown creatures in your dream can signal the need to complete the mundane tasks that you have been putting off. Creativity can be wildly exciting. However, it needs a foundation to grow on.

Water Spider Dream

When you have a Water Spider dream, it symbolizes that the domestic issues you have been experiencing will resolve. Thus, the doors are open for great personal happiness and financial advancement.

Daddy Long Legs Vision

If the Daddy Long Legs appears in your dream, it is symbolic of the delicate balance you must walk between your creativity and the material world. In other words, you must learn to have faith in the abundant Universe and allow things to unfold as they need to. Forcing things will only delay your desires.

Supplement: Spider Bites

Being bitten by a Spider is a warning call to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. The Spider is letting you know that your thoughts are manifesting your reality – and if you are currently unhappy with that reality, you need to change the way you think. All too often, we use self-blame, criticism of others, anger, and hatred to sabotage ourselves and our futures. Occasionally we need to get to this stage in our lives to manifest massive spiritual growth within ourselves. A spider bite is reminding you to stay on purpose and transcend yourself into your authentic self.

Pay attention when a Spider bites! Being aware of this state will give you the chance to analyze why you keep attracting detrimental people, events, and situations to yourself. All of these will have the effect of delaying or derailing your self-development efforts

290 thoughts on “Spider”

  1. One night I was fast asleep. I was sleeping on my side with my pregnancy pillow that hugged both sides of me. I was under a sheet. But I woke because I felt something touching my baby bump. Without thinking I reached down under my sheet, between me and my baby bump (about 30 weeks) and grab it and tossed it off my bed. I heard it hit the wall with a thud. I lay back down and close my eyes and after a moment I process what had happened. I try to find it to no avail. I’m sure it was a spider. A very large spider. Not sure what kind. When I grabbed it, it balled up and was about a quarter or a little over the size of a nickel. I still think about it to this day and feel a little guilty throwing it like that haha

  2. When I was a child, maybe 7 or 8, I had, for lack of a better descriptive, a vision involving a spider and its babies. I was in the garage, which was open air and not enclosed, and as I was walking toward the door that led into the house I saw a spider in the corner of the garage above the door. I found a hard clump of dirt or a rock and threw it at the spider. The rock hit its mark, but instead of falling the spider’s abdomen burst and released what seemed to me to be thousands of baby spiders. The baby spiders spread out in a uniform fashion following what we’re black lines which taken altogether formed a blackish web or mandala. This web spread and covered the entire garage. At some point, the web and the baby spiders began to pulsate or vibrate. I remember closing my eyes and shaking my head. When I opened my eyes everything was gone. I do not recall if the spider was still in its place above the door or if it had scuttled off or if it was ever really there to begin with.

    I’ve never forgotten this incident and I’ve never been able to explain it. I was never frightened but I was entranced. I wonder now, more than 40 years later, just what it was that I saw. Does anyone here have any insights?

  3. Just woke up from a dream about a salamander & a spider fighting in my soup. The salamander was trying to eat the spider, but the spider killed the salamander & disappeared into my soup.
    Both animals could have positive & negative meanings, so I’m stumped.

  4. So I was laying down and I believe and jumping spider or wolf spider was crawling up my leg so I freaked out and smacked him off of me and he disappeared. Bout 15mins later he was crawling on my arm on the other side of my bed and naturally I freaked again and killed it but then I started thinking could this be a sign because a lot has happened last year and this year. To keep it short I was laid off last year due to covid and my wife left a couple of months after and it was me and my 3 kids living at my mom’s. Then my mom passed away 2 days before Christmas of a heart attack and a day after Christmas my ex pretended to be helpful only to steal my car and she still has it. To make matters worst she just stole my family’s stimulus check everyone just got. So life just sucks right now if it wasn’t for my kids I don’t know what I would do but back to the subject at hand. So my mom left me her house but now I need to work and now I have a opportunity from a good friend to start going back to the plumbing trade and I’m thinking of helping out a girl that’s my friend to stay here with her Lil boy to watch my kids when I go to work because I can’t find no one due to Covid and now I can’t help and feel has there been signs this whole time.. the other sign I keep getting and it’s gonna sound weird the number 4:20 every time I look at the clock it seems to say the time 4:20 either am or pm and I also see on other things as well like advertising signs and the internet or TV and whats weird is my mom was born 4/12 and my Lil bro was born 4/22 but here’s the weird thing I was going threw my moms papers and found birth certificates and my Lil bro had a abstract birth certificate and I asked him what’s that about and he said the hospital made a mistake and had put his birthday down as 4/20 and I’m seriously just figuring this out right now while I’m typing like signs falling in place and now this jumping or wolf spider crawling on me twice that just very weird and I do feel lost and if any one has any insight please leave a comment cuz I’m starting to feel is there more signs that I’m not paying attention to and if so what does it mean.

    1. Best I keep it brief. It’s time for you to create the life you desire,not a life based on circumstances. If you choose the life you have always wanted,but perhaps could not..the time is Now. Your brother and the woman are anchors(not saying they are bad but this will slow you down though it appears they will be helpful). 420 follows me aswell…I can not fully explain its meaning here..too public. But I can tell you that its a warning. You are a good soul but you’ve allowed others stear your ship for to long. I know taking your power back and following your dreams can be scary. But take a leap of faith..I promise you’ll be happy you did. It will change your life. Trust in the Divine. Make the first move.

    2. Shaun! Relax. When you start getting overwhelmed by signs just relax. Jumping to conclusions will not lead you down the right path. When you see a sign, think about what what you were just contemplating. The signs arent road signs leading you, they are reminders that you have the answers within you. Trust your gut and intuition!! I am writing this to you because I feel that I have been in your shoes. My world was rapidly collapsing. Everyday all day I would see the number 33, while experiencing synchronicity of thoughts with audio like songs, like I would be feeling something and the radio would match it. I thought the number and signs were leading me to something. In my haste I slapped a person on it. Fate or something. I was wrong. So wrong. All at once my head cleared, the confusion faded and all these glaring red flags came into focus. If I had trusted myself I would have seen it. I did see it. What I’m saying is I believe good things are going to happen for you if you don’t get in your own way by overthinking. It sounds like the pieces are already falling into place. Believe it. Life never answers our prayers the way we expect. God bless!

  5. In my dream I was in my childhood bedroom. My duvet was on the floor and lots of baby spiders were crawling all over it, then a larger spider (who I assumed was the mother) starting running towards me. What does this mean?

    1. I dreamed of a huntsman spider who I found living on me in some sort of symbiotic relationship. I first felt it on my inner thigh and felt very uncomfortable with it that close to my genitals. I tried to brush it away but it was not going to move. I tried to have someone help me get it off but wouldn’t move for them either. Eventually I got it to move down my leg and when the light hit it, the huntsman spider morphed into a tree that was made up of the same colors as the spider. Its fur shaped into tiny fluttering leaves as it soaked up some sun. It turned back into a spider and with coaxing was able to eventually get it onto my foot and off my body where it ran under my friends couch. Um what the heck is that all about?!

  6. In my dream there was a yellow spider and a crab. I don’t remember much but the crab was trying to pinch me so I let it. (It didn’t bother me) Later, the same crab’s pincers arms were detached. Any idea what this means?

    1. EspionageCookie

      A spider can represent creativity, and yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which represents power and assertiveness. Perhaps it is a sign that to create what you require in life, you need to be more decisive in quickly taking action rather than overthinking everything.

      The crab supports this idea in that it often represents moving sideways around a problem. That is, beating around the bush. Perhaps to succeed, you need to be less indirect or passive aggressive, and to start directly communicating what you want, as well as how it can be done in specific detailed steps. Be a little less vague in what you want from someone else or others. In what way do you want something, and how can someone go about achieving that in practical terms?

  7. I am experiencing spiritual transformation/awakening, and it happened instantly last year 2019. First sign I saw was repetitive numbers and synchronicity. Second sign is a feather apparently sticking on my notebook, on my utensil and sometimes while i’m walking I can see it falling. There are odd and strange things happening in my life, and that is what I called dark before dawn.

    Life has not been easy for me when it happened. I tried to search for an answer, people who has similar or exact spiritual awakening or transformation happening everyday. I thought I was going crazy, repetitive numbers popping out everywhere, synchronicity, songs playing on the radio which happens to be related in my current situation and just when I needed to hear it, and the buzzing and ringing of my right ear.

    I just noticed, the more you unconsciously ignore what the universe and spirit guide is telling you the more the signs will appear until you unfold the gift that is rightfully and purposely yours. And remember, there is no turning back.

    When you tap yourself into a conscious state of mind things will unfold magically and eventually knowing your mission, passion, purpose and the gift that is really yours. I am happy God never forsake me in this spiritual transformation it is painful, depressing, frustrating but God wants me to take the road that is less travelled. God never takes away something from your life without replacing it something better. You just have to trust the process and more importantly seek his face everyday and ask for divine intervention.

    I hope I was able to inspire and shed good vibes in the light of the circumstances you are all facing.

    By the way, my life has been transformed magically and spiritually and I am happy God uses my failures, mistakes, wrong decisions, challenges in life to unfold this wonderful gift (spiritual coach) to be a channel and instrument of faith, hope and love.

    1. Kristine,

      I had the very same or very similar experience as yourself. I documented it through my FB messenger and would love for you too see this because I was terrified to be honest. I thought I had lost my mind. I could ask Him any question and he would answer every single one through numbers. I found His answers in the Bible because a friend said that was His true word and it held all the answers. I became obsessed with numbers and they were flying at me like crazy. Times and dates and sequences and I’d look up a verse randomly with a certain sequence. The 1st one I laid my eyes on would give me my answer. I couldn’t believe it. I literally said out loud “oh my gosh…. you’re real! You do exist!” I cried tears of joy and in disbelief yet excited to communicate with Him. He had a task for me and I had to complete this job for Him. I know it sounds insane but I need to reply to your comment. I too was going through some VERY rough times. My task was to bring a mom who had cancer… closer to God. She passed away believing in Him. She passed with my Bible under her hand and I prayed over her. I took her to treatment everyday last summer thinking this could be a sign she would beat this. But that wasn’t my purpose. Ny purpose was to guide her to Him for salvation.

  8. In my dream I had about two other people screaming about a spider crazy thing was we all was asleep in the dream idk how. Woke up in the dream my left leg was inching find out I was not by the spider, I had to look closely to what color it was finding out it had blue line in the back. I walked in my moms room telling her I was bit by a spider and I was starting fate and me yellowing at her say I need you to take me to the hospital I can’t drive.. She tells me no I can’t and we got lil physical. Weird dream please explain this to me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The blue line might on the spider might represent sadness or depression, and you needing to go to the hospital might mean that you need to see a therapist, spiritual counselor, or some other type of professional. Either way, even if you doubt that you have serious mental health problems, it’s worth looking into anyway. Better safe than sorry, right? Remember, someone who is sad inside might still look happy in the outside.

  9. Hi one evening, I had a terrible lucid dream. In the dream I was on s spiritual pilgrimage which entailed a long hike through the wilderness (something I never do). I was walking through cleared land and could see the path curling towards the right. Essentially I had walked from east to west direction and as I was passing the south section I looked up from my path to look ahead and saw all the trees at the west through to the north area were covered in fast moving large light grey coloured spiders and large cobwebs all over the trees and I immediately thought, on no thanks and instinctively backed up and went to turn around and no complete the journey, but I paused, and though to myself, how did I not think this through of course there will be spiders in the wilderness… I should have prepared for such a thing. But then I paused and thought, wait it’s time to be mature and grown and deal with the spiders. So I continued onwards, from south to west region I was happily on a straight stretch of path with lots of overgrown dry grass, when suddenly out of now where, just before reaching the west node, I saw a huge anaconda size python spring up. Almost like an inflated balloon column pumped with air, and the tongue poked out but with an air of fakemess like it was a balloon tongue. The snake was face to face with me the tongue almost touching the tip of my nose, eyes aligned with mine and as it popped up and I turned to the right in shock it moved along with me. Instantaneous fear overwhelmed me as I was scared the snake was going to eat me in one gulp, was a mirror image of me or that it was going to kiss me, so I pressed pause in my dream, and reversed out of my body slowly into the astral plane. While doing so I did this slowly and went in back and forth so I could view the snake without fearing action. I saw that the snake had those dead black eyes (if you google it you can see what I mean) It was flouro green, yet along its neck mouth and throat had turquoise stripes almost like jewels, and indeed was real, at the bottom at the floor I saw it’s skin folded neatly onto its self (it’s tail) and saw that it was empty but also the width of a human being meaning it could eat me in one gulp. But looked like a sack. I decided to get out of there and floated upwards which was black like space and could see my body in that position with the snake, yet could see that behind all the trees to the north was a clean manicured clearing with a manicured ash tree and my boyfriend was sitting crossed legged infront of it waiting patiently. I thought, oh there he is and he’s waiting for me. So I floated downwards to be near him, but sat with some space between us as it was hot, I said “I’m so glad I managed to alude the snake and made it to you, gosh I’m glad to be here and exhausted” and looked ahead at the tree he was looking at, but annoyed, I was annoyed I have to fight so much just to get there when suddenly he arose without a word and I said “you’re getting up already???? Why?” He didn’t answer acknowledge or look at me, he walked towards the east and I called his name several times asking him gently where he’s going, but he walked into head height dry weeds separating them in a huff and walking through. I called his name twice and he didn’t look back, suddenly he vanished on the spot. This worried me so I was trying to get angles to see if I could spot him (meanwhile I was hearing two huge belly flopping sounds that I wasn’t paying attention to in my background) and saw nothing so I gave up and said “oh whatever he’s probably gone to work or whatever” (he works fly in and fly out which upsets me) and I looked ahead of me. When a female voice whispered into my right ear “be careful /beware of the trapdoor spider” I looked to the front (this is facing south) but slightly off to my right (slightly west direction inbetween the boyfriend tree and the snake, where I saw a huge delapitated style tree or ancient tree casting a lot of shade, and realised there were more trees beside me in a dark damp forest that I must’ve have traversed, and I saw a giant sized grey tarantula with tinged colouring leap off the centre of the tree that almost looked like it had a belt like ridge and belly flop onto my lap making a huge this sound, I looked down and I was cross legged with a red (I think) skirt on (I never wear skirts) and the tarantula ran off me to the area between me and that oak tree (some sunlight glistening through) where I saw his big and dark grey and velvety the tarantula was and on its back was golden coloured red hair that almost looked human like, it traversed some logs on the grown and leaped up to the centre of the tree to look at me again and prepare a fourth jump off when I thought to myself “omg I I was so focused on my boyfriend this whole time that I didn’t even realise where I was and that nobody wants me here, and knowing that the tarantula has jumped onto my lap twice without my noticing it gave me utter disgust. I felt so much humiliation and shame and thought how I’ve disgraced my whole family for a guy that I moved to Europe for. So I scurried backwards on my bottom using my feet into blackness (black space) and woke up. I’ve had premonitions before but I’ve always understood them. I’m fully traumatised by this dream I’m haunted by it. I now have a fear of snakes (used to always defend them as God created all creatures for a purpose in the world) and fear what the dream is trying to tell me.

