Seal Symbolism, Seal Meaning, Seal Totem, Seal Dream, and Messages
Time to step out of the box and do something you have always wanted to do. Get going! What are you waiting for!

Seal Meaning and Messages

In this case, Seal symbolism is letting you know that it’s time to pay close attention to your imagination and insight.  In other words, Seal meaning is asking you to be aware of your thoughts and your dreams. This spirit animal teaches that a lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far off it may seem.

Thus Seal symbolism is bringing you a clear and distinct message that it is time for you to allow your creativity and your imagination to soar. Furthermore, like the Beaver, it is now time to follow through on your dreams.

Seal Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Seal totem are highly imaginative and very creative. Moreover, they need activities that channel and direct their imagination and creativity. For these folks, hearing and balance are also essential. They have to learn to listen to their inner self and balance their lives to it. People with this spirit animal have dreams that are very significant and vivid.

Plus, like the Dragonfly, these visions continuously feed their creative imagination. Thus they need to stay in touch with their body’s natural rhythms. In other words, if you are hungry, eat; if you are tired, rest.

Seal Dream Interpretation

When you have a Seal dream, it refers to your playfulness and jovial disposition. Thus the vision is letting you know that you can adapt to various emotional situations. Alternatively, the dream may also be a pun. Therefore it may indicate that you need to put closure on something as in “sealing the deal.”

This sea creature in your dream can also be a sign of trust, security, or promise. Like the Brown Bear and the Beetle, it is also a symbol of integrity, which we can abuse or use as power. It depicts the emergence of the conscious life of your deepest instincts and life energies. As this animal can emerge from the water entirely and live on land, this mammal is sometimes used to represent the emergence from the womb and the pleasures or difficulties of life as a ‘land animal’ physically independent of our mother. This symbolism is especially so if it is a very young one.

Seal – One of the Ten Animals Promoting Change

57 thoughts on “Seal”

  1. Had the most random Seal dream.. it loved under the cushions of my couch.. noticed move,ent under the cushions and when i pulled them back out popped a fully grown seal.. it would come out and sit and watch TV with me and sit on the couch like a human.
    When my partner gets home it would hide again but wiht encouragement it would come out. On discovery of this my partner demanded it be taken out of the house, much to mine and my kids disliking. I then woke up.. thinking what? Pretty quickly drifted back off and boom same dream.. only this time he was a complete secret, only when it was me and ‘him’ he would emerge and I would feel so calm and happy! never read into dreams really but this really stood out to me. Reading the above it really seems to hit home. I’m really creative but so stifled by life, work, family, responsibilities etc. Think i may go live with the seals!

  2. I had a dream that we were at a place like sea world. They were doing a show and allowed people on the ice. The seals were swimming along with beluga whales. If you fell into the water it would attack you. So I went up high to avoid falling into the water. Some people fell in and off the cliff but I was extra careful and got down safely and went home.

  3. I had a dream that I was in the lobby of a fancy corporate building and the lobby had a free stone or rock art exhibit. I was having issues with my cellphone and needed to call my husband to come and pick me up from work as I had had a long day and it was too late to commute back home. I eventually got through to him with the help of a childhood friend who happened to be there and helped me use my android phone, and as I was waiting for him to pick me up, I browsed the art in the lobby. As I was browsing, I thought that one of the digital exhibits was making the sounds of a seal but it was my phone that was in my pocket. Out of nowhere it seemed, a seal started following me because these seal sounds coming from my phone were talking to it and as a result it was attached to me and following me. For some reason I was scared of the seal even though it didn’t look scary. I also didn’t want it following me and started trying to run away from it. It kept finding ways to stay with me and my friend who helped me with my phone, tried to sweep it away with a broom for me. The seal got dryer and seemed to shrink or shrivel up in order to protect its life. It also slowed down but still persisted in filling me. At some point it got back to its normal size but did not have the same glossy coat and was still pursuing me.

