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Seek out the parts of your habits that need changing. Pay attention to your more profound thoughts and desires.

Dragonfly Meaning and Messages

When Dragonfly symbolism flits into your world, she is asking that you pay attention to your deeper desires. With this in mind, you should also be mindful of the outcome that you wish to have. In other words, there are lessons to be learned, and “what you think” is directly proportionate to what you “see on the surface.”  As a result, this spirit animal shows you that your thoughts are responsible for your physical surroundings. Thus, your Dragonfly meaning tells you that you must move through these illusions and “think” your dreams into reality.

Alternatively, this Dragonfly symbolism may also be letting you know that you should live your life to the fullest with what you have. Like the Pug, It is also important to realize that you should seek the habits that need changing. Only then can you manifest an abundant life. With this in mind, use this totem to guide you through the illusion and toward the pathway of transformation. Dragonfly symbolism will bring the light and color of change into your life.

The Dragonfly symbolism may also be letting you know that it is time for you to make that decision that you have been putting off and move on it. Like the Hyena, opportunities are only available for a limited period and, the one you have been nervous about jumping into is quickly closing its doors. Occasionally, when one of these insects land on you, it is an omen of things to come. In this case, the Dragonfly meaning foretells extreme good luck.

Dragonfly Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Dragonfly totem, represent the power of light. Moreover, those with this totem can inhabit two realms, both air and water. To clarify, the influence of both these elements will be felt by you regularly. Since this totem is the essence of the winds of change, you will find your life filled with many upheavals, both positive and negative.  Like the Owl, you are also a messenger of wisdom that brings enlightenment to others. The Dragonfly totem person also receives communication from the elemental world. People with this spirit animal totem have an abundance of Good Luck and, therefore, are always in the right place at the right time.

Like the Cow, folks with this totem have mastered mysticism and magic. They are very good at what they do, and they do it repeatedly. People with this insect as their spirit animal utilize light to create illusions and to transform consciousness. They are always ready to handle the future. Therefore, they continually seek knowledge and wisdom.

Dragonfly Dream Interpretation

When you have a Dragonfly dream, it usually symbolizes change and regeneration. You have learned to balance your emotional body with your mental body. It may also indicate that something in your life may not appear as it seems or is an illusion. Alternatively, the dream can also represent instability, flightiness, or activity. You are always on the go.

To dream that you are eating this creature suggests that a passion consumes you even at the risk of offending or hurting other’s feelings.

Alternatively, a Dragonfly dream can signify that you hold some false beliefs and perceptions. The activities that you are currently engaged in are ill-considered and present you as unreliable and irresponsible. At this moment, things are not what they seem, and your downfall is imminent. Like the Wasp, you need to take a closer look at things, look beyond what you perceive, and clear out emotional distortions.

An iridescent rainbow-colored insect of this type signals an emerging inner light. Like the Seal, you are now able to express your creative imagination and insight. Now is a time of healing and transformation for you. Moreover, it signifies a new elevation of consciousness.

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  1. Okay, kind of confused, currently trying to Google for answers, I’m not a big fan of dragonflies have no idea why this is happening to me but I’ve just been sat having a coffee at the table when I had an itch on my wrist, when I look there’s a strange symbol looks like a red rash in the shape of a dragonfly on the back of my wrist it’s now changed colour to pale white I’m a kind of olive skin type so it is strange all just happened within an hour 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  2. Hi I’m Jeff,
    I just want to know about the meaning of my dream and I just dream it today(Aug 6, 2021), afternoon at 4 pm Philippine time. My dream goes like this:
    I’m about to enter our house but the house was our old house when I’m young, suddenly I saw insects and that insect looks like a bee but kind of big and round, covered in black with two white stripes on its butt, I’m mesmerized with its appearance it looks cute and adorable like a “pokemon” kind of creature. I decided to pick it up but unfortunately, it gives evil smile and wrap upon my hands like handcuffs, it body change into painful handcuffs with a tiny needle surrounding my hand that hurt me so much then my consciousness alarm me that insects hate smoke so I run and look for any smoke. The place change and turn to like a hotel, concrete, big and kind of dark then I saw a small straight long smoke, I didn’t see any trace of fire but just a straight thin smoke so I place my hands in the smoke then the bee-like creature reacts shouting and fighting and in return hurt me more but I didn’t give up, I endure the pain and suddenly it set me free and disappear. When it’s gone, I’m in front of our house again. When I’m about to enter, other insects attack me but this time not hurting me but cuddling and attach to me like ducktape, I tried to remove it but I can’t, my neighbors and my mother tried also to remove it but still they can’t. I tried to remove it because it fell gross then I remember what I did to the first insect and ask the neighbor for a matchstick or flame, then he grabs matchsticks and lighted them. Then the insect that looks like a dragonfly but is very big is almost half of my size got afraid and loosen me so I take the opportunity to push it away and I did it. I go out of our backyard running towards our neighbor’s backyard then I saw smoke because it seems like I saw my neighbor grilling something and for sure it still have smoke. When I arrived at his backyard the house is empty no one was there only smoke remain from his bonfire. I rush into the smoke grab it massage it in my whole body, in my neck,arms, face because I saw the insect from our backyard trying to go near me again so I decided to cover myself with a smoke smell so that it will not attack me again and I realize why the insects keep attacking me because I smell good so when I smell the smoke it smells awful like a fish stink smell.
    Then I woke up.
    I hoper you can help to understand my dream because rarely had a dream, especially during broad daylight.

    1. Kebirungi Judith

      According to me, there’s something that requiresyourefforts in your past life,and family ways,you will encounter issues as u try to resolve the issue coz even your neighborhood was involved in that matter,just thin.i ooe I have helped in any away,

  3. Dragonflies, I’ve always loved them. My son passed away this summer at the age of 24 from a 5 year battle with brain cancer. I was sitting on my desk after he passed and saw many dragonflies in my back yard. i spoke to my son and said I need to know you are ok, you know I love dragonflies please have one land on me and I will know you can hear me. I never told anyone of this. The first time one landed on me it was on my leg and a friend commented on it. The second time one landed by me was on my new grandson’s stroller as I was taking him for a walk. The third and most amazing experience was in September I was sitting by a lake where I find peace. A common green darner hovered by me and landed on my face. My friend asked where my camera is and he couldn’t find it in my backpack so I had him hand me the backpack and I finally found it. He took several pictures of the dragonfly on my face. It stayed there for over 5 minutes. It was then I could tell my story to my family. I have a new Christmas decoration with my son and the dragonfly on my face. I’m a true believer that my son was behind the dragonfly encounters.

  4. jeffrey molina

    i was reading some manhwa then suddenly appear a dragon fly at my monitor screen and i know there is something a warning so i search it and fine this website
    the first encounter is a yellow orbs i got bad situation last year so i made a decision to deal with it tomorrow good luck to me

  5. Vaughn Margaux Yu

    As I am sitting in the living room right now, feeling deppressed from having no money and from borrowing a lot of money to send to someone so he could get out of trouble, there was a flying dragonfly above at the ceiling and stayed in the center light bulb. Casually would fly and stay put. I don’t know what is the meaning of the dragonfly showing up at this certain of time in my life. Please help me.

  6. This has been going on for a week now, butterflies of all colors, dragonflies in big groups and crickets. I went outside and sat. The dragonflies were doing fancy flights in front of me. I wonder what is going on.

  7. I got hit on the crown (right on the center parting of my pigtails, so it was tail to scalp) by a dragonfly at the age of 5. In the past six months I’ve come across so much imagery of them, after 20years of fearing them. I am on a spiritual transition, but does it mean anything?

  8. I am so thankful I came across this website. I have noticed for the past few weeks each time I step outside, a dragonfly has been near. It gave me a good feeling as these animals are soo beautiful. I am recovering from a bad heartbreak from my ex bf of 12 years and I think that these dragonflies are telling me it is time to let go and live. Forgive and move on, I am doing that. I forgive and I am going to live now. Thank you soooo much for creating this website.

