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Anything you start right now will move forward in leaps and bounds.

Rabbit Meaning and Messages

In general, Rabbit symbolism reminds us to examine and use the tools we have within ourselves. Even though our instincts are inherent, they also need nurturing and development. Furthermore, the Rabbit meaning deals primarily with abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. The hare also embraces gifts of fertility, sentiment, desire, and procreation. In other words, you have a wealth of creativity right now and should make good use of it. Furthermore, like the Buffalo, this spirit animal’s appearance means that a windfall of abundance is imminent.

Alternatively, Rabbit symbolism may also indicate a need for more planning. You should also check the plans that you have already set in motion. Moreover, do not box yourself in a corner. Whenever the bunny makes an appearance, be aware that you may also need to examine the foods you eat. Perhaps a vegetarian diet, if only for a short time, can help you strengthen and heal.

The Rabbit is distantly related to rodents; Rat, Mouse, Porcupine, Beaver, Prairie Dog, Groundhog, Squirrel, and the Chipmunk.

Rabbit Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Rabbit totem are often unpredictable and spontaneous. They also have fast reflexes and good coordination. People with this spirit animal are highly observational and alert, gentle, and nurturing as well as intelligent and witty. Furthermore, bunny people are quick to succeed and are highly skilled at success. They are also generous in advising those around them. Folks with this power animals essence can instinctively sense what paths lead to danger, and which roads lead to success.

Rabbit Dream Interpretation

To see this animal in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, bunnies symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility, and sexual activity.

In particular, to have a white Rabbit dream symbolizes faithfulness in love. The white hare also serves as a guide to steer you in the right direction. To see a black bunny in your vision refers to a fear of intimacy.

If the hare is hopping in your dream, then it indicates fertility. In other words, children will surround you. Alternatively, the vision may be related to your lack of commitment and how you jump from one thing or another. If you dream that the bunny scratches or bites you, then it means that you need to pay more attention to your relationship or love life.

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  1. I dreamed a basket with 8 brown eggs. The middle egg had a crack. Then I saw a white rabbit in a basket. In front of the basket there was three little yellow babies chicken and the white rabbit ate one of them. What that means? Please share.

  2. During a Reiki session a large blue rabbit appeared to be sat on my chest and said ‘I’ve got you, don’t worry’ and winked

  3. I dreamed an white rabbit with black spots attacked my toy Pom dog s the rabbit was holding her down and an large red wolf was growling and ready to attack her. What does this mean?

  4. Hie ..my rabbit died today ..he was perfectly fine and this afternoon he was dead..he was a star rabbit ..is it a negative sign?? Or its just a normal life process?? He was just 6 months old..how should i take this??

    1. I’m sorry you lost your rabbit. My rabbit died on Christmas Day, he was 10 years old.
      This is what I know from owning rabbits all my life…..Because they are prey animals, when they get sick it’s often hard to tell – they hide it very very well. A sick rabbit is easy prey which is why they hide their ill health so well.
      Did you notice if your bunny was doing anything like holding his head tilted to the side? Anything at all? There would have been subtle signs that, understandably, you didn’t pick up.
      Rabbits are wonderful pets, easy to house train and the best indoor companions.
      Sorry for your loss.

  5. I dreamt of a midium size brown wild rabbit. It somehow got into our house, I don’t remember the people in my dream. My family in the dream and I were trying to get it out of our house. It was very stubborn and hard to get it out of the house. We weren’t chasing it, but it would stay by the door and we had a shovel to keep pushing it outside of the door. We did get it out, & somehow I needed to get inside the house without letting the rabbit in with me, so I asked a random people to hold it to prevent it from running into the house again. What does it mean?

  6. Mukalazi Muhammad

    Saw a white rabbit crossing over an alley and almost got crashed by a luggage van? Could there be a meaning behind this.

    1. White rabbits are a sign of bad luck/impending doom. Black rabbits are a sign of extremely good luck/good fortune.
      Glad you are okay!

  7. Hi only about 5 minutes ago I was packing up to go to the mountians when I saw a mom rabbbit and two babbies.

    I told her it was ok and she didn’t run away I was about four feet from her when my dad opened the door and scared her off.

    I went to the bush were tge babbies were and lefy carrots for the mom.

    Dose this mean somthing?

    Or am I just exagerating?

    Please get back to me.

    1. It means trying to do big things will pay off and your endeavors will be fruitful, (the babies) and to not be afraid of apparently scary things that have nothing to do with your world (humans and the car door). It was very lovely of you to “give back” by providing carrots for the rabbits. Do that with your prosperity in real life too – give back. Also, nurture your own endeavors the same way, (eat healthy and take care of your projects in a healthy way) and your prosperity and well-being will also grow. : D

  8. Tonight i saved a rabbit from being taken by a cooper’s hawk. I understand the symbolic meaning of each animal separately…but what could be the meaning/message of saving the rabbit from the hawk, please? Many thanks!

  9. Hi there,

    I was out walking in fields today and found a baby rabbit. It had been attacked and had a puncture wound on its belly. It was still alive so I picked it up and cradled it in my hands. Sadly, it died 5 minutes later.