  4. I dreamt of a baby seal but It was a grey kitten at first. I was at a childhood home and someone had told to go outside they had found a grey kitten I got excited and went looking for it. It was such a beautiful day I can’t get that out of my head how sunny and clear everything looked I found the kitten in dirt I kinda had to dig it out and I got a good look of the cat before it changed into a baby seal. While the cat looked annoyed and a bit bored the baby seal seemed more of life it seemed happy and curious when I held it it could barely stay still.

    1. This is crazy! I just had a dream I walked in my childhood back yard seen 2 large seals rolling on the ground next to each other a cat walk by n has a gray kitten and leaves it. I woke up then.

  5. Michelle C.Fermill

    I dreamt of petting a baby seal.It was in a metal box with water.Someone told me to pour water on the seal often,because he loves it a will feel at home.So I did it in my dream.What does this mean?

  6. If this were my dream, then I would look at the seal as my spiritual centers. The bath is needing to wash off your spiritual body. You have been neglecting it possibly. You couldn’t walk away from your main life with all the crap/junk in it, but you are subconsciously trying to take really good care of your spiritual self.

  7. I had a dream that I just randomly had a pet seal. The seal lives in a small box in the corner of the room in my house. The seal didn’t really do much and would just stay in the box and not do anything. Then one day coming back from the kitchen the seal was awake and my cat scratched him. So I filled uo the bath and put him in there. I felt so bad that he had a scratch on him and that I had been neglecting him in the box so I tried to let him free into the sea. I then tried to walk away but the seal got tangled in crap/junk and was sad that I was leaving him so I put him back in the car and took him back home but made sure I took really good care of him. Strange dream lol. I wrote this as soon as I woke up as I forget my dreams very quickly usually.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the seal represents your imagination, and you leaving the seal in a box means you are unable to think outside of the box anymore. You neglecting the seal might mean that you are neglecting the use of your imagination. Your cat scratching the seal might represent you being unable to communicate your imagination, since the cat is associated with communication. You trying to throw the seal into the sea is an attempt to allow your imagination to run free, and it being tangled in junk means that you doing so without expressing your imagination to others has only dulled your imagination. When you decided to take care of him, an unconscious part of you in your dream helped you come to accept the use of your imagination, whether you were consciously aware of this dream or not.

  8. Sabrina Antunes

    I had a dream I was fishing with a line and hook no pole. I catch something it has quit a bit of fight until I was almost done bringing it in I remeber in my dream Thinking it got away until the person fishing with me said its a baby seal. Then I thought I killed it and felt bad. I bring it close see its still alive so I take the hook from its mouth. It then nuzzled me and gave me a kiss and then became playful with me. Then I woke up

    1. EspionageCookie

      Fishing in this dream might represent a goal you are chasing. The seal you caught might represent the dream you desire most in your imagination. The fact that it’s a baby seal means it was the beginning of the dream. You thinking you might have killed it is the fear of failure for your dream. When it became alive, it represented how you unconsciously came to understand that what you can imagine can become reality. Everything around you began in the imagination. The place you live, the device you use to read this, the furniture around you, the everyday items you use, and so on all began from someone’s imagination. Like so, you must be able to imagine what you want exactly in clear details before you are able to bring it into reality. What does your dream look like, sound like, feels like, tastes like, and smells like?

  9. I had a strange dream that there was a seal in a pond behind my home. It was a strangely normal dream up until that point. I had been enjoying a videogame on my day off with some online friends, stepped outside for a moment, and noticed the seal. When it hopped out of the water I was naturally in awe that it was even in my freshwater pond. But then it attacked me, and I having a hard time figuring out wthat means. Any advice?

    1. EspionageCookie

      You might feel your time socializing may interrupt your creative time or imaginative time, even if it’s just simply for a daydream to enjoy. Nothing is wrong with socializing, but when you involve yourself with the products of others’ imagination, you lose touch with your own particularly unique brand of imagination. Creativity involves the balance of socializing and solitary living. One side is to share and bounce each others’ ideas off each other, while the other side is to be able to learn to produce your own original ideas without having to rely too much on copying others’ ideas. Without socializing for the imagination, you are unable to explore ideas different from your own. Without solitary periods for your imagination, you end up just acting as an unoriginal copy of people’s imagination around you.

