Turtle Symbolism, Turtle Meaning, Turtle Totem, Turtle Dream, and Messages
Stop trying to make something happen. Stay in the moment and all things will fall into place.

Turtle Meaning and Messages

In this case, Turtle symbolism is giving you the message that “slow and steady wins the race.” Thus you should pay attention to the details in your current project and take your time with it. In other words, don’t be tempted to skip steps or take shortcuts. You will get there! Therefore, turtle meaning also prompts you to trust in the process and stay in the moment. Similarly, turtle spirit teaches that bigger, stronger, and faster are not always the best ways to reach your goals.

Alternatively, when turtle symbolism appears in your life, it may be a signal that you need to ground yourself and your energy to Earth. This grounding is the best way to protect yourself and to stay focused on the present.

Painted Turtle Symbolism

When Painted Turtle symbolism makes its presence known, you are about to be rewarded in some way. Thus if you continue to follow through on what you have already set in motion, you will win. Like the Butterfly dream, this creature loves to appear when good news is forthcoming. If you are currently involved in a group effort or project, the turtle meaning heralds the success of the group. In other words, the group will accomplish what it set out to do, and the benefits will be widespread.

Alternatively, turtle meaning is letting you know that things are about to get a little more colorful in your life. Thus, it will be a time of healing, decisive progress in relationships, and you receive rewards for your efforts. You have the power! Therefore, continue to keep your faith, and be persistent in your pursuits.

Sea Turtle Meaning

In this case, Sea Turtle symbolism is letting you know that your progress in creative endeavours will become a lot smoother. Thus you will encounter less resistance to your efforts, and you will now be able to finish those projects without interference.

Alternatively, Sea Turtle symbolism is reminding you that you must balance your creativity with practicality. You must consider both aspects if you are going to be productive. In other words, you need to plan things a little more carefully and be patient.

Occasionally Sea Turtle’s meaning is a warning that you are relying too strongly on one or two prospects. Thus you need to expand and increase your productivity by adding a few more leads.

Snapping Turtle Symbolism

In this case, Snapping Turtle’s meaning is guiding you to approach things around you with a little more caution. In other words, you should have a close look at what you are communicating and how you are expressing it to others. Alternatively, the Snapping Turtle symbolism is alerting you to an opportunity that is up for grabs. It will require your quick response to secure it.

Tortoise Meaning

When the Tortoise appears in your life, it is because you have been moving through many changes. Thus, like the Camel totem, you have been dealing with a lot of burdens. This animal brings a message that the fruits of your labors and perseverance are now beginning to pay off. Therefore, the turtle meaning is here to remind you to carry on with your endeavors. You will succeed in time.

Alternatively, the Tortoise meaning is a reminder that the rhythms of Nature will work for you in its own time. Thus you need to recognize that abundance and growth do not have to come overnight. Take the time to absorb and understand the reasons behind lessons thoroughly. Then you can move through them with greater understanding.

These animals are also good omens, indicating that good fortune and positive developments are on the way.

Box Turtle Symbolism

When Box Turtle Symbolism appears in your life, you must protect yourself from other people’s dramas, those that drain your energy, and those that need more than they give. In other words, stay grounded, disengage from histrionics, and set your boundaries. All of these things are keeping you from your goals. Therefore, retreat into your own space and refocus your efforts.

A Quick Message from Sea Turtle

Red Eared Slider Symbolism

When the Red Eared Slider makes itself known to you, it is an omen that you must pay attention to your intuition. In other words, you are about to receive some spiritual guidance, and you must listen carefully. You have asked for help and advice, so trust the messages coming your way.

Alternatively, this turtle symbolism has appeared to emphasize that you are not alone in your endeavors. You must ask for help if you feel that you need it.

Turtle Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Turtle totem have exceptional navigation skills. They can always find their way through anything. Folks with this spirit animal also tend to withdraw into their shell if they see themselves in an uncomfortable or what they perceive as a threatening situation. People with this power animal also have understanding and compassion for this planet and all of its inhabitants. They also have a secure attachment to their home and will always end up returning there. These people move at their own pace and take their time with decisions. Their compassion for others is monumental. Thus they make good listeners and can do so without taking them on.

Painted Turtle Totem

Like the Angelfish totem, these are very colorful and creative people. They work well in groups and are persistent at getting things done. Folks with the Painted Turtle totem know the importance of timing, and always seem to be in the right spot at the right moment to grab at an opportunity. They are unbeaten in business through sheer determination and persistence.

Sea Turtle Totem

People with the Sea Turtle Totem are cooperative, accepting, flexible, and creative. They know how to access the other worlds and usually trust their senses. Thus they are clairaudient and clairsentient beings. These folks experience success and achievement in all their undertakings. All of their creative endeavors encounter little resistance, and they reach their goals. They generally live a relaxed and stress-free life.

Snapping Turtle Totem

People with the Snapping Turtle totem can be very self-protective. They tend to approach new things very carefully. These folks are very good at grabbing opportunities when they appear. They are also somewhat socially awkward, often miscommunicating their intentions. Thus, they can also be quick to temper.

Tortoise Totem

People with the Tortoise Totem are sage, and they love to share that wisdom with humor and pranks. They work well with Nature’s flow and are very patient and cooperative when faced with dilemmas. They support their families in a plodding and enduring, chaste manner. Folks with this spirit animal totem are modest, steady, benevolent, grounded, and make their way through life slowly and methodically.

