Allow yourself to give with unconditional love and compassion.
-Dairy Cow

Cow Meaning and Messages

In this case, Cow symbolism is reminding you to tread lightly along your path. In this way, you will be able to leave others unharmed as you seek to reach your goal. Moreover, cow symbolism reminds you that your progress towards your goal protects the environment, its inhabitants, and the emotional balance of those around you. Thus this spirit animal reminds you to consider your next move carefully.

Alternatively, Cow’s meaning is reminding you that it is essential to give while you are receiving. By sharing your current wealth and abundance, you will make room for more of the same. When you connect yourself to the source energy of creation, you will experience abundance and fullness. In some cases, the Cow meaning symbolizes a deep connection with the Earth and the Earth’s creative and rejuvenating properties. Thus it can represent a period of magic and transformation.


Stand your ground! You can do this! In other words, stop listening to others and believe in yourself. Moreover, trust in the plans you made and the goals you have set for yourself. In this case, Bull’s symbolism is letting you know that you have manifested your desires.

Alternatively, Bull’s symbolism is reflecting the need for a sacrifice for the greater good. In other words, you are going to have to give up something to get what you want.


In this case, Calf’s symbolism lets you know that you need to allow yourself to feel joy. Being happy is an attitude that takes work. Moreover, the effort you put into yourself will always return tenfold. Come from the heart and love yourself.


When you encounter a heifer, like a Skunk, it is a sign of innocence and naivete. Thus you will need to look inward to see the truth behind the current situation you are experiencing. Something is not right.

Alternatively, heifer cow meaning brings to light new found love and jubilance in your life. You will find joy in everything you do, say, and experience.


In this case, the steer you encounter lets you know that it is time to buckle down and get a bit more focused if you want to complete that project. It will be well worth your while.

Black Angus, Black Cow Symbolism

Similar to the Virus, when black cow symbolism crosses your path, it means that you must evaluate your goals. In other words, your goals are outdated. They no longer serve the bigger picture of things to come.

Highland Cow

When you come across Highland Cow symbolism, it is a reminder that you are a survivor. Yes, your path is blocked, and your dreams are postponed. However, this is all for a good cause, and persistence will soon clear the way for you.

Dairy Cow

When the Cow is a dairy cow such as a Holstein, Jersey, or Guernsey, then the message is a reminder that you have all of the tools to sustain yourself through this period you currently find yourself. Similar to the Seagull, by carefully managing your resources and sharing what you can, you will enrich the lives of yourself and others. Thus the cow symbolism reminds you that giving without expectation of receiving is an essential lesson for you right now.

White Cow Meaning

When the Cow is white, you can expect to move forward quickly with your endeavours. The path is wide open to you, and everything is in place. Thus the universe is asking you to move forward without hesitation.

Red and White Cow Meaning

When the animal is red and white, you must be very clear about your intentions to reach your goals. Clarity and purpose must synchronize in such a way that they meld into the same path. For instance, you cannot clear cut the forest without making plans to protect the environment and replanting afterward. Stewardship is a much better plan by which you remove only a few select pieces so that the forest can continue to grow and thrive.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Cow Totem

People with cow totem are highly protective of their families. They also promote collective, or group, connection. These folks tend to have a strong bond with each other, as they survive in a herd. The mother and child connection is powerful with the cow totem. It can be very nurturing as a spirit animal, providing an endless source of guidance, protection, and sustenance.

People with cow totem are good at acquiring things. In particular, abundance and prosperity. They crave continuity in everything and relish stability. These folks are service-oriented, often putting others’ needs above their own. They are very likely to be spiritual healers who can transform negative energy into positive energy, an empath, or a lightworker.

In all probability, cow totem people are very grounded, as they are closely associated with Mother Earth. However, the Cow spirit can also be associated with the sky. Thus it may give you the air characteristics, making you light, free, and able to transform yourself more easily than others.

Folks with this power animal must be careful not to follow others blindly. Like the Armadillo, be sure to discern each situation and think for yourself.

Be careful not to follow others blindly, without thinking for yourself.

Bull Totem

People with bull totem tend to be a force of nature. They are potent manifesters, natural leaders, and tend to rule those around them. These folks are grounded and have an aura of strength.  Thus they have considerable earning power, prosperity, and wealth. People with the bull power animal need to be careful that they do not overpower others with their strength and force others to do their will. Their task in life is to learn subtlety and compassion.

Calf Totem

People with calf totem are generous, innocent, wholehearted, exuberant, and devoted to their Higher Power. They choose to live a life full of spirituality and love.

Cow Dream Interpretation

When you have a cow dream, it symbolizes the critical issues in your life. Thus you could be experiencing or are about to experience a profoundly transformative period in your life.  Moreover, there is the potential for some of life’s mysteries to unfold before you.

If the cow dream animals are happily grazing in a field, it represents a slow and peaceful transformational time in your life. In other words, you are about to enter a period of deep contentment and happiness.

When the cow dream depicts cattle at the slaughterhouse, it symbolizes your current feelings of being unprotected. You are feeling abandoned or isolated from those who love and protect you.

Bull Dream

When you have a Bull dream, it signifies the beginning of an abundant and prosperous time in your life. A charging beast is a reminder that it is good to move forward and reach for your goals. However, do so with awareness so that you do not go blindly forth.

A sleeping bull dream is a sign of contentment to come. You have accomplished your goals and have earned some rest. When the beast is red in your vision, it represents anger that is coming to the surface. This rage could be your anger or one of your associates.

Cow Dream that has a Calf

A calf dream represents your inner child and its innocence and vulnerability. Thus, it is a reminder that you must take time out to find joy in simple pleasures no matter how determined you are to reach your goals.

Alternatively, a calf dream can symbolize some sort of oversight on your part. Perhaps you are gullible or naïve about a situation.

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