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Be grateful for all you are blessed with. Trust you will always have what you need

Kangaroo Meaning and Messages

In this case, Kangaroo symbolism reminds you that you can only move forward right now. For this reason, once you have achieved your momentum, keep moving forward, and never look back. All in all, know that moving forward is enough – that you do not necessarily have to be clear on the path. With this spirit animal’s meaning, merely moving is called for, and the bigger the leaps and bounds the better.

Kangaroo symbolism can also mean that a nine-month cycle is at play and that your current project will take nine months to mature and benefit you. Commit fully to your project.

Also, the Kangaroo meaning could be letting you know that it is time to escape a rough situation. Just allow your instincts to guide you and get the heck out of there!

Kangaroo Totem, Spirit Animal

As a Kangaroo totem person, you have all the strength and stamina when you need it just as long as you move forward and not backward. Also, you can balance the creative energies required to complete any task. Moreover, you are also extremely focused and must often keep your energy field clear of external influence so that you can stay centered and grounded. Instinctively you always know which direction to move forward too, and you hop through situations with ease and never look back.

With this animal as their spirit animal, we can always expect the unexpected from them. They are humorous, full of hilarious antics, and value honesty and integrity. Folks with this totem have a way of starting something and never looking back. Like the Camel, their determination will always get them what they want. You can put them in any situation, and they will find a way to adapt to it.

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Kangaroo Dream Interpretation

When you see this marsupial in your dream, it refers to maternal and paternal protection. You may be expressing your nurturing and mothering nature. Perhaps, you are too overly protective. Alternatively, like the Jellyfish, this animal symbolizes aggression. If the Kangaroo is hopping, then the dream is analogous to how you jump from one thing to another. You may lack the ability to stick to one thing.

To dream that this animal attacks you, indicates that someone doubts your reputation. A Kangaroo dream can also be a warning to be cautious for the next few days. You may be on the receiving end of a hostile attack from someone who has been nurturing a grudge against you.

43 thoughts on “Kangaroo”

  1. Albert Terry Aldredge

    Dreaming of a pregnant kangaroo which I was helping. A 2 headed kangaroo looking down at us. A small lion being aggressive at my feet. What does this mean.

  2. Hi,
    I am wondering if anyone can help me interpret this:

    I’m currently at a metaphorical fork in the road of my life and I’m struggling to know which is the right path. I’ve been given two opportunities, one requires me to stay on the path I’m on, the other requires me to take a chance in a new environment. Both have their merits, which is making the decision difficult.

    Then last night I was sitting with a friend discussing this dilemma. Afterwards I drove straight home and on the way I hit and killed a male wallaby. I felt devastated! I’ve never killed anything before.

    I feel like this was a sign, but I’m struggling to understand it’s meaning. I know that kangaroos/wallabies represent forward motion etc, but what does it mean when you kill the symbol of that?

    If anyone has a deeper understanding of the meaning of death in relation to a spirit animal, I would greatly appreciate your input.

    Thank you. R xx

    1. Hi , you only have one chance in life , the wolaby is symbolic for representing the one chance that one life , often we look to much in to the future, we never know what is in front of us , step back and think hard on that one wish that u have always wanted even from a baby you where right up there , you have growth and more growth to come set your awareness into position, and in able your self to look into the deeper sence of your well being, have faith that you are on the right pathway which ever one you take will be the right one for you, be determined to be successful in all you do and there is always light at the end of the tunnel, have faith that everything is exactly as it should be right now, promises u can keep, but don’t let go of what you believe in trust in divines timing and give thanks for everything we receive, your a one tract pony keep going and u will find everything you want in life , hope that helps u in your journey of life .

  3. I am currently in Alive & Free Coaching and doing Lesson 2: The Story of Pain.
    I had a dream that a kangaroo was clamped down on my left hand and biting into it. Eventually, I looked up and it was a small dog.

  4. My dream was that i was sneaking out of the house and down a road that is near our house when there was a kangaroo without a pouch. It turned and did a warning stance thing. Then i came closer and got kicked in the stomach by the kangaroo. then i ran home… I woke up.