Box Turtle Totem

When you have a Box Turtle Totem, you are very self-protective. Occasionally to the point of never venturing out into the world. You have a reluctant relationship with your psychic gifts and will use them when necessary. Folks with this power animal also have a way of detaching themselves from the human condition. You observe, and yet, you can stay detached. When things get topsy-turvy in your life, you always manage to land back on your feet. You are a good survivor.

Red-Eared Slider Totem

People with the Red-Eared Slider as their totem, like the Schnauzer, are clairaudient. They can hear what their spirit guides have to say. However, there is more to this. If they use their gift regularly, they will develop their power to the point of being able to hear the unspoken words of others. Eventually, they can listen to other people’s thoughts when they need to. Thus they will always be able to discern the real character and intentions of those around them. These people make great animal communicators, psychics, channels for the Angelic Realms, and Mediums.

Turtle Dream Interpretation

When you have a Turtle dream, it is a reminder that you need to take some chances to get ahead in life. In other words, there are opportunities for advancement, but you need to take the next step. Alternatively, the turtle represents the need to be sheltered or protected from life’s problems.

When you have a turtle dream in which this animal is chasing you, it indicates that you are hiding behind a facade, instead of confronting the things that are bothering you. In other words, stop pretending everything is okay when it is not all right.

Thus, dreaming of this animal symbolizes perseverance, determination, and longevity.

Painted Turtle Dream

If you have had a Painted Turtle dream, then you are being asked to explore your artistic side. Similar to the Toucan, find ways to creatively express the stories and ideas within you, whether it is through the visual arts, the written word, or acting on stage.

If the turtle you are dreaming of has patches of paint on it, then you must look for deception in your life. Either someone is deceiving you, or you are deluding yourself. Get to the truth of the matter.

Sea Turtle Dream Symbolism

When you have a Sea Turtle dream, you need to take some time and explore your emotions. In other words, you are holding onto something that you don’t need to. It could be something as simple anger towards the driver that cut you off dangerously, or it could be a much deeper childhood trauma. In any case, it is time to release that energy and move on,

Alternatively, the Sea Turtle dream may be a reminder to you that we are all stewards of the Earth, and as such, we must all do our part to protect her. Every little bit helps in the larger picture of things.

Snapping Turtle Dream

When you have a Snapping Turtle dream, you must pursue an opportunity that is before you aggressively. In other words, stop hesitating and procrastinating. The opening will not be available to you for much longer.

Tortoise Dream

If you have a dream that includes a tortoise, it is a reminder that a steady pace will accomplish much more than the fits and starts you have been giving your current project. For the sake of continuity, you should block out a period each day to devote to this project. In other words, take your time. It is important enough to do it right.

Box Turtle Dream

When you have a Box Turtle dream, it is a reminder that you cannot hide within yourself all the time. Thus you are being urged to get out and explore your surroundings more. When you engage yourself with the world around you, life becomes much more colorful and more vibrant.

Red Eared Slider Dream

When the Slider appears in your dream, it is an omen that someone is overdramatizing an incident to gain your empathy. In other words, they are blowing a small incident way out of proportion so that they can get you to take a side. Thus it would be prudent for you to seek out the others involved and get to the root of the issue. You will be able to mediate a peaceful resolution before it escalates.

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  1. when i was in Hawaii visiting my father for a month, we went to the beach walking around, and dad ended up talking to someone so i continued walking toward rock area near the beach and looking around alll of sudden something was wavin’ at me and i looked into the water carefully cause the tortoise was in a complete camouflage merge with rocks… then finally found it… looking at her as in need help get out of the hole area… i looked up at the beach and wondering how the world she got in… and i remembered we had a high tide came in other day, so she might have flown over it and found place to lay her eggs. so my father came found me and i said can you find the tortoise in there? It took him about 2o min to find her.. i showed him my camera and he said wow… he hollered a lifeguard to call someone to help us to get her out… i had a permission to climb down to be with her… i pet her and told her we are getting you out. her front flap landed on my leg, knowing she’s getting help. 3 men(including my dad) and i grabbed her out of the water and carried her out to the beach as close enuff for her to walk toward to the waves. I rescued her so what does it mean? I fell in love with her ever since then. I have always loves wolves and Owls but this turtle is leading me into this world of turtles! wondered why?

  2. I had a dream I was purchasing a gift for my brother, at a liquor store. I found a bottle of vodka, large shaped like a turtle. It was beautiful I loved it. So I bought it for him. It was the prettiest bottle I have ever seen detailed and it looked liked the red sliders but crystal clear.

  3. I was told by a shaman that my spirit animal is a tortoise. So I have used the tortoise to help me stay calm and retreat when something doesn’t feel right.

  4. Many years ago I dreamt with a turtle and it has stayed with me through the decades. I dreamt I was in the Caribbean sea and a very large primordial turtle rose out of the water under me. It asked me to hold onto its shell, it was about to take me for a ride. The turtle dove under the water and it began to become quite dark. I became frightened and the Turtle said to me, telepathically, “Don’t be afraid. You can let go and you will float to the surface. I will be back to get you. I floated to the surface and the turtle came up under me and I grabbed on to it’s shell and it took me for a ride on the surface towards the horizon. The sun was at the horizon. I couldn’t tell if it was sunset or sunrise but the sun reflected on the water in reds and yellows. It was beautiful. I felt so much at peace and safe. It was so beautiful. This was 50 years ago.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This sounds very similar to the turtle depicted in various types of mythology. That is, what is called the World Turtle, or the Cosmic Turtle and the World Bearing Turtle. This is a giant turtle that carries the world on its back. It seems to be symbolic of how patience, slow amounts of progress over time, modest efforts. quiet persistence and steady hard work supports the world, as well as you too. Mythology often offers a lot of symbolic messages and metaphors in its stories after all.

