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Seek out the parts of your habits that need changing. Pay attention to you deeper thoughts and desires.

If Dragonfly has zipped into your life:

Dragonfly is asking that you pay attention to your deeper desires and be mindful of the outcome we wish to have. There are lessons to be learned and you are reminded that “what you think” is directly proportionate to what you “see on the surface”. In other words your thoughts are responsible for your physical surroundings. Move through these illusions and “think” your dreams into reality.

Dragonfly can also letting you know that you should  live your life to the fullest with what you have. It also beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits that need changing. Use the this totem to guide you through the mists of illusion and toward the pathway of transformation. It will bring you the light and color of transformation into your life.

If Dragonfly is your Animal Totem;

You are the power of power of light. You inhabit two realms: air and water and the influence of both these elements will be felt by you. This totem is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment; and the communication from the elemental world. People with this totem have an abundance of Good Luck in their lives and are always in the right place at the right time.

If Dragonfly has come to you in your Dreams;

To see a one of these creatures in your dream symbolizes change and regeneration. It may also indicate that something in your life may not appear as it seems. Alternatively, the dream represents instability, flightiness or activity. You are always on the go.

To dream that you are eating a dragonfly suggests that you are consumed by some sort of passion even at the risk of offending or hurting other’s feelings.

Additional Associations of Dragonfly…

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50 Responses to Dragonfly

  • Hello I was in my back garden one morning a gold dragon fly landed on the arm . I often see blue , purple and red but never a big golden dragon fly. and it stayed on my arm for a while. not sure if this has any meaning at all

  • It is amazing how I finally have found my real self. I’ve been learning about my spiritual side and everything makes sense! I recently found out My spirit animal, it is dragonfly. When I was 4 or 5, I always played in the field by myself because I wasn’t allowed to play with my brothers. A green dragonfly landed on my hand. I started my fascination with them. Everywhere I go, I was surrounded by them. I was able to catch them so easily. I played with them and fed them grass, let them go, and they would come back. Now finding out what dragonfly is as spirit animal, all sound like me! I love change and free to do whatever I please. I am so happy! I plan to get a green dragonfly tattoo on my back as my final tattoo ! 😀

  • found a dead dragonfly in the car what does it mean

  • I enjoy finding out about nature that connects to me. The summer brings the blue dragonflies to me. For a few years the lite blue small dragonflies would land on my leg or arm when l was sitting in the sun. they seemed comfortable on me. Really different. I was fishing last summer and a lite blue dragonfly keep going on my line. Had good fishing that day. Having them around me make me feel at peace.

  • i have had dragonflies hanging around my place for over a week now but today i saw one with a red tail

    can anyone tell me what this means please, we have no water near where we live

  • i noticed a dragon fly today in my ute as I got in I got back out and opened the other door and shoodd it out wonder it’s a spirit or just a rare moment

  • Hi.
    I saw a dragonfly yesterday. I got in the elevator and it flew in the elevator with me and it flew out again when I got out. It was quite a hot day I think it was trying to cool down it was very cute though :)

  • Hi all. I have just had the most random day and would like some input on it. I first had a wasp appear in the house this morning and initially thought that’s weird as we didn’t see any last year (we’ve only been in this house for about a year and a half). He swept through the house and kind of left him to be. When I went to the kitchen where our main door is he just let himself out. Not even 20 minutes later I heard this commotion on the kitchen and there was a dove, calmly looking around, tried catching her and she found her way to the door and left. At this stage I thought this was a little weird and said to myself all I need now is a dragonfly and then this would be a total hat trick! Lo and behold what comes in and says hi, one of the biggest dragonflies I have ever seen! ! He also went out without much fuss and battle. Not not making any of this up…. My train of thought was on family and business most of the day prior to any of this happening… I left my job about 2 months ago for various reasons and nothing I have touched has seem to gone as planned and this morning my mind went onto another solution (honest solution)… And then this all happened… Please note no animals were harmed through all this lol

  • 😛 I was sitting in my drive way about a month and I’m going through a lot right now. Our grass is short and there’s a water shortage so it’s dry there wasn’t any bugs out all the sudden about 100 dragonflies were swarming around me they were only in my yard no where else in the neighborhood. I took off with a friend and hadn’t seen them again until tonight one flew above my roommate on our back porch. What does this mean

  • Sometimes i think dragonflies love me. When i was 14yrs old, a big dragonfly, maybe 5 or 6 inches long landed on my head. Then when i tried to wave it away, it landed on my shoulder. Then when i was maybe 18 or 19 sometimes a dragonfly will land on my head, shoulder, or wrist even though i am doing somethng. Then just this night (i am already 22), i dragonfly landed on my head. I though it was a different insect so i waved it. When i did that, it stayed in my arm. Why do these dragonflies follow me?

