Parrot Symbolism

Feeling a little self-important? Tone it down a bit so that you can actually hear yourself.

Parrot Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Parrot symbolism is asking you to stay alert. New ideas which can bring about new growth or a new direction is imminent for you. Thus like the Schnauzer dream, the Parrot meaning insists that you need to pay attention. There are signs and omens around you. With this spirit animal on your side, everything is possible right now. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to go after the dreams you once thought were out of reach.

Alternatively, Parrot symbolism may be asking you to learn new language skills. It could also be that your self-talk has been more negative than positive of late. In other words, take the time to become aware of what you are saying to yourself.

Parrot Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Parrot totem are natural diplomats. Thus, like the Scarab Beetle, they are good at mediating opposing forces into compromise and understanding. Also, like the Angelfish, they have an innate knowledge of color, it’s symbolism, and it’s healing powers. Folks with this spirit animal totem can naturally use color for healing purposes. They do this with themselves and with others as well.

These people also know exactly when to speak and when to stay silent. Therefore they rarely participate in gossip.

Parrot Dream Interpretation

When you have a Parrot dream, it symbolizes the fact that you are mirroring habits, characteristics, and actions. These are not necessarily reflective of who you are. In other words, you are repeating cycles and patterns in your life, some of which may not be positive. If this bird is flying, it represents someone who is a people pleaser. Without any real scrutiny, this type of person does everything as directed, and believes everything without any real investigation. If this bird is caged, it symbolizes the inability to integrate lessons. These would be the lessons that you see reflected through other people’s words and actions.

In some cases, this bird could symbolize a person in your waking life who is eccentric and obnoxious. It may also mean that you or someone close to you is being repetitive or mocking. Alternatively, like the Chicken dream, this bird can also represent the sharing of messages or gossip. Therefore you must think twice about repeating or sharing specific information.


  • I dreamt of a white parrot that I was transporting in a cage from school to a house, neither of which were familiar. At some point the parrot was out of his cage and I was holding it like a baby, on its back and it was content. It wasn’t talking but would occasionally give a squawk. I couldn’t put him back in his cage but got him into a room so he wouldn’t fly away. Any insight?

  • Today at my house I found 2 parrots one grey and one colorful one and they were in my balcony.they came sometimes into my house and knocked like 3 times in my window .I’d really want to know what this means.

  • Today I was sad crying and next thing you know I can hear outside why are you crying. And they set a macaw in its cage outside across the street. Made me happy so happy like my secret. The Macaw was whistling, singing, making lots of noise. Very much felt better and they have no idea. Thank you macaw with love from me.

  • In my dream a parrot was sitting beside me….. I catch it in my hand I took a photo of it……then it wanted to be free out of my hands ….then I let it fly from window ….it was feeling happy n flew away

  • I saw a yellow beautiful parrot flying to a tree where I desire to have parrot and spread my left arm. Two big parrots like a small pecock size sits on my left arm armed I catch one in my right arm dry armndrmnd trying to prepare armndrmnd room for keeping it.

    Please suggest me what it is

  • Round where I live we’ve always had a fair few crows and magpies- which I always acknowledge should they speak to me recently there’s been a pair of ring necked parakeets which fly low over my head as I walk down the road I’ve also had similar with a lovely Bluejay , we do have a few flocks of these parakeets locally though they’re not actually native to the Uk as the other birds I’ve mentioned are

  • So lately I have been dreaming about parrots and to be specific it is always the same kind of parrot. I tend to dream about green Quaker parrots and that I’m always trying to keep/buy one. Also, they are either in a cage or I’m holding them and they are learning how to speak.
    I do own three of them so idk why in my dreams I want one so bad, it doesn’t make sense to me.
    What do you think this can mean?

    • Hi Brenda, I am not the best here but 27 years ago I adopted a Quaker that was going to be put down. I was planning on finding him a home. Didn’t realize it would be mine. He lived in an open cage and went everywhere with me. Last week at 37 years old he passed and my heart broke. I was told by a woman that she saw him in a vision during the time he was being cremated . He came to her and then he flew to me and circled my head several times before taking off. She said he wanted me to know his full release was done and he was there for me. I just wondered if there was some other meaning.

  • My father recently passed away. During the funeral mass I had to step out with my grandson. When I went to return into the church the tree at the entrance of the church had five Ravens silently sitting in it. Coincidentally there are five siblings in my family. I personally could not think that this was some sort of a sign but I’m not too sure as to what. Can you help me?

    • My deepest condolences to you, Laura, and all of your family. The silence of the five ravens (crows?) is telling me that they are paying respect for your family’s sorrow. I wonder why you placed your comment on the parrot page. There is a special page available for crow and raven.

  • I dream I saw a very big African parrot in which I’m asking him for direction and he directed me perfectly to one late popular and well know man papa awolowo house please what is the meaninig?

  • Hello, I checked everywhere and have no idea, maybe you can help. I had some quests over my place so I was not the only one to hear a parrot singing in the flat. I have no parrots and neither my neighbors. My quests freaked out, because it came from my altar.