    1. Hmmm, this is particularly intriguing to me, for although I’ve had no dream connection, a daddy long legs just crossed my path, while sitting here in our garage as I am @ crossroads parallel in my life. In Native NA culture, it is believed that several ~9 animal spirits may enter into one’s life, acc. to the medicine wheel which incidentally, spiders represent balance and direction, all the while representing harmony, vibration and the web of life. So are you truly following you dreams &! Greatest needs/desires by choosing the stranger vs. Your boyfriend or as such, altogether writing your own story-which may not include either. Yes everyone crosses our paths in life for a reason. A snake in the picture now could also represent good vs. evil for obvious reasons. Is it there as a part of seeing the bigger picture in your life, or to tempt and mislead you? I am in the absolute midst of a similar real life scenario. Usually when we least expect it, we find what we want/thunk or think we needed or wanted. Remember the old adage-be careful what you wish for. So true: God certainly works in mysterious ways. Take time to meditate & reverberate what you absolutely know you want. As for me, ⁉️🤷🏻‍♀️ A possible ending of a 32 yr relationship (I knew it was coming to a head for ~ the past 12 years; a new thrilling, feeling of change but also complicating my current situation. All I know is I am going to slow right down/tread lightly & delicately balance the decisions I have to make for myself to achieve my dreams, and then once I know if it includes either, like both the spider & the snake, strike when the iron is hot. I know I need further change within myself-still much work to do; like the spinning of an intricate web/repairing a relationship or creating a new one (spider) or the shedding of an old skin (snake) There is only balance & harmony in the natural world. All creatures great & small exist in harmony. Really no reason to fear any such animal in life. My true passion is writing & my life will lead me where I need to go, even despite my fears of the unknown or mistakes I’ve made. Everything/everyone crosses our paths for a reason. Be grateful for the lessons, keep your faith & trust in God to do his will while reaching for the stars. When humans are conceived & come into this world-it is His plan. No one is without trials and tribulations on this planet/plane. I am a writer: I’ve already written my story; in fact the ever elusive ending & title, my message & gift to the world. Now I just have to sit back, ponder it all &! get to work myself.

    2. P.S. self forgiveness is the hardest pill to swallow…so forge ahead eventually & let all those negative feelings go. At least I hope to do that. For me, writing is cathartic. I will be talking to my priest for counsel, as my faith is my ultimate necessity & colouring a few mandalas/spider webs?/ taking a breather to clear my head before proceeding with one of the most important decisions of my life.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might mean that you need some creativity in creating a web of ideas in your life. Perhaps you are just stuck doing how things have always been done, and you blame your problems in not doing the same familiar things perfectly enough. Perhaps the issue is not that you don’t get all the details right, but that you need to explore completely different ideas of what to try in the first place.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might mean that you are neglecting creating what you desire when it comes to the heart chakra. You need to stop putting too much emphasis in other areas of life, and start working on your relationships, sense of meaning, compassionate service to others, loneliness, and more if you want to gain a happier life. Not to focus more and more on parts of life beyond that. To get in touch with your feelings and softer emotions, especially if your heart has closed down after so much hurt.

  10. Thank you, great work. One insubstantial point, because spiders really don’t care how they’re classified, but spiders are not insects, they are of the class arachnid, belonging to the phylum arthropod which also contains insects.

  11. Hi! everytime i see spiders of different types in my home whenever i go to washroom thery will come towards me likewise in my bedroom they also come towards me and when i want to touch them so they go away and wait there and see me but they come where i goes what does that suppose to me anyone please help ?

    1. Hello I just have it in my head I was asleep last night and woke up at12:30 cause I heard my daughters but when I got up in the night next to my standard I seen a big black spider but my daughter say they didnt see it so I started cleaning my room moving everything around but I didnt find it, it dissapeared right by my moms picture shes no longer with us

  12. I am wondering, why a big spider has entered into my life. He’s in front of my house door, above on the roof and always makes a web string way down to the fence…it’s such a long string, and above waiting such a big spider, you cannot miss it…I have cut a couple of times this string, but today I left it…I do not know what to make of it…but I know it’s bringing a certain message…do you see here any meaning?
    Currently I can say I am resolving last stains of past life and welcoming a new one into presence…

    1. EspionageCookie

      You might want to try a “past life regression hypnosis,” video on YouTube, which is a type of meditation that helps with that if you’re curious. It might takes some practice though, really. The Youtube channels The Moore Show and Ozark Mountain Publishing also mention past lives a lot in more detail from various researched work, if you’re just stuck with just the meditation to guide you.

      it being so near your home and a spider representing creativity, perhaps it is a reminder of an unexpressed need for you to express creativity in the home, whether in cooking/baking, gardening, home decoration, hands on crafts, or other type of artistic hobbies you might want to use to release your emotions. Maybe look up “!00 art therapy ideas,” if you want some beginner advice, for example, on this.

    1. I think that in numerology the number 3 is about creativity/creation. Circles can mean either that there is no beginning or end (to your creativity, perhaps), or that you are going around in circles. This all seems to fit nicely with the spider meaning. I think you need to be more creative and/or weave the life you desire.

    2. I recently had a dream of a small light brown fuzzy spider, not hairy like a tarantula nut just slightly fuzzy. It was up alongside me and hung out in a door way. In the dream I said “Oh wow, Im dreaming of a spider.” I picked it up and released it. Normally, all bugs and small creatures freak me out. What could this mean?

  13. Hi,

    I spotted a white spider on my towel and I had never seen it ever before in my life.

    Does this signify anything?

    1. Tanisha Boothe

      Hi, I was just wondering if there was any meaning to little spiders crawling on me or hanging of me everytime I go outside…. They’re not white they’re brown

  14. Hello, i am currently 9 weeks pregnant and I tend to sleep a lot more now because I’m pregnant and earlier I had this weird dream about a spider it was actually a spider woman like being like off of the movie “It” and she lured human men and made babies with the men then ate them. I woke up petrified. I don’t know if this symbolizes anything in my life or if was just a nightmare but I’ve never had a dream about spiders or anything like that dream. I barely have dreams at all. Please help, I need to know what that meant, I keep going back to the same dream every time I go back to sleep!

    1. Something evil is trying to frighten you. Just pray to Jesus, or Mother of God Mary, for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. Keep a light on, or lamp on nightstand. This should help, and say some prayers and read the Bible before bed.

    2. Isnt it odd that when Christians comment on such matters it is usually to spread fear and worry? Its sad that you feel the need to constantly separate everything out to build your little walls of division. But the spirit realm is the exact opposite of that.

    3. If you follow the work of Carl Jung at all, he really diffuses the fear (for me) of nightmares. Jung believed that dreams are messages from our unconscious, and that all dreams come to us in service, and for our highest healing. And nightmares signify that it is a very important message that the unconscious is trying to communicate to us! Your dream contains some very powerful imagery, but that is not a bad thing. It’s just a profound message.

    4. Considering Jung’s work, dreams are the messages of the unconscious. Considering your pregnancy, is it possible that the spider like woman in your dream luring men to have babies and eating them is a representation of the attitude or relationship you have with your significant other, specifically how that may be changing with baby on the way? It may be something to ponder or meditate on.

  15. Last night i woke up in the middle of the night, with a spider shape figure infront of me. As i woke up the figure slowly backed up agaisnt the corner of my roof and dissapeard. When i woke up seeing this i was clearminded and extremly calm. I had no worries in the world, but i layed their in my bed for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what it was i sawed. And no i did not turn any lights on, after 15 minutes or so i went back to sleep. Just mindblowing, i know what i saw. But i have no idea why it was so close to my head when i woke up. I had no dreams that i can recall before that figure appeard. But after i had some dreams about some scary and life threatning situations. I was not scared about the dreams, but those dreams made me think real hard when i woke up about not being scared and make the best of bad situations. To make the right call in bad situations. Never experienced any dream like that where my brain actually had to think about the dreams, what i did right and what i did wrong in these situations. And i remebered it all.

  16. Hi,
    I am going through big life change and lately the spiders are “following” me in my home – in my bed, my table, in bathroom … But on the hall there was for 5 days an invalid spider with missing legs, I asked him how can I help him (even gave him some food on the floor, that later on wasn’t there anymore) and today he is gone. I just don’t know what is the message of spider with missing legs (he had only one leg on one side and on the other side 4 legs), so any help is welcome :).

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems like you are stuck on some type of inspiration in life to develop more creativity in the “web of ideas,” on what to do. Perhaps go try something new, like new music, new food, new books, new tv shows, new magazines, new podcasts, new hobbies, or basically new anything to find some new perspectives in life. Perhaps you are too stuck in the familiar to find any new way of progressing further in life. Do something you’d normally wouldn’t be the type to do.

  17. I had a dream last night that someone was shining a flashlight in my windows. I was concerned in my dream and a little scared. As I was waking myself from the dream, I saw a huge spider crawling up my wall. Even though the spider seemed very real, I knew it wasn’t because it crawled behind the door trim and that door trim didn’t have a gap that would fit this spider. The spider was slightly larger than a tarantula. It seemed so real. I decided to look up the symbolism and I’m happy to see you covered the meaning on your sight.

    1. I’m looking for an answer .maybe you can help. In the pastt 6 months I have been bitten by a brown spider.the first time.resulted in surgery..the second time two weeks of being sick and now once again I’ve been bitten ..I’ve sprayed .I’ve prayed and I’m starting to think it’s my girlfriend. What is going on.

    2. You may live in an area that has brown recluses. They are poisonous. Spraying does not affect brown recluses, in fact, it may make it worse–they eat dead insects; they do not catch live insects in a web. It may also “be” your girlfriend, as you suggest. While sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, these spiders are in your life because you are attracting them. I would investigate how healthy you are with self-love and codependency and explore all your relationships with yourself and others. I wish I was ready to be awake when I discovered my own home had brown recluses. It was over 15 years ago and I am just NOW breaking free from a detrimental relationship!

    3. John,

      I was bitten near my eye by a brown recluse – it could have been very serious, but luckily I have a homeopath and have used homeopathy for years. The bite reached the necrotizing phase, and had just began to kill my flesh when I took the proper remedy, LEDUM. Its easily available at health stores anywhere. Learn how to take it online by googling homeopathic remedies. I felt it immediately, literally felt the poison in my body beginning to leave. I have a tiny scar, but have since learned that surgery is the worst thing you can do for bites like this. I too set off bombs in my house for these spiders, I was terrified of this happening again, then I learned bombs and sprays were the worst I could have done because it kills their natural enemies. I caught one AFTER the bomb (have it in alcohol)… I’ve been bitten once since then – took the remedy immediately AND it went away right away (no necrotizing at all). Get the remedy and lose the fear. Best of luck.

    4. Hey… nature is very odd yet beautiful, For some reason I dont like to hurt any insect, I go out of my way to help them. I dont interfere with natures course tho.
      Three times I can count iv had a “White tail spider” crawling on me… never bitten tho why? i panic when i realise what it is… im not kind getting them off me… what is this mean?

  18. Hey,
    Over the last week, I have had multiple spiders climb on my arm either climbing up or down the length of my forearm. This has happened every day nearly for the past week. The first time I shrugged it off but it keeps happening I can’t but think there is a reason or meaning behind it?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since spiders represent creativity, and arms represent hands on action, perhaps you need to find creative expressions involving your arms and hands. Maybe in some type of creative exercise, like dance or martial arts. Maybe fixing things around the house or the car, or maybe something like woodworking or artistic DIY crafts made out of recyclables. Perhaps just classic painting or cutting up photos for some type of collage picture. Not to mention lots of sports. Lots of articles and books on practical creative project ideas if you’re curious. Activities like this often help you ground yourself if you’re stuck in your head overthinking with worries all day.

  19. I started looking up spider symbolism as a result of a odd encounter with one. Someone I hadn’t been close to in a year (previously my best friend of 15 years) asked to speak to me. Part of the reason why we hadn’t in so long was because I was out of the country for 6 months. On the way to our meeting location there was heavy rain fall, once parked I patiently read my book until she finished work. I slightly opened the window when it stopped raining and a spider crawled inside. My immediate reaction was to jump to the passenger seat. My mother passed down on to me a taboo against killing spiders so I tried to push it back out the window. Which epically backfired. It went under the carpet through a small opening on the floor of the drivers seat. I put some pressure around the opening in hopes that the spider would get crushed underneath. I had a feeling that didn’t work and once my friend showed up I tried to get passed the discomfort, all the while feeling uncomfortable about seeing her after so long, not knowing exactly what it was that she wanted to talk about, finally after beating around the bush for 2 hours (which included a stop to mcdonald’s and watching the sunset over a lake) we got into my car and I finally asked her what it was that she wanted to talk about. Then came the accusations, the name calling, the misunderstanding, a lot of smog looks…etc. And then the spider made its first reappearance right in front of the dashboard. I quickly grabbed a Kleenex and squeezed down as hard as I could. All the while I had a feeling it was still alive, and as I lifted the Kleenex, it fell and I jumped to the back seat followed by completely exiting the vehicle. Evidently the discussion was moved outside, things began to get heated, and when a group of people walked into the parking lot at the height of the discussion and we decided to go back inside. Something like another hour passed when she told me to hold still midway through all of the conversing, the spider was back and this time close to my head. She grabbed it with Kleenex and opened her door to let it out, wether it was dead or alive I’m not sure. At this point of our fight I tried to wrap it up because it was getting late and it seemed like we were going a bit in circles. Essentially, she was trying to make me see how I needed to change, but we all have flaws and I was aware of mines and didn’t need to her tell me, she went as far as to draw parallels from past and present events that made little sense to me because she wasn’t even in my life for an entire year. It was interesting to see how spider symbolism fit into all the drama x)

    1. EspionageCookie

      This might mean that you are resisting inner creative expression, as the spider creates its webs, and by being afraid of the conflict of the unique differences in creative points of view you offer, you inevitably create more conflict. Such as when you try to hide the spider underneath, but it is still moving around and trying to get out there. Avoiding conflict might end up causing even worse conflict than just directly disagreeing sooner because people tend to get hurt by the silent treatment oftentimes, or think you are trying to deliberately avoid them from hostility. Too much silence or little opinions comes off to people that you are trying to avoid them from some kind of deep anger, so often speaking too little about what your opinions are tend to cause more drama like this.

  20. I had the most crazy morning today. I was on my way to my grandmother’s house and as I put my hand on her security gate a rain spider landed on my hand. Which made me panic because I’m terrified of spiders. What does that mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      There is not that much additional information to provide a specific interpretation here, but spiders by themselves are thought to mean good luck financially, or creatively, especially when both of these subjects are combined. Spiders look scary, yes, but technically speaking, they do not really represent anything powerfully dangerous since they are small and fragile enough to just step on or crush with your fist. Perhaps like money or creativity, it might look scary at first, but with enough experience, you can find a way to “weave” the success you desire.

  21. Sometime in August, on a late Sunday night, a spider was crawling near the back door of my kitchen. Shortly after, it disappeared. Then, towards the end of that month, I was sweeping my kitchen floor. As I was sweeping the floor, the spider turned up, but it was dead. Today, I saw a spider in my dining room. It was crawling down the wall, and onto my windowsill.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This seems to represent a potential of creativity in the kitchen, but as the dead spider represents, it might symbolize a kind of dead creativity when it comes to meals. Perhaps to find more health or to express more affection to others, you need to find more creative recipes or new recipes to explore instead. Eating the same types of food over and over might be the root of various problems in life, as a lack of sustained nutrition doesn’t offer you much energy to fix a lot of problems in life, after all.

  22. I accidentally transported a female huntsman spider with egg sac on my bike to a workshop 8 kms from my house. On the way I felt something tickling my leg once but I did not care at all. It was on reaching the bike mechanic told me I had a spider behind on my shirt collar and he took it off. It meant the spider moved on my body from the leg to the neck. I am still trying to understand what it meant. I would be very thankful if someone threw light on it please.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The spider means creativity, and the part of your body from the leg to the neck often represents action, rather than just thinking with your head. This might mean that what you need is less creativity just inside your head, but more of your different ideas expressed in practical options. The mother spider and egg reinforces this message because mother energies often also represent creativity, and the egg often represents a new beginning, not just in a literal baby, but in the “birth of a new creation.”

    1. EspionageCookie

      This might mean that you are having fears giving you “creepy crawly’ feelings related to your relationship with food, whether it is insecurities with your body image, your health, your skill in sports, your skill in making food or so on. Worst case scenario, it might represent a need to look into having a possible eating disorder at the psychiatrist, or it might mean the potential to have one due to pressuring unfair influences around you on wanting everyone to look “perfect in appearance.”

  23. Hello! I have been having a challenging time, and in across my doorway I see a HUGE wolf spider with her back covered with hundreds of babies. I caught her in a jar and placed them gently outside, what does THAT many spiders mean?