  • In the last couple of days I have had constant company from dragonflies. Yesterday I was resting on a chair and 2 dragonflies stuck together landed right next to me. This morning on a walk i had a dragonfly appear again it faced me then went to my left side and flew next to me for awhile as i walked. Then later I was in my car and at a light and another one appeared and flew aaround my car. This past week I have many visits from nature. A hummingbird came to me as well and also feathers falling out of the sky before me. I have had some very difficult things happen to me that have affected me deeply in family and love. 2 weeks ago I shouldof died
    In a car accident and lived. I hope this means positive and joyful things await? Please share thoughts

  • I was recently set up at a vendor show outdoors with a baby style boutique side and a Jewelry multi-level marketing side that I recently added. A breathtaking golden dragonfly landed on one of my necklace busts near me and I couldn’t help but just watch for awhile before it flew away. I didn’t want to move to grab my camera phone, not wanting to scare it off. I had an incredible feeling of symbolism or meaning and wonder what the interpretation might be.

  • we are a big family and since young our family struggles for our daily survival. When I and my sister were sent by our mother to college our school was very far from our hometown which took about 8 hours by bus. Sometimes when we run out of money, we just ate banana for dinner. One morning, I saw a dragon fly hooping and flying around me outside our rented house. I just wanted to know the meaning of it. in the afternoon of that same day, we received telegram message that my elder sister sent us our allowances. Everytime our allowance is coming, I noticed other dragonfly coming in hooping and flying around me as if sendinng message to me that our allowance is coming. And now being fulfilled with my college years and able to land a better job, everytime I see dragonflies I recalled my college survival and how this sprit animal gives me hope and balance my life. Now, I felt it is a good fortune and brings goodluck. and consider it as my goodluck charm.

  • hi, I was sitting in the garden yesterday with my daughter and grandson when a large green dragonfly began to fly around us, it stayed a while then disappeared. Some time later when we went in there it was again sitting in the kitchen window. It allowed me to pick it up gently and take it outside…it appeared happy to sit on the palm of my hand before flying off. Can anyone tell me the significance please.

  • :sad:
    I have never posted anything like this before but I had an awful night last night my husband came in so drunk this is something he does regularly and is always sorry but he for the first time punched my arm he usually shouts and swears but never violence it’s made me realise how unhappy I am and how this behaviour of his is out of control. I live in England in a little village not near water and sat in my conservatory this afternoon crying a dragonfly flew in and kept coming back I have lived here nearly ten years and have never even seen one I just feel it came for a reason xx

    • I would like you to message me sbridges16@live.com

    • Sorry you are experiencing this. You should get out while you can, this is almost never a good thing. Maybe that dragonfly is telling you it’s time for a change. Prayers for you to get the strength to leave. I’ve been there and I’m lucky yo be alive today… And I have a fabulous husband who would NEVER make me feel threatened or scared, ever. And this is how you should feel.

      Tammy Hardy
      Tammyhardy@comcast.net if you ever need to email – just remind me in the subject line of who you are or I may not read it.

    • The dragonfly definitely came to you for a reason. Heed it’s message. Time for you to make changes in your life.

    • The universe works in such mysterious and awesome ways. Driving to work this morning I passed between 2 large orange dragonflies. I made a mental note to double check the animal medicine meaning online and what I found absolutely applies to the life circumstances I am presently experiencing. I cant say why I happened to read the comments (I never have before) but I read yours and want to say that I understand the pain and suffering you are experiencing. It has been many years now since a person I loved and still love dearly was falling down drunk most nights and some days. I felt miserable and was unable to function. The help I found, that has “transformed” my life and which continues to support me today was in Al-anon meetings. The following is a link to a meeting finder: http://www.al-anon.org/international-meetings. There is hope. Dragonfly has blessed us both. Sending you Love and Light.

