You should express yourself more clearly. Ask for exactly what you desire.

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Wasp symbolism reminds you that merely thinking about your dreams will not make them a reality as quickly as going out and doing it. In other words, this spirit animal insists that you make a plan. Then you must keep working towards it and let nothing get in your way. Like the Snail, the Wasp meaning says that goals require perseverance, desire, and action. Thus you must apply your passion to the reality you wish to achieve!

Alternatively, Wasp symbolism lets you know that resistance to change is self-sabotage by definition. Therefore it’s time to allow yourself the notion that all things are possible and that you deserve to have all your dreams come true. Finally, the Wasp meaning asks you to be the best you can be!

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Wasp totem, like the Hyena, are comfortable in both social situations and on their own. They are independent thinkers who are goal-oriented. Folks with this spirit animal totem allow nothing to get in the way of their plans. They are also willing to express their thoughts, regardless of the sting that is occasionally behind them. People with the Wasp Totem have a detachment when it comes to romance in their life and, more often than not, do not commit to long-term relationships. They will simply do their own thing whenever they choose to.

Dream Interpretation

When you kill this insect in your Wasp dream, like the Virus, it signifies your ability to stand up fearlessly for your rights and stand tall against your opponents. If you are stung, it means the need to look closely at what is going on around you. Perhaps something you have sown is going to come back and bite you. When your Wasp dream has this insect building her nest, it symbolizes productiveness. Thus, like the Boar, success in pursuing your goals is at hand.

103 thoughts on “Wasp”

  1. So I bought a book on shamanic practices. I decided to play shamanic drums and chants. I closed my eyes and had strange visions. I am looking for clarity. I have an ulcer in my lower left intestine and my first vision was of a wolf eating that part of my intestine. The second was of a wasp eating someting in my frontal lobe and stinging me in the lower back part of my brain. I then saw the starting of my fathers eyes, then face in white smoke, before it was all washed away in dark colored smoke, like purple and black. I also kept getting brought out of my trance, meditation, not sure the term, gasping for air. It was all within an hour, and I gasped for air 5 or 6 times. What does it all mean?

    1. Allen, in my experience, it was always good to just keep them eating whatever they want, gently invite them deeper and deeper. I’ve had wolfes, bears, crocodiles and birds eating various parts of my bodies, and it was always a good thing, with that particular part healing fully or at least feeling better. Good luck and send my greetings to them!

  2. If anyone could give some insight here I would be very grateful.

    These creatures have been in my life since day one. Specifically they are red paper wasps. There are many around my childhood home and I got stung a lot as a kid and even now since moving back here many years ago. I wouldn’t mind it but I’m allergic to them.

    I once had a dream where I saw one crawling on the floor in my room, I was going to kill it but it vanished.

    Are they giving me messages or are they here just to terrorize me?

    1. Hey Steve, sometimes an animal just lives where it lives.
      Consider doing a dream journey, shamanic journey, to the wasp and ask what is its message for you? And you can kindly ask them to give you more space.

  3. I just moved into a new home and a wasp was flying around for days and today it landed on my shoulder and just set there and then flew away what could this mean.

  4. I really need help with this. I’ve had wasps come into my room always around 4 am. It’s been happening for 2 weeks now and I’m really confused.
    The symbolic meaning of change resonates with me as I have to take my next step in my career choice and I procrastinate alot so its taken some time.
    I have also started to dip my toes into witchcraft but I havent done any spells only cleansing rituals.

    They are always paper wasps and they always wake me up at 4 am on the dot. I would like to know what message I’m trying to be sent.

    1. Same. Two wasps coming to my room second day in a row. Yesterday they came in the morning, today about 2 pm. I also haven’t done any spells for a long time. And I live in this place about 20 years and this never happened before

  5. Hi there. I was wondering if anyone could give me clarification of the wasp symbolism in my life and if it means anything. I was at a lake with my love a couple weeks ago when I wasp was flying around me I immediately flung around and ran, we finally lost it about 500m away. We went to go sit near the water on the rocks, however when we came back to the walkway there was a wasp again flying around me just me no one else when there was tons of people around me including my boyfriend, I ran for the water thinking I may have a scent on me. Shortly after walking to our car one followed me again, I ran to the vehicle. A week later I was going for dinner with my boyfriends family when a couple followed me just me, again I ran for the restaurant. And just today while getting groceries there was 2 in the front of the car when we parked and when we came back from shopping there was one on my side of the window. I’m starting to think there is some true symbolism. My so and I have been arguing more lately like to think the honeymoon phase is over (been together for 2 years now), I’ve been having troubles with what I truly want in life or if I just want those things cause it’s what we are programmed to do (kids, house etc) and I’ve been a bit unhappy with my job thinking I could do more with my life. I also do have low self esteem stemming from a very traumatic past, so I’ve been trying to work on my ego and spirituality. I feel so lost in life, and I’m not sure what to do to make me truly happy. I’ve tried all types of hobbies but have never found one, I want to travel but I’m terrified of the world. I hope I figure things out soon, seems nothing ever comes clear to me. – Hannah PS working on my fear of wasps I know they are just misunderstood creatures

    1. Hello Hannah,

      Please take this for whatever it is worth. I read your post and felt connected through similar experiences of my past. Today, however, I am living life fully, feeling more joy, creating more love, and greater health and greater wealth than I have ever known. I know I can help you get there. Sometimes you need to seek out others to help you on your path. There are so many people out there that operate from those same places of fear. We can have fear without our fear having us. You may want to look up a book by Mai Calev, Release Your Fears, Reclaim Your Life. It’s a small but powerful book. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

  6. Today a black wasp came into my home. There have been many throughout the years, and I have always been terrified and I have always killed them. They have never attacked me in my home, which I find weird, but they used to come at me outside. Weird things, good things, have been happening lately, and I’ve recently felt inclined to capture and release the creatures that find their way into my home, and even let some of them stay unless they become a real burden (the ants come every year and try to post up). This time, although terrified, I felt I needed to catch this friend and bring it outside. It was more scared of me apparently and tried to escape through the closed window, but I caught it with ease (physically, mentally it was difficult). I released it outside and it flew away, never looking back. It felt good on so many levels. Are you scared? Me too. Do what you need to do anyway.