  24. Hi,
    I have a question. I have seen a lot of spiders lately off and on. This morning when I opened the money part of my purse to pull out my desire for money and my affirmations to obtain it. I found a dead spider on it. What does this represent? I can’t find and answer anywhere. Thank you

    1. JussyLee Fitting

      I know some days have passed since you posted your question. And I’m not affliated with this website, just a visitor. But I think I have some insight which might be helpful.

      Seeing a dead creature is not usually a bad omen. But it is a fairly strong message. Death is a powerful transformation. It is the ending of one stage and the beginning of another. So if you receive a dead creature’s presence as a spiritual message to you personally, consider the general wisdom of that creature’s totem and how you might apply it to your life in a transformative way.

      Spiders represent creativity, patience, and constructing one’s own destiny while weathering the natural cycles of life. Finding a dead spider on your wallet may be a message to overhaul the way you utilize your money and physical resources in order to achieve what you aim for in life. There’s an ebb and flow to availability of resources, and maybe Spider is advising you to use the utmost patience and creativity to utilize your resources for your highest and greatest good.

  25. Tonight I was looking in my magnifying mirror tweezing facial hairs and I noticed something did not look right so I backed away only to see a small spider that was crumbled up on the mirror, no doubt in fear of my face being so close. After I moved away, I gave a gentle blow and it was alive a fine. This made me wonder what meaning this had for me, after all it was starring at my face.

    I lost my job 2 months ago and started a new one that doesn’t feel quite right for me. Everything is sort out of sorts in my life.

    Any comments are appreciated.

    1. EspionageCookie

      A spider representing creativity associated with the mirror, which symbolizes self awareness, might mean the solution to your problems lies in finding creativity by looking for inspiration from the emotions inside you. What subjects are close to your heart, what emotional stresses you’ve went to, what significant personal events influenced you the most and how can that be used to make use of what you need to create in your life, whether in relationships or in your career. Perhaps what you need in creativity is less by searching something different from what you usually encounter, but in exploring something already familiar to you.

  26. Oddly found this website in a scramble for answers. I was just sitting on my bed and got the weird sensation to break out my tarot deck and look at the cards. I shuffled them, laid them out on the bed and started pondering and thinking, when a small black spider appeared and scrambled across my bed, between me and my cards. This has never happened to me, and i know that spiders have a great significance in many ways. I wouldn’t say it’s conpletely out of the ordinary for a spider to be in my house, seeing that i live in Florida and it’s mid-May. When i first saw the spider i paused. As the spider sprinted towards me- towards my pillow. I panicked and killed the spider……. with a tarot card (lol). If i had been out in another location of my house and not in my bed.. i would not have killed the spider. (Disclaimer).. so i killed the spider with a tarot card that had been apart of my spread, since i had nothing else in my reach to kill the spider. After i killed it, i turned over the card and it was the card of ‘the fool’. And now I’m a bit freaked. Any comments, I’d love to hear back

    1. That tarot card symbolizes “New Beginnings” so take it as a token not to be afraid and kill the opportunity. I know that a spider in my bed would freak me out, and no doubt I would do the exact same thing, so don’t feel bad about killing him, it was not malicious in any way.
      She was just a messenger of advise.

  27. I had a dream that a family of spiders were in my room doorway. I thought it was just one I kept missing but it was more. Also, my dad was standing on the other side not doing anything

  28. Hi!
    So, for the majority of my life I’ve had a strong tendency to attract spiders. For the longest time I have always just told myself it is just coincidence or it’s just a way of life. But within the last year or so I have been having very intriguing experiences with spider encounters. The last six months have been extremely difficult in terms of life struggles with my father losing his job, my cat of 14 years passed, and those were major for me. My family and boyfriend do not have any unusual sightings of spiders as I do, and it seems that only when I am home or around them spiders appear. Shortly after my father lost his job I was suffering extreme stress and fear and anxiety. My friends sometimes worry me further when they tell me “bad luck comes in threes”, so I am in more fear that I am expecting the unexpected. I was in my bed on my computer one specific day when a spider dropped down from the ceiling on a web straight down between my eyes onto my computer, scared the crap out of me. Another occurrence happened last night after a long week of stressful exams and anxiety of troubling struggles within myself and my thoughts, when I was at my boyfriends house and I felt like I was going to be sick. I got up and went to the bathroom, but my boyfriends roommate was in the shower so I was forced to go into his room and throw up there, when all of a sudden a spider was running across the floor right in front of my feet. He was shocked because he had said he hadn’t been seen a spider in the house for months. He killed it after struggling to get it, but I eventually came to realize that this was two out of many occurrences where it’s led me to believe that these spiders are a sign of something, and I tend to think they are positive messages. I am always aware of their possible presence and it brings me a lighter feeling. Could my beliefs be true? Or is my “spider senses” just signaling me for something unexpected.

    This was long winded – but I had to share because I’m fascinated by my experience!

    1. I was devoured by a spider in a vision in nature after calling forth our native American ancestors near a efigy mound. As I walked futher many species of birds surrounded me and didn’t fly away as I past them. I believe it was my feminine spiritual power coming forth who’s dicotomy I had struggled with to the extent of injuring my self in the past so now I weave a path to creation and healing.of other men.

  29. Hi there, a month ago as I woke I had a vision of many spiders of many types crawling over one another. Three weeks ago I was bitten by a venomous spider which had crawled up my sleeve in the night. It had bitten because it was trapped and I killed it inadvertently, rubbing my arm and not knowing what it was. To be bitten by a venomous spider in the UK is very unusual, plus I became quite ill over the following fortnight and had to take antibiotics as the doctor felt I may have acquired a bacterial infection from it.
    Today, having been well for three days, I got home, took of my shoes, walked into the kitchen and felt something wet on my foot. I wiped the bottom of my sock and I had trodden on and again killed a spider. This time quite a large one. Three events in one month having had very few in my previous 43 years seems significant. Any ideas?
    I also had lymes disease from a tick (also an arachnid) bite two years ago. This is also very unusual in the UK. I don’t think it’s connected, but mention it in case any of you feel there is a significance.
    Thank you! I want to acknowledge this before more spiders die!

  30. Hello. My birthday was yesterday, 9th of February, and I woke up finding “my” spider dead on the floor…I call it my spider because I know he was in the house for 2 weeks or so…seeing it almost daily.. he started by appearing in my room and I gently asked it to go outside…but it sticked with me in the kitchen and I even get to talk with it, like loosing my fear of spiders somehow…and on my birthday in the morning it appeared dead…I felt really sad…strange but hones… and I think it is a sigh,,,and I dont know what is..can you hep me with some clues and guidance pleace. thank you

    1. I can’t wipe the small brown spider of my hand no Matter how hard I try, I can’t it just keeps crawling over my right hand and then I wake up. .. I don’t know if it goes flat or what, I try flicking it and and bruising it off it won’t…
      Can’t sleep. .. this is bothering me

  31. I cant find any accurate answer for this anywhere and it’s driving me nuts.
    I had a dream there was a pink skinned spider with white fuzzy fur crawling on the floor of a house. It was carrying a thousand baby spiders crawling all over it And on its back. I panicked and called my boyfriend to kill it because it looked like it was dying or its baby’s were eating it while it slowly dragged itself a way. At first it had been coming towards me but I moved away. My boyfriend stepped on it, killing the mother and some baby spiders but most of them scattered. He turned to me almost crying and said “why did you make me do that?” .
    Right after I turned to the door and saw a girl who might have been me stating at me with a smile as a giant black and yellow spider crawled off the wall and onto her shoulder while she asked “what’s wrong?”
    I woke up shortly after that. But this dream has been bothering me ever since.
    Would appreciate any answers.

    1. That’s an awesome dream Nathalie! There’s a lot of symbolism within it and your angels are trying to guide you to stepping back into your creativity and loving what you’re doing in your life. A spider as mentioned is symbolic of balancing the feminine/masculine energies (as referenced by your boyfriend and tears as well as how you are approaching life…control or surrender). By killing the spider, you’re controlling the situation. The colors of pink and white of the spider are representative of opening up to love and spirituality and the babies are all about creation, nurturing and love. This can be family, growing your tribe of like minds, or creation of new opportunities – manifesting your life as you want to FEEL, instead of feeling pinned down or stuck. So the question you will need to answer for yourself is, what are you deeply afraid of in terms of what your life looks like now and where you want to be? What’s holding you back? Just like the babies on her back, you need to know there’s a deeper energy supporting you. When you try to control it, the goodness scatters and it takes you longer to try to pull the pieces back together.

  32. I have been seeking some advice and guidance regarding my dreams about spiders. For many years I have had dreams about very large, furry spiders. The dreams are usually very dark, almost always st night, and the spiders are often hard to see, hidden in corners, or just appear out of no where.

    Sometimes they crawl on me. Sometimes I am just standing facing one of them. I can always see the spider’s facial features, the eyes, fangs, and I am never afraid of them. Sometimes, not always, the spiders will have small lines along their body amd around their eye area that are glow in the dark… usually a neon light greenish yellow.

    In the dreams I am almost always in a small, single room home with small windows where minimal moonlight is the only source of light.

    Throughout my life, outside of dreams, I have had encounters with very large spiders. They seem attracted to me, and have even been larger species than were known to live in the area I was living in. Researching the appearance, I would oftentimes find nothing about the breed or type of these larger spiders. I have had them on my pillow next to me when I would wake up, living in and around the outside of my house, so on. They often linger, and spend long periods of time around whereever I am living before I go without seeing any for a long time. When I see none physically is usually when they are in my dreams.

  33. I have not encountered Spider, Takwa’áhson, in this form of reading before, though I am versed in Spider’s symbolism. Takwa’áhson is the Great Weaver, particularly of Dreams. When she visits it is time to pay close attention to your Dreams. In Haudenosaunee culture it is believed that Dreams are a journey between the Spirit world and the one we walk in at this moment. So too Spider travels between the two worlds and she teaches us to spin a web which to hold those Dreams. This of course is the Dreamweaver, which Takwa’áhson taught us to make. Dreams can contain important messages, though they are often in the language of the Spirits, a language which our conscious minds can sometimes not fully understand. We try to trap this meaning with our own words, with the language that our conscious minds have created. But we have to understand that this way of understand the meanings that come from beyond material, literal and rational thought are not so easily trapped. Takwa’áhson can hold the Dreams for us to glimpse for just a moment longer, but reminds us that, like her silken web, Dreams are delicate gossamer things that cannot be held in the clumsy hands of our conscious minds.

    1. A very strange thing happened this week and there has to be meaning in it. Late one night I walked out of my house into my enclosed garage and there was a giant wolf spider clinging to the door I went through. I opened the exterior garage door and gently escorted him to the outside. Very early next morning I was leaving my house through a different door on the furthest opposite corner of the house on a different level (one story up) and a giant wolf spider was waiting at the threshold. There is no way it could have been the same spider as the distance and terrain was remarkable. What could this mean?

  34. Weirdest thing, not sure for how long, but approx. Few weeks, daddy long legs is ”following me”. It’s nearly 3am, And within approx an hour, it has climbed on my arms, chest And Touched my face five different Occasions.

    within this few weeks, I’ve learned to recognice his weight on my skin. I’m not scared of it / them, but it’s really really strange.

    Why, And what does it Mean?
    (I’m in an extremely, nearly paralysingly stressful point in my life where I’m trying to build my life/love, home And work (designer) back together (extreme changes in all categories)), And i’m starting to feel super anxious And somehow stuck.

    1. Hi
      I say, Go for it!! Whatever idea you’re getting glimpses of that makes you go YES. Even if the YES feeling is only short lived.. YOU GOT THIS

    2. Hi, i wasnt sure where to write my dream at, so hopefully here is ok…
      Last nite, in a part of my dream i can remember, i was holding out my hands and they had webs shooting out of them… very small intricate silky webs,
      (and no i couldnt climb them like spiderman,lol)
      But i noticed a tiny little spider wanted to climb in the web i made, and i tried to shoo him away, but as i did, more webs kept shooting out of my hands, near the wrist area kind of… felt like i had no control of this experience…very bizarre…

  35. I have been having vivid dreams (more like hallucinations) about walking through spider webs filled with spiders for 2 years now. I wake up almost every single night yelling and jumping out of my bed to shoo them away, then I realize it was another dream. This happens almost every single night and it’s almost driving me crazy. I haven’t gotten a good sleep in forever because I wake up 2-3 times a night trying to get the ‘spiders’ off of me. Now, just recently in the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing a lot of spider webs in the bushes outside of my room only- not anywhere else in my yard. There are 32 webs that I can count, that I can see right from my bedroom window, and there is one huge web right in front of my window and a very big spider weaves it every single night when I get home from work, but in the morning before I wake up she tears it down and then she always comes back the next night. I’ve come to love spiders now, and I am very attached to this spider. It’s been making its web and tearing it down for atleast a month now, I always say hi before I go to sleep. But, the dreams are uncomfortable. I know dreams of spiders can symbolize manipulation, and I still live with my mentally abusive father. Is this a sign that I should move out?

    1. I think you should move out. If your father is abusive, then you should leave and start looking into dorms or hostels. I don’t think anybody should tolerate abusive behavior towards them because it’s only them that will become hurt in the end.

    2. I was spraying black widows in my grandmother back porch , and then went to sit down minutes later to being button by about hundred spidering . That was just on my scalp . Couldn’t get them out of hair for days . Now I still get them in my hair

  36. For a week I walked out my front door into a spider web. I swept away the web, I even swept away the spider just to walk out to another web. Each web was bigger and took up more of the door. I finally got the and move it far from my door just to now see that one random spider every where. Help.

    1. I think it’s trying super hard to tell you something important. As each spider was larger in size your problem was growing more troublesome. If you have the want to find out why one spider is following you after all the occurrences prior then next time you see her take a bit of time to stop and talk to her. (Crazy or not) when u stop and look at her whats her reaction? Note her reaction every time u take actions. Take steps to get close enough to her that your comfortable but can really see her. Then ask her “what exactly is it that you want? ” and with a short pause after each one, continue asking questions till she reacts or u feel she put pressure on u or might. Then think really clearly about the question and this could tell you just whats going on. Also when is it you most often hit a web? On ur way to work or home? Break it down into where how what when and how u felt and where she was. She will tell u.

  37. 2 nights ago l dreamt of a huge healthy leafy tree in my front garden. Amongst the branches there were lots of spider webs, 4 black cats playing in and around the tree and a huge spider with a few white stripes around my front door it seemed to be in some kind of hurry … l was not afraid … any ideas ??

    1. You’re heading to the right direction, but watch out for fake contacts. They will delay your arrival and even stop it from happening. Stand your ground, move forward and no matter what, do not look back. A treasure is awaiting.. Just try it, what you got to loose? Nothing, oh ok… Dive in.

  38. Many years ago, in the dark, I saw a big spider fall onto my bed, I immediately got up turn the light on and looked for it, did not find it. I finally figured I must have just dreamed it and i went back to sleep. The following morning I found the spider under the covers at foot of bed. It was the spider I saw. it was huge, I was asleep, when i saw it fall. or at least I thought i was. the room was pitch black, no lights on anything or anywhere. You could not see your hand before your face, but i saw this spider fall from the ceiling onto my bed. could anyone give me any insight on this, I have never forgotten it. Thanks in advance ♥

    1. Hello, I dont have anything to tell you about this except bascically the same thing happend to me! That is why im on this site trying to figure out what it means!
      I did not see the BIG spider fall but out of a deep sleep I just opened my eyes and in the dark (same thing, couldn’t see my hand in front of my face) i saw this BIG spider! Got my cell phone turned on the flash light NOTHING! I never found it! Im not sure if I want to tho!
      I could not read your post fast enough because of it being so similar!!

    2. You saw the spider with your spirit eyes. Sometimes, our bodies can be asleep but our spirits are awake. The spirit can either stay in its body, or it can get out and walk about. Most people don’t get out though. If you’ve ever had the experience where you could see the room around you, but couldn’t move that was your spirit awake and your body asleep.

    3. Your spirit guide was dropping in to say hello and stayed around to let u know it’s ok and tell you many things but one may be that impossible things are very possible. Or to never underestimate yourself always trust your inner self. It’s rarely wrong.