    1. Can’t stop thinking about this dragonfly I found laying half dead at the shop at work. I picked it up took it outside in the woods and gave it water. The next day it was in the shop again but this time it was dead. Don’t know if someone killed it when it came back, but can’t hep to think that maybe it was a sign. Hope not a bad omen.

    2. I don’t think it was a bad omen. I also do not think the dragonfly was killed by somebody. They only have a short lifespan, and towards September and October their life comes to an end. In a spiritual approach to your experience I tend to say the Fates “sent” a dying dragonfly to that very place – the one who showed compassion will be rewarded, maybe not now, maybe not in the closer future, but at a certain time. I think that the dragonfly “came back” (albeit it was dead) is a sign for you that tells you “Your gift has been accepted, we will not forget it.”

  9. Enjoyed reading all the beautiful experiences.
    Yesterday afternoon walking to the back patio below my bedroom
    window was this beautiful dragonfly. Unfortunately its life had ended and is still in tact. Would love to keep because it is so
    beautiful. I am not sure how to go about preserving .
    Does anyone know?

  10. I don’t know if anyone still reads these pages or not, but I thought I would share and see if anyone had any insights.

    These past few weeks, I have seen so many dragonflies flying around in my backyard. They are all so beautiful, and they don’t seem to be too intimidated by me being out there with them. I have had a few land within a couple of feet of me, or less at times, and would sit with me for several long moments.
    This afternoon, for about an hour, I had one in particular that would land on my finger, fly away from time to time only to come right back. So, essentially, he let me hold him for about an hour. He was a beautiful powder blue color, and I had even managed to get up and walk across the yard with him while he stayed with me.

    I don’t know if this means anything or not, but it was such a peaceful and beautiful moment…in my opinion. I guess I felt blessed that he trusted me as much as he (or she) did. 🙂

  11. I was so happy to have discovered this site and then to have read all these comments. The experiences people have had only affirm to me that I had a very magical experience with dragonfly one year ago when I was on a Vision Quest. I thought I would share it here because of all the beautiful shares I read.

    On the third day of my solo, fasting and being in nature with only a sleeping bag and water, I was cooling myself in a river, sitting in the stream with my right thigh exposed. As I was simply enjoying the coolness of the water, the sound of the wind, and the contrasting heat of the sun, a pair of coupling dragonflies appeared and landed on my exposed thigh. The image of coupling dragonflies is that of a heart and in that moment there were two pairs. They sat on my thigh for a long time–I really have no concept of how long. When I remember this image of a pair of coupling dragonflies on my leg, what comes to me is two heart-shaped eyes opening my vision to heart–mine and others.

  12. I belong to a Facebook group called “I Love Dragonflies” and I decided to share a personal story with this group. After thinking about it – I decided to share this story with my Facebook friends as well. Here goes

    For most of my life – I have had a passion for dragonflies, and I see them as being magical creatures with a spiritual quality about them. My late husband got caught up in my enthusiasm and came to love dragonflies as well. Twelve years ago, at the end of May, he passed away. The morning after he died – I was sitting on my porch steps, making calls to family and friends. When I finished with my phone calls, I laid down my cell phone and sat with my hands resting on my knees with my fingers loosely intertwined. As I sat there, feeling my grief – a very very large all black Dragonfly landed gently on my index finger. I could feel his delicate feet wrap around my finger – and I caught my breath with a wave of both amazement and joy. I believed at that moment – that this beautiful Dragonfly held a piece of my husband’s soul. I have never stopped believing it.

    1. I was in a really bad car accident in 2017. It happened about 7 months in to a 2 year work visa on a Caribbean island. My grandfather had passed away the year before.
      I’ll always remember being rolled on a gurney from the ambulance to the trauma room, watching the lights pass by, hearing all the medical jargon I was vaguely familiar with, seeing all those random faces peering down at me, floating in and out of consciousness.
      But what I remember more than anything, was the big black and green Dragonfly that flew over my head while I was being pushed down that hall. I remember saying to it: “ooh hey Granddad” because somehow I just knew that Dragonfly was my Granddad and I would be ok.
      I have chills and tear up a bit as I write this… I broke both of my legs and 1 arm. I was in the hospital for 3 months.
      14 months later, I can walk almost normally and I am graduating from school in April.
      I feel like he manifests all the time in the form of different animals and insects, to teach me things. (Coyote, praying mantis, most commonly a rabbit)
      But I’ll never forget that first encounter with the Dragonfly.

    2. Lady Shamla Rose

      Beautiful Suzanne Seeman

      I am responding because I just an Electric Blue Dragonfly for the First Time that I am living here, which is 20 years.

      I have very many magical stories with Dragonflies. Far too many to share here.

      What I will share is that when Saint Germain stayed with us in 2015, He made sure to tell us that His totem is the Dragonfly!

      Your story is truly beautiful and touches my soul deeply.

      May all your days be beautiful and filled with Divine Love!

      In divine friendship
      Lady Shamla Rose

  13. I can’t remember what the dragon fly looked like but I remember taking pictures of the dragon fly and it started to to wink and make faces lol

  14. I have dragonflys around me all the time. They hover in front of me all the time. When I’m driving or in the passengers seat they hover in front of the windshield. They come in and out of my garage when I’m there. When I’m gardening they are around me pretty close. And today I had one touch my arm. They have always been around me for years now, and doesn’t matter where I am they always show up all the time. My daughter calls me dragonfly lady cause when I show up so do the dragonflys, and it’s always 1 to 4 of them. I know they are spirits and it comforts me, but i want to know what it means..thank you

  15. A dragonfly appeared on my window this morning around 920 this morning. HE is still there. I see it move a little from time to time. IT is a beautiful creature.

  16. Does anyone know what kind of dragonfly is depicted in the image at the top of this page? It’s so beautiful, yet I can’t find any information about it online after trying an image search on Google.

  17. I had a dream with dragonflies flying towards my way and when they were getting close they all sworm up together still flying my but turning into a horrifying looking man all in black and that’s where I wake up screaming. What does it mean???

  18. Dragonfly, Tsikenon’waristak, always speaks to me of my beloved friend, whose Spirit Animal is Dragonfly, Libellule in French, Boochikwanishi in Ojibwe, her ancestors’ languages. Dragonfly speaks to us of the magic that exists in the everyday world. How can you not see this magic in a Dragonfly? How can you not see a miracle in the beauty and the impossible flight of a Dragonfly? Whether you believe in a Creator or Creators or in Natural Selection, how can you not be in awe of the mere fact that the Dragonfly exists. Life is magic, no matter what you believe is in control, if anything at all. Friendship is magic. Love is magic. If we see this, even if we see this only once in a while, if we see Dragonfly in all of her beauty and majesty, how can we not be filled with the very awe of existence? And if we feel this awe, even if only for very rare moments, how can the petty little things that we call problems matter as much as we seem to think that they do?

  19. There was a yellow dragonfly in my room and it stayed in there flying here and there for two days and died in my room.The next day there was another same sized dragonfly and it also died in the room.Now.. after few days of the death of the second dragonfly there’s another comparatively small dragon fly here..it’s been two days and he’s still alive and never goes out.What does this mean?

  20. Dragonfly stopped in mid-flight in front of my parked car, turned and hovered facing me eye-to-eye. What?!! Are you going to attack my windshield again? I gazed at the insect. It flew an inch towards me, then back, still hovering. Then it flew away. No storm warning this time. Yellow butterflies keep crossing in front of my car everyday this week.

    1. On Wednesday, I was stopped in traffic and a dragonfly hovered in front of me on the drivers side of my vehicle. It stayed for 10-15 seconds and then flew away. I was not around any water and this caught me completely off guard, but it was so cool!!! It made me want to google and see if there was some meaning behind it or if anyone else had ever experienced this too! What does it mean?!?!