  10. Ceri Buckmaster

    I swam with a seal yesterday, at about 10 metres distance. The seal was watching me, I was exhilarated in the cold water and watching the seal. I didn’t know how close to get. It was diving underwater and coming up again. Then watching me. Feeling in awe of the wild world.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I say that’s a good sign that your imagination is overflowing with all kinds of inspiration, with an endless series of ideas. Keep playing with your imagination. Don’t take it too seriously, and you’ll find that play produces more ideas for creativity than work does.

  11. I had a dream i was walking along a big lake, one by one a bunch of seals started poping up their heads and started throwing rocks at me.
    That was weird.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This seems to represent how your imagination seems to be causing you some pain in your life. Perhaps you have a bit of an overactive imagination when it comes to your worries in life, and you are just thinking of the worst case scenario over and over. Each time you imagine it, your imagination doesn’t make it worse.

      Ground yourself, as the symbolism of the rock or the Earth suggests. Realize that the fact that you can imagine something bad doesn’t immediately mean it will happen. You can imagine monsters made out of chocolate coming to end the world tomorrow by drowning everyone in seas of chocolate milk, but that doesn’t make it true. Not that all your worries have no basis in reality, but the fact that you can imagine it says nothing about whether it will happen or not.

      When worrying, stop to gently ask yourself, “How realistic is this, really?” and “How likely is this to happen?” “Why would I believe this worry would happen?” and “What reasons do I have to believe against it?” That, or “Even if it did happen, would that really be the worst thing in the world and you couldn’t do anything about it after?”

  12. Seal, Otsí:io, speaks of playfulness and imagination. I’ve been in a dark place for the past few days, and, despite having known this for almost all of my life, and having spoken it to others again and again, I forget that the surest way out of the darkness is to play and create. I got back to writing today. I’m still not sleeping. I’m still sick. But my spirit, for having created, and for having done something that I want to do and feel like I am meant to do, is lighter and brighter than it was. Sometimes I forget that William of Occam’s rule can apply to life as well as theory. Often the simplest and most obvious answer is the right answer.

  13. Seems like the spirits are telling me over and over again to pay more attention to my insight and imagination, which has always been such of big part of who I was. Haven’t been as much in touch with that part of myself as I once was. And those aspects of me have always been among the few things I loved about being me.

  14. I didn’t just see a seal in my dream but I WAS one. I became a seal, I actually felt the change in my mouth area and then swam around. It gave me a peaceful feeling.

    1. If you feel that was you should look into therianthropy, now I dont mean look at just wiki versions and go on tumblr I really mean look into it as in search many websites, if you have any questions about feel free to message me!

  15. Maria Batocabe

    Hi! I had a dream a week ago that kept me still thinking and curious. I dreamed of a number of seals including a baby seal that caught on the net and the baby seal is looking at me as if wanting to say something.

    Thank you in advance.

    Maria ☺️

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems to represent how your ability to believe that your imagination can become a reality is being caught by your own rigid thought processes. Just because something is the way it is yesterday, doesn’t mean it will be the same thing tomorrow. If that was so, nothing would change. There is always a first time for everything, and your past does not immediately decide your future. As long as you learn from the past, you don’t have to repeat the past itself. So ask, even if you think it would involve reflecting about your whole life from the beginning until now, “What lessons can I learn from remembering the past and all my mistakes?” Then carry those lessons with you going forward.

  16. Hi my name is Hilda, I had a dream that I was walking by the beach and suddenly a seal seeso me jumps off the water and comes running towards me and sticks on me. I was afraid and try to get it off me it was being pay full and was trying to get my attention. The seal was stuck on me like gule.