  5. I dreamed I was in the car with my husband. On my lap in a box, was a turtle with a small cut over its right eye. I was taking it to a lake to save him. The weird thing about this turtle though, was that at its knees, it had a second leg protruding. So it has eight legs rather than four. Any insight?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps you are supposed to take everything to a slow and steady pace, but instead you are trying to rush everything when you would be more comfortable taking everything slowly. If you have a lot of struggles and a lot of fears going forward, it’s okay to take it slowly. Baby steps. The cut over its right eye might mean that you might have a blurry perception of your reality. Life is not a race, and you do not have to be faster than everyone else to achieve everything. Life is not about achievement itself, but about gaining happiness, and sometimes chasing after achievement in priority of everything else in life is the opposite to happiness to some people.

      Some people feel that they are called to grand purposes or have big ambitions in life, and that yes, is completely valid. Though others simply just want to spend life doing the things that make them happy the most, no matter how unexciting these activities sound to others, and to help others around them in small ways. The world would not function without the help of everyday people doing all kinds of work that is taken for granted. You do not have to have a big reason to live. It can be small, humble and modest, such as wanting to look after a garden or wanting to see the sunrise everyday. You might wake up just for the sake of eating a tasty breakfast, or you might just want to see the next episode on a favorite television show. You might just want to enjoy an average day with your family, or a day with your friends. Either way, life’s purpose involves the small things as much as the big things.

  6. dear, this is not a dream is in true… febr. 2019 ,in the early morning i found a turtle, at the back door of the house. from the south west corner. a week ago black ants the where caring something white entering the house from the backdoor, two weeks ago at afternoon, my neighbor saw a
    sloths try to climbing. on the roof of the house. three days ago. at midnight , a bat flying in the sleeping room. I always see a frog at the same back door. ( yes . my private life is up side down, there is court case. of property. i’m already in a stress ,confuse. depression ). i hope i could find an answer .thank you.

    1. EspionageCookie

      A turtle at the back door of your house might represent something “behind your back” that requires you to take all of this slowly. Perhaps there are issues you’re ignoring that you have to handle detail by detail, step by step. Take it one day at a time. You can start with a big goal and break it into smaller goals, then even smaller steps. Look up “How to make To-do lists,” “The Bullet Journal Technique,” or “To do List/Productivity apps,” for example. Sloths are another slow animal that represents taking things slowly, and on the roof, it might represent a need for you to take forming the big picture perspective of your life very slowly. That sense of who you are, what you believe life is, and how it should be. Take time in figuring that out. A bat flying in the bedroom might represent a lot of worries preventing you from sleeping well (Perhaps look up “How to sleep,” for some advice.). A frog at the back door might represent a transition happening “behind your back” that you do not realize is happening. Count the progress you make, no matter how small. If you look far back enough, you might find you are making more progress than you think you are.

  7. Last night I dreamt I visited a place where sea turtles were kept captive, like a zoo or sanctuary. The turtles were all cared for. I was then introduced to my real mother, who was a sea turtle. My rational mind told me to be fearful of being bit. My mother sea turtle was overjoyed to see me and shared her love through some kine of non verbal communication. I wanted to take her with me, but was told I wouldn’t be able to take care of her beyond the sanctuary.
    It’s interesting how within a dream the idea of your mother being a different species does not seem impossible or foreign.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the turtles you were afraid to bite you represents a fear of creative exploration, or in putting your creative ideas to practical form. You might be exploring too many different ideas or creative project options that make you unable to choose one to actually accomplish. A mother sea turtle might represent a need to nurture yourself to find this creativity to find ideas to forge ahead. What you might need to motivate yourself might be self care, self nurturing and encouragement rather than the harsher self criticism you may be practicing on yourself.

  8. I had a dream that I opened a microwave and saw a turtle had been badly burned. I got upset, saying “I don’t know what to do” because I didn’t know how to save the turtle, then a vet appeared and helped the turtle by putting it in a dryer similar to the dryers small dogs are put in at grooming salons. What does this mean? (It wasn’t me that put the turtle in the microwave)

    1. I dreamt a tall man brought turtles to me…I was excited to see them …playing with them as well. Was asking are to start training them or what…because I found much excitement to touch them and play with them. Was this a good omen . My life since I met d man I got my daughter for hasn’t be pleasant again. I strive to live and feed d girl all alone till date. Despite he met me working and living fine. Now things got harder …feeling rejected…no help. I got married again 2yrs ago. Husband not pleasant in taking care of me nd d girl. Fight all day and much ignore on d girl wellbeing. Tried applied for job non was I called for. I need a change …a great change in my life. Someone pls interpret d dreams .

  9. I had a dream with a snake in it, but I cut the snake belly open and killed it and saved two turtles that it had eaten. Once the turtles was free from the snake belly I felt this relief in myself like peace in my dream.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The snake, in a negative light, might represent deception or a cunning use of lies against you. The turtles you saved inside the snake by cutting it up might represent a need to slow down and take things at your own pace, contrary to people that might be manipulating you or pressuring you to speed up. After all, to make you unable to slow down is a strong manipulative tactic because this way you do not have time to self reflect or think for yourself compared to what others desire you to do. This behavior is often associated with trying to make you do certain actions as quickly as possible so that you do not question it.