  21. So I had a dream of a colorless or black/grey, he was a bit more ‘chubby’ than what I normally see, dragonfly. I was sitting at the sofa, talking with my mother. My brother was also there, just sitting and not really doing anything… So I was talking to my mother when the gray dragonfly sort of flew in. We both panicked a bit and I extended my right hand to sort of shoo it away or actually more like slapping it away, but the dragonfly landed on my hand and then attacked me and I woke up when he attacked, it was more like the dragonflies attack scare woke me… I seriously don’t know what this means… and especially why my mother and brother were there.

  22. My car was quietly parked in the parking lot when a huge dragonfly circled counterclockwise over the car parked next to me, then struck my driver’s side window while I sat in the driver’s seat. This crazy bug continued to attack three times against the windshield. Wow! Now I know the message. There was going to be a very huge storm coming with counterclockwise winds, a hurricane! I was given advance warning.

    1. My ex who i left 24 years ago is using witchcraft in my life and uses these dragonflies to follow me. I am a woman of God and he has shown me this. This man puts his spirit in a dragonfly to follow me in my car, to watch me in my house etc. He has a witch helping him and its just crazy. One bit me i think in 2008 and it took years to heal. Now he uses them to follow me to hinder me and block my progress in life. I dont know what your story is but dont rule out monitoring spirits.

  23. Dragonfly, Tsikenon’waristak – Spirit Animal
    Dragonfly, Tsikenon’waristak, always speaks to me first of a very close friend because it is her Spirit Animal. It feels to me like a message for her, from someone who is living in the spirit world. Libellule speaks that this spirit is always, always with her.

  24. I was sitting outside while on my lunch break and a blue dragonfly fell on my head. Once I shook him off he landed in the grass, his wings were gone along with half of his head. He was still moving though. I cried for about half an hour. What could this mean???

  25. eight years ago this month I lost my best friend to suicide. Her father, whom was my mothers best friend, and I became close. He saw Jolene through me, and visa versa. We became each others strength. Until 22nd December 2015, he hung himself. My last totem of strength was my cat, twitch, he was almost 21 years old this year. We have been spiritually connected since I was little (I’m 22 now). he used to lick away my tears when I cried, he would rest his pow on my temple when I was sad and stressed, his loud purr used to sooth me to sleep. and even when he wouldn’t need to purr, he would continue to do so when my insomnia was bad and wouldn’t stop until I drifted off. He got tummy tumours, I had to lay him to rest in March.

    I miss him every day, I miss all of them every day. But today especially. I had horrible vivid dreams, I had nice vivid dreams. All of which led to me waking up feeling emotional, empty, lonely, in desperate need to see my three friends. I wrote a letter to each one of them, not that they can see it. And I cried. So I went for a walk to the lake in the woods behind me. I sat, I cried and I looked up to the sky.

    Within mins I noticed a gorgeous red dragon fly would stop hovering in my face, looking straight at me. So I sat up, he (I decided to name him twitch!) sat on my knee. he went from sitting on my knee, to hovering just infront of my face, flew just infront of me a little but always came back to my leg. Once he settled, I reach out my fingers and touched his wing. We sat, finger against wing, for a few mins. it felt like a soar of energy bursting between us. I eventually got my things together and started on my way back to the woods. I stopped at a little pond, took a picture of the ducks. And he appeared again. perched directly infront of my face on the fence. it felt like a hello, I’m ok and goodbye, from my cat.
    Then as I walked further, I had a little blue beautiful butterfly and a larger brown kind of scruffy looking butterfly following me. they followed me all the way home…

    I feel revitalised, I feel energised and I feel like my friends are speaking to me.

    Am I crazy? Please, someone tell me that there is more to this than just a few insects following me for no good reason?

    1. Cat, you are not crazy. Blue butterflies are not that common and the chances that one would actually follow you home…..
      You’ve had a very good day! It is a day that your loved ones send you their love and joy. Yes, JOY!!! They want your emotional healing and to live in joy. Ducks deal with the emotional realm (water). The dragonfly belongs to the emotional realm (water) and air (spirit). You are still breathing and alive for a good reason and a special purpose. Look around at all the miraculous unfolding happening right now! Sometimes the whole universe bends down and smiles into your face.

    2. martijn van haaster

      That is incredible Cat, amazing. I do not believe this could be random coincidence, besides, dragonflies do not just sit on peoples laps most of the time, they really don’t. I feel ashamed of myself when I read stories like these, I am depressed and even though I had everything turning in my favor, I got scared and ran and now my shame is torturing me about that .. after making me me run in the first place. I see how that doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t seem to matter, I do not have the courage to face the girl 🙁 for now .. I tell myself, I’ve stopped asking advice from friends and strangers, they all say the same thing, you need to get in touch with her, but they do not tell me what to say .. how to explain myself, how to deal with the possible rejection of the person I love so much. Enough about this and about me .. I so admire your soul and your strength and I’m so sorry this happened to you Cat girl, wish I could give you comfort or a hug and you can count on your friends being with you, just do not doubt it .. Much love and keep strong, as I should, Please

      This summer as I was in a simmilar state of mind , I was in the woods with my father, a beautiful golden dragonfly appeared in the bushes nearby. I have loved this creature the best all my life , and when they appear I take great comfort

  26. Dragonfly, Tsikenon’waristak in Kanien’keha:ka, Libellule in French is very close to my heart right now because it is a symbol that is very close to a very close friend’s heart and because it has also become the name of a piece of writing that I’ve been working on, a play. I smudged on this in the morning and have been feeling it in my heart throughout the day since then. I send out a great sense of love for my friend and now that is now time to go forward with this thing. Something moved deeply inside of me when I learned of the loss of Sam Shepard this past week. He was a playwright who I venerated for his poetic and yet unblinking honesty, and perhaps I mourn the loss of my own ability to fly in that place…

    1. I had a similar experience. Long story short I lost a best friend to suicide. It was the next day when another friend broke a leg and needed a ride to the WE. As I waited in the parking lot I was thinking of my good friend I had just lost, a dragonfly landed on my finger ( also I was smoking a cig which was weird that it stayed) I looked at it for a minute and kept smoking with the same hand it was on and it didn’t budge! Stayed there for 10 minutes or so. I felt a connection with Kevin who I had lost as a friend, felt like he was reaching out.

  27. Had a damselfly land on my hand for a few minutes. At first it was trying to land on my left shoulder but then I put up my left hand where it ended up landing. Wasnt dreaming or anything just wanted to know if this meant anything

  28. A red flying insect visited my dream last night, along with a white owl and a baby bat. In the dream it was night time so I’m not sure if the insect was a dragonfly, but the description given above resonates with what I have been thinking about lately. The nature of reality, the power of mind, and recognition of illusions are themes I am exploring as I work to shed old fears and expand my awareness. Thank you.

  29. I have been going through the worst life experience I could ever imagine involving my son. I have been doing a lot of praying and I have noticed lately that I see a dragon fly almost everyday in my back yard . This to me was a sign of luck and that things would be ok. Today I was at lunch with coworkers and we were sitting outside eating. I felt something in my hair and I brushed it with my fingers and when I looked down, a dragon fly had fallen out of my hair and onto the chair next to me. I thought I had hurt it I slid it into a napkin and placed it on the table and it just sat there. I touched it with my finger and it flew off. Is that a sign of good luck or bad luck because I may have injured it?

    1. I think it is definitely good luck, Brenda! In the spiritual world genuine intentions, how you use your energy, are all that count.
      So you can hold the energy of that good sign in your heart!