  39. I have always been able to see spiders before other people. Tonight I found a very small baby black spider on my arm. I blew it offbl but a a few seconds later it was back and on my hand. They seem to follow me everywhere I go. I try not to kill them because they are GODS creation but they still freak me out. What does all of this mean?

    P.S. really freaked out and confused.

    1. Lets talk i dont know what to tell you but i can tell you its happeing to me been for 2 months now its to the point it come out and stare at me if but keeps about 2 feet from me never attacks are run if i leave the room shortly after it follows. Its alway comes in the bathroom and watchs neand before it leave it stops and looks back as if it saying bye..its so spooky and weird bit stuff happens to me like to all the time but you the first that had the same strange bit beautiful thing happen to them

    2. If they are little and jump it means money is coming

      I dreamt I was laying face towards ceiling and a big fat squishy spider fell I caught it with my left hand just before it touched my face but I couldn’t throw it away as I didn’t want to be touching it maybe because im right handed I woke up before I could throw it away

    3. SIMPLE. She’s so tiny you might say insignificant but to u she’s very significant so much so that here u are talking about her. She is your spirit totem and along with thanking you for ur kindness and thoughtfulness of her life and those like her she may be trying to empower you in return. I don’t know one person who blows them off before the initial freak and sweep! Lol which is almost always fatal but it’s out nature to get it off. I say… she says, your strong as the mountains against the winds, tiny and mighty, and they follow you because your like calling them. Ur spirit calls upon the creature who represents what we need just like when you meet new people there is always a trend in the type that are drawn to you and thats because u have what they lack. We all are drawn to what we need to complete us.

  40. I’ve had this experience three times. Once on my birthday and two more within 60 days. I’m driving, alone. I see a black – gray spider from the corner of my eye coming down from the ceiling in my car. It’s coming down next to my arm on the drivers side. The first time it happened I nearly had a car accident. The second time, it appeared to be brown and on the steering wheel. I smashed it with my hand. The third time happened last night and I smashed it by the drivers side window. I never find the spiders afterwards. It appears they aren’t there. I’ve always been afraid of spiders. What does this mean?

  41. I found a spider on my bed then a few nights later I dreamt a spider crawled out the corner of my eye! Today a spider run down my arm! What are these little arachnoid friends trying to tell me!

  42. I have a spider that has been living above my door since October of 2017 this spider very rarely moves. I’ve never seen the spider capture anything and eat it and I’ve never seen a spider web or a cobweb around it or around my door. What could this possibly mean?

    1. Hes hungry? Keeping you company?

      All jokes aside im not sure. Although i let a spider live while cleaning my room months ago and months later the spider was in my dream.

      See if hes real i guess

  43. I just woke up from a terrible spider dream. I dreamed I was inside someplace and someone was walking with me. We were facing a wall then they held my hands down by the wrist. Then two HUGE tarantulas (black and tan) came out of the wall and bit me twice on each palm. I was screaming and trying to leave but was being held there. After the spiders left I looked and I could see the 4 puncture marks in my palms. Then I woke up… I’m currently going through (a non dramatic) divorce, I’m staying with my 1st husband from years ago until I get on my feet. We are friends, and he loves me, showers me with gifts and money, but he’s an alcoholic and I’m not attracted in that way. I also don’t get along too well with my mother. She picks at me. So what does this(dream) mean?

    1. There is a saying that says, if something is not good for you than it’s bad for you. We havê the tendency to think that somethings are not ideal but at least they’re not bad, that they are inocous. The spider remembers us to clean all that. Good luck!

  44. Hello! I’ve had several horrible dreams this year (including today) with spiders. I won’t deny I have an arachnophobia.

    Every time I see them in my dreams they’re usually big (sometimes very big), not that they try to attack me, but I see them as a threat, I feel like I know they’re poisonous and I have to kill them. In most dreams I kill at least one of them, the rest try to escape.
    In today’s dream they appeared in the bathroom, they had skulls pictured on their backs. I tried not to panic, I called a relative to help me kill them. I calmed myself enough to actually sneak up on them, and I killed one. The rest survived, scattering around, and I woke up.
    I still can’t understand what message the spider is trying to convey.

    I would appreciate your insight.

    1. As I began reading your comment, my first thought was that the spiders represent parts of yourself you have fear of, and the spider could represent your shadow self. Then I saw you’d written about the skulls on the backs of the spiders and I thought of Kali and other Buddhist and Hindu deities and dakinis who wear skulls, representing the death of the illusion(s) of ego.

      I would suggest considering what about the spider totem represents your shadow self. The shadow is good and has a purpose. Perhaps the dreams are helping you with self-acceptance, self-love, and getting to know parts of yourself you may fear but are not frightening. Also may be helpful to consider why this particular relative is the one you called to help you.

      Hope this helped. Blessings!

    2. My first thought was that you’re afraid of death and that spiders are trying to teach you not to be. We are all one and united and in the big scheme of things death allows life to be. Good journey and good luck for you! PS- try drawing a spider to overcome your fear of them! You can paint them in any colors you like even draw hearts around them. Also read the Mexican myth of Katrina maybe 🙂

  45. Andrea Rene Moore

    Last week I was bitten by a poisonous spider on my tailbone. I have been trying to understand the significance over the last week, as I am going through a break up from my boyfriend. Two weeks ago I had a miscarriage, though I didn’t know previously that I was pregnant. The relationship with this man came unexpectedly after more than two years since my divorce. I had not been involved with a man for more than two years and had not had any intimacy for more than five years. When I became involved with this man I thought it might just be a casual thing, especially because I have a young daughter, and didn’t want to rush into anything. However, we rushed into everything! And things were feeling pretty chaotic and like I was losing myself completely. He also felt like he was losing himself in my family dynamic which is what led to our break up. Trust is a major issue in our relationship. Even though we had been together for only four months. While it was a lot of fun at first, I feel like I was caught in a wave that I didn’t know how to get out of or even if I wanted to get out of it… Anyway, The spider bite seems to have some significance, being in the area of my sacral and 2nd chakra . If anyone has any insight, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. that could mean a lot of things, interesting tho, if you feel the situations are related, the back of our chakras have to do with our individual Will of that centers energy expression, did you feel drained from relationship? under tailbone area also are our 8 original fetal cells, which has to do with kundalini too, may have something to do with that, poisonous eek could be an attachment too..

  46. Good day, for as long as I remember, I’ve always attracted spiders. I have moved 5 places in the last 12 years but I always have spiders in either my room or my entire apartment. Sometimes I kill them sometimes I ignore them. Last night I found one on my stove top and I killed it again. But it got me thinking maybe spiders want to tell me something. I am at a point where I don’t know the direction of my life.

  47. Me and my friends was outside the bathroom standing next to the door and i was standing inside the meddle of the door.. We was kinda high but i don’t remember if we did smoking the weed but i remember i was high that make me laugher and i was walking thru to check someone in the bathroom & i start laughing at her and then i look at the mirror from my face then start laughing again she laughing but embarrassed herself because i saw her and i told my friends about her the reason why i was laughing and then my friends was walking out the house but i am still inside the house because i saw my fiance in the room but then i saw a big black spider right behind him and the spider was making a spinning circle like he was playing or trying to stop the web being circle. i then yelled at my fiance to move quickly away from the black spider he didn’t move quickly but instead he turn around to look at it but the spider having do anything but circle around around like a Fair or Coaster i don’t know how to explain this one the spider wasn’t trying to build the web he was getting the web almost the same like driving around around from the circle and he seem like trying to stop the circle is driving him crazy, that’s all i can remember it look like a Black widow with red or orange spot?? what does this mean? and also the size of the spider is bigger than the Cotton ball.

  48. A few days ago I woke up in the morning then fell asleep. I dreamt of horror, of murder, of pain. I woke up. But I fell asleep again the same theme reoccurred. I woke up and started reading to calm down. 20 minutes later and I see a spider with long thin legs on my left arm. I beat the shit outta the little monster (don’t particularly like them near me.) PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THAT MEANS..THE WHOLE MORNING WAS WEIRD !

    1. Forgive yourself for the web of trouble you’ve constructed and realize that it is only of your own making. These thin fibers are easily left off. You are free to make the choices you want in your life, stop beating yourself up and recognize the fraility of life.

  49. Today i was having lunch at a park with my fiance when this beautiful baby jumping spider jumped on me. He had kind if silverish yellow/green legs..like a metalic look. With a black body and big white spots. I cant find a photo that matches him anywhere 🙁 but he proceeded to jump all over me the whole time i was eating my lunch until we got up and left. I have been receiveing loads of messages from the angels and my guides lately and was wondering if this could mean anything? He wasnt interested in my finace at all even though he tried to pick him up as well…so i feel like there may be a message there maybe..
    Thank you in advance for getting back to me 😀

  50. I’ve always had vivid dreams that have strong symbolism to what is going on in my life at the time. My life is pretty hectic, I help run 4 businesses with my boyfriend. Needless to say, I have strange dreams a lot. Premonition dreams as well. The last good example is I kept dreaming my guinea pigs kept escaping their cage and I had to chase them around to get them back in. Every time I caught one, another escaped. I made the easy assumption that it reflected how I felt with the general control of my life and brushed it off. Until last night. When I came home to find three guinea pigs outside of their cage 😯 and that has NEVER happened before (as in they’ve never tried to escape). Anyways. I had this dream that I woke up from about thirty minutes ago. There was a tornado, I saw it form and take off around me. Then my brother was climbing trees trying to find bird nests with eggs in them. He found one and dropped it handing it to me, I picked it up to see the egg still intact but outsode the shell was the naked baby bird. It was a sticky beige, almost putty consistency. It was clearly dead, but as I picked it up the shell dissolved and the baby bird became alive in the palm of my hand. My brother took it from me, and I was upset because I wanted it to imprint on me. I took it back and it turned a fuzzy black color, before turning into a million baby spiders that spread up my arm. Most of them dissolved into my hand leaving black and neon green flecks where they were. I was calm about it outwardly even though inward I was panicking.
    So after reading a bunch of interpretations for each symbol and trying to piece together my dream, I am at a loss!

    1. I think in terms of soul journey you’re doing alright and that’s the reason of the dream. More than the hectic life you think is troubling (business with your boyfriend) I believe you could check you relationshio with your brother. Does he tend to blame other people for his failures? Does he takes the credit for things you’ve achieved by yourself? Does he puts his hands on your stuff emotional, money etc (even if it seems suporting?)? Own your power!

  51. I dream that there is 3 red back small spiders are on the wall in my house and my brother and I trying to kill them. And meanwhile I see a huge red back spider and I try to kill it and I’m very scared of it and I hit it with something but it bites my hand but I manage to get it off my hand and remove his teeth. I didn’t see that we killed them but we have the thought of killing it. Can someone please tell me what it means

  52. Hello all,
    I have been experiencing something very peculiar. Over the last few years I have experienced very vivid dreams of spiders. It is always when I wake up and can see them. The first time this happened was when I was camping, I woke up and saw tons on tiny little spiders bundled up together. I rubbed my eyes and they were gone. A couple of years later I dreampt of a HUGE spider coming down on its web near my face. I had the exact same dream a few months later. It’s always when I wake up. I saw another one last night and it is becoming more and more common. I have no idea what this could mean. People on the internet keep banging on about how the devil is after me and blah blah blah. If anybody knows some possible explanations they could tell me I would be very grateful. Thanks

    1. Hi Holly
      This is your shadow animal guide ,, it’s this has nothing to do with Devils and any other neg things ,, it’s a positive for you ,, it’s YOUR animal it just comes like this to garentee your attention..
      I had written a lot more here but it wouldn’t take when I submitted it , so here’s short version .. I could tell you what it means but in this case in told you need to find out for yourself .
      Reoccurring dreams as such convey a deeply personal message , I can tell you to look at aspects of your life to which mix with this guide , look up spider for dream interpretation and put together with info I have put below .. You will sort it

      A Shadow Animal Guide is one that invades you with fear. Its purpose it to teach a lesson you have not learned from repeated mistakes because of anger, avarice, greed, insecurity, or other negative thoughts. A Shadow Guide will return again and again bearing strong feelings of fear until its message is acted upon or a change in lifestyle or actions are incorporated into your life. The Shadow Guide is powerful. It can help you to overcome fear by bringing truth and turning fear into a helper animal guide or spirit animal guide. However, if ignored the Shadow Guide can become dangerous and its powers will have a negative affect on your life. The Shadow Guide lives in the spirit world and usually arrives during a time of testing.


  53. I dreamt that a spider jumped onto my neck and bite it with another insect and my doctor caught it and killed it on the bed and little baby spiders came out from it! The spider was hairy brown.. in my dream i knew spider was female with babies inside. i got angry with my doctor for killing the spider on the bed as my son sleep on the bed and i didn’t want the spider biting my son. What does this mean?

  54. Alexander Chapetko

    Hi guys, I came across this site after having a spider bite recently. But to make things even more interesting, it’s the 9th spider bite since the start of December 2016.

    After reading the descriptions here and thinking about it for a while, and with the past life change I’ve had to adapt to, I would like to ask everyones thoughts about it.

    My mindset is a huge benefit to reading the info here, being a game developer with a passion for neuropsychology with spirituality and mostly seeing the world in physics and mathematics, and having a possible mild-psychosis and stuttering from my thoughts being faster than my lungs.

    I adore spiders and am planning to get one as a pet sometime in the future, so I’m assuming that it could be my spirit animal :).

    But the part about the death is distracting me a little. Should I be concerned about this…?

    Please share thoughts 🙂

    1. Alexander, there is a section above on spider bites. I believe it means the (spider) message hasn’t gotten through to you yet. When it has, (for example, “use your creativity”) the bites should stop. And death usually just means rebirth (generally spiritually) so try not to worry.
      Good luck!

  55. I had a dream where I was in a car, like in thee back part of a truck with more people and there was this men with spiders as his pets or in little cages. I wasn’t scared or anything but then i was in somebody’s house and I found out the spiders scaped. There was a lot of small ones and only one really big black spider.
    I don’t remember the big one trying to attack me or anything but I did saw it outside its cage on the wall I believe.
    The small spiders where everywhere and they would hide in little wholes of the wall and some of them where actually bitting my head. They were inside my hair and I was trying to take them off but it was very hard. A lot more little ones were attacking me but It seemed that they didn’t have any venom because I just kept trying to take them off…
    Please help me to understand the real meaning of this dream..
    Blessings… ✌

    1. I also remember using insecticide to try to kill them but I don’t remember they actually died. I was also protecting a baby from the small spiders. There were a lot them and some of them had different colors…

  56. Hello,

    I have often seen spiders through various forms (physical and in dreams) throughout my life and over the years have become accustom to relate them showing up when there are decisions a head or where I am waiting to here back on something that has medium to major impact in my life. Last year for extremely testing for me and my family, however there was some very good lessons that we take proudly from it. This year is starting off far better however there are things I am striving for that I am not able to remotely see any inch of potential that it shall come to fruition, unless of course I am very much blinded by whatever it might be.

    Anyways, recently I have started to pick up on spiders again, two yesterday while I was walking around a meeting room on the phone a panel of the wall had fallen off and tucked up in the corner was a little black house spider. Then on my way to my car in the carpark a very small spider hang peacefully on about 2 meters of web between my car and the next. Finally last night in my dreams I was walking around some place with another person (not sure if friend or what/who) and I thin kit was a huntsman was just following us around, not aggressively just following us like a dog follows its owner.

    I am waiting on a phone call to tell me I either have a job I really want or I dont and I am also fighting my own self on whether where I am right now work wise is truly a place I want to be. Money is not everything and in fact it has been a major part of negative times in my life but as I am sure many can relate we are bound to it in so many ways.

    This is the first time I am seeking whatever it is I am doing here with regards to spiders in my life.

    Hope you are all well.

