Badger Symbolism

It's time to assert yourself and your ideas. Be clear concise and firm. Know that this is the right way to approach this!

Badger Symbolism

When this animal comes into our lives it is a message for us to “walk our own path at our own pace.” Have faith in yourself and your own abilities. Know that you have all the right tools to take on whatever challenge faces you. Never mind what others may say.

It can also be a sign that it is time for us to come out of hiding. There is no need to stay out of the limelight any more. Let the world know you mean business!

Alternatively this animal can be letting us know that we need to stay grounded in the moment. Keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground will anchor you to what is important in your life.

Badger Totem

If this animal is your personal totem then you know how to stay grounded in all circumstances. You are very territorial and unafraid of defending your boundaries. You are very much aware of all the things that are important in your life. You take the time to nurture those around you while making sure that you sustain your own needs. Determination and focus are easy for you as is self reliance. You are never out of touch or confused because you know how to stay anchored to what is important to you. You really don’t care what others think of you and have no hesitation in warding off personal attacks and invasions of your space.

Badger Meaning, Dreams

To dream of a this animal is a sign of good luck after struggling with some major hardship in your life. To dream of an aggressive badger symbolizes a personal attack coming toward you from someone close to you. Their efforts to change you may not be what is right for you. If this animal is dead in your dream then you have failed to set a boundary properly and someone has walked all over you.

Additional Associations for Badger:


  • I’m very fond of Badger, Tsisheró:hen for her courage and massive heart. I once watched a Badger face off a black bear over some food in a garbage dumb. The bear tried to get in again and again and eventually got chased away by the much smaller badger. Tsisheró:hen speaks to to the true Warrior in each us. Not she who wins every fight or cares about winning at all, but she who will not surrender, who will get back up no matter how often she is knocked down, she who can be fierce when she needs to be fierce. Badger digs down deep in the earth, into the dark places where the roots of all things live and makes her home there. She is far larger than her body. There is a Warrior, there is Tsisheró:hen in each and every one of us. She may seem ttoo small to matter. But she is there, and she is as ferocious as she needs to be. Know that Tsisheró:hen is there. Know that the Warrior is there. And she is ready when you need her.

  • I had a dream of being attacked by a badger from a long distance away. I saw it coming from about 50 yards away. I started running and as I glanced back to see it was gaining on me, I decided to stop running and turn to just face the attack. I waited for it to get close enough and then it leaped in the air towards me. It latched on to my skin and I began pressing it’s jaw harder into my skin so that it couldn’t bite down and pull out a huge chunk. I do not know who won the fight as the scene ended there.
    Very odd dream for me. I’ve never dreamed of being attacked by an animal before.

  • Badger speaks to me strongly of perseverance and determination, things that I will have to call on right now. Been going through a challenging time once again with my health and with my spirit and it is good to feel Badger to call out to me to be as strong and as determined as she is. It is a time in my life when I need to dig deep and be the fighter that I have always been, to be the example that I too often only speak about. (Hard to believe that there’s not a Mohawk word for Badger. Searched with all the language sites. Badger is certainly an animal that we would have encountered. If anyone has any idea on this, please let me know. Badger has spoken to me often of late and I would like to speak the name that my Grandmother’s ancestors would have spoken to her….)

  • I’m very fond of Badger for her courage and massive heart. I once watched a Badger face off a black bear over some food in a garbage dumb. The bear tried to get in again and again and eventually got chased away by the much smaller badger.

  • I have a jade pendant with a badger afixed to a gourd. I’ve also seen this variation especially on jade pieces; i.e., scupltures, etc. can you tell me what it means in symbolism?

  • This animal has crossed my path many times…but on reading this.. I now realise who is my spirit guide… the good old Badger… a symbol of tradition too in my eyes…. I’m blessed he is my guide

  • I thought that the wolf was my spirit animal but then I read what the personality and what traits you have and I realized that the badger is my spirit animal and people do agree with me but I have never really had dreams with the badger I have had dreams with other animals but the Komodo dragon was just because I watched holes and it was in my mind and I dreamt about a dog from my past who had rabies same with the bat when I remembered the first time I saw a bat in real life and that’s all the animals but there where what I was thinking about

  • I just ran over a badger with my bike. Was in Suffolk, a dark woodland path and out he ran under my wheel. Fortunately she ran off unscathed or so it seemed which was surprising. I am being reminded of my truth and my ability to manifest it in the world, what a wonderful gift. But did I just run right over it? Must stay true to my heart to know my heart

  • I went on a journey recently to find my spirit animal. The last animal I expected to meet was a badger but he came to me straight away. I was really surprised and even tried to tell myself I was mistaken but there was no doubt he was connected to me.

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