  30. I have been going through a very rough patch in my life and my engagement (3 months almost to the big day…) has been called off due to infidelity. I had just told the other person that we are officially done and I do not wish to try as my needs/requirements are not being met. I had left to go swimming, as it’s been my only piece of mind, and as I pulled up to turn onto the main road where the pond is, a dragonfly came and hovered on my windshield and then around my driver side door. This was a bit odd as I was on a major highway so it’s not a very easy area for small insects to cross/hang out. I just really hope that this means I need to look up and just keep hoping for a brighter and less painful future

  31. everyday there is a little blue dragon fly who sits outside my apartment i kind of sit with it sometimes. yesterday 2 other dragonflys were trying to run it off yesterday but it remained. today i recieved information on a new job and am completing the first steps but at the sametime my sleep was very off lastnight and as im sitting outside i feel my body vibrating as im going thought that a dragonfly randomly trys to land on my head. not sure if its luck for my job or something to do with my dream state

  32. I just walked outside to warm up a bit on this cool day in June. I noticed weird little shadows on the ground. When I looked up I noticed at least 10 dragonflies (maybe more – hard to count lol) flying about 8 foot up in the air. There is no water on the property so I thought that weird. They were just flying and swooping.. almost playing with each other… doing it over the same spot… the converted farmhouse I’ve worked in for 4.5 years. I have NEVER seen so many dragonflies in one spot in my life. I know dragonflies are symbolic of change. Just curious as to what anyone else’s thoughts are on such a large number of dragonflies.

    1. Byson oneothree

      The 8 above your head is what we call ”lemniscate”.
      And there is a reason why it is there,& by there I mean above your head my friend.Thank you.

  33. As I was getting out of my car at home today something fell lightly on to my head and then to the ground. I thought it was a blue jay feather, then realized as I looked closer it was a dead dragonfly. It was very pretty and at the same time i felt scared since i didn’t know what it meant. Do you know if I should be aware that something may be about to happen? I wonder if this could be a sign of something.

  34. 30 yrs ago i was followed by a golden dragonfly. I have never seen one as large or colored that way since these incidents that spanned a 3 yr period..
    I left work to drive home, and this enormous dragonfly was hovering near my car. I got in an proceeded to drive the approx. 2 miles to my apt. W The dragon fly flew right beside my drivers window for the entire drive. I exited my car when i reached my apt. Bldg. I entered the bldg and went upstairs to my 2nd floor apt. I noticed the same huge gold dragon fly hovering right outside my only window. This follow home and hover at my window routine went on for a couple weeks. I definitely feel there was a msg here, but i never figured it out.

    1. martijn van haaster

      C’mon that is so insane , I’m so jealous ! I saw golden dragonfly too this summer. It appeared as I was feeling quite depressed. So beautiful

  35. Good Day!
    I just wanna ask something.. Today, I have seen a pair green dragonflies mating together while I hanging wet clothes outside in our house. what does it mean?

    I hope you have an immediate reply. Thank you and God bless!

  36. I currently have a big green and blue dragonfly sitting on my hand dying, i was sat on my balcony and it flew near me and i knew it was dying because this has happened to me before. I have tried to put it on a plant so it can die peacefully in nature but it doesn’t want to leave my hand. Just wondering what this means? Thankyou

  37. Caren Schobermayr

    Good day, could anyone help me with a dream,

    I walked into a room and all these ultra blue dragon flies flew into the room and were all over me, i went into another room and called my husband who is deceased and said Babe do you see all these dragon flies? and they were around him to, he pushed me onto the bed and kissed me and lay over me as if protecting me?? he passed away last year July, this is the first dream of him that i have had since he passed.

    1. Nice to get a visit form a loved one ,, there was no danger with dragon flies they are a symbol of regeneration, your allowing yourself to slowly move on and that good , your x was showing you he will always be there watching over you .. The dream which was not a dream in the sense that he paid you a visit ,, that was real . The message was as I said above ,,

    2. Caren Schobermayr

      Thank you for the confirmation, it really is comforting to know my deceased husband is still with me, and to have finally had a dream of him is a comfort on its own, I love Dragon Flies , and butterflies were one of my husbands and my favorites.

    3. Yes , it’s hard , but we think in a way that kinda puts us in a sad state ,, you have to try and remember ,, our past loved ones are not here physically but they are still the same soul and living on in the next realm well call it ,, don’t feel bad for moving on its what he wants ,, for you to be happy ,, he will always be there and you can talk to him ANYTIME ..just think it or say it and listen in your head ,, he tells me he has spoke to you before , you just second guess it ..lol he’s good Hun happy healthy and doing what we all will do eventually..

  38. This afternoon a dragonfly flew into my car as I got in the car. I got to my destination and stepped out of the car to get some groceries. I had wound down the car window so it could escape. However when I got back after 10 minutes it was dead on the windscreen. What is this supposed to mean? A bad sign? I am a bit worried after seeing this.

    1. In my experience YES it’s an ill omen. But not one that will hurt terribly. Let me explain. Dragonflies are my spirit animal and in the spring I see them every day and I thank them Outloud because I instantly know they’re bringing me good energy and luck. Well one day I was walking through the parking garage to my car and I found an enormous dragonfly that had been ran over. I instantly felt dread, and fear because I just knew this couldn’t be good. Two or three hours later is when I got into a huge fight through text with my boyfriend who I was certain I was going to marry, but not that certain if you know what I mean. And we broke up for good. And I never heard from him again. It was the weirdest thing I just wasn’t that sad. It was a change in my life, that I felt needed to happen. And we all know dragonflies represent change. So this may signify something you may not have wanted to ever change, will change or leave your life. But it will be for the best, and just might not hurt that much.

  39. i wonder how on earth the dragonfly get inside the house when everything is close..just recently we bring my brother in law to the hospital
    is the dragonfly sending us message that its going to be ok?

  40. Back in 2001 we buried my dad. When we were leaving the cemetery, two dragonflys kept trying to get into the car that my sister and I were in. What does that mean? Why were they trying so hard to get in the car?

  41. Hi, I had a Sky Blue Dragon Fly sit on my hand for a few minutes yesterday…I had just brought home my 2 aging poodles from the vets. They both had surgery and were not in the best shape at the time.. They are ok this morning… Was the Dragon Fly telling me they will be ok or was it a message from my Dad letting me know all is going to be ok in my life?
    Thank You in advance for any reply..
    Cheers Enid.

    1. The dragonfly was telling you they were going to heal and do well. In this instance the dragon fly was giving you a message that they were going to heal well

  42. I just saw a dragonfly today landing on my laptop, I really don’t know what does it mean but my first thought appears it was my first son who was passed away since 2011. So, I tried to search what does it mean and then I found your site. Is my first thought correct or it has a message for me that need to know?

    Thank you,

    1. Your first thought is correct honey ..so sorry for your loss .. he was telling you that he is always with you xx

  43. 😀 This past summer has been phenomenal when it comes to seeing dragonflies. At first, in the spring of 2016, I spotted a big beautiful black and yellow dragonfly on my wooden front door. I was so intrigued, that I took a picture of it on my cell phone. After that, it seems that everywhere I go (parking lots, places where I park my car, at work and at play) I have seen sightings at least a dozen or more times. It seems that no matter where I go, I feel the presence of this rainbowey creature always lurking around just to make me smile. These past four years have been truly a test to my husband , me and my family. We keep the faith that things will work out and that God is in control. I know, deep in my heart that things will work out and things will be handled appropriately. Keep in mind that it had nothing to do with me and my husband’s relationship/ it was a betrayal of one of my siblings with my daughter that tore their family and ours up. We just need to hang tight and keep strong, because this truly has been a test for us these past four years. I know deep in my heart that these dragonfly sightings have been consistent and that good things are going to transpire in our future ahead!!!