    1. I noticed Chris’s message today about wasps as I was looking for reflective messages as I considered the symbolic meaning of yesterday’s encounter with a black-blue iridescent wasp of my own. I too noticed I was scared and watched it fly around and flutter at windows. I’ve been in the process of dissolving a therapeutic office and uncertain as to relocate it in my home. There has been strong currents of uncertainty and logistics to consider with this perceived change. Am I done with therapeutic practice? Is it done with me? I don’t know is the Answer. Doubts have abounded as I had no thought of making this change at all in the beginning of March 2020. Yesterday, at one point the unconscious anxiety peaked as I regarded the flight of black-blue iridescent wasp and I shouted for Help from my partner, who in the long run, didn’t respond until later. At that point, deciding to be an observer rather than a reactor, in my calmer mind the idea of opening the door to allow black-blue iridescent wasp fly out on its own came. Thank You Chris and Others, for posting your experiences with wasps of all kinds and the pause all of You have given to those experiences. The symbolism of ALL things is not lost on me and to read that Others are the same encourages me. To be sorting out the out-of-pattern changes and the ‘what’s coming next to change’ experience throughout this pandemic is what’s happening internally–that is, inside my mind; and wasp flew in yesterday to remind me that fear is faced in the mind with a decision to face it while I seem to be outwardly watching the wafting currents of ubiquitous fear arise. The changing canvas of fear and how it constellates for me is NOT what’s important. What’s Real about me and All Others is what watches the currents of fear float up to the surface to be noticed. This is the mental difficulty You mention above. Thank You for stating that so simply. It is challenging to LOOK at all the viral thoughts populating in my mind and relegate them all to the same basket of passing fear. Without Others, including black-blue iridescent wasp, how would I even know that another current of fear is coming up for me to “let go”? Thank You Chris, and All Others and especially the Gift of black-blue iridescent wasp for the reflection of what’s going on inside my mind for the “LET GO”!

  7. Lately I have had really big wasps or hornets come to our house when it’s dark on a night time when we’ve been sitting outside. I’ve never seen them so big, their buzz is like a helicopter. Seems like some kind of sign to me, just wondering if you could help

    1. Hey all,
      I typically wouldn’t even think about posting something like this, but I’m really diggin the positive vibes of this forum, so let’s do this thing.

      In the past year I’ve noticed several trends in my dating history: my emotional chemistry typically doesn’t align with my physical chemistry, and I’ve often prioritized emotional connection over a sexual bond. So my partners have generally been well-meaning and decently good humans, but weak, selfish, emotionally crippled people – the kindof men who need to be picked up and put back together again. And I happily oblige because I give wholly to everything, and everyone else’s needs are apparently more important than mine (and I think I enjoy distracting myself from my problems by diving head first in other people’s crazy).

      🙂 ANYWAY, I recently got out of a very special and serious 4 year relationship. We were best friends, compatible in almost every way that’s ever been important to me. His interests, being in the same field, supporting each other’s growth and success, his amazingly beautiful family, and the community I felt with them – seriously checked all the boxes. But his insecurities made our sex life extremely challenging, and it ended up slowly eating away at us until there was nothing left but bitterness and contempt. We messily parted ways, and Ive probably moved on a little too quickly. I’ve been seeing this guy who’s completely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Other than core values and us both being extroverts, we’re totally different and I love it haha. He’s fiercely independent and successful and joyfully makes his way through life. He knows himself, knows his needs, and because of that we come to this relationship as two whole people. All of my emotional and sexual needs are met and I feel like I finally understand what a healthy relationship looks and feels like – I’m so happy and thankful with where I’m at.
      But every once in a while, I can’t help but look back at all the effort and investment, all the pain and destruction of my previous relationship and wonder to myself if I’m actually worthy of something good and satisfying. Are the mistakes of your past a self-fulfilling prophecy? Do they lie waiting in your mind, reminding you to atone when you least expect it? Are we ever completely forgiven?

      Ive been visited by wasps only twice in my dreams. Both times they were packs of small and yellow, the size of hover flies. I’m a professional singer, and last night I dreamt I was performing on a tour where all the girls in the show slept in theatre barracks together. I came upstairs and everyone else was decked out in their jammies, giggly and excited from the nights show, and when I finally got to my bed there was a calm, passive swarm of my little hover fly friends.
      From what I’m reading, I can choose to interpret the wasps in my bed one of two ways: either the sexual dissatisfaction I’ve been accustomed to will once again plague my life, or that this new fulfilled happiness is just going to continue to grow and thrive. Maybe it’s an extreme take, but it seems like just straight up optimism vs pessimism. Any takers? Haha

      Thanks for reading and considering my situation! Best of luck to you all looking for your answers 🙂

      Love and joy,

    2. From my perspective, your journey is directly connected to your belief. I believe you can definitely be forgiven and you don’t have to look back. Continue looking forward, and, to better: you WILL continue to thrive!! No self-sabatoge allowed, everyone else’s needs ARE NOT more important than yours. I guess the balance could be that you’ve already given wholly of yourself in that past relationship, so, you can enjoy this one, wholly. Moving on to happiness, you’ve “paid your dues,” lol. You’re only as worthy as you deem yourself. And you ARE worthy of something good and satisfying, so, there you go. Happy thriving!

  8. This website has given me insight to take notice of some recent situations that have arised but I would love some further insight if someone can give an observation.

    Yesterday I had a dream of wasps swarming around me, I wish I remembered more about the dream to get some further guidance but I do remember being at peace and not really scared. I also have been hearing/feeling a buzzing like sound for the past few weeks coming from my bed. Also, the night before the dream a motion sensor light went off in the other room with noone being there. It startled me because it’s never done that and I haven’t had spiritual presence in a while. I felt a sense of someone being there (goosebumps) but not a harmful presence, when I went to take a look.

    Then as nature would have it, in the process of killing a hive that was invading my Dad’s hous today. A few wasps decided to pay me a visit on my bed during a nap. I was frightened to say the least because I haven’t had encounters with wasps regularly but had one as a child(got stung) and randomly a few weeks ago( in the car but I let it out). They weren’t on me but next to me, I killed them in remorse because there were no windows to let them out or guide them to, I’m in the basement with 2 basement windows that don’t open. Then more started showing up but not necessarily attacking. They weren’t aggressive but rather trying to find shelter. ( In writing this I may feel I relate to the wasps in more ways than one.)

    I notified my Dad to let him know and he found the source where they were getting in. I have been having issues with my family for some time now. I do feel outcasted and alienated. I have been dependant on my Dad’s household to survive. Yet everytime I get a few steps ahead and some motivation, I get hit with a serious bout of depression. It’s been going on for more years than I’d like to admit.

    I lost a relationship to drug addiction of a partner and have been trying to do my best to find my own path in life. I have been lost since the relationship ended a few years ago because it’s something that is constantly coming back into my head and holding me back from giving my focus to creating something new. I have been doing everything in my power to move on and create a foundation for myself. My ex was a pill addict that ended up turning into a heroin addiction 6 months after we had separated and she finished her detox. We separated because it was the best for her recovery. She needed to get rid of her triggers. I was deemed one. Even though I didn’t do drugs with her I still feel, in some ways I didn’t do enough to help her.

    I am 28 years old and know I should have been off doing my own thing for the past 10 years but have been given the gift of depression and life hasn’t been the kindest but I’m okay with that. I have been struggling with furthering my education and getting a sustainable job, until recently, that can move me into the next steps in life. I moved around jobs alot in the past 5 years trying to get a decent opportunity and I can’t join the military for medical reasons ( unless I hide them) as well as I fear my depression will be noticed(never diagnosed but has been with me since a child). Plus I hear smallpox vaccine + eczema = excruciating pain or death.

