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Meaning and Messages

In this case, Whale symbolism is reminding you that you cannot know or understand everything. There are things that you must accept through the heart, senses, and intuition without the knowledge and understanding of why. In other words, Whale meaning is asking you to have trust and faith in your heart’s desires and in spirit. In so doing, allow it to lead you to your destiny.

Humpback Whale Symbolism

In the case of Humpback Whales symbolism, it brings you a message of good fortune through creativity. Thus, like the Sea Turtle, you must not give up on your current creative endeavors because success is close at hand.

Alternatively, the Whale meaning is reminding you that you must sing your song through life. Thus, as you choose your way, separate from the choices of others, you will find your fulfillment and purpose. Yours is a path of individuality and the ability to do things in your unique way.

Blue Whale Meaning

When Blue Whale symbolism appears to you, there are always big things happening in your life right now. However, this creature is reassuring you that although things feel overwhelming right now, these changes are necessary. Thus, you need to stay focused and connected to yourself so that you can work your way through to resolution. In other words, Blue Whale symbolism reminds you to have faith in your abilities and allow yourself to be still enough to see the way.

Sperm Whale Symbolism

In this case, Sperm Whale’s meaning is a reminder that you have vast untapped resources within yourself. In other words, like the Seagull, you have all of the tools and abilities to acquire your dreams no matter how far off they seem. All you have to do is engage in the process. When you participate in manifesting your goals, your intentions become apparent to the Universe. This clarity is when the magic happens. Through faith, trust, and action, the Universe will aid your journey. In other words, Sperm Whale symbolism is letting you know that you have the power, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Alternatively, Sperm Whale’s meaning is a reminder that you are free to make your own choices in life. Thus, your uniqueness should choose a path that is right for only you. It doesn’t have to be a conventional or direct path, just one that works for you.

Pilot Whale Meaning

The Pilot Whale symbolism is reminding you that your path is unique and that even though it feels lonely, you do have help and support along the way. Even in the darkest of moments, you are being helped and guided. Like the Kangaroo, all you have to do is choose to keep moving forward.

Alternatively, Pilot Whale’s meaning is letting you know that you are not as lost as you think you are. Sure, you have lost your direction somewhat. However, it will be easy to get back on course. All it will take is a few small steps in the direction you think you should be going, and the way will become apparent to you. In other words, all you need to do is prove that you still want to get there.

Beluga Whale Symbolism

When the Beluga Whale meaning makes an appearance in your life, it is reminding you that your best friend is yourself. In other words, the spirit Whale is asking you to be kind to yourself and embrace yourself as you are. Nevermind all of your self-perceived faults and criticisms, just let them go and unconditionally accept yourself. Take the time to look at the beautiful person you are inside and out. When you love yourself, everything else will fall into place.

Alternatively, the Beluga Whale Symbolism is letting you know that you must embrace others as they are as well. There is no need to change everyone and everything to suit your taste. Thus no one has to be what you expect them to be. All they have to do is be themselves.

Occasionally Beluga Whale’s meaning brings a message of peace and harmony in your environment. What was once stressful will now dissipate and become harmonious.

Narwhal Represents

In this case, Narwhal is reminding you that everyone is unique in their way. Even if you look the same and dress the same as your friends, you are still different. Therefore, you must make your decisions in a way that is right for you and you only. See Narwhal Symbolism

Grey Whale Symbolism

In this case, Grey Whale’s meaning is reminding you that the goal you have set for yourself is not as far off as you think. In other words, change your perception of time and distance to achieve your goals. When you believe that they are closer to you, then they are. If you keep thinking that they are so far off that it will take a long time to achieve them, then it will take a long time. Time and distance are only minimal obstacles in the bigger picture of things.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Whale totem have a deeper awareness of the world around them. They also have a profound connection to the cosmic consciousness. Folks with this spirit animal recognize that what they see is not necessarily the reality of what is. Thus they are easily able to bridge these differences and integrate all things into the truth of what is.

People with this power animal are very nurturing and have substantial ties to their community at large. Often they are the movers and shakers passionately standing up for what is right locally. Like the Spider Totem, these folks love to get lost in their creativity. However, they often have to find a balance with this world and the real world.

Humpback Whale Totem

People with this spirit animal totem are exceptionally good at musical expression. They enjoy socializing with others and tend to move with the climate so that they are warm in winter and cool in summer. Although these folks love to be social, they are also independent. Thus they will spend a fair amount of time alone.

Folks with the Humpback Whale totem are also powerful communicators and are good at expressing complex theories clearly.

Blue Whale Totem

People with the Blue Whale totem have an impressive presence that makes people notice them immediately. They are intelligent, insightful, compassionate, and generous. These folks are always willing to listen or give a helping hand to a friend. They also enjoy any vocal expression.

Sperm Whale Totem

People with Sperm Whale totem are highly creative in all ways. Thus the need for them to express their creativity is so overpowering that they will often become lost in it. Consequently, they end up leading an unbalanced life because their passions consume them. However, once they learn how to integrate balance into their lives, they are happy and social people.