  10. I just moved to this house about a month ago, I go outside & there is this land turtle all banged up staring at me with red eyes, I picked him u to see if he was hurt his shell looked like it had old damage & dents I blocked off my yard yo keep him, I fed him & named him sloppy,……😊 the next day he was gone, I looked for him for a few days then on other day I wake up early due to my dogs barking I found another turtle in my yard, so I fed him &,this time I did not try to trap him due to the fact I read that his shell is his home, &,his safe place,,,,, but is there as meaning of why these turtles are in my path?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might mean that you just need to take it slowly in adjusting to this new place that you are. Perhaps you moved not only for practical reasons but to try to move on from emotional regrets in the past, in which case you need to gently mourn at your own pace, rather than to force yourself to get over it too quickly.

  11. I was heading to work from leaving a worksite and keep in mind these spots are like a good hour from each other and I’m going out to deliver some lumbar to this other job site and I’m on a 2 lane street going the way to the job site I don’t know if it was heading south or north but either way there’s a middle median on this street so people are going the opposite way as well I’m on this street and nobody’s behind me or in the next lane over and in the left lane /‘middle of the the lanes there was turtle walking towards my lane but stopped as I was passing by I guess my question is what is the meaning of this crossing with this turtle and it was about about 7:25 pm there still was light outside

  12. I dreamed that I saw a turtle with long legs walking and it turned its head and kept looking at me. It was cute. So I got my friend to come see. He said, I wonder if he is a spirit or a guru. THen the turtle looked right at me and its eyes got big and shiny blue. Then my friend got down on the ground and started hugging the turtle.

  13. Turtle, A’nowara who carries the earth on her back reminds me that we are carried by the earth. We do not own the earth. We cannot own any part of it. Turtle Island was here long before us and will almost certainly be here long after all of us are gone. All animals know what man forgets, that we are guests here, we are merely visitors, and must respect that which is not and cannot be ours. We must remember to thank A’nowara for carrying us and for giving us all the things that we need during our visit. We must remember to honour Turtle for her kindness and generosity. And we must remember to do no harm to Turtle Island, to leave no mark and to give back all that we are given. And today my prayer, my thought is Niawen’kó:wa A’nowara. Niawen’kó:wa for all that you have given.

  14. TURTLE – A’nowara
    Turtle, A’nowara, in Haudenosaunee belief, carries the earth on his back. He represents the earth and how we live as part of the earth. We must remind ourselves constantly that we are being carried, that we are merely passengers, not the owners of the earth. Today I am reminded to give thanks to A’nowara, Turtle for carrying me, my ancestors and all of the things that I love on his back.

  15. Turtle happenings are so constant that I began to research. We just keep crossing paths…. we are at the beach having dinner outside on the lawn in front of a lit Chimnea and next to our bottle of wine (which was in a stand) — a huge loggerhead turtle simply comes off the dune and stays by us…. not afraid of us– just watches intently. Then, we go to another beach with our grandkids–my husband informs me that yet another turtle crossed their path and now he (the turtle) was in the bathroom in the shower……. uhhhh ok WHY? My grandson for whatever reason wanted to observe him and said this turtle just comes up to my husband…..again in his path. That evening they released the turtle back into the dunes. So yesterday, a turtle travelled from (perhaps the golf course) down the street to our house…. my grandson once again just happens to be here…. turtle gets fed, got water and hung out until early evening where he was released at the creek. I do not understand why turtles and my husband are constantly crossing paths….. there are more instances but it never happens to me …. they seem to just show up consistently around my husband and some strange interaction will occur. Very odd.

  16. A powerful message on Canada Day 150. Turtle carries the land on his back. The land does not belong to any of the people on it. We are being carried. We are passengers. Not owners. I love this place. I love this country. But love and ownership are not the same thing.
    Niawen’kó:wa Thank you very much Turtle.

    And Happy Canada Day.

  17. Last summer mt husband had two strokes with very minimal damage. He was showing improvement. One afternoon my dog was barking at the back door, going crazy! A beautiful painted turtle was on my back patio. Once my husband and I got to the door, our little visitor scurried off to the woods. We have no water close to our property, and I found it very odd. About theee hours later, my husband had a third and fatal stroke. Looking back on that day,, seeing something so out of the ordinary that day, convinces me that this was no ordinary turtle, rather a messenger.

  18. I habe been going through a rough patch in my life , lost my job and sarted my environmental consulting business that is not going well, fight with family members for no concrete reason, separated eith my partner and had a miscariage all this happened in 7 months and there are times i feel lime giving up. On the 16th of April just 5 days before my birthday i was driving from my mothers village to my house was hurt and thinking a lot while driving then i came across a turtle crosing the road i made a U turn and picked it up and broght it to my house as i dont even have a pet. Im loving it but wondering what sign was it showing.

    On the 17th i went to church with my friend and i was prophesised that i have 2 callings (ancestral and spiritual) that are coming from my biological father side .
    I started praying hard with a white candle and in few hours i got 2 calls for interviews this week .

    1. I just experienced this today wen csme home it was a turtle in the front of my house door. I know for a fact that it was a sign

      Got into a car accident last week
      Not working, been laid off for a year,
      Today I find a turtle in front of my door, got a interview today it’s real I’m a believer….

