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Wait! Patience is needed here. The right moment will come.

Owl Meaning and Messages

These birds love to sit quietly and still so that they can observe their surroundings. Therefore, the owl symbolism indicates that you may need to remove yourself from the noise of life. Take a moment to become meditative and silently observe your surroundings.  Moreover, slowing down and becoming stable will allow you to access the wealth of information and Owl meaning that surrounds you. Whenever this bird is present, it will share its ability to see what others may miss. In other words, the Owl meaning prompts you to open your eyes and honestly examine how things are. You will be surprised by what you can suddenly see. As an example, other people’s motives may now become clear to you. External appearances will give way to the truth and meaning hidden beneath.

Alternatively, the Owl symbolism comes to those who need to let go of some part of their life that is no longer needed. With this in mind, Owl symbolism cues you to listen carefully to your inner voice and guidance to recapture the knowledge of your correct path in life. This birds’ senses can pierce through shadows, beyond fear and darkness, through to the other side that promises light, happiness, and knowledge.

Barn Owl Symbolism

If Barn Owl symbolism turns up in your life, it’s time to do a personal inventory, and like the Roadrunner, make sure that you do not deny yourself the pleasures of life. In this way, by opening your heart and embracing everything, you can live your life to the fullest. Thus you are entering a period in which you are abundantly fulfilling your needs.

Alternatively, the Barn Owl meaning is insisting that you adapt to your current situation. Take the time to separate yourself from the external hubbub that surrounds you and reconnect with Spirit. Only then will you find the answers you seek and the way forward.

Barred Owl Meaning

When the Barred Owl shows up, it symbolizes the need for you to re-evaluate your competitive Nature. Co-operation is a far better solution to the rivalry you are currently experiencing. Move forward, confidently, with your new intentions.

Occasionally this bird reminds you that through grace and a gentle heart, you can weather any storm. If you need a break, return to Nature, and listen to the guidance you will find there.

Burrowing Owl Symbolism

If the Burrowing Owl makes an appearance, it’s time to take a good look at where you are going spiritually. In other words, taking things too seriously is not what this path is all about. Fill your life with humor and laughter, and your path to enlightenment should be no different. Thus you should ground yourself and have a good laugh at your austere antics.

Alternatively, this raptor, like the Cardinal, is insisting that you share your spiritual light with others. All it takes is a little bit of humorous storytelling for them to understand the point you are trying to make.

Great Horned Owl Meaning

With the appearance of the Great Horned Owl, it means that you must identify what your goals are and then take action fearlessly. In other words, you have been trying to move forward without actually having a specific direction in mind. Therefore it is time for you to set clear intentions.

Alternatively, the Owl meaning signifies that you need to set some boundaries with others. Bit by bit, they have been taking liberties with your generosity and are now invading your space. In other words, pay attention to body language and vocal characteristics of those around you so that you can discern their true intentions and put a stop to them.

Long-Eared Owl Symbolism

In this case, Long-Eared Owl symbolism represents a period of passionate creativity. It signifies that you have set clear intentions, and aggressively pursued your goals. Thus the message is that your dreams are coming to fruition.

Alternatively, this bird insists that you defend what you are trying to create by disallowing others to sabotage your efforts. Ignore them and keep up the excellent work.

Screech Owl Meaning

When this raptor shows up, like the Hyena, it represents your ability to maintain your authentic self in group activities. In other words, your decisions are your own, and any events you choose to participate in are because you wanted to and not because you felt you “have to.”

Alternatively, the Screech Owl meaning indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed by a task. However, like the Stick Bug, this bird insists that you change your perception of the job by breaking things down into smaller parts. Thus the task will become much more manageable for you.

Short-Eared Owl Symbolism

In the case of the Short-eared Owl symbolism appearing in your life, it is a reminder that any endeavor that you currently embark on will require a solid foundation of knowledge and preparation. In other words, enjoy the process without skipping any of the steps necessary. Thus you need to stay grounded in what you are doing.

Occasionally the appearance of this raptor is a sign that your senses should be on high alert at the moment. There are new perceptions and understandings available to you.

Snowy Owl Meaning

In this case, the Snowy Owl symbolism signifies that you must have a strategy to extricate yourself from the current situation. Moreover, with careful planning and a great deal of patience, you will be able to move forward and leave this situation behind you.

Alternatively, this great white bird is insisting that you use foresight in manifesting your desires. Be careful what you ask for, because you may well receive it. Thus you should make sure that you know what it is you are trying to manifest and set a clear intention to get there.

Owl Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Owl Totem will find themselves drawn to the dark and prefer to work during the night hours. For this reason, they have no fear of the occult, darkness, or magic and often have the gift of prophecy. These folks use their wisdom to extract secrets from those around them. They know how to listen to their inner voice. As a result, they will hear not what others are saying, but what they are thinking and feeling by detecting the subtleties of sound that others cannot understand.

Other people are unable to deceive these folks because they can see into the darkness of their souls. Most people with Owl totem are also clairvoyant because of this ability to observe and empathize. Since it can be terrifying at times, they have to learn to trust their instincts about people.

Barn Owl Totem

People with the Barn Owl totem, like the Octopus, always seem to get what they want. They are intelligent and resourceful, even when things get tough. Most folks with this spirit animal totem will be clairaudient, and they use it to tune into their guides and guardians. They are good at listening to others and picking up the nuances of the conversation. Thus they are good at “reading between the lines.”

Barred Owl Spirit Animal

People with the Barred Owl totem seek to create well-being and effortless operations wherever they go. They are amicable, cooperative, and willing to share just about everything they have. These charming and vivacious folks are liked by everyone they meet. They are also good actors that can change in and out of character quickly. These folks are born mediators.

Burrowing Owl Totem

People with the Burrowing Owl Totem, like the Cow, are well-grounded folks that have a good sense of humor. These folks will not hesitate to laugh at the world around them and at themselves. They understand the healing power of laughter and will set out to put a smile on everyone’s face. Folks with this power animal are patient in attaining their goals. They are also good at ambushing the things that they desire the most to achieve. You will never see them coming!

Great Horned Owl Power Animal

Folks that have this raptor as their power animal tend to be dignified and aloof.  Like the Camel, they are adaptable and can make any adjustments required on the fly. Like the Boar, these people know what their purpose in life is, and will unerringly focus on these goals. If they want something, they set out to get it, and more often than not, accomplish this goal quickly. People with the Great Horned Owl totem are also territorial, dominant, and attack life with great enthusiasm.

Long-Eared Owl Spirit Animal Totem

Creativity is the focus of the Long-Eared Owl person. They love to create and do so wholeheartedly at every opportunity. This trait makes them powerful manifesters and often single-minded in the pursuit of their goals. These people make compassionate and highly protective parents.

Screech Owl Totem

Like the Toucan, people with the Screech Owl totem are self-sufficient, self-contained, and yet will make choices that are best for all those involved instead of just for themselves. They are caring and sharing individuals. These folks are also territorial and will go to considerable extremes to protect what is theirs. They are also highly competitive.

Short-Eared Owl Power Animal

Folks with the Short-Eared Owl totem build their life on a solid foundation. These folks tend to invest their energy and time wisely and work well with their companions and partners. They are also cunning opportunists that are always in the right place at the right time. People with this spirit animal are curious, versatile, and have a passion for life. These inspirational folks awaken the imagination of others.

Snowy Owl Totem

People with the Snowy Owl totem live in both the physical realm and the spirit world. Thus they make influential spiritual leaders. These folks are mysterious and sometimes very disconcerting. These folks are very observant and conserve their energy until the perfect moment to act. Thus they have an excellent sense of timing. These people appear to be quiet and unassuming. People underestimate their strength and their ability to get the job done. Furthermore, they are catalysts for change in anyone who comes into contact with them.

Owl Dream Interpretation

When you have an Owl dream, it may be telling you that you need to let go of the past or specific negative behaviors.

If this bird of prey hoots in your dream, it is a message of disappointment and death. In other words, your unconscious mind may be trying to get your attention to your thoughts or actions in your waking life. These thoughts and actions are counterproductive to your spiritual goals.

To have a dead Owl dream is symbolic of some illness or death. Death, in this sense, is a symbolic Death as in a significant transition in life or the end of a harmful habit.

When the bird in your Owl dream is trying to peck your eyes out, it means that you lack insight somewhere in your waking life. There is an issue that you are trying desperately to avoid.

Barn Owl Dream

When you have a Barn Owl dream, it is an indication that you are avoiding the use of your higher senses. As a result, you are missing an opportunity that has subtly presented itself. In other words, instinctual action is necessary, and you are ignoring what you need to do.

Alternatively, the Barn Owl dream is a message that you will some progress towards your goals soon.

Barred Owl Vision

If you have a Barred Owl dream, it indicates that you are about to embark on a new phase or direction with your purpose in life. Thus you must take the time to explore the opportunities out there and choose one on which to focus.

Burrowing Owl Dream

When you have a Burrowing Owl dream, you are must focus on those that are closest to you. Someone is not telling you something or is hiding something that you need to know. Thus you may have to do some digging to find out what it is.

Great Horned Owl Vision

When this raptor presents itself in a vision, it reflects your need to let go of scarcity. In other words, by sharing what you have to share, you open the doors to abundance by making room for more. Alternatively, this bird signifies the coming of a happy celebration.

Long-Eared Owl Dream

When the Long-Eared Owl appears in your dreams, it represents secrets that are about to be revealed. These secrets can belong to you or someone else.  Either way, prepare yourself for a bit of a rough ride and significant changes

Occasionally this bird’s appearance in your vision portends a shift in how you perceive things. In other words, something that you believed to be certain is now on shaky ground.

Screech Owl Vision

When the Screech Owl announces itself in your vision, it is a message that you must listen – and read between the lines. Whatever people present to you, it is just a fraction of the truth. Thus you must make sure that you have the whole picture.

Sometimes this Owl appears in your vision when you do not perceive things correctly. In other words, look at things from several different perspectives until you find the right one.

Short-Eared Owl Dream

If the Short Eared Owl comes to you in a dream, it is a symbol of the wisdom that you have. For some reason, you have been ignoring the obvious. Take a good look at what is in front of you. Make sure that it is the right choice.

Snowy Owl Vision

When you have a Snowy Owl dream, like the Angelfish, it is a reminder that you are never alone and that many Guides and Angels always surround you. If this Owl speaks to you, it is a direct message from them. Do not worry if you cannot hear them or understand them. The message is clear for your soul. Alternatively, the appearance of this raptor in your vision symbolizes the need for clear intention. Thus you must evaluate your goals and revise your direction as needed.

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  1. I cannot find anything for Giant Grey Owl.
    Not here or on any other site.
    My encounter came during an hour long reiki session.
    Giant grey owl and a wolf were seen quite a few times each. Owl, wolf ,owl wolf owl wolf then a couple of wuick visions of a eagle in flight from a distance and then a parrot in flight from a distance but then returned to the wolf and the giant grey owl finishing with the wolf in a place that was not necessarily Earth.
    I can fond loads of info of wolf totem etc but nothing specifically for the Giant grey owl.

  2. I can’t stop thinking of the dream I had. I am currently pregnant and there has been a “red flag” my doc calls it and I have a decision to make. Its consuming my thoughts and this dream i had makes me feel like I know what to do but others think they know what I should decide. I dreamt a short eared mixed with a snow owl flew over me and swooped down and hit the ground, I ran to it and picked it up and held it..we stared at each other for a while and I let it go. I can’t stop seeing the eyes. I am Alaska Native and have been told not to look into the eyes of an owl🤔 so this is torture for me if anyone has any insight I’d love to hear it. Xoxo thanks for reading Brooke

  3. I recently had a dream in which I saw 2 owls on a low branch of a coniferous tree. They were definitely a pair, like a male and female. I reached out and ran my fingers through their feathers, like you would a dog. I scratched their skin through the feathers and they responded with delight, thoroughly enjoying the attention. The owls were brown and white flecked. Closest breed I can find would be a Screech Owl in comparison to how they appeared in my dream.

  4. A couple years ago, I was taking a walk at night, and I saw an owl fly into a tree. It was far overhead but it was nice!

  5. A little over a month ago I dreamt that I landed up with a baby snowy owl being held in my arms. As I continued walking through the night searching for something in my dream, I noticed that there was a brown eagle eyeing the baby Snowy Owl. I sensed that the eagle, which was as big as a fully grown human, wanted to prey on the baby owl and for some reason I felt protective over the owl. I stood in between the eagle and the owl. I could sense the ire of the eagle and nothing else happened. At that point I woke up without any particular emotion running through my head. What does my signify?

    1. EspionageCookie

      A snowy owl represents spiritual guides and angels around you. Protecting it from an eagle may represent that you need to protect certain moral ideas from the face of danger from the foresight of malicious “eagles”, which might be people you personally know. In other words, you need to reflect in the quiet to realize what is right and to stand up for what is the right thing to do.

  6. There was a big fat yellow/brown owl with thick yellow feet grasping a large branch of a tree, looking up at me. I was about 50 degrees higher than the owl, so it was looking up at me at an angle. It had big round yellow eyes with smaller black circles in the middle. It kept staring up at me. Readjusting and re-grasping its finger sized toes on the branch. The owl must have been about 5 feet tall and as wide as a rounder fatter person.

    What could this dream mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Looking down at an owl like this might mean that you are missing the trees for the forest. You are looking too high up into the big picture, rather than focusing on the details of practically doing something. Find some quiet independent time to work by the little details of whatever you need to do.

  7. Today at 11:17am I happened to see a large barred owl sitting on a rocking chair in my backyard looking down. I went outside to see what type of bird it was as his back is all I could see. He turned around and looked at me and sat there. I was able to snap a photo. He was large and beautiful. It flew into a nearby tree and stared at me. I thought it was trying to capture one of my chipmunks so I did try showing it away. I later looked up how common it is to see an owl during the daytime and kept seeing these scary negative suggestions pop up meaning death or illness. I also have read positive things about seeing them. How do we know what to believe? This owl appeared to be looking down looking for something. I found it odd he was out in the daytime and so close to the ground on the top of my chair. Any insight or opinions would be appreciated. What’s even more bazaar is I sent my sister the photo and she flipped out telling me how she just watched a video that same morning of an owl being rescued. She then sends me a picture of what appears to be an owl in one of her trees later on in the night. Neither of us have seen an owl before today…

    1. EspionageCookie

      Hmm, be skeptical of psychics saying something might cause death or illness. Often this is just a common scam tactic to prey on overly superstitious minds to get them to buy something expensive for them to “remove the curse,” with something on hand. You’re better off asking for a professional mainstream doctor for a check up if you are worried about something like that. So likely the positive things are more accurate.

  8. I have scoured the internet looking for someone else who has met this Owl Goddess besides myself. I have now had two visions (both during meditation) of this being. She is about 6 feet tall, all white, glowing teal eyes, and speaks to me in a woman’s voice, embraces me when I was crying, like a mother and actually (the second vision) dropped her glowing teal tears into my eyes, ears, and throat chakra, I am obsessed with finding out who this divine being is. The first vision she just came to me and turned and faced me and spoke to me. The second vision, she was in the brillant, teal crystal temple with a huge teal waterfall. I looked up and she flew over me at the very top of the waterfall, then came down and again faced me, then held me, and told me I had been through so, so much trauma in this lifetime, and put her tears into mine. WOW!

    1. EspionageCookie

      She might be a spirit guide of yours, or something akin to a guardian angel. Look up “How to contact your spirit guides,” or “How to contact your angels,” in various online articles online, online videos or books to order. If you cannot personally find her in someone else’s ideas, she might be a personal guardian with just you as an individual. It is a bit of a newbie psychic thing if you think every spirit of light that will visit you is famous. Most of these volunteers from Heaven aren’t.


    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps since the owl represents reflection, your brother is trying to tell you to reflect on something, possibly related to your memories of him when he was alive. Take a moment to pause respectfully, and look back into your past with each other. What ideas can you relearn from him or goals you gave up on can you continue now in the present?

  10. Hi. I the early morning just before waking, I had a vivid dream of a huge owl flying above me on my street near my home. The owl was eating a snake in flight. It was a huge, great-horned owl — magnificent in every way. I especially noted how huge the owl’s head was. I at first thought it was an eagle until I saw its huge, great-horned head. I felt bad for the snake. There was just a little of the snake still hanging out of the owl’s mouth but it appeared to still be alive and wriggling. But at the same time I was in awe of the owls immense size and beauty and noted the incredible pattern of its feathers as it flew over me. Some of the feathers were white, but mostly brown and black patterned. The sky was very blue, and the sight of the bird against the sky was remarkable. Then I woke up, but the dream has stayed with me all day still clear in my mind. I lost my husband of 30 years last year, and I’m wondering if this dream has something to do with that and what it means in general.

    1. I had a dream of a white owl got into my apartment scared whatever mouse or bug away looked right at me . For some reason it was windy it look like it was trying to tell me something it was trying to use sign language with it features it was sunny day the light hitting my living room. It not mean any harm either. Then I woke up from dream

  11. Hi, i really like this site and often come here for seeking the meanings of symbolism in both my dreams and real life that I happen upon.

    Last night I had a dream of me being in a forest and suddenly seeing and hearing something move in the bushes and the moss. I bend down and the moving creatures comes to me. When I can see it right in front of me it is a very small, white and beige/golden owl with big yellow eyes. It just looks at me and put its head to the side. I reach out an open hand (my left, because its closest to my heart) the owl climbs on and I stand up. When I ask the owl if he/she wants to come with me, for as long as it wants and on its terms – the owl carefully walks up my arm to sit on my shoulder cosying up in my hair. Before I woke up it just stayed with me even inside the house, but I was clear in my dream it would be able to leave when it wanted to. One moment it just stared into my eyes and I felt it looking deep into my soul. It didn’t make much noise besides in one part of the dream where it waved its wings and made a small sound, it seemed startled but turned to me for calming. What do you think this means? I’ve tried to look it up but I cant find anything.

    1. I was dreaming, I was in my house and opened the door and a barred owl was sitting there a bit to the left. I reacted quickly snd shut the door. I woke up, and used the bathroom and went back to sleep. Later during the night, I had the same dream, but when I opened the door and the owl walked in my house. Then it flew up onto my arm. I was not scared, but was a bit shocked. Would it note me? No, it was a bit frantic, and it sat on my arm, for a bit. Then flew into my kitchen and sat in my counter. Suddenly a cat ran into my house. Not a regular house cat, but a very skinny cat, with very long legs and big ears. Tawny colored with whit stripes and a bit of black. It was looking for the owl. I realized the owl had come to me for protection, and I needed to get the cat outside the house. So I faced the cat and maneuvered it back outside and closed the door. I then went to tell others I the house, that we had an owl in the house. I then woke up. I’m trying to figure out the meaning of this dream.

  12. Was visting parents in Florida a wek ago .The second night i was awakened to two knocks behind my headboard which is an interior wall.i did not have a negative feeling at all went back to sleep.the lqst night i was therei had a 6:00 flight homebut about the same time i heard the knocksi had a vivid dream of laying in my bed at home,had a cat on the bed who started running aroundwhen a brown and grey speckled owl flew in the window and started chasing him arond the bed.The cat jumped and the owl turned and we starred at each other.At this point i woke upfelling like i had a vision which i have never had before

  13. Hey, me and my boyfriend and his brother all went up to blood mountain in ga yesterday. We seen a sign that said road closed but early that day we were driving all on that road. The gps just kept telling us to go down that road. So we did. We got to the end where is was closed off and we couldn’t get by. My boyfriend said we were just on this road a few hours ago I think we should go by it. Me and his brother was like let’s go back to town and ask for help to find another way. When we typed in the town in the gps it still wanted us to go threw the road block. And then out of the blue all service went out on us. Me and his brother see a owl in a tree right next to the road block sign but my boyfriend couldn’t see it even as we were pointing right at it. We turned around and started back tracking trying to find a gas station open. We started asking locals around the area for help and they kept trying to get us to go threw blood mountain. No one understood how to get around like that was there only way out. We called 911 twice for help bc we were lost and finally got out. When we got in Anderson sc we went to go drop off his brother at his house. And when we started backing up the heat guard fell and was hanging by 2 screws where we couldn’t leave once again. Was that owl warning us or tell us that we were about to die

  14. I have a question about a very vivid dream I had today.. in my dream It was a nice day and I was helping someone and then I went inside my home to grab someone and when I looked out my front window the weather suddenly was dark and stormy so dark I couldn’t even see my front yard very well at all. Then suddenly I seen this pure white owl fly right up to my window and just stare at me for a few moments then it flew up and past my house but suddenly I decided to raise my pet as if I thought the owl was just going after my pet that was sitting in the window and it flew back and just stared at me in the eyes for so long I felt nervous and afraid to even go outside again. I don’t know what this mean if I should be afraid of something or if it means something good. I’m also pregnant and had miscarriages in the past and I’m afraid it’s telling me it’s gonna happen again. a loss I don’t know what to think.