Pilot Whale Totem

Folks with the Pilot Whale totem, like the Angelfish, love to give help and guidance to others. They are patient listeners, compassionate towards others and themselves, and highly social. These people love to be with their peers and form a very close-knit group of friends. Their most difficult challenge in life is to act and think for themselves because they tend to follow the crowd.

Beluga Whale Totem

People with the Beluga totem are incredibly social, and enjoy lots of company and entertaining. They are also adventuresome, enjoying group tours to strange places. Their active imagination continually turns their ideas into physical expression and manifestations. They are playful, balanced, deep thinkers that love to play harmless practical jokes. Folks with this spirit animal totem can heal others with their voice.

Narwhal Totem

Like the Beluga, people with this spirit animal totem are very social. Like the Penguin totem, they understand the power of teamwork and love to work in this way. These people also have a passion for using the best possible tools to get any job done. See Narwhal Symbolism

Grey Whale Totem

People with this spirit animal totem are strong-minded, have a great deal of stamina, and will always get the job done. Their peers respect their opinions, and they will readily participate in any debate. In other words, these people love to use their voice, whether it’s for their cause, or healing and song. These folks are empathetic activists and will usually be involved in many movements. They are also willing to travel long distances to stand up for those causes.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Whale dream, it can represent your intuition and awareness. In other words, you are in tune with your sense of spirituality. Alternatively, a whale symbolizes a relationship or business project that may be too big to handle. Thus you are feeling overwhelmed.

Humpback Whale Dream

When this animal appears in your dream, it symbolizes the need for curiosity. In other words, like the Hedgehog, you must experiment with new ideas to break free of your present stagnation.

Blue Whale Dream

When you have a Blue Whale dream, it symbolizes that the problem you are currently facing is not as big as you think. In other words, use your creativity to find a simple solution.

Sperm Whale Dream

When you have a Sperm Whale dream, it is a reminder that there are no limitations to your creativity. You have all of the resources that you need to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You have all of the resources you need to accomplish the goals that you desire.

Alternatively, this mammal is reminding you that you must remain creative to complete your goals. Using your creativity will speed up any process toward any goal you have right now. Stop hesitating; the skills will come as you progress.

Pilot Whale Dream

When you dream of a pod of these mammals, it is a signal that group efforts are potent forces in creating what you desire. However, you must engage your unique gifts to the endeavor for it to be successful.

Alternatively, a Pilot Whale dream is a reminder that you must balance your work, play, and family life. In other words, you should give all things equal attention so that you will feel balanced. When things become unbalanced, you will feel out of sync and off-course.

A beached animal of this species is a reminder that family and friends are essential and should be supported. However, following these folks blindly can and will get you into trouble. Thus you need to find new ways to be supportive without compromising yourself.

Beluga Whale Dream

When you have a Beluga dream, it is a message that you will soon integrate a new spiritual understanding into your life. In other words, be open to receiving a new spiritual lesson.

Narwhal Dream

When you have a Narwhal dream, it is a specific reminder that it will take dedication, focus, trust, faith, and magic for you to achieve your goals. Each element is compelling on its own. However, when you combine them with gratitude for what you have already accomplished, that is when the magic happens.

Alternatively, when you dream of this animal moving on a direct course, you are being pointed in a new direction. Thus, Spirit is asking you to make a small change in your path that will be of benefit to you. See Narwhal Symbolism

Grey Whale Dream

When you have a Grey Whale dream, it is reminding you that although your visions may seem out of reach, the reality is that they are much closer than you think. In other words, everything is always within range. It is just a matter of perception.

Alternatively, you must look inward to see what is keeping you from successfully reaching your goals. In other words, permit yourself to succeed, dig in, and finish things up. You are too close to give up now.

42 thoughts on “Whale”

  1. It says ‘honour your soul’s purpose’. How do I discover what that is? Others say ‘Follow your passion’ and ‘Do what brings you the most joy’ but I like lots of things and have lots of interests; there’s nothing that stands out.

  2. I dream about a very huge whale…its a “balyena” in Filipino terms then the whale were near the port. The size is so big that the ships near the shore looks small when it show.

    I am looking at the sea when it suddenly appears. It creates a huge wave, and the ships began to line near the port to block the giant wave.

    The wave were blocked but a portion still reached me. It was a rainy and dark atmosphere.

    I just want to know if this is a Bad or Good thing for me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps a portion of water reaching you from this whale suggests that you need to take the time to reach into that softer and more idealistic version of you. The part of you that believes anything is possible, like it is when we were all little children. Perhaps you are too stuck in the pragmatic side of life, where you are taught to only take the “safe and secure practical,” decisions in life, but you are looking to dream of something greater than just that. Perhaps your emotions are suppressed because people have looked down on any optimism or confidence as naivety in ever suggesting that a horrible life can change.

  3. Ammon McFarland

    Greetings, I call myself Artweaver.

