Turtle Symbolism, Turtle Meaning, Turtle Totem, Turtle Dream, and Messages
It is time to recognize that there is an abundance out there for you.
-Snapping Turtle

Turtle Meaning and Messages

In this case, Turtle symbolism is giving you the message that “slow and steady wins the race.” Thus you should pay attention to the details in your current project and take your time with it. In other words, don’t be tempted to skip steps or take shortcuts. You will get there! Therefore, turtle meaning also prompts you to trust in the process and stay in the moment. Similarly, turtle spirit teaches that bigger, stronger, and faster are not always the best ways to reach your goals.

Alternatively, when turtle symbolism appears in your life, it may be a signal that you need to ground yourself and your energy to Earth. This grounding is the best way to protect yourself and to stay focused on the present.

Painted Turtle Symbolism

When Painted Turtle symbolism makes its presence known, you are about to be rewarded in some way. Thus if you continue to follow through on what you have already set in motion, you will win. Like the Butterfly dream, this creature loves to appear when good news is forthcoming. If you are currently involved in a group effort or project, the turtle meaning heralds the success of the group. In other words, the group will accomplish what it set out to do, and the benefits will be widespread.

Alternatively, turtle meaning is letting you know that things are about to get a little more colorful in your life. Thus, it will be a time of healing, decisive progress in relationships, and you receive rewards for your efforts. You have the power! Therefore, continue to keep your faith, and be persistent in your pursuits.

Sea Turtle Meaning

In this case, Sea Turtle symbolism is letting you know that your progress in creative endeavours will become a lot smoother. Thus you will encounter less resistance to your efforts, and you will now be able to finish those projects without interference.

Alternatively, Sea Turtle symbolism is reminding you that you must balance your creativity with practicality. You must consider both aspects if you are going to be productive. In other words, you need to plan things a little more carefully and be patient.

Occasionally Sea Turtle’s meaning is a warning that you are relying too strongly on one or two prospects. Thus you need to expand and increase your productivity by adding a few more leads.

Snapping Turtle Symbolism

In this case, Snapping Turtle’s meaning is guiding you to approach things around you with a little more caution. In other words, you should have a close look at what you are communicating and how you are expressing it to others. Alternatively, the Snapping Turtle symbolism is alerting you to an opportunity that is up for grabs. It will require your quick response to secure it.

Tortoise Meaning

When the Tortoise appears in your life, it is because you have been moving through many changes. Thus, like the Camel totem, you have been dealing with a lot of burdens. This animal brings a message that the fruits of your labors and perseverance are now beginning to pay off. Therefore, the turtle meaning is here to remind you to carry on with your endeavors. You will succeed in time.

Alternatively, the Tortoise meaning is a reminder that the rhythms of Nature will work for you in its own time. Thus you need to recognize that abundance and growth do not have to come overnight. Take the time to absorb and understand the reasons behind lessons thoroughly. Then you can move through them with greater understanding.

These animals are also good omens, indicating that good fortune and positive developments are on the way.

Box Turtle Symbolism

When Box Turtle Symbolism appears in your life, you must protect yourself from other people’s dramas, those that drain your energy, and those that need more than they give. In other words, stay grounded, disengage from histrionics, and set your boundaries. All of these things are keeping you from your goals. Therefore, retreat into your own space and refocus your efforts.

A Quick Message from Sea Turtle

Red Eared Slider Symbolism

When the Red Eared Slider makes itself known to you, it is an omen that you must pay attention to your intuition. In other words, you are about to receive some spiritual guidance, and you must listen carefully. You have asked for help and advice, so trust the messages coming your way.

Alternatively, this turtle symbolism has appeared to emphasize that you are not alone in your endeavors. You must ask for help if you feel that you need it.

Turtle Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Turtle totem have exceptional navigation skills. They can always find their way through anything. Folks with this spirit animal also tend to withdraw into their shell if they see themselves in an uncomfortable or what they perceive as a threatening situation. People with this power animal also have understanding and compassion for this planet and all of its inhabitants. They also have a secure attachment to their home and will always end up returning there. These people move at their own pace and take their time with decisions. Their compassion for others is monumental. Thus they make good listeners and can do so without taking them on.

Painted Turtle Totem

Like the Angelfish totem, these are very colorful and creative people. They work well in groups and are persistent at getting things done. Folks with the Painted Turtle totem know the importance of timing, and always seem to be in the right spot at the right moment to grab at an opportunity. They are unbeaten in business through sheer determination and persistence.

Sea Turtle Totem

People with the Sea Turtle Totem are cooperative, accepting, flexible, and creative. They know how to access the other worlds and usually trust their senses. Thus they are clairaudient and clairsentient beings. These folks experience success and achievement in all their undertakings. All of their creative endeavors encounter little resistance, and they reach their goals. They generally live a relaxed and stress-free life.

Snapping Turtle Totem

People with the Snapping Turtle totem can be very self-protective. They tend to approach new things very carefully. These folks are very good at grabbing opportunities when they appear. They are also somewhat socially awkward, often miscommunicating their intentions. Thus, they can also be quick to temper.