    1. Oh my goodness!!! Your story sounds IDENTICAL to mine! I found a HUUUUGE dragonfly taking it’s last breaths in my driveway one day, snapped a photo of him/her with my cell phone and shared with a friend. I have seen COUNTLESS dragonflies since, especially when sitting on my backporch or out riding my bike. Dragonflies and Butterflies BOTH will ride alongside WITH me! It is absolutely amazing and wild! I love it. I am going through a HUUUUGE transition right now, about to move to a different state, my husband and I are just coming out of a lonnnnng spell of distrust and dis-harmony, and are falling in love more deeply everyday!! I am looking to switch up careers, possibly start my own business, and am doing SO much personal growth and development and have been changing a TON about how I perceive situations and the world at large. I am learning to love and have compassion like never before. Completely deeper than ever before. Becoming more present. I just KNOW down to my BONES that these tiny spirits are either trying to tell me something like “Hang in there! You got this!” or are here to simply give me the strength I need to continue on my path in pursuit of my dreams. I love you all!! I’m SO grateful for this website! Muah!! <3 <3

    2. Since I was a kid I was always eat the river because my grandma lived so close to it I was always so interested in the dragonfly’s there they were so beautiful and would sit in front of the plants and vines they would land on and just watch them for a while but for some reason iv always been scared of those really big dragon flys that were at the river to band still an but last night I had a dream that this guy was selling bet dragonfly the big ones that I’m scared of but I wanted the dragonfly so bad I was willing to give him everything I had for the dragonfly and he gave him to me for 2coins and me and that dragonfly ended up being like best friends almost like he was a dog we did everything together he was green and blue and this morning I walking outside to find a blue dragonfly sitting on the back of my car anyone know what this means

  44. Today I went to take out the trash and as I was walking back I noticed a big bright light green almost like a neon yellow/ green color dragonfly…I’ve never seen one this color before..but it was on our red fence. I was amazed at how beautiful it was, for a moment I thought that if I got close then it might fly away but the closer I walked towards it, it didn’t fly away at all. I picked it up and put it on my pointer finger and was surprised that it even let me. I thought it would try to struggle and bite me or something but it did none of that, after taking a good look at it I put it on the plant leave we had outside the house and I went inside. I went to go grab my phone so I can take a picture of it but when I got outside and looked where I put the dragonfly, it was already gone. It was strange, made my morning though…would of wish I took my phone with me when I went out. I usually do but for some reason I felt like I should leave it back since I was taking the trash out only.

  45. Wow, how awesome to read of all the beautiful and magical experiences each of you have had and are having…. I too have gone through thick and thin and then some more! Life has a way of pushing and pulling and sometimes we just do not know which way, but on the journey, little bits are revealed. I worked for a fabulous company with an amazing boss, he retired and I got the wicked witch personified.. she hated me, victimised me, I left….I now earn and 8th of what I used to and have decided to follow a dream of working as an animal communicator.. my little business will be known as Dragonfly Healing and Animal Communication.

    I find dragonflies all the time.. on the highway even when I travel at speed, they will seem to hover in front of the windshield, whilst walking, sitting, talking, they are always around.. no matter where I go, they are with me.
    I am looking for a beautiful dragonfly to tattoo on my back…

    So darlings, my 5c worth and would love any insight if there is..


    1. My dog passed to day. He was only six years old and had cancer. Soon after he passed a flock of dragonflies where flying around out side. I went out to go see them and when I looked up there were six large mature dragonflies flying over the house right where yogi my dog was lying at that time. There was around 10 flying around that we could find. We came back out a little later and a black and white dragonfly showed up and was flying around us. I believe it was his spirit saying good bye and that his sole is moving on to his next adventure.

    2. Hey! Are you really about the Dragonfly Healing and Animal Communication? I also wanna work with animals (all) and have a Sanctuary,Healing Center, and possibly Vanish anything people do to harm them..(we all know what) so hey I would love to hear your ideas! And if you are interested because everything related to animals and plants will be connected as a whole (Planet Earth) will heal etc. =] you can email me or I’ll find your business someday ^^ [email protected]

  46. I recently lost my grandmother. I flew to my home town with my toddler when I learned she was ill. Not only her loss, my uncle is doing horrible things…
    I was outside when I saw a black dragonfly on one of my tops on the washing line. I grabbed my baby to show him because I was a kid when I last saw one. I showed it to him and I realised it will never fly away because it is dead, probably a long time ago. I thought the wind blew it here. What do you think?

  47. I was checking out a Christmas party venue for my work on 8/19/16 in Castro Valley at a gold course that is in a pretty wooded area. When I came out of the venue, I noticed this blue dragon fly just hanging out with me. I stood at my car and he would fly around me, fly close to me, then around me again. This went on for about 10 mins. I wanted to grab my camera, but I was afraid the little fellow would run off. I managed to get a few shots of him hovering around me w/ my cell phone, but it was just wild. After about 10 mins, it flew off. I lost my boyfriend last Aug 30 2015, he passed away…. I wonder if it was him checking on me? I don’t know – but this fellow got so close to me a few times that I could hear its wings flapping. I never had this happen before… and it really made my morning. ^_^

    1. Dragon fly has been around me yrs and ago i didnt understand at the time.i went to pow wows that taught me some i start going to other gatherings to know more and more.when the dragon flies would fly above the dancers at pow wows that amazed me it was so many of them.this is a powerful Meaning u need to To find out.i stood and watched them around my Car they would scan it on the sides top head lights that was amazing.so when they come to me its More than special.the same with.butter fly the other day landed on car window it allowed me to take it in.the palm of my hands and talk to it a personal message Few days ago same on my front porch it allowed.me to.hold.it both times i.let my aunt talk to the butter fly it means healing she had been in hosp two times this yr.during good But to.know now for.healing.thanks.sunwater 😉 😉 😉 😉 😛 ww 😛

  48. I had to work 2-9:30 Saturday for my part-time job. I left at 1:30 and as i was waiting to pull out of my driveway, a dragonfly appeared at my windshield, out of no where. That is just the beginning. When I stopped at a nearby fast food place for coffee, as i was waiting in the drive thru, there appeared another one. As i drove on down the road, when i was stopped by a traffic light, one appeared yet again. When i arrived at my job, stopped my vehicle in the parking spot, there one was again. i went to dinner at 6 and when i got in the truck, i had one hovering around the windshield again. I got back to work around 7 and before i could cut the truck off, there was the dragonfly just hovering around the windshield. I have read that this is a symbol of change. Why so many times in one day? I haven’t seen a dragonfly since Saturday.

    1. I’ve had kind of the same thing. They keep popping up around me. I’ve rarely seen them around before maybe one or twice. But it’s been multiple times in the last 2 weeks.

  49. Interesting that I found this site. I am not sure if what I experience isn’t just coincidence but I have seen dragonflies around me my whole life, almost everywhere I go. The don’t land on me as I have read in some of these posts or anything like that…they are just always there, just around and near me; in some cases there have been hundreds of them. I don’t dream about them or anything significant. Just thought I would share.

    1. Or anything significant?? Why do you doubt yourself and your uniqueness? Do not sell yourself short. Your experience with this is no less than anyone else’s who has commented on this site. In fact, quite the contrary, having them around you throughout your life and having hundreds of them around you means this is either your totem or power animal, but I am thinking totem. And your lifelong medicine. Study this animal more.

  50. I’m have been unemployed for a long time. Was enrolled in trucking school and was asked to leave cause it failed my physical because it had a stroke last year. It was really upset to have to tell my family that i had failed them. I was beating myself up, crying a bit. This rather big and colorful dragon fly appeared right in front of my face and just hovered there for a moment then landed on a small branch a day turned to look at me mere inches from my face. It could see it’s eyes moving a and examining me. I talked to it and said hello and it moved closer. It was the weirdest thing. It felt that it was a message for me in that moment of such intense pain and frustration. It was like it would have talked to me if it could have. It sat there for quite awhile then took off and stared at me hovering for a second. Then was gone. Any thoughts?

    1. Maybe a sign not to give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Look into careers that are not as taxing physically, maybe IT work. Best of luck!