      Good luck

  19. I had dropped my son off at practice and was taking my daughter to hers when I slowed down for a huge dip in the road. As I came over the dip, I swore I saw something that looked like a small turtle going across to my right. I wasn’t for sure as I do wear glasses. I was afraid the car behind me would run it over, so when I got to the end of the road I made a Uturn and told the my daughter and her friend that I saw a turtle. They did not believe me. When we got back to the spot, we didn’t see it. Then, there it was…walking along the curb. I picked it up. I was afraid that if I placed it back in the grass it came from then it would wonder again into the road. I figured it got washed up from all the rain….needless to say, we made a place for it at home and will release to the pond in our back yard. He seems to link music. What could this possibly mean. I still in disbelief in how did I see this tiny tiny baby…

  20. I dreamed of white turtles, I was in the ocean and they were all sorrounding me. There were a few green ones but they were mainly white. I read somewhere that it can mean death or sickness, and now I’m concerned. Does anyone have a different opinion?

  21. Hi i had a dream in the wee hrs abt a climbing turtle ( on a muddy mountain road with the sea alongside)… on the other hand I am on the bus… watched the turtle and pick him up and take away with me.

  22. I have seen three turtles visit my farm from the swampy shrubs nearby. I was told that it represent a bad omen and that I should kill and dispose of them. So far I believed that but reading this has cast doubt in my mind. What really does a turtle represent? Is it true that it is used for fetish practices?

    1. Whoever told you that was wrong! A turtle is a good omen. You should not kill the turtle. But I worry about the person who told you they are a bad omen and should be killed. They are a very bad influence in your life and they have a negative and evil spirit attached to them that needs to be cast out of them. They need to get help!

    2. I dreamed a turtle was holding on to my big toe tight! It was hard for me to get him off and once I did it some how came back to the same spot and held on tighter, again I got it off but it was even harder then the 1st time. What does this mean?

  23. Hello, last night I dreamt of holding a tortoise for quite some time and looking into its shell and then leaving it into the water and I see it gracefully makes a circle and swims away. May I know what it means? Is it goid to dream if a tortoise? I am going through a rough oatch in my life with my personal and professional life for the past 4 years.

    1. Ahh! This is definitely a nice sign. The message I’m getting is that slowly and steadily this will all come full circle… be patient and stay determined! <3

  24. Im curious of meaning: wile pulling Hosts plants/bulbs, I tossed one down quickly cuz wut I thot was small snake inside roots of one. After it felt safe to come out, it wasn’t a snake. It was large turtle. Its shell was beautiful painted glass like in windows of old churches but in no specific pattern. He was crawling slowly away from my direction. 😕

  25. I have been going through a huge life change. I left my partner of 15 years and am starting completely over , with nothing but my broken soul. I have had numerous experiences with a cricket and I’m trying to connect myself with the positive feelings I’m getting. I want to give back in life , help people but I have to learn to love myself first. I’m not sure where I’m going with all this but I’m just here…

    1. Hi Susan. Try to take the positives from your 15 year relationship. Be grateful for the experience and ask yourself what you learnt from it. Remember there is no such thing as failure, only feedback Don’t blame yourself for it not working out and remember that every cloud has a silver lining.
      If you find yourself disconnected, I always find the following prayer helps me get back to source.
      Please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you.
      More Love More Power

  26. I had a dream that I was with my crush Marcel, and we where at school walking around. Then we started talking about something. I don’t know what. I patted Marcels head, and he shrinked into a turtle. I picked him up and kissed him while smiling, he was also smiling. Then I woke up.

  27. Valerie Gonzales

    I was in a dead sleep and I have a red slider red ear turtle and. My turtle tank broke and the left side. Of the tank and there was 3 to. 4 turtles. Coming out of it it was turtles coming out and falling one fell and broken the shell in a V shape and two sunny side eggs came out from the bottom and i could not help it I turn and around and i cryied and turn away from the sadiest what the hell was that about. So i woke up and i still have one turtle . then went back to sleep..

  28. i wish my spirit animal was a turtle as it would be more helpful in my life but SPIDER is always the best spirit ever so yeah :mrgreen:

  29. I went to my country house this morning as a new friend of mine came to deliver 4 trees as a gift. As we were walking to the river in the back yard we noticed a tortoise and her newly made nest. Today is the summer solstice and the full moon. I am wondering what this can mean.

  30. A turtle crossed my path at the entrance to a shoe store . Carl Jung spoke of archtypes . The more you notice them the more often syncronicities appear. I have been struggling with subjective and objective philosophy. INTUITION VERSUS LOGIC. But I am not sure if my experience at the shoe store relates to this struggle or not?

    1. I understand where you come from since I had that internal debate years ago, but for me now to strugle between intuition and logic would be like strugle between the senses smell and sight. Also, intuition is very logical I find it now, it may not say what we want sometimes in the beginning but in the end it makes all sense.

    2. Wow!!! I LOVE your analogy of the senses with the internal battle….that is a perfect way to word it. Thank You!!!

  31. I was home watching TV & waiting on my nice to drop off my nephew, well my niece came and as she was leaving she ran back in the house to tell me there was a turtle right behind my car kinda under it….I looked and sure enough it was a turtle! I had to look it up, just last week a rabbit was in my yard but it something about this rabbit it just stood there unafraid of me & all

  32. Yesterday after feeling absolutely horrible about life and feeling like all of life is a dream, I decided to take a ride to the local river dam (random thing to do) My friend saw a turtle across the dam. It was weird because it was trying to crawl up the dam. It slipped the first time, it regrouped itself to the side of the dam and tried again. I looked away for a second and it was gone. I assumed it slipped on down the dam.
    For some reason, I felt like walking on top of the dam over to the other side to see if the turtle was still there about 5 to 10 mins later. It wasn’t but I enjoyed getting my feet in the water. My friend chris that was with me pry thought I was nuts as I didn’t tell him what I was doing. I got out of my truck and did it.