  17. I had a dream a seal was swimming in my swimming pool and I decided to lock the gate around the pool because I had to go to work. Before leaving I decided to feed the seal fish. Two more appeared and so I started throwing fish in the pool. The two new seals were fine and ate the fish but the first seal wanted to be hand fed and got out of the pool. I wouldn’t hand feed it so it nipped my elbow. It didn’t hurt or anything but I tossed a fish on the ground and the seal wasn’t having it. I told it I wasn’t going to give it anymore fish and then it ate the fish on the ground then got back in the water and ate the other fish.

  18. I dreamt I was a councilor at a school for young children when a man and woman brought in a small seal wrapped in a blanket, the seal was crying and in distress. Although I stated and restated that I was not a vet they insisted that I attempt to help the seal. I went to the animal and quickly realized that the seal was in labor, she was in pain and she was scared. I patted her and acted as her doula, i reassured her that there was nothing to fear and that she was a strong woman, she starred into my eyes as if to say “thank you”. She gave birth to a little seal and everything became peacful and joyful. As the baby seal ran around playfully I slowly began to notice that it was actually a little kitten with a very long tail (the end kitten part of the dream may simply be because a stray cat that we feed recently had kittens, i’m not sure though). If anyone has any insight as to what this may mean that would be wonderful.

  19. I had a dream that I was try to rescue a seal that had its tail badly injured while I was swimming. I was trying so hard to save it, call the police and sea world rescue team. The seal was playful even though it was injured but there’s no blood. what does that mean?

    1. Hi Karen
      The seal represents your playfulness and joyful disposition, also point blank it stands for sealing the deal. Perhaps you are losing or have lost some of your joyful side of your spirit hence the injury to the tail and your subconscious is trying to get it back . In your waking life maybe you have or will be going through a phase to which will take a piece of your joy away , try and focuse on not losing this side of yourself. Otherwise if you have a business issue that needs to be finalized , now a the time ..

  20. Hello, my father died recently and he visited a lady via images in her mind’s eye. When she mentioned my name to him – she received images of many seals on a beach clapping their flippers on their sides. He sent the image twice. What is he trying to convey to me?

    1. hello laura my name is pat bourke western australia yesterday i was down the beach with friend and a seal came up and just kept looking at me dived away and came back a few times i thought wow the seals got a message for me i turned around and saw my old uncle who had past away a few years ago was sitting on the rocks my father has only 2wk -2months to live cancer i new then that i dont have the 2mths and to be more prepared and with my uncle being around was re-asuring so id say the seal is letting you know that your father is feeling great happy and is watching over you and to follow your dreams and make the most out of every day . hava great year laura c.u hope this will help you .pat

  21. I’m from detroit I had a dream last night on Dec 4th that I was talking with a seal on the phone it was saying it was injured, out of breath, and on its last strokes, I told it I’m on my way, somehow I was in the middle of the ocean instantly I swam for about 5 seconds, i don’t even know how to swim in real life and I’m a Aquarius and that’s a water sign but back to the dream after about 5 seconds of dreaming I saw the black deal holding on for dear life with just it’s nose in the air about the water I got to it quick grabbed it and helped it on the raft that just appeared out of nowhere it felt so real the seal was very slimy but warm so after laying in the raft for about 3 seconds somehow we were back at my house on the couch it was laying next to me I covered it up while laying down than woke up! About 30 min after waking up it couldn’t leave my mind so I googled what it mean to dream about seal and it all made sense what google told me it realted to me in all the positive ways! Thanks for listening to me have a blessed day and remember if its anything or dream you want to fulfill and make reality in your life just believe in God in yourself In your dreams and Seal The Deal lol but seriously Take care

  22. I had a dream I was on this raft in the ocean (the shore wasn’t too far but far enough) a few people were with me but the seal waved at me then popped it’s head out and swam away

    1. Two nights ago I dreamt while I was swimming in the ocean my hand felt something and I wasn’t scared if it was a shark so I put my hand under its chin and a seals head popped up and was smiling at me. And from then on these huge waves I swam under were no big deal and I could feel the seal around me. I felt protected and I have never dreamt of a deal before nor seen its meanings. I also met with some one that same day who offered to help bring in more clientele for my buisness

    1. I had a dream on november 10th about the same thiing !!! amazing Last night I had a dream I was holding a baby seal in my arms, it was smiling back at me like a baby would, but it had the body of a seal, the shiny grey wet looking fur of a seal… its the second time this month that I dream of a seal…a kind, cute comforting crawling seal… what could this mean? Am I a mother seal to be ? I clearly need something cuddly and warm to hold and have a huge desire to have a family…of walrus?