    Today felt like a little bit of relief because I stumbled across this website. in my mental process of trying to figure out career paths, the desire to persue a career in medicine has come back in my mind. I didn’t pursue this path years ago because I have been following $$ signs instead of looking within myself to find out what I truly wanted from life. I was sick alot as a child and I feel pretty intensivly for other human beings/animals and nature as a whole. I have known suffering since I was a child..to ease people’s suffering from self sacrifice seems like a path for me.I was thinking of pursuing Engineering but I know my current contract job, even though it pays well and I can have access to education benefits, engineering isn’t a calling I feel I’ve been put on this Earth to fullfil. As soon as my lifelong desire to follow the path of health and medicine entered my head and not an engineering path, the dream and real life encounter with wasps occured. I would appreciate further insight if I am reading these signs wrong and would love some feedback.

    1. Wow, I do not answer social media, but I’m 2 for 2 today. I was watching a YouTube channel, pick a card, with Shonnette Divine; she said, I needed to look up spirit insect an their meaning based on those I’ve seen. I’ve been seeing wasps for a long time but recently I’ve been seeing ants. I read your comment. You started speaking about medicine, and I’m like, really, because I’m deep into studying holistic, natural medicine. I quit eating everything that was killing my body 3yrs ago after I started studying about the human body. I could not believe the damage I was doing to my one and only source of life. People call me vegan or vegetarian…I don’t label. I eat a plant based det. Organic if at all possible. I used to weigh 170 pounds. When, I said no to anything that kills the body, I lost 30 lbs in a blink of an eye. Now, I weigh 117, but my goal weight is 122. I don’t exercise. I retired 3 months ago after working for the government for 43 years. So, my regular eating routine has been impacted, the reason I’m down 5 more pounds than I want to be. I started working with my husband in our business, part time and… Yeah! Lost weight, the fat just fell off of me. My muscles are toned, and I don’t exercise. I’m learning tai chi now. You know, you only get one body. My daughter has severe depression and I attributed that to her diet, which, consists of junk food, fast food and sugary drinks. All of those are really detrimental to your health from what I’ve learned through my study of the function of the human body. The problem is the body cannot digest synthetic chemicals and that’s what’s in that what she eats. She can eat Taki’s and complete spiral. It’s the red dye on these snacks. When she ate a more natural diet she did well with no symptoms. I encourage you to go for it! Learn everything about this one and only body you get, that’s the reason you are alive today. Be grateful… Balance

      Take Care
      Health is Wealth

    2. Big congratulations on your journey of holistic healing! Diet is a big percentage of health. Once someone starts to feed the body good food and nutrients, the body pays you back double. I agree with everything you said regarding the health side of everything. The current diet of 1st world countries are lack luster to say the least. Hence the dependency on pharmaceuticals to get a quick fix for symptoms of a nutrient deficient and artificial diet. Tai Chi is amazing for the soul and mind. The fluidity and forms are amazing.

      I personally have gone through a similar journey through in my early 20s, in a search to find myself. I fought my obesity after a childhood illness left me overweight and self conscious through my grade school and highschool years. At age 22 I went from 280lbs(at my heaviest) to about 165 in a year and a halfs worth of time. The illness was HSP (Henoch-Schonlein purpura). I was left without the ability to walk for months due to blood vessels in my legs being inflammed. I gained a large amount of weight at about 8 years old and was left self conscious and self defeating until my early 20s.

      Prior to that I was almost a black belt martial artist who was in traveling competitions and did really wel at the age of 8. It took a while to accept my fate at such a young age because my athleticism was everything to me.

      I relearned martial arts and boxing as a way to relax and destress from worldy issues, as well as a cardio substitute for running during my re-creation years. Little did I realize what benefits there were for my mental state of mind. I have stepped away from martial arts for some time because I need to focus on a career. I am learning about depression as a whole and my limitations due to it. Sometimes nutrition and self care can only go so far if the brain is wired differently. It not a bad thing but it’s something I must accept and learn to work with. Best of luck on your journey and thank you for your reply.
      Take care!!

    3. Perhaps your early experience with illness suggests that you are called to a healing path. Remember the ant carrying a big piece of leaf and stumbling but never giving up. Hold onto your dreams and intuitions about what is right for you. Healers do not always graduate in batches like other professionals. It can be a long path and one if the most difficult things is our expectations of ourselves, often related to our families’ and friends and communities’ values: Yet the plan of Creation is unique. Sometimes it is enough to find a trade that gets you some money and self care resources and time to do the real “work” of healing: Thus our Self becomes the gift we offer the world. Do find a way to May money because this frees one from the weighty expectations to find one’s own path. There are lots of jobs not in the books: You find something people commonly need that you can learn, such as patching a hole in the wall, changing oil, dog services and advertise your services. You can make better money than a menial labor gig and start to build with that.

      These are just my projections on your situation “sight unseen.” Please receive them that way, only if you have a personal “ah-ha” from something then hopefully it helps. Depression can be anger but more deeply a frustrated desire to find (honor) and express your own passion and path regardless of your family or peers ways. You deserve to be happy so don’t give up. Your sensitivity to the animal kingdom and insect people and respect for dreams will serve you well so honor these gifts.

    4. I really appreciate your reply. It gives insight to my perceived issues and gives a 3rd party view. I have made decisions in the past based solely on $$. In doing that I have lived what I have known to be true..money can’t buy happiness. I value each word as a word of God. Thank you for taking the time to reply and read my lengthy message.

      I have personally reinvented myself in the midst of everyone doubting my abilities and drive to get over my worst habits. I.e. over eating, drinking, smoking. I did that for myself. These habits were all in relation with my depression or anger towards thee outside world. I know my personal expectations are set really high for where I started in life. I feel it’s time to dedicate myself to service to others. I may be a bit older to pursue some options but service to humanity and purpose are all that has been on mind lately.

      Knowing purpose comes in many forms is always comforting and something that needs to be reiterated from time to time. Animals have always been drawn to me as I have always been drawn to them. Helping my fellow Earth, humans or animals has been a burning desire since I was a child. I personally just never put delayed gradification to work.Figuring out how to fund and study for the book fields will take time and I hope they work out.

      P.S. another two wasps shown up today

    5. You are a Mystic. Take a look at Philip K Dick. You have OCD, a terrible thing, I know . You keep falling into loops. YOU have the power to break from it. I am on public assistance and I know that times are very hard. You MUST let go of what does not work….You have to let HER go !!
      I just had a wasp in my kitchen today and I am in NYC. So I was really freaked out. Ironically, I had been watching a video on Free Masonry and the bee’s hive was featured. It was 9/11 yesterday , a very difficult day for New Yorkers….I could not pay my respects because of the horrible heat and humidity. I took the bus home as opposed to being in the HELL that are the subways….I get to my kitchen and it was getting dark, and there she was !! I had to smoke her with Palito, a type of wood Sages burn. She then fell behind my fridge so I hope by morning she will be gone. That is how I found you. I do not know why you feel you should leave your father’s abode. It is OK to live at home, it is a sign of the times, if your father allows it, then feel blessed. Depression is a hallmark of Mystics and that we met here is a sign. A Synchronicity. Remember, take control of your thoughts. I have had times of extreme desperation and faced death and indeed, I do not fear it. I am 55 and have lived through so much. I am more concerned about younger men or women like you. I feel for you kids. If you also want, look into the Gospel of Thomas, I am not religious but I gather the best of all philosophies . The Gospel of Thomas will help you . It came to light in 1945….I wish you the best. Times are only going to worsen for all of us. Just prepare for harder times. Become as self sufficient without money. Learn skills for survival online and prepare yourself Spiritually…..You are well on that path. Most are not. PEACE. Eric in NYC.

