Hedgehog Symbolism

Time to stop pussyfooting around. Make a decision and commit to it!

If Hedgehog has crossed your path

You are being reminded that even if you feel that others do not understand you or “get” what you are doing – it is no excuse to curl up and hide. Sure you may need a little bit of space right now but the world needs your gifts and it’s time to start sharing them again. Be yourself, and don’t take things so personally when those around you cannot see what your intentions are or misunderstand your words. Their capacity for understanding usually comes from their own reality and where they are at themselves.

If Hedgehog is your Animal Totem

You love to explore and follow your natural curiosity and know how to protect yourself while doing this. You understand weather patterns, knowing when it will rain. You are gentle yet protective of yourself at the same time. You know how to build defenses and protective barriers that discourage negativity. You have close ties to Mother Earth and love planting and gardening. You always tend to land on your feet and go through challenges in a calm, cool, practical way.

If Hedgehog has come into your Dream

To see a this animal in your dream suggests that you could be overly sensitive to those around you. It means that you are misreading their intentions by taking everything too personally. Alternatively seeing a Hedgehog in a dream can be a message that you have a tendency to hurt other people by behaving defensively you have nothing to feel guilty about.

A dream in which you encounter a this animal symbolizes that you are looking forward to seeing someone that you have not seen in a long time. This animal in a dream can also represent loyalty and honesty.

Additional Associations for Hedgehog:


  • Hm, I am usually good at feeling meaning in a dream, but I am a little puzzled about this dream. A grassland park. A young lonely woman I know. I go to her. One pond empty, a hedgehog, drowned it seems. One pond a foot of water, drowned hedgehog. There I address the young woman. She does not speak, head down. I ask what’s going on, she does not respond.

    The description here sure does resonate but I hesitate to interpret details (since I am kinda hiding right now haha). Intutition from anyone ? Appreciatd <3

    • People don’t seem to be sharing any ideas…..
      This one seems fairly simple, perhaps if only because I’m an outsider looking in.
      First, you know you’re dealing with a weakness of hedgehog because they’re dead. As the last post someone stated, one of the greatest weaknesses of many of the low dwelling mammals is their lack of overall perspective. They’re good on the details, but literally can’t see the forest. Next, you know you’re dealing with emotions because of the fountains. I’d consider that emotions come in primary and secondary modes….. namely that the secondary is chosen because avoidance for the primary. So, I see only one hedgehog that still died because of some emotional issue that a woman you knew understands better. Either the absence of the water in one left the first unable to extricate itself or the latter drowned being totally out of their element. Now, you shouldn’t overlook the green grass that was surrounding the fountains. THAT IS the hedgehog’s natural habitat and likely enabled to flourish by means of the missing water from the fountain. So don’t get lost on failure just because the hedgehog(s) are/is dead, but revisit some of the ways you’ve dealt with emotional issues in the past and look for a more stable earthy path. Or you could also consider a water based equivalent to contemplate for this totem. Turtle would be the best fit in this case.
      Hope this helps! You made a great description!

  • Thank you for this post. It took a hot minute fighting with Siri that lead me to this but having never dreamt of a hedgehog and quickly discovering the meanings are different from a porcupine was glad to find this. Having dreamt of a hedgehog (and having that realization within the dream) the posted comment was correct as I have been the one recently thinking and hoping to reconnect to a couple of past relationships 🙂

  • I’ve seen three hedgehogs in the last two weeks one was out in the day something I know they shouldn’t be then I saw a road casualty then a friend called to say she had one in the garden and he was happy healthy and alert so after a quick health check we sent him on his way ❤️ I volunteer at a wildlife rescue centre so I see these wonderful creatures every week but to see three in my normal life means a lot as everything stated in your post rings true and I’m working on the attributes of the hedgehog totem 🙏🏻

  • Hi, I found a baby hedgehog on its back down the beach on the sand, it had been run over by a four wheel motorbike. It was still breathing, I took it home and fell Madly in love with it, I was so impressed with its fight to live that it had and it seemed to be so thankful that I saved it. It died after a day and a half, I cried so much, I was suprized how much the whole experience affected me, so much joy and sadness. I feel that this experience is a pivotal moment but not sure why or what it means. If you could give me any insight I would be very appreciative

  • i have run into two dead hedgehogs, one last night and one this afternoon. After ages that I haven’t seen one at all. I find all the messages of hedgehog in general to be absolutely on the ,\mark. Does the fact they were both dead have an extra meaning?

  • I had two dreams the other night where a giant spider was coming at me. I was afraid of it (though in waking life I am not), and I tried to destroy it. I threw it, pulled at it, had a friend aid me in its destruction. In the first dream, I realized suddenly that I was harming it, and felt remorseful. In the second dream, I picked up the spider and it turned into a hedgehog. The hedgehog was bleeding from my attack, either missing a left foot or part of its snout depending on the angle. I felt terrible, and tried to cradle and nurture it, feeling intense guilt and also a strong desire to give it a happy life.
    What does this mean?

  • The hedghog also crosses my path regularly and I have many of her traits…. self protection is definitely one… I think she too is also a spirit guide to me…

    • You may have animal/s that keep popping into your life now and again or even very often, or that come to you in your thoughts and dreams. Was there a specific animal that you grew up with or liked a lot when you were a child ? Etc. A toy that you were given as a kid can also hold the key. It’s really interesting once you get into it, because you can relate it to your current life situation and apply it in a practical way to get through / over / into something.

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