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Someone close to you is deceiving you right now, and it may even be yourself. Dig deep and listen to your inner voice. It’s the only way to reveal the truth.

Owl Meaning and Messages

These birds love to sit quietly and still so that they can observe their surroundings. Therefore, the owl symbolism indicates that you may need to remove yourself from the noise of life. Take a moment to become meditative and silently observe your surroundings.  Moreover, slowing down and becoming stable will allow you to access the wealth of information and Owl meaning that surrounds you. Whenever this bird is present, it will share its ability to see what others may miss. In other words, the Owl meaning prompts you to open your eyes and honestly examine how things are. You will be surprised by what you can suddenly see. As an example, other people’s motives may now become clear to you. External appearances will give way to the truth and meaning hidden beneath.

Alternatively, the Owl symbolism comes to those who need to let go of some part of their life that is no longer needed. With this in mind, Owl symbolism cues you to listen carefully to your inner voice and guidance to recapture the knowledge of your correct path in life. This birds’ senses can pierce through shadows, beyond fear and darkness, through to the other side that promises light, happiness, and knowledge.

Barn Owl Symbolism

If Barn Owl symbolism turns up in your life, it’s time to do a personal inventory, and like the Roadrunner, make sure that you do not deny yourself the pleasures of life. In this way, by opening your heart and embracing everything, you can live your life to the fullest. Thus you are entering a period in which you are abundantly fulfilling your needs.

Alternatively, the Barn Owl meaning is insisting that you adapt to your current situation. Take the time to separate yourself from the external hubbub that surrounds you and reconnect with Spirit. Only then will you find the answers you seek and the way forward.

Barred Owl Meaning

When the Barred Owl shows up, it symbolizes the need for you to re-evaluate your competitive Nature. Co-operation is a far better solution to the rivalry you are currently experiencing. Move forward, confidently, with your new intentions.

Occasionally this bird reminds you that through grace and a gentle heart, you can weather any storm. If you need a break, return to Nature, and listen to the guidance you will find there.

Burrowing Owl Symbolism

If the Burrowing Owl makes an appearance, it’s time to take a good look at where you are going spiritually. In other words, taking things too seriously is not what this path is all about. Fill your life with humor and laughter, and your path to enlightenment should be no different. Thus you should ground yourself and have a good laugh at your austere antics.

Alternatively, this raptor, like the Cardinal, is insisting that you share your spiritual light with others. All it takes is a little bit of humorous storytelling for them to understand the point you are trying to make.

Great Horned Owl Meaning

With the appearance of the Great Horned Owl, it means that you must identify what your goals are and then take action fearlessly. In other words, you have been trying to move forward without actually having a specific direction in mind. Therefore it is time for you to set clear intentions.

Alternatively, the Owl meaning signifies that you need to set some boundaries with others. Bit by bit, they have been taking liberties with your generosity and are now invading your space. In other words, pay attention to body language and vocal characteristics of those around you so that you can discern their true intentions and put a stop to them.

Long-Eared Owl Symbolism

In this case, Long-Eared Owl symbolism represents a period of passionate creativity. It signifies that you have set clear intentions, and aggressively pursued your goals. Thus the message is that your dreams are coming to fruition.

Alternatively, this bird insists that you defend what you are trying to create by disallowing others to sabotage your efforts. Ignore them and keep up the excellent work.

Screech Owl Meaning

When this raptor shows up, like the Hyena, it represents your ability to maintain your authentic self in group activities. In other words, your decisions are your own, and any events you choose to participate in are because you wanted to and not because you felt you “have to.”

Alternatively, the Screech Owl meaning indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed by a task. However, like the Stick Bug, this bird insists that you change your perception of the job by breaking things down into smaller parts. Thus the task will become much more manageable for you.

Short-Eared Owl Symbolism

In the case of the Short-eared Owl symbolism appearing in your life, it is a reminder that any endeavor that you currently embark on will require a solid foundation of knowledge and preparation. In other words, enjoy the process without skipping any of the steps necessary. Thus you need to stay grounded in what you are doing.

Occasionally the appearance of this raptor is a sign that your senses should be on high alert at the moment. There are new perceptions and understandings available to you.