    6. Thank you all. I relate very deeply to all of this. I am turning 29 in January. Capricorn sun. Capricorn moon and Virgo ascendant. 31% of my numerology numbers fall on the 1 even more of my father’s fall on the 2. Take care all. God Bless all who suffer.

  9. Dominique Adams

    Hello, I have been having yellow jackets trying to come into my home. We have a sliding door and they are climbing through the top part. They aren’t building a nest or anything just trying to come in even if they break their wings to get in. They aren’t attacking but they come in and climb on the wall or floor by the door. Is this a good omen?

    1. Yellow jackets and I have an agreement.
      Because , for all the fear they instill, the still get caught between windows. Dumbasses. I have guided them to open windows, in return, tgey dont harm me. I let them fly around me, and then they leave.
      THIS current one is an inch long with 3 others attached. If you love Mother Nature, She will love you back.

  10. Yesterday I was looking at animals on Pinterest, and there was a diagram on bees and wasps. I was looking at the yellow jacket picture since I was stung for the first time a couple years ago, and I was remembering what that felt like. About a year ago I used to watch yellow jackets fly out of the ground outside the window of my workplace. But what was weird was that yesterday, after I looked at that picture on Pinterest, I had dreams about two wasps trying to sting me, one over and over. This could be suggested by the picture, of course, but this morning when I came into work (difference workplace in different city), there was a wasp crawling on my desk. I think it was a paper wasp. (I freaked out and killed it.) I don’t know what it all means or if it means anything, but it seems that in the last couple of years, Wasp has definitely flown into my life.

  11. It’s been only a handful of times I’ve had a nightmare, more so having been woken becuz of one. Last night my woke me up, I shot straight up, eyes open as i could still see the nightmare amidst the utter darkness of the night around me. I dreamt it was a beautiful sunny day. Clouds were out and I was looking up at the blue sky. Cotton was about 3 or 4 months old. He is around me tho I don’t see him. I’m fixated at the sky and at the giant yellow jacket that’s the size of a bald eagle swooping up toward me. I knew I was gonna get stung and die. That stinger looked a dagger. It was aggressively flying at me. I see cotton running and as I turn and run I realize that monster is gonna take my baby. So i forgot my fear and run toward the yellow jacket and Cotton, we both are trying to protect each other from the yellow jacket. But the thing reaches Cotton before me and picks him up. I reach as they fly and try to get him, that makes the yellow jacket sting him. I scream, chase and continue to try to grab, my fighting angers the yellow jacket. I’m so close I get splashed with Cotton’s blood as the yellow jacket rapidly and repeatedly pierce his belly. I wake up watching him get murdered savagely in front of me. I couldn’t do anything

    I wonder if this is a warning or a good omen?

  12. I was about to take a shower and there was a wasp on the tile above.
    My bathroom has one window with a screen that’s always shut, and seldom ever opened.
    My bathroom door swings itself shut, my home is always on lock down essentially.
    I don’t know how it could’ve gotten in. I felt it was something evil, needless to say, it had to die.
    Can anybody tell me what this means spiritually.

  13. I’ve come to this page many times over the past few months. Bees, wasps, and hornets, well they’re all a little obsessed with me! In the last 24hrs a huge orange hornet flew into my car and said hello (thank God I was parked so I could exit the vehicle before freaking out! she immediately flew back out, though, just stopped in for a split second lol), kindly asked a red wasp on my porch not to set up any nests nearby, at the same time a honeybee comes buzzing up to me as I was finishing my conversation with wasp and going back inside, then I went back out a few minutes later to check the mail and a yellow jacket had died in front of my house, then tonight as I was going to get dinner I saw a paper wasp on my floor just hanging out. I opened the door for her and she crawled onto a shoe lethargically, didn’t look like she had much energy left so I took the opportunity to just set the shoe outside with her still on it, maybe she’ll feel more lively by morning or maybe she just wants a quiet place to spend her last moments. Again, all within 24 hours. The weeks before I also frequently saw several species of velvet ants outside during my walks, when I’ve maybe seen them only a few times in my life before. Oh, and a few weeks ago I also had a conversation with a tiny unknown type of wasp that was enjoying the breeze while perched atop my Buddha statue. The one thing they all have in common is how calm they are. Especially around this time of year, they can tend to get more aggressive as food runs out, but here where it’s just me, they are very mellow. I’ve been facing a lot of illness and I feel they help me have the energy to keep doing what needs to be done to keep my home and life in order even when it feels taxing or barely possible.

    1. The way you described wasps was so appealing and lively. Your words were beautiful, and you conveyed a lot of respect, altruism. You can email me anytime if you want to talk about wasps. You’re one of the good people on this planet if by sensing from your words about wasp interactions. Have a wonderful day. And be well, please, more like you world.

  14. My life is full of wasps and I would really like to know why! In the middle of the night last night I was woken by the loud buzz of a wasp. There were 3 half dead on the floor (2 really big) and a 4th flying around. I took them all out. This is a regular occurrence now. Back in July I discovered a wasp nest outside my back door. They weren’t a problem and I read that they die out in the autumn so the nest can be moved then, so I ignored it. But then they started coming in the house. I’ve taped all the windows and back door which is better but still they come, maybe 5-10 a day now. They are all dying and it’s pretty emotional for me as I respect all animals and now have a heightened awareness and compassion for wasps through this experience. It looks like they’re straining in pain, all curled up and there is usually one on the same step of my stairs each morning wriggling about. I’m going through emotional turmoil with my partner and also striving to find my purpose (to do with making the world a more compassionate place funnily enough). I don’t want them to die in order to bring me a message. Is it a message of danger? I really don’t know what to do, it’s been weeks now? Lee Anne

    1. where do you live? i am being plagued by wasps too. about 20 in the house each day. i’m in oregon

    2. Hi Karina, I’m in Brighton, UK. I can empathise with you from my own experience. It’s been a journey! I didn’t want to remove the nest so stuck it out, it’s been 3 months now and I’m only getting the odd one or two in the house now each day or none. Because it’s getting cold the numbers to the hive are reducing and I imagine they’ll be gone soon. When I was getting 20 or so a day it made me question why, what the significance of it was and find the meaning through symbolism. This has helped me see it in a positive light, the message they’re bringing fits so well with my situation so I’ve become so grateful to them as it’s made me start to act on things, my purpose and also to take things one day at a time. So although it’s been quite a journey I dealt with it practically trying to block the source of them getting in the house (sealing windows/door) which helped a lot and just taking it as it came, taking them out each day and now as my personal situation is improving (and the cold weather coming) it’s coming to an end. I’ve learnt so much from them, feel for them and respect them more than ever now. I haven’t been stung once yet have had hundreds of them to deal with. What you do is up to you. I will get the hole blocked up once they’ve gone. Hope this helps.