  57. A beautiful wheel web was constructed 2 days ago outside my house, positioned with clear viewing from inside, centered outside a glass panel which sits high up near the roof allowing much natural light inside. I think it’s an orb spider, today it caught 3 dragonflys and she sat high above the web under the edge of the house, with her legs drawn up. Today it dawned on me the feeling she is here to give me a message. My family and I are about to make a big move, new town, new house and new job. Lots of changes ahead and I have mixed feelings, it’s a bittersweet move. Do you think this could be reassurance?

    1. Hello Suzy,

      A few years ago the spider came to me often during a period of time where I was starting to build my life fresh out of college and figure out what I wanted next or where I was going. Needless to say that changes are always acompannied by some sort of fear and insecurity, sometimes even anxiousness as you try to walk a path you want or believe to be good for you but are not quite sure. The Spider as we can see has the ability to provide for itself without major complications: in her own skills (web-making) she has the capacity to create herself a home, to move around easily and elegantly, to trap and store her food and also where she can put her eggs. In all of this the spider has come to mean in my experience at least; specially when it comes in times of changes and new paths, that you have in you all you need to make for yourself the life you want to live. You have the power, the skills, the smarts and all the natural habilities you need to prosper, provide and create in your own life. You are capable to create as the spider does and she doesn’t doubt it, the spider just knows she has it in her, so do you! Trust in your own capacities and strength and create the life you want to live as the spider does. Create your web with joy and trust.

      P.S: At the end though is all about what you feel the spider is trying to tell you. I’ll suggest to sit down, breath calmly and try to connect with the spider, think on her and ask what she is trying to tell you. Sometimes you gut knows best what is true to you.

      I hope this helps and best of lucks in your new adventure =)

    2. Great answer and advice never thought how the spider is so independent!!!! Thank you! Blessings for you 💕

  58. I had a dream where I was at a beach, and near some large stones stood a woman who in the dream I called Freya. She had a book with her, and pointed to a part of the book that was supposed to represent me as a “dancing druid.” There was a group of women also in the same setting, and they were all wearing long flowing clothing ranging from shades of white to grey. They all had long hair, and they all had spider bites on their hands. I can’t remember if they all had the spider bites on the same hand, but I do know that each one sported the spider bite on one hand. I never saw an actual spider in this dream, just the spider bites on the hands of the women. I didn’t seem to interact with these women, I just saw them wandering about in a group together.

    I had this dream fairly recently, and I’ve been wracking my brain ever since as to what it could possibly mean.

  59. Hi i had a dream that a spider landed on me, still attached to the web, when i removed it 2 landed on me, the more i tried to remove the spiders from me , more kept landing on me, can you tell me what the meaning of it is please. I didn’t get to finish the dream as my alarm woke me.

    1. Wendy, without knowing you or your circumstances, it sounds like you’re missing opportunities to adjust your life path in ways that would benefit you. Often, opportunities come disguised as challenges, and/or sacrifices, and/or responsibilities. I think this is the single most common issue we humans face; a blocked path looks like a blocked path rather than an invitation to take a different way. Remember, the spider’s message is to examine the way in which you’re shaping your life. This is emphasized by the spiders being still attached to their webs, the direct connection you have to your life as your own creation. So, the first spider landing on you would be a reminder to do this. When you reject it, the spider multiplies, these unwanted events multiply. The more and more you reject these opportunities to examine the mechanics of your life, the more unwanted experiences occur in your life, both as a natural consequence and in trying to draw your attention to this. Carefully examine how you react to difficult circumstances in your life. How do you react to them mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? Which thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitudes are helping you and which are hindering you? Again, this is without knowing you or your circumstances, without even trying to connect to you energetically, just a straight logical analysis. Please feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss this further.

    2. Actually, the fact that the alarm woke you, rather than you waking naturally, makes me wonder if this is emphasizing the message. Is this a “wake up call”? Are you “alarmed”? Unpleasant dreams are usually meant to process things we’re too afraid to deal with consciously or aren’t aware of, so this seems likely.

  60. Spiders always find a way to land their web on my head and face…let it be my home or places I visit. I feel very disgusted by it and also get angry as to why does this keep happening…its been happening since past 3 years and I dont have any answers. Would really really appreciate if you can / anyone help here as I am am very tired of this and need some kind of an understanding.

    1. My take is that someone is trying to entice you into doing wrongdoing and so far you have easily shrugged off these irksome, unwanted attempts that would be to your detriment. Perhaps by means of the Internet (web). Keep your high standards and don’t allow yourself to be drawn into anything at all shady.

  61. My partner became violent withe last night after drinking a lot of alcohol as a result he was taken away by the police to stay the night with his parents. He walked back to our home in the morning .on his travels a spider hitched a ride on the back of his leg …
    What could this mean ?

    1. I’d look carefully at this man and this relationship. Is this really what you want? Is this really serving you?

      That is how I would interpret this anyway but simply as one human to another, please, please, please, do not stay in a situation that puts you in danger. If you are in an abusive relationship, there are resources that can help you get out.

    2. I second El. Take good care of yourself Rebeccs, you are worth it. No excuses! Lots of love to you.

  62. I had a dream where I woke up in a garden, it was beautiful and plants where everywhere.
    My eyes zoomed in on a birdbath and just above it was fourteen spiders in a circle.
    They looked like orb weavers, but clear and crystalline.
    They cleared away from the pool of water when i reached it.
    As I looked into the water a hand pool me into it and i was in a black space.
    It wasn’t really black it just didn’t have anything to be considered a color, like an absence of light.
    As I was walking a funny looking door appeared and I walked through it.
    I ended up in a desert, and eventually found myself by a river.
    Surrounding the water where animals and bodies in different stages of decay and death.

    Eventually I met up with this group who had a boat, and we were in the river.
    They were fishing for things, when they pulled an animal from the water, if would move and come to life.
    They pulled up a man with only half his body, he had silvery eyes, and would sing in words I couldn’t grasp.
    Eventually we continued until we got off the boat and as we were walking I saw a wolf, they had their spears and were aiming at the wolf but I defended it claiming it as my own.
    I went my own way and came up on the bazaar, it looked like a small tent, but inside it was miles long.
    I saw the silver eyed man singing in a corner.

    Then I left and continued walking until I ended up in the middle of nowhere, and for a while I kept walking and a door appeared.
    Next to it was the silver eyed man but he was whole again.
    This time he spoke.
    He told me that this isn’t the place for me and that I shouldn’t be here, because I would forget.
    He promised to take care of the wolf and told me that I shouldn’t go through doors because I could get stuck.
    The door opened and I walked through, only to start falling until I hit something and woke up.

    1. Sounds like you unintentionally went astral travelling. I’d do some research on this, if I were you, because the silvery-eyed man is right, it can be a dangerous place for people who are unprepared let alone unaware of where they are.

  63. I had a dream that I was out on some land playing catch with my son. I went to get the ball and the scenery changed. Our house was the only house on many acres of land. Every where I went to get back to the house, there were spider webs every where. Each Web had a spider in the center although the webs were unique and different I surrounded.

  64. I had this dream right before waking this morning. I usually don’t remember my dreams unless they are messages from my angel guides or premonitions. I have read the above descriptions of what each spider could be conveying however, I am posting to just be sure I understand them correctly.

    I am walking up the side walk to with a male figure behind me, I didn’t see his face but it really felt like my dad. There is some sort of spider in a Web on the easement of the house. He reaches up to knock it down and I quickly and fearfully ask him to just leave it because I was sure it would fall on me. I am TERRIFIED of spiders, lol. But I am too late. Right before we enter the house he says, “Oh my god you have a black widow on you”. He proceeds to knock it off and kill it. It was much larger than any black widow I’ve ever seen.
    We both enter the house, he goes first. After I enter the house I turn around and decide to take a picture of it. However, it is morphing into a very large tarantula. Now I feel a sense of urgency to take the pic because I am sure no one will believe me of what is taking place. I pull up the camera on my phone, set the focus on the almost completely morphed spider and the flash cause’s the spider to look at me. Like really look at me, almost through me. Then it scramblessed up and hurriedly dash through the cracks in the door. I scream because holy cap this huge spider is coming toward me. The male figure comes back near the door raising his hand to kill it. I scream, “No, leave it alone! Don’t kill it.” Then I wake up. (Very strange for me to ask anyone to not kill a spider in the house.) This dream was very vivid and in color.

    So, could the black widow represent the negative things in my life (2016 has been a rough year) but the tides are now turning to more positive light?

    1. Virginia, hello. 2016 is the end of a nine-year cycle, which means a lot of endings and new beginnings for many. Your comment posted at 3:55 and 55 means BIG change, although whether for you or me I’m not sure as perhaps you didn’t post at that time. (If you’re interested, Google ‘Joanne Walmsley sacred scribes angel numbers’.) Also, I believe photographing something in your dream means pay attention, it’s important. Good luck to you, good job noting the positive (which always follows negative – you’re right to look for it!).

  65. I saw a spider in my dream – it was climbing my left leg, thigh. I was pleasantly surprised to see that. Although I don’t really like spiders in real life. So I dreamed that i messaged about that to one of my friends and he said that this is weird because some car hurt his leg, exactly in the same place I saw that spider.

    When I woke up, I messaged to that person and asked how is his leg 🙂 it was fine…

    1. Oh… Didn’t put a question 🙂 Still can’t figure out what this dream could mean. It was I guess first time in my life when I was not afraid to see spider and especially – not afraid to see it on me 🙂

  66. As I was brushing my teeth before bed I heard something fell. At the side of my eyes, I knew it was something black, so I thought it was a cockroach. I sprayed some insecticide, but I saw nothing. While sleeping I felt something pass over my face, open my eyes, saw something black, thought it was a cockroach so I got off the bed and sprayed insecticide. I looked and saw nothing as I lie back down I felt something on my hair when I looked it was a hairy spider. Of course I killed it.

  67. I have had spiders pretty much take over my house. I carry them out, clean up the webs and a few days later they are all back but with reinforcements. I can’t get rid of them. So what does this mean for me? What message am I not getting? I have tried to talk with them through meditation but I’m not getting anything, at least not that I know of.

    1. Maybe your ignoring who you truly are from within. You have a gift that you need to tap into. Expression is important maybe your to quit about the things you really need to speak on. Free yourself from what is holding you back in your life only you have the answer to this question really. What are you afraid of?

    2. I too had a major infestation of spiders. Do get an exterminatior. The lesson is something in your past needs to be balanced with you future and to use your creativity to do it. This site mentions the spider created the alphabet. Write out your feelings. This is a deep rooted thing, maybe something you’ve been in denial about for so long you can’t help but ignore it. It’s there.

    3. Hey, are you studying at any college by chance?
      If you do and this kind of things are happening it is tryin
      to tell you something, don’t ignore it pay careful attention.

  68. This morning, a huntsman spider was situated upon my front door such that I couldn’t enter my home without risking its aggression. Right above the doorknob. The rest of the day turned out to be exactly what is described: a lesson in the ways i sabotage my own designs. Message received. I was able to safely relocate the rather large and intimidating spider several hours later; I was very surprised it had not moved on. A definite sign.

  69. Every day now for the last 3 days I’ve been seeing a spider crawl down my soon to be husbands side of the bed from pillow to foot of bed it only happens when i am in the bed it’s a different spider but the same kind I usually collect them in a plastic container and take them outside so it can’t be the same one. I was wondering if there is any symbolism there? Or message I’m not understanding?

  70. My boyfriend and I just got back from a walk in the park. We like to go in the evening because it’s summer and while I love the heat and sunlight my boyfriend does not. So we compromise. Anyways there’s a path near a lake and golf course that we go to because its at a park where many people walk at night. We came across 4 spiders. At first I thought the message was for my boyfriend because they were all on his side even when we switched sides. Then I considered that i had seen each of them before he had as well as my lucky number 4 and then I read this and the message reiterates what my boyfriend has been trying to straight tell me for the past week or so… So the message was definitely for me. My boyfriend is very intuitive. ?

  71. So last night I got a call from a friend but she with olds info, she takes other people side takes me for granted etcetera. I haven’t heard from her in over 6 months not verbally anyway, texting only and one word answers is what she does. She calls me out of the blue sky and I get comfortable with her again but something still doesn’t feel right, then I shuffle to the other side of the room and my foot is slightly under my bed when all of a sudden I feel a itch like never before. The top of my foot shows 3 bites in a row that are red and itchy and stinging.
    Later on I go for a walk outside, under the door light in my apartment building is a black large spider right above my head, it almost touched my head top which freaked me out. This like 4 am, dark outside, it’s where I live, so I look up the meanings. She is not my friend she may derail my self improvement or what ever, because it bit me as a warning while I was talking to her. The second one was a letter or money message because just now I got a call I’m going to receive 300$/mths more starting this month.

  72. aliyah goldstein

    i for fun came across a youtube video and it was about telepaticaly connecting to a person so i rubbed my hands and said their name or whatever it didnt work i guess nothing happened. but the person i called is someone i love, and may leave my life or may stay or may come back its kinda complictated with us . anyway a view SECONDS later i saw this big ass spider casualy etering my roomm. and im sorry for the horrible grammas but im curious what does this mean?

    1. it means you and you alone have the choice to choose the path you want to take, stay , go, or continue to be held back and never know true happiness or what is awaiting for you in the state with the home of logs and river with the coin.

  73. Hi,
    Last night I had these visions of spiders eyes- it was quite strong and vivid.

    What do spider eyes mean?


  74. A few years ago a friend of mine had me doing totem write-ups and
    during that I accidently found out that Spider is my totem being that I am a writer. I’ve also had quite a few spider dreams myself and they are always different sizes and colors. just recently I dreamed three days ago now of a Black Widow and Brown Recluse both of which were in my dream but I wasn’t harmed any. one time I dreamed I was in our backyard watering the plants and one could feel the heat of the sun. there were numerous spiders all different sizes and colors running all around and right towards me! I wasn’t afraid though and was never bit. last summer on my front porch we had two beautiful garden spiders webs and all on our porch. one was tan and the other all black. their webs were close to one another and I enjoyed seeing them there even had a black and red one in our apple tree. seems every time I dream of them I am always protected for some reason they never chase or bite me. I found out this year that because of my birthdate my birth totem is the Raven. I am wondering what if any other totem animals I may have. 😀 😛 :mr green:

  75. Just today as I was sitting on my living room floor, a spider that I had noticed earlier crawling on the floor suddenly crawled right onto the sketchbook right in front of me. It sat there, still. I was startled and after a brief stare down i knocked it off of my book. It still didn’t move. Then I put a jar over it. After a minute it got up and started circling the jar and freaking out. I was afraid it couldn’t breathe so I slid a cars underneath it and went to take it outside. It continued to circle the jar frantically until I was carrying it outside–it stopped directly in front of me and stared me down the whole way down my stairs and out the door. I let it go and it just stood where it had landed, still as a statue. I went back inside and carried on with my day. Not even an hour later I was in my bedroom picking out something to wear when another spider, this one smaller, dropped from the ceiling right in front of me. I recognized it as one I’d seen in my room a few days ago. It sat there, suspended, looking at me. We stared at each other and then it crawled back up. I grabbed a shoe to kill it, thinking I have a problem, but then we just stared at each other again.I left the room and decided to look up what spiders could be telling me and here I am now. I have been going through a lot of emotional and physical strife lately and I haven’t really been taking care of myself or making art or reading or writing or anything I like to do. Are the spiders telling me something? Or do I just have a bad bug problem in my apartment?

    1. kimberley ling

      Hi dont worry about it its the same with me. This morning i woke up and when i was in the bathroom i saw a medium sized spider on the bath crawling around it really freaked me out as i am terrified of spiders. I was about to drown it in water and it stared at me too. I ended up having the courage to pick it up and throw it outside instead of killing it. as i have been getting so many power animal messages it got me thinking that another animal came into my life maybe it means something another message. so when i looked it up it told me what a spider meant.

      My life is going crazy right now. my marriage is not great right now, as im adopted im having contact with my birth mum at last and seeing her often. I feel left confused sometimes. I also love creative writing and ive stopped doing it now due to stress. so maybe the spider is telling me to be creative again and start writing again as i love to write stories. It must be wanting to change my life and put me first as i seem to put others first and never myself.