    1. “To see a storm in your dream signifies some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your waking life.” You were safe inside your house, during the storm not out in the midst of it. The owl came to you and indicated it did not want your pet or mean your harm. Instead, it looked into your eyes trying to convey it’s silent message. The owl was white, which tells me it is a good omen, an omen of purity. “Dreaming of a white owl or a snow owl highlights your new awareness and enlightenment.” This is a message to leave the trauma and loss you have experienced in the past. You are safe from that storm now. Trust the white owl’s message of safety and security and move forward with confidence knowing you are protected and surrounded by the purity of a new awareness.

  15. I have had at least 5 owls fly at my vehicles and hit the outside of it , i would stop to check on them and they all survived after a view seconds to a fwe minutes they would fly away ! Also many others have dive bombed my vehicles without hitting it !what does this symbolize ?

    1. Hi I was wondering did u ever get any relevant answer or information about your posting? I’m curious because last night I hit a baby owl that was a few months old. It sat in the road starting at me and when I drove up on it and realized what it was I swerved a bit but hit it hard on accident. I felt it under my pedal and hit my tire. I pulled over to check on it and it just sat there in the road still. Next thing u know it starred me in my eyes and then flew away. I’m so shocked. If they are such great see’ers and impeccable hearing why would it just sit in the road like that. It had a half mile of road between it and I when I turned on that road but just sat there anyway. I’m trying to find out if this means something significant.

  16. All I no is I have seen owls night day doesn’t matter but I do no this I see them the most with certain people and only women coming tword us or had have them dive bombed right in front of my truck with a grouse in his claws . Like he committed suicide. What is up with that

    1. I believe that seeing an owl whether it’s day time or night time is always a good thing. The Significance of an owl in a dream or on a
      road is your subconscious mind letting out all that your unconscious mind has yet to reveal to itself so that being said seeing an owl is always a good omen.

  17. Hi
    Yesterday, Friday evening my sister saw white face owl on top of the house (building)
    Please tell me it’s good or bad, my family scared too much, please tell some solution

  18. Hi
    Just wanted to share this thing…
    When my mum was pregnant with me ,she would, more than often see White Beautiful owls coming to our door of the house or even in gardens or on Windows.
    Some used to say it to her That it auspicious to see White owls during pregnancy.
    She never actually knew what it was.
    But she did feel something special about the sightings.
    I don’t know why, but all my family and friends or even people I have met for just a few times,often talk about my wit and wisdom and intuition being really accurate.i mean I don’t know what to say about this.
    Then one day my sister searched and came across a saying…White Owls is related to Goddess Athena of Wisdom and intuitive power,Clarity in life. According to Greek Mythology.
    I don’t know what to think .
    Just curious if it means anything.

  19. I had a dream last night, which was 09/25/19. Me and my 2 daughters were in this trailer house with other people in it. We were rearranging it and cleaning it up. We then got word that some monster was coming. The other people in the house disappeared and it was just me and my daughters. I was telling them to turn off all the lights and to gather their stuff so we can leave the house. We took too long and the monster came. We heard it outside and quickly turned off all the lights and hid.

    The monster was chasing us all around the trailer home. We were running in circles around inside the trailer. My youngest daughter was running in front of me to hide, and i tried to hide in a rack of clothes. The monster saw the clothes move and came and looked and found me crouching down with my back to it. I knew it had seen me and was going to kill me. In the dream i mentally prepared myself for death. I felt like it would give my children a chance to escape. As soon as i mentally made peace with the looming death, a huge black owl appeared to the right of the monster and let out a blood=curdling screech that literally made the monster dissolve into thin air. It had saved me…. I woke up.

    I am african american, and in my particular african culture, the owl is symbolic of being a witch. I know this is in my bloodline. We are taught there are 3 kinds of witches; there symbol being an owl, are white=good red= murderous and blood thirsty black= not good. I inherited being a white one.

    This color code being my teaching, and what is in my subconscious mind, the black owl saved me and my children. Im confused. The shreik the owl gave out made me feel like the owl was saying that i cannot be killed. It didnt show itself as we were running until death was right there breathing down my neck.

    I appreciate any and all responses to give me insight.

    1. You were cleaning, preparing for something. You didn’t see it coming, but your experiences up to now have been preparing you for it. Your daughters are a big part of those past experiences that have been preparing you for what’s coming.

      The monster is a test, a challenge, something you are afraid to face on your own. You tried to avoid it as long as you could, but it’s not something that will go away just because you don’t want to face it.

      When there was nowhere else to hide you accepted the fear. You felt the peace of letting go, not fighting with something beyond your control. You faced death, rebirth, transformation without fear and you gained wisdom.

      The owl is wisdom, intuitive revelation of hidden knowledge. It is often ancestral knowledge or messages from loved ones who have passed over. It was black because it was previously unseen, silently waiting until you were ready to receive.

      And when it came from the darkness it revealed to you the power you have within yourself to destroy the demons that terrorize you, that you thought would kill you. The scream was a proclamation of your power. It came from you and all those who came before you. You are part of that lineage forever and death has no sway over you. Every time you face it you will experience a transformation and an increase in power.

      I believe the owl was a transformation and elevation of your own spirit to a spiritual plane that connects you to your ancestors. I think it was black because it was previously hidden in the dark (the unseen knowledge) and because black as I am familiar with it is a color of protection.

    2. I just woke from a dream. First I heard a noise I followed it threw the dark to discover 3 owls one small and white,one small and black and one large brown and white. I wasn’t scared I felt like I was rescued from something. The 2 smaller owls started flying around and I was just watching them, and the large one just sat on the tree branch watching over everything.

  20. Spirituality can mean different things to different people. For some, it is primarily about participation in organized religion. For others, it is a non-religious experience that involves personal prayer, yoga, meditation, quiet reflection or making contact with one’s spiritual self through time in nature.

  21. So this is something I haven’t told anyone since it happened to me and my significant other over 2 years ago.

    This was the night of my grandfathers passing.

    My mother called me at 9:10 pm on a saturday night in November, it was to tell me my significant other and I should go up to my grandmothers house because they were in the hospital with my grandfather, he was dying, his organs were failing and they wanted us to go keep her company because she has a fear of death and sickness and couldn’t bring herself to go to his side, (He never wanted her to be there knowing her fears anyways.)

    So we went, it’s a long drive and my significant other is driving because i am trying to stay calm, i don’t need to be a mess when we get there.
    We get about 10 minutes away, on a road that has no traffic and we see a figure in the middle of the road, its huge, looks almost taller than our SUV, the figure is refusing to move so we slow down to 10 mph and as we get close we notice its an owl, its massive, and staring at us, refusing to move and we sit there for 20 minutes just staring at each other. Out of nowhere it turns its head away from us and flies away.

    When we got to my grandmothers house at 12:30 am we found out my grandfather had passed, she was distraught and we comforted her until my parents got to the house at 3:10 am. I asked my mother as we were heading out if they had seen any owls, my mother said no, there’s never owls up there and i let it go at that.

    But i’ve always thought about this, it’s always seemed so surreal, and i’m more or less just curious if the owl was there to tell us my grandfather had passed…

    1. I have an owl that has and still to this day visits me at night it may be 6mnths or less . I will step outside to smoke every night and 3 years ago I got a visit from an owl. I was standing outside for 30mins and all of a sudden I hear hoot hoot hoot . I was like o wow that sounds BIG . so I hooted back and found the owl and took a picture which this owl was so big its height me being 5’5 I know reaches 4’8 I mean HUGE. Well after that I wrote it in my journal and a few days later a death . after that my spirit guide / owl has visited me for 3 years now and every time he or she has visited death has followed . 4mnths ago I was visited 3 different times and my stepmother died, my aunt ,my grandmother . it goes on and on . so the owl lets me know and prepares me for whats coming . it scares me only because Im an empath and I shut off my abilities so I cant tell who so now that I shut off my abilities its found other ways to let me know .
      Owls are their to warn us and sometimes its for different things also but the topic is whats come or followed more often wih this owl. I am appreciative because I know ahead so I can pray and ask god to protect them or stop it if I can .which isnt always granted . owls and their meanings to different peoples life are a true omen you just have to fiugure out what comes after your visit with such animals . open your eyes and ears .

  22. Bianca Roseland

    On my way back from work tonight me and my spouse were have a conversation about how rough their night was. Next thing you know there was an owl standing literally in the road. It didn’t even flinch when we zoomed by. We were like wow, that was so weird. I’m a bit of a superstitious person and I believe that things are put in my path for a reason. Anyways, I wasn’t going to think anything of it… Though my spouse wanted to turn around to see what I was talking about. I was so sure it was going to be Gone but sure enough a few minutes later he was still just standing there. Mind you it was pitch black. First thing I thought was, let’s get this little guy out of the road. He was very tame and honestly looked like he was positioning to get picked up. So I go over, lay a shirt over him and gently picked him up. No fuss. Next thing you know I try to stand him in the grass and he wouldn’t stand. Almost as if he died in my hands. I laid him on the grass to inspect if he was dead but you could see he was still breathing. At this point I covered him to stay warm, went to the car to call wildlife rescue, went back and he was dead.
    What does this mean? There’s so many omens and deep meanings behind owls. I naturally question everything, though this I’m puzzled about? I’m looking forward to any replies.

  23. Last night I was out in my garden a huge owl flew past me and it’s wing grazed my cheek
    The bird then settled on our fence I turned to look at it and time stood still I was entranced
    I have no idea how much time passed before it flew off it’s left a huge impression on me and feel truly blessed

  24. Last night a great gray owl flew right into the passenger side of my truck. He winded himself and I could see him gasping for air until he stopped breathing and his pupils went small and lifeless. About 30 seconds later the life came back into his eyes but he was so big I was terrified of him. I felt awful thinking I killed him. I couldn’t bring myself to put him out of suffering I felt sick and broken. This morning I returned to the same spot to check on him. He was alive and had hidden himself in the grass. He looked at me like he knew me. So i called fish and wildlife and they came to get him. They said he was in better shape than they thought and he was going to go to a retired vet that deals with prey birds for some hydration and healing. They said I could be there when they release him. I was so happy he was going to be ok. What could this mean?

    1. I’m not certain of the symbolic meaning, but I do feel that you are an amazing human being for checking on the animal’s well being, and going back again the next day to help. So many people just don’t care. Like an associate that used to work with me, who hit a small owl in the early morning and continued to drive for three more hours until he got to work with the bird still stuck to the front windshield of hisvann, wedged underneath the windshield wipers. Just brutal. Deeply affected me and I gave it a proper burial… I hit a dove once and immediately stopped. It’s wing was injured, so I gathered him up and took him to my friend’s mom, who rehabilitated and set it free some time later. More people should care about the well being of all the animals who share this planet with us. Thank you for caring and giving me hope.

    2. Hi You had Spiritual Encounter! Owls are
      very Wise! He may have been trying to tell
      you something in your life that you may be
      Overlooking! Something that you know you should do but are holding on anyway!
      We all have our reasons! Sending you lot
      Of LOVE & LIGHT‼️ 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️‼️

      Your Friend
      Diana 💕

  25. Hello I was asleep and suddenly I was in my garage and looked out and saw N owl heading inside my garage and staring to the door , but I guess I wasn’t fast enough so it landed on my head kepttrying to scre him and to remove him from my head but it was still on my head … and btw I am afraid of all kinds of birds

  26. I am seeing owl everyday and hoot of it hole night since a year and since past six months owl are coming in dream of me and my husband

    This period we have her so muvb of death news and we even lost money also

    Can anyone tell me dreaming after this owl have they undergon with any life threaths

    Plz help how i can get ride of this fear owl dream is good or bad what will happen to me

  27. May grandmother passed away about 2 weeks ago. Since then every night i hear an owl howling in ou front yard .
    Is there any reason for this

  28. This is now my second owl dream in just a few months.
    My first dream took place in August…I was pregnant at the time. In this dream I remember entering a dark basement. I was not afraid. In my right hand I held a baby owl. It was comfortable in my hand. I pet it. When people started to approach me. It shrunk and morphed itself into my hand. I now have a large owl talon as a pointer finger and feathers on that one finger as well. I was so affected by the dream. I thought what could this mean. 1 week later I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks and had to undergo a DNC.
    Fast forward to tonight. I just awoke from having a another dream. ( Crazy thing is Tomorrow morning I go in for ultrasound to find out if this bleeding I’m having is indeed another miscarriage) back to dream… I along with others my children and other adults we’re on this large bed platform and sleeping. There were two boards with sleeping owls atop layed across an expanse. I was handed the task of moving these boards without making the owls fall. They didn’t fall but they did wake up. I was then driving around in the middle of the night with my grumpy tired children who didn’t want to wake up…it was because I woke up the owl that we had to get up and go. At some point an owl swooped down towards us.
    Why are these owls in my dreams on Eve’s of miscarriage?
    Are they telling me to not have any more children?

    1. Matthew middleton

      Not so long ago I was woken from a deep sleep by a large owl flapping at our double bedroom window
      I got out of bed and stood at the window looking at it before my eyes focussed to see what it was

    2. Edmond Amaranjo

      It is two times in a year between 2018 and 2019, that owls came flying into my house directly. There are trees around my house such as Mango, Palms and stands of Tick. Perhaps, because my house is a complexly styled type, when they flys in, they get entrapped by the glasses at attempts to fly away. We have caught these owls and definitely they died. I had an impression after burning the carcas of the first, where someone was burnt alive and was being interviewed on a television screen and he was crying, dying and confessing, of his demonic misgivings against me. Now a second time. What does this visits signify as they neither left my house uncaught. And like wisdom entails, who could be this person after me, or what coming event is it descerning to me, and of what interest, Is it friendly a thing of hidden prototype that could be conveyed by the owl. And what should I do incase of a next encounter.

    3. I also have had dreams of barn owls throughout the pregnancy I just miscarried at 12 weeks. My partner saw them a lot too. On my calendar on the month baby was meant to be born are barn owls and a message from Blodeuwedd. My friend saw a barn owl swoop down in front of her just after burying a miscarried foetus…I felt the presence to be benign and reassuring – maybe owl spirit has a role in guiding unborn souls back through the gates or to wherever they need to be?

  29. Last night I had a dream that driving in a convertible car I stopped and saw a large eagle owl sitting on a low roof watching me. It was magnificent and I sat and watched. I then looked to the other side and one was sitting on the side of my car leaning towards me. I then felt one on my head and back and warmth trickling down my face where it had messed on me. There were more, so many in such a small space. Please help me work that one out.

  30. The first scene of my dream starts with me and my workmates painting together. Apparently one of my workmates thought the painting can be improved and he fixed it. In the dream I thought he added too much cloud in the painting of the woman.

    The scenery from there changes and somehow I got myself in a nice mansion with a bunch of random stuffed animals living in it. It felt like a party even if the place was very dark. I can only make out the silhouettes of the animals to recognize them. Then I saw this large and fat (stuffed?) owl sitting at the middle of the mansion. It didn’t say anything, but I felt the urge to hug it. I ended up hugging the fat owl and woke up. I’m not really sure what the owl means.

  31. This morning I had a dream of walking outside on the street heading toward the house I grew up in and looked down on the street was a carcass of an owl. It was mostly bones and I got excited because I wanted to collect the bones to add to my crystals for my altar and moon ceremonies and add the feathers to my smudge fan that I made with various bird feathers I’ve found throughout the years. I’ve never had an own dream so I was a little concern that reading about seeing a dead owl is not a good omen. On the other hand I was happy in the dream because I had found something quite magical and spiritual for my altar!

  32. I dreamt that, I was praying to God saying, “If this or that should take place, let the owl come down to the ground. ” before I finished the prayer, it already landed.

    I fed the huge owl -the ones with round heads not with pointy ears- I had asked it if it was hungry and it made a sound indicating a yes then asked it if it could eat bread. My brothers were present there. We were in a brightly lit forest. As I gave it bread, my index finger got stuck between it’s beak. It made a growling sound as if telling me to take my finger out of its mouth. I was so scared that I couldn’t ask one of my brothers for help. I felt as if a cotton ball was in my throat. After a few seconds that felt like minutes, I got to pull out my numb index finger then I woke up.

    What do you think it means?

    1. Hey, I have been reading around the web to see what the meaning of the owl as a totem animal is. Then I come upon this comment and I love to interpret dreams. Besides this, I am being educated as a psychotherapist so I have some training in this field. Have in mind that this is not standard practice, I do not know you, I do not know your personal history or even your ethnical background, so I have no clue to how you relate to symbols. This is just a wild hunch, definitely could analyze the dream more with the right help in person.
      The dream begins with you praying to God, this means that you are probably religious or you have some relation to that concept in general. The fact that you were asking him directly for a type of intervention, for a divine answer, probably suggests that you are uncertain about some aspect of your life and you do not know how to make up your mind and what path to chose. Now the fact that your brothers are in the dream as well suggests that this entire problem in a sense concerns your family and that they are present in a way. They are also a reassuring presence in the dream; the knowledge that we have a safety net here to gives us the strength to confront the things we fear. Now, as for the owl, the thing is there is no universal meaning to a symbol in a dream. What we have to look at, at least in a Gestalt psychotherapy perspective, is how the person creates the meaning of the symbol/ object in front of them through the background that is their life experience and the social and cosmological structure the person belongs to. I cannot to that right know as I know nothing about you. What I can do is imagine who you are and what is the message from those symbols and their particular alignment in your dream. The fact that there is one God in your dream means that you are probably monotheistic. The fact that there is an owl probably means that you belong to a Euro- American culture and you also probably come from the English speaking world. The fact that you ask from God to send you an owl also signifies that the problem you are confronting is one that is in some way uncommon, maybe something that should be a secret or kept under the cloak of night. You ask for the intervention not even finishing the prayer while God has already sent you the thing you ask, for me, it sounds like an expression of what you perceive as Gods omnipotent presence in the world. The one who knows all and sees all and therefore gives us exactly what we need even before we realize we need it. What this also sounds like to me is that this thing you ask for is not so uncommon (even though it is peculiar) and it is a somewhat part of the human condition (or for some people it is) that has a solution that is for you expressed in the form of the owl. Once you have received it, the fear of confronting the real thing comes to your conscience and you have to address it directly. Fear is a paralyzing emotion, and your brain makes you feel it in an imagined state so you can be prepared for the real thing. So, you would not be paralyzed when it does happen. The fact that you could not call out for help is an expression of the paralyzing effect of fear, but it is also an expression of your inner strength and the ability to calm yourself down in the most unexpected situations. You are feeding the owl so this means that in a way you care for this thing you are confronted with, you do not want it to simply pass buy in a sense you want to tame it and keep it close by. The end of the dream and the fact that you do come to a resolution of the problem means that whatever you had a problem with is near a resolution. You just have to make it part of your aware self, make it part of your thought process and do not leave it somewhere where it will be suppressed so much that it will make you pray for an intervention from God. Make, whatever you feared but wanted near your, part of your everyday life and you will see that there is no point in being fearful.
      For a more precise analysis, I would need to have a real life conversation with you. Hope you will see the answer and tell me how it relates to you it could be helpful for me to understand the entire process in more depth. Have a nice day!
      Dejan M.

