It is time to regroup and let go of your target. There is something better waiting for you.

Nothing organic on this planet has been left untouched by the Virus. All of the world’s living entities are susceptible to this micro-organism. The Virus totem is a challenging spirit animal and primarily deals with our shadow aspect of the self. However, there are redeeming qualities in all creatures, and this organism is not exempt in this category. If a Virus dream or power animal of any kind appears in your life, I strongly suggest that you do some research into the origins of the Virus. Many times, it has transferred to us from another animal species. If this is the case, then that animal should be incorporated into our self-analysis of the Virus’s meaning.

Meaning, Symbolism, and Messages

In this case, Virus symbolism is giving you notice that some things in your life are getting out of hand. Thus, it’s now time to let go of your preconceived perceptions of things and allow for new things to take their place. Make a note of all the small irritations in your life right now and make an effort to resolve them before they entirely overwhelm you.

Alternatively, the Virus meaning is letting you know that you can no longer postpone your healing journey. Furthermore, you must find the inner strength to step up and face your fears and resolve festering issues. Often it is the fear that is making things more significant than they are. There are many ways and many paths, find one that works for you.

Occasionally, Virus symbolism will enter your life when you are feeling small in the world. Therefore, it is reminding you to allow yourself to shine forth in all of your glory. Moreover, let yourself to be accountable to the universe. In doing so, you will practice the art of self-truth and do your part in this world.

Virus Totem

Like the Bee and the Ant, people with the Virus totem are excellent workers and good at setting goals and accomplishing them. They are often crusaders and protesters. Moreover, they love to work in large groups that align with their principles and will work tirelessly to achieve their visions. Folks with this spirit animal totem sometimes struggle with negativity and negative thought processes. Therefore, they will have a hard time protecting themselves against others who tend to be negative around them.

In some cases, the Virus totem can be a particularly tricky spirit. These folks will have to be aware of their parasitic tendencies and can also be quite toxic to others. However, their virtues far outweigh these shadow aspects. Virus people are knowledgeable, share information readily, do not pretend to be experts on subjects they do not know of, are truthful, ambitious, and trustworthy. They do not pretend to be anything other than what they are and are comfortable with themselves.

People with the Virus totem have no issue with letting go of control or forcing others to let go. They also healthily express grief and are unafraid of their emotions.

Virus – One of the Ten Animals Promoting Change in Your Life

Virus Dream Interpretation

Like the Parrot, when you have a Virus dream, the symbolism insists that you examine the patterns in your life that you have inherited from your ancestors. By reviewing these reoccurring events and delving deep into why they happen, you can heal the past as well as the presents. It is time to release these karmic patterns and move on.

Alternatively, if you dream that you are under attack by these micro-organisms, then you must look closely at the people with which you are surrounding yourself. These people are toxic to your well being in some way, and you will have to figure out precisely what it is. Perhaps these people are making you feel small or forcing their negativity on you. In other words, it signifies that you must find ways to protect yourself from this negativity.

Occasionally, a Virus dream can herald a particularly tumultuous period in your life. Perhaps an illness or upheaval of some sort is in the works. Take the time to research all of the aspects of this dream and act accordingly.


This particular Virus meaning is an expression of grief and soul sorrow. In other words, it embodies the belief that our planet is doomed, yet we do nothing about it. Coronavirus reflects the collective conscious thought that we are entitled to everything in this world without balancing the requirements of this planet. Yet our soul knows that this is not in keeping with our spirit. Therefore this flu forces us to shift from selfishness to selflessness. It also requires a near-death experience to enforce the change. This Virus feeds off futility and brings back hope to those who care enough to search inwardly.

4 thoughts on “Virus”

  1. Thank you very much for this insight. I have so much to learn.
    I am writing my first Children’s’ book. Age level is middle-grade (ages 8-13years old). I am doing a surmountable research of the Spiritual need for innocence seen in the eyes of children, Its sciences which will hopefully, trigger the human senses back. Even benefit the oldest of persons, of the potential Child-like ignorance is a bliss, of happiness, of love and of Soul Wisdom…. the child within. To bring back their happiness within their hearts of hearts 🙂
    In so doing, I will tell the story through Spiritual Fables, Story and Illustrations (surrealism and dream-like). Poetry is such a beautiful language. I cannot get enough to tell tale. The amazing universe keeps coming down upon me. I feel humbly blessed with such gusto… hahaha
    bring back the true meaning of the amazing creature “The Unicorn”.
    Please pray for me that my Vision in prayer, and dream will be realised and come true.
    I am so very excited. May the peace of the Lord and Angels be with us all.
    Eternally yoyrs,
    Linda Robin

  2. Aiwendil Radagast

    Thank you for this material. Our shadow holds the key for us to open our eyes to light. Bless you all brothers and sisters, you are not alone. We are humanity, we are love, we are light and we are waking up.

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