Snowy Owl Meaning

In this case, the Snowy Owl symbolism signifies that you must have a strategy to extricate yourself from the current situation. Moreover, with careful planning and a great deal of patience, you will be able to move forward and leave this situation behind you.

Alternatively, this great white bird is insisting that you use foresight in manifesting your desires. Be careful what you ask for, because you may well receive it. Thus you should make sure that you know what it is you are trying to manifest and set a clear intention to get there.

Owl Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Owl Totem will find themselves drawn to the dark and prefer to work during the night hours. For this reason, they have no fear of the occult, darkness, or magic and often have the gift of prophecy. These folks use their wisdom to extract secrets from those around them. They know how to listen to their inner voice. As a result, they will hear not what others are saying, but what they are thinking and feeling by detecting the subtleties of sound that others cannot understand.

Other people are unable to deceive these folks because they can see into the darkness of their souls. Most people with Owl totem are also clairvoyant because of this ability to observe and empathize. Since it can be terrifying at times, they have to learn to trust their instincts about people.

Barn Owl Totem

People with the Barn Owl totem, like the Octopus, always seem to get what they want. They are intelligent and resourceful, even when things get tough. Most folks with this spirit animal totem will be clairaudient, and they use it to tune into their guides and guardians. They are good at listening to others and picking up the nuances of the conversation. Thus they are good at “reading between the lines.”

Barred Owl Spirit Animal

People with the Barred Owl totem seek to create well-being and effortless operations wherever they go. They are amicable, cooperative, and willing to share just about everything they have. These charming and vivacious folks are liked by everyone they meet. They are also good actors that can change in and out of character quickly. These folks are born mediators.

Burrowing Owl Totem

People with the Burrowing Owl Totem, like the Cow, are well-grounded folks that have a good sense of humor. These folks will not hesitate to laugh at the world around them and at themselves. They understand the healing power of laughter and will set out to put a smile on everyone’s face. Folks with this power animal are patient in attaining their goals. They are also good at ambushing the things that they desire the most to achieve. You will never see them coming!

Great Horned Owl Power Animal

Folks that have this raptor as their power animal tend to be dignified and aloof.  Like the Camel, they are adaptable and can make any adjustments required on the fly. Like the Boar, these people know what their purpose in life is, and will unerringly focus on these goals. If they want something, they set out to get it, and more often than not, accomplish this goal quickly. People with the Great Horned Owl totem are also territorial, dominant, and attack life with great enthusiasm.

Long-Eared Owl Spirit Animal Totem

Creativity is the focus of the Long-Eared Owl person. They love to create and do so wholeheartedly at every opportunity. This trait makes them powerful manifesters and often single-minded in the pursuit of their goals. These people make compassionate and highly protective parents.

Screech Owl Totem

Like the Toucan, people with the Screech Owl totem are self-sufficient, self-contained, and yet will make choices that are best for all those involved instead of just for themselves. They are caring and sharing individuals. These folks are also territorial and will go to considerable extremes to protect what is theirs. They are also highly competitive.

Short-Eared Owl Power Animal

Folks with the Short-Eared Owl totem build their life on a solid foundation. These folks tend to invest their energy and time wisely and work well with their companions and partners. They are also cunning opportunists that are always in the right place at the right time. People with this spirit animal are curious, versatile, and have a passion for life. These inspirational folks awaken the imagination of others.

Snowy Owl Totem

People with the Snowy Owl totem live in both the physical realm and the spirit world. Thus they make influential spiritual leaders. These folks are mysterious and sometimes very disconcerting. These folks are very observant and conserve their energy until the perfect moment to act. Thus they have an excellent sense of timing. These people appear to be quiet and unassuming. People underestimate their strength and their ability to get the job done. Furthermore, they are catalysts for change in anyone who comes into contact with them.

Owl Dream Interpretation

When you have an Owl dream, it may be telling you that you need to let go of the past or specific negative behaviors.

If this bird of prey hoots in your dream, it is a message of disappointment and death. In other words, your unconscious mind may be trying to get your attention to your thoughts or actions in your waking life. These thoughts and actions are counterproductive to your spiritual goals.