    Please could you help with the meaning.

  10. Analise Camilleri

    I have a Netherland dwarf rabbit as a pet but in my dream I saw another kind of rabbit, it was white and bigger than mine. However, although it wasn’t the same rabbit I knew that it was my rabbit in the dream. My rabbit was chased by my dog. I saw my dog biting my rabbit and when I held it I saw him dangerously sick and heard him crying with pain. Suddenly I woke up screaming his name.

    Can someone explain this strange and horrible dream please?

  11. After I broke up with my bf and was able to get some sleep, I remember closing my eyes and seeing a road that was turning around clockwise. Then I seen what looked to be someone in a white rabbit suit running through a field. A few moments later, I seen a real white rabbit up close looking at me. This was all while I was awake but had my eyes closed. The next day I was watching a kid’s movie, “The Secret Life of Pets 2” and noticed Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” playing in the movie. I wondered what it signified since I obviously experienced some synchronicity with the white rabbit.

  12. can someone help me about my dream
    i had a dream last year a family rabbit, a mother, father and a baby rabbit. it took me that the parents taking care of their baby and protect against enemies. so in my dream i tried to catch their baby and i catch it. while i’m holding their baby the father rabbit get mad of me and tried to catch me but then i hold him but he was too very angry so i saw his teeth and trying to flee out of my hand and trying to bite me also
    after a year on my young age i get pregnant
    is this dream gives meaning about my pregnancy?

    1. Hello Lyca, I was looking up rabbit and don’t ever read these messages, but I did today, and noticed your question and also the time of posting, which is 11:33, a powerful message from your angels. So, I had to answer you. The message of 1133 is that your angels are sending you positive energies and signs, and to pay attention to your thoughts and ideas, as they are giving you hints as to the next steps you will take on your path. I feel that this dream and this number message are letting you know of your own psychic gifts also.
      As for the dream, I am not really feeling that it has to do with your pregnancy, but more to do with your intuition and psychic abilities. You were protecting the baby, which can also be seen as a new concept or idea just born. The angry male rabbit seems to me to be very much like how some men are reacting to women taking our power back. Rabbits represent psychic gifts to me in the way that we all have them. Some people are more in tune to them, as rabbits must be very in tune to their surroundings in order to not get eaten.
      I feel also that sometimes our dreams have layers of meaning. If the father of your baby was angry when you became pregnant, maybe thinking you did it on purpose to trap him, maybe wanting you to end the pregnancy when you did not want to, then this dream could also have been given you to help you prepare for that.
      I hope my answer has some meaning for you. I have found that dreams that stay with me for a very long time do not leave my mind until I figure out the message.

  13. 6/25/19.My husband and i was out looking at homes.I looked down the block maybe 4 houses away ,and i see 2 rabbits,just hopping in the grass out in the open on someones front lawn,one laid down in the grass the other hopped back and forth never far from the other one that was just laying in the grass. I wouldve continue to watch ,but we had another house to see

  14. Hello,
    I own a rabbit and last night i had a dream that my brother was hurting my rabbit and i saw blood stains over the rabbit.
    I am trying to figure out what is the real meaning of this dream. Can someone help me?

    1. A Black rabbit had 5 baby rabbits in my flowers outside my front door.
      I clean the area everyday and never notice any babies until my doctor had something in his mouth and mad him put it down. I thought it was a black rat. But when the dog let it go it ran back into the flower bed. I looked for it with a stick . That’s when i found 5 baby black rabbit’s. I call animal control. They told me to bring them to the office. I said i am leaving them right there because the mother comes everyday and sit in the yard of the neighbors and me back and front yards. So now. We haven’t seen the mother and everyday the rabbits leave and then they come back. What does this simpliize.?

    2. Has the mother come back to care for them? Are they doing ok? The mother may have abandoned them if one had the scent of a dog on it.

  15. I had a drean i was at church but the priest was not of God he got mad when i put a cross on him. I left the church and my grandma gave me a little school bus. I left to get away from the church, and i noticed a whole bunch of jack rabbits in there jumping around. I drove around the corner and then i let one rabbit out and the rest followed. Soon after i wrecked the bus, i side swiped a vw bettle but the guy caught up with me but he was on a motorcycle. I apologized and he went from being angry to a better mood, especially after one guy whom i hadnt spoke to in a while showed up out of no where and said he would take care of everything and i qas able to walk away and resume my day and then i woke up…… what does it mean if it means anything

  16. I am curious to decipher this dream. I was doing laundry and left a grey dwarf rabbit on the drying rack. The bunny was litterally hanging. I guess I waited too long to remember that the bunny hanging there would eventually fatigue, which would cause harm to the bunny. So, when I ran back to check on the bunny, who was now all dry, I saw it was still alive and when I went to pick the bunny up and remove it from the drying rack, pulse while in my hands and then let out a fluid and died. It was terrible and I was distraught and trying to resusciate it. It felt like it litterally “hung in there” waiting for me before it could pass. Its quite a layered dream. I am curious for an alternative analysis.