    2. Hello Darren,

      This sounds very similar to what “Dr. Wayne Dyer” sorta experienced with a Monarch Butterfly on Maui years ago. Here’s a Youtube link about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wjej3kMr8jg

      Also, Angels don’t just come in fluffy wings and halos. Perhaps say a prayer thanking the spirit of the dragonfly and ask for guidance in what course of action is best for you now? Suspend your disbelief, you have nothing in this regard to lose. Good Luck and Good Journey!

  51. Interesting website.
    Recently while having breakfast at my table, I have noticed a dragonfly sitting on the end of a bamboo stick outside my window. He sits here for some time and flies off for a matter of seconds and returns. I found the symbolism very interesting because I am going through a major change. Few days ago I had a woodpecker literally fall out of the sky and died in front of me while driving. Once again I understand that represented major change In a positive way. We need to be more conscious of these little signs around us. It’s not every day that a dragonfly wants to sit and have breakfast with you or have a woodpecker die in mt hands. I’m listening universe.

  52. I have a question. Friday evening I was outside for a few moments and a dragonfly landed on my left breast and then moved to my stomach. What could this mean?

    1. Your left breast is your heart chakra, your stomach is your solar plexus – power center, connect the two, your heart and your power centre and magic will happen.

  53. I was walking down the back roads and as I was walking I noticed these dragon flies seemed to fallow me. Was weird I was having a pretty rough day and took a long walk to clear my head and these dragon flies fallowed me on my walk. What do you think that means? I’m having tough times in my life at the moment and thinking long and hard about going back to school to get a degree. Just never really payed attention to dragon flies until that afternoon.

  54. This morning as I was driving to work I kept seeing these drangon flies. What caught my attention is that they were coming so close to my car it was almost like “look”. I must have saw about 12 . Also not all at once. It was one then another by like the 5th one that’swhen iI started to take note. I said okay what is this? I found your article very interesting.

    1. The Day of your post is my Birthday. What’s amazing is I have been having the very same experience for about 4 months now. Can you please tell me the article you found? I would really appreciate it.

  55. Dorothy Varney

    I fell a sleep on our boat and my boyfriend said that this drangon fly was on my leg for over a hour when I was sleeping then it didn’t fly away it landed next to me on my sweat shirt and stayed there for at lest 5 minute’s I got crealy close up of it’s eyes

  56. I dreamt of a dragonfly last night, it was in my room… I’m kind of scared of it cuz it’s a lil bit too big. It’s facing the window like wanting to get out. Trying to open the window to set it free, though I’m scared going near it. When i opened the window i just turned around to get back to what was i doing but the wind came and the window was slammed shut i looked at it and the dragonfly was damaged or injured,wldnt be able to get out anymore. It was weird, dunno what that dream means..

  57. I have been going through alot of struggle and depression as I try to get my life on track financially. I was laid off from my job last year and since then have been trying to transition into a graphic design freelancer career path. I have put so much time and energy into this as others keep telling me go get a 9-5 job. I was outside last night and a dragonfly landed on my shoe and stayed there a few minutes. Is this a sign to keep following my path even though all I am getting is rejections lately and no support around me? I feel like if i go back to the field I left I will hit rock bottom again.

    1. You should reread the first paragraph. Also, landing on your foot… Our feet are what take us the direction we choose to go. Listen to your desires

    2. Just today, as I was in my car waiting at a red light, a dragonfly hovered in front of my windshield for at least 3-5 seconds, definitely long enough for me to see that it was there. Usually I’ll see them in passing or flying by, however this particular one hovered right in front of me as if it purposely wanted me to see it so I could pay attention. The last couple of years have been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. I’m dong well generally, however I know that this dragonfly sighting was no accident or coincidence. Any insight would be helpful, I’m hoping for a more detailed meaning. Thank you.

  58. I recently lost my Mom and Dad within hours of each other, due to complications from old age. As I was shaking out the dust from some of the old containers I had inherited, I saw a big golden dragonfly up about 15 feet. Hmm, how funny- I smiled and happy tears filled my eyes as I imagined Mom watching me. I thought “Mom, are you there?” as I stared towards the golden entity. The dang thing swoops down right in front of me, just nosedives and turns to face me just 3 or 5 inched in front of my skull. It was so quick as not even a second later it swoops off and under a small butterfly wind-chime that I’d also inherited from her, flying up and out into the distance.
    Another time about 2ish weeks later I had a big brown/gold dragonfly fly lightly against our sliding glass door for about 5 seconds. I was shocked because it looked like a hummingbird, but I felt at peace because I instinctively knew it was Mom checking up on us. I even tried pointing it to my husband who had been distracted enough to miss it after 8 seconds, as he looked right when it had left; but then it came back! He was able to see it for just a couple of seconds, which is enough to prove my point that they’re now a force in my life.
    Other instances include a dream I had where I actually WAS a dragonfly. I remember seeing the multiple screens within it’s eyes, it was tinted and I saw an area/timeframe that, unbeknownst to me- hadn’t yet happened. It was only while in the Hotsprings about a couple months later that I had dejavu. A dragonfly came down and looked at my face popping from the water- I was like, Oh crap…that…this…this is all super familiar now. And I acknowledged the potential that I may be inadvertently astroprojecting.

  59. kimberley ling

    Ok im adopted and im meeting my birth mum next month. sadly my dad passed away years ago. i asked my dad a few mins ago as i can feel his presence around him i asked him if he can be there for me on the day in spirit form etc….. i told him im nervous and should i really see my mum or not as i have so many questions that need answering. one second later a dragon fly flew right past my window infront of my face and i felt my dad was trying to send me a message back. i had to research on here what it meant. but not sure if i got my answer or not.

    im grateful that i keep getting all these animal messages sent to me even in dreams i get them. i feel so blessed that my dad sends me messages through animals when im feeling lost.

    1. Amazing, I had similar exp. I had a dragonfly enter my apt somehow (all windows were closed just one with a small opening), I have been asking my mom that is probably now living in a higher plane than us to send me a message so I do the right thing in life because I am very lost. A dragonfly appeared and she sat behind my chair on computer. I went to sleep she was by the window but when I opened the window she was scared to leave I think and fell to the sill, I even thought she was not alive. So I touched her and said go go little one and she suddenly got strength and quickly left. Was a very touching experience and I share with you the understanding of feeling like my mom is talking through animals to me. The message was very clear to even though I am afraid at first being at the same old waiting path wouldn’t be good for me in the long run (like the dragonfly wouldn’t be able to eat or put eggs inside my apt but was scared of leaving through the window). I think probably your father was saying to you to move on and trust you can do it and not stay in a situation out of fear.

  60. I had a Dragonfly land on my shoulder twice while I was by a lake the touch of it made me feel light and at peace after that it began to rain I don’t understand what I am being told??

    1. Maybe God and the Angels felt your pain as you were thinking. They helped to lift your spirit by having the dragon fly landing and taking away the weight off your shoulders…and the rain was their tears to wash away the pain….

  61. Louise C. Romano

    Today as I was going to my car, there were five pairs of dragonfly’s flying around my car…there were no other dragonflys in the parking lot where I live…as I pulled out,they remained with the car for a short distance. What could be the meaning of this beautiful site…it felt like a positive omen to me…made me feel very happy.

    1. Hi-Last week I had a very similar experience. I was leaving my driveway-when on the lawn I saw at least 20 or 30 dragonflies all around. It was such a beautiful sight!! Felt like it was some kind of message??

