Be aware of your words today. Be careful what you say, how you say it, and where you say it.
-Spotted Hyena

Hyena Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Hyena symbolism reminds you that you are now in a more social phase in your life. Therefore, like the Cat, this spirit animal insists that you communicate with those around you more openly and honestly. However, you also have to choose the words you use very carefully. The requirement is to build up and reassure those around you and to help them grow. In other words, the hyena meaning highlights that causing pain is not the intention here.

Alternatively, the Hyena meaning signifies a week or two of isolation and family nurturing. In other words, your family is the priority at the moment, and they should receive all of your focus and attention. This action will strengthen the bonds and build confidence and character in those close to you.

Spotted Hyena

Like the Prairie Dog, the Spotted Hyena symbolism is a reminder that you must participate in your community. Withdrawal is not an option. Thus you must find ways to get involved and participate in your surroundings healthily and progressively. There is strength in numbers.

Occasionally, the Spotted Hyena symbolism asks you to embrace the feminist energy that is now required by this planet to find balance. For far too long, you have given up a part of yourself to the opposing forces surrounding you. Moreover, leadership requires a balance in all areas. Therefore,  the Hyena meaning implies that you must take on both the male and the female energies to bring about compromise. If you are male, this means that you will have to get in touch with your feminine side.

Brown Hyena

In this case, the Brown Hyena symbolism represents survival. In other words, your family’s survival (or clan) is dependent on the choices you make now. Moreover, you will have to soberly assess the situation you are in and then take the appropriate action.

Alternatively, the Brown Hyena meaning is a reminder that it will soon pass no matter how difficult a situation is. In other words, stop dwelling in the past and the future. By focusing on the present wholeheartedly and remaining true to yourself, you will get through this much quicker.

Striped Hyena

In this case, the Striped Hyena meaning signifies that you have to set a healthy boundary around yourself. Thus you are protected from the chaos that currently surrounds you. This spirit animal has appeared to you to let you know that the assault on your boundaries will soon be over. Those who wish to break them down will quickly give up.

Alternatively, the Striped Hyena symbolism advises you to seek help with your current project. You do not have to struggle through it alone, and others will provide much-needed wisdom and relief.


The Hyena Symbolism for the Aardwolf is simple. This creature is asking you to stay close to home and to those things that give you joy in life. Whether it is gardening, baking, or crafting, make sure you take the time out to feed your pleasure.

Hyena Totem, Spirit Animal

People with hyena totem are very community-minded. They understand that the more they invest in their community, the more they will receive in return. These folks are independent and influential individuals. They are also opportunists that will often pick up other people’s failed projects and magically reconstitute them into a successful endeavors.

If you are a part of their clan, others will rarely mess with you for fear of Hyena’s wrath. This totem can be vengeful.

Many people with this power animal, like the Husky, live by their instincts and intuition. Like the Cow, their family bond and connections are also healthy. Folks with the Hyena totem understand the power of laughter and its transformational properties. They know how to communicate and can use inappropriate responses to create comedic relief and lighten the mood. People with this spirit animal totem love to organize groups of people and point them toward a common goal. They are fearless in leadership and unafraid to tackle even the most daunting tasks. They are also highly protective of their close ones.

Hyena’s inner circle is always a group of self-confident individuals that can lead without being led when it comes to close bonds. Yet, they choose to trust the hyena totem’s guidance.

Spotted Hyena Totem

People with the Spotted Hyena totem, like the Tick, are versatile opportunists. These folks know how to set goals and singlemindedly achieve them individually or in small or large groups. They also know how to cooperate and work in teams. Folks with this animal totem are gregarious, community-minded, and tend not to waste anything. They are avid recyclers and will repurpose almost anything.

Spotted Hyena Totem people also tend to lean toward matriarchal leadership. They are in touch with both their feminine and masculine side. They can also find humor in most situations, albeit sometimes inappropriately. These folks have highly developed communication skills and understand how to communicate without alienating others.