  23. The other day i had a dream my fiance and my two kids was traveling in a car we stopped by this field at a way out store and as we crossed the street to get to the store these baby seals began coming from the field. It was a lot of them they were so cute but a nice amount of them were pink and the rest were baby blue. My little girls were patting and cuddling as many as they could but a pink baby seal jumped in my arms and snuggled in my chest, it just stayed there and i woke up confused…….. what does this mean???

  24. I dreamed of eating a black color baby seal, its size was very small. The seal was inside a bowl. And in that dream my dad was saying to me, try that its taste is good.

    What can all of this mean?

    1. I’ve had a similar reoccurring dream where I’m on some pier in the middle of the ocean with other people (that I can’t see but I know they’re there) and I take a bite of a small baby seal and throw it back into the ocean because of the taste. And then I wake up with a rubbery taste in my mouth. It’s so weird! Lol.

    2. I had a similar dream right before I woke up today. I was on a bank somewhere and there were others around that I did not see. I picked up a baby seal that was simifrozen. I took a bite out of it’s right cheek and immediately felt guilty. All it’s teeth along the right jaw were revealed. I looked into its sad eyes and began spitting it out. “Oh my gosh! What have I done?” I asked myself. Then I woke up. Even more ironic, I am vegan!

  25. I dreamed of a baby seal (white and black). It was near to me, it seemed lost. I did not approach it. Next, I noticed a second, adult seal not far from the baby seal and myself. I tried to lure this adult seal closer to the baby seal to see if they might reunite/were related. A person appeared (identity unknown). They picked up the baby seal and threw it towards the larger seal. I remember being angry about this as they were not considering how the adult seal, which I now realised was a bull, might respond/react. I woke up soon after.

    Interesting side note: The next day (RL), nearing the end of my morning beach walk, I saw a ranger up ahead talking to a fellow lady dog owner. As I passed this woman she mentioned her conversation with the ranger – it was about a lone seal, apparently one has been visiting this beach the last few years. She asked if I’d seen it – I hadn’t (and didn’t expect to given the number of dogs on the sands at this time of morning).

  26. Just looking for some help making sense of this dream I had last night. What I remember about it was that I drove to work and parked my car across the road in this field. As I was leaving I couldn’t find my keys to my tool box so I just left my tool belt around myself threw my coat on and started walking to my car. As I started walking I heard someone say watch out for the bulls that got loose running in the field I parked in. The weeds seem to have grown in the short time I was at work because now I could barely see over them. Looking for my car one of the bulls charged at me and I stood my ground. I thought to myself as it lowers it’s horns I’ll jump on it and let it lift me so I can see where my car is. So it gets close enough to me I set myself to jump but relive it’s no longer a bull it’s a bear and as I turn to run it bites my fingers. I’m like oh crap! But 2 seals come from no where and bite the bear in its hind legs and try to pull it away from me I find a big truck that I climb on top of looking down and the bear is on top of the seal just mauling it. Feeling bad that the seal helped me I pull out a chisel from my work belt and jump on the bear staving it several times killing it. I climb back on the truck and see a bigger bear charging from the fence on the other side of the field he stands on to legs and roars swinging it giant claws at me cutting open my arm. I yelled back at the bear pulled out a large pair of sissors aimed and threw them hitting the bear right between the eyes killing it. I woke up just as the bear fell to the ground. Any help with this dream would be appreciated I’ve never dreamt of any of these animals and it just felt so real my arm even hurt when I woke up where the bear cut it in my dream