    On February 3, 2018 I became conscious in a most incredible and unforgettable dream. In this dream I percieved myself to be in the mouth of a great whale. I stood upon the tongue, near the front of the mouth, next to the rows of baleen. I looked around and could clearly see the inside shape of the mouth, but no surface was made of flesh.
    It was made entirely of stars and galaxies. I looked at my hands and body and saw that I was also made of stars and galaxies. I remeber thinking, I probably seem camoflaged, as both our forms were made of the same light, the same stars. I noticed movement in the throat and when I looked away from my palm up, star filled hands.
    I saw two large illuminated orbs that were made of solid light blue materlial. One orb lowering from the roof of the throat, the other coming up from the back of the tongue. They made contact in the middle and the most amazing thing I have ever wittnessed occured.
    At the instant and place of contact, I heard the whales song and saw millions of rays of light shoot fourth in my direction and pass through me. As they passed through me I saw, between each ray of light, a random human life. I awoke amazed and confuzed. Since then, I have reached an enlightened state of meditation twice.
    Both times were unexpected. I sat or lay in infinte blackness, the first time, and sensed I was being observed by multiple entities. I recieved a feeling of farewell, then I started to cry, and I recieved a magically warm embrace.
    The second time, I was simply sitting down, resting at work, and I was smoothley pulled into the infinte blackness again. I was approached by a lone entity and recieved another magically warm embrace. I awoke and was stunned. I now wear a fine metal bracelet on my left wrist and a waterproof watch on my right wrist and i have no ideah why. I like them, but I cant make sense of any of this.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The blue whale is the largest whale, and also the largest known animal, so this is likely the particular whale that you are imagining if you are standing on its giant tongue. Being on the tongue, this might refer to the vocal talents of the whale, with its singing call. This might mean that it is inviting you to speak up more and to express yourself, as well as your own opinions. The whale being composed of stars and galaxies might represent that what you need to speak about are your dreams (as stars symbolize higher dreams and higher ideals), passions, ideals for humanity, and your vision of what your dream looks like to others. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to communicate yourself, so you might want to look into public speaking advice or writing advice if you need some help in this. It is difficult for others to help you in your dreamed up plans if you cannot explain it in a way that others can understand enough to assist you.

  4. Last night I had a dream that was more vivid or should I say more memorable than most. Very weird, but I found myself in what I think was my ex girlfriend’s house, we broke up almost six years ago. The break up was ugly, and I know I hurt her, but we were able to talk a few months after the breakup and I believe we found some peace. Anyways, I haven’t talked to her since then and last night she was in my dream and like I said I’m pretty sure we were at her house. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but I found myself at her back window overlooking the ocean and within seconds a whale swam up to the window inviting me to reach out and pet it. Shortly after this whale swam away another whale (this one was much bigger) did the same exact thing. It was almost if I was communicating with the whales telepathically or something bc we felt so connected and at peace, almost like I had known them forever. I don’t what to make of this because I’ve never pet or seen a whale in real life or a dream and I haven’t talked to my ex girlfriend in a pretty long time. Anyways petting the whales was literally the coolest dream I’ve ever had and I seriously hope I can see a whale in real life because of this.

    1. I had a dream almost exactly like yours! except i was in the water with them (near the shore). It was so peaceful and powerful, when I woke up (an even today, probably a year or so later), I can still feel the emotion of it.

  5. Whale, Ohswakaront, calls to each of us of honoring your Soul’s history and of giving your Spirit the full voice that it deserves. The song of Ohswakaront is the song of the freed Spirit. The voice of Ohswakaront is filled with the Skennen’kó:wa, the Great Peace of the Universe. It is only when we are in touch with Skennen’kó:wa, with the great peace, that we can hear the voice of our own Souls. We surround ourselves with noise and with tumult and we place our priorities on things that if we were to stop and listen, we would know instantly are not things that actually matter. But if we stop and listen, if we hear the voice of our true Spirit and if we give it full voice, then we can no longer hang onto those distractions that we have built our lives around. Each of us has to first ask what investment we have in those distractions, and why that investment matters so much to us. Ohswakaront calls for us to hear the sound of the Spirit, to remember the voice of the Soul. And we begin to do that by being still, by being silent. And then Listening.

  6. I don’t know that I’ve encountered Whale, Ohswakaront, before this time. I know that it speaks of honoring your soul’s path, which is the very thing that I’ve been working on for some time now. I’ve struggled along a pretty rough path, a very rough path and, sometimes all that you can see is your struggle and all that you can hear is the voices of hurt and anger inside of you. But there always more there. Sometimes it is as large as a Whale, and you have to allow it to surface to breathe. Sometimes this thing can be so large it terrifies you, but it might be so large because it is something that you need to see and to listen to. Whale, Ohswakaront,is that largest part of my spirit that I am not acknowledging in an open and truthful way. It is time for me to allow it to surface.

  7. This whale jumps from out of the ocean, near a wharf in england i think, it seemed like england but im not sure as i have never been to england, but the whale jumps so high almost to the moon, and i was thinking this is so impossible , why is it happening, then he starts falling flat, not like a dive but flat, and goes into this tiny hole in the earth, i could probably squeeze 1 foot in. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, I am somehow in tune with the universe rn as i am getting a lot of dreams and signs, another one of my friends friend went crazy two days ago, he was reading a “sign book” (horoscope in depth)

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