    1. A few thoughts: doing laundry = doing inner cleansing, could be emotional body that is signalling you need to clear something from the past…

      bunny hung out to dry…some fear of going deep within of feeling you may be “hung there to dry”…with not much support, forgotten
      perhaps bunny symbolizes the innocent part of you within
      the innocent part of you would like to be resuscitated?

      “hung in there” waiting for Me…perhaps this could mean You are waiting for You to really resuscitate, clear into a New You? After all Easter is time of Bunny, time of rebirth, time of Fertility….maybe your subconscious is speaking at this time to urge you to do the necessary inner cleanse so as to lead to rebirth?


  17. They’re is a rabbit that frequents our back yard. I see it maybe 2-3 times per month and the last time my dogs were slowly chasing it across the yard before it jetted out of the home it came in from. Last night though, I dreamt I was on my back patio and saw him creep around the corner of the house to munch on his favorite spot of weeds but it hopped back around the house when it saw me. Then I saw a large silky black rabbit slowly hop around the corner but when it saw me it just sniffed the air then started to creep slowly towards the patio and then towards the sliding door. It just sniffed the doorway entrance slightly standing on it’s back paws and then my alarm woke me. I was standing to one side of the black rabbit about 3 feet away. I’m married with 4 kids and we’re struggling with the thought of leaving the house we’re in as we thought it’d be our forever home. Not sure how the supposed meanings of rabbits/black ones is to be interpreted.

  18. I had a big fight with a boyfriend recently and ended up pretty sad. I went to sleep and I dreamt that I was pulling out a white bunny out of something and putting it on a pan alive because I wanted to cook it. The bunny was sweating and suffering and made me very sad so I grabbed a knife and cut its throat and decapitated it.
    Next I woke up feeling very troubled. I have never dreamt killing an animal before, much less in that heart breaking way. What could possibly mean?

    1. kiling a rabbit in the dream indicates that times will soon be changing for the better and the white rabbit means its guiding you to the right path, thw white rabbit also symbolizes faithfulness in love

  19. I work at Lancaster prison as a psychologist, and today, as I was leaving the building where I work, there was the cutest white, tan, and brown rabbit right in front of me. I thought it was such a darling being to see as I was getting ready to leave the institution. I work as a contractor, and I am doubting whether I can continue working there as I receive no benefits. Additionally, I am in a relationship with someone who I love, but who through some of his struggles makes me feel ambivalent about the relationship. I cannot help but wonder if the bunne in some way may represent something about the relationship? The man in my life is very sweet, and kind, but in some ways is socially and emotionally stunted due to traumas he experienced as a child, and some as a young adult. Please if you could provide some insight. I know that rabbits are symbols of fertility and abundance in some ways, and they are such tender and wonderful creatures!

  20. Hi, I’ve been in my new home for almost 3 months and for the past two weeks a brown rabbit has been coming into my yard every day and around the same time !! It eats a lot but also just sits there and stares a lot too . What does it mean to have the same precious calm bunny come to your backyard every single day ?! Thanks !

  21. Hi I have a quick question maybe someone can help me with. I was hanging out with somebody that I was very interested in getting to know that I’ve had a crush on for a while. We went on a nature walk and we had absolutely wonderful conversation and while we were talking I constantly saw bunnies scurrying around everywhere. I have a desire to be with them (emotionally-mentally- physically and sexually) and as we were walking along he ended up holding my hand and he was very shy about it when he did it. I was very happy that he held my hand but not even a couple moments later… I started wondering what the future would be like for us and I ended up looking down on the sidewalk and there was a rabbit with its head clean off almost like it was decapitated from something it did not look like it was hurt from another animal and looked like a human had did it. What does this mean?

    1. Dimitri Solakofski

      To the person who saw the decapitated rabbit while holding her crushes hand:
      If a rabbit has to die, for you to receive its message, it means, OPEN YOUR EYES and pay attention to its message.
      A dead animal pretty well shows you what you are blind to seeing. It does not signify death to a relationship. The only death is to your immediate reality for refusing the rabbit.
      Once you make the decision to acknowledge the animal medicine without doubting it or second guessing it, you will stop seeing dead animals.
      Dead ones appear when you are to stubborn, or over thinking everything and second guessing. Stop those doubts and dead animals will leave your reality.
      Best of fortune to you.

    2. I am trying to find answers to this as well…. my husband never sees any bunnies near our home. I on the other hand see it a lot and it stops right by me and looks at me every time. Have you found anything deeper about it? I definitely feel it is looking after me but I am trying to understand the meaning. It gives me chills every time but I have started to really love bunnies because of this. I really firmly believe in spirit animals and signs now.

    3. that same situation happened to me. the head was decaptiated. my partner saw it first in the yard and I believed it was around time we were having problems. honestly still don’t know what to think of it to this day.

  22. Samantha Leigh McFarland

    Hello, I recently saw several rabbits in one day whereas normally I may see one every once in awhile. I am on the verge of a large decision and want to understand the deeper meaning to these sightings. I read that the direction the rabbits are running also have meaning. The first one was hopping in a straight line south. Later, as I pulled into my driveway, I saw three more. They also ran in a straight line next to my car heading North. Anybody’s insight is welcome and appreciated!