  33. Last night I was out driving around, at 4 different times I had to hit the brakes hard to not hit the owl in the middle of the roadway. I’m guessing the owl is my spirit animal. Just trying to figure out what it all means. Have recently gone though a lot personally, if anyone has any insight please help.ive never encountered anything quite like this.

    1. To find and accept death in an energetic experience, surrounding the issues and changes you are and have encountered… Harnessing new wisdom that has sprouted from these situations… Read the owl spirit.

    2. Same! Has happened to me on prolly 15th-20th occasion tonight of almost running one over starting at me in middle of road.

    3. Hi tonight I was driving and in the middle of the road a owl was in the road and I was going about 40 mph and this owl turned and looked at me and sat there. I swerved my car and looked in the rear view absolutely nothing was there and the car behind me didn’t slow down or anything I feel like only I saw it. I’m also confused to what it means but I know it’s a sign.

  34. I can only remember a few pieces of my dreams. I dreamed I had a sick baby owl attached to my abdomen. Could anyone help me out with the meaning of this? 🙄 Thanks in advance!

    1. What part of your abdomen?
      upper or lower?
      Have you heard of the Chakra’s? Theyre are energetic systems that hold particular belief patterns and systems within us. Stomach usually is the Solar plexus which has to do with will.
      Perhaps your gut instincts are ill natured and need the wisdom and observation like the owl…
      Where in your life are you struggling tomove forward or to recognise or live in your goals and will???

  35. Here it is Monday August 6, 2018 and I am late getting my latest owl stories out. Rewind back to June, I had a dream of a great horned owl sitting in a tree looking down at me during the daytime and this owl swooped down at me, but hit the wall of a house and knocked itself out. A few days later, I dream that I am in a room like cage or at least there is metal wiring over the top and as I look up at the sky, I see a big barn owl with its wings spread over the opening and it is staring right down into my eyes.

    On June 21st, my husband is coming home around 8:00AM in the morning when he sees an owl sitting on a guard rail beside the road with its feathers ruffled looking out of sorts. A few days after this, as he was coming home from work after the night shift, he came to the driveway to find an owl sitting there. A few days after this, we are out driving around dusk dark when we come to an owl sitting in the road and it took its time lifting up to land in a tree beside the road.

    Now, in July around the third week, my husband’s thirty nine year old sister suffers two strokes which nearly killed her. A co worker suddenly died and another friend nearly died. And a friend of my brother’s got killed when a car hit her as she was walking her dog. And even now, an aunt of my husband and his sister is near death due to stomach cancer.

  36. Hello!
    Perhaps you could help me.. I was driving about 2-3am from Tx to Colo.. I was just engaged and moving.. it was cold and windy windy windy! All of a sudden I saw a huge ball hurling thru the air coming straight at my car! Then it stopped unfurled itself and it was a huge snow owl…I felt like it looked right at me.. like eye to eye contact..then it went straight up in the air and was gone..a.m. very curious as my life has changed …
    Thank you

  37. owls…..
    I just have to share something very unexpecting happened to me the other day. It was late at night I had decided to go to the park with a cousin of mine. I am a young-adult early 20’s . As we drove there to the park we had seen a dark shadow but coming from the shadow there were 2 beautiful owls flying away from the shadow. I had very bad stomach pains that night and hadnt felt myself i was sad and mad. So i had agreed to smoke a blunt that night which i hadn’t smoked in years. At the moment I was pregnant having those awful pains i said maybe itll make my pain go away but i guess not the pain remained. I went home after the blunt cruise and whataburger. But later that night i had bleed lots and earlier i was as well but not as much i was then butsince i had a pap test done the week before i had thought well maybe thats the cause but no i remained bleeding i go to the hospital and was told i had a loss. SAD still but i truly believe those owls i had seen earlier that night were symbolizing my babies flying to heaven. Thanks for reading rip my two dear loving children i love you two soo much ! I pray for you two and i . Please give me strength.

    1. I’m so sorry for your your loss. I will pray God will give you strength, peace, rest, healing, well being, and joy in all aspects of your life. Take good care of yourself. Peace and health to you. <3

  38. This morning I dreamt of six owls walking in paIt’s next to a pond. They were breathtaking. They had a white face like a barn owl, the rest of them was a beautiful shiny teal color. They would look at me and also turn their backs to me. There were other parts of the dream that were random and also I was playing in the pond with some young hippo-type of animal. Odd. I can’t get the owls out of my mind though. They were striking. Can’t figure it out.

  39. Last March 2017 I was due to have a baby. I was awoken by the hooting of an owl outside one night about 3 AM. I woke my husband up and we went outside to see a big great horned owl in the big tree above our house. He flew off and we went back to bed. And hour later I started having strong contractions and went into labor. My daughter was born that morning. It was really special to me because never before have we had an owl in our yard hooting and it has not happened since. In April 2016 I had a miscarriage. The journey to have my daughter that was born in 2017 was long. The owl has become really special animal to me.

    1. Lady Shamla Rose

      Beloved Jennifer

      What a beautiful experience and story. May the three of you keep being blessed by our great Mother Nature!

      Some years ago, I was fortunate to get from my talented psychic friend, Daisy, details on my Animal Totems.

      Daisy told me that my West Direction is the Wolf, the East is the Dolphin and the North is the Owl.
      I have since found the others: Antelope for South, and Hummingbird for Inner!

      My reason for writing to you is that I am ecstatic about the Golden Owl in the sky that the Sunrise brought us this morning!

      Owl has great spiritual meaning. Seeing this Golden Owl in the sky this morning can only augur the Golden Life I have been working for all these years!

      all my divine love,
      Lady Shamla Rose

  40. Michelle Burckhard

    So I met a man last April 2017 I moved into his house. Let me first tell you that I have a lot of trauma from past relationships and being hurt. So a few months after I moved in with him I was coming home one night and just as I was pulling into the driveway I stopped to turn and a white owl landed on the road right in front of me and looked me dead in the eyes. As I fumbled to grab my phone to get a picture without moving he took off. I was so shocked and excited at the same time. I remember I could’nt even get into the house before I immediately looked up this site and the meaning. Well at the time I actually wondered if the owl might have something to do with this guy that i am now seeing and giving my heart up to reluctantly. But he seems way to good to be true, right? Well today I have come to revisit this message because it was absolutely about this guy, I sit here writing this and my heart is breaking and hurts because he is not at all what he was this whole year and so its all good I wish I would have went with my gut instinct at the time. Always pay attention to the spirit animals. Thanks

  41. The first time I saw a owl was in a dream where I was at a babysitter and I was going to sleep when I saw a owl clock at first I starred at it with fear in my heart so I pulled my blanket over my face however there were holes in the blanket so I still was scared after a while I pull the blanket off and then the owl clock transformed into a real owl and it flew at me and I woke up screaming and crying I was 6 or 7 years old I’ll never forget that dream

  42. Tsihstekeri, Owl, visits me yet again. She speaks of signs and of paying attention to the signs that we are given every single day. Tsihstekeri is wise because she pays attention. She sees and hears everything that is there and she excludes nothing, she ignores nothing. We overlook so much when we decide that we know what it is we are looking for, when we concentrate our senses rather than opening them up to all that is there. Owl is a powerful guide and a sharer of wisdom. When she calls to us it is important that we listen. When she appears to us it is important that we see.

    1. On oct. 26 2017. ..i saw a barned owl.. It was in broad daylight right by the high way.. It happened a second time on my way home from a friends an i was getting onto 75 somewhere in glint, mi… An when i got home i sat an started wondering about what my sourroudings were before the sightings and after. The first sighting of the barn owl, i left a very significant court date… An headed right to my moms because she was having back surgery the next day.. An i was going to be her support with no medical help.. It kasted four days an i had to go for a few dys of my own an i headed up north an forgot about everything for awhile.. Nov. 12 i saw what i believe may have been a horned owl an i saw him alsso in the daylight by the highway yet again…. Im not sure how to take this becuase i do have a large blood line.. My fathers side is chippewa.. But i have little in me. It was my fathers grandmother that waa from the trib.. N on my mothers side, is crow.. Of some sort.. She knows less.. The blood line is further down her line..

    2. My dream last night:
      Mountain hills were burning .. trees exploding from the inside out. It was chaos.
      My daughter was young again in this dream. My focus was getting her out with some pets.
      In the chaos a huge eagle was flying over me too close. It was then I noticed an owl in it’s mouth. I panic, but did everything I could do to save this owl. I finally hit the large bird in his face til he released the owl. I saved the owl. In my dream. I had to save this owl, even through all the chaos surrounding me, my daughter, and two cats.
      My brother came into the car with us, and said something to me. My brother passed away 18 years ago. Been a long time sence he has come in my dreams. Last time was 2008 to tell me my mom was in trouble, and needed me. Long story short .. my mother had a stroke. I went to her, layed by her for one week in the hospital til she passed away.
      First time my brother came to me .. he said,
      ” Sandy, your brother just died.” Turned out he did die in that hour. I loved them.
      But, what is the meaning of my owl dream? Please could you tell me. Thankyou♡

      Three days before my brother passed away, a large white owl flew right over me .. I had just come from the hospital seeing my brother. Three days later he was gone.

  43. Tsihstekeri, Owl, visits me once again. She speaks most often of signs and of paying attention to those signs that you may be looking past or over. It is the paying attention to these signs, of seeing and hearing in a way that does not exclude, that leads to Wisdom, something that has been a theme in the messages that I’ve been receiving of late. Owl, Tsihstekeri, is Wise because she sees and feels all that around her. Perhaps if we took the time, even briefly, to be in the world like Owl, we would see that our lives are full and rich with all of the things that we will ever need and will ever need to know.

  44. Owl, Tsihstekeri, calls us to see the signs, the omens that have been placed before us. They are always there. They have always been there. We just have to be still. And see. And listen. We have to look beyond the obvious, beyond the well worn path to see the path that may lead us to that place and to the things that we need. Not want. Our wants can make us blind to our actual needs. Listening to the many voices and noises of things that do not matter can deafen us to those that do matter. Owl sees and hears from a place of stillness and silence. We can learn much from Tsihstekeri.

  45. Owl – Tsihstekeri

    Owl, Tsihstekeri, speaks of signs, especially omens, and paying close attention to what those signs may be telling you. I have been on a journey to rediscover the spirituality that was gifted to me as young boy. Not necessarily any belief system, because all belief systems were created by others and are therefore an interpretation by someone else and cannot fit perfectly to any other individual’s spiritual path. We must all follow a path that was made by others, but only following one person’s or one group’s path means that there is no possibility for individual discovery. Owl speaks to me today of paying attention to the signs that are not so obvious or well worn, of stepping off of the clear path and discovering something that I have not been paying to, perhaps of listening to someone or something that I have not been listening to.

  46. Veronica vasquez

    Today Aug 13 2017 it was @ 12 noon time my husbend when out of the house and he call me and said look on top of the roof is an Owl. ! I go yes it is! At my hone town I was thought that an Owl only comes out during night time and
    They are not a good luck. He was standing exactly in center of the house. My husbend and I thought he is provably stock. Nabors pass by and they were happy to see it. I ask is supose to be a good thing? They reply yes it is, is Woodson and another one said is blessing. So Right a after he flow off the roof and left. I went inside my house and start searching what is the meaning, and I’m very surprised of what I have resided about the Meaning of the Owls. But afcourse i would like to know the comments
    About the Owl choosing my hone to stood there for couple min. ? If you have any comments please let me know


  47. A dear friend passed away about four months ago and the owl is her spirit guide. The other night I dreamt of an owl coming out of the darkness, full plumage and big brown eyes, the owl looked into me and began to cry compassionate tears.

    1. I had another owl dream last night. This time a baby bat and a red flying insect also visited me. The owl was sitting on a fence and had its wings outstretched pointing toward the bat.

  48. Two nights ago I had a dream about an owl. The image was very vivid and colorful. I don’t recall hearing anything. Owl was sitting on a tree branch amidst thick foliage and a large colorful, tropical bird (about the same size as Owl) was pecking at Owl’s feet. This was disturbing Owl, not frightening though Owl was trying get the other bird to quit pestering.

  49. Hello
    Last night in my dream a white owl appeared.
    First i could see something through the window straight directed to my other window. Than I could see through the curtain the shadow of huge wings and hear the sound.
    A white owl came trough my window and was above me while i was lying in bed. She looked deep in my eyes and I felt anxious.
    Than she transformed into a whit cat and slept on my head. When i woke up (still in the dream) i found dried petals around my bed at the top end where the head is. The cat told me it os for my protection.
    What does this dream mean?
    I usually can not remember dreams and never so clear, it is scary 🙂

    Could you help me?

  50. I recently saw three owls on the way to my friends house. 1 was in a tree the 2 other’s were in the middle of the road in front of me. They flew away as I approached. Does this mean anything??

  51. Hi I had a dream this morning and it has really shook me up. I can’t remember exactly how it started, but I want to say I was just doing a normal routine thing. Like cleaning or going to the store maybe working. I don’t know. Then, suddenly, I am at my childhood home walking up the driveway from checking the mail. Everything seemed as it normally did when I was a child. I even felt like a child, but I was an adult in the dream. I just had that childhood excitement and happiness. As I’m making my way towards the house I start looking around and notice all of our gardens are just dirt. There isn’t anything dead, but nobody has taken the time to plant flowers. So I said to myself I’ll take care of that. I’ll make it beautiful again. I sit down on the porch steps, which faces the woods behind the house. An owl flies up and lands on a wooden fence surrounding the woods that was not there when I lived there. I watched it out of the corner of my eye for a bit. I did not move for fear of scaring it. The owl was gorgeous. Mainly pure white with flecks of light gold. It was watching me and never looked away. Things felt warm and peaceful at that moment. Then the owl spoke in a powerful womans voice and said you no longer walk this earth. Then the owl had transformed into a woman and told me I had died. She walked off into the woods disappearing. I’m so confused by this and it has worked me up. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean? Is it possible death is soon?or does it mean I need to let go of my childhood home (I loved that place by the way.) or maybe I have let my inner child die? Help please!

    1. Just off hand I know when you die in a dream it means you are stepping into a new phase of your life. And you were planting the seeds of it in the dirt and making it beautiful ❤️
      No longer walking this earth- have you opened up more spiritually lately so that you are able to travel in any realm you choose? You don’t have to die to do that.

    2. goldensage willowspirit

      First, and most importantly, this was an angel (guardian angel, if you prefer) coming to you in a dream because that is the easiest method to reach you, as you have walls up inside you (fences). Yes, the energy was feminine. I have ZERO doubts about this being an angel.
      You no longer walk “THIS earth” (=dirt/environment), not “this Earth” as in this planet. You are NOT to take care anyone else’s “garden”. You are no longer suppose to focus, or heal, or analyze your past self– your “old garden”. The owl-angel’s appearance at that time in your dream is key. Move forward.
      If you know how to practice lucid dreaming, MAKE THE CHOICE to follow where the angel walked off into the woods. Break down the barriers and that “fence”.
      Your inner child has not died, the dream PROVES how that idea is a false interpretation, as your inner child is alive, BUT it is holding you back. You will ALWAYS have your total being within you, where ever you travel. You are ONE. Past, Present and Future “you”s are ALL inside you.
      Do not be afraid of the “woods”. The confusing. The wild unknown of possibilities. That is where that glorious angel is waiting for you.
      You will have help for all your future plans… there—– IF you venture into “the wild”, and no longer keep “re-planting an old garden”.
      Think of your wild dreams, your out-of-the-box envisionings. The owl-angel was telling you to move forward and live your dreams, and that “she” will be there to help you.
      Don’t let her give up on you. Do NOT become “dead” to her!
      (I am an animal spirit and dream reader.)

    3. I know you may not still be active, and this has nothing to do with owls, but ive been seeking help. I had a dream recently that i was part of a rebellion. I was a leader of sorts. Found out that one of my people had been captured. Someone who was a friend of mine where i used to live. The cafeteria lady gave me a full tray of the food they were giving him. Simple stuff to us now but at the time we were in it was considered lavish. With candy and a burger and stuff. We went to get him. We knew he was telling our secrets. We had to take this roller coaster thing that looked somewhat similar to a mine to get there. But there were two. One for women and one for men. We all had to take the mens route (i am female). One of the group said we have to be careful. Said something about blue and green. We went on the ride and i was holding my hair down afraid it would catch on something. We get to the end and theres this open cave area leading to a door. Theres a blue and green pond in the way of the door. The woman who spoke before said “this is what i meant. Women cant pass through there.” One girl tried climbing the wall around it. Slipped a little. And when the water touched her foot it burned her. I went to walk straight in. They tried to stop me but somehow i felt in my gut this is what i was supposed to do. I let myself fall in comepletely. An angry spirit was trying to pull me down. To drown me in the water. I let him. I went limp and allowed him to pull me all the way down. Eventually, he released me. I surfaced, and the water became clear, no colors. Everyone was able to cross and thats where my dream ended. Any help?

  52. I’ve dreamt of a beautiful large white owl after asking my soul and my spirit guides what my spirit animal is. It had large beautiful ocean teal eyes and the owl embraced me gently before going back into this large dead tree. The owl didn’t bring me feelings of death but of change and feelings of reviving that dead tree he rested in.

  53. In February of 2016, I dreamed of a very large great horned owl sitting outside my window staring in at me. Within three days, a relative of my husband died. Fast forward to December of 2016, I dreamed a great horned owl got into a car with me in the day light and in the dream, my brother and my husband’s dad were in the car with me. I don’t know of any deaths yet, but a week ago, my husband and I almost hit an owl at night and then this past Sunday my husband’s sister’s boyfriend had to have emergency open heart surgery starting at 9pm. He is slowly recovering, however, just earlier tonight, my husband and I were driving home when a large owl flew right at us and clipped its wing on our antenna. I felt that was a bad omen and things have been weird. I expect bad news. The owl kept on flying down over the hill but it nearly killed itself on our truck. And with me, birds always warn of death, lately I had a red tailed hawk land beside of me and I sat in utter shock, but within two weeks a death of someone that I cared deeply for happened. Just these past two years, owls have started acting oddly around me and warning me of death.

    1. goldensage willowspirit

      An old native American man, a tribal “seer” taught me that there are several kinds of animal totems, or as he said, “animal spirit guides”. They appear in different categories in the lives of the People.
      There are Birth Animal spirits who may or may not be with you all your life. They teach others how to understand you; how to raise you.
      There are Life-long animal guides, or animal guides who are present only for certain stages or phases of one’s life. These animal spirit guides appear to remind you of who you are, your innate gifts and characteristics, and teach of your life’s path.
      Then there are messenger animal spirits who appear to you only for the specific short term event, as a guide and an advisor, or sometimes as a warning animal spirit.
      To be in this WARNING category, the animal ALWAYS does something “unnatural”, or even dangerous in order to get your attention——not part of its natural everyday life. These are YOUR “Birds”!!