  15. Hello, i came across this site and i am fascinated about animal meanings and deeper meanings of life etc. For the past few days at my work there is a wasp that is sitting on a window sill right by my desk. It does move positions so i know it is not dead. I just feel like it is trying to tell me something so i googled wasp meanings and i came across this site! I have been struggling with fertility and that is on the list for wasp meanings also i have been having a very hard time at my job and i am not happy there whatsoever. I have been looking for a new one but have had no luck. I hope this is truly a meaning as to why i saw the wasp and noticed it every day, enough to google and research more about it.

    1. I have one if in front of my door up above in a corner of my house and it’s a lot of them I wonder what it mean when I looked it up I find the same thing too so does that mean that I’m going to have a big change in my life cuz I’ve been through so much from the death of my son so now I’m taking care of his kids the loss of my father and much much more a lot of things that I care not to say at this moment

  16. My dad died and we are cleaning out the closets and drawers…. this greeted me outside and just sat there on the door sill…. Then flew away. “Get it Done” just do it. thank you.

  17. shannon M brimmer

    I am currently working in a nursing home and going to class to be a certified aid. I have goals to be a nurse now and make a difference. I had no clue a wasp had a spiritual meaning and one is in my home right now totally chill and wont leave lol

  18. I just wanted to say that your site is my favorite, you have the most accurate meanings and I come here first to look them up. I had a dream where I was with my therapist and a group of teenagers and we took them to the zoo to see the penguins. Even though I have been working with him for a year now, this was the first time he was ever in one of my dreams. I told him about it and he said I should start working with my dreams and bringing them in. If he had not been in the dream, I would probably not have taken the steps to start learning about dream work but since I told him about it and he put it out there as an assignment I have been logging all of them and learning more and more each day. They have been very vivid and also border on lucid dreaming, something more than normal dreaming. I have had a lot of negative things in my life that I am working hard to get over, and I can only hope that it also means that things aren’t as bad as they seem. <3

    1. Maybe so that I could come across it! Reading your comment hit me close to home. Thank you. I hope the dream work continues to work well for you.

  19. I don’t have any passions, dreams or goals. I’ve tried all I can think of to find something I’m passionate about or gain some sense of direction but still nothing. I’m not depressed or unhappy but over the last decade I have gradually become bored.

    1. I can totally relate. I’ve worked since I was 12, so all I know is work.

      My fiancee has been asking me that for yrs, and honestly I never had any dreams/goals. So I couldn’t answer his question, even after I thought about it. I mean besides growing bud, and opening a spiritual retreat to restore love and compassion to ppl and the atmosphere.

      Then I came up with, “the goal is to keep a roof over our heads, pay bills, and eat.”

      He didn’t find this funny. I know I’m a leader, a giver and helper, but how do you help the hopeless? I barely have energy for myself let alone for ppl sho are resistant to change.

      Maybe I’ll get motivated since the yellowjacket crawled on my neck yesterday to “wake me up”.

  20. I saw a flying bug and figured time to die . It was a black wasp and just landed on me right after I hit with a towel and didn’t hurt. It simply just standed there peaceful there, it was so odd. I freaked out and moved my hand and a girl next to me killed it. Weird day.

    1. 𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓮

      i was in class, and there was a wasp in the room, it was hovering above me and landed on my hair, i just felt something fall on my head and everyone got scared and said that i was made of light and wasps are attracted to light. it just stood on my head! didnt sting or anything and i was calm for some reason. i also occasionally hear buzzing when i go outside, and no one else hears it.

  21. Just think I need to share. My dog was only 3 years old puggle and we adopted her a year ago. She was happy healthy girl that died suddenly two months ago. She loved playing with wasps. Now, her box of ashes is sitting beside the window and wasps pay her a visit every day. Windows are always closed so I have no idea how they get there. They actually not just come to play, they die beside her box… I need answers, but do not actually have a question. She is gone and I am very sad

    1. Dear Dina … you are being given a blessed message but you are not fully seeing it. The bees are showing you that your little puggle is still there … not just as ashes in a box. Yes your puggle has transitioned from physicality, but that doesn’t mean she is gone. The bees feel her presence and are willing to die to show that to you. What a blessing that your girl knew such love for the last wonderful months of her physical life here. Love never dies; believe, trust, know that she is still there. Why would she leave? You can see death of the physical body and be sad, or you can see the love you share every day going forward. Feel her presence; take comfort in the knowing of the bees. Love and light, Kristi

    2. That was lovely. Both the story and the response. The wasps and your dog had and have a connection. So much we don’t understand that they do.

    3. Hello Dina:

      I admired the comments that Kristi made about
      “Transitions.” Although your sweet Doggie is not there … the Puggle is there and the wasps feel it. We know very little, with the great rational mind, as the intuitive mind (the liver and GI tract in the lower brain), are actually useful, simple and 100 percent on! The higher human brain, is 50/50. Ha ha ha.

      As an Lover of all creatures on the planet, and amazed by God, that life exists at all, I am so sorry for your personal loss. Death is both random, and somewhat preventable … but it is a choice and some souls accept that choice as a relief, others will not! It is very individual and nothing to Analize.

      I hope that you have found a new animal, as you sound like a good pet owner. Nothing is personal when you Let Go. Right?

      Move forward, not back. Simple!

    4. Katherine Kellen

      Dina-I read your comments. I’m sorry about your pet. My cat passed two weeks ago. Today leaving work I was at my corner waiting to get onto my road and hundreds of yellow jackets were swarming. I was so scared. Alaska has many fires so I think the hornets got burnt out. I too am curious about it all. Hope your life is bright and loved. Katherine

  22. I was on my way out today and came in contact with a Great Black Wasp. The funny thing is that they’re rare to see in my area. Could this be some type of meaning maybe?

  23. Now here is a crazy one for you guys! I woke up this morning and felt the presence of something next to me. I jumped out of bed and right next to my pillow where my husband sleeps (he had already gone off to work) there was a wasp (yellow jacket) on his pillow. I was not afraid of it for some reason, but out of shock I jumped up and grabbed some tissue and killed it. Then I felt really bad afterwards because I felt it was there to give me a message. I looked all around the house and not a single window was open. Why and how did this wasp get in there and what could it mean? I seriously feel so bad for killing it now, but I was just really shocked to see her on my pillow. Any ideas? Blessings, Stasha

    1. Oh my gosh! This JUST happened to me too. I was sleeping and I felt something crawl over my face so I woke up and a HUGE wasp was on the blanket next to my face! I completely flipped out and flung it across the room and it must’ve been weak from stinging me bc it just died and I felt so bad.

  24. Hi, as I arrived home I just got stung by a large wasp, right on my thymus chakra… i only discovered the location of this a few days ago when watching a meditation to activate it. Would you be so kind as to shine a light on this for me? Thank you so much. I was already emotional looking out for blue butterflies from my recently deceased beloved male dog. And my new adolescent female came an sat wit me as I bathed the sting with vinegar. I have opened windows fir several wasps lately to let them outside. Thank you Jane x

    1. Hi, I have come across this page after finally searching for an answer to my continual run-ins with wasps. Over the past two months I have been stung by a wasp on more than six occasions. Never in my life have I had a problem with these insects. Despite their infatuation with me, if one lands on me (and on the odd occasion does not sting me) I will allow it to sit there. I do not mind these creatures, in fact, I feel they are trying to give me a message. I am at a stage in my life where I am not happy in my job, I want to move on but I am in a complicated situation. I know I need to make a move. The problem is that I have too many options, my mind is too adventurous and I can concoct a new idea in a matter of minutes that tops the last idea. My inability to make a decision, and fear of making another bad decision are stopping me from moving forward. I am trying to trust in the universe, to notice the signs, but I’m young and still getting to know myself right now. How do I put my active mind to rest? How do I clear away the noise and find my true path? What are these fascinating insects trying to tell me? Help if you can!