  23. Saw a rabbit in my path while driving .. in normal position..
    as I get closer he stands on hind legs and doesn’t move .. face to my right and facing north I believe.. pretty fearless seemly because bunny’s are always a bit skittish animals .. but I had to go around him .. but I never seen a rabbit literally stand in the middle of the road and not budge and wasn’t afraid of my vehicle at all ..

    Any insight please ?

  24. This morning I was organizing my day sitting on the couch. I got up to go to the kitchen and I saw what I thought was stuffed animal fluff all over the living room floor. I looked closer and realized it was from an animal. I have a dog coco, a havanese, my best friend. I knew she had killed an animal and I looked to my right and the upper half of a rabbit with eyes open was lying there. This rabbit has been living in our backyard. I didn’t get emotional, which I usually would. I showed my daughter cleaned it up and said a prayer for the rabbit. Does anyone know what this might be telling me.

    1. Honestly Nova, my very first hit is I think just that dogs are hunters and she was probably bringing you a gift. is it possible the two of you have been together before and hunted together?

  25. Thank you for this post and for all of those who have commented. I would love some insight on what happened to me yesterday.
    I was visiting the gravesite of my fiance’s daughter and while taking pictures I noticed a green orb that showed up in the pics. In one picture the green orb was the shape of a rabbit. In another the green orb was the shape of a heart, and one was the shape of a butterfly. I have been reading about the significance of these shapes and trying to decipher what it is that his daughter is trying to tell him.
    She died of brain cancer at the age of 8 in 2010. As you could imagine, her father is still struggling daily with the passing of his only child. I know she was trying to tell us something. Can anyone help?
    Blessings, Shawnie

    1. The green orbs in that photo are your angels or light beings whichever you prefer watching out for you and your husband. Green orbs or any colored orbs are spiritual energy. It means good energy or healing energy is with you. What’s your daughters favorite color? I ask because it could also be her reaching out to you. Wishing much healing to you and your husband and sorry for your loss.

  26. Rabbit, Tehahonhtané:ken, is one of the trickster animals in Haudenosaunee culture, more like Bugs Bunny than a cute furry cuddly toy. Rabbit also speaks of creativity, which has been very important to me lately, something that has been a part of my entire life.

  27. Tehahonhtané:ken, Rabbit is very sacred to Haudenosaunee and Kanien’keha:ka culture as one of the tricksters. I’ve been seeing her a lot lately. She represents creativity and allowing the spirit to express itself. No doubt about what she’s telling me. I can honestly say that I have been writing more, despite all my physical problems right now…

    1. Jules thank you so much for your posts. I had a dream about a little bunny and Ive had rabbit medicine before. but this is new information for me and I really appreciate your input.

  28. Rabbit (• Tehahonhtané:ken in Mohawk) is one of the tricksters in Haudenosaunee culture. My Grandmother, my Memaire, always said that when Tehahonhtané:ken speaks to you, it is time the run with your imagination.

  29. I was burning some old wood in my driveway to clean up a couple weeks ago and I still have a large pile of ashes sitting in my driveway. A couple days ago, as I was coming home, I drove right up to a rabbit sitting on a burnpile of ashes in the evening. He didn’t budge until I got out of the car. The image of the rabbit sitting smack in the middle of a burnpile made an impression on me. I don’t know why.

    1. There’s a story in Buddhism about a hare jumping into a fire to sacrifice himself as food, but I don’t really know much about it though.

  30. I am having troible finding the meaning of the dream I had. It was specifically about the ears. I was sitting in a living room and I had real white bunny ears. Very weird. 😎

  31. Day before Easter I saw a bunny in my front yard..today I came out at around 222 pm and saw him again same spot

    1. William Burnette

      I picked up a brick in the stream and immediately I saw a fish, I looked up and saw a deer fleeting, and to my left I saw a snow white rabbit with ruby red eyes bouncing against a pile of brush! The same omen George Washington experienced! I had a witness but George Washington didn’t! Any responses would be awesome!

    2. I believe the fish represents you are trying to swim upstream, against the current of your calling. The deer fleeting at you throwing that in shows you keep disrupting things, whatever that means to you, and you arent slowing down to listen to what your intuition … in reality, the Holy Spirit whispering to you. The rabbit and deer both symbolize similar things, regeneration vs rebirth. The rabbit symbolizes showing you the way back on track. Listen to Jesus calling in your life, back to what you feel called to do. If you know this and decide to not stay focused on what you need to work on (or think you are all good n all lol), you ARE “okay” and all…. but you are not all in on your calling and if you are useless… then that deer leaving is bad.

      George Washington got too stressed out… he had great leadership qualities, but bend and broke under pressure. If he had stood his ground and kept on the good fight to the end, perhaps it would not have been an omen… just a friendly reminder.

      I didnt know George Washington got an omen! Thats cool! ( I mean… sad lol)

      I am a bit distracted right now, but I hope that this interpretation was close or at least gave you something you needed to hear. Get rid of distractions in your life and care for the little things. Dont fight your calling. God bless! *FaithHopeLOVE*

    3. William Burnette

      The day before this happened, I found a stonemason’s firebrick engraved “E g y p t -“.
      The beginning of the creation by the God! God is the Supreme Architect of the Universe!