  • i have been facinated with dragonflies for quite sometime. on two separate occasions i have found one on the ground while crossing the road and have picked them up and they, while seeming quite comfortable, rode on my finger as i walked around running errands. there were even a good number of people who believed that they were jewelry. they have become quite prominent in my life over the past couple of years and today i had a golden one land a 1 1/2 feet away on a branch. i said hello to it and it made a noise in response and sat there. it then moved it’s eyes in an upward motion a few times and i looked that way and there were two more golden ones within a few feet of me. the other two were a courting pair. i am very curious as to whether someone has some insight as to the meaning of this omen. just to be clear, this was not a dream, this just happened.

  • I recently was cleaning a friends yard and her daughter said omg you have something on your shirt.I freaked out thinking it was a bee.it landed again she said no it’s a butterfly it’s orange and yellow it’s so pretty it landed on me twice what does this mean?
    Then today I am sitting in a motel room in the city
    with my door open,a black dragonfly flew in and landed on the window curtain holder.
    what does this mean?

  • I know many of us have dreams of flight. However for most of my life I have had dreams of flying with dragonfly wings. They are large, strong, in proportion to my body as they would be to a dragonfly’s body. Is there a special meaning in these dreams?

  • Hi,

    I have had two dreams recently where I saw a dragonfly in my bathrooms at home (and I am on the toilet). Both times it takes me by surprise and just appaears out of nowhere. In the first one it tries to fly up my nose and it gets stuck and i try to get it out and rip it in half (feel guilty even writing that!)

    The second dream which happened just last night it just appeared at the bottom of a towel…it was very big and a taupe/grey color

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts on what these mean or its trying to tell me?

    Thank you!

  • I am drawn to dragonflies…in lamps, pictures, sculptures…etc. What am I looking for?

  • Hello, I found your page when I Google’d dragon fly meaning. Today I was sitting in the car and a dragon fly hovered until I noticed it, then it flew on both sides of the window as to make sure I saw it and then flew away. Something told me to look up the meaning. What do you suppose this means? Thank you in advance for your response. Love, Live, Light

    Avante ✌ #LightMovement

  • Whenever I make a decision on my future career path I get to see two kinds of dragon flies

    While making some decisions,I get to see red dragon flies near me while I strongly contemplate sticking to that decision .
    While making some other decisions I see black dragon flies.

    1)What does a red dragon fly represent?
    2)What does a black dragon fly represent?

    Kindly help!

  • My mum is in a coma and when I went to visit her in hospital there was a baby dragonfly flying in front of me, I put my hand out and it landed on me. It seemed quite comfortable to be there. Can you please tell me the meaning of this?

  • I was sitting inside a temple and suddenly a Big sized Yellow colored Dragonfly sat on my head and was there for more than 20 mins.I also clicked few photos.Then when I came back home and saw a similar kind of Dragonfly Yellow colored on my drawing room window for 2 days.What does it mean ? Please help.

  • I had a dream about a dragonfly that had this evil intent to kill and I was trying to stop it until it attacked me. It was golden colored.

  • I dreamed last night about family members who had past. Before the dream was over my sisters and I were going through a drawer for things to keep and I pulled out a necklace with a dragonfly pendant for myself. The necklaces were all tangled but this one came out with ease. Does it mean anything 💡

  • I found this by Googling “dragonfly meaning”. I did this today because of a dream I had last night. There was a very large dragonfly with mixed black, brown, and golden colors, and it seemed like it was someone’s pet. I have had an attraction to dragonflies as long as I can remember. I have had them land on me or on my possessions many times. Once I saw one flying around near me and I stretched out my right arm; it immediately landed on my hand. Another time I was biking in the woods, stopped before crossing a small stream, and a damselfly landed on my bike. I also had one fly alongside me while biking on a trail; I was surprised how long it stayed with me, matching my speed and direction.