Striped Hyena Totem

Like other hyenas and the Jay totem, Folks with the Striped Hyena totem form strong family bonds; however, these bonds tend to be in much smaller groups of only four or five individuals. People with this power animal also tend to find their soul mates early in life and stick with them.

These people are pretty laid back and socialize well but are somewhat standoffish to newcomers. They will rarely allow them into their established inner circles.

Brown Hyena Totem

Above all, the Brown Hyena totem is a survivalist. They use instinct to make correct choices in all situations to live on to fight another day. Also, these folks know when to retreat and when to stand their ground. They also prefer smaller groups to larger ones.

Aardwolf Totem

The Ardwolf totem is a natural steward of the land. They love to cultivate and allow things to thrive. They only take what they need for their sustenance. These folks are shy and unassuming but powerful advocates of treading lightly through life and doing no harm. They tend to socialize on a one-on-one basis and only for short periods. They make excellent partners and are family-oriented, albeit somewhat introverted.

Even though these people tend to be timid, they will stand their ground when they need to.

Hyena Dream Interpretation

When your dream of a red hyena, it signifies that you have to take the time to deal with minor irritants. One way or another, you will have to clear these things off your books before they become larger than life. If your beast is white, the dream reminds you that you are not alone. There are many beings of light willing to help you at all times. All you need to do is ask.

If the creature is green in your dream, it signifies the successful completion of a project. A yellow hyena is symbolic of your fear. It would help if you could unravel precisely what you are afraid of and resolve the issue. A blue beast is a reminder that you have all of the tools you need to communicate with others.


When the Spotted Hyena appears in your dream, it symbolizes your fear or nervousness of involving yourself in your community. You feel intimidated and somehow judged by your peers. In other words, social acceptance especially does not come easy to you. If this group of Hyenas is largely ignoring you, the dream lets you know that you have nothing to fear by putting yourself out there. If the vision has only one or two of these creatures, then it signifies acceptance, especially if the number of these beasts increases in a non-threatening way. Alternatively, if the dream has one single Spotted Hyena running, it represents your single-minded focus toward a particular goal. These animals are formidable hunters, capable of taking down large prey by themselves. Therefore, your goal is likely to be achieved.

When your Spotted Hyena has cubs, then the vision is a reminder that it takes a mutual support community to raise children. You must also do your part in this.


When your dream is of a Striped hyena pair, it signifies a close lifelong partnership. This alliance may be work-related or relationship-related. However, the bond will be strong and sturdy. Together you will achieve far more than you can do alone.

If the Striped Hyena is scavenging, it reminds you do not need to look outward for the sustenance you need. Everything that you require is close at hand and will come to you as needed.


When the Brown Hyena dream appears, it reminds you that only you are responsible for your survival. In other words, you must take responsibility for your actions and be aware of how they affect others and the environment.

When you see a large group of these creatures like the Buffalo, it implies the arrival of a time of plenty. In other words, there will be plenty of everything for everyone.


When you have an Aardwolf dream, it heralds a time of solitude and inward growth. You will stay close to home.

Alternatively, the Aardwolf dream is a reminder that things will need to be nurtured for them to grow around you. A little sharing is caring.

Occasionally, if the Aardwolf is eating, the dream reminds you that you are what you eat. Thus it is a warning that you have to focus on eating foods that nurture your health.

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  1. I dreamt of running away from the boy who insulted me and acted like I didn’t do enough or wasn’t trying hard enough when I did everything for the mission so I ran from the parking lot into the woods it was my first time on oddsquad I suppose we were spys and then I howled with what looked like a wolf at first then a hyena raised me and I had a dad and a big brother I slowly taught them how to talk, and they learned to like cheetos as I taught them about chips and warned them art stuff would choke them in end I found my dream dad not real and was with him and told him about my new parent and he was a bit nervous but tryed to except them for me. When wolf became in the light it was orange like with stripes and slight spots then skin was brown again with stripes.

  2. I would just like to point out a small typo. I believe towards the end of the spotted hyena dream interpretation it says “cubes” and the intention is “cubs”.
    Wonderfully detailed analysis, thank you.

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