    2. Caitlin, I came across your message while reading about bee stings. I am an Oracle card reader and I was called to draw a card for you. The message is Yang. Yang represents the power of action, the energies that propel the world forward, and manifesting thought & desire into concrete form. Now is the perfect time to act, for you can easily build momentum & make headway. What you want will come to fruition if you proceed confidently. This card signifies new life & is a sure sign that obstacles have been removed. There is no reason to hesitate. You are the shaper of your destiny now. Love & Light

  25. Brandon Chapman

    I dreampt of a wasp lastnite. It tried to sting me, but my clothing was too thick. I could see the needle piercing my clothing, but didn’t much bother with him until after he buzzed off. When he was on a window ledge still within my grasp, I came to realize if he came for another go my attack vector was too great, with capacity for a direct hit at too much surface area. I slowly came in with my hand and pinched the stinger directly off the body, watching the creature flail around for a bit before awaking.

    I’m hopefully towards the end of the largest project I’ve ever taken on, at my limits in every respect, momentarily losing my cool on occasion, but keeping to the goal and pushing on nonetheless. My interpretation is that I foresee potential enemies drawing near, trying to take me down, but that I won’t allow it and ultimately will triumph as I disable their offenses.

    1. Yesterday, as I got into my vehicle at the grocery store, I felt a sting in my left knee. I could not locate the source under my skirt and assumed it had been a bee and so was deceased and could do no further harm. However, a few miles down the road I felt another sting. I pulled over and again looked under rather full skirt and found nothing. I laid my hand on my lap and got stung in the wrist and thigh. I got out at destination still unable to find critter, got stung in other wrist and caught glimpse of something wasp like flying out from under my skirt. Today they itch incredibly. I had no idea anything could sting that many times. I wonder the significance metaphysically….

  26. I was sitting outside and on my phone, but my hands were grasping my phone. Just texting, and a wasp lands on my finger, does a 180 and flys the opposite direction, it freaked me out because I was sure it pricked me and it didn’t. Just kept on it’s busy day. Weird..

  27. There’s this wasp comes to me almost everyday now he just comes and sits on my and walk down to my hand sits there for a minute and then fly’s off 😊 just wondering what this could mean???

    1. You have a sense of oneness with nature. it trusts you, as you trust it not to sting. Daily reminder of the beauty in the world when the negativity of fear is not present in our internal energy. You have a beautiful aura and the parts of the world that know how to see that, stop by for a chat to share their love.

  28. At the park yesterday my friend noticed a wasp on my head, I didn’t smack it or anything, he just chilled there for a good twenty minutes and flew away, got a couple pictures with him too, nice lil guy

  29. I was in a car and one mud wasp started flying around out of nowhere. I was the passanger. I opened to window to try to let it out but it was like invincible to the wind. The more I tried to get ride of it the more I seemed to notice more mud wasps. I’m naturally afraid of all bees. Even though these ones were being peaceful. I was trying to get them sucked out of the moving car but I was unsuccessful

  30. Hi
    I had a dream about three wasps being in my apartmenr where I live with my mom, and two twin brothers. They came in one window and started making a nest. They saw me and one landed on me but didnt bite me but being stung by alot of them as a child i panicked in the dream. Then we finally opened my bedroom window and they all peacefully flew out. Help me understand what this means

  31. I had a dream about a wasp nest made of socks. In the dream I was aware that my attention and curiosity might attract the attention of the wasps – but I did not look away fast enough before 3 black wasps took notice of me and landed on my left arm, which happens in real life to be injured. I am unfamiliar with black wasps and in my dream, did not know what they were, but knew they could hurt me. I held very still almost until I could not stand it, and then one of the wasps flew away. This gave me hope that if I was patient, the others would go, to.

  32. I recently have had a single yellow jacket always near me when i go places. Even to the point where i was taking him off the glass i was drinking from. He walked around my hand and stopped to clean his face and flew away. Im wondering if this is my totem or if its symbolizing something. Any advice?

  33. A few decades ago, early 20’s, I remember having a couple of giant (6-7 foot tall) black wasps hang out in my dreams. They never bothered me, just there following me around. So much so, that I could sense them about even during the day. Once I was daydreaming through a night class and dreamt them attaching the instructor. The instructor started coughing which woke me up. After that I stopped giving them any attention per way too weird and they disappeared. I completely forgot about them until recently. Anyone know what that was all about?

  34. This week I was mowing and felt something hitting me in the back of the head and neck. Before I knew it, I was being stung in various places. I ran and instinctively swatted. When I finally made it inside and removed my clothes, there were 8 yellow jackets stinging me inside my clothes.

    Unfortunately I had to kill them to stop them.

    I was never afraid before, but now find it difficult to go in my yard. I’m even more afraid to mow. I found 2 separate ground nests- the ones who attacked me, and another on the opposite side of the drive.

    My grass needs mowing really bad. I don’t want to kill them, but I can’t see them moving because I asked them to.

    Any thoughts??

    1. I am going through something similar. At my apartment there was a giant wasp nest near my next door neighbor’s door. I was stung 3 times on my arm last week coming home from work. It was finally taken down yesterday, but this morning when I was taking out the trash I saw that the wasps have begun building a nest in my doorway!
      Ever since I have been stung I’m absolutely terrified of them. I called apt maintenance today for some pest control, but I hope it works better than last time. I have always been afraid of them for how they look but now that I know what they feel like I’m even more afraid.

    2. Wasps terrify me. When I was young, I was attacked by a swarm while cleaning out my grandfather’s shed in last few days of an Ohio July. I was mangled and disfigured all over my body. WhIle recovering, I had dreams about setting fire to acres and acres of nests. Laying waste to an entire species over the course of a week. Then, when I was able to move about again, I found I was petrified of being near them. Just the sound of a buzz would send me into a panic, forcing me to flee. I stayed inside for almost all of August.

      I didn’t “get over” my fear; but, I’ve learned to control it. Now, nearly two decades later–two decades of varying levels of fear, from mild apprehension to sheer panic–I’m able to stand my ground when a wasp comes near. I’m able to use Raid and traps and fake nests to protect myself and my kids.

      It’s a process, but remember you’re smarter than they are, bigger than they are, and can stay awake longer. They “turn-off” in the evening. Use that time to deal with them as you see fit. You can do it.

  35. I’ve always had a phobia towards wasps, something about them always scared me senseless! But I often see them around me and they have never harmed me – except once when I was doing an obstacle course race and was goofing around during the log carry obstacle. I tripped and fell not far off the trail, directly on top of a wasp hive!!