To have a dead Owl dream is symbolic of some illness or death. Death, in this sense, is a symbolic Death as in a significant transition in life or the end of a harmful habit.

When the bird in your Owl dream is trying to peck your eyes out, it means that you lack insight somewhere in your waking life. There is an issue that you are trying desperately to avoid.

Barn Owl Dream

When you have a Barn Owl dream, it is an indication that you are avoiding the use of your higher senses. As a result, you are missing an opportunity that has subtly presented itself. In other words, instinctual action is necessary, and you are ignoring what you need to do.

Alternatively, the Barn Owl dream is a message that you will some progress towards your goals soon.

Barred Owl Vision

If you have a Barred Owl dream, it indicates that you are about to embark on a new phase or direction with your purpose in life. Thus you must take the time to explore the opportunities out there and choose one on which to focus.

Burrowing Owl Dream

When you have a Burrowing Owl dream, you are must focus on those that are closest to you. Someone is not telling you something or is hiding something that you need to know. Thus you may have to do some digging to find out what it is.

Great Horned Owl Vision

When this raptor presents itself in a vision, it reflects your need to let go of scarcity. In other words, by sharing what you have to share, you open the doors to abundance by making room for more. Alternatively, this bird signifies the coming of a happy celebration.

Long-Eared Owl Dream

When the Long-Eared Owl appears in your dreams, it represents secrets that are about to be revealed. These secrets can belong to you or someone else.  Either way, prepare yourself for a bit of a rough ride and significant changes

Occasionally this bird’s appearance in your vision portends a shift in how you perceive things. In other words, something that you believed to be certain is now on shaky ground.

Screech Owl Vision

When the Screech Owl announces itself in your vision, it is a message that you must listen – and read between the lines. Whatever people present to you, it is just a fraction of the truth. Thus you must make sure that you have the whole picture.

Sometimes this Owl appears in your vision when you do not perceive things correctly. In other words, look at things from several different perspectives until you find the right one.

Short-Eared Owl Dream

If the Short Eared Owl comes to you in a dream, it is a symbol of the wisdom that you have. For some reason, you have been ignoring the obvious. Take a good look at what is in front of you. Make sure that it is the right choice.

Snowy Owl Vision

When you have a Snowy Owl dream, like the Angelfish, it is a reminder that you are never alone and that many Guides and Angels always surround you. If this Owl speaks to you, it is a direct message from them. Do not worry if you cannot hear them or understand them. The message is clear for your soul. Alternatively, the appearance of this raptor in your vision symbolizes the need for clear intention. Thus you must evaluate your goals and revise your direction as needed.

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  1. I cannot find anything for Giant Grey Owl.
    Not here or on any other site.
    My encounter came during an hour long reiki session.
    Giant grey owl and a wolf were seen quite a few times each. Owl, wolf ,owl wolf owl wolf then a couple of wuick visions of a eagle in flight from a distance and then a parrot in flight from a distance but then returned to the wolf and the giant grey owl finishing with the wolf in a place that was not necessarily Earth.
    I can fond loads of info of wolf totem etc but nothing specifically for the Giant grey owl.

  2. I can’t stop thinking of the dream I had. I am currently pregnant and there has been a “red flag” my doc calls it and I have a decision to make. Its consuming my thoughts and this dream i had makes me feel like I know what to do but others think they know what I should decide. I dreamt a short eared mixed with a snow owl flew over me and swooped down and hit the ground, I ran to it and picked it up and held it..we stared at each other for a while and I let it go. I can’t stop seeing the eyes. I am Alaska Native and have been told not to look into the eyes of an owl🤔 so this is torture for me if anyone has any insight I’d love to hear it. Xoxo thanks for reading Brooke

  3. I recently had a dream in which I saw 2 owls on a low branch of a coniferous tree. They were definitely a pair, like a male and female. I reached out and ran my fingers through their feathers, like you would a dog. I scratched their skin through the feathers and they responded with delight, thoroughly enjoying the attention. The owls were brown and white flecked. Closest breed I can find would be a Screech Owl in comparison to how they appeared in my dream.