  5. I had a very scary dream,I even ended up crying when I woke up, like I’d seen a kangaroo butchered by I assume my sister but another or even the same kangaroo got up and ran away leaving bloody footprints,but I had to save m sister fromthe police but the police didn’t suspect us and thought we were trying to catch the culprit and this all happened in my home,and the road like next to my house where my sister was trying to escape well this wasn’t the only dream this was the last dream in a series of three,the first one was basically in a large house thing where everyone I knew was gathered,we were playing music specifically bts’ music but then it’s like I fell in another dream where there was a train kind of like the song spring day by bts ,it was the sa!e train and scene but there was someone else in the train same place as jungkook and someone had written something on the train something like”Jonghyun something something doll”(he’s a singer who is dead now by the way) but there was this old guy waiting for Jonghyun to come back saying that he’d prepared something for him and he should come and eat it but then he dies while waiting,but in another context in the same dream,I was crying and was mad because my sister was crying in her sleep and was dreaming the dream I just mentioned I think it’s like I came out of the dream and then I told her something which I don’t want to mention right now. After that we were in a super market and there was areas clown in the basket but the thing is I don’t know who I’m with it’s either my sister or someone complete stranger then we come to the present dream that I told at first,I was really scared I cried after I woke up there was blood and gore and I was lying.

  6. I dreamed I was running on a levy just before sunrise and to my right were 4 Kangaroos who joined in with me, but only one
    got close enough to me and licked my elbow to get my attention.
    I looked at it’s cute face and snout as I continued ahead of them.
    Then I woke up.
    What’s this dream telling me anybody know?

  7. I had a dream where I walk up behind two black kangaroos with large ears. I pass them and turn around, surprised, because I’ve never seen black kangaroos before. So I try to take a picture of them, but they seem shy and then suddenly I wake up. I’m not Australian, why would I dream this?

  8. Wendy Woodford

    Hey There,

    I had a dream last night,
    I came across a dead female kangaroo.
    She had been hit by a car & had 3 dead Joeys with her, all the Joeys were about the same age about
    1-3yrs of age (out of pouch, but still with mum).

    I can usually attribute my dreams to something I’ve seen, heard, did, said, etc. during that day or the last few days, however this made no sense to me.

  9. Hi,….In dreams; Kangaroo dreaming; Feel to share; Same Roo; in many dreams; We are connected through eye’s; When he was killed; Back in the late 70’s
    Latest dream he licks my face through a window.
    In Another same fellow jumps towards me and turns his back. I feel to jump on him. We move fast, he takes me out to a field where I jump off his back, then he jumps away; He has been in other dreams but these 2 are the strongest memories; I feel its not fair what happened to him but he seems to be ok on the other side as he keeps coming in dreams;

  10. I was sitting on my balcony around 5:00 PM afternoon and a huge big black bird flew on my balcony the bird looked at me and I scare It off so what does that mean

  11. A kangaroo with a baby in its pouch was standing on the path ahead of me. The baby had white speckles on its head. The kangaroo jumped on me and I was knocked to the ground. Realizing I had to fight or suffocate I pushed on the kangaroo, my hand went in its mouth. Then it made a deflating sound, pwwrrrsh, and disappeared. I felt exhilarated, relieved and confused.

  12. i had a dream of scared baby kangaroo with mother in front of my house & i was found then i rescued & caring both of them. Baby kangaroo was talking with me. they were both happy with us.
    so now tell what i mean for this dream

  13. Still can’t get over the fact that there is a Mohawk word for Kangaroo: Iohna’táhtsheronte. Kangaroo speaks of being grateful for all the things that we are blessed with. This a powerful message with me today, because I’ve been a very dark hole. Haven’t slept hardly at all. Feel like crap. And yet, even on a day like today I am reminded by Iohna’táhtsheronte, that I am blessed with many wonderful friends, both present and past, and with so many wonderful things that are in my life. Yes, today was a very bad day. But even today I have so many things that I should be grateful for, including my life, which is far better even today than it started out to be.

    1. Yes, gratitude is always the way out of a hole.

      When you feel down, consider the things you have rather than the things you do not. When we’re in a hole, it’s a result of following our triggering – our Ego’s trap, and consequently, begin to see ourselves through egoic perception….feeling inadequate, unworthy, problematic, messed up, etc. We look at our lives and start making judgement calls rather than seeing that we are in fact, breaking generational curses passed down, and it ‘s more than okay to trip over as we make our way out of the sludge that can take many years to clear and clean away.

      It takes discipline and patience to work through our stuff…to break old patterns, to open to new possibilities, but it can be done! Simply by giving ourselves pats on the back for the good effort when it’s applied and seeing ourselves for the goodness we are, even if not perfect. From mistakes we learn and grow.

      Seeing ourselves as the light, and also as humans who will stuff up along the way, things start to improve. Recognising better outcomes as they’re happening with eyes and ears open to the evidence of those blessings also helps…knowing, no matter what we’ve done or we’re we’ve been…even what we’ve been told, we’re 100% always worthy of love, respect and trust.

      Have faith in the unknown. Stay as long as you can more often in states of appreciation. This is a very high vibrational space to be in. When our frequency is higher, we attract higher energy outcomes to our spheres….and when they do arrive, it’s good to be present in order to acknowledge them.