    2. Last year I had an owl came to me in the day time. My dog alerted me of the owl. We were walking back from the river like we did every day, when buster began barking as though a person was approaching. I hurried up so the buster wouldn’t startle anyone. When I caught up, it wasn’t a person, it was an owl. Buster was circling the owl. The owl was on the ground and it’s wings were spread to keep buster at bay. I told buster it was OK , I said”It’s only a baby.” He quieted down and sat like a good boy. The owl was young, scared and in the daylight.
      The owl still had its wings spread. I told it “it’s OK owl I won’t hurt you and neither will Buster. ” He calmed down, unruffled his feathers, and looked me in the eye’s with his oddly human eyes and then he looked up river and then up to the towering pines and cedar who’s grove we were standing in that afternoon. He then spread his wings and feathers. Then he looked up at the trees again and then to the river side where buster sat. I said again “Buster won’t hurt you I promise” and I said ” buster go to the house. Buster went. The owl and I stood there for a good twenty minutes. Long enough for me to Google owl species. When I say we stood there I mean like 3 feet from each other. He was 2-3 foot tall great horned owl that was just learning to fly.
      A week later, the river flooded to record levels. After the flood, the grove of pines and cedars that had stood for hundreds of years were gone, as well as was my home. The flood had destroyed both our houses.
      After that I discovered that the owl is my Birth animal was the Owl. I had not realized it till not long ago that many of the few items from my home that had survived the deluge had an owl on them. Who hoo hoo spooky but seriously true. The flood hit Van Buren Missouri April /May 2017

    3. Thank you. Owls are not the only birds that come to give me messages. Crows and song birds do too.

      In May ’18 I opened my door as I was talking about warnings of things to come and two wrens flew straight at me and fluttered right before me as if they were trying not to hit me. A few weeks later, a male cardinal did the same thing, but he was not as close at the wrens were. I am sure these were harbingers of what would come in July. I have written about my latest owl dreams and my husband and I seeing owls before his sister had two strokes and some others died. Even now, we are expecting a death due to cancer.

  54. Elizabeth Wilmarth

    Their is a dead owl outside my window….Im going to gather…barry…and payrespects…but please what does this mean….?????????

    1. goldensage willowspirit

      Owls do die. Was there anything unusual about HOW it died? Was it trying to “warn” you of something that caused it to take a risk unto its death?
      If a warning message was THAT important, there will be other warning animal spirit guides coming to you. Pay attention. IF, if, if.
      The fact that YOU WANT to be respectful to this owl COULD, Perhaps, mean you have an affinity, a tenderness, to The Owl as it MIGHT be your “life long”, or “Life-Path” totem bearer.
      In and of itself, it means nothing. The event needs more content to be understood.
      —-Animal spirit and Dream reader

    2. I recently had an owl appear in front of my car in the street in a residential neighborhood. I stepped out of the car to take a picture when it suddenly a swiftly flew high up in a nearby tree. Both the tree & sudden appearance where to the left of me. The direction of flight northwest and happened near midnight. I overlooked the incident and briefly pondered on whether I should research the meaning of the brief encounter but soon forgot. A week or so later my brother had a incident where a accident caused a runaway tire to strike the center of his hood and grill on his van with so much force and impact it took us awhile to get the hood open and reposition it so that it would open and close. The very next morning at 5am i struck a male deer and was left with a undriveable vehicle instantly. Struck dead center just as my brothers incident happened less than 24 hours after. I watched the officer put the deer to sleep, car towed from the scene and caught a Uber. The whole series of events smells of a bad omen, hex or curse. Just my opinion. Last I had back to back bad luck was back in 2014 right after my father passed, which my brother was murdered 8 months prior. Another coincidence is I struck the deer on my father’s birthday.

  55. I’ve got a question please. I was at a hot springs a couple of days ago and I was walking between pools and had a great horned owl fly straight towards me, looking right at me and then veered to the left before it got to close. What could this owl symbolize? Please and thank you.

  56. Hello, I need help please. for the past 4 years every other year I have a baby owl in my front lawn. I would pick it up and take him inside and call animal control. I think I have a nest there. This year a baby owl feel down my chimney the weird part was that the tree they are in is not close the my chimney . the owl was stuck for a week in the chimney we thought is was a small bird or squirrel but when it fell it was a baby owl just like the year before. is there a meaning to this I feel its a good luck but again I feel it’s a warning. Now a week before I saw a big owl fly in front of my husband and I and I told him it’s a warning of bad news. 2 days later my grandson and daughter n law almost died in a head on collision car accident . they stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks.

    1. goldensage willowspirit

      The baby owls are your animal life, or PHASE of Life animal spirit guide.
      The adult owl was acting as your WARNING animal spirit. Because you are so attuned to The Owl, and that the adult owl was giving you a warning, it did NOT Have To risk its life, or do something super unusual.

      The same type of animal can be different sorts of “totems”, and be there in more than one category below.

      An old native American man, a tribal “seer” taught me that there are several kinds of animal totems, or as he said, “animal spirit guides”. They appear in different categories in the lives of the People.
      There are Birth Animal spirits who may or may not be with you all your life. They teach others how to understand you; how to raise you.
      There are Life-long animal guides, or animal guides who are present only for certain stages or phases of one’s life. These animal spirit guides appear to remind you of who you are, your innate gifts and characteristics, and teach of your life’s path.
      Then there are messenger animal spirits who appear to you only for the specific short term event, as a guide and an advisor, or sometimes as a warning animal spirit.
      To be in this WARNING category, the animal ALWAYS does something “unnatural”, or even dangerous in order to get your attention——not part of its natural everyday life.

  57. So I have read a lot of comments. My experience with the owl is I was driving on the interstate with my 3 year old daughter in the back sleeping and I saw this owl land on a mile marker sign 84.4 and exactly 12 miles to the tenth a dump truck almost ran us off the road. Thank goodness for my quick reaction.. In my thoughts that was angel being with us but any other inputs anybody what could have meant all w our welcome thankyou

  58. I dreamed I was out side under the awning/ carport and a black owl with a red face landed in front of my husband and he said look , as he was taking pictures the owl just stood there his feathers bent and messy, the owl looked at me and flew away then we saw three other owls flying away with him, I wasn’t scared just confused but at the same time I was content in my dream,

  59. My daughter 17 and her best friend 17 were coming home one night from a local fair. They saw an owl on the side of the road just sitting there. They stopped it didn’t run or try to fly. My daughter gently put a coat around it and it let her pick it up. She brought it home and put it in s dog kennel. In the morning I went to the DNR website looking for a bird rehabor. We found one and met her at a local vet. My daughter was able to pick up the owl without the owl trying to scratch or bite her. I was beautiful and big. We were in awe of it. Even though it was large the vet said it was a juvinele great horned owl. His wing wasn’t broken he was sick. The rehabor took him and he made a full recovery.
    Later on my daughter was concerned the owl was a sign of something to come. Her best friend since kindergarten that was with her was a cancer survivor and my daughter was worried it was a sign maybe her cancer would return.
    About a year later her friend started to become ill and doctors thought her cancer may have returned in her pancreas.
    Tradgically she was killed in a car accident in April of 2016, had only had a drivers license six months it was muddy on a back road and she lost control and hit a tree.

  60. Dream=opened blinds and saw adult great horned owls,with babies in large nest,during the day,on the ledge of the rooftop of a brick apartment building. It was pretty close, I was looking at them,and they at me. I think there was someone next to me and I don’t recall much of what I said but felt surprised and enchanted and happy. The window was a large picture window in my bedroom,facing west and it was broad daylight( tho I do not remember if cloudy or sunny) Also,I currently live in SoCal and this brick building the owls nested on top of was more like flats one sees in Chicago,IL,where I am from,originally. Curious bcuz first time ever having such a dream,or seeing owls. They made no noise,we just looked,stared at each other..lol.thanks

  61. I had a dream where i came across an owl during the night whilst outside somewhere. I looked up at it and it looked at me before changing into golden particals that looked like coins (i remember being surprised by it) and it vanished/flew away. what could it mean??

    1. I’ve had a similar dream, and have been working with owl a lot lately. It could mean the death of a period of financial hardship in your life- I see it as a positive omen!

  62. ❓ I had a dream on 11/30 that a black owl landed on the handrail of my deck. I was standing looking at it and in my spirit asked”what message do you have for me?” The owl replied “just rest” and then turned and flew away.
    on 12/1- I was driving in the early morning hours and an owl flew over the hood of my car
    12/5- I walked into a store and right on the front display table as I walked in was a large pillow with, you guesses it, the head of an owl on it
    12/6- I was walking up my stairs to my house at around 5:30 PM and heard an owl hoot twice

    What does this all mean???? Now certain. Any ideas

  63. I had a dream of a couple of big White Owls were in my house wings fully extended out and I just quietly walked one of them out of the patio door, setting it free. There was someone in the house with me but I could not see who it was. When it got outside it attached to a tree stump and just started pecking on it! I woke up and knew it was a message, I thought it was about either setting myself free from the past or setting someone else free. Can you help me with this?

  64. I saw a tiny two owl and then begin to searching them …and then later on i see they were in thier next n one came out i saw it n then i said it is so cute . Thats it n they were cute. 😉
    Tell me what does it mean??

  65. I have had two experiences with owls in my life. The first, almost forty years ago, was the most unique. Driving home on a dark road after a day of riding our horses, my wife and I were surprised to see a small owl standing in the road before us. I stopped the car and waited, but it did not move. After a minute or so, I got out and walked over to the owl and sat down next to it. It looked at me as I reached out and began to pet its incredibly soft feathers. My wife soon joined me, and we both had the experience of touching this beautiful creature. It seemed like we were there for hours, and we began to feel the cold night air. Concerned for the owl’s safety, I began to softly make a clicking sound, and the owl turned and flew off into the night.
    The second experience, which I believe I understand to a degree, took place about two months ago. My brother-in-law was hospitalized with leukemia, and was not expected to live much longer. I left the hospital and went home to prepare to spend the night by his bedside. At about 10pm, while taking out the trash, I heard the hoot of an owl. I looked up to see a large owl atop the telephone pole in front of my house. I ran inside to grab my camera, and that’s when the phone started to ring. I answered, only to be informed of my brother-in-law’s death. When I went back outside the owl was gone. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello Stephen,

      My condolences to you and your family. The answer to your question you already intimately know inside of you. The owl was a messenger to give you the peace that you and your family aren’t alone. The owl is a watcher and all is being observed and looked after coming to a conclusion that is natural and appropriate. Although it will clearly feel otherwise during the grieving process for many other relatives.

      In certain cultures, birds are considered intermediaries like the crow as a psychopomp which means delivering souls back to the afterlife. This owl could have in such a manner delivered such symbolic news to you personally in a meaningful spiritual message.

      Be well.

    2. Hi Ivan
      My mom was telling me the day before. She was driving on the highway. She said a snow owl flew across the front of her car. What does that mean.

      My sister came by yesterday. She was bringing me my father’s pill’s. His in poor health. My sister tells me my 20 year old nephew. Told her a snow owl was sitting on the ground next to him. I know this means something.

  66. Ever since hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola, we have a owl living with us for a long time now. It’s lived here for a long time now but it’s doesn’t stsu here anymore. Most likely is living in someone else’s yard. What does it mean if a owl is living with u in ur own backyard?

  67. I had a dream today, that I’m running up a hill, very green grass and sunny day. I saw 2 barn owls flying towards me, and ducked yelled “Hi Hawks, I mean, Owls!!”
    One replies “Hi Zoe! Look what we can do!” and they did a stunt in the air. I look down and see another owl on the ground on its back, and I’m not sure if its dead. I think it was still alive though.
    The owl that talked then landed on my back and climbed up my shoulder. and then the dream changed.
    What does this mean?

    1. Hello Zoe,

      I’ll take a stab at it since I do dream interpretations for others.

      The sunny and green grass means everything is fine life is good. The 2 barn owls can symbolize people or opportunities for you. The one knocked out on the ground can be a person tried from trying to help you out and that it isn’t going anywhere. The 2nd owl can be the other friend trying to lift you up out of your stupor through encouragement. Otherwise, as opportunities from the owl knocked out can mean one opportunity fizzled out on you. The other on your back needs you to move and get going otherwise it will end up like the 1st owl on the ground.

      Best of Luck.

  68. I have been taking care of my father who is in hospice care since September 14. I have taken a medical leave from my job so that I can care for him. For weeks the screech owls have been sounding at night. I have lived here 5 years and never heard them before. Tonight when I came home from a day of care giving and lit the candles on my back porch, a huge owl swooped in and landed on the bird house which is very near the back porch. I quickly got the binoculars because it was twilight and I could see him very clearly.. he was staring straight at me. As soon as I put the. Binoculars down he flew away. I feel very strongly that this is a message to me. The owl’s presence was very comforting to me.. please can someone tell me, what does this mean!

    1. Hello Nancy,

      Although it’s been a month since I see you’ve posted your message here I’ll attempt to decipher the meaning of your owl encounter. The screeching owls means there is a nest nearby, perhaps the owl you encountered is the adult. The owl may be the mother searching for food for her chicks. Nonetheless, these have often beautiful synchronistic overtones for us spiritually as we’re open to receive them. The owl represents here a pillar of strength for you. Encouragement that you and your family will not be alone although things are difficult right now. Do not fret thinking you are feeling abandoned, helpers to you will show up out of nowhere even without calling for them. You’ll feel like your muddling through but just keep going making sure not to wear yourself out in the process, pace yourself. Like the owl swooping in unexpectedly help will appear likewise in such a manner. Be well.

  69. Im am asking for clarity

    Where to begin that is questionable. Ive always paid attention to oddities an right now there has been so many i have lost count. I saw a white owl last night on harvest moon ive been praying to see threw the illusion an deciet an to have sone tangable real truths. Beyond that theres been conservative sequence numbers appearing way more frequently. I really am trueely trying ro do the most best thing at this moment in rine an i know that there is a solution that is evading me. Please help being light ro my scifi supernatural experience. Life is too short to miss the true meaning.much love to all please need some sort of tangible real answer.

  70. A few days ago I was riding my bike to work at 3 am, as I am riding I see extra huge wings flying in a distance and it landed on one of the street lights right above me. I’m nervous cause it was a huge dark owl and I watched it cause I thought it ma get me. but it looked down at me right in my face and wouldn’t take its eyes off me until I broke our eye contact and it flew away. I had a stare down with a huge dark owl. I find it weird that It came so far away just to land on a street light pole that I was getting ready to pass and watch me the whole way

  71. my animal totum is the owl, the link between the dark and light ect…….im trouble as to some events that have happened recently and cannot find the answer and im seeking advice or insight. driving at night ive always had owls fly in front of my vehichle but never come too close. after leaving my friends place mind you its afternoon im driving and i see something in the road but couldnt make it out to clear untill i practically drove right over it, it was a baby owl. i reversed to see if i had injured it , or if it was ok but it was no where to be found. one night at a friends a owl landed on the light pole and looked directly at me. i started to approach the owl and stood right next to the pole. then not long after that around a couple weeks i was on my way home and i seen from the corner of my eye a baby owl or young one as it hit my windsheild. then last night as i was on my way to a friends house there was a owl on my drivers side on the ground that took flight as i was comming up to it and i almost hit it. not sure as to what this means and im more or less thinking its not good. please any insight or feed back would be greatly appreaciated thanks.

  72. I was going to magnetic hill last nite… hour before dusk or so. As the car turned onto the road I saw a Hawk sitting on a pole. He looked right at me and opened his arms of feathers & flew away.
    Less than 1/8 of a mile… smack in the middle to right (passenger side) on the road stood a Golden Owl. It stared at me… turned his head all around to keep eye contact. Then with whispered sound… the Owl with Gold in his feathers and specks in his eyes… lifted effortlessly into the sky. Almost as if he had never truly been there. But he had been there because..
    I saw his spirit. Spoke to his spirit in a flash. Felt like in that moment I saw the spirit of all Owl.

  73. I was away on a prayer/spiritual session against death after it was revealed to me that a relative wants me to die young. The night I came back home an owl came to my window at about 9:50pm. I was on my bed with the lights off and it tried to get a good look at me. A bit freaked out, I chased it away and it came back and sat on the other window. I chased it away again, then it sat on the roof for a short while making some owl noises and then went to my bathroom window, it really freaked me out. Ran downstairs to tell my dad, we came out and saw the owl and chased it away, it was returning back when my dad and I flashed out flashlights in its face and it went away. That night I locked all the windows in my room. Was really freaked out. Any ideas?

    1. Consider that Owl is asking you to face your fear of death. When you see or hear Owl again, acknowledge it’s presence and ask for wisdom. Owl is an expert in helping us to see through the darkness of fear to the Wisdom on the other side.

  74. I dreamt that I saw an owl smiling at me.what is the meaning of it?
    I found out that owl is my spirit animal and I want to know how can I overcome to deal with this fear?

  75. Me and my wife saw a white owl the night before a wedding! we were driving down our back road from our acreage the night before the wedding. My wife and I are very spiritual and also study numerology..reading most signs through our spirit number.. eleven… its was a bit foggy out but that didnt stop us from noticing a huge white thing sitting in the middle of the road ahead! before our eyes could figure out what is was , it took off and flew right beside our car, reveling itself completely.. If we see anything spiritual or notice a sign we always instantly look at the time to see if our numbers show up. sure enough the time was 11:11!!!!!!!! to top that off we noticed a car coming towards us with led lights and knew right away that it was our sister. so we sped up too tell her but turned out she also not only seen a grey owl at the same time but almost hit it!!! we all freaked out for a couple of minutes and took off in separate directions. BUT IT DOESNT END THERE!!! as we drove down the road back home we then seen the exact grey owl our sister almost hit, flew right past our car like the one before!!!! the time was 11:16 !!! 11..our spirit number(big thing for us) and 16 ( we got married on july 16th!!! the next day was the 16th!!!!!!!! ) we also again seen the white owl the night after our wedding!! absolutely the most spiritual, magical thing that ever happened to the both of us!!!

  76. Antonio Huertas

    Hello. On July 1st my father passed away, taken by cancer. I did not find out until the 5th of July. Oddly, I was in my back yard on the night of the 4th watching fireworks when I saw an owl swoop in & perch on the power line. In my almost 11 years that I’ve lived in Florida have I ever seen an owl in the wild. It is now the 8th of July, I come home from work about 4:00 pm & my sister called me and we spoke about dad. As we talked I noticed a bird on the top of my screened porch & saw it was an owl. I got close to it & snapped a few pictures, even gave it water & it never even looked threatened. 6:30 rolls around & it’s still there, watching me. I got a little too close & spooked it but only for it to fly into the tree next to the door where it still is at 8:00 pm. My mother tells me it’s a messenger & I feel it’s there for good reason. Any ideas why this beautiful animal flew into my life?

    1. Wow. This is crazy in a weird way. My Daddy also passed on July 1st 7yrs ago from cancer. I had a dream about 6mths before of a snowy white owl flying towards me in a dream. I’ve had *dreams* my whole life that aren’t regular dreams and I can always tell the difference…in the dream I remember hearing in my head to ask a friend of mine who is a Lakota Indian what it meant…but I already knew in my gut, but I asked anyway. He said it could mean some one was going to die. I actually knew it would be my Daddy…he was fine, nothing that we knew of wrong with him…then his contact ruptured and they found 4th stage cancer…he passed 3 days before their 50th wedding anniversary. I have had the dream again, this time 2 white owls…I will not speak who they may be, cuz I’m merely human and could be wrong. But I do believe the owl is a symbol for me.

  77. Jermaine Wilson

    I have had two dreams about a white owl in the last two months, normally I am able to interpret my dreams and know what they mean, but not these two.

    the first dream is short and simple it had 3 owls a white owl and two others with mix colors. In this dream the white owl was injured while the other two fought to deafened her. I say her because later in the dream the white owl spoke to me after I helped to rescue her from the battle and ended up in my bathroom. she thank me and told me I could ask of her anything I declined and left.

    the second dream was even more vivid there were again the 3 owls and again the white owl was injured and yet again I rescued her. but in this dream I could see the enemy it was two men of a spiritual background they intended on killing the owls and eating them. they managed to kill one of the other owls and I remember getting so angry and a went into war I hunted the men down and with magical abilities I defeated them , but I know that its not the end I have a great feeling they will be back for the other two owls and the bones of the dead owl which I took from them.

    I need help to find out what these dreams mean.

  78. Yesterday i had a dream about catching snowy white owl which was up in a tree. The owl was so mesmerising I had to catch it.Two times it flew away,third time I caught it. What does this mean ? I jave always had such dreams that sometimes become connected to future reality. But this one is new and some thing feels different about it. Do you think this would mean something important ?