  4. A couple years ago, I was taking a walk at night, and I saw an owl fly into a tree. It was far overhead but it was nice!

  5. A little over a month ago I dreamt that I landed up with a baby snowy owl being held in my arms. As I continued walking through the night searching for something in my dream, I noticed that there was a brown eagle eyeing the baby Snowy Owl. I sensed that the eagle, which was as big as a fully grown human, wanted to prey on the baby owl and for some reason I felt protective over the owl. I stood in between the eagle and the owl. I could sense the ire of the eagle and nothing else happened. At that point I woke up without any particular emotion running through my head. What does my signify?

    1. EspionageCookie

      A snowy owl represents spiritual guides and angels around you. Protecting it from an eagle may represent that you need to protect certain moral ideas from the face of danger from the foresight of malicious “eagles”, which might be people you personally know. In other words, you need to reflect in the quiet to realize what is right and to stand up for what is the right thing to do.

  6. There was a big fat yellow/brown owl with thick yellow feet grasping a large branch of a tree, looking up at me. I was about 50 degrees higher than the owl, so it was looking up at me at an angle. It had big round yellow eyes with smaller black circles in the middle. It kept staring up at me. Readjusting and re-grasping its finger sized toes on the branch. The owl must have been about 5 feet tall and as wide as a rounder fatter person.

    What could this dream mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Looking down at an owl like this might mean that you are missing the trees for the forest. You are looking too high up into the big picture, rather than focusing on the details of practically doing something. Find some quiet independent time to work by the little details of whatever you need to do.

  7. Today at 11:17am I happened to see a large barred owl sitting on a rocking chair in my backyard looking down. I went outside to see what type of bird it was as his back is all I could see. He turned around and looked at me and sat there. I was able to snap a photo. He was large and beautiful. It flew into a nearby tree and stared at me. I thought it was trying to capture one of my chipmunks so I did try showing it away. I later looked up how common it is to see an owl during the daytime and kept seeing these scary negative suggestions pop up meaning death or illness. I also have read positive things about seeing them. How do we know what to believe? This owl appeared to be looking down looking for something. I found it odd he was out in the daytime and so close to the ground on the top of my chair. Any insight or opinions would be appreciated. What’s even more bazaar is I sent my sister the photo and she flipped out telling me how she just watched a video that same morning of an owl being rescued. She then sends me a picture of what appears to be an owl in one of her trees later on in the night. Neither of us have seen an owl before today…

    1. EspionageCookie

      Hmm, be skeptical of psychics saying something might cause death or illness. Often this is just a common scam tactic to prey on overly superstitious minds to get them to buy something expensive for them to “remove the curse,” with something on hand. You’re better off asking for a professional mainstream doctor for a check up if you are worried about something like that. So likely the positive things are more accurate.

  8. I have scoured the internet looking for someone else who has met this Owl Goddess besides myself. I have now had two visions (both during meditation) of this being. She is about 6 feet tall, all white, glowing teal eyes, and speaks to me in a woman’s voice, embraces me when I was crying, like a mother and actually (the second vision) dropped her glowing teal tears into my eyes, ears, and throat chakra, I am obsessed with finding out who this divine being is. The first vision she just came to me and turned and faced me and spoke to me. The second vision, she was in the brillant, teal crystal temple with a huge teal waterfall. I looked up and she flew over me at the very top of the waterfall, then came down and again faced me, then held me, and told me I had been through so, so much trauma in this lifetime, and put her tears into mine. WOW!

    1. EspionageCookie

      She might be a spirit guide of yours, or something akin to a guardian angel. Look up “How to contact your spirit guides,” or “How to contact your angels,” in various online articles online, online videos or books to order. If you cannot personally find her in someone else’s ideas, she might be a personal guardian with just you as an individual. It is a bit of a newbie psychic thing if you think every spirit of light that will visit you is famous. Most of these volunteers from Heaven aren’t.


    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps since the owl represents reflection, your brother is trying to tell you to reflect on something, possibly related to your memories of him when he was alive. Take a moment to pause respectfully, and look back into your past with each other. What ideas can you relearn from him or goals you gave up on can you continue now in the present?