      Being stuck in the past (worry) or the future (anxiety) robs us from our Now…and from the gifts that literally present as the outcomes of our inner asking.

      Trust in your ability to manifest beautiful things because through you/me/us – the Universe speaks. Also remember, ‘this too shall pass’ when you find yourself ‘back there’ in the dark unknown. Contrast serves…knowing the black helps us also to appreciate the light so much more as well.

      Know that all your dreams can come through. The only thing standing in the way are outdated programs playing out. The way to remove these is my spending more time in Nature, doing Yoga, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, listening to harmonic tunes, speaking good words, having kind thoughts, and being around people who bring out your best. Also, forgiveness for all those who don’t know any better…we can only ever meet them where they are in life rather than judge them also for not being perfect enough to match our high expectations. If we treated everyone the way we do our children, we would appreciate that it takes time to walk, talk, write, etc. We don’t judge kids for not knowing…we accept them where they are. Best way to guide others is to be a bright example yourself. Maybe you’re role is to lead, not follow…and from there, all things will blossom!

      Much love to you on your journey, and thanks for reading (I felt a call to write to you!)


    2. Sandra,

      Your words that were written on Aug. 31, 2018, resonate in my spirit. Today is Oct. 4, 2021, I feel like I just had a conversation with you sharing my deepest thoughts and concerns. I feel like you were writing to me. It is my heart’s desire that my Thank You reaches you, or you have a knowing that your words have touched me so deeply.


  14. Believe it or not, there is a Mohawk word for kangaroo: iohna’táhtsheronte. Not sure how that would happen. Kangaroo seems to speak to me of the recognition that ever single day and every single thing in my life is a gift. Every single breath is a gift. Life itself is an impossibility. If we remind ourselves of those things, then the things that we may not have, the things that seem wrong with our life, seem trivial in comparison.

  15. Please tell me what this weird dream means; I was sitting in a car in the backseat with a talking kangaroo.

  16. Help tell me what this means…I had a weird nightmare that my mom, sis and I were living in a house with a huge balcony and for some reason my sister had a full grown kangaroo, and it was awful got into everything. My sis plans a date and the kangaroo starts biting at light bulbs and then goes for my sister phone and I tell it no and am about to lecture my sis about her kangaroo getting into stuff and it pushes me off the balcony which is pretty high up and i land and can feel my head hit like a concrete curb and the kangaroo jumps down next to me and makes an unnatural shriek that sounds like it should be from a vampire movie. And i can feel so much heat from it breathing on my head, then it lunges and I wake up.

  17. I had a weird dream. I had to be hung up on a pole and protect my eyes with goggles. And attached to me is a ball on a string like a tether ball. The baby kangaroo is supposed to hit the ball and I risk getting hit by it. As if this was an theme park exhibit.

  18. I had an odd dream….I was sitting in my car on a dense side street, it seemed dark out, but i could see everything, suddenly, three very large kangaroos came around the corner of an alley to my right, fast- jumping. They had large open pouches, i think they were females. They were leaping strait toward my car, the first one leaped and landed on my hood in front of me and continued off the left side over my car, the other two just continued off around to my left- as if they were all in a hurry to go somewhere. then my vision changed, and the word ‘Culpability’ issued in front on my eyes. I have never dreamed of kangaroos before. And the addition of that word, has my concern. What could this dream be telling me?

    1. I think be careful driving not to endanger lives f other drivers distracted by kangaroos . Even as roadkill the thing might already be dead and end up on your car. Be prepared to drive safely if you are in the act of reacting to the impact of a kangaroo in any state in your path or in your peripheral vision especially anticipate it driving certainly where they are

  19. I heard a noise, and standing beside the bed was a kangaroo. It wasn’t aggressive at all. Then I woke up. What does this mean, does anyone know?

  20. Anyone want to analyze my dream ? Lol
    I had a dream last night that I was walking down my grammas road with my husband and some friends. Then a kangaroo jumped out of the field and was very close to me, it smelled my hormones and I was scared it was gonna kick me in the belly (I’m 40 weeks pregnant) so I told my husband he had to break it’s arms and legs, which he did… but then I felt sad for it and called animal control to get it. Then my husband and I were moved into a brand new house right next to my grammas and we were getting things organized before the baby comes !

    1. The only things that occured to me was that you don’t need your husband protection, although you think you do! Congratulations on the baby!