    I finished the race and was minimally affected by the bites and stings (thankfully, we were miles from a hospital and in the middle of nowhere on a trail).

    Now I am wary of them but less so than I used to be. I “flew” with one yesterday – it crossed my path and flew just ahead of my face at the same speed as me on my bike. I don’t recall what I was thinking about, but it’s highly possible it was trying to send me a message now that I read this!

    Any significance in this story? Curious whether they might possibly be a totem animal or just a messenger at times.

  36. I’m so glad I found this post …..last night I had a dream ….. Can I add I don’t remember my dreams but what ever I do dream I remember only snippets…. which sometimes slowly comes to me the next day ….. Ok so in my dream there was a wasp who was flying around me……I managed to get rid of the wasp and run inside the house but then it appeared in my sandal buzzing Around under my heel….. I remember persistently kicking my foot to get it out ….. But it didn’t budge ……that is all I remember but then I woke up anyways as I was really hot. Thanks

  37. Intuitive chick

    I am on a career path in LAW. I noticed three WASP flying around inside my bedroom window. I recently had a slight hiccup on my journey for this career. Does anyone know what this might mean or symbol?

  38. Last summer I had a hornet that would come visit me. He would hover about about 18″ away until I would say hello. Or he would hover looking in my office window. He did this every day until late fall I found a almost dead hornet on my front porch. We had a cold snap and I don’t think he was able to get back to the hive. I tried to warm him by putting him in a box and covering him, thinking if he made it thru the night and it was warm the next morning he could get to the hive. He did not survive. Strange as it sounds I had bonded with this hornet. I must sound pretty nuts to most but oh well. Anyway since the spring I have been sitting out on my front porch again everyday. I even work out there most days. I have noticed another hornet coming around. This one actually lands nearby. It has even landed on the table I sit at facing me. I hear his buzz often even when I don’t see him. What is going on? Is this hornet my animal spirit or totem? Is he trying to tell me something?

    1. Beautiful story. Thank you for your awareness. You are asking the right questions, and only you know the answers. When you ask the questions to yourself, or your higher wisdom, what pops into your head? I regular and “intentional” visitation like that is rarely coincidence!

      peace, paul

  39. I had a dream about wasps. I was outside when one came at me and I used Raid wasp spray to kill it. Then another came and I repeated until a larger number was after me and I ran out of spray. I ran in the house, looked out the window and saw that the ones I killed were reviving and began to try and get in the house through windows and doors. I could hear their voices and feel their anger but could not escape. I woke up terrified with my heart racing, and exhausted. This is the first time I have ever dreamed of wasps. The only thing I can guess is that I have been feeling my life is in complete disarray and nothing has worked out as planned. I feel I have awakened a hornets nest and can’t find a way out. Thoughts?

  40. I had a strange dream that was a bit different- rather than see a wasp in my dream, someone, as if suprised at realizing my true identity or nature, pointed to me and exclaimed “you are a wasp!’, immediately after which my german shepard (in my dream) attacked something fiercely behind my back. I couldn’t turn to see or to help because I was paralyzed. I was awoken from my dream by my wife who told me I had been making noises as if to call out. Any thoughts?

    1. Well, if wasps are associated with action, and logic (among other things), I would assume you are a go getter, and a man who takes action. The German Shepherd points to someone who is loyal to you, possibly a family member if you actually own this particular German Shepherd. Seems to me, that someone is either attacking you verbally, or your character or work, or at work, and somebody loyal to you is standing up for you,protecting you.

  41. I just found a huge black dead wasp in my garden… I have never seen one before in my life… I Google to see what it was and found your page!
    Is there a meaning if it’s dead?

    1. was wondering the same thing. i found a dead wasp in the toilet in december in a closed room where it was completely out of place

  42. I was making some Christmas gifts and was wrapping a homemade soap for my niece when a bee buzzed by my ear. I looked at it and ignored it then about5min later the same bee came and stung me on my eyelid. What does that mean. Btw, i was in the kitchen had never seen a bee anywhere around the house.

  43. Today I had a wasp land on me. I’m terrified of wasps. When I was a kid I grabbed one and held on tight, not thinking to let go, it stung me over and over again. I ran to my dad screaming and crying. He kept saying “open your hands. Let go. Let go!” I finally did and of course he doctored me up. My dad passed when I was 4. I was never able to let go of the sting his death left me. And for more than 20 yrs I’ve not been able to let that go. It makes total sense that it’s symbolic of me letting my dad’s death go. Also, with the description above, it fits along well with what I’m currently facing in my life right now.
    I am going to be moving soon and while I’m very excited for this opportunity I am leaving my family and the state I’ve always lived in my entire life. It’s a little nerve wracking and stressful. My Grandma always tells me I have to take action to get things done. I can pray hope wish and meditate all day every day and it won’t make a difference if I don’t Take the necessary steps to get where I need to be. I’m also the most indecisive person ever. That also goes along its action. Being INdecisive is the decision of doing nothing. So, I’m ready for these big changes and I have to let go and face life head on and without fear. I trust the universe will provide for me. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment, it was an inspiration for me to read this, especially where I am currently in my life right now. Thank you for sharing your story with us all 🙂

  44. I was boiling water with fresh ginger and spices for a chai mixture when wasp flew into the kitchen. During the moments of chai brewing my mind was pondering all the plans and projects I have taken on for this year. That is when I realised that the plans and projects, which are most dear and relevant to me, were constantly being pushed into second position in my planning and therefore barely progressing. I also became aware of how little time was left of the rest of the year to bring my vision to completion – especially while considering the amount of volunteer work I have taken up. (So clearly, this is the part, in which I am kind of sabotaging myself taking on tasks that are seemingly a little bit more ‘important’ than the original ones). Therefore, I started mentally phrasing what I need to honestly communicate about myself to others to get out of this cycle of slow personal project progression and Wasp flew in, hovered around me and then headed to the boiling pot of water and, yep, fell in. Ofcourse, I immediately scooped Wasp out, and felt bad (melancholy of letting go of past behavioural patterns) for its sudden and harsh death (new approaches and standing up for ones new way of thinking is always a harsh slap in the face of the old ego) and put it on the window sill (it is ok to be ceremonial and compassionate with the layers that are being shed off and show gratitude – after all, everything serves its purpose at one point in time 🙂 )

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I was in the bathroom having a shower yesterday when a wasp flew in and sat on the wall. Like you, there is a project I need to immerse myself in to change my life and our finances ( has to do with learning a new skill, so it involves allot of studying for a few months) and I have been putting it off for months. Just like your wasp, this wasp was dying so I left it in the bathroom for a peaceful death and thanked it for bringing me the message that I really need to make a move now or else this opportunity will disappear from my life. I have had animal totems ( and insects) for many years. I thank the universe and animal kingdom for these gifts.