  • A white love bird flew into my yard and he actually hit my shoulder. I tried getting it but my dog almost ate it and he took off while I was holding my dog.

  • Yesterday in my dream I saw that my mother gave me a baby when i was sitting on the bed. As soon as I stood up from the bed that baby turned into a parrot, I also saw that 2 parrots started flying around that parrot which was in my hand. That 2 parrots are very big in size. After that I moved out of the room, and that parrot which was converted from a baby was holding my clothes from my chest. Then I put that parrot in cold water, then in hot water then again in cold water and then that parrot died just because of my silly mistake. In my dream I didn’t have any intension to kill the parrot, even I was not knowing that by performing all this stuff that parrot can die. Ya I was also kissing that baby and that parrot too. It was a horror dream when I was watching it.

  • A greenish yellow parrot was sitting on my backyard grille the whole day n night. Moving very little. I try to give it some grains n water but she didn’t drink or eat. I just want to the message. But when I went towards her she flew away after almost 24hrs. I really don’t no what it means.

  • I had a dream where I’m in a wheelchair and to my sides as I’m being slowly pushed, little green parrots. They seemed lost a little but weren’t injured. They weren’t flying and they were on the floor. So I reached down and began to pick them up and place them on my shoulders. Soon I had more than 10 on my shoulders and more kept appearing and I was starting to be nervous that I wouldn’t have room on my arms for all of them. I’m wondering what this means. And I was happy I was “saving” them though they were freely jumping on my hand and sweetly resting on my shoulders.

  • I used to have a pet parrot. She was a foster bird and was very temperamental. One week she would be very sweet to me, and the next she would be doing her best to draw blood.
    She has since passed on. But she came to visit me in a dream last night and was all love and cuddles. I don’t know what it meant, but it was so nice to see her.

  • 😛 a love bird flew into my house I live in ca and this is not a native bird here it has to be someone’s pet? I am afraid to let it go it could die could this be a sign and I should keep him ? Any thoughts will help thanks

  • Man, I need some deep insight for this. I had a dream that I was sitting in my old bedroom. It was kind of dark and there were two macaws on perches. One was blue and gold and the other red. The blue one sat there and stared or watched me and I didn’t feel anything threatening from it. The red one. It looked like an older bird. Ruffled feathers and truth be told I thought it was stuffed. It never moved. But as I looked it I felt uneasy. I can see its eyes and then it hissed at me low and drawn. I freaked and ran out the room and I woke up. I don’t know what it means but I’m very troubled by it. Anyone have ideas as to what is Goin on? Much appreciated!

    • Maybe it is the voice of yourself. Don’t be afraid! It likely has much to tell you and can help you integrate your learning and knowing.


  • the place where my dream happened was very familiar, it was across my house saw baby red parrots in a cage and next to it saw a majestic macaw parrot look at me constantly at that time i felt the love that the parrot was trying to show and it flew away to the parking lot where i followed it as it settles down it still keeps looking at me i try to get hold of it twice but i couldnt take it in my hands as it was too big and was afraid to capture it, by then random people had come to see the parrot and of them took it away, as that happened i woke up and now i want to buy one.

  • Last night I dreamt I was in someone’s garage and saw a beautiful bright blue macaws parrot preaching towards the then quickly flew outside and flew out to another bright blue macaw that looked exactly the same. They ended up kissing and making gestures of love. Then I ended up taking pictures of them with my camera..can someone tell me what this dream means. Thank you..

  • One month ago i heard a bird sound outside my front door. It was one red headed lovebird! It was scared as he was training to fly but he couldn’t. So i cover it with a towel and took him inside. I have made him a very comfortable bird cage and he is healthy and happy! His name is Sherlock 😉 I have find and rescyou many animals in my life. But this is the first time an animal in need games to find me… <3

  • yesterday, 1/2 hour before sunset. For about 45 minutes I heard a beautiful chirping on my 3#rd floor balcony. facing the many mountain ranges around my place. Finally I looked for source of song and there was this large brightly colored beautiful parakeet. I talked to her/him for about 10 minutes then placed my outstretched forefinger near her. She began to make her way towards my finger. How blessed am I, I thought. There was a sudden loud noise and she took flight. i sang out to her as she flew off hoping she would return and she did not. A divine visitation.

  • I saw over 100 parots fly over a street I was on in my country trinidad, it was beyond amazing and it happens after 6pm in the evening

  • A king parrot landed near me and moved really close, I went to take a photograph and it moved away, I was alone at the time

    • Neat article! I really am enjoying learning more about Spirit Animals. Yesterday 3 parrots squawked. I can hear them sometimes in the distance but rarely catch their flight. Then today, one landed on a wire while I was outside chatting / squawking in the distance. I looked at it and acknowledged it. I’ve been following omens these last few days, perhaps it is saying to pay attention. I’m stepping into new territory – it must be time to widen my horizons! 😀

    • Hey Robert,

      How did u go with the King Parrot thing…?

      I’ve had simular encounters and am wondering if u have any insight e.g. whats the spiritual energy of the King Parrot in general?


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