  10. Hi. I the early morning just before waking, I had a vivid dream of a huge owl flying above me on my street near my home. The owl was eating a snake in flight. It was a huge, great-horned owl — magnificent in every way. I especially noted how huge the owl’s head was. I at first thought it was an eagle until I saw its huge, great-horned head. I felt bad for the snake. There was just a little of the snake still hanging out of the owl’s mouth but it appeared to still be alive and wriggling. But at the same time I was in awe of the owls immense size and beauty and noted the incredible pattern of its feathers as it flew over me. Some of the feathers were white, but mostly brown and black patterned. The sky was very blue, and the sight of the bird against the sky was remarkable. Then I woke up, but the dream has stayed with me all day still clear in my mind. I lost my husband of 30 years last year, and I’m wondering if this dream has something to do with that and what it means in general.

  11. Hi, i really like this site and often come here for seeking the meanings of symbolism in both my dreams and real life that I happen upon.

    Last night I had a dream of me being in a forest and suddenly seeing and hearing something move in the bushes and the moss. I bend down and the moving creatures comes to me. When I can see it right in front of me it is a very small, white and beige/golden owl with big yellow eyes. It just looks at me and put its head to the side. I reach out an open hand (my left, because its closest to my heart) the owl climbs on and I stand up. When I ask the owl if he/she wants to come with me, for as long as it wants and on its terms – the owl carefully walks up my arm to sit on my shoulder cosying up in my hair. Before I woke up it just stayed with me even inside the house, but I was clear in my dream it would be able to leave when it wanted to. One moment it just stared into my eyes and I felt it looking deep into my soul. It didn’t make much noise besides in one part of the dream where it waved its wings and made a small sound, it seemed startled but turned to me for calming. What do you think this means? I’ve tried to look it up but I cant find anything.

    1. I was dreaming, I was in my house and opened the door and a barred owl was sitting there a bit to the left. I reacted quickly snd shut the door. I woke up, and used the bathroom and went back to sleep. Later during the night, I had the same dream, but when I opened the door and the owl walked in my house. Then it flew up onto my arm. I was not scared, but was a bit shocked. Would it note me? No, it was a bit frantic, and it sat on my arm, for a bit. Then flew into my kitchen and sat in my counter. Suddenly a cat ran into my house. Not a regular house cat, but a very skinny cat, with very long legs and big ears. Tawny colored with whit stripes and a bit of black. It was looking for the owl. I realized the owl had come to me for protection, and I needed to get the cat outside the house. So I faced the cat and maneuvered it back outside and closed the door. I then went to tell others I the house, that we had an owl in the house. I then woke up. I’m trying to figure out the meaning of this dream.

  12. Was visting parents in Florida a wek ago .The second night i was awakened to two knocks behind my headboard which is an interior wall.i did not have a negative feeling at all went back to sleep.the lqst night i was therei had a 6:00 flight homebut about the same time i heard the knocksi had a vivid dream of laying in my bed at home,had a cat on the bed who started running aroundwhen a brown and grey speckled owl flew in the window and started chasing him arond the bed.The cat jumped and the owl turned and we starred at each other.At this point i woke upfelling like i had a vision which i have never had before

  13. Hey, me and my boyfriend and his brother all went up to blood mountain in ga yesterday. We seen a sign that said road closed but early that day we were driving all on that road. The gps just kept telling us to go down that road. So we did. We got to the end where is was closed off and we couldn’t get by. My boyfriend said we were just on this road a few hours ago I think we should go by it. Me and his brother was like let’s go back to town and ask for help to find another way. When we typed in the town in the gps it still wanted us to go threw the road block. And then out of the blue all service went out on us. Me and his brother see a owl in a tree right next to the road block sign but my boyfriend couldn’t see it even as we were pointing right at it. We turned around and started back tracking trying to find a gas station open. We started asking locals around the area for help and they kept trying to get us to go threw blood mountain. No one understood how to get around like that was there only way out. We called 911 twice for help bc we were lost and finally got out. When we got in Anderson sc we went to go drop off his brother at his house. And when we started backing up the heat guard fell and was hanging by 2 screws where we couldn’t leave once again. Was that owl warning us or tell us that we were about to die

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