Armadillo Symbolism

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Armadillo Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Armadillo symbolism is reminding you that life is not about protecting your emotional heart. “Living” is about making the correct physical choices at the right time. In other words, you have to be aware that you can break your physical body. Thus, proper protection is required to keep your body safe from harm. If you partake in an activity that has some risk, use the right equipment.

Armadillo symbolism also represents instinct. There are many ways to move forward, but if you fall or fail, you must know how to minimize the damage. Thus, careful planning is necessary. Therefore, Armadillo meaning reminds you not to fixate on your goal in such a way as to not see the pitfalls ahead. Like the Roadrunner, you have to plan for all of your all of the possibilities if you want to get to your goal quickly. Also, the Armadillo symbolism reminds you that when we encounter an obstacle, we cannot resolve it by rolling up and protecting ourselves. Once you have determined what you need to overcome, get busy and find a way over, under, around, or through it.

Alternatively, Armadillo symbolism also reminds us that we are always safe to go about our day. Yes, there are dangers out there, and yes, the possibilities for disaster are endless. However, living your best life is far more important than the possible risks you may encounter. So get moving, use proper equipment, and set a goal for yourself. Overall, the theme of Armadillo meaning is self-protection and how to use it appropriately.

Armadillo Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Armadillo totem are generally reserved and lean toward conservatism. They tend to hold back and protect themselves from emotional pain. However, once they overcome their initial reservations and expose themselves to those they have learned to trust they make loyal and steady companions. Folks with this spirit animal totem also have a strong connection to the earth and the water. They are empathetic and usually have to learn how to protect themselves from other peoples energies.

Folks with the Armadillo totem may seem aloof and arrogant, but it’s their way of staying detached from “drama.” They prefer to socialize one on one rather than larger groups. They will often help you release your burdens without taking on that energy for themselves. People with the Armadillo totem are nonjudgmental and will walk away from any drama, preferring not to engage in the conflict. Like the Potato Beetle, they hide their true selves from others and are careful in exposing their hearts to others. Once you have their trust, their friendship lasts a lifetime.

Folks with this power animal are generous providers to their families, good listeners, sensitive to other peoples feelings and emotions, and go about their day with purpose. Like the Turtle, they prefer to defend themselves by retreating into themselves. These people are also good at digging out and sensing your secrets.

Armadillo Dream Interpretation

When you have an Armadillo dream, it is symbolic of old secrets and truths rising to the surface of your psyche. These past issues need to be exposed and released to the universe so that you can move on. Alternatively, an Armadillo dream can also indicate the need to protect yourself from other people’s energies. In other words, the vision is warning you to detach from any drama and to be sure that you don’t take any sides. There is no right or wrong in this case, so allow others to resolve it themselves.

When the Armadillo is white, the vision is asking you to pay careful attention. Like the Stickbug dream, new information and understanding are now available to you. If the creature is black, it indicates a period where you will be digging and searching for answers. These will come to you in time. A gray Armadillo dream is a reminder that to move forward at this time you will have to use all of your senses. Therefore you will have to ground yourself and stay grounded so that you can use your intuition. When the animal is purple, the Armadillo meaning indicates the need to withdraw from the situation that you find yourself. You must allow the universe the space to resolve it without your help. Your interference will only create more chaos.