  79. I dreamed I was picking up brush. I reached down and pulled up a rock and it was actually an owl. It was face down. The spot was formed where it was laying. Even the eyes were imprinted in its hiding spot. I remember thinking.. Wow I have walked past this a thousand times and didn’t see this owl hiding here. It was like it had been buried there but did not move or make a sound yet I didn’t feel it was dead. My grandfather passed a few years ago. His nickname was owl. My grandmother was Cherokee Indian and after she passed she leaves dimes laying around for me. I have recently joined a church and have made significant changes in my life. I just don’t know what to make if this dream. I’ve never dreamed of an owl, that I can recall. I wasn’t scared of the owl, I was just so curious about how I never seen it.

    1. Perhaps the owl represents a part of you which had been dormant and which you’ve now rediscovered. It makes an imprint on Mother Earth, looking down into her soil & core & heart. It is the great eyes of owls, wise, wideopen, missing nothing. Perhaps you are bird people, or part of you is. Perhaps your grandparents Have given you owl wisdom & vision. Most important is the message at the top of the page. . .
      I too am part Cherokee. I wish you well inn your journey of discovery! I wish everyone The best on this magnificent adventure!

  80. Justine Taylor

    Whilst driving home a few days ago an owl swooped in front of my car from the left and flew up the road in front of me. I adjusted the speed of the car so I was in tune with the owl as I didn’t want to scare him. He flew 5 hundred meters + up the road in front of me, turned left and continued in front of the car for twice that distance then turned right, as I turned right after him he had flown out of my pathway. His wings took up pretty much the whole of the lane, he was calm, considered and seemed to be leading me home ( he was going my route home!). Your description above seems to fit with my life situation now as I’m doing some transformational healing work for myself but, I would also be interested in knowing your educated thoughts on this encounter. I felt very blessed, calm and like I was in a bubble of gentleness – my children were also in the car and they were amazed. It was a beautiful experience x

    1. I had many experiences like this. The first one, I was driving with the windows down, a small owl flew in my window and hit me in the neck, then flew into the backseat with my daughter, we pulled over to get him out, before he would fly out of the care he looked us all in the eyes for a moment, I felt very calm, I had the instinct to pick him up. The second time, I was driving too, I come over a hill and right in the middle off the road was a big white owl, I slammed on my breaks to keep from hitting him, He just set there looking me in my eyes for a couple of minutes before he flew away. The third time was today, I was driving again, the same big white owl was in the road, he flew off right away but only to a branch right above my head, I stopped the car, looked out my window to the branch he was in, and said hi to him, then I started to continue to drive, he flew over my car for a ways, before flying off this time.

  81. Linda Amoakowaa

    Hello to whom it may concern, please i need a meaning of my dream. I met a white and good guy on a dating site about 2 months now, we chatted from the day we met till now and now we are much much in love with each other, but what baffled me much is , i dreamt about 2 weeks now which i saw this animal that can rotate it head about a maximum of 270 degree which is Owl, i saw this animal owl on top of my TV speaking to me while i was laying down on the ground in a very dark room, it was speaking to me asking me “Did the guy said he want to marry you” then i replied “YES” all i could see was it flew away after i said Yes to it question, and this was the only words i could remember very well , so i stoop up to go out of the room if i can see it but what i saw was a woman i know from my village trying to send a girl in the house i live on an errand Actually, i have never seen this animal before but i once watched a movie of it where it was robotic rotating it head, so i got the picture of it right from the dream and searched it on Google and it name appear, well, that was my dream , i will glad to know the meaning of this dream , thank you

  82. Last night I had a dream, and the only part I could recall upon waking up was the Owls.
    There was a mother owl and a baby owl. The mother owl was either dead or restrained; I don’t know why or how, or if I had anything to do with it.
    There was a baby owl, and i grabbed him up and brought him inside of what I assume was my house or a friend’s house. There were people inside and I began gushing about how I had found a baby owl. I was thrilled, I remember that clearly.
    A lot of dream interpretations speak of dead owls being bad omens (but it could be a symbolic death as well). I’ve been going through some intense spiritual changes.
    I am concerned that this dream bodes of ill tidings. If anybody would like to offer some insight, I really would appreciate it. Thank you for reading.

  83. My daughter was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (eye cancer) early October 2014, her eye was removed November 5th 2014. She was two years old. She is cancer free now. The eye that was removed contained the cancer so she did not need further treatment. I tell you this because all through out this period there were numerous owl signs. Sadly I forgot some of them. My daughter suddenly loved owls, she was obsessed. Shortly after her surgery it disappeared. We saw a couple owls as well, which rarely ever happens. We have only seen one since. The wing she was hospitalized in was of course the owl wing too. Does this mean anything?

  84. 3 months ago I had a step father that I was real close to and was a mentor in my life commit suicide he had a different outlook on life which he taught me to see the world as he did. I am a very observeded person I notice everything and every sound So since he passed I look at and notice everything possible. Well over the pAst 2 weeks owls have been all around me. Two weeks ago at my moms house which is where my step father lived and not far from is where he did what he chose to do. There were at least 6-8 owls in the closest trees to me one night
    All of them were hooting and screatching to where a friend of mine with me even noticed all of them. And every night I’ve been hearing the. More then usual and closer then normal. Last night I fell asleep on the couch and was woke up to quite a few owl out my window going at it I got up and started walking towards my bed they grew louder so I shut the window by the time I got into my room they were so many and so close I thought my bed room window was open but it wasn’t. Anyone have any idea what this may mean? Thank you for taking your time to read this and reply..

  85. I recently had a dream that I was walking in a field and I shapeshifted into an owl. I began racing a hawk across the field,who was also a man who had shapeshifted into the hawk. I flew over the field and flew high up into the sky until I could see the whole city in which I live. What exactly could this mean?

    1. Well both are messengers of enlightenment. The hawk means you will be having a journey into higher awareness and the owl gives that affirmation to you. Whatever has been happening in your life has prepared you for this new level of awareness. You are the shapeshifter and have an opportunity to see a new world before you where old meanings fade and new ones begin. Thanks for sharing your medicine from Grandfather.

  86. I’m not normally someone who gives much thought to dreams. But last night, or more likely this morning, I had a dream that I remember vividly. I was looking out a window and saw something in the shadows. Something that seemed very small. I thought it was in mouse. I was startled. I’ve always been very much afraid of all rodents. My only phobia.
    After a second or two, what I thought was a mouse began walking out of the shadow. I was surprised to see that it was a small white owl. We made eye contact. And I had an instant sense of peace. I don’t know if there’s any significance or if I was at peace because it was not a mouse.
    Again, I have never given much thought to these things, but remember the dream so vividly, and feel that it could be something. I appreciate any insight you wish to share. Thank you

  87. This morning at 5:45 AM while walking my 2 dogs, I heard a noise on the roof of my carport, then a thump. It was dark, but a heard a small squeak….ruffling of large wings….then saw something large fly by me. I continued to walk into my back yard with my dogs, and heard another sound back under the carport. When I turned around to see what it was…..I saw a huge beautiful Great Horned Owl sitting on the bench right outside by back door looking right at me!! As I stood there staring back at her….trying to figure out how I would get back into the house…..she beautifully, and slowly flew off, staying only about 6 feet or so off the ground into the morning darkness. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen…..and I was surprised that my dogs never saw her or made a sound.

  88. Hi this morning around 5am I saw an owl flying over the roof of my house . I would like to know what it means , if you could help me understand.
    thank you

  89. My lady called me tonight telling me she’s safely come home, after being in the hospital, being by the side of her Father.
    He’s a cantankerous fool, who’s terrified of Dr.’s and whatever problem he’s had has probably been made worse.
    His Abdomen has been filling with Fluid, and so has his lungs. He’s been resistive to getting a CPAP, and I’ve been struggling to get them, and send to them.
    Tonight, she went home, called me to tell me she made it home okay. For that I’am glad and I urged her to goto bed. she hasn’t had a goodnights sleep for over a week. She told me she saw a White Owl on her drive back to her home.
    I cannot have this guy, die!
    His pension’s the only source of income she has, and the system of benefits, and survivor benefit’s are too Labrythine for her to deal with!

  90. i was having a really bad time just lost my beautiful dog after 14 years, my husband has cheated on me so many times and taken drugs,sold drugs, been to prison,he has promised me to he’d stop,but i know he hasn’t, while out driving one night i felt really down, an owl flew in front of my car,it was very close i could see its big huge eyes little beak it was beautiful,i was so overcome with seeing it i said to my daughter i wounder if that means something,she replied don’t be silly mum an owl just flew in front of you, i said i reckon its our dog that never left my side ,so i came home and typed in what i saw and i could believe what i was reading relating the owl, i have become so overwhelmed with the information because its everything i feel,i want to know more….so if you can help thank you xx

  91. I had a very vivid dream last night. I was in a place that seemed to a road with a lot of trees around. It was dusk. I started seeing a lot of owl silhouettes in the trees and next thing I know, some of the owls started revealing themselves. They were speaking to me. It was a soothing female voice. One black owl comes from out of a tree and says “Come with me” and flies to the tree ahead. A white owl comes from the shadow of another tree across and says “Come with me” and flies to the tree ahead. A brown owl comes from another tree and says “Come with me” and flies to the tree ahead and then a Yellow owl comes out and says “come with me”… They all seemed to be going towards the same direction and i wasn’t sure which owl to follow. I wasn’t sure how they were talking to me so In my dream it made sense to ask them questions. So i asked them “Which one of you is my spirit guide?” and One by one they come out of the shadows.. Owl #1: “I am..” Owl #2: “I am..” Owl #3: “I am..” Owl #4: “I am..” I wasn’t sure if they were trying to tell me that which ever one I choose is my spirit guide or if they are all my spirit guides. There were other owls doing the same mimicking the 4 owls as the flew from tree to tree but they didn’t have a voice, it was silhouettes. they were flying from one tree to the next tree ahead of me as I walked passed them.
    As I continued to walk, one owl fell off a tree and as I walked up to the owl to help it, it flew away. I approached the exit to this place that seemed to be outdoors and went into a well lit place. There were cages and cages of Adult owls with baby owls. the cages were dinged. I was very upset when I saw this and said “Why are these owls in cages? Birds are not meant to be in cages! They are supposed to fly free! who put them here?” And a man said “You see these dings? we put the owls in these cages because the hawks will attack them. The dings are from the hawks trying to attack them.” As heart broken as I felt, I grabbed chicken from my bad and started feeding the owls.

    Any one have a comment or idea of what this could mean?

    1. Perhaps this will help you.
      You have had many many opportunities to use your innate wisdom, yet you continue to deny your own gifts & hideout, placing yourself into a self imposed cage/prison. You allow yourself to be affected by others who do have intelligence; you are intimidated by their natural gifts, and deny the power & strength of your own. Stop fooling yourself by patronizing the little you which keeps you small & fear based, that part of you that holds you back from your own illustrious wise place where you could be sharing your wisdom, and helping your self & others.

    2. Yes, take the hand of your fear and love it to Peace, your truth. Let the owls fly free along with the fledglings ignoring the attacks of the intellect, the hawks. We all have to trust this process of freedom from the conditioning we were born into, the cages.

  92. A few years ago, my husband and I were at a party, and he found a owl charm and gave it to me, then a few months later, we were at a party and the same place and I found a owl charm, then a few months after my husband’s mother, and myself had a huge falling out, and we used to be so close, but before our falling out I began feeling weird vibes, and heard things she was saying, without her even speaking. After that my husband was always ! finding me owl stuff, and I even had other people buy me gifts that had owls on it, without even knowing about the whole owl thing. Well now about a year and a half later, and after quite a few very huge fights with my mother in law one basically going to blows, I completely cut her out of my life except for her occasional visit, besides that, I now don’t sleep at night, and always see owls and began listening to what I hear, and even now have very in-depth dreams of loved ones that passed and they give me messages that I relay to others, and I know it makes them feel happy. I was always able to see things, and hear things, and feel things, I just never paid attention and now that all these owls have been coming, and I been reading a lot about the symbols, and meanings I am very much more intune with my surroundings, and thoughts, and people around me.

  93. After my.husband passed away March 2013, I had multiple encounters with owls. Two episodes that I feel significant are – while deer hunting (what we do as a family ) I had a owl fly to me, land and sat beside me in the bush for at least half an hour. The other was the day of my birthday, a snow owl sat on the roof of my camper trailer and stayed for a few hours. It let me get.close enough to capture a few nice pictures. What is the meaning of this. Thank you

  94. Hello! I had a dream a couple nights ago that I cannot get off my mind. I usually don’t remember my dreams after a few minutes of waking, but I still remember this one very well. I was standing in the spare room of my house, with almost nothing in it. I was looking at a male great horned owl sitting in a tree outside the window for what seemed like a while. The owl was looking back at me. All I could really see was its silhouette. It glided through the window and into the room. I had fear in its presence. It seems like I associated with the owl almost like a mentor. I had to show respect to it. I didn’t speak unless I was spoken to. The owl did not speak once, but it stayed in the room with me for a long time. it’s eyes locked into mine. I would fall asleep and wake up after some time, and the owl would be sitting somewhere else, watching me. I felt like i was being guarded and I was safe, but it was also very creepy. I couldn’t help bug wonder what it was thinking about. I never saw its face. The room was only lit by the moon outside, so I could only scarcely make out the feather color pattern on its belly and dark shadows where I normally would have seen big round eyes. Even though the owl didn’t speak, we were communicating without words, but I cannot remember what we were saying. The only communication I can remember is the owl saying “I’m going to go to the bathroom” And I said “okay” as it lifted into the air and silently flew down the hallway and into the bathroom, shutting the door behind it. It was in the bathroom for a long time, and I finally got up and went to the bathroom door. I was going to knock to see if it was okay, but I was too scared to confront it. So I nervously stood outside the door. The door finally opened, and the owl was there in the doorway staring at me. I finally saw its face and fear jolted through me. It’s eyes were pure black, they looked straight through me. They were more large and narrow than a regular owls eyes. More cat-like. I had fear and uncertainty around the owl before, but now I felt like it was a great, ancient, dangerous being. I felt like it could see who I truly was, like it could see into my soul. I had never met the owl before this night, but I felt like it had been there with me without me knowing for a long time. The dream ended after that. I’m so sorry, I didn’t expect to write this much. But I figured that detail was needed in order to interpret this dream. Does it mean something? Or is it just an ordinary dream? If it does mean something, what? If anybody replies to this, thanks so much! It really means a lot.

    1. wow I loved reading about your dream,your really good at writting. I dreamed of an owl last night and just looked up dream meanings of owl’s. they were very helpful and now I understand what my dream ment. I hope you find out what your dream ment and it would be great to hear the rest of your story. thanks!

  95. I had a very vivid dream last night…or in the morning right before I woke. I was in house with a friend…it was dark, lights seemingly only being lit by twilight. We were not afraid…just hanging out. Then a beautiful stark white owl flew onto the room I was in and it talked to me in words…”I think I will stay at least an hour or so
    ..” maybe or more? It seemed telepathic and in a sing-song voice. Then my buddy in the next room was like, “come! Come! There are more in here!” I entered to the other room and there was at least 2 or 3 more beautiful pure white owls looking at me! Then I felt like they were all over the house, or more coming.

    God did give me gifts and I connect with spirits & angels on the other side when I am to help someone. I woke up feeling in awe. It was beautiful! But I can’t quite figure out the meaning of this. It seems I can usually help others but it’s harder to help myself lol. Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you!

  96. Two nights ago I was watching Animal planet in which was a showing of a family of arctic owls and their survival. In the episode it showed the struggle they endure and the absolute love the parent owls have for their little ones. In all the show one baby owl died because of his weak condition. Last night I had a dream that this furry image appeared walking out of a bush and it was furry and grey. I went to go pick it up and it was a baby owl in which it didnt run from but allowed me to cuddle and keep it warm. In my dream it felt like it was a calling for me. Not sure if that makes any sense but I felt that I was doing the right thing. But Im not sure what this could mean or if it could be the recall of what I watched the other night.

  97. Ive been attracted to owls a good portion of my life. It wasn’t really until I was going through a divorce that another man brought it to my attention that I own a lot of owl statues. I didnt really think anything of it until magical things started happening in conjunction to the owl. Whether it was real or symbolic strange stuff happens around this animal. about a month ago the fury little creature actually landed on my doorstep. He went down the chimney chute, hit the neighbors walls a couple times and knocked itself out. The neighbor took a sweater and wrapped it up it was out cold. I was able to pet the animal on its head and stomach. As soon as I walked away it woke up and flew away. A few days later I decided I wanted to go to law school. Just a few days ago he reappeared. This time I couldnt see hear but I definately could hear him hoot hoot hoot. Now I am just trying to figure out what he is telling me. Any suggestions?

  98. Hi Guys

    A white owl has followed me for most of my life. First instance I had seen it was after when i was 16 a party at 11pm I was walking home alone and I saw a huge white thing fly ahead of me, I then noticed it was an Owl. It kept ahead of me all the while, everytime I would reach close to it it would fly off and land on overhead lines ahead and keep repeating this untill i almost reached home, then it flew away.

    When I was in university I would wake up at around 2am to study, while sitting in my porch sipping coffee…the same white owl would try to land on me, when i dodged it it would circle the house and try to land on me again, this happened every night I went outside to drink coffee to prepare to study.

    I saw it again recently, I was sitting and telling some friends about it and one of my friends were like ‘is that it?” it was on a rooftop across the street when i tried to get close to get a pic it gave out a loud screech and flew off…only to return back 5 minutes later. Any suggestions?

    1. That is a very intriguing story Nicky. You have some connection to this bird. I would let him land on you. I do not think this bird wants to hurt. You also might try getting quiet, asking the question about what this bird is trying to tell you or imagine the owl flying to you and delivering a message. I consider you very fortunate.

    2. Hey james
      Thanks for the reply, it is very terrifying when the owl tries to land on me…i never hear it coming but i always end up turning my fave just in time to see it abt 2 ft away. It is scary to think about it touching me, i remember once when i dodged it and fell off the chair i was paralysed with fear for a few seconds on the floor

  99. Mother owl birthed 3 baby owls, gray and white in color, and gave them to me to raise because she couldn’t take care of them. The mother owl flew across the driveway and sat on the ground with the daddy owl to watch me and the baby owls. I was crying because I didn’t know how to raise them and was trying to figure out how to take them to a wildlife refuge. At the end of my dream I was driving awAy in my car with the baby owls to a refuge. What could this mean?

    1. 🙄 i saw white owl sitting in midle of the road on 15th friday april 2016 at 4: 10 am (Rama navami festival in karnataka state mysore district- my stay place) when i finished my night shift work and moving towards my home and its one feet distace to me it was 10 minite face to face me & that white olw i focused my scooter head light on owl and i try to scare it but it was sitting silently but few minite later i switch on my mobile & try to on my mobile camera while that movement it fly from there and sit in the compound.
      I need a complete information about good or bad spritual ir astrology about above please help me if know about it im completely blank in my mind 😀 ❓ 🙁

  100. Hi! I hope you can help. I still feel quite immobilized and paranoid upon seeing an owl in my room. I have a home based job and I turned my old room in the attic to become my office where I do all my work. It was around 7:30am when I just finished breakfast and went back to my office straight after. Before I entered the door, I saw this owl flying inside my room. It was really STRANGE as I was there in the office earlier that morning to do some errands and I didn’t see it there. There was no way that the owl was from outside as all the windows are closed (i never opened them). Is there any possible explanation to what this could mean? Thanks really for answering. I just couldn’t figure things out really.

  101. I had a dream that i got a little owl as a pet. And my mum and everyone else were telling i shouldnt keep it, but i stood by my owl in the dream. It was a tiny thing, but i dont think it was a baby. But later on, i saw it struggling under the covers of my bed, and it took a awhile to get it out, but once i did, it was wet and soaked and dying….sad thing is i woke up before anything else could happen. I hope someone can hel0 me interpret it!