  45. I have developed a fear of bees since forever but it gets worse every year, especially bad the last few years. I’ve been stung in the throat (inside and outside on neck), armpit, a bunch at once, and today on my ankle… The other day a bee landed on my leg and it wouldn’t leave but luckily didn’t sting me. Now, I love ALL animals including insect types and unfortunately I hurt them when they’re around because I’m so terrified. All other bugs I leave in the house of safely place them outside. I do respect the beer and care for it but I am just so scared.. I’m really starting to think it’s a sign, and got tears in my eyes when I read the post about the cat having a heart attack.. Some sort of sign? I’m so scared it’s getting worse as I am even more wary outside now, terrified of bees. Nothing physically scares me more. Any thoughts or ideas?

    1. We are taught to fear bees and wasps so it’s normal to be scared and when you are scared its normal to assume an attack is eminent and either jump or swat at them. The attack was eminent but it was “you” that “attacked” first!

      A way to stop this cycle is to not swat or even move if a bee or wasp comes near you (unless it’s a swarm of Africanized bees and then run like hell in doors or into water!

      If you don’t move or react when a bee or wasp comes along you’ll find that they will ignore you (you’re not a flower) and may even land on you. 

      If you don’t threaten them they will check you out and fly away. 

      If you can do this Whenever a bee/wasp is near you’ll find that they have nothing but interest in you or what your eating. 

      Then you can move toward not fearing them at all – ( since you  but have learned to) and they won’t bother you at all. You may start to even find them quite fascinating and cute! 

      Just unlearn to be afraid. They love you and the feeling should be returned. For bees especially. They work very hard for us!

  46. I’m a pretty cynical person and have never really considered the validity of animal symbolism before, however, for the past three days, each morning when I have woken up, there has been a wasp present behind the curtains in my bedroom. I have awoken each day to their buzzing and on each occasion, I have opened the windows to let them out. I find this very peculiar and after the second time, it struck me vividly that this was some sort of sign or symbol that I should at least research a little into. I believe if ever I was to have a spirit animal, the wasp is it. Many of the traits attributed to the wasp resonate with me very much. The associations of fertility, the female warrior, female societies and the importance of thought and reason are major aspects of my personality and desires. I don’t know, it’s probably quite silly but there is no harm in believing or even just considering a certain truth behind the ideas of spirit animals and their corresponding symbolism.

  47. This is very enlightening. I’ve been stung by 3 wasps (almost 4) in a matter of 12 hours. 😯

    Obviously there’s a nest near the side of my house that I didn’t find yet but the wasp medicine resonates with me.

  48. I have encountered this strange thing for the first time in my life.
    A few days back, while I was setting up my balcony I found this box with a yellow wasp in it. I tried to shoo it away…as soon as I got near it….I found that the whole box was filled with wasps. They had built their hive in it….I called my dad and he swiftly took the box up and threw it in the direction it would land in the playground right next to our apartment…
    From that day these wasps have been coming back…Not Only This…today I went to my garage and even there I saw this wasp hive dangling from it gate…
    This is not giving me a good feeling.
    Can anyone help me understand what it might symbolise?

    1. May I suggest that you apologize to the wasps for what happened to them as a family and a home. I think they may be angry and need an apology from you and perhaps on your father’s behalf as well. Their home was removed and abruptly, without asking them to find a new home as you removed them. Anytime I need to remove a snake, spider, scorpion, squirrel, bird, lizard out of the house- I talk to them. I tell them what I’m going to do and why. They need to find another place to go. I’m going to safely pick you up and place you outside where you have the freedom to go anywhere but here, this is my home you need to leave. Thank you.

      It’s kinda like a command but with respect to their Kingdom. I rarely have animals fight back. They give in and let me take them outside. I never try to hurt them either. The idea is that you see them as an equal and communicate your boundaries. So picture them in your head and say whatever you feel is right. I hope they are open to hear your message. Good luck.

    2. Thank you for writing this.. this is what I have been learning to do and now have conversation a you suggest .. after an experience with a spider that really showed me what was possible 😉 <3

  49. I woke up and felt something fly away from me and buzz all the way towards me and then fly behind my desk almost like a nose dive. I had no glasses on so I didn’t know what it was after being awake for a half hour or so I glanced on the wall beside me and there it was a wasp. I had no ideal what to do. Its winter in Michigan, I opened the window and waited it out, after 15 minutes it crawled to the screen and I shut the window.I have had a lot of heart ache since my youngest child’s dad and I went from being happily in love to it ending worse than any relationship I even been in 8 months ago. I am starting a new job and reorganizing my home this is so symbolic.

  50. Very strange indeed. I had a wasp in my house today literally chasing me around( yes I was running and screaming lol) and I too have had my heart shattered two weeks ago when I found out that my hubby of 14 years had been keeping secrets from me….well just leave it at that.

    1. Let’s guess? Side chick? Wasp says dump him and be the warrior and leave him. If you stay he will just do it again hiding it better next time.

  51. I found two wasps in my apartment yesterday. I live on Vancouver Island so It is too cold for them to fly around outside so I was extremely surprised. I caught the smaller one last night and put it outside, and showed the large one to the patio door today. Not sure about the symbolism. I’m in good physical health but I am planning on buying a home.

  52. Hi. Interesting comments. We woke up this morning and we have a hundred wasps on the side of our house. What could the meaning of this be?? 😀

  53. I wold like to offer insight on the Wasp because I had a significant encounter the past few weeks involving a single Wasp in my home.

    It flew in one of the windows and was on the ceiling of my apartment and I didn’t want to kill it. I strongly believe in the symbolism of animals, so I looked up his totem.

    There was nothing about the totem that really resonated with me, so I let it go. Cut to a few weeks later, in my living room there was the SAME WASP, this time on the ceiling. I have very high ceilings so not possible to shoo him out. At this time, I thought, HUH, There must be a reason he’s still hanging around. I looked up the totem again, nothing resonated.

    The next day after I saw the wasp in the living room, he was gone, but I do tarot cards for myself and I did a reading on my life. The reading pulled up the 3 of Swords, which can mean heartache emotional problems, to very literal meanings of heart attack, blood problems, and heart disease. Another very interesting thing the meaning said that I had never seen before, was that along with the heart disease that “stinging insects may be attracted to you at this time” WHOA.

    What was crazy about all of this, is I do not have heart problems, so i was confused about all of this, along with the wasp.

    I left for the day and came back, and the wasp was gone. Sadly, that night though, my cat died of a heart attack. There was no way I could have prevented it but spirit was talking to me that day. I just wanted to share because there could be another sign with the Wasp that has to do with heart related issues.

    1. Interesting story Andy. I have also see a wasp in my house 4 times in the past two weeks. I looked it up like you did and nothing really caught my attention. I have had a broken heart from a relationship that I have been in but no physical heart problems. Others have seen the Wasp in my home as well. I allow it to crawl on me and then I let it outside. IT is cool weather here so I figured the Wasp and snakes would be in the ground this time a year but I saw a snake yesterday on my steps. Strange times we live in. Peace

    1. Hi all wondering if you guys could help….
      I’ve been reading about wasp and their meaning I’ve had one in my house for a whole day now it won’t leave it hardly fly’s it briefly flies but returns to the same light shade I managed to sho it in the bathroom and opened the window I went and looked this morning it was still in the bathroom just sitting on the shelf…like it was waiting for me lol the window was wide open was stunned it was still there…can any one help with a meaning please thanks

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