  62. Hello I was in my back garden one morning a gold dragon fly landed on the arm . I often see blue , purple and red but never a big golden dragon fly. and it stayed on my arm for a while. not sure if this has any meaning at all

  63. It is amazing how I finally have found my real self. I’ve been learning about my spiritual side and everything makes sense! I recently found out My spirit animal, it is dragonfly. When I was 4 or 5, I always played in the field by myself because I wasn’t allowed to play with my brothers. A green dragonfly landed on my hand. I started my fascination with them. Everywhere I go, I was surrounded by them. I was able to catch them so easily. I played with them and fed them grass, let them go, and they would come back. Now finding out what dragonfly is as spirit animal, all sound like me! I love change and free to do whatever I please. I am so happy! I plan to get a green dragonfly tattoo on my back as my final tattoo ! 😀

  64. I enjoy finding out about nature that connects to me. The summer brings the blue dragonflies to me. For a few years the lite blue small dragonflies would land on my leg or arm when l was sitting in the sun. they seemed comfortable on me. Really different. I was fishing last summer and a lite blue dragonfly keep going on my line. Had good fishing that day. Having them around me make me feel at peace.

  65. i have had dragonflies hanging around my place for over a week now but today i saw one with a red tail

    can anyone tell me what this means please, we have no water near where we live

  66. i noticed a dragon fly today in my ute as I got in I got back out and opened the other door and shoodd it out wonder it’s a spirit or just a rare moment

  67. Hi.
    I saw a dragonfly yesterday. I got in the elevator and it flew in the elevator with me and it flew out again when I got out. It was quite a hot day I think it was trying to cool down it was very cute though 🙂

  68. Hi all. I have just had the most random day and would like some input on it. I first had a wasp appear in the house this morning and initially thought that’s weird as we didn’t see any last year (we’ve only been in this house for about a year and a half). He swept through the house and kind of left him to be. When I went to the kitchen where our main door is he just let himself out. Not even 20 minutes later I heard this commotion on the kitchen and there was a dove, calmly looking around, tried catching her and she found her way to the door and left. At this stage I thought this was a little weird and said to myself all I need now is a dragonfly and then this would be a total hat trick! Lo and behold what comes in and says hi, one of the biggest dragonflies I have ever seen! ! He also went out without much fuss and battle. Not not making any of this up…. My train of thought was on family and business most of the day prior to any of this happening… I left my job about 2 months ago for various reasons and nothing I have touched has seem to gone as planned and this morning my mind went onto another solution (honest solution)… And then this all happened… Please note no animals were harmed through all this lol

    1. I have been out of job too for many reasons and nothing went as planned for me either for years and I had been bitten by spiders all this time (I was never bitten before). So now a dragonfly managed to enter through some small opening and stay whole night and not wanting to leave. I felt happy too and I am trying to figure it a solution too. Good luck to you!

    2. That’s pretty amazing hat trick. Sounds like a clear message to me. How have things worked out for you should?

    3. Hi There,

      Sorry for only replying now. I can say that things have turned for the better . Not the way that I have expected, but as you know things never work out the way we want it but how we need it. I landed up taking a position full time with benefits which was my family truly needed. I still remember this all as if it was yesterday, I still to this day do not know what it all meant but I know it was special. Today I found a black beetle which led me back to this site HA HA. I have really neglected my soul and yesterday I was really focusing on a way forward for next year and it seems as if this little critter was there confirming it all.

      Something I have learnt through all this is humility. I have always been a very proud person and this whole experience has taught me to soften up on myself and on others. Something which really was impressed on me this year is everyone is doing the best that they can at the moment with what they have.

  69. 😛 I was sitting in my drive way about a month and I’m going through a lot right now. Our grass is short and there’s a water shortage so it’s dry there wasn’t any bugs out all the sudden about 100 dragonflies were swarming around me they were only in my yard no where else in the neighborhood. I took off with a friend and hadn’t seen them again until tonight one flew above my roommate on our back porch. What does this mean

  70. Sometimes i think dragonflies love me. When i was 14yrs old, a big dragonfly, maybe 5 or 6 inches long landed on my head. Then when i tried to wave it away, it landed on my shoulder. Then when i was maybe 18 or 19 sometimes a dragonfly will land on my head, shoulder, or wrist even though i am doing somethng. Then just this night (i am already 22), i dragonfly landed on my head. I though it was a different insect so i waved it. When i did that, it stayed in my arm. Why do these dragonflies follow me?

  71. In the last couple of days I have had constant company from dragonflies. Yesterday I was resting on a chair and 2 dragonflies stuck together landed right next to me. This morning on a walk i had a dragonfly appear again it faced me then went to my left side and flew next to me for awhile as i walked. Then later I was in my car and at a light and another one appeared and flew aaround my car. This past week I have many visits from nature. A hummingbird came to me as well and also feathers falling out of the sky before me. I have had some very difficult things happen to me that have affected me deeply in family and love. 2 weeks ago I shouldof died
    In a car accident and lived. I hope this means positive and joyful things await? Please share thoughts

  72. I was recently set up at a vendor show outdoors with a baby style boutique side and a Jewelry multi-level marketing side that I recently added. A breathtaking golden dragonfly landed on one of my necklace busts near me and I couldn’t help but just watch for awhile before it flew away. I didn’t want to move to grab my camera phone, not wanting to scare it off. I had an incredible feeling of symbolism or meaning and wonder what the interpretation might be.

  73. we are a big family and since young our family struggles for our daily survival. When I and my sister were sent by our mother to college our school was very far from our hometown which took about 8 hours by bus. Sometimes when we run out of money, we just ate banana for dinner. One morning, I saw a dragon fly hooping and flying around me outside our rented house. I just wanted to know the meaning of it. in the afternoon of that same day, we received telegram message that my elder sister sent us our allowances. Everytime our allowance is coming, I noticed other dragonfly coming in hooping and flying around me as if sendinng message to me that our allowance is coming. And now being fulfilled with my college years and able to land a better job, everytime I see dragonflies I recalled my college survival and how this sprit animal gives me hope and balance my life. Now, I felt it is a good fortune and brings goodluck. and consider it as my goodluck charm.

  74. hi, I was sitting in the garden yesterday with my daughter and grandson when a large green dragonfly began to fly around us, it stayed a while then disappeared. Some time later when we went in there it was again sitting in the kitchen window. It allowed me to pick it up gently and take it outside…it appeared happy to sit on the palm of my hand before flying off. Can anyone tell me the significance please.

  75. 🙁
    I have never posted anything like this before but I had an awful night last night my husband came in so drunk this is something he does regularly and is always sorry but he for the first time punched my arm he usually shouts and swears but never violence it’s made me realise how unhappy I am and how this behaviour of his is out of control. I live in England in a little village not near water and sat in my conservatory this afternoon crying a dragonfly flew in and kept coming back I have lived here nearly ten years and have never even seen one I just feel it came for a reason xx

    1. Sorry you are experiencing this. You should get out while you can, this is almost never a good thing. Maybe that dragonfly is telling you it’s time for a change. Prayers for you to get the strength to leave. I’ve been there and I’m lucky yo be alive today… And I have a fabulous husband who would NEVER make me feel threatened or scared, ever. And this is how you should feel.

      Tammy Hardy
      [email protected] if you ever need to email – just remind me in the subject line of who you are or I may not read it.

    2. The dragonfly definitely came to you for a reason. Heed it’s message. Time for you to make changes in your life.

    3. The universe works in such mysterious and awesome ways. Driving to work this morning I passed between 2 large orange dragonflies. I made a mental note to double check the animal medicine meaning online and what I found absolutely applies to the life circumstances I am presently experiencing. I cant say why I happened to read the comments (I never have before) but I read yours and want to say that I understand the pain and suffering you are experiencing. It has been many years now since a person I loved and still love dearly was falling down drunk most nights and some days. I felt miserable and was unable to function. The help I found, that has “transformed” my life and which continues to support me today was in Al-anon meetings. The following is a link to a meeting finder: http://www.al-anon.org/international-meetings. There is hope. Dragonfly has blessed us both. Sending you Love and Light.