Tortoise Totem

People with the Tortoise Totem are sage, and they love to share that wisdom with humor and pranks. They work well with Nature’s flow and are very patient and cooperative when faced with dilemmas. They support their families in a plodding and enduring, chaste manner. Folks with this spirit animal totem are modest, steady, benevolent, grounded, and make their way through life slowly and methodically.

Box Turtle Totem

When you have a Box Turtle Totem, you are very self-protective. Occasionally to the point of never venturing out into the world. You have a reluctant relationship with your psychic gifts and will use them when necessary. Folks with this power animal also have a way of detaching themselves from the human condition. You observe, and yet, you can stay detached. When things get topsy-turvy in your life, you always manage to land back on your feet. You are a good survivor.

Red-Eared Slider Totem

People with the Red-Eared Slider as their totem, like the Schnauzer, are clairaudient. They can hear what their spirit guides have to say. However, there is more to this. If they use their gift regularly, they will develop their power to the point of being able to hear the unspoken words of others. Eventually, they can listen to other people’s thoughts when they need to. Thus they will always be able to discern the real character and intentions of those around them. These people make great animal communicators, psychics, channels for the Angelic Realms, and Mediums.

Turtle Dream Interpretation

When you have a Turtle dream, it is a reminder that you need to take some chances to get ahead in life. In other words, there are opportunities for advancement, but you need to take the next step. Alternatively, the turtle represents the need to be sheltered or protected from life’s problems.

When you have a turtle dream in which this animal is chasing you, it indicates that you are hiding behind a facade, instead of confronting the things that are bothering you. In other words, stop pretending everything is okay when it is not all right.

Thus, dreaming of this animal symbolizes perseverance, determination, and longevity.

Painted Turtle Dream

If you have had a Painted Turtle dream, then you are being asked to explore your artistic side. Similar to the Toucan, find ways to creatively express the stories and ideas within you, whether it is through the visual arts, the written word, or acting on stage.

If the turtle you are dreaming of has patches of paint on it, then you must look for deception in your life. Either someone is deceiving you, or you are deluding yourself. Get to the truth of the matter.

Sea Turtle Dream Symbolism

When you have a Sea Turtle dream, you need to take some time and explore your emotions. In other words, you are holding onto something that you don’t need to. It could be something as simple anger towards the driver that cut you off dangerously, or it could be a much deeper childhood trauma. In any case, it is time to release that energy and move on,

Alternatively, the Sea Turtle dream may be a reminder to you that we are all stewards of the Earth, and as such, we must all do our part to protect her. Every little bit helps in the larger picture of things.

Snapping Turtle Dream

When you have a Snapping Turtle dream, you must pursue an opportunity that is before you aggressively. In other words, stop hesitating and procrastinating. The opening will not be available to you for much longer.

Tortoise Dream

If you have a dream that includes a tortoise, it is a reminder that a steady pace will accomplish much more than the fits and starts you have been giving your current project. For the sake of continuity, you should block out a period each day to devote to this project. In other words, take your time. It is important enough to do it right.

Box Turtle Dream

When you have a Box Turtle dream, it is a reminder that you cannot hide within yourself all the time. Thus you are being urged to get out and explore your surroundings more. When you engage yourself with the world around you, life becomes much more colorful and more vibrant.

Red Eared Slider Dream

When the Slider appears in your dream, it is an omen that someone is overdramatizing an incident to gain your empathy. In other words, they are blowing a small incident way out of proportion so that they can get you to take a side. Thus it would be prudent for you to seek out the others involved and get to the root of the issue. You will be able to mediate a peaceful resolution before it escalates.

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  1. I was told by a shaman that my spirit animal is a tortoise. So I have used the tortoise to help me stay calm and retreat when something doesn’t feel right.

  2. Many years ago I dreamt with a turtle and it has stayed with me through the decades. I dreamt I was in the Caribbean sea and a very large primordial turtle rose out of the water under me. It asked me to hold onto its shell, it was about to take me for a ride. The turtle dove under the water and it began to become quite dark. I became frightened and the Turtle said to me, telepathically, “Don’t be afraid. You can let go and you will float to the surface. I will be back to get you. I floated to the surface and the turtle came up under me and I grabbed on to it’s shell and it took me for a ride on the surface towards the horizon. The sun was at the horizon. I couldn’t tell if it was sunset or sunrise but the sun reflected on the water in reds and yellows. It was beautiful. I felt so much at peace and safe. It was so beautiful. This was 50 years ago.

    1. This sounds very similar to the turtle depicted in various types of mythology. That is, what is called the World Turtle, or the Cosmic Turtle and the World Bearing Turtle. This is a giant turtle that carries the world on its back. It seems to be symbolic of how patience, slow amounts of progress over time, modest efforts. quiet persistence and steady hard work supports the world, as well as you too. Mythology often offers a lot of symbolic messages and metaphors in its stories after all.

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