    4. Maybe try applying the symbolism of the rabbit with the symbolism of the number sequence 222. 😀

  32. Hello all. I just happened upon this.. Something told me to look it up as I saw a rabbit sitting in the middle of the street on my walk home from work. I thought nothing of it as it was winter time a few months ago when I saw a bunny. This was the 2nd time and it was in the same area. I’m going through a very tough time in my life and thought maybe, just maybe it’s a sign. Who knows. Thanks for the information and reading materials.

    1. Priestess Capricious

      💡 look at the time on your post. 333. Look up the symbolic meaning for that number. U r blessed and highly favored xoxo 🙂

    2. Priestess Capricious

      💡 i feel it wants you to…..

      Check what is in motion now
      Move carefully in work or play

      I will research more for you. You are blessed and highly favored :mrgreen:

    3. I totally respect people may feel differently, EVEN most others who are supposed to be UNIFIED in love and ACT out of love… Worry about their own walk and simply set the example, and let the Holy Spirit do it’s work. If anything is incorrect, its me. God has many divine mysteries and he owns all the good animals and numbers! If this animal or number speaks to you, Hes on it.

      Sooo lets take a shot here. Did you lose a love one and feel lost as to where you are supposed to go? Or a breakup? Job? That rabbit is trying to show you the narrow road to take in a season of death and how to have that glow always.

      Youuu… You feel alone or sad or depressed or anxious, This is the HOLY SPIRIT that whispers that “Still, small voice” (Think of the story of Elijah, How God spoke to him…) That voice said to look up.
      That rabbit to me, represents Jesus. Easter!!!!
      He was sacrificed, like an innocent lamb, like an innocent rabbit. Reborn. Risen.
      He moved quickly, WITH God’s spirit. Jesus wants to be there for you… I believe when he calls those of us who believe “blessed” he just means Joyful, free from earthly emotions the closer we get. I quit my depression medicine and I feel happier and stronger than ever because I have practiced trust, learned about how he loves… I cant see anyone getting left behind, out of Gods love…. Can a good parent ever give up on loving their child? If we truly love, we want no one to be sent away from Heaven. The Word is clear… not even Jesus’ friends, “Christians” are worthy and the measure we judge we will be judged. Also, it is not something we should be concerned about, it is only Gods position to decide how to reward us. I think he will look at those who believed and did not do their calling and make them responsible for those who didnt feel Loved by God.

      Yours means Jesus wants you. He just simply is hurting for you and how you feel and wants so bad to be with you every step, to tell you how loved you are. He isnt out to hurt or judge you, just asks you to love and be gentle to yourself and others… and walk right at your side, winter or summer. Rain or shine. Whispering encouragement that you are okay.

      ALSO…. 3:33 posted??? TRINITY???

  33. Tonight I was driving home from a night out with friends, and about a block away from my house I slowed down for a rabbit in the middle of the street. I saw it there while I was approaching and figured it would move long before I got to it, but it didn’t. I moved my car closer and closer very slowly and still nothing. I backed up again so I could see it and it hadn’t moved at all from the first time I’d seen it a block or so away. Ears stayed perched in the same spot and everything. I put my car in park and approached it. I could almost touch it I was so close, but I didn’t want to cross a boundary (it just intuitively felt respectful). I gently pushed around it towards a clear side of the street until it slowly made its way under a truck and then I got back in my car and went on.

    It felt like it was trying to tell me something but I’m still a bit confused. I’ve never seen a rabbit lack that timidity its known for. It was definitely wild too. Any ideas on what that could mean?

  34. Brandon Espinoza

    I recently had a sweet dream about a cute gray rabbit, similar to Judy Hopps from the 2016 film, Zootopia, and I remembered that I was petting it, stroking its ears and back, and it felt so relaxed and loved every time I caressed the sweet little creature it gave me a nice bunny hug.

  35. After a year and a half of being missing. My pet rabbit has. Been returned today by a neighbor who found him in their front yard. What does that mean? I am currently 37 weeks pregnant, does this have anything to do with it?

  36. Antoinette, 3/20/17
    , I have had several dreams lately and 2nights ago I had a dream of bunnies. There were many and some grouped in groups and some spread out everywhere in sight. Then tonight the next night I am awaken from a dream of a long dradonfly with glittery wings stretched out. The dragonfly is still like its posing for someone to draw it.
    It never moves..can someone help me with these 2 dreams. Thank you.

  37. I have started a business and am coming into my own…I have a fear of putting myself out there but I’m doing it. The work I do is creative and healing. A completely black rabbit shows up each day as I look out of my office window. It feels like mysterious power and luck. There is a sense of comfort. Of letting go of the past and moving forward with a bit of fear. When I see the rabbit I feel that I am on the right path and I feel so honored to have come this far…to have healed from many traumas and to be able to help others navigate through their own shadows. This black rabbit is a validation of turning trauma and fear into abundance and spiritual advancement. The rabbit is completely healthy and groomed…like a domesticated rabbit living in the wild confidently. Somehow finding the inner resources and the wild DNA bond with nature deep within to adapt and survive despite fear and vulnerability.