    2. I had a dream i was at my boyfriends moms house barefotted walking in tall grass he than turns to me a says i wander if its still here and he let out two baby kanagoos out of a shed than he looks over in the grass and there was this huge white snake he picks it up and puts it around his neck and than the kanagoo was trying to bite me what does this mean at it was at night i had to use a flash lite the whole time

  21. Hi, last night I dreamed I owned this baby kangaroo that kept hopping away and hiding from me in a playful manner and when I caught him I scooped him up in this box that was just big enough to snug around him as if I was simulating a pouch but he was so playful that he hopped back out of the box and I picked him back up and calm him Joey…it was very strange but very cute. I just wanted to know what that dream could have possibly meant

    1. I had a very similar dream for kangaroo baby came to me and live in my house as my pet, so playful and joyful. After a couple of days still thinking of it , so vivid dream.

  22. I dreamed of walking up to a kangaroo (not realizing it was in front of me) and it kissed me on my left eye. It startled me but I moved forward and opened a sliding door only to find a humongous rabbit and a bunch of baby bunnies. So there are two animals on my totem. What does all this mean?

  23. Jose Andres Dinampo

    Hai, i want to know the meaning of my dream…. i dream that i saw a kangaroo running towards me and tried to bite me. I was trying to elude it and hit my hand. however the kangaroo ran away immediately and hide somewhere. What does it mean?

  24. i dreamt a kangaroo was going to attack me , my dog attacked the roo to protect me .. But the roo was too strong and my dog was losing the fight , so I jumped in to help together my dog and I killed the roo ! It was a very powerful and disturbing dream ! I’d love to know what it meant !

    1. Dude! I had a very similar dream. I was at a dog park with three dogs and a kangaroo started messing with them. I called for them and one of my dogs came and the other two didn’t. the kangaroo then killed one of my dogs and the other one was too afraid to come or move, so I sent the other one in and it maimed it enough for the third dog to get away. Then we retreated into a broke down car, the kangaroo trying to get in as a rolled up the windows which were gold plated.

  25. During the early morning odf last Pentecostes Sunday I dreamed with a white baby kanguroo. Is was a female and aproached me with open arms. I scrached her bally and a enormou amount of love was exchanged between us.

    1. Hi Lu, I also dreamed of a white baby kangaroo! Just last night 🙂 I had found it and was looking after it in my home. At one point it was resting on my chest as I sat on the couch, and it let me hug it. I wonder what the significance is of our baby kangaroos being white!

    2. I also dreamt about a white baby kangaroo!

      I had a dream the other night that Petland was selling baby kangaroos. I was extremely upset about it because 1) kangaroos are not pets and 2) Petland had taken them from their mothers way too early and they were not being cared for properly. I was torn up over it because if I bought the kangaroos, I’d be supporting Petland, but if I didn’t buy them, they surely would die or at least be in very poor health. One way or another (as it is with dreams) I ended up with a little pre-me kangaroo. He was all white and sickly, and I had to carry him around everywhere in my sweatshirt to keep him warm and was feeding him milk from a bottle.

  26. I had a dream where I was walking up the sidewalk in my grandmother’s neighbor’s yard. It was night time. After I passed the Mamosa tree, I saw animals going down the sidewalk in my grandmother’s yard. I stopped to watch them. One of the animals stopped and looked at me. It came over to me and that’s when I noticed it was a kangaroo. All the animals were kangaroos. The kangaroo that approached me went behind me and then butted his head into the small of my back. Then it put its head between my legs and tried to head butt from there but I lifted my left leg for it to go through and it went back into the line of kangaroos and went down the sidewalk into my grandmother’s house. I must note that my grandmother died 29 years ago and her house is no longer the way I remember it from childhood. But, in the dream it was exactly like my childhood memories of my grandmother’s house. Any suggestions as to what it could mean?

    1. My worst fear is kangaroos. a few months back i had a quite vivid dream where a kangaroo was standing over me in my bed. just watching me sleep. everything was exactly the same as it is in my room. it didnt even feel like a dream, it felt more like sleep paralysis. i saw everything as it was, normal. only difference is that a big giant kangaroo was peering down at me, and i couldnt move. i felt petrified. Im not sure what this means, doesnt seem to correlate to any of the above listings. It would be a pleasure if someone could break this down for me. thanks.

  27. I dreamed of a kangaroo running after me an kicked me ..I got up and ran away but it was running after me again. .I’ve never dreamed of an animal attacking me ..what could this possibly mean?.

  28. I want to know the specific meaning of my dream can you help me?
    I dream that a baby kangaroo came up to me and i was holding it til the mother kangaroo came i was afraid that she was going to hit me but no she put her baby on her pocket and let me pet her head then i went somewhere and she was following me hoping then someone bad came and i looked and she hoped really fast to run away and disapeared.

    1. I would say you have a current or put situation that is not serving you and its time to move forward and not look back.

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