Angelfish Symbolism

You can only care for others to the degree to which you appreciate yourself. Loving yourself is the foundation of an open heart.

Angelfish Meaning, and Messages

In general, angelfish symbolism is all about connecting with the angelic realms. They are a reminder that we are never alone and that when you call upon the angels, you will always have help. Like the dog and the flamingo, angelfish meaning also reminds us that when we love ourselves unconditionally, our beauty will radiate outward for all to see. The angelfish meaning also reminds us that only with unconditional self-forgiveness can we unhesitatingly move forward.  Only then do we let our light shine out into the world. Forgiving yourself for all of your perceived mistakes, all of your stumbles, and all of your indiscretions is a necessary thing. Thus, angelfish symbolism reminds you that, when you forgive yourself, the light of self-love can begin to shine. When this happens, you will be able to experience a love filled and abundantly happy life.

Alternatively, the angelfish symbolism is also about the discernment of making choices that are right for you. Therefore, you must follow your path of self-love and push forward in ways and directions that are right for you.

Angelfish Symbolism

Additionally, angelfish symbolism is also about using color for healing purposes. Bright and vivid colors are an expression of mood, love, and happiness. Furthermore, they reflect the colors of the chakras and their locations within the physical body. Colors also reflect the ambiance and the vividness of your life choices. Thus angelfish meaning reminds you that the more love you choose to bring into your life, the more vivid the colors of your aura and chakras.

Correspondingly, like the snake, the angelfish meaning also represents growth and transformation. The beginning of the human’s ability to expand our vision and see colors that are new to our spectrum. Thus angelfish symbolism is also our connection to psychic realms and unique abilities that guide us as we grow. They are those flashes of colored light that we catch out of the corners of our eyes that remind us that we are not alone. Moreover, angelfish meaning hints at something far more significant than we are today.

Angelfish Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the angelfish totem are bright and shining beacons of love in this world. They thrive on their emotions, rarely indulge in drama, yet like the peacock are colorful and flamboyant. These people love to be themselves. And in doing so draw people to them with their unconditional love and acceptance of all things. They are unafraid of being taken advantage of because they believe in giving and karma.

Folks with the angelfish totem are generous on all levels, gregarious in their nature, and love to help others. Like the angels, they always wait until asked for help. These people are often employed in the healthcare industry and sometimes become socialist politicians. They are empathetic and can often see the causes of someone else’s illness. Thus they act as catalysts to promote healing in the emotional realms. Angelfish totem people are also magnets for love. They choose their partners carefully.  People with the angelfish totem will often reflect at you what you need to heal within yourself. They also share their love unconditionally.

When you have this power animal, you are also fearless in the face of new adventures in life. Angelfish totem folks are inquisitive and courageous enough to face anything that comes up in life. Occasionally people with this spirit animal can get a little bogged down with not knowing who to help first. When this happens, they need to allow their heart to decide for them.

Angelfish Dream Interpretation, Angelfish Symbolism in Dreams

When you have an angelfish dream, it is a reminder that you can have all the help you need. All you must do is ask for it. Additionally, it is also a reminder that your guardian angels are with you at all times and that they would like to help you on all levels. To dream of this fish in a tank, is a message that you are confining yourself to a reality that no longer serves you. In other words, it is time to make new choices in your life and to free yourself from negative thoughts.

Similar to the buffalo, when you dream of this type of fish swimming in schools, it is an omen of abundance. You will receive so many blessings from so many directions that they will be hard to count. When you see this creature hiding within the coral, it is a reminder that we all have a symbiotic relationship with this planet. Thus, whenever we give to it, we also receive from it.

Angelfish Dream, Fish Colors

When the fish is green in your dream, it is a message that for you to grow, you must forgive yourself first. In other words, stop judging and finding fault with yourself. Let go and move on. When the angelfish dream has a red colored specimen, it reminds you that repressing your anger only hurts yourself. Get to the root of it by releasing it on paper. Find closure by writing it down, forgive, and then burn it to release it all. A black species of this fish represents the need to ask for help to discern your next step. You do not have to do this all by yourself. A white specimen is symbolic of the universal energies. The dream is letting you know that if you stay centered in self-love, you will accomplish all your desires and more.

A bright blue colored fish is a reminder to share what you have learned and to do it by telling stories about your experiences. This way you allow others to glean the information they need without having to receive a sermon. A violet colored fish of this type signifies a new beginning with new psychic sight. A deep purple fish represents your connection to the angelic realms. They are reaching out to you and asking to speak to someone through you.

A multicolored angelfish dream represents the dreamer. In this case, the dreamer must pay attention to other factors that are happening in the vision and interpret them accordingly. When the angelfish dream has a dull colored fish, it represents that you need to do some inner healing. In other words, you need to love and forgive yourself so that their inner light can shine again.

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