    I haven’t seen a turtle in person since I was way young. So I mentioned that to my friend.
    After I got back to my store, I went on about it a little. He decided to look up the turtle spirit animal. I was amazed at how on it was for my situation.
    I was in a horrible place at the time, and basically the turtle indicates I need to ground myself to earth and be more in the moment which is what meditation is about a lot of the time. (We’ve gotten into meditation and other stuff that have been done for thousands of years.)
    The fact the turtle was going up the dam instead of taking the slightly longer road of up the land and into the more calm water was crazy in itself because I always try taking short cuts. All in all, spirit animals is another thing done or believed in for thousands of years. So there must be something to it. This was one of the most simple yet mind boggling experience I’ve had.

    The fact I walked to it meant I was drawn to it somehow – not something I would normally do so randomly. Had I not done that, chris would have never looked up the turtle spirit animal. I was on the brink of destructive thoughts and it helped to bring me down to earth. Everything happened for a reason done and executed perfectly by nature. Amazing!

    1. I swear we are linked ……..yesterday i was in a very simalar mental state just being pulled apart emotionally fractalizing “self” ….today tho after a long think in the shower and another restless night of sleep i decided to roll up to the sounds of my florida life ……then this noise kept bothering me so much i went to look for the reason…..thats when i noticed a yellow ear slider out of water walking on a brick pathway…..i went and got my neice to show her because i see her enchantment much like my own when i was a child for wildlife…..but after we watched it walk into a fence that i checked twice after he left i went back to try to move him to water and….he was gone……idk where he could have gone …but none the less peace was restored after this moments

  33. Elizabeth Humphrey

    I had a crazy dream about turtles, they were in my backyard lots of them, but seem as they where moving faster than normal so I said I thought turtles could not move fast. I was so amazed then as i looked I see a rabbit go by, and a frog it was crazy but as i read some of the meaning it makes sense, I been dealing with some issues and trying to figure out how to do it differently.

  34. Good Morning. Wow, what a crazy dream I had last night lol. The turtle was talking to me and wanted to take a ride in my car. I remembered he wanted to chew on my hand and I let him until it started to hurt. He told me it turned him on. We stopped at the pet store and he insisted to go with me. He walked on two legs and I put him in the grocery cart like a kid. He talked the whole way lol. He asked a clerk where the icecream isle was and said “wow she didn’t even realize that I was a talking turtle”. I tried to buy him worms and turtle food, but he was he wasn’t interested. I found him a chew toy though. Later he told me he was in love with me. He wanted to kiss me, but I told him no because he’d bite my tongue off. Thank goodness I woke up because it was getting weird.

    He reminded me of Brian, the talking dog on Family Guy.

  35. I had a dream last night I was near a busy stadium and looking for one of my students (I am a special needs teacher) before I crossed the street to look for her, I looked down and there was a drain of sorts where a large snapping turtle was attempting to climb out of onto the very busy road. I remember thinking in my dream that if I went to get it, I would have nowhere to put him, and decided to leave him be bc his instincts would guide him. After all it was his territory not mine. He eventually went back down and disappeared. What does this mean? I don’t live near a stadium I don’t usually see snapping turtles where I live but I have recently been face with a career change that I was not expecting and do t know w what to do. Anyone???

    1. Gnostic Whisperer

      Greetings Ellen,
      This is very exciting! In this case it would appear that the turtle represents YOU. The similarities are so parallel. You are standing across the street watching the busyness taking place before you at a stadium (representing an arena of performance). The turtle is attempting to climb out of a drain onto a busy road.

      You mentioned an unexpected career change, which can certainly feel like quite a leap into the unknown. It seems the dark drain represent the past you are leaving behind you. As drains carry away that which no longer serves us this is acknowledgment and a great opportunity to let the past go and focus on your current path moving forward.

      Like the turtle you are stepping into a new environment with your new career, but just like the turtle attempting to climb out into the busyness or perceived chaos, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by your new responsibilities.

      The turtle is a beautiful reminder on how we may get too comfortable in the safety of our shells or daily routines. There is a part of you who wants to step out of your shell and fully into the chaos and newness of your career change but there is also a part of you that is wanting to duck away from the busyness and back into your shell or comfort zone.

      Your guides are telling you to take the leap, trust yourself fully as you trust in the turtles instincts. You too have very strong instincts to overcome any challenge you find yourself in, such as the challenge of an unexpected career change 🙂

      You are on the right path. Your guides are always with you in every moment. Trust in your decisions and know you are supported.

    2. Rachel (Raquel)


      Gnostic whisperer~ I had a turtle knock on my door after my husband left to work. I thought who was there because I saw no one there. Then saw the turtle, it hide n peek at me behind a bush (like I couldn’t see it) then came back to knocking our door! I text my husband, caught it n released it to a swamp.
      (I did took a pic of this turtle- this was uncommon)
      This morning my husband as he was leaving to work asked me to come out look at his parking spot, there was a turtle. I asked him “what do u think God is trying to tell us” he took it to work with him.
      We are currently looking for new work for him, this is coquencedently interesting. But I wanted to pick ur insight if I’m over looking something. I never had a turtle knock my door, or return to my door n knock some more….