    1. Please, please, please try to catch the rabbit – if he is solid black he IS a domesticated rabbit and he has no chance to survive long in the wild. He has either escaped or been dumped. In the U. S. wild rabbits and domesticated breeds are not biologically able to breed (this is not true of European wild rabbits). His presence is even more profound than you thought – he needs you. He chose you because you must be sensitive, alert and kind enough to be attuned to rabbit’s needs. I know from experience that living with a house rabbit will open your heart and every one of your senses in ways you can’t imagine. I was chosen by a black rabbit 8 years ago and she has changed my life. Please try to catch this rabbit, do your research on living with a house rabbit and prepare for a joyful journey!

  38. I dream a lot about my mum and dad as children and feel stressed about how their childhood was, especially my dads, last night I had the same dream again but this time my uncle was in the dream and a rabbit appeared twice just for seconds, what does this mean (my father and uncle had a terrible childhood)

    1. Rabbit is about family, healing and vulnerability. Maybe the rabbit in your dream is asking you to accept the past that your parents had but that to suffer and feel sadness about it now is not allowing it to heal. Bring healing to your family as they are today by being willing to be at peace with the past and let go knowing that you have the opportunity now to give the past a new meaning and purpose. The past can now become the motivation for you to bring love and acceptance to your family in the present. They need your peace and joy today, the past is the past but today is still to be decided! Let rabbit teach you that you have the ability to both hold these feelings of compassion for past suffering and to bring optimism, nurturing and abundance to your family today.

  39. My brother is a alcoholic ans addict he has bwent very close to death seve5times over the past 10 years. He has been missing for 3 weeks now. He had been living with homeless people and they haven’t seen him. I filled a missing persons report on Monday and everyday this week my friends and I been searching under bridges wadding through creeks, knocking on doors and visiting soup kitchen hoping someone has seen him. During these searches rabbits keep appearing multiple times. Last night one came up to me and just sat there. I almost picked it up. When my friend dropped me of last night 2 ran out in front of her car. What does this mean?

    1. I don’t know what it means, but I have lived your brother’s life. I am currently safe and home, and two bunny rabbits have found my backyard. I take that as a sign of Hope, Spring, renewal. Good luck to you and your brother.

    2. So is mine and has been struggling with it for 15 years. We had a terrible conversation the day before his 2 year old niece went into surgery. The surgery went well and the recovery is speedy as the rabbit i had growing up who would out run my dog, known to the fastest dog they have ever see. She was a rescue dog that gave us 16 great years. I was very young when i got that rabbit and didnt understand responsibility so i did not treat it as well as i would have like to be treated. Instead of accepting an invite to go out on st patricks day i went to the gym and hung out with god. When i got home aftee settling down i went out on my patio and immediatly noticed a rabbit. I was reminded of mine and felt terrible so i went into my fridge and threw 3 carrots out there for it and asked for forgiveness. I follow omens so i wanted to read about it and saw this message. I hope that my brother and his family will live a great healthy life. Thank you for sharing.

  40. So how should I interpret a sever rabbits foot found on my vehicle. Logic says that because I live in a wooded area with various birds of prey, it was probably a piece of their meal that just coincidentally fell on my car…but something is nagging inside me.

    1. Rabbits foot is a sign of good luck. If you have a plan or a current direction, I would suggest sticking to it. It will probably work out positively for you.

    2. We found a rabbit’s head on our pickup this morning when my husband went to the vehicle to leave for work. Meaning?

  41. Wow, i’m overly emotional after reading everyones connections with rabbits, and the symbolism they have related so very close to me and my life right now!

    Thank You 😉


  42. I had this dream last night, that i was almost cinda loosing my body,i scared my family and myself when i woke up in pannic…i culd not move for a bit but when i could i sat up and was looking to this one spott…and i was still cinda asleep and so i saw a litle girl, sitting on a chair or somthing…and she was holding this bigg rabbit, it was one of the wild ones.
    . But it was just sitting there, calm on her lapp. It had long ears and was brown, i also thought it was cinda bigger then ussual.

  43. Rabbits have been appearing to me lately, I think they mean that I need to develop my intuition learn to listen to myself and trust myself once more. They always appear in hordes, in the last month’s when I go out for walks I often come across whole covens of rabbits, running across the fields! It’s always when I’m dreaming about what I want to be.

    1. I too have been having the same occurrence and again tonight when I saw the rabbits one was in front of my car and wouldn’t move for several moments. I parked my car right there on the road and walked up to my house. The rabbit followed me up into the yard I ran inside and told my kids and husband and they came out to see the bunny too

  44. This morning as I was driving before sunrise, on a dark road sat a beautiful snow white bunny. Travel this road often early in the morning, normally a very busy road but much less that early. Was such a surprise to see it in the middle of the road and probably would have never seen it if it wasn’t so white.

    What seemed odd is that it started hopping off the road but hesitated and turned to look at me and my headlight caught its eyes and for a moment the eyes glowed red.

    As I passed it it sat beside the road and didn’t keep going into the woods there. I didn’t get a bad feeling but a good one.