      I hope it works out for you but i know how you feel when you get these animals in your life and what they are telling you. its like my loved ones up there who sadly passed away are sending me these messages for whatever reason but i would love to find out.

  76. Hannah Whittle

    I often dream about spiders and always wondered what it meant. I have a lot of interaction with spiders as well, compared to my partner who I live with and share a car with. Twice I have been driving and had to slam on the breaks because a spider was crawling across my glasses on my face. I’ve had many a spider in my hair. I’ve been bitten a few times by spiders. I’ve had a few webs in my car as well. I have always made a point of not killing them because A, I’m not bothered by them and B. my nan would kill flies and other pests but she always left spiders saying that we need them to kill the other bad stuff in the house.

    I feel that the spider is my spirit animal, or that it has some symbolic meaning for me. This was really interesting to read.

  77. I have always been afraid of spiders, in real and in my dreams. Last months i have dreamed about spiders twice, they where lucid dreams. In the first dreams they where climing on the walls, me myself was turned into stone, could not move. The second, few days ago, i was laying on my bed, opened my eyes and the sailing was almost full of spiders, different ones, some where woven in one another and some where falling down like in slow motion. I could not move, but none of them did fall on me. Tryed to yell but nothing came out of me. I always wanted to now the meaning of this and could find nothing on the theme.

  78. Last year I was outside and doing my outside chores and I looked down at my hand and saw a gray and black spider on my hand. It wasn’t really but it scared me and a couple of times it happened again. Reading this I was able to understand I needed to have a change in my life. I feel like there’s still much to learn. I hope that my typing on here will also help others and to also help me go on. Times have been different since last year and they are changing and new challenges are close at hand. But with a lot of fog cleared I am sure other and I will understand our different paths.

  79. Ruth ,May 15, 2016 I took a nap today( sunday)when I woke up seeing a big black spider climbing up my wall then it disappeared I would like to ❓ understanding of this what does it mean

  80. Thank you so much for my guidance. I was writing my final dissertation and stood up from the pC to have a few minutes break to reconnect to spirit and when I sat back down I noticed spider in the corner. I remarked what does that mean and giggled to myself as i said probably that i haven’t hoovered cos of studying. however spirit guided me to type power animal spider into google which lead me to your page that i had never visited before and the message was perfect, ” something you have woven has borne fruit”guided by spirit I can’t fail!. Thanks again, Jacinta Walsh

  81. In my dream i saw a green eight legged thing * spider * since its the closest animal i can compare it to. It was biting the center of my Palm and as much as i tried taking it off i couldn’t. It was so painful and realistic that i woke up panting very scared and i swear I could still feel the burning pain in my palm. I was scared to fall back to sleep, but i was so tired and just passed out randomly. Dreams are so crazy. I just wish i would understand them. Anyways thanks for reading, have a blessed day . Remmyyy♡

    1. I 100 percent believe dreams are messages. Pay close attention as to what else was going on in that dream. Dream analysis.. If cought earlier.. Could have saved me from a very hard lesson. I believe they are a source of guidence from our creator. Sometimes mine are very ancient diety symbols. But try not think that they are just dreams..its too coincidental ..it seems.

  82. I dreamed that I entered a room and there was a group of black widow spiders. I very carefully placed my resume down next to them quickly backed out of the room. The next day I had an impromptu conversation with my boss about a new position coming open and felt alot of resistance from her, and she is the leader of the group initiating this change. I left feeling trapped and very emotional. ❓

    1. Thank you for your post. It has been almost nine months since you posted this. I am curious as to how things worked out and what fresh revelation you’ve received/felt. I, too, had a recent dream in which I was in an old, abandoned car in the back seat and immovable as we often might feel in a dream since either we are in a dream state or circulation is being cut off and movement is impeded. Against my will, I lay facing the back rest of the back seat in the car and there were two black widows resting still on their huge web. One was grey and the other was bold black – both had bodies the size of grapefruits. They were within inches of my face/torso. The abandoned car was in the front yard of an abandoned house, for what it’s worth. I am open to hearing comments from anyone else on my particular post.

  83. Tom | mothsymbolism.com

    Terrific read – I have had 2 spiders on my car in the past week! They were huntsman spiders, very frightening as they are big and fast.

    It’s good to see that this could have protective benefits

  84. I had a brown recluse show up on my leg within 5 minuets twice now. It felt like a meage of some kind was being sent. Felt like one of those moments hen you fist see a spirit guide. If anyone know much about a pideras your guide then some help would be apresheated

  85. recently I was in bed, had a light sleep, woke briefly as I turned over I saw a spider web ( large), but also a normal size spider in it, facing me, light brown. I felt it was a female. I immediately tried to brush it away, my hand went straight through it…I turned on the bedside light & there was no web / spider. Was it an apparition ?…I believe it was. Does it mean something ?.I have never seen anything like that before.

  86. I seen a big black spider, I tried to kill it but it look as if it got bigger then disappear. Looked as soon as I looked away.

  87. I was opening my fridge to get some cream for my coffee, and lowering itself right in front of me on a single strand of web was a very large spider…..does this mean something as I walked away feeling very curious……Im not a superstitious person but i did feel something briefly. anyone know what this means are represents?

    1. It is reminding you that your reality can be changed. If you are suffering disatisfaction with your state of being now it is because our choices led us here. To create a new change for the positive look at the situation that is stressing you out. Could be a job or person. Most likely the job. Like myself I am at an impasse. Do I stay working a second job and get benefits all the time or do I let go of the job. My heart says let go of the job. We must have faith and realize that we have taken ourselves this far, we can do it again. Thank goodness for nature because it reminds us often through our relatives.

  88. I always see spiders around me like when im alone in a room, contemplating. But there was one time struck that i thought a white spider crawled up in my arm, but there was actually none. Could my animal totem be a spider?

  89. I get bitten by black widows. Can you help to further your information spider bites based on the Widow spider bites

  90. I am not dreaming spiders but see them everywhere and today I had one appear on my right hand whilst I was driving. A little fluorescent green one. Very cute. This green spider appeared to me about 2 years ago in my car whilst waiting at a train stop. It was on the dashboard then dropped a line and landed onto the bottom of the dashboard. It just sat looking at me and I at it for some time, while a freight train passed. I took a photo and eventually it moved on. I felt intrigued and delighted to see it. Today, I was driving down a quiet street thinking about the New Year and whether it would be a good one and fell into some negative thinking. I thought to myself no, be positive it’ll be great. The I felt a tickle on my right hand and there was the same green spider but smaller. I pulled over and sat by the side of the road just letting the spider crawl over my hand and gently moved it over to my left hand. All the time watching and enjoying the play from my little visitor. I was even able to take a photo with my phone whilst it still crawled on my hand. I eventually rested my hand down to let it go if it wanted. it stayed for a moment and then disappeared. Funny because last week I thought to myself I hadn’t had a “spider visit” in some time and here it was! Plus for the last week I’ve seen so many spiders big and small in my house and in the garden and didn’t think too much about it. My 4yr old daughter loves spiders and too sees the everywhere and she even pointed them out to me to take a photo on Christmas day at my sister’s house. Again, I didn’t read much into it. I’m a very artistic and creative woman and have been working hard to get a fashion business off the ground with my sister. All is going well but slow due to lack of funds. So we keep moving little steps at a time. All today I kept asking what is it that the universe is saying to me? Be more creative with my hands? Be confident I can create a new reality for the year? I’ve tried to find out what this may mean but can only find references to dreams not reality. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. i always find spiders on or around me when I am emotional. I had no idea why. I always kind of assumed they were protecting others from the ramifications of my emotional upheaval. Like a dream catcher. When I see them I remember not to lash out with my feelings. They would make me take a step back from my feelings and allow my more analytical side to calm and collect myself. in fact I see them around me so much my son says they are my minions. Anytime he sees one at school he teasingly accusses my of sending spies to keep tabs on him. I am an aspiring writer so for them to be creative muses is definitely good. I guess I should put more time into my writing. I have stories to weave…

  91. I saw what I can only describe as an energetic spider or spirit spider today. I was taking a nap and woke up, turned on the light, and this huge whispy spider-looking thing was dangling in the corner of the room. I could see it for almost a minute and then it vanished into thin air. I either need to get my brain checked out because some of the wires are crossed, or I was seeing a dream in real life, or it was from another plane of existence. It was weird, that was for sure.

    1. This happens to me very often you are the only other person I know that this has happened to has it happened since that time? Does anyone know what that means.

    2. Today I saw an energetic spider or a spirit guide spider, I was watching the protest about all the Fatal shootings on CNN and Fox News and I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and I came back to my seat on the sofa where I always sit and I feel all this this energy Vortex bologna and I thought wow what is it underneath me because it didn’t leave with me did stayed there and so I closed my eyes and I am I have a lot of Native American and me but I’m Irish and I saw this really big huge spider in my mind’s eye and under that spider I saw an African American woman the spider was hanging from a and well but it was a huge spider and I would do it what is a black widow spider and it was crying or protecting all of these African Americans that were spirits that were speaking among each other so it’s like they were all these African American Spirits and Vortex underneath me that I had been protecting all around me that were speaking comfortably comfortably protected by me and the spider above us all while I was resting and meditating I was a open Vortex for this for this Gathering blow me African American Spirits to address their concerns and I don’t know if they were living African Americans or if they had passed on African Americans but the energy stayed around me for about 5 hours until it dissipated and then happens to me often not necessarily the spider but I have had spiders in my meditations before.

  92. I had this dream last night. That I had all these people with me and this blonde woman ran through this small amount of bushes and trees when for some reason I was supposed to go first (It was like we were on a mission to achieve something and she went first) I went second trying to keep up with her, Every bush and branch that I went through I was covered in Red Back Spiders and I kept pushing through until I made it to the other side and my entire hair was covered in red back spiders and I jumped into a pool and got them all off. When I got out I asked this woman how come you did not break one web or get any spiders when you were an arms length away from me. This beautiful woman just smiled and I cant remember anymore. Weird

  93. Last night i had a dream about me sitting in my room when eventualy two fully grown scorpions appeared at the both sides of the room one on the wall near me and one on the other wall, the other wall and the center of the room was full with spider web and there was a spider there aswell but i found it difficult to see it. The scorpio which was behind me tried to go through the web or somehow climb above me to fall on me and probably sting me, they both were moving so fast which i found it difficult to run away and just hide in the corner, the scorpio was fighting its way through the web and i think that the spider was protecting me, tried to kill the scorpio, anyone can help what could this mean? Thanks!

  94. When I was younger I would always have this same nightmare were my friends and family were killed by giant spiders and that they would never mess with me. Like I was there queen or something

  95. DEAR ANGEl, there is a post for you below :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

    -Hailey Prophet

  96. Last night I was dreaming that after walking through the bush, when I was in the house taking off my shoes and there were several small black spiders climbing up my bare legs. I panicked and started brushing them off. I felt some of them squish under my fingers. I couldn’t see the spiders on the back of my calves, and they started biting me. I kept brushing them off and they kept coming. I kept saying, “Where are they all coming from. I must have stepped in a nest!”

    1. This dream comes at a time when I have had to end a few friendships and my romantic relationship. Any insight would be much appreciated.

    2. Dear Angel, 🙂
      These spiders could represent your grudges, sorrows, or fears after ending your friendships/relationships (especially if its for religious reasons). You maybe were trying to brush the pain or thoughts that bugged you away. These fears may be scaring or haunting you, you may not be able to identify there exact locations and are yet trying to get rid of them. The sorrowful (or painful) thought may just keep coming to you and you need help getting rid of them. Spiders represent fate and rebirth, after ending some of those relationships, it may have been like death to you. But you may be reborn again and may start a new relationship and new friendship. This may be your resurrection. Maybe these thoughts are trying to manipulate you into depression and other states of severe sorrow. Try your hardest to feel better if you are sad, and if sorrow isn’t it, then please tell me! I wish you luck. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
      -Hailey Prophet

  97. Last night I dreamt that I was living in a recently purchased house. It wasn’t new but it was new to me and as I’m lying in bed and my man is in the shower I see a large spider walking around on my ceiling and then another and then another. So I quickly scramble to find the vacuum and try to suck them up and find what I thought looked like maggots or other bugs but turn out to be a very large nest of spiders eggs about to catch and I struggle to suck them up with vacuum. I kept thinking that we have to call a terminator and my man doesn’t seem concerned when I explain what’s going on. I kept thinking I have to kill the mother spider and all her eggs will dye so I was looking for her. I was frustrated thinking that the man who sold is the house didn’t say anything about a spider problem nor did the home inspector. I woke up when a spider jumped on my face. What does this mean?

  98. i had a dream were a spider was spinning a web on the roof wear it hits the wall and the spider just stopped half way through and started going down then my cat attacked the spider it tried to hit the spider twice.
    and does the colour of the spider mean anything cause in my dream it was transparent.

  99. Maryanne Visconti

    I have been paying attention to nature’s messages for months now. I have been going through a rough time and need all the guidance I get get. There is a friend in my life who has really hurt me, someone I thought I trusted. Anyhow, I get really anxious knowing I will bump into them. This morning after running into them I came home and sat in my backyard to think… right beside me I saw a black jumping spider and it looked like it had a massive crane fly in it’s grasp, spinning it and well… You could imagine the rest. I feel it’s important to note that I have a phobia of spiders (a pretty intense one) so needless to say this observation alarmed me and I got really squirmy watching it. My spirit messages have been spot on lately… I am trying to figure out what this means.

  100. I just had a visitation from a little house spider after a lack of them for almost a year if not a few months lat least. I’ve been moving some things around so that might’ve kicked her up. Normally I’m terrified of the creepy crawlies and usually kill them (Only to feel guilty later) but this one felt different. I got that little tingly goosebump feeling that I get when someone else ( a guide/angel since our house thankfully isn’t haunted anymore. We hope.) is hanging about. I’m wondering if the spider could’ve been a sign of some sort. I was reading up earlier that it’s a sign from Loki in Norse legends, but also of the Goddess in Wiccan.

  101. Trying to find answers for my “spider” sightings. I wake up in the middle of the night around 1am and I see a huge black spider coming from the ceiling and it’s moving it’s legs directly in front of my face. I always scream and run out the room. I know I’m not dreaming but nothings ever there when I calm down. This has happened 3 times in the past few months. No one believes me. Had this happened to anyone?? 8

    1. Yes, it has happened to me many times and I don’t know what it means either! I do have an intense phobia of spiders, so I’m not sure if it ties in with spider “visits” I was thinking, it’s telling me to face my fears in my life and move forward from some very emotionally painful things that I’ve been holding onto and struggling with? 🙁

    2. I too have had this same experience. Mostly with spiders, but sometimes with scorpions. I also do not k ow the meaning, but it always seems so very real.

    3. My daughter has a dream she wakes up and a Hugh spider is dropping from the ceiling have you found out what this means. She has had them and comes running out screaming and terrified like it’s on her…looking for answers 😕

  102. Last night I dreamed that I went into my old bedroom at my parents’ house and there was a person there talking to me about the spiders. I was pointing one out that was climbing on the wall when I felt something small and hairy on my arm and tried to smack or crush whatever it was. It bit me two or three times on the finger. At the last bite I saw its fangs were still in my skin, sticking out, and the spider was gone. I gingerly removed the fangs, and that is the last thing I remember after noticing the pairs of fang marks in my skin.

    Yesterday I was explaining to students to leave a spider alone because it was working to keep other pests from bothering us, so maybe I just had spiders on the brain?

  103. I am really curious as to why the spiders in my dream were acting like they were. It was an early morning dream and memorable. The spiders startled me at first, but then when I realized what they were, I turned to them and noticed that they were all black and shiny like a black widow, but maybe not a widow. The spiders were all standing in a group like they were waiting for me to give them direction. I am not afraid of spiders and will move them out of the way if I need to. Otherwise I will leave them where they are. I have a soft spot for spiders and lizards.
    Why did this little army or team of spiders stand there looking for guidance? Not a normal spider dream for me.
    thank you for your time

    1. Hello Charlotte:
      The spiders in your dream were waiting for you to take action. You’ve had several very creative ideas of late that are waiting to be developed. In order to be successful with them you must take action.