    3. Wow! I kept hearing sounds as if someone was trying to get into my home. I checked to be sure the outer door was locked then the inner door. I returned to read the Sunday local newspaper. Once again, I heard a sorta knocking on my door. Sure enough, as I looked further, a turtle was outside my door. I greeted the turtle and visa versa as he/she looked up at me and looked directly into my eyes as if she/he was trying to tell me something. I sat and talked to the turtle and expressed my thank you for the visit. I played healing music for the turtle and thought it might like some greens to eat. Again, I thanked the turtle for the visit as it began to walk away into the bushes. I then had a bite to eat and decided to check and see where the turtle might be. Well, the turtle was heading back to my door and still continues to knock on my door! The healing music continues, my heart is racing, however, so grateful. Thank you Turtle.

    4. The special need kid u were looking for is slow may be but in her elements she is capable to take care of herself message allow your kids to self navigate their world 😯

  36. ❓ I’ve been seeing the number 123, 1123, 1234, 1223 at least once or twice I look at the time. And 2 days ago I found a painted turtle some whereby the beach. I was on a tricycle the rider find it first, he took it and said he was going to sell the turtle. So I bought it from him for a very little about. He was happy to give me. I’ll just like to know if there’s any messages on missing. A friend told me painted turtles are spirit animals. Not sure if I should believe him. Please I need enlightenment. Thank you.

    1. Gnostic Whisperer

      With the turtle, we think of the story about the tortious and the hare. Slow and steady will win the race for you! If you are embarking on a new project at this time (career, education, relationship), your spirit guides are cautioning you to slow down and enjoy each step on the journey to your destination, making sure to not overlook the details. Take care and time to develop, after all there is no rush to perfection. You are also receiving numerical numbers in sequence (123, 1123, 1234, 1223) step 1, step 2, step 3, emphasizing the importance of not getting ahead of yourself. The best way to tackle any large endeavor is to break it down into small manageable task. Congratulations, you are supported at this time and are given the green light to walk a path of growth and expansion! You have spirit guides helping you along the way, call on them and you will always receive the guidance and support you need.

  37. I dream a turtle was biting me, it didn’t hurt, I kept moving away so he would not bite me, but he kept biting. I saw no blood or skin broken or pain at all. I was fearful. Makes sense.

  38. I don’t know the importance of having tortoise in a home. I want to know both the positive and negative sides of having it. ❓

    1. yesterday nit i have a dream….i was chasing a turtle and finally i catch it…i am confused..what is mean..

  39. Wow, yesterday I saw a beautiful purple turtle in my dream, it was like I was carrying it and then admiring at the same time not having seen such before. Though currently am struggling to do away with my past that has proven hard but after reading this, I now understand that surely there’s need for perseverance and determination in order to achieve my goal. Thanks for this piece

  40. Yesterday night 1:13:2016 my dog barking and i found out that he barked because of something. When i look what is it, its a turtle, then i get some pail to saved the turtle. And i shout to the jeepney driver to stop because there is a turtle on the road in front of our house. But then he said that turtle are the one problems on the rice field. But then i still try to save the turtle. Im confious what is the sign to me bout the turtle. Pls send me some reply

    1. The sign of the turtle is that you are very caring person. You are patient and kind but need to harden your shell. Be tough.

    2. I saw a turtle on the road while travel my husband driving we both saw a turtle evening 11pm..he pick up the turtle put in the car but later we drop the turtle coz we afraid very dark color black.. what sign it is..

  41. I had a dream 2 nights in a role first night a wight turtle was in blue ocean came to protect me from rattle snake and other reptiles trying to attack me . second night wight turtle was in blue water he brought me peace and had a brown triangles shapes on its back like earth mountains, please if any one knows what this means please email me at [email protected] thank you yours truly Nuoma Graywolf .

  42. I had a dream i was eating and when i took my bite i thought i was biting a bug but a turtle showed up in front of me all wrapped in a plastic bag and a plastic cover on her. I took her out of that and she looked at me moved her mouth and said thank you! I was in shock that she could talk so i brought her in front of my family told them she could talk and she repeated thank you! We were all so amazed..Another thing she said was sugar.. After that i went outside and when i came back in she was on a couch on her back trying to turn i turned her on her belly and she ran out of the room through the door and on the grass..
    I know it sounds weird but thats what happend..i was hoping if someone could give me a clue what would it mean. And sorry for the grammar

  43. About 8 months ago I dreamed i was walking a path, running next to a stream. In the dream I think it was early morning, the sun was low and cast rays of light through the trees and most. I was listening to a voice talking to me, telling me things but I don’t know exactly what. I look to the voice, it was s turtle walking with me. I am not of the First Peoples, but sometimes a dream is from the Creator with meaning and sometimes it is just a dream. I know since I had the dream turtles have shown up nearly every where and at the strangest times. It has left me with questions and a odd peace.

  44. I have come across, two hatchling snapping turttles on different days in my office of all places. There is a swamp out back of my building so I know where they came from, but the journey it takes to get from the water to my door never mind in my office bathroom 100′ away from the door, is one of amazement in itself. What meaning can be taken from this act of astonishing travel by these tiny creatures.

