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Adapting to the flow today will bring you great rewards.

Kangaroo Meaning and Messages

In this case, Kangaroo symbolism reminds you that you can only move forward right now. For this reason, once you have achieved your momentum, keep moving forward, and never look back. All in all, know that moving forward is enough – that you do not necessarily have to be clear on the path. With this spirit animal’s meaning, merely moving is called for, and the bigger the leaps and bounds the better.

Kangaroo symbolism can also mean that a nine-month cycle is at play and that your current project will take nine months to mature and benefit you. Commit fully to your project.

Also, the Kangaroo meaning could be letting you know that it is time to escape a rough situation. Just allow your instincts to guide you and get the heck out of there!

Kangaroo Totem, Spirit Animal

As a Kangaroo totem person, you have all the strength and stamina when you need it just as long as you move forward and not backward. Also, you can balance the creative energies required to complete any task. Moreover, you are also extremely focused and must often keep your energy field clear of external influence so that you can stay centered and grounded. Instinctively you always know which direction to move forward too, and you hop through situations with ease and never look back.

With this animal as their spirit animal, we can always expect the unexpected from them. They are humorous, full of hilarious antics, and value honesty and integrity. Folks with this totem have a way of starting something and never looking back. Like the Camel, their determination will always get them what they want. You can put them in any situation, and they will find a way to adapt to it.

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Kangaroo Dream Interpretation

When you see this marsupial in your dream, it refers to maternal and paternal protection. You may be expressing your nurturing and mothering nature. Perhaps, you are too overly protective. Alternatively, like the Jellyfish, this animal symbolizes aggression. If the Kangaroo is hopping, then the dream is analogous to how you jump from one thing to another. You may lack the ability to stick to one thing.

To dream that this animal attacks you, indicates that someone doubts your reputation. A Kangaroo dream can also be a warning to be cautious for the next few days. You may be on the receiving end of a hostile attack from someone who has been nurturing a grudge against you.

43 thoughts on “Kangaroo”

  1. Albert Terry Aldredge

    Dreaming of a pregnant kangaroo which I was helping. A 2 headed kangaroo looking down at us. A small lion being aggressive at my feet. What does this mean.

  2. Hi,
    I am wondering if anyone can help me interpret this:

    I’m currently at a metaphorical fork in the road of my life and I’m struggling to know which is the right path. I’ve been given two opportunities, one requires me to stay on the path I’m on, the other requires me to take a chance in a new environment. Both have their merits, which is making the decision difficult.

    Then last night I was sitting with a friend discussing this dilemma. Afterwards I drove straight home and on the way I hit and killed a male wallaby. I felt devastated! I’ve never killed anything before.

    I feel like this was a sign, but I’m struggling to understand it’s meaning. I know that kangaroos/wallabies represent forward motion etc, but what does it mean when you kill the symbol of that?

    If anyone has a deeper understanding of the meaning of death in relation to a spirit animal, I would greatly appreciate your input.

    Thank you. R xx

    1. Hi , you only have one chance in life , the wolaby is symbolic for representing the one chance that one life , often we look to much in to the future, we never know what is in front of us , step back and think hard on that one wish that u have always wanted even from a baby you where right up there , you have growth and more growth to come set your awareness into position, and in able your self to look into the deeper sence of your well being, have faith that you are on the right pathway which ever one you take will be the right one for you, be determined to be successful in all you do and there is always light at the end of the tunnel, have faith that everything is exactly as it should be right now, promises u can keep, but don’t let go of what you believe in trust in divines timing and give thanks for everything we receive, your a one tract pony keep going and u will find everything you want in life , hope that helps u in your journey of life .

  3. I am currently in Alive & Free Coaching and doing Lesson 2: The Story of Pain.
    I had a dream that a kangaroo was clamped down on my left hand and biting into it. Eventually, I looked up and it was a small dog.

  4. My dream was that i was sneaking out of the house and down a road that is near our house when there was a kangaroo without a pouch. It turned and did a warning stance thing. Then i came closer and got kicked in the stomach by the kangaroo. then i ran home… I woke up.

  5. I had a very scary dream,I even ended up crying when I woke up, like I’d seen a kangaroo butchered by I assume my sister but another or even the same kangaroo got up and ran away leaving bloody footprints,but I had to save m sister fromthe police but the police didn’t suspect us and thought we were trying to catch the culprit and this all happened in my home,and the road like next to my house where my sister was trying to escape well this wasn’t the only dream this was the last dream in a series of three,the first one was basically in a large house thing where everyone I knew was gathered,we were playing music specifically bts’ music but then it’s like I fell in another dream where there was a train kind of like the song spring day by bts ,it was the sa!e train and scene but there was someone else in the train same place as jungkook and someone had written something on the train something like”Jonghyun something something doll”(he’s a singer who is dead now by the way) but there was this old guy waiting for Jonghyun to come back saying that he’d prepared something for him and he should come and eat it but then he dies while waiting,but in another context in the same dream,I was crying and was mad because my sister was crying in her sleep and was dreaming the dream I just mentioned I think it’s like I came out of the dream and then I told her something which I don’t want to mention right now. After that we were in a super market and there was areas clown in the basket but the thing is I don’t know who I’m with it’s either my sister or someone complete stranger then we come to the present dream that I told at first,I was really scared I cried after I woke up there was blood and gore and I was lying.

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