    1. I’m not sure if anyone can tell me what this means but: I had a dream of traveling to Machu Pechu with my friends and decided to wander on my own. I came into contact with an owl man or owl person who let me fly with him. He took my above the trees and I could see my friends. I wasn’t scared-I felt extremely comforted and safe. He guided me back down and gave me a round stone and told me to keep it safe? That’s when I woke up!? what in the world did that mean.??

  102. Hi. For the 2nd time in 6 years, my husband was dive-bombed by an owl, a Barred Owl, I think., while he was jogging in the early morning The Owl had its feet out and my husband thought its talons were going to scrape up his head but it lightly touched his head then pulled up. What could this possibly mean – anything?

  103. I had an interesting experience one week ago, I opened my backdoor at about 11pm for the dogs to go outside. There was suddenly a loud flapping sound and the dogs ran to the backroom door (down the hall ) barking uncontrollably, as i entered the room i saw this white and red/brown owl. I closed the dogs in the other room and took a towel to catch the owl with. The owl casually flew from the corner of the room to the door and then into my bathroom. there it looked at me and allowed me to pick it up inside the towel. as i got to the backdoor the owl turned his head looked me in the eyes for a few seconds before flying away ( east ) by then it was only a few minutes before midnight… any insight on this?

  104. James Grinstead

    🙄 ….. 😯
    This ALL hits home with me. It wasnt till recently that I came into knowing what the heck is going on with me and the weird stuff in my life. Well, I’m still learning. But, i dream stuff that comes true, I have had 4 daytime visions, one black and white, the other three full color with my eyes open, they have all come true except one…. but I’m hoping that was just a fluke cause the one I speak of is of a GIANT asteroid or comet flying westbound over San Francisco at an angle that suggest it would hit the Ocean about 500 miles out from the coast. It was about 30x30x30, and by 30 I mean 30 Football fields from end to end. But aside from that, I see owls when I’m coming into change in my life. Im on here because a little while ago I was really, really, REALLY depressed. It was at night, and I was going to bed, laying there, eyes open. I blink and all of a sudden a 6 foot Golden owl, (it was HUGE) comes down from out of no where, just standing there, towering over me. It startled me, but that soon went away cause all of a sudden I could feel… LOVE.. it was radiating the most INTENSE feeling of love I have ever felt, so much i started to cry happy tears. It didn’t last long, almost about 5-10 seconds, I said i had been startled, and it was almost after that it started to depart up, all the while Im like “WAIT!” don’t go, i didn’t mean to get startled!” After it had gone my whole body was vibrating so much I was shaking. It had left an imprint of it’s frequency i think on me, I wish i could get back to that, it was surreal, and at the same time… so amazing, ha I can’t find a good enough word to explain it. Please, can anyone explain this to me? I want to learn so much that I can, about this subject, about my gifts, i have others not mentioned here, about why psychics keep telling me with the right teacher I could be great and do what they do and help people. Everyone wants money though.. I feel this subject should be taught to those willing to listen for free. Thats how i’d do it anyway.. Ahh i digress. anyways I’m not here for that. I need answers to my Owl event please.. ❓ ❓ ❓ thanks everyone! 🙂 :mrgreen:

    1. I have been living in a house with a lot of history in Bremerton WA… Very bright rays of light have manifested the image of an owl on a branch on my kitchen ceiling…my house is haunted and I found out L. Ron Hubbard has taught his classes here and the former owner who died here was 33rd degree Freemason…I would love to talk to you as you are like myself having this ability…write back so we can talk…

  105. I found your website by accident. Never knew something like this existed and it has been a wealth of information for me. My question is, the later part of June I was awakened by a woodpecker over my bedroom pecking and now this morning I was awakened by a hooting owl. Also, prior to the woodpecker showing up, I would have sometimes 2 or three birds fly into my patio door in a single day. They all seem to have survived. I’ve also had quails come right up to my patio door and peck at the glass; the glass is tented so they can’t see us inside. Prior to the woodpecker and the owl the quail would scamper across the street in front of my car. This is all making me scratch my head and wonder what are these birds trying to tell us. I looked up the individual messages on your website but thought I may be missing something. Can you help me figure this out.

  106. Every summer I sit outside my back door during the night. It helps me sort out my thoughts and it gives me a good feeling, you could say it even “gives me life”. Although, every time I look up I seem to always see a white owl gliding above me. It scares me for a bit but it too also “gives me life” . This happened about 5 to 6 times maybe even more this past summer. There was times where I’d be outside with a friend and I’d see one and point it out. But my friend’s never had the chance to see it. By the time they looked it was gone or they never did see it at all. Eventually by the end of the summer one last owl visited me. This time it swooped down and screeched. Today was the first day during this summer that I see a white owl flying above me once again . I wouldn’t doubt seeing many more this summer either. I’m very curious as to Why these mysterious and beautiful creatures fly above me so often. If anyone could give me any answers please do. I’m deeply longing for answers. Thank you . 😕

    1. Please get a current version of National Geographic Birds of North America to see if the summer range is within your area. Also, is there a great source of mice nearby? Are you next to a field or abandoned building or chickens?Mice love their feed and owls love mice and rabbits. You may also or alternatively be in the migration path. Snowy Owls are irruptive which means they veer off from their normal range often. Some years more than others. The natural world and knowledge of it increases insight /gives pictures of the supernatural. You may greatly benefit from the company offered by a local Audubon club…bird watchers…perhaps someone to sit with at night and watch for the beautiful, silent wings.

  107. I recently had a dream in which I was a great horned owl. There is a beginning part but I didn’t make any sense as it had no owl in it. But after that, there was a great horned owl on someone’s shoulder (had a Steve Irwin like get up). After that I began to see through the eyes of the owl itself, as the man began to tell me which parts of a skinned animal to eat. (It was either a bird or squirrel ) He said to stay away from red parts and eat the green, however he also said I can eat pretty much anything I wanted. Before I ate I was thinking (or hoping) that the animal tasted good since I was an owl. I ate a first piece and it wasn’t bad I ate another piece then dropped a third. The color of these pieces were of a pinkish color. What could this mean?

  108. I had an unusual experience at night when I saw a huge grey owl fluttering it’s wings on the side of the road. I thought it was injured so I went home to get a box. When I returned I tried to pick up the owl, but the owl flew away. What do you think this means?

  109. I found an Owl feather yesterday. I took it home. Lately I have had great emotional turmoil in one of my relationships and at work. It’s been a confusimg time for me and I have felt that there is something around me hidden or that I am not quite grasping. I have been feeling that there will be major change coming. I am usually aassociated more with crows but am hoping Owl will will give me some guidanc.

  110. 😛 ❓

    Ok so my next door neighbour just had a white barn owl in daylight in his garden, he came to let us know and then it started to land on my arm and pay me alot of attention. Such a majestic creature. What does this mean?

  111. I had a dream about a baby owl. I don’t know where I got it, but it was my owl. I know this because the dream was about me wanting to take him with me somehow while we went on a trip. I ended up keeping him in my purse, leaving the purse a little unzipped so he could breathe. I would periodically open the purse to check on him and sometimes I would look down to see his little beak and eyes popping out looking around.

    We went to the airport where my bf put all of my stuff into his duffle bag and I forgot a bag there, but not the owl. We went to some kind of seminar or something too, all with me carrying this baby owl in my purse and cautiously watching him. I remember noticing little things like the shape of him, since he was sitting in my purse I could see the outline of his body laying in there.

    I don’t think we actually got on a plane, but I know that was supposed to be the point, we were going on a trip on a plane but I just ended up carrying this baby owl with me a bunch of places.

    What does that mean?

  112. Good evening,
    Hello my name is Maria, and I was wondering what does it mean when you see three owls lined up on a electrical power line. I was kinda amazed but at the same time, I have to admit that I was very startle in seeing this. I am a true believer of high energy like spiritual powers. I don’t have this ability but I am just concern what I have just experience this evening. Please let me know because I am kinda puzzled. ❓ 😯 😐

  113. Hello Cataline, I had a strange experience with an owl . One night I was dropping off my uncle at his house I got a few blocks away and saw an owl just sitting in the middle of the street . I stopped my truck thinking maybe it was hurt since it was sitting there . As I walked up to it I could see it was large and not afraid of me at all I wanted to get it out of the street before someone hit it so I slowly walked around it just watched me . I thought it was odd that it was not afraid at all so I started to pet it ,it just puffed its feathers like it liked it. At this point I went to my truck got an old towel placed it over my hands I picked it up and placed it down on the grass still it did not try to fly I didn’t want to leave it there in fear that if it was hurt and could not fly that someone would hurt it . So I decided that I would take it back to my house just a few blocks away and call the game warden so that they could help it . I placed the owl down in the bed of my truck it walked to the end of the bed of the truck turned its head looked me in the eye and flew away . Now that being said I have all the listed chartristics of the owl totum I just wanted to know if you could give any insight to the experience what you think the meaning was for me ?

  114. I just learned my totem animal is a an owl from my boyfriend. I had never thought about it before, but it makes sense. There’s a ton of great-horned owls around my dads house, and a while back, I was led into the astral plane by an owl.

  115. I had a dream and the only part I can clearly remember is sitting on the porch of a house in broad daylight and this owl was stareing at me. I wasn’t afraid or uncomfortable but after it stared at me for an extended period not moving or making a sound I woke. Does that mean anything?

  116. I was driving home last night right as the color drained from the sky. There was a barred owl standing in the middle of the road and I couldn’t stop. I swerved when I saw its face in my headlights but I hit it anyway, the car behind me hit it again. I tried to go back to help but it was too late. The air was filled with floating feathers and when I looked down there was one large feather at my feet. I’m at a loss… why was it just standing on the highway? Why didn’t it fly? What does it mean?

  117. should I be pleased or concerned that I’ve never dreamt of an owl nor have one appear or fly near my person , the only thing that had occurred is developing a liking of owls before knowing it is my totem

  118. I could use some insight to my life. My life has been in a mess for many years. I keep praying and looking for some insight. I recently had an owl fly during day on left side of my car for a few minutes. I woke the next morning and heard one hooting while walking dog. I was walking my dog last night and walked right by an owl who was hooting in 3″ s and did this 3 times. Could you please tell me what he is trying to tell me? Any advice I really appreciate. Thank you so much!

    1. Heather Grahame

      Hi Donna, my name is Heather and I’m very much an owl-type person. I have gifts of insight and wisdom that I’m happy to share with you. If you could let me know just a little about what your problems are, I will respond as best I can. Cheers.

    2. So I’m very spiritual and in tune with the earth. I was fishing at night at one of our major lakes and i kept getting the feeling to look by this big log on the ground i felt as if an Indian man was standing by it. So i decided to say a prayer for the ones who have passed away on the land and for the ones who’s souls are lost there. I got a feeling of relief so i enjoyed the rest of my night. On the way back home with the windows rolled down my ex stopped at a stop sign and out of nowhere this owl came swooping by my window onto the ground then flew up on the light post and so i told my ex to slowly drive by it and it stared me dead in the eyes so i had him back up and it made sure it had eye contact with me. I felt that the owl had to do with the prayer. I dont know if it was from the Indian man i kept sensing or because i prayed that the lost souls were to be released and cross over to the white light. A few nights later i went fishing and all of a sudden i hear an owl in the tree above me. Ive never came in counter with an owl besides looking at them through the glass at the zoo. Every since then ive felt as the owl should be apart of my life. Anyways what do you think that owl was from and why was there another one around me a few days later. Thank you

    3. Jennifer Manhart

      I saw that you had posted that you are an “Owl Type” and are gifted. I am trying to understand why, while meditating. , the image of a snowy owl peacefully descending while staring at me came forth. I am on a journey to find my soul’s purpose and believe it may have something to do with that.
      Thanks so much.
      Jennifer M 🙂

  119. I’m going through a long, drawn out divorce feeling completely crushed while at the same time grateful. I know that doesn’t make sense but I tried to figure out what was wrong for so long. There was extreme betrayal behind the scenes and intentional misleading that caused me to question myself over time. All the secrets are still hidden because so many others would be affected, most importantly the children. I am losing many people I thought loved me from my husband’s family. Years ago I moved away from my home area. Most of my family passed away since then. All I do is pray 24/7, try to focus on gratitude while thoughts run through my head of how unfair the whole situation is and ask for signs for my new path. Physically I have intense signs of stress and anger buried. A couple of days ago I was driving and a beautiful owl passed over me carrying a snake. I was amazed and I felt so happy when I saw it. Yesterday I was outside alone processing out grief. A shadow of a bird appeared on the ground moving in front of me and as I looked up (it felt like it took 2 minutes!) I saw a beautiful owl flying from behind me (East to West). It was so close ~ maybe 20 feet above me~ and it flew to the top of a tree a few hundred yards away. I knew it was a sign but wondered if it was good or bad. Then last night I dreamt that I was driving my car and made a right hand turn. A guy said you can’t go that way, then said oh yeah you are a guard so you can– but take a flashlight. Suddenly I was in a larger vehicle with others and someone warned us to tie our belongings down. We went up, up, up so high that we were going to topple over. All I could think of was how I hate rollercoasters! I don’t remember what happened next but I feel extremely anxious because I know things are about to change and I don’t know how. I need to trust and let go but it is hard to breathe. Any insights?

  120. Late last year i had my biological mother whom i had never met pass away.
    Ever since then i have been noticing more and more these sorts of things but with Crows.
    Sometimes it is full on, usually in the mornings, sometimes i can’t handle it but thinking back i know that they comfort me when i am feeling most Anxiety And Depression.
    This evening i was feeling very emotional around my life, my long term relationship ending around the same time i was contacted about my Mother. I had a psychic reading and she told me *i am a big believer always have been in spirituality, horoscope, magic, etc. Never have dabbled but always interested.
    She said that my mum is trying to help me but i have been very closed of as of late and i need to open up more via meditation so i can see and sense more.
    I am opening up to this world – was also something she said.. i am 24. I have been saying since the breakdown of my relationship that i feel like i’ve been pushed into a life that i don’t know almost as if i am reborn but in a positive way
    Tonight i sat by the water 10 mins from my house and as i left, an owl appeared out of no where on the road as i was driving (i live in a pretty populated suburban town by the way (weirdly enough no cars were around at this point) i felt it glance into my eyes almost as if it was reading my soul, i then put on the brakes and looked behind and it was gone.
    I remember the way i felt before this happened and how i feel now, and reading these comments has made me see maybe someone in my spiritual side is saying it’s ok.

    I would be very happy with any responses or any similar stories to mine. This is all very new to me,but i am very opening to it. I just hope i don’t freak people out in the meantime.

  121. This morning I was driving to work (it was still very dark and raining outside) and as I came up to the stop sign I saw something in the road. It took me a second to realize it was an owl and he was staring right at me. It looked like something was wrong with his feet/talons, so I put my car in park and slowly walked to him and was talking to him. He turned his head, looked at me straight in my eyes and flew off with what looked to be a mouse in his talons. It was amazing!
    What does that mean, especially since he/she was carrying prey?

  122. I just spent a lovely meditation playing with a wolf, then being wrapped in an owls wings. I felt safe, comfortable and nurtured here and with both animals. I’m new and learning a lot about spirituality, but can anyone offer me their thoughts on being nurtured by an owl? Many thanks!

    1. Heather Grahame

      Hi Amy, Owls are able to connect to those who have passed away (that is, are dead). The owl’s wings hugging you are the arms of someone loving and nurturing you from the other side. They are no longer in a physical body but they are still with you. In fact, sometimes our connection to people is ever stronger after they have died! All the best to you, Heather.

  123. I could use some insight for a dream I had a couple of nights ago. I was standing in a forest, blue sky, sun shining through the trees. A hawk was flying above me and got real close, then it landed on my shoulder and turned into a brown owl. It was calming then I became a bit overwhelmed with emotion. I’m at a loss on this one…

    1. The owl can sense your energy. I have had similar experiences three times. When I am feeling like I am at an all time low, the owl always reveals itself. You are blessed.

  124. Andrea Martinez

    I was driving today to work and an owl swoosh down in front of mey car and it was the most beautiful white owl I have seen…What does it mean because it was in the early morning when that happened…

  125. I had a dream of a baby brown owl with a bright red face, it was trying to get in my house. I was at the front door and it was flying close to the glass and pecking on it trying to get in. I thought it was so cute and called my partner into the room. We looked at the owl and how beautiful the markings were.. It was so cute but I was scared to let it in.

  126. Ever since I was, I guess, born there has been this owl following me. My mom said it started when I was only a few months old, she put me to sleep in my room, and she went into the other room, a few minutes later she heard me laughing and cooing, she walked into my room and saw the owl perched on my window staring at me, my mother shushed it away and picked me up. That’s when it all started. Ever since then my mother has heard it everywhere we went. I confessed to her a few ago that I had a strange feeling of someone watching me, and how I always heard but never saw this owl. That was when she told me about the incident. Once she told me, all I ever heard was that owl. I don’t understand what it means, but it’s been going on for 18 years already.

  127. I took a few tests and did some research and I have definitely concluded this is my spirit animal. I recall one day when I was 11 years old, I was with my father and we went up to this large out of the way hill to watch the air show(my dad loved airplanes, I didn’t but I loved bonding with him). The show concluded and we were walking back down from the hill when we passed a bush and this huge, beautiful owl flew out(it must have had its nest there) it spread its wings and soared a few feet in front of us, then landed on the ground in front of us. We were about 5 feet away from it and we were just frozen still. In complete awe of the bird, it was so large and beautiful. It never turned around to face us and we kept on moving as we didn’t want to disturb its family but I will never forget that encounter.

  128. ever since i was about 6 every were i go (alone or not) i ten to see the same little owl i know its the same because on the right wing its white and the rest its body its an brown color . i am now 15 years old and i’ve moved around (Florida ) and this beautiful bird is there mostly when i’m afraid,lost, or i need guidance . this owl have been the same size since i was 6 and haven’t grown at all its still the same baby owl it even came in my room once and stayed there while i slept till i woke up the next morning and did my hygene i saw my window open . i was about 10 at the time. if your wondering yes i told my mother about this bird and when i did she ask have i gone mad this was just a couple of weeks ago..i stared to think i was going mad,bunkers,extremely insane till the baby owl came to me one day while i was spending time with my back at the time “boyfriend” at my best friend birthday party. i was waiting to leave when the owl came on my shoulder and it was actually flying to were my boyfriend was showing me that he was cheating on me … but anyways this owl was actually a guide to me i still see the owl in life and in my dreams its more of a gardian than an Spirit to me and even tho i dont know why it chose me to guide in the world im just happy to say that it did

  129. I woke up in the early morning hours and could hear an owl hooting nearby. It went on for quite some time. When I fell back asleep, I had the oddest dream. There was a young man who was coming and going from a window in my house as people in the dining room were playing a board game about a flooded city. When I left to go find the boy that kept coming in the window, I found a teenage girl who was complaining of abdominal pains. A neighbor told me she was cursed and we should get her to another neighbor who lives nearby. That woman pulled the curse from her, and it came out of her mouth in the form of 4 slimy looking balls, sorta like a fresh mozzarella ball. It was crazy. A few days ago, my mother in law had surgery to remove a large mass in her abdomen but beforehand, they drained 4 liters of fluid from it. Sorry to gross everyone out, but this is the only connection I can make to anything in this bizarre dream. But, I do think the owl is my spirit animal, since I’ve seen several more in the last few hours after getting up. Seem to be popping up everywhere. AND, I think the owl brought me this dream for some reason. Wish I knew why. Any suggestions?

    1. Heather Grahame

      Owls often represent those close to us who have passed away, and owl people have the ability to connect to the dead. When I read your comment, the word “law” keeps standing out as extremely important. The person you know who has passed away, were they a lawyer? If so, they are trying to communicate with you and offer you their wisdom and advice. Best of luck.

  130. An owl has sat on the corner of the roof above my bedroom 2 nights in the week now, I’m just wondering what this could mean?