    Was that bunny an omen? A messenger? Honestly can’t remember ever seeing an albino bunny in the wild before.


    1. I too, saw one sitting under a street lamp in our old neighborhood last night while driving to my brothers house after my mom’s funeral. It was just sitting there, watching me drive by. Never moved or flinched. It had big red eyes. Unusual to say the least as it was extremely cold out that evening.

  45. Before I had a stroke, in 2007, I saw a white rabbit, in a flash. I have always wondered since then what the apparition meant. The rabbit is a not a native animal in the country where I live. Neither did we have a pet rabbit. I went home early on that fateful day, from work, because I felt very tired and listless. I opened our main door, and there, on the landing, in our split level house, hopped a white rabbit. It disappeared instantaneously. I still wonder until now if it was my imagination working overtime. But I was not frightened that day, and I in fact, I decided to sleep on our sofa in the living room after I saw the apparition. Days after I saw the white rabbit, I had a stroke. Thankfully, I recovered quickly enough. Probably it was a premonition.

    1. Am so glad you recovered….and it seems rabbit is following you all these years later.
      Have you ever watched the TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor called a stroke of insight?
      You might like it…..
      It helps to always be reminded that we can pull the positive from any negative and make it better….and, voila! the world is suddenly full of light (maybe for some it comes in the form of a white rabbit)
      Take care,

    2. Tilly Adriana Mathilde (Tilly) Dunn-van Vierssen Trip

      Rabbits were my playmates as a toddler. I lived in a little house in the woods, in the Queen’s forest. The totem description is me to a T…..along with the beautiful deer who expanded my magical world. xoxoxoxoxoxo Love, Tilly.

  46. Hei! Am actually in a relationship. In my dream we broke up but we stayed friends and i was in a relationship with one of his good friends. So the 3 of us and our mutual friends we decided to have a little vacation in a beach house. But when i saw my ex boyfriend i felt uncomfortable and sad. My boyfriend saw that i was sad and tried to cheer me up but i didnt want any of his affection so he took me to a stuff toy shop and told me that he wants to give a stuff toy rabbit and that i can choose which one i want. When i saw the raw of stuff toys rabbits in a light cream color i remembered that my ex gave me the same one but his was special. Then i realized that i dont want a new rabbit and i still want my old one. I wanted to go back with my ex , to go back in the past when i was with him but i knew it was impossible…And surprisingly on the same shelf of stuff toys rabbits, i saw my old stuff toy and when i took it in my arms it changed into a real gentle rabbit. I made a choice and i choose him. So the ex in my dream is my actual boyfriend in real life and i know that this rabbit is an important symbol in my dream! Why my boyfriend is my ex in my dream and what is the meaning of this rabbit?

    1. I dreamt that their were rabbits invading my house , everywhere. I wasn’t afraid ; just taken back by the furor needs of them trying to get in my house. They were coming through the ceiling , breaking it. The doors, the Windows, the prep holes , chimney . Everywhere. I turned the heat up which made them come in numbers. Then turned the air conditioner on thinking that would slow them down. That didn’t work. So I turned the heat back on because it was cool out. I finally got out of the house to find kids playing with them everywhere . What does that mean?? I’ve NEVER had a dream like that before.

      Butterfly 😯

  47. I have a female bunny come round me, I do not know what she wants, might be a dragon bunny but if not
    what is happening as my dragons seem to have sent her, any advice as to working with here would be
    received with blessings to all. thank you dear souls.

  48. I moved into my my home almost 4 years to date. Almost 3 years to date, I got a yard mate, a rabbit I call Jack. Jacks been here now for almost 3 years. Two weeks ago I go out & he has his woman with him to introduce her to me. Jack is so cool. He does not fear me at all. Anyway on our first meeting she, now Bella, immediately left the yard but turned back & looked at Jack still sitting there. They were communicating. I could not only feel it, but I saw it. Two days ago & this morning, their baby, now named Boo Boo Butt, with her cute cottontail appeared. I don’t care what others say, I’m blessed to have a family of rabbits that Trust me, when they Trust nothing & no one! Blessed I am! Yessss!

  49. I’ve noticed an odd pattern, that may not have any significance, but I feel it could- I just don’t know what it is. Maybe 4 years ago a wild baby/youngster rabbit found its way into my garage, it was obviously impaired to some extent because he didn’t run and was very lethargic. It was late at night when I found him so I made him comfortable, with the understanding he was on his way out of this world, but would visit the idea of finding a rescue center in the morning. Unfortunately he passed over night.
    The winter of 2015, an adult rabbit was struck by a car or something near my driveway, (I live in a townhome community). The rabbit was either placed or found its final resting place in my neighbor’s gutter, a few feet from my own, and I found him in the morning. Although it was dead and not hurting or really hurting anyone else; I felt compelled to collect him, wrap him in a blanket, put that in a box, and dispose of him.
    This morning I was on a walk with my dog and as we returned home I noticed small little legs kicking and pawing at the air. I knew it was a baby/youngster rabbit, and I knew it was hurt. I tried to make myself keep walking, but I couldn’t. I walked through the grass to where the little paws had been flailing and found him. I had my dog with me and didn’t want her getting too close, not knowing what may have gotten to the rabbit. I didn’t know what to do, but I picked him up out of the hot sun and placed him in cool/secure shade. I came back with a blanket and box to give him added security and comfort should he live or die, but he’d already passed by the time I got back to him.
    Any thoughts as to what it could mean to come upon rabbits in their moments of suffering/death? Knowing how common rabbits are, I’ve asked people if they’ve ever had something similar happen and so far I haven’t found anyone. For that reason, I feel I’m meant to find them & am curious what that could mean, because it always breaks my heart.
    Thank you