  104. I dreamed last night that a very large spider (as big as my face) jumped and attached to my face. it was not a bite. I was not scared (I like spiders) but it startled me. I read that it means that I should pay attention to my feelings which create the reality around me. Well noted!

  105. I had a dream last night that a very large and pregnant Black widow was in my living room and a male coworker was there and he tried to kill it. It jumped and literally flew at me. I batted it down and as the male coworker tried again to get it, the spider flew at me again and I managed to bat it down. It did not bite me, but I remember being scared that it would. I would like more insight into this dream. I might add that this coworker and I just mended a few fences so not sure if him being in my dream directly correlates or not, but I would imagine it wasn’t coincidence. What is this black widow trying to tell me?

  106. I dreamed that the man I love but am not with I saw him and he turned into a,dead black widow I looked spider and it was crusty please tell me what it means?

  107. Hello Silken Raven,

    Thanks for your wonderful website. I have been using it for the past couple months, since I was seeing moths and stumbled across it. I love how you have different messages that can appear on the top to suit different situations and messages our animal totems bring us. Today I had a very interesting experience. I had bought some already cut pineapple from the store last night, and I went to open it to have a piece today. I looked inside, and there was a beautiful blood red spider on one of the pieces of pineapple, and it was still alive! Since the spider was still alive, I picked it up with a spoon and took it out onto my balcony and set it free. Then I noticed 3 candles I had left on my balcony about a month ago from a full moon releasing ceremony I did. So I went and picked up the candles and brought them inside. When I got inside and put the candles down, I looked into them and there was a dead brown spider stuck in a layer of wax at the top of one of the candles!

    I find it interesting that the second spider has been caught in a trap of sorts, even though it is usually the trapper. I am trying to figure out the message, but having some difficulty. I wanted to ask if you could please clarify what it is you mean when you say when the animal is dead the message is in it’s shadow form, and is the complete opposite and you are not accomplishing it? So do I change the message to the opposite first, as in instead of the message being “not all things are as they appear to be, look deeper”, should the message then be “things are exactly as they seem, the answer is right in front of you?” and then take it I am not accomplishing this? And what does it mean in my scenario where I see a live one and then a dead one right after? I know the message I am getting must be important so I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this, thank you so much! Also do you offer any classes or books to learn to read the messages like you do? It’s amazing and I am always wanting to learn more! Thanks again!

  108. I like spiders and always put them in my garden when I find them in the house. Today I found a strange frightening thing. I carefully scooped ti into a jar and looked it up. It had to be at least as big as my arm. Well maybe my hand. Well it was probably only an inch long, but maybe spiritually is was giant. It was a wolf spider with an egg case and a mass of babies on her back. I carefully put her back in the garden.
    I just wanted to share it. I never thought such strange and wonderful creatures lived in my neck of the city.

  109. I have always felt an affinity to the spider in a positive way. I never kill them and try protect them from others who do. A few days ago I saw a little jumping spider on a thin steel pole in my garden. I really enjoyed his appearance so I gathered my camera and took several close up pictures. After taking the last picture a few seconds later I felt something on my arm. The little guy jumped on me yet he/she didn’t bite me. And it had been there long enough to. It did scare me though out of shock. Without thinking I shook it off. After that I thought that maybe I shouldn’t have. Just a bit for thought…

    1. Jumping spiders are supposed to be very curious spiders, and love interacting with humans. So, either way I’m sure the spider enjoyed your time together! :mrgreen:

  110. Just got bit on my toe by a spider as i was asking god guidance on what do with mine and my moms relationship.any ideas?

  111. I woke up at night and felt thirsty. While drinking water, I felt something on my lips, and thought that maybe there is a mosquito or something in the water. I drank a few more sips (still feeling that something on my lips) and went back to sleep. Then woke up in the morning to find a black spider in the glass… I was drinking water in which the spider was, probably already dead 🙁 This was very disturbing, I was almost crying after seeing this… What could this mean? The quotation box at the top of page says: “Consider the future you are weaving. Does it include your biggest dreams?”. I’d think that this could be an indication that I am not headed in the right direction, that what I am weaving does not have place for my biggest dreams…
    Any more comments or interpretations?
    One more thing I’d like to say is that I was encountering delicate brown house spiders at home a little while back… I’d pick those up on a paper and release them outside safely. This one in the glass was a solid black one, though.

    Thanks very much.

    1. Also, to mention that the night before, I saw a snail crawling outside our house. It was very unsafe for it to be there, it couldve easily been crumpled under our feet! But we just left it there as it was crawling towards a bush, and it was nighttime with nobody coming to our door at that hour…

  112. Okay so I just had 2 dreams in one night and can remember much but, that’s not so unusual. What I do remember is that in both dreams there was a big fuzzy taranchala trying to go for my left arm. It never bit me but I was still crazy nervous as it climbed up my left arm and just sat there. Any thoughts what this means??

  113. It was 6am and I just opened my eyes to see a friendly spider climbing along the far edge of my bedroom ceiling. I like spiders as long as they aren’t giant poisonous ones! They eat bugs and spin pretty webs 🙂
    It quickly occurred to me that the spider might climb on the ceiling over my bed and fall on my face but I dismissed the thought as ridiculous. Spiders are smart creaures and just don’t fall! My dog woke up too and we watched the spider with interest as it ambled upside down along the right edge of my ceiling now. Halfway to the end, it turned directly and made a beeline for what is above my bed. My dog and I just stared dreamily at him when suddenly above my face he dropped with a web attached!! Both (my pup and I) of us jumped and we got out of bed; No coffee required!!! It was so funny.. but I have wondered if there is any meaning to this. Spiders don’t just decide to drop on your face for no reason??

  114. I can not stand spiders. I am soo scared of them but in the last 2 weeks I have had 2 spiders on the back of my hand and the most recent, 1 in my hand! Does this mean anything?

  115. Debbie Harrison

    As I was preparing to leave a psychics home today after a reading I noticed a small grey spider climbing up my right leg.. It was just above my kee. I quickly flicked it onto the floor where it crawled away. What does all this mean?

  116. 😛 I had a dream that I was wandering around Brooklyn, New York where I’ve recently moved.
    I saw a wooden corner, like the ledge of a handrail. It was in a corner, I saw a golden ring in the bottom of a mess of baby spiders all crawling over it. I fished it out.

  117. I dreamt about being with three men and they were throwing a huntsman spider on me. It was on my right leg. I was terrified and felt teased and bullied by the men. I woke up screaming and panicked. When I woke up there was indeed a huntsman in the hallway. I had seen him three days ago however he is growing rapidly. I have alqays been terrified of spiders now I am trying to understand this message it feels like a key

  118. Just moved in with a friend today and she had to get rid of 6 spiders in less than 30 minutes! She thinks I’ve brought them as she’s only had about 3 in the last 2 years. There were 2 huge wolf spiders and 4 white tails which all are nasty and give bad bites. Would love to know what the message is – I saw the creative message which is very true at the moment seemed a very intense message could it be anything else?

    1. I experienced the same thing. Everytime i go back home during weekends, i will encountered at least 1 one spider in my house. Then i will kill them. Maybe its just the way they’re saying “Welcome home”. If that’s the case, I don’t like the welcoming gestures at all. 😐 😐 😐

  119. 2 spiders in a few days. 1 dead, 1 alive. Is it safe to say there is stuff going on in front of me that I’m just not seeing. Do I need to reweave my web.

    1. It happen to me two spider sadness I kill one and other one was dead scary then I felted bad

      Learn they are small creatures making thier life shown
      Today I’m weaving bracelets
      Spider are creative

  120. I have a Spider on my totem pole, my shadow self got the better of me this week. Sadly my Dad passed away on the 11th February 2015,I fell in the trap of self pity. When my grown up children still chose to ignore me at my darkest point, I lost sight of the bigger picture. I am currently writing a spiritual book, she entered my path with a message to start creating. The web I weaved is the destiny that I created by making the wrong choices. I have some soul searching in front of me before I publish my book in April 2015 . Thank you for your beautiful and informative website, I get great comfort from your words and guidance to my next step on my journey . 🙂

  121. You are comfortable with the mysterious and creative side of your nature and expressing it. Also could relate to hidden artistic talents that are gently calling for your acknowledgment, patiently waiting for you to develop them.

  122. I had a dream that a black spider crawled up my arm but it was gental I felt at peace with it, so I placed it on my hand then moved it to the couch. Anybody know what this means.

    1. I had two dreams about a wolf spider sitting on the ledge of my window just sitting there watching me as I opened the window to have a smoke, it walked slowly closer to me I panicked a little but I love my spiders, I found it weird to see a wolf spider sitting on the ledge of my window because usually when I get close to one it tenses up ready to attack but this one didn’t as I was having my smoke it got closer the spider sat on my left arm not biting me or anything.

      The second dream had a wolf spider and a tarantula I was in my room writing on my laptop, writing a story then a wolf spider was sitting above my head on the ceiling watching me as the tarantula was on the bed behind my laptop I didn’t know it was there until it climbed up my leg, I closed my laptop to look at it, that’s when the wolf spider came down and sat on my laptop. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t move my body wouldn’t allow me to, the tarantula climb up to my left leg and sat there looking me in the eye I stared back at it so I drew a picture of what it looked like in the dream but as soon as I finished the drawing I had to rip it up yes my like spiders but I never had dreams about them until last night…. But the scary thing is the wolf spider its eyes wasn’t a normal color it was reddish color. What is it that they are trying to tell me?

  123. What does it mean when someone dreams of a dead spider on ones bed? I recently ended a friendship with someone and they were right across from me in the dream glaring at me.

    1. Elena was your friend a woman? It was representing her or the overbearing type of personality in that friend and the spider on your bed is that you might feel bad about it like the saying sleep on it and youll be okay, chances are if the glare was uncomfortable or had some aggression then that person did not like how you just ended it, overall nothing to worry about just emotional expression through the symbolism your mind can understand!

  124. I love love LOVE spider’s………………There creepy but there good..the kill pest’s like fly’s other’s kill rats ect.
    I dreamed of a spider once.
    I used to dream about them all the time weaving webs in both my dreams and out I love LOVE <3 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE bugs and books.
    Spider's are Smart,dangerous & cunning.
    In the Greek story of Arcanine and Athena is the Arcanine bosted about her weaving saying she was better then Athena
    And Athena didn't like that so she ripped up her weaving stuff and turned her into a spider(The first EVER spider) so now we have spider's the end………….. :mrgreen:

    Ok on to the dream…………………It was a hunted house and I was so happy but alone……….the house was full of webbing and dead spider's is dead spider's ok in dreams???

  125. I have always been extremely afraid of spiders. However for the last year I have been seeing them everywhere. Not just in dreams. But I see them crawl right past my face or dropping down onto me from the ceiling fan. Big ones too! But I am not scared anymore. I know the spiders that are coming to me are not real and only visions and I just watch them come to me. They are trying to tell me something. Then, earlier in the year two Black widows appeared. (Real spiders this time not visions! ) One on either side of the garage door. Both females. Now, of all the spiders to be afraid of, the widow should be one right? But I am completely not afraid. I have found myself checking for them every day and I am utterly fascinated with them. I know they will not harm me. Am I right in saying that they are my Guardians? I feel protected by them. Of course I respect them and know not to make them feel threatened. My Husband wanted to get rid of them but that made me feel sad and for some reason he saw that I needed them.
    I am also very creative, I make jewelry using raw stone specimens and just recently my creative business is really taking off and the ideas are flowing.
    I guess I am seeking what their message is. Are they my spirit totems? and are they here to be my guardians? I am still afraid of other spiders a little, but not these two. what does it all mean? !

  126. The last two days I have awaked to see a rather large black and yellow spider crawling toward me on one of the cabinets we keep clothes in among other things. The first time it crawled to the corner and when I went to the bathroom soon after it was no longer there. today I saw it about where it disappeared before and it crawled upward toward the stuff we have stored on top and out of my sight. the yesterday it looked to be about the size of my palm including the legs today I could not get an accurate idea of its size but i felt that it was the same spider.

    1. Today I saw a different looking spider this one while still about the size of my hand was brown in color. thing is I am seeing them not as a part of a dream but upon waking but before I get up for the day. Today it was crawling in the direction toward my head on the overhead light fixture and it disappeared at the edge of the fixture.

    2. this morning’s s[ider broke up and became some sort of scurrying bug I felt like they were ants still headed in the general direction of my head but fanning out.

  127. Hi

    I am a lifelong arachnophobe and have always experienced severe anxiety at the mere thought of a spider. Seeing a picture of a spider would chill my blood and seeing a moving image or a real spider would literally make me so scared that I often felt physically sick. Over the past year or so I have been having more and more dreams involving spiders, in this time my phobia has lessened considerably. Most recently the regularity of my spider dreams has increased. Also, just now, while meditating, an image of a large spider, it’s legs in particular came to me. It seemed like it came from deep within and I wouldn’t have consciously brought this image to mind.

    The descriptions above seem to make some sense. I am creative and have been working hard on several new business projects. However, I haven’t seen any spiders in the flesh which seems odd because here, in the UK, we have seen an explosion in the number of spider populations. Most of my friends are full of stories about their windows being blocked by spider webs or seeing unusually large spiders in their home but I have not seen a single spider other than those in my dreams. It just all seems a bit odd, that’s all.

  128. This morning I walked outside and there were 2 spiders (one hanging from a light, it was the bigger of the two and the other hanging from the window) they were both curled up, not moving and looked dead. But as I watched the littler one uncurled and moved way. And then the bigger spider uncurled and then went to the top of the light and just sat there.
    What does that mean?

    1. Hello Katrina: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of this page when you return to it. It will have a message that is specific to you. The number two is symbolic of having faith and courage. Know that your dreams are manifesting even though you cannot see them yet.

  129. Okay, Howdy there!
    I was wondering if there was possible meaning in this.
    So, Everytime I drive to home from work every Wednesday night for the past two weeks (only Wednesday night) this brown spider just crawls across my windshield window. I don’t try and move the spider I just simply watch it and try to focus on the road. The spider simply crawls back and forth and up and down the window shield directly in front me. It then crawls up to the top of the window and it goes away. I’m not frightened much by spiders, in matter of fact, when they are in my house I try and get a stick and put it outside. I wouldn’t go and say that they’re my all time favorite animal, but I am awed by them. I don’t know what it’s try to show, or symbolize, for that matter. It’s kind of awing actually. Just wondering what it meant! Thank-you

    1. And now this morning I had a dream where I was surrounded by magic and I go up the outside stairs and I see these two large webs. I know what’s coming so I simply go up and pink spiders, with the body of my rose quartz pendant, start to crawl up.my arms There were several of those, then two big white spiders began to crawl up my arms. I don’t know what the spiders are trying to tell me but, I think it’s pretty clear they are trying to say something.

  130. This morning as I approached my car on the driveway, I saw a huge dark brown spider with a cross on it! It was just still. I bent down to put my cell phone closer to it to get a clear photo. It didn’t move. It was still. I took a receipt out of my purse since that is all I had to touch the spider with & nudged it. The spider moved so I know it was alive. What symbolism could this spider have for me?

    1. The message is that you need to pay attention to your thoughts. What you think about yourself and others is exactly what you create in real life. Focus on positive results without dwelling on your failures.

  131. Hi, I have been dreaming a lot about spiders. In particular descending into sacred pools full of spiders, the pools are beautiful and surrounded by lush grass, trees but are quiet and secluded . I walk down to them but I’m reluctant to step into the water because of the many and varied colour spiders. I am not scared of spiders in life, love having them close and in my house, welcome guests. What do you think?

    1. Hello Lynne: The association of creativity (Spiders) and water (emotions) and the multitude of colors (range of emotions) is interesting in this dream. I would suggest that you have an emotional blockage with regard to your own creativity. You can see all the wonderful things that you can manifest but you are afraid of all the possibilities – both good and bad. You are fearful of your own power. Use affirmations and meditation to get to the root of your fears so that you can resolve them.