  131. Hi,

    Thanks for your interesting webpage.
    Last night I had a very strange dream. I was in a forest, the sky above me was full of flying owls. I felt I had to chooe mine, as a messanger. So I left my hands toward the sky and made the uhh uhh sound..3 owls came down and sit on my hands…one on the left and 2 on the right.
    I looked at them and I decide to choose the one on my left..because he had a white ladybug on his head..
    I am so curious to discover the meaning of this dream…do you have any ideas?
    thanks again!

    1. I think it means that you need to trust your gifts. Be grateful for your bounty and don’t search for ‘more’.

  132. I am going through a very high conflict divorce (3.5 years) with someone who refuses to be reasonable and just let go of things. At one point he asked if we could talk, I agreed and he drove me out to the waters edge in a parking lot and we sat and talked or I listened rather. From the moment we got there until the moment we left there was an owl sitting on a cut off telephone pole just to the right of me about 100 feet away. I believe that this is my totem animal, and that the owl was there to provide me the strength I needed that day. All of the attributes of the owl and its meaning have proven themselves quite true.

  133. Last night around 12 midnight I went for a smoke before bed. My smoking room in a screened in cedar outdoor porch. In the corner off my eye I seen a rapid flap of wings. I quickly turned on the light and there was a young great horned owl sitting on a chain of a old Quartz crystal lamp shape. I felt incredible positive energy from the young owl. I went inside grabbed my iPod and took pictures of it. I sat with the owl for 20 minutes and stared into his eyes. It was incredible and I felt an unique energy from it.

  134. Hi I just had a friend ask me what seeing two owls mean.This friend has a friend who is heavily pregnant and she saugh two owls.I thought two owls was unusual hope you can help.Thank you in advance.Carol

  135. yesterday night I was watching 4 deer out my window. they gently dig through the snow to get to the grass to feed. all of a sudden a bluish gray owl flew down from what I think was the roof, he bite my finger as he flew inside my room. it took an hour to get him to fly back out the window. why would an owl bite my finger in the dead of winter at 12:00am in the morning? is this once in a life time thing trying to tell me something?

  136. I recently two days ago found a dead owl..white with golden brown on it. It was stuck under a branch. All intact no blood eyes open. Perfect condition. I left some tobacco and said a prayer. Wondering what this means…if it means anything significant at all.

  137. Today. .in the evening i had a dream about an owl chasing me ..I was standing on the roof of my house suddenly an owl came flying ,passed by me,But saw me and came back taking a U Turn :/ Then i walked away to get rid of it but that owl was ❓ continuously following me..I walked in my house but found him there too Staring at me .. then i went to my bedroom to hide bt he reached there too ..Sat comfortably and again stared at me. . Erghhh.. Please tell me what does this mean ? That owl was Quite and Not attacking me.. i also dint attacked just got scared ❓

  138. I had a dream last year, where I was talking to my maternal uncles, and was unhappy. As I briskly stood up to leave, I fell into a large expansive green field surrounded by trees. On those trees were many many small owls. They were watching me walk happily across the field. It seemed quite peaceful, but the owls, they continued watching me. Not sure what this means.

  139. This evening we drove down to our daughters , on the way there a white owl glided across the road in front of us, low and slow, so much I was wishing it a safe crossing as we feared for it safety,
    then on our way home we saw a unbelievable sight, at first one large owl sat on a fence post at the side of the road, as we drove past it he/she turn its head and looked at us as we drove past,
    a few seconds later, we saw a second owl, then a next one and a next one till we had seen a row of four then a next two one after the other, 🙄 all along the same road sat on the same row of fencing over 1000 ft, each one turned and looked at us, is there a meaning to this or was it a weird coincidence!!. 🙄

    1. Omg!!!!! This just happen to me it was in the afternoon around 3ish??? What does this mean

  140. There were 6 people in my house. It was about 9-10 pm. We heard te hoots several times. We walked outside and an owl was on the peak of the roof. The sky was clear with lots of stars. We were standing on the drive way close to the garage. All the sudden the owl flew off and kinda swooped us and the there was a clap of lightning. The Lightning made my husband literally fall to the ground. The rest of us were standing close to him, but he is the only one who felt it. A few weeks later I found out how unfaithful he had been and had a six year old daughter that I knew nothing about. I’ll never forget the owl encounter!

  141. Hi, have visited my friends terrace on saturday night… I have seen white owl flying twice…. can you please tell me what does it means…….

  142. I had a dream where I was walking along a footpath and there was an owl a few steps behind me just sitting there, I knew it was there and I could feel it was, someone came up to me and asked me about the owl so I turned towards the owl to explain he was sad when he flew towards me and perched on my arm and I could feel he only trusted me and wanted my help, I was scared because I thought his talons would tear my arm but nothing happened.. Eventually some type of owl person came along to get him and he went with this person but up until this point he never once left my arm… Any idea what it means?

  143. I had a dream last night of an owl. I’ve never dreamt of one before. Here’s what happened…. My mother, my mom’s sister, my brother, my boyfriend and myself where in this public place, like a mall, but nobody else was there except us. I remember being lost in thought for a second, and here comes this owl flying, and It landed about ten feet from us. I remember staring at it and was amazed that it was here, especially since it was day time. So it flew over and it landed on my brother’s hand for a split second and then it flew and landed on a branch. The Next thing it does, it begins to go to each family member of mine, and it would kiss them on their upper arms with its beak. So finally it flies over to me, and it begins to kiss my left arm. I remember looking at how beautiful it was. It was soft, and it was black and white, but it looked grey. Then it begins to bite my arm. I began to get bothered by this. I remember grabbing it a couple of times off my arm, and its claws would sink into my hands. Then it began attacking my hands. At this point I started to get extremely angry. I remember thinking to myself, “Why is this owl attacking me? Why didn’t it attack anyone else?” So now I grabbed it by its neck, and then suddenly, we all appeard at my childhood house. I opened the front door, and the owl is still trying to bite my hands, and it’s sinking its claws in my hand, and I remember squeezing it harder by its throat and flung it outside. It landed on its back and we just stared at each other for a moment. It was like he was telepathically letting me know he was going to get me back for doing that to him. I walked back inside and shut the door. I finally looked down at my hands and there were deep puncture wounds all over them, but there was no blood coming out. I woke up after that.

  144. In September 2014, I had fallen asleep on my couch in my apt that is located downtown fort worth. Around 1 am I heard a scratching noise at my balcony door. My balcony does not have a patio, only a small ,maybe 10 inch, gap between the door and the Juliet balcony. I grew up out in East ttc so in my sleep thoughts I told myself the scratching noise is probably the wind blowing the trees against the window…. then I realized wait I live downtown there isn’t a single tree near my apt and the scratching became more violent, so I got up off the couch nervous about what I would see. I leaned over the love seat to see what it was and I was in complete shock… there was an owl trapped between the railing and my balcony door (in that gap of only maybe 10 in) it was flapping its wings frantically and it was scratching the door with such intensity. When I first saw it we made direct eye contact and I was breathless and panicked a bit… I decided I had to take a picture of it because I could barely believe what I was seeing…after I took the picture the owl was still freaking out and flapping its wings with such intensity, that’s when I thought to myself “what am I suppose to do I don’t want it to get hurt but If I open the door the only place it would be able to go was in so I calmed myself down and told myself “let it be it will figure it out” so I went back to sleep even though I heard it struggle for a couple more minutes, when I woke up a few hours later, the owl was gone not a single scratch on the glass nor a feather left behind. I know if I wouldn’t have taken pictures nobody would’ve believed me I’m not sure I would’ve believed me even though I saw it with my own eyes… it was just very peculiar that an owl got trapped on my balcony in the middle of a busy downtown where there isn’t wildlife… thoughts?

  145. About a week ago I had a dream that has not necessarily been “haunting” me, but provoking my interpretation like no other dream I’ve had before. The Owl was prominent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I dreamed I was in a lush forest, vibrant green leaves were in abundance among the trees. It was daytime, though no sun actually pierced the canopy of the trees. Two waterfalls, small and rolling over moss-covered rocks lead into a calm and clear stream, and as I watched it from the falls to my feet I realized I was standing on large grey stones. They felt almost spongy, like the moss among the falls. It was then I was visited by the first Owl, a whitish-grey one that was only present, I never interacted with it in any way. (I have little encounters with Owls, only seeing one 10 or so years ago on a trip into Manitoba). After seeing the first Owl, I watched it for a time. I was then visited by two more Owls, an amber colored one with a small round face that watched me from a branch to the right side of me and a fatter brown one with yellow feathers protruding above it’s eyes like horns, swooping down towards me. I was not scared, and stretched out my arm. It landed on my arm, and ran up the length of it and across my shoulders, the talons almost tickled as they made their way back to my outstretched right arm, I smiled. It seemed to shift, adjusting it’s wings and when I looked at it’s talons they appeared to be part of my arm like a tattoo of sorts. I looked to where the amber Owl sat, and it’s gaze remained fixed on me.

    The forest I was in seemed to shift, I looked back to the brown Owl and it was seemed to be watching the darker part of the woods in front of me. The forest shifted again, and I was in an unfamiliar house, standing in between the kitchen and living room, in front of a dark hallway. The living room was well-lit with sunlight entering in from the sheer covered window, what looked to be a residential street was outside. Both the living room and kitchen were very basic, the kitchen containing only a small table and chairs, a fridge, and a long counter. The brown Owl was still on my arm, and it adjusted it’s wings again. The white Owl was underneath the kitchen table, it appeared smaller than it was before. The amber Owl with the small round face was on top of the fridge, again to my right side slightly above me like in the forest. I felt this gnawing need to show someone the Owl on my arm, and felt there had to be someone in the house. I walked partway down the long hallway, and there was one open bedroom to my left. It was dark inside, as if there was no windows, but I could see a desk with nondescript clutter and a mattress sitting in the corner on top a box spring. There was a blanket in disarray, as if someone had recently been laying in the bed. The brown Owl stretched out its wings, and as I went to rest it on the bed, my hand reached out to the blanket.

    I was surprised to feel a leg underneath the blanket, touching it just above the ankle. It recoiled, and frightened me. The Owl sprang up from my arm, and the sound of it’s wings flapping filled the air. I quickly backed out of the room, standing back in the kitchen as I waited for a voice to ask “Who’s there?” or some sort of reprimanding for startling the unknown sleeper. No response came and I stood in complete silence. I looked to where the white Owl was, and it was still underneath the table, it’s back facing me. I looked then to the amber Owl on top the fridge, and it was still looking straight at me, it’s head turning to the side.

    Then I woke up.

    – I am at a period of great transition in my life, leaving a place of work I have spent the greater part of my life in, and may be moving from the town I grew up in. I am lead to wonder what the waterfalls, the stream, and three Owls represent in my dream because I have a friend who I grew up with lose his mother due to cancer 2 years ago, and he was stricken to a wheelchair 8-9 years ago due to a bone disease. After her passing his family has crumbled in a way, leading him to almost be neglected to what I felt was a point of abuse. Could the person on the bed and my recoiling be a message leading me to help him out? On the other hand, my first true love, who lives in the city I was planning on moving to has been going through a rough time. She had been a victim of rape a few years ago, and went through pregnancy single, being forced by circumstance to give her child up for open adoption. The unfamiliar house leads me to think it is a representation of the new city, the person on the bed perhaps being sick in body, but representing the darkness left in her soul. I am at a crossroads, maybe why the two waterfalls lead to one stream? Representing both the situations I currently find myself in? Could it mean I may find a way to solve them both, given that the sick friend has family in Calgary, where I’m aiming to move, as well as my love?

    I am sorry for the long post, but I appreciate your taking the time to read it, and would be very grateful for any insight.

  146. Owls have been my totem for at least 14 years. I have chronic illnesses, autoimmune issues, and it helps me to remember what the Owl signifies, because it can be very hard.
    I have fallen into depression after the end of a long relationship & the death of my grandparents. it’s like I’m frozen & don’t take comfort in my spiritually life anyy feelings for so long, & that’s not like Me because I am definitely a water spirit & moon child. Lately I feel like I’m slowly climbing out of it.
    I always ask for signs and help from my guides my spirit my totems and my ancestors, But I don’t feel them around and I think it’s because I am blocking that part of me. I used to be so open to it and feel the presence of my ancestors are totems and in the last year I haven’t been able to. What can you suggest that I do?
    I had a dream last night about a great gray owl, ; My parents bought it for me as a pet. There’s something special or significant about that owl? Thank you. I also recently aquired the jaguar totem; It must be helping me out and the status called and solitary time. I hope to honor them both.

  147. I was walking my dog at 11:00 pm. I saw a bird flap from one wire to another just across the street ..maybe six strides walking. I thought at first what is a
    seagull out at this time of night? \then it’s flapping I thought an eagle. It was an owl. In a suburban area? It landed on the tele wire and stared at me. I have been camping before…never saw one. Suburban area? I have experienced the paranormal and from what I read I now know my calling.
    To be an addiction counsellor. Funny I was already taking a course in that. Now I am totally convinced. Really? An owl in a suburban area? 😀

  148. We have all been fighting off sicknesses in my family and in our household. My mom has been praying for a sign from her Mother (my grandma) that everything will be ok, she prayed the rosary again this morning. When my husband went to bring out the garbage he spotted a white snow owl perched on our roof. He snapped off about 7 pictures of it. It didn’t make noise, but just perched and observed for a few minutes. Once my husband went in the garage and came out – it was gone. I really hope this is a sign of good fortune vs. the other alternative. Both me and my mom have MS, my 4 year old son has allergy/asthmatic type issues, and my aunt is battling lung cancer. Hoping this is a sign of good fortune!

  149. Hi..I don’t really know what this would mean but I had a close encounter with an owl for the second time in my life. It was late on 13th of December when I took my sponge box to bath. I had to go behind the house to check on my cloths kept on wire. When I walk out of the apartment to walk down the compound, I saw a owl standing on the fence..Looking straight at me and I was looking straight at it too. I was scared and the owl was so comfortable looking at me. I screamed and it didn’t still fly away. I ran inside to call a younger brother and he came looking at it too then my sister was coming to see it and it flew away. Does this have any meaning?

  150. I have seen 4 owls at night in less than a week. All one my way home… 3 of them were 3 nights in a row… i don’t know what to think..

  151. I had a very interesting day as I was on my way into town and had an owl fly in front of my truck. Then in the afternoon, there was a snowy owl on a telephone pole. I have had owls show up often but it had been quite a bit since the last sighting. I also witnessed a total of 7 shooting stars today. 5 this AM and 2 tonight. A pretty special day through and through. 😀

  152. The owls that are seen near your home are your Ancestors protecting you, a white owl specially is the known one as the warning of death in winter.
    during the spring time to summer it would be the great horn owl, if the owl talks to you (makes their sound) then that would be considered a warning of death
    another symbol in native culture is when the sky is pink, someone sick/ill will become deceased.

  153. My 26 year old son passed away in Aug. do to overdose. I have been in such a depression. Always looking for a sign from him. The other day I was driving in the early morning about
    1 hr before sunrise. I was crying and asked my son for a sign to let me know he was with me. I came to a stop light turned on the country road. It wasn’t 10 seconds after I asked
    my son to give me a sign. To my left I saw a shadow come out of the woods and this large owl flew to my car, lowered himself in front of my car flying for several seconds in front
    of car and then flew off to my right. I was in awe. Have you heard of this before. Do you think it could be a sign or I am just looking to hard for a sign.

    1. Diane, that was definitely your son. Read my totem on the Wasp I just wrote last night.

      When you are given a sign, especially when you asked, please do not doubt when it is given to you. I know our rational minds like to rationalize those things away, but realize that Spirit uses what is in the natural world to communicate with us in ways we can see and hear. Rest assured that was definitely him, he knows you have been having a hard time and he has been watching over you. I know it doesn’t take away the pain, but hopefully some comfort to know it was him.

    2. Definitely your son. My best friend passed away October 9, 2014 from cancer. He was 36. My “big brother” for 18 years. I have been seeing owls quite a bit since he died. Close up and intense interactions. Owls are protectors of passed souls and Native American lore suggests that the owl is the animal able to connect with both the world of the living and the afterlife, bringing messages between the two. I’m finding a lot of comfort in a heartbreaking time knowing that my buddy is not only protected but sending messages in such a cool way. I have a whole new fascination with owls. Take comfort in your visitor, and I wish you peace.

    3. my son passed away in nov. thanksgiving night to a over dose to I ask to have a sign me to have seen a owl two times and would hear them at night and in the morning. I hope it is the sign to. after reading your story, I know it has to be my son was 35 yrs old.

    4. Hi there, was interested in your story. Firstly, without a doubt this is an intense sign with a message empowered by the immediacy of ten seconds and unusual flight pattern. This suggests your son’s most prominent spirit animal is an owl, as the immediate unlikely appearance is so directive. You should read about the beauty and magic of the owl. These are special, spiritually in tune people who have a strong owl in them. I think the context of the way he died is important to express some more details as it almost seems to do an injustice to the spirit of the owl to only describe the tragedy as ‘an overdose’. Do you know what context/how he died/what drug/whether he may have been suffering with highly debilitating pressures/depression/anxiety to risk this situation? It is not very owl like so is powerfully important. He may have a message for you to deduce. Please do reply, I hope I can provide some further insight and bring you some peace perhaps. Sarah x

  154. I recently had the grate honor of nursing a african wood owl back to life and the love that bird pulled out of me when i looked into its eyes was amazing. I really love my dogs, kids, wife etc. but nothing felt like that. I found it on my trailer between some boxes when i drove to Zambia. Since i found it and fed it with a straw and eventually pieces of meat and chicken, he never once tried to bite me. It slept for a few days on my bed at my feet and eventually i could release it into the wild. The night i released it i heard another owl in the distance. I since have seen other owls and for some reason really love these birds. It must mean something in my life?

    Thanks for sharing

  155. I.ve been sencing and seeing Owl since earlier in the year in many shapes and form .and just a few days ago I was amazed to see what appeared to be an owl flying overhead in front of me as I turned into my neighbourhood. As I was driving the bird flew in a lazely manner just overhead in full view an close enough to see the heaviness and definition of it’s feathering. Whay really amazed me about this encounter was that this bird just seemed to fly in such a manner of prompting me to follow it- so I did for bit with the bird always stayimg in full view until it took a direction in which my car was unable to go. Just before visiting your sight this morning I had meditated and just at the very end of that meditation I saw a full image of an owl in a standing poisition- so I then thought why not go online and see what I could match up with my owl encounters. Well the rest was self explanatory for me after reading the caption in the box at the top of this page indicating listening to my inner voice, whatching for the signs that are guiding me forward and remembering what I already know from my life experiences thus far. Thank you OWL and thank you to this sight. Love and Light.