  76. i have been facinated with dragonflies for quite sometime. on two separate occasions i have found one on the ground while crossing the road and have picked them up and they, while seeming quite comfortable, rode on my finger as i walked around running errands. there were even a good number of people who believed that they were jewelry. they have become quite prominent in my life over the past couple of years and today i had a golden one land a 1 1/2 feet away on a branch. i said hello to it and it made a noise in response and sat there. it then moved it’s eyes in an upward motion a few times and i looked that way and there were two more golden ones within a few feet of me. the other two were a courting pair. i am very curious as to whether someone has some insight as to the meaning of this omen. just to be clear, this was not a dream, this just happened.

  77. I recently was cleaning a friends yard and her daughter said omg you have something on your shirt.I freaked out thinking it was a bee.it landed again she said no it’s a butterfly it’s orange and yellow it’s so pretty it landed on me twice what does this mean?
    Then today I am sitting in a motel room in the city
    with my door open,a black dragonfly flew in and landed on the window curtain holder.
    what does this mean?

  78. I know many of us have dreams of flight. However for most of my life I have had dreams of flying with dragonfly wings. They are large, strong, in proportion to my body as they would be to a dragonfly’s body. Is there a special meaning in these dreams?

  79. Hi,

    I have had two dreams recently where I saw a dragonfly in my bathrooms at home (and I am on the toilet). Both times it takes me by surprise and just appaears out of nowhere. In the first one it tries to fly up my nose and it gets stuck and i try to get it out and rip it in half (feel guilty even writing that!)

    The second dream which happened just last night it just appeared at the bottom of a towel…it was very big and a taupe/grey color

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts on what these mean or its trying to tell me?

    Thank you!

  80. Hello, I found your page when I Google’d dragon fly meaning. Today I was sitting in the car and a dragon fly hovered until I noticed it, then it flew on both sides of the window as to make sure I saw it and then flew away. Something told me to look up the meaning. What do you suppose this means? Thank you in advance for your response. Love, Live, Light

    Avante ✌ #LightMovement

    1. Also the dragon fly was blue, I don’t know if that is of any significance of not but just in case

  81. Whenever I make a decision on my future career path I get to see two kinds of dragon flies

    While making some decisions,I get to see red dragon flies near me while I strongly contemplate sticking to that decision .
    While making some other decisions I see black dragon flies.

    1)What does a red dragon fly represent?
    2)What does a black dragon fly represent?

    Kindly help!

  82. My mum is in a coma and when I went to visit her in hospital there was a baby dragonfly flying in front of me, I put my hand out and it landed on me. It seemed quite comfortable to be there. Can you please tell me the meaning of this?

  83. I was sitting inside a temple and suddenly a Big sized Yellow colored Dragonfly sat on my head and was there for more than 20 mins.I also clicked few photos.Then when I came back home and saw a similar kind of Dragonfly Yellow colored on my drawing room window for 2 days.What does it mean ? Please help.

  84. I had a dream about a dragonfly that had this evil intent to kill and I was trying to stop it until it attacked me. It was golden colored.

  85. I dreamed last night about family members who had past. Before the dream was over my sisters and I were going through a drawer for things to keep and I pulled out a necklace with a dragonfly pendant for myself. The necklaces were all tangled but this one came out with ease. Does it mean anything 💡

  86. I found this by Googling “dragonfly meaning”. I did this today because of a dream I had last night. There was a very large dragonfly with mixed black, brown, and golden colors, and it seemed like it was someone’s pet. I have had an attraction to dragonflies as long as I can remember. I have had them land on me or on my possessions many times. Once I saw one flying around near me and I stretched out my right arm; it immediately landed on my hand. Another time I was biking in the woods, stopped before crossing a small stream, and a damselfly landed on my bike. I also had one fly alongside me while biking on a trail; I was surprised how long it stayed with me, matching my speed and direction.

  87. I had a sky blue one land on my head and a different color blue one land on my toe. a purple one follow me to the car and land on the antenna. I told my hubby dragonflys love me we proceeded to drive and stopped at a stop sign a block from our house and one flew across the windshield, and my hubby said your right they do. Then we were at a outside event and a huge bright green one landed on my shirt strap and sat there for along time. It was the biggest one I ever seen. They let me take there pictures real close One looked like it was smiling at me. Thats when I found out they had teeth. cool huh

  88. I saw a blue body and silver winged dragonfly fly right in front of me and this was right after I left church I’m going through a struggle right now with my ex I wonder what it ment? It caught my attention enough to look for a meaning.

  89. 😛 I’ve carried Dragon Fly as a totem years ago and it has recently reappeared in place of the Butterflies I would get often. I went for a Meta Walk; a walk while contemplating spiritual ideas, and a Dragon fly flew right past me gauging my full attention. I’m at my desk at work and my computer faces the window. Our window is a double sided window, so folks on the outside see a mirror and folks on the inside get to see the reality. Several Dragonflies are now bumping their heads against the window, almost with a sense of trying to get inside the office. I’m open to an interpretation to what the Dragonfly is trying to get across to me.

  90. dear Silken Raven

    I have just had the most beautiful. experience… around midday today, I was sitting outside, watching, feeling and absorbing the glorious sunlight, going within, though fully aware of what was happening around me, peace filled me and I sat quietly, then one red dragonfly came up to me, landed on my jumper down by my waist, I didnt move, it then flew away, so I carried on raising my vibrations, shortly another one came this time landing a little higher, under my breast, stayed awhile and the flew away, another one came and it had brought something to eat with it ;O) and proceeded to do just that, staying quite a while, my body from within started to vibrate at a very great speed as another one landed on my sleeve, we looked at each other, I sent LOVE and it started to clean itself ! the sun was starting to disappear, clouds moving in on it as the last one came and landed on my Heart .. how special how very special

    1. You must be very special…
      The dragonflies I see, never land on me. I used to see butterflies everywhere, and I still do, but dragonflies are having their time, also, this period. I keep transforming into a very new and elevated being and there is still a long way to go…

  91. Since my other passed a few months ago I have noticed dragonflies around me they seem to fly around and stay close to me or even my car or yard. Yesterday I had one fly by the windshield fly backwards and just hover near the center of my windshield once it was gone I backed out only to see it fluttering by my driver side window and follow me about 50 yards or so. What could these sightings mean?

  92. I’ve had a dragonfly flitting around my back door when I left the house this morning. When I returned home, s/he was there again. Both times it almost landed on me and nearly flew inside my house. I am thinking about some changes I wish to make in my life over the coming year. Do you think s/he is a good omen? Thanks

    1. Hi Mel – I would take that as a very good omen, that I’m on the right track with the changes I wish to make in my life.
      Dragonflies, for me, are about joy. The fact that it tried to come along with me and become part of my household is very positive (and exciting!).

    1. Hello Caroline: The Dragonfly is letting you know that you can learn the most about yourself by paying attention to what is being reflected back at you through your peers, family and friends. If you see something you don’t like in someone else – it is probably something you also dislike about yourself and vice versa. Use all of the tools available to you and you will grow in leaps and bounds.

  93. I have seen dragonflies whenever facing difficult problems and situations. Once i was surrounded by about twenty dragonflies (in a tough time) when i was no where near water. I am struggling with direction at the moment and went outside for a break, i saw a dead one at my feet. What does this mean?

    1. Hello carli: Your Dragonfly is letting you know that you have to get out of your head in order to find your direction. Only your heart knows which way to go. Find something that gives you joy and explore it further – it may or may not be the right direction – but it will open the doors to more self discovery. You do not have to see the direction – just go.

  94. I have a dragonfly in my home and my favorite color is yellow its wings are yellow. What does it mean that is here and whatever it is how do I know if its meant for me?

    1. Hello Cindy: If you have seen it – it was meant for you – especially since it is in your home. Yellow is the color of happiness. Think smiley faces and stay positive. Pay attention to the message in the quotation box when you return to this page.

  95. Is there a meaning for a dragonfly let me get close enough so he could check out my finger and stay within 15 feet of me for a hour or so?

    1. Hello Alan: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page. It will have a message that is specific to you.

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