  45. I went for a walk along a river asking for a sign. Nothing. I was about to turn around to come home when into the woods I saw something white. Thinking it was a white garbage bag I went to pick it up and dispose of it at home. However it turned out to be two turtle shells. The “white” from the skin being pulled back on one. These were monsterous shells. I’m a big woman and each was the width of my hips. then the feet, head and tail made them bigger than that. The biggest turtle in our area I had seen up to then would have been the size of my husband’s size 13 shoes… but these were much much bigger… and TWOI! They were side by side and something had partially eaten them, the empty egg casings scattered around. I contemplated what this might mean to my request for a sign, but I was baffled. The next day I took my meditation buddy to show her the shells but only one was still in tact and the other was pulled apart with only broken white bone visible. We went to sit a short distance away by the river and just as we got into the meditation I felt the hot breathing and huffing of a large dog behind me. I turned but nothing was there. We went back to meditating but there were loud noises in the bushes behind us so we left. We learned that a large male black bear was there for a few days. I took my daughter on the same path and there was no sign of the turtles. In fact I stepped right over them. She on the other hand noticed the small mound on the ground and tiny bits of bone left. I was astonished that I had seen the progress of their disappearance over such a short time. I was to participate in a ceremony for “rebirth” and that morning I had a vision of the turtles being about the end of a long life and the bear was important to that circle of life. It still seemed like a vague message. I can’t stop thinking about it and wonder if I can get help.

  46. I had a dream last night. I was on a trip i’m willing to do. It is indeed “the next step” i have to take in order to grow, to heal, to know myself, to know what i want to do, and i’m scared as hell. I know i am going to do it, I know I have to, but i’m scared because i’m just turning my life upside down.
    So i dream about this turtle. She is someone’s pet at this place i’m going to visit, and they’ve got her all dressed up. She’s uncomfortable, she’s not like that, she needs to be free. She needs to get rid of those clothes. So i talk to the lady who thinks owns this awesome speaking turtle and i tell her to let her free, take those stupid clothes off. I tell her so in a kind and warm and very sweet way, so she understands, and the turtle is set free, but then the turtle says “I just want to get rid of this clothes, it’s not that i want to leave home, you take good care of me and i’m happy, but i just can’t be wearing this silly clothes, i’m a turtle, i’m supposed to be naked, it’s hot here, i can’t wear clothes!!”, I am shocked, i thought she wanted to be free in nature, but there it is, the turtle loves the lady as much as the lady loves the turtle, they just needed to understand each other better.
    I think the dream is just clear on its own, but coming here and reading about the medicine of this animal made me understand the whole thing. I have to take this chance, i have my own protection, i don’t need someone elses’ idea of protection to be fine, but that doesn’t mean i don’t need love. I don’t need to burn bridges, i just have to be myself.
    I’m so thankful i wanted to share, may someone find something interesting in here.

  47. Went for a walk today across a field as a short cut. A turtle had come from the pond trying to make her way to another pond but there was a fence impeding her path. I watched her struggle for a couple of seconds that seemed an eternity. Picked her up, walked to the other side and placed her at the edge of the pond she wanted to go to. At first she was hesitant about coming out of her she’ll but once she saw where she was she jumped in the water & I felt her joy.
    Like her I struggled to try and reach a goal paying no mind to the obvious obstacle. Like her life is carrying me in a different direction to reach my goal. I hope to reach my pond soon.

  48. I was driving to get coffee this morning and saw what I thought was a dead animal in the road. As I slowed and came up on it closer, I could see it was a snapping turtle.

    I pulled over and got out, checking to make sure it was okay. I got about within 2-3 ft of the turtle and then…. She/he stopped in its tracks and almost retreated into its shell. I started talking to it very calmly and it slowly jutted its head out and turned, looking directly at me. We shared a stare down moment and then the turtle returned to crossing the road, this time, going back the way it came. On my way back through I was mindful of the turtle and was even looking for it. This turtle was now on the other side of the road (the side it was originally headed for), bum tucked into the sand. I think, laying babies. 🙂

    It was a wonderful morning experience.

    1. I saw a turtle on the road while travel my husband driving we both saw a turtle evening 11pm..he pick up the turtle put in the car but later we drop the turtle coz we afraid very dark color black.. what sign it is..

  49. i was driving with my son in the car and I passed a turtle on the side of the road. He did not see it so I quickly turned around to show him and as we were pulling up the spot, the turtle was crossing the road and got hit. So we pulled to the center lane and the lady that hit him went and picked him up and I asked her to hand him to me. He was about 12 pounds or larger and he had a small crack on his belly and was bleeding very little. My son wrapped him in a towel and we’re off to see a vet. It was after 5 pm and not sure of where one was located we took a wrong turn and my son saw 2 girls he goes to school with and we pulled over to show the turtle and they ran to get their mom and she came out and we all placed our hands on the turtle and said a prayer and then she came to my side and placed her hand on my shoulder and said a prayer… We left to the vet and I was I crying because I am recently separated from my husband and just have been a lost soul…the turtle was fine and we had him returned to the pond he came from…. But that day I FOUND GOD AND SURRENDERED MY WILL TO HIM. I started going to the church with that wonderful angel that prayed on me and because a turtle was crossing a street!!! God is amazing!!!

    1. Sandy,
      Turtle is mother earth. Like you she was cracked but not broken. You too will heal like the turtle. Check the time you sent your message, 12:12. A double master number. You are in good care.

  50. I was mowing the back field and nearly hit a box turtle nestled against an upright stump by our firepit. I finished the mowing, leaving her alone. She wandered a bit around the field in the grass. I put the mower away, returned to watch her. At dark she nestled herself into a little dip in the grass, probably to sleep there for the night. I hope she finds safe passage to the place she is seeking.

  51. i was on assateague island and i saw 3 black turtles. my mom said that they were rare. they were sitting by the road looking right at me. does that mean anything? thx for any imput.

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