  • I had a sky blue one land on my head and a different color blue one land on my toe. a purple one follow me to the car and land on the antenna. I told my hubby dragonflys love me we proceeded to drive and stopped at a stop sign a block from our house and one flew across the windshield, and my hubby said your right they do. Then we were at a outside event and a huge bright green one landed on my shirt strap and sat there for along time. It was the biggest one I ever seen. They let me take there pictures real close One looked like it was smiling at me. Thats when I found out they had teeth. cool huh

  • I saw a blue body and silver winged dragonfly fly right in front of me and this was right after I left church I’m going through a struggle right now with my ex I wonder what it ment? It caught my attention enough to look for a meaning.

  • 😛 I’ve carried Dragon Fly as a totem years ago and it has recently reappeared in place of the Butterflies I would get often. I went for a Meta Walk; a walk while contemplating spiritual ideas, and a Dragon fly flew right past me gauging my full attention. I’m at my desk at work and my computer faces the window. Our window is a double sided window, so folks on the outside see a mirror and folks on the inside get to see the reality. Several Dragonflies are now bumping their heads against the window, almost with a sense of trying to get inside the office. I’m open to an interpretation to what the Dragonfly is trying to get across to me.

  • dear Silken Raven

    I have just had the most beautiful. experience… around midday today, I was sitting outside, watching, feeling and absorbing the glorious sunlight, going within, though fully aware of what was happening around me, peace filled me and I sat quietly, then one red dragonfly came up to me, landed on my jumper down by my waist, I didnt move, it then flew away, so I carried on raising my vibrations, shortly another one came this time landing a little higher, under my breast, stayed awhile and the flew away, another one came and it had brought something to eat with it ;O) and proceeded to do just that, staying quite a while, my body from within started to vibrate at a very great speed as another one landed on my sleeve, we looked at each other, I sent LOVE and it started to clean itself ! the sun was starting to disappear, clouds moving in on it as the last one came and landed on my Heart .. how special how very special

    • You must be very special…
      The dragonflies I see, never land on me. I used to see butterflies everywhere, and I still do, but dragonflies are having their time, also, this period. I keep transforming into a very new and elevated being and there is still a long way to go…

  • Since my other passed a few months ago I have noticed dragonflies around me they seem to fly around and stay close to me or even my car or yard. Yesterday I had one fly by the windshield fly backwards and just hover near the center of my windshield once it was gone I backed out only to see it fluttering by my driver side window and follow me about 50 yards or so. What could these sightings mean?

  • I’ve had a dragonfly flitting around my back door when I left the house this morning. When I returned home, s/he was there again. Both times it almost landed on me and nearly flew inside my house. I am thinking about some changes I wish to make in my life over the coming year. Do you think s/he is a good omen? Thanks

    • Hi Mel – I would take that as a very good omen, that I’m on the right track with the changes I wish to make in my life.
      Dragonflies, for me, are about joy. The fact that it tried to come along with me and become part of my household is very positive (and exciting!).

  • I saw a dragon fly on glass like mirror in my sleep. What does that mean?

    • Hello Caroline: The Dragonfly is letting you know that you can learn the most about yourself by paying attention to what is being reflected back at you through your peers, family and friends. If you see something you don’t like in someone else – it is probably something you also dislike about yourself and vice versa. Use all of the tools available to you and you will grow in leaps and bounds.

  • I have seen dragonflies whenever facing difficult problems and situations. Once i was surrounded by about twenty dragonflies (in a tough time) when i was no where near water. I am struggling with direction at the moment and went outside for a break, i saw a dead one at my feet. What does this mean?

    • Hello carli: Your Dragonfly is letting you know that you have to get out of your head in order to find your direction. Only your heart knows which way to go. Find something that gives you joy and explore it further – it may or may not be the right direction – but it will open the doors to more self discovery. You do not have to see the direction – just go.

  • I have a dragonfly in my home and my favorite color is yellow its wings are yellow. What does it mean that is here and whatever it is how do I know if its meant for me?

    • Hello Cindy: If you have seen it – it was meant for you – especially since it is in your home. Yellow is the color of happiness. Think smiley faces and stay positive. Pay attention to the message in the quotation box when you return to this page.

  • Is there a meaning for a dragonfly let me get close enough so he could check out my finger and stay within 15 feet of me for a hour or so?

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