    1. I’ve also had the same thing happen to me. I was told that my spirit animal was a rabbit. Since then i have been seeing them constantly. Yesterday, i found a baby barely alive on my step. I picked him up and brought him in and held him until he passed.

  50. This morning sitting out on my front porch I saw a beautiful rabbit with the whitest cottontail. It was hopping around in the front yard. Then my little Shih Tzu saw it and the rabbit bolted with Carly hot its tail. We have a large property and Carly would never catch a rabbit. 🙂 But for some reason I went in the backyard and the rabbit must have ran right into the pool. I quickly reached down and pulled it from the pool and it hopped away. I saved a rabbit today… or maybe it was just our lucky day ! Timing is everything ! 😀

    1. So glad you followed your instincts and checked your pool! I’m sure the rabbit appreciated it and I do too. 🙂

  51. I was wandering around a cemetery as a young child, probably 8 or 9 years old. The cemetery was located next to my Aunt’s house. Suddenly, there in front of me was a large white rabbit. It was tall about half or more of my size. I stared at it and it stared at me for several minutes. I am just realizing that white rabbits have appeared to other people. Finally I ran to the house to tell my parents. Someone came with me and we looked all over the cemetery and never found it. I am 68 years old now, and to this day I have wondered where it came from and were did it go. Later I thought that maybe it was a spirit of some sort perhaps appearing to me in a way that would not alarm me.

    1. Can you please tell me if your rabbit was standing on 2 legs like a person? If you were 8 or 9 was the rabbit about as tall as you were? I am understanding you to mean that this was not a bunny rabbit right? I saw a 6 foot tall white rabbit on 2 legs peeking into my apartment via my patio. I was walking thru a hall with a window that allowed me to see my patio from the 2nd floor. By the time I was able to get to the 1st floor & outside it was gone. This scared the hell out of me. Do you have any idea what they are? I am not mentally ill or psychotic. I really saw this huge white rabbit.

  52. In the spring of 1998 I was driving too fast in the middle of the night, taking a shortcut behind a store, past the delivery docks, and a little rabbit looked up right into my headlights and it was too late to swerve and I hit him, I’ll never forget the horrible thump. I stopped and went back but I couldn’t find him anywhere – I assume he hopped off into the woods but he couldn’t have been doing well, I got him right in the head. 😥

    That night I dreamed about him, and in my dream he said “You know you killed me, don’t you?” And I said I know, I’m really so sorry about that, I totally didn’t mean to. And he shrugged and said “No, it’s all right, I just wanted to make sure you knew, you did kill me.”

    Ever since then, every once in a while, I dream about him. He tells me all sorts of crazy stuff about the universe that I sure as hell won’t repeat here to avoid sounding any crazier than I already do. Suffice it to say I think of him as a kind of buddy now, the kind that likes to hang out and drink beers on the back porch while the grill is going.

    I’m native American, Creek Indian from southern Alabama, and I was given the Indian name of Slow Rabbit, because I’m small and quiet and don’t make many sudden moves. Some of these above characteristics ring true, some don’t, some are exactly spot-on. I just felt like telling my own story so maybe others experiencing something similar might not feel alone. Take care all, and watch out for bunnies! 🙂

  53. Yesterday afternoon I lost my best friend and beloved pet upon returning home from the ER clinic minus my precious dog I sat down on my back step in the backyard numb from the worst four hours of my life. As I was sitting there trying to grasp that my baby was gone. A wild bunny came hopping around the corner very close to me almost the same size as my dog was…..he stopped on a spot where Gizmo used to lay a lot he turned around and looked at me stood there for a few seconds and calmly hopped off. I felt almost like it was a sign from my beautiful Gizmo my heart has a huge hole, I took comfort in that few seconds when I saw the rabbit.

    1. Yes Debbie I know how you feel to loose a best friend dog. My big boy Zack left me over 2 years ago and I am still reduced to tears of sorrow at the thought of him. To have had a dog friend like that is an eternal bond I think, something other worldly, a pure gift from God and an inspiration towards leaving this dense place we call Earth. There is somewhere where he still lives, I know. I look forward to be reunited one day. The love of an animal like that is a glimpse into another reality and makes all the pain, struggle and work and worry worth while. A true teaching of pure unconditional love and devotion that we can only aspire to. I can’t say you will ever totally heal but I can say you are not alone. 😥

    2. The best things that ever happen to us as living energies on this planet, are that which communes in connection with the heart…. Debbie, Gizmo is fast by your side. It seems trite to say that, but it’s very true. Rabbit knows it’s true, especially in the