  27. I had a wild dream, I actually had several animals appear in my dream, first I seen a hummingbird with a mid long beak and all of a sudden a chicken hawk comes swoops down and grabs it but it was odd because I could see this whole thing in my dream and while the chicken hawk was flying it suddenly drops the bird or me into its big next with three babies trying to get at the bird, the bird ( I seen the bird struggling to get away but I don’t know if it did because I all of a sudden go to another sceen) I am walking what it appears to be is deep woods and its starting to get dark and all of a sudden I look over to my left and it looks like a frozen Blue Lake, and as I am walking along the bank I see a whole and I look into it and another nest but this time its empty, so I am looking around and then I see a cave like opening as I am looking around in side of it, I see what it appears to be a black bird with white eyes and I turn around and look around I see the Frozen Blue Lake still and then I look back and when I took a deeper look the Black Bird some how transformed into a Dark Gray looking seal which had White Solid Eyes no pupils and it came a little closer and let me pet it, then I walked away and as I am walking along this frozen blue lake, its all around me and all of a sudden this object slithers towards me and I look closer and its a black snake with a Pattern on it, I couldn’t make out the pattern and quickly was looking around to see where I could go, no where and then I just woke up!

    It was a weird dream for sure, and not sure what any of it means!

    1. Reverse This Curse

      your dreams are one in the same. the hummingbird was captured so were you. in your dream just as you were in life taken off guard by a predator and brought into its nest. i feel as if you have moved into a relationship from another relationship in which is not right for you. the second part is the frozen lake which is the time of the season in which the symbol of the season in which you will find a place in your life that you feel trapped or stuck in and no where to go. the bird might be frightened of the snake but this is the symbol of someones spirit who is watching you closely to ensure nothing happens to you. but what you should do is figure out who the snake is because he is the one that will never let you fall. no matter how far you are from this person they will always be there.
      take my advice and run back to this person you are have this deep bond with. trust me you are running from your happiness.

  28. 😯 I had a dream of a seal human hybrid it scary me so bad I woke up immediately each time I saw it once it was walking next its face came out of the water

  29. I went down to the marina today and a seal and I stared at each other for a good 15-20 minutes. she would go underwater and then a minute later she would come back up to stare some more :

  30. Rebecca Wiles

    I had a dream where I went through this nice back yard and they had a big swimming pool and this seal was swimming in it and seemed happy. It also was outside t he water waddling in the big back yard….

    1. Hi I had a dream similar I was watering plants in a big back yard and then found a stone pool where 2 seals were playing and enjoyed me watering there heads ….what symbolism did you take from this dream?

  31. I keep having recurring dreams of being at my deceased grandmother’s house. I have never seen her in any of my dreams; but my last dream there were 2 seals in the house. They were playful and tame and were not making any effort to excape. I was not afraid of them, rather i was patting they. A friend said it means my grandmother has been reborn and is now an infant child. I don’t understand why i would have such a dream or why her rebirth would have anything to do with me.

  32. Really interesting; but I want to ask something: I had for many nights a dream, in which I met many animals. Since this is a seal-related page, I’ll ask only about the seal dreams: in it, I’m having sexual intercourse with the animal and I slowly start to gain some of its bodily traits (mustache/feelers, skull shape, fur…).
    What can all of this mean?
    Thanks in advance!

  33. I dreamt I was a seal last week. I was playfully swimming through layers of water. If A seal could smile, then I was smiling. Thank you for sharing your dream.

  34. Very helpful thank you. I was dreaming of seals swimming up to me and resting their head on my shoulder. I could see the ice they had come from but there was blood stained snow and I could see where seals had been slaughtered. I didn’t want to swim to that area. A large white baby seal swam to me and rested with his head on my shoulder and I felt so blessed. I also dreamt a lot of people where gathered in a camping ground. Really unusual but beautiful light was reflecting through the trees at dusk and everyone gathered around a large fire as night came. I came along and started to float and fly above and around the fire, letting the thermal energy lift me. Everyone was watching and I felt quite relaxed and powerful. I will ponder these dreams today

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