    2. Thank you, this resonates, I will meditate on it and see where it takes me. thank you for your gift of wisdom, Lynne xxx

  132. Hi.

    For the last week or so I’ve had a big spider in my bedroom. I have a fear of spiders so this has been stressful. I assumed it was a message but not sure what about. I then had one on my face whilst I was on the train! 🙁 then for about a week no spiders, which I was happy about.. but last night another spider in my bedroom and again this morning.. I guess I’m not getting the message they are trying to send me.. Please help. Thank you x

    1. Hi Funksta: Pay attention to the message in the quotation box when you return to this page – and follow through on it’s message. Also read the reply to Kateisha about the Spider phobia.

  133. Hi, my name is Teish and I have maybe a few inquiries as to the meaning of a few things.
    To the first, I believe it was a Brown Recluse about the size of a dime, it was hiding in a curtain covering a doorway, when I spread the curtain it fell and crossed my path.
    To the second, there was a velvety black spider the size of a quarter in my bathroom sink that appeared over a span of three days whenever I came into the room.
    To the third, there has been a recent invasion to these light grey pin sized spiders all over my pile of laundry.
    To the fourth, what does it mean to have a nightmare of all doorways in a house damiliar to the dreamer being covered in spiders with their webs then having the spiders leave their webs to cover you.?
    As a side note, I’m quite afraid of spiders almost to the point of a phobia, but as spiritual signs I try to be conscious to what they mean though the answers I find tend to differ.

    1. Hello Kateisha: People who have a phobia about Spiders usually have a fear of their own creativity. Creativity can be very ungrounding and disorienting especially if the Kundalini is engaged in the efforts. I would say that once you start to explore your creativity you will begin to feel your phobia dissolve.
      To dream of Spider Webs keeping you isolated in the familiar space of a home is indicative that you have isolated yourself from the world in some way. Perhaps you have securely nestled yourself in “responsibility” to the exclusion of nurturing yourself and doing the things that you enjoy.

  134. Hi,

    I just moved into my new home. And seeing spiders almost every day. I have a phobia and so far have killed at least 9- 10 so far. All this started after I started doing reiki . I have been going out everyday to look for job and I usually see a spider in the bathroom when I’m getting ready in the morning. So on days that I see a spider that day I do not get any positive job response. I’m wondering if the spider is trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be trying in those locations? I’m very confused.

    1. Hello: We attract to us what we fear the most in order that we can transform our fear into something more positive and useful to us. Take the time to analyze why you have a phobia about Spiders and also what thoughts you are having about that particular days job interviews. Remember we are manifesting our own reality at all times.
      On a more positive note – you need to make a note of what exactly your dream job is. Then pursue it with passion, and dedication. It’s the only way to manifest your own perfect reality. Remember that failure is good – because it allows you to redefine goals that no longer serve you and move through them to something greater.

  135. Dear Silken Raven,

    My life has been in a transition for the past three years, which began with moving into a different apartment (and I hate it here). It was a financial decision, I had to downsize. Before the move, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider that sent me to the hospital. Then shortly after that, I was bitten again by a reddish brown spider on the back. I made the move which is still in the same neighborhood. Since, I have been here (3 years) I have been bitten by a spider, and counting this latest episode (this past friday), which left me with over 20 bites on my legs that I can’t even begin to guess how it happened. A brown widow had made a home in the flower pot outside my door, but I chase her away because I’m tire of getting bitten. lol And it’s not pretty. I’m deeply troubled by this latest incident it. At first I thought maybe there’s been negative energy around me, which I plan to do some work on, but I also can’t help feeling (especially with the most recent vicious attack, that they’re trying to tell me something? I hope you can offer some insight?? I’m a poet, writer, weaver and all around artist. This morning when I awoke spirit told me spider is my totem animal. But what does she want from me…help!


    1. I meant to say since the move I’ve been bitten at least 5-6 times in total, with the latest episode being the most vicious

    2. Hello Noot: As we all know Spider is all about creativity. In this case though your Spider bites relate to where you are currently at emotionally. For some reason you are punishing yourself for being forced to downsize and Spider is trying to bring your attention to it. Your internal programming is somehow sabotaging your desire to move forward with your life and especially seems to take action when you start to move towards any commitment for the future. Take the time to monitor your thoughts, self talk, and feelings. Work toward releasing your guilt over failure, blame and distrust over new ventures. Know in your heart that without the occasional “failure” there can be no emotional and spiritual growth. Embrace where you are now. You are going to have to really dig deep to release these old unhealthy patterns so that you can live the life you were truly meant to live. Spider is always a reminder that we create our own reality by our thoughts. Find things to be grateful for and more will come to you.

  136. Hello, I am rather familiar with spiders since I live in a house and this evening I saw one on the ceiling near the door, later on, while listening to some interesting information on the internet the same spider fall onto my face (I was laying with eyes closed); since the chances for it to fall exactly on my face seem to me very low, I took it was sort of a sign. Can anyone help me understand this message? (I took the spider out of the room) Thank you.

    1. Hello Angel: Pay attention to the quotation box when you return to this page. The spider falling on your face is an emphasis of that particular message. Pay Attention. 🙂

  137. Today I noticed 3 spiders in my room. They look like false black widows. Two of them have webs built near the right and left of my window, the right one being higher. The third I saw crawling toward the window and under my curtains. I haven’t seen them before today. Can anyone help me decipher their message?

    1. Hello Cassie: The three Spiders are reminding you that it is okay to ask for help. Ask for guidance and direction and you will have many hands willing to help. Follow your creative inspirations and you will soon find what you were looking for.

  138. I remember going into the bathroom one time and seeing a giant black and yellow spider. It was unusual to see a spider like that because most spiders I come across are small and dull in color (black or brown) That was the first time I encountered a spider like that and I’ve never seen one like it since. I wouldn’t consider myself arachnaphobic because I’ve observed arachnaphobic behavior before and my feelings towards them aren’t that intense. I’ll just say that seeing a spider makes me a tad bit uncomfortable and I certainly wouldn’t like it if I found one crawling on me.

    1. Hello Samantha: I would suggest that such a lovely spider is symbolic of a hidden talent that you have yet to discover within yourself. You need to follow the threads of your creativity and see where it evolves to. Don’t be afraid of failure – it’s just a tool that Spirit uses for teaching and learning as we grow towards our life purpose.

  139. I have had numerous encounters with spiders in my life, plenty of smaller spiders, but what is notably uncommon for most people, I happen to come across a lot of large spiders of many different species throughout my life. What has me confused is that spiders don’t usually target humans as prey, from what I gather on the internet anyway. Why would spiders of varying species (at least 3) have chosen me as a midnight snack? I’m having hard luck finding any significance in the meaning of them choosing me in the fashion that they do. I can only speculate that they are feeding off me after having numerous “flare up” that is unlike body acne and by the chance of finding a spider leg in my bedding or on my body after the situation has already occurred for months or weeks. The spiders I encounter that stick out the most are the predatory ones… They prefer to hunt at night, though I’ve seen some really amazing spiders during the day. One closely reminded me of some type of Vermont Tarantula.. 😆

    1. Hello Wicked Pixie:
      Spider bites are significant in the fact that they reflect some of our old childhood programming. Even though your creativity is at a peak – your are also manifesting ways to stop yourself from attaining your dreams. Every time you “cross the line” out of what you subconsciously believe is “normal” you attract detrimental people, events and situations into your life that delays, derails or distorts your self development efforts. It’s a form of self sabotage. Use affirmations and focus on your thoughts to keep things positive. Use phrases like “I choose” “I now believe” and I am” with your affirmations.

    2. You are absolutely correct! This is something I’ve been struggling with for years and am so glad that I finally have an affirmation to it. There has been a lot of old memories resurfacing due to my current situation, mostly family stuff, So it makes complete sense! I have quit drinking for almost 4 months now, started college again, but as I find myself alone, and in boredom, I start to feel desperate for the need of .company. It’s true, I can self sabotage myself, almost always. Even though I have no intentions of doing so. Thank you for your time and consideration in answering my question, and as quickly as you did! You have awesome insight.

    3. I’m really glad to stumpled upon this Website and i don’t even know what
      to actually say because everything is outspoken already. Maybe I could atleast contribute
      my Part of the Story of what’s happening to us. Several odd things happened in my life and changed
      my perception of this world. But its not that story I’m speaking of, its about my search for my spirit animal,
      or guidance. I always assumed it’d be the Owl because i heard her often, even making same sounds
      and getting answer 😀 But the real intentional encounter was when i’ve been out picking mushrooms. :mrgreen:
      And I laid down on the Grass and received Energy from Earth… Its one of the strongest Feelings one(ness) can have,
      like standing in a Summer Rain and dont feel any Coldness or seeing the Ocean for the first time.

      Then I noticed 3 bites just after a couple of hours (always 2 bitemarks) getting swollen and red^^
      So 3 days later I’m sitting here and been thinking about my spirit animal like i did the last month,
      and half awake and half dreaming i see that Spider at the wall. I learned to love Spiders… My Dad
      always told me “It’s nature, and they’re eating the annoying Fly’s aswell”, so I let all Spiders live i see in my flat, maybe
      because to honor his life work, raising me^^. Telling me about the Nature.

      So i try to catch her to bring that huge beast out of the Room, but failed. The same Spider
      appeared again a couple of Minutes ago. The thought that suddenly came to me was overwhelming.
      She tried to tell me she’s my spirit animal, my guidance. And everything fits in all Descriptions i’ve read so far.
      Just thanks 1 mio times for Posting this awesome Article and Comments . I can’t thank you enough !

      Ah just in case someone could think the Spider could be deadly or so, dont worry we got no lethal Spiders around here.^^

      – Slythrin

  140. In my dream saw one camel spider in my room then i saw a regular spider near the camel spider the regular spider had web then the camel spider ate/attacked the spider what does it mean?

    1. Then when i woke up my subconciuos mind could not wake me up i could not raise my arm, body and legs its like something was stopping me but i new i was awake does it mean anything? It felt like a dream in another dream then after a few minutes I finally woke up

    2. Hello Kenneth: I would say that the dream was letting you know that you were allowing your day to day burdens in your waking life to stop your creativity and ability to manifest your dreams. You need to release your burdens so that you can see your way clearly. Use affirmations and explore your thoughts. See what is holding you back.

    1. For the past one month i have been praying very hard for the same thing. Yesterday before i prayed a small harmless black spider went across my bible. Today before praying the same little spider went down from my same bible. I have been praying and talking to God to bless me to meet this person i have not met before to whom i have confessed my love for her. I do not know the meaning of this strange happening. Also asked God to show me the sign of favour.

  141. Spider has long been a totem animal of mine, often visiting my apartment (where for decades it has been allowed to live in as much peace as possible. If there’s any danger (once a large spider decided to live in an awkward place in the bathroom, and I have a cat who considers small insects a threat!) then it is gently relocated.) But lately–over the past month, many spiders have been spinning webs in the common area outside of my apartment. Beneath stairwells, near (as well as on my balcony), in the tree outside. These are large spiders and they are spinning webs in prominent places. My neighbors are not as open to spider energy as I am, unfortunately! I fear for the safety of my arachnid friends. But my goodness–these webs have been very beautiful!

    Also, yesterday, on a run, I saw two large spiders with webs spun nearly together, two distinct web-homes with spiders in the center, but in the glistening sunlight, they were at an interesting angle, overlapping, yet some inches apart . .in all of these years, I have never known spider to have a companion, as spiders (I thought) are more solitary creatures. I checked earlier today and the two spiders were still together, though the angles of their web shifted slightly, as they redesigned their webs, and one web was angled beneath the other.

    Any insights?

    1. Hello Rena: Two spiders in close proximity in the way that you describe are letting you know that you need to have faith and courage. Your prayers are manifesting, even if they are not visible yet. Trust your own creative abilities.

  142. I have seen a lot of spiders lately, they are actively pursuing me. I was at ceder point a couple weeks ago and a huge wolf spider, carrying hundreds of babies came over the cement edging and came towards me. Someone stopped and pointed it out to me. I took several pictures. Every step I took it turned and started moving toward me again. I did not harm it. I have gotten several bug bites in the past couple months and the tests come back as spider bites, all of them. Then just a short time ago I was sitting on our guest bed and a huge spider dropped from the ceiling on to the center of my chest. I carefully took my shirt off and flipped it over to look at it, maybe kill it, but it was gone. Just gone. After this article I am now very curious as to what is going on.
    (I posted this on another thread because I had not seen this one yet. Full disclosure. 😉 )

    1. Hi Venetia: The Spiders are trying to let you know that you have to stop doubting your own creative abilities. You have a gift and need to start using it. If you are not sure what it is then follow the threads of your hobbies. Take them a step further.

    2. For the past few years I have been extremely sick, with no real medical answers. I’ve had most of my filter organs removed, two heart attacks a stroke, all this before my early 40’s. Because of my recent spider encounters my Doctor thought maybe I have an infection that attracks spiders and sent me to a different sort of Doctor. This past week I went to a naturopath doctor who told me I am dying because I am giving away all my energy, I need to be protected, and a bunch of other really confusing stuff. He told me to put on tigers eye and he will get me in touch with someone to help me. I totally forgot to tell him about the spiders. The whole encounter was so odd, but not unique. I found out a few years ago that my father was 1/2 native American and lied about it his whole life. He died when he was 53. My health is going the way his did, and obviously I don’t want to end up the same way. I have been used in the past and am having major issues with suspicion and such. That’s where I am at now. Totally confused.

    3. Hi Venetia: You are not your father. You are yourself and in order to work through your health issues right now you have to go inward and work through your own belief systems. If you believe yourself to be toxic and sick – this is what you will create outwardly. Doctors can help with the symptoms – but only you can heal your own thoughts and your own body. Your answers are within and only your can unravel them.

  143. I never saw a camel spider in my dream
    But camel spiders are actually solpugids
    I heard its like a scorpion and a spider like put together but idk what that means
    Plus I never saw any webs, but tunnels and I would always get swept up by the wind.

    1. Hi Gioia: The Camel Spider in your dream is also about creativity but it brings with it the message that we should be careful of the burdens, and problems we tend to carry on our shoulders. (Often problems that we create ourselves) When we release those problems to the wind and stay grounded in the present all things will return to it’s proper order.

  144. Hi Elaine: I just want to add that the Wolf Spider probably deserves it’s own page – which I will eventually get to. In the meantime I would combine the Wolf’s teachings with the Spiders message for further insight. You have already done such an amazing job at deciphering this Spider’s message!

    Silken Raven

    1. Silken, I wanted to ask you for your opinion on a situation that I am undergoing where I feel I am attracted spiders for a specific reason, I feel when I am spiritually most high I seem to spot a spider, wherever I am. Now I believe that the message I have received is to remind me to stay focused on what I’ve plan, this is because I have no business to be distracted by spiders, they are everywhere are they not and trying to stay out my way! It’s crazy, it is coincidental but I do feel we literally attract a set of beings when in a particular state of mind. This is exactly the motivation I needed. Peace, One love.

  145. Hello,

    Spider has always been a very close ally, from time I was young. Spider often accompanies in my dreams and as a young girl I would fly about at night, and landing was always so scary. I would plummet to earth falling faster and faster until I would spring comfortably into a huge web that was spun and hung from an old oak tree and was connected to the back portion of the trailer in which I grew up. Today I noticed a spider, a large Indiana wolf spider but one of the few I have seen that have a long pointed back section, not rounded, and I assume because they do not normally spin webs. It was tangled in the web of another spider just under the stove. It was struggling quite profusely and my first thought was that of being tangled in others webs, if you do not build your own web and follow your own dreams you will ultimately be consumed by the dreams and webs of others.

    Are there any other insights that could benefit this thread?

    Thanx to all and have a wonderful day!


    1. Mariraina Itaaken

      It is really true Elaine that when you don’t weave your own web, you’ll be tangled up in others web or life rather than your own.

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