    1. Hello, my name’s Rebecca, I would like to ask what other insights did you have, I had a similar experience on the 17th, @ approximately 6:30 pm. I mean very similar, on my way home, only I was on the passenger side and the outcome, well, I only feel comfortable sharing that part if you are interested, cause this was quite an experience that I feel has very powerful meaning. I alsi can apply the direct meanings of what I have been researching, but I feel that there is more to this message, and wound up here. With all respect and blessings, I wish the same love and light, and I my biggest surprise was how close this encounter was. On a spiritual level, I have no idea where your location is and it doesn’t really matter, but somehow you put into words so very close to my experience, and I was mesmerized, and apparently prompted towards here! So just reading your encounter was a trip, and thanks again to you, the owls, nature and our God above. Would love to hear more of your experience as well. 🙂

  156. I was trimming a palm tree in my backyard and out flies what I thought at the time was a hawk. The next day I am watering my grass by the same trees and thought to look up and see if the hawk was in my tree again. The first time I looked and saw nothing. I looked again and saw these huge yellow eyes staring back at me. I have a ‘Great Horned Owl’ living in my tree. It leaves at dusk and has returned at dawn for the past two weeks. I feel so blessed to be graced by its presences and I believe that the owl means something to my life that is very personal and significant. Certainly, viewing it in such close proximity to my home makes me feel special. I am very thankful and hope that everyone would be so lucky to have this magnificent creature in their presences. PEACE

    1. I became so excited about my Owl in my tree that I told some friends and one came by an viewed it Thursday last week. The next day the Owl did not return 🙁 The ‘Great Horned Owl’ did not return for seven (7) days until I was cleaning my pool this morning and looked up in the palm tree and saw its silhouette! I believe that this is a sign of a deeper understanding of issue’s in my life. Clairvoyance, vision, and unmasking situations to reveal the truth! For this magnificent animal to return is everything I hoped and wished for. Again, to see this bird of prey so close to pick out the design of its plumage…………..WONDERFUL! To Rebecca………..I live in California, and I can tell you I am not one to write on websites, I could not stop myself from shouting-out this experience! PEACE

    2. To JLIMOK… Thank you for the “shout out” (by the way, i get it! lol ) As I read it, it was neat to see a response cause i also am not one to post on websites, but instantly made me smile cause I often hear the hootin of owl conversations (between owls here in the swamp) and always feel so special to be involved in their talk! Hard to describe in words 🙂 but for some reason this most recent experience was very different, n just so happened to lead me to this site, n well, here we are! 🙂 I am in Florida. I am also hoping these close encounters will show me some special meanings as well, but just the experiences have been exceptional. I especially like how you saw the shadow, very cool. I just read a thing about “there is no shadow without sunshine”! And how you got your visits while u were trimming palm trees is really neat cause u would think they would fly away but they must of obviously approved and were watching, I do landscaping by trade and with much respect towards nature so I see as the owl was overseeing And approving by giving you even a glimpse of itself! How cool and I swear I could feel your sense of joy! Again, hard to explain in words, but I got it from how you put it! Thank you, n glad to know there’s others that appreciate such things! 🙂 (P.S. as I was proofreading saw u said “silhouette not shadow, but anyways, I still get it, hope you know what I meant 🙂 well, mostly, very cool, very special regardless!) Peace to you as well! 🙂

    3. I have been seeing quite a few animals over the past few months. I have Owls come to my back yard a few times per month. I feel they are telling me something. I had a snake show up yesterday and a small Bird made it’s way into my home. Last month a Falcon showed up. Still trying to figure out what all this means. Here is a video of the owls. I have more videos of Owls so if you like the one you see just click my name for many more animals totem videos. I have videos of Fairies in my trees as well. Peace and God bless everyone.
      I hope this owl video makes your day. http://youtu.be/lLzso1w-1YM?list=UUo7Do3CPcdUgA42CSraMs2g 😛

  157. I keep hearing an owl at night, it must be very close outside. I’m going to look in the trees tomorrow to see if I can see him. I’m wondering what he’s trying to tell me?

  158. I woke up this morning and went on with my normal activities and went outside for a couple minutes and there was a Snowy Owl sitting on the Dumpster not even 5 meters away and it stared right at me and was surrounded by Magpies. What does this mean everyone keeps telling me someone is going to die?

  159. Maybe you can help me interpret my dream. The first dream I had was an owl flying above me, looking down at me. It looked like an barn owl, beautiful white face with light brown wings. I then tried to find this owl in my dream and as I reached it, it transformed into a black woman. The second dream which was about 2 weeks later, was the same. I was lying down and this same owl flew above me, looking at me. Your help would be appreciated. Txs

  160. Hello… i had a dream of two owls last night. One gigantic great horned owl following me around and wanting attention the entire time. And a barn owl sitting on my shoulder purring in my ear(i dont why it would purr like my cats). They were both so friendly I couldn’t believe it. Can you tell me the possible meaning of my dream? Thanks so much!!!!

  161. Hi, I dreamt about a giant owl saving me and a couple other people. We were in some kind of small enclosed playground. The owl asked for my soul, but I refused and for some reason it became hostile so I ran and escaped into a building full of demons. What could this mean?

    1. You refused the owl carrying your spirit to heaven. The owl became hostile because it knew you were making a bad decision. Since owls can’t talk it was telling you best it could. But you freaked out and ran to hell. There’s it is.

  162. I’ve always been very impacted by my dreams, they are so vivid and real. When I wake from some of my dreams I mourn the companion I had in them. That being said, I had a dream last night where I was walking in the woods late at night with enough moonlight for me to see. As I was walking I got swarmed by four owls. They dive towards me and frighten me one after another. When the last owl swoops towards me, I reach out and gently grab it. Not enough to bind it but instead of flying off it flopped in my grasp for a moment, repositioned itself and perched on my right arm. From then on, it was my companion. I was fascinated by its beauty. It was a beautiful snowy owl with a defined face similar to a barn owl. It would fly overhead as we walked or simply stay perched on my right shoulder. Everywhere I went it was there with me as a comfort and as a guide. It hated being inside though, and no matter where we went we couldn’t stay long as my companion grew restless and uncomfortable. It was so uncomfortable that if I didn’t leave with it, it would be willing to leave without me. Fearing that I would be without it’s company, I always left before it came to that. The rest of the dream grew fuzzy and I only remember the owl flying over a deep and dark trench with metal beams that had uprooted or fallen. I don’t remember how it ended I only remember waking up feeling grief and sadness that I was alone and without it’s presence.

  163. Last night I dream’t of flying in a very small, very open air plane kind of like a glider with my Father who passed away last year. We flew close over water and there were men jumping around as if playing in the water and there were so many white owls flying around and the guys were trying to catch them…and seem to be having fun. Then I woke up. Normally, my dreams never make sense, and I rarely pay attention to them. But this one is different. I feel this one is significant. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks you

    1. Hi Anne – if this were my dream, I would feel that I had been taken to another plane of existence, and was being shown that I have many, many opportunities in my life to gain inner wisdom and knowingness, and have fun doing so. Perhaps the opportunities having to do with expressing my emotions.

    2. Dawn Thank you for your kind reply. In trying to sort out my dream, I am wondering if the part of my dream with my Father flying together over water along with all the white owls is a sign from my Dad to move on and that everything is going to be okay. His death was extremely difficult and I am in fact in limbo about moving and finding employment…etc. I had to quit my job a few years ago to take care of him. I see white owls as a very positive thing and seeing do many flying out if the water might represent the mulitude of possibilities ahead? As for the men jumping out if the water trying to catch them…hmmm could it mean someone is trying to interfere …or could it mean along with many opportunities…a man in my future as well? 🙂

  164. Hi my name Tara, it been three weeks now. The borrowing owl has been visiting me. When it come around me it make a sound so I can notice it. One day it was dancing in my parking lot @work when it saw me. Yesterday night I felt asleep for a few seconds, it so how made me see myself sleeping and woke me up. But I saw it through the owl eyes. Then it lead me to the owl and we made contact and it flew away. It’s weird but hard to explain. But their eyes are big and amazing to see through.

  165. Hi There,
    I had a beautiful dream last night with an owl and some magpies.
    The magpies were swooping at different people and they seemed quite territorial.
    The owl appeared to be in a tree and then came and sat right next to me. He was beautiful and warm and friendly. He wanted me to take a photo of him and when I did, his face transformed in a little girl.
    Right at the end of the dream, a magpie was swooping towards me, it was dark and I couldnt see him very well. The next moment I knew, I had caught him btwn my legs.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    Much Love,

  166. I met a woman today who was a clairvoyant. I’ve never had any readings and she wasn’t reading me, she just mentioned after we’d been talking for a while that I have a very large Owl with me and she thought it might be my animal spirit guide. She got goosebumps after she shared that with me. She also said there was a Black Panther which she said she did not know the meaning of. She said I should research on my own. I wonder how do I go about having a full animal-totem reading and how do I begin to understand what the meanings of these two creatures might be for me symbolically? PS:: The brief research I did today left me a bit speechless—many lifelong parallels.

  167. Sieglinde EagleWomen

    I love all the information about the Owl They where back last night or morning Hours have 2 of them visiting for 3 days -Nights now Thank you will read this again. I feel there is an Area where I need to let go and trust. I often see through people and there motives and ways so I have a hard time trusting and it has been very frustrating since everywhere you and places you deal with wont to push and control and get your energy and money and time. WOW I never seen it this bad. So listening to what message they are bringing.

  168. In a meditation I had the other day, I was shifting landscapes and wound up in a somewhat dark forest, but my visibility seemed unaffected. As I was walking through the forest, I was extremely conscious of a presence at my side, and looking down to my left, saw a grey wolf walking alongside me. It didn’t meet my gaze, but rather kept a calm, steady pace. As I looked up again, I saw a large great-horned owl sitting on the branch directly in front of me. It was gold and shined like gold does when exposed to sunlight, even though we seemed to be in the depths of the forest. We held each other’s stare for a really long time until I slipped out of my meditative state. Another time, I sat down and began to meditate again to better understand the meaning of the gold owl. This time, however, when the wolf brought me to the gold owl, it seemed a little shocked to see me and flew away. I, however, thought it peculiar and felt the presence of the owl still, so I concentrated my eyes on the space where the gold owl had previously sat. Soon, the top corner part of the owl’s head began to appear, and I realized it was hiding behind a sort of mirror or invisibility cloak, I guess. It eventually revealed itself fully and my meditation ended once again. What is really strange was the feeling as though I had taken the owl off-guard or as if I had somehow invaded its privacy originally, yet, once it peaked out from behind the mirror or cloak, there was a light humor to it, almost as if the owl was telling me “I knew you could do it.”

    I do see owls occasionally and they even appear in my dreams, but they always seem to be flying away. In seeing them fly away, I often feel a sense of farewell coupled with wonder. I’ve done my best to analyze and interpret, but would love to hear another’s interpretation.

    1. Hello Tara: To understand more fully the meaning of your Golden Owl research the color Gold’s symbolism and combine it with the wisdom of Owl. Recognize that the presence of the Grey Wolf (The Teacher) is significant in this as well. My own instincts say that the playful elusiveness of the Golden Owl is a lesson to be learned with regards to manifesting the flow of supply that you desire in life.

  169. I was sitting on my porch. I had a few beers but not enough to imagine this. I live in waaaay south texas. I see a white bird flying in the distance so I stand up and go to the rail of my balcony, it flies in my direction, white owl. Looks straight at me as it flies over the apartments above me. Never seen it before. Although I used to live a block away and we suspected an owl attacked my others chihuahua, he was all tore up, over two years ago. My mother swears it was an owl but i scoffed. I grew up touring pow wows, never paid attention to the meaning of an owl especially a white one but i know it happened for a reason, meaning?

    1. Hello Tes: The Snowy Owl is suggesting it is time to get in touch with your own personal spirituality. This Owl is signifying a great change within you and an emerging gift of prophesy.

  170. I had a dream I was killed by a drug dealer, then I was sitting watching traffic go past. A rabbit came and sat next me on my right. Then an owl on my left. The owl turned to me and said “everyday countless hairs are gained and lost on a man’s head. But a man’s head of hair can last a lifetime” I burst into tears, started fading away and then woke up. This dreams stuck with me for a while now

  171. 3:00 am I was driving and in the middle of the road was a white owl hopping. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I got close to it with my lights shining on it. It hopped quite a ways then swooped off. I figured it just ate something and couldn’t fly right away. I was telling my husband about it when he told me he has only seen a white owl in our country once when he was a boy. He said he thought it symbolized something bad. I sure hope not.

    1. I forgot to add that I hear one screech and sometimes howl at night for the past 2 weeks. Not every night but several times a week I hear one.

    2. Hello Guidance: Snowy Owls carry the Owl energy with the added benefits of perfect timing in bridging the physical world and the spirit world. In other words, they know when to work from the physical plane and when to focus on the spiritual aspects. In your case I would say that the Owl is reminding you to stay balanced between the physical and the spiritual.

    3. Well mine was my dad told me just this morning that he saw an owl standing outisde my room, mainly the veranda. Then I asked my dad what time did the owl showed up, then my dad said, “from 11 PM to 12 Midnight. As far as I can still remember, I woke up at 11+ PM because I went to the CR to take a pee. It’s sorta weird coz before I go to sleep at night, I was reading a Japanese Manga Comic entitled “QQ Sweeper,” that has an owl animal in the story. At the same time, as I was searching about owls, and I was kinda comparing it to the Jap Manga Comic I read, then it has similar meanings of an OWL. Hmm, I’m not so sure if you can say something about my situation but when I was sleeping and I really had a feeling that I could not wake up. I had a hard time waking up at that time. What does this mean? I need some proofs or evidences or theories or watchamacallthat? thanks! 🙂

  172. This morning while driving to work i stopped at a red light and after like a minute i looked to the left across the street there was a gas station and i saw on top of the roof on the right corner an owl standing stil all of a sudden it moved it’s head to the left , i looked to the left there was a second one all the way on the left corner of the roof .
    Than the light turned green and i had to go.

  173. Hi. I had a strange dream last night. My father died 4 years ago and I keep dreaming of him – sometimes he tells me things I think are important, sometimes we are just doing mundane things together.
    Last night I dreamt that in we were in the house talking and doing everyday things and then I walked out and looked up. It was broad daylight and very warm and nice out and I saw a big, beautiful owl on the balcony of our home. She had one blue eye in the center and the feathers around the eye were black. She was very peaceful and stared calmly at me. I was happy to have seen it in my dream. What could this possibly mean? Thank you.

    1. The owl is wisdom and clarity of vision. I am thinking that your message is that you need to communicate your wisdom and foresight. Share your knowledge.

  174. I was very upset the other nigh. I was setting on my porch crying. An owl flew up and sit in the tree. Didnt think anything about it. Till the next night i go to pick up my son its sitting on the fence. I come back home and its sitting in the same spot on the fence. Im getting freaked out

    1. Hello Misty; The Owl was letting you know that you must take the time to work out the why’s of your emotional turmoil. Only then can you heal the sadness within you.

  175. Early morning 2am I woke to the conversations of from what I could decifer 3 owls. Each taking its turn to speak as if holding ceremonial court. This went on for a good 3 to 5 minutes then suddenly a fourth, from the tone younger and eager, joined. This newer member was just outside my window. I could hear it rustling in the branches. Then after an additional 3 minutes or so went by, more rustling in the branches , then complete silence.
    I felt quite honored to be witness to this sacred circle but a twinge guilty for eavesdropping.
    Perhaps I was wakened for more than just to hear the beauty of these magnificent creatures. I wonder, was I meant to be included?

    1. Hello Tania: To hear the Owl is to hear new wisdom. Use your intuition when dealing with your friends and family. This is key to figuring out where they are coming from. Once you do that you will be able to use your inner wisdom to deal with them.

  176. Walking with White Owl

    🙂 My Indian/healer name is Walking with White Owl.
    I got my name in meditation when I was practicing some of the Shaman healing techniques.
    I was with my spirit guide “Snowy” a male white Snowy Owl that used to land on my right shoulder.
    This meditation he landed on my left shoulder which meant to me he was more of a permanent totem animal guide.
    At this point, I turned into a snowy owl and flew with him into the gorgious sky.
    Then many other Snowy Owls came and flew with us.
    As we flew back he landed on my shoulder again and said ” I’m Walking with White Owl” and I knew this was my Indian/healer name.

    Owls have showed up at my house, followed me to my friends house… I love all Owl People.

    We still work together, but I have graduated. I will always look warmly/fondly in remembrance of my friend and guide “Snowy”
    I can still call him when needed.
    I am grateful to you “Snowy” for the path you led me on and all the guides since then.

    1. Maybe you can tell me the meaning of this. I was driving over Douglas Pass in colorado in a blizzard. This was in the 90’s and came around a corner right at the top of the mountain. I had to slam on my brakes, I didn’t know wht they were at first. There were at least a hundred snowy owls fluttearing across the highway with one wing fully extended. They were as white as snow. Most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I probably sat there for 5 min watching them. They were just beautiful. I have been over that pass a hundred times, never seen anything but elk. I have seen many owls but to see this many snow owls was once in a life time expierience. I have never forgot this and have told many people about this. I really think there is some meaning to seeing all of these beautiful snowy owls. Maybe you can give me some thoughts on this. Thank you !

  177. i nor my boyfreind had never seen an owl before today .. ok so just lastnight me and my boyfreind where walking our dogs and we walked into this ally in between to big stores ,and he was busy tieing his shoe and out of no where this owl flew on top the building it seriously had a wing spand of at least 4 1/2 to 5 feet .it was white but had little horns i live in lakewood colorado.anyway it just stared at me.so i told my bf to look at it .he couldnt believe it he wanted me to take a picture so i grabbed out my phone,but it died so i was turning it back on and before i could even get the phone back on i looked up as he was flying away the same way he came from..and then i looked back at my phone and the time was 11:11i found this weird beings if you ever see tht time its when an angel is watching.i need some one elses opinion on why it was there?

    1. Hello Chantel: I would not be surprised that you Owl is an Angel bringing you the message that an energetic gateway is now open to you that is rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. The Owl is letting you know that you have to choose your thoughts wisely at this time and ensure that they match your desires. Don’t put any energy thinking about the things you are afraid of or you may just manifest them.

  178. I would like to share an experience that I had just last night. I went down to a lake close to my home, and was laying on a dock watching the stars. I hadn’t been laying there for probably 5 minutes when I sensed movement coming from my right. To my amazement a horned owl landed maybe four feet from me. When he landed I thought maybe it had not seen me, but then I watched it look straight at me.
    I lay there on the dock watching the owl watch me for about 20 minutes straight when a vehicle pulled in and someone got out walked around the car and climbed back in. The owl only slightly paid attention to the person and turned its sights back on me. I laid there for another 15 minutes with this magnificent creature looking at me like a long lost friend.
    My girlfriend then showed up and walked with in about 10 feet of my new friend before it took flight and couldn’t have been more than 18″ above my chest and face as it flew off into the night. I have lived in the wilderness all my life and never felt such a strange connection with an animal.
    So what is your opinion on this?
    Thanks for your time,

    1. Hello Eric: Pay special attention to the quotation box on this page for clues as to the direction Owl is nudging you. I believe in your case the Owl is letting you know it’s time to let something go in your past, so that you can clearly see your next step on your life path.

  179. Hello i also have a question and a story similar to the other person. I have actually encountered the same burrowing owl on a regular basis at the same exact spot. The first time i had to walk home from work which is about 4 miles! But i was walking and something made me turn to the side and not 3 feet away from me was a burrowing owl perched on a fence. It wasnt scared and it wasnt making any aggresive gestures. It just stared at me and we locked eyes for a long time before i kinda got scared and walked away. But almost everyday after that i would see it at that same spot. I actually quit my job to pursue something more spiritual and my Question was does the owl have any connection to Music? Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Robert: Read the first two paragraphs (especially the second) of this page. It’s time to let go of the things that no longer serve you and move forward toward a reality that i more suited toward manifesting your dreams. Owls are more about silence and listening to our inner voice rather than music.

  180. Silken Raven, perhaps you could provide me with some insight as to what this dream means. I envisioned an owl inside a house that shook its wings so fast that it created an image of two angels facing each other, blowing into trumpets. This was a haunting dream, and the owl is one that I have been seeing in real life quite frequently. It flies around the outside of my house sometimes, and the night before my dream it had jumped in front of my car pacing back and forth just as I was exiting my neighborhood. Since this dream and my several encounters, I have been fascinated; hence, why I am here reading about the owl. Any ideas?

    1. Hello Jeffrey: What an amazing dream! Houses in your dreams usually are representative of yourself. When you combine that with the Owl (inner vision and voice) manifesting the vision of trumpeting angels I would say that the dream is letting you know that you are on the verge of a massive breakthrough in your emotional and spiritual growth.

  181. I had a dream last night that I was with a playful, cute, happy owl. It was such a feel good dream. I was I think at a beach and I was able to rub this owls belly, it was like we were laughing and romping together. Any ideas what this meant?

    1. Hello Sandra: I believe the Owl in your dream is a symbol of new wisdom and the knowledge that you have transformed certain negative behaviors from the past into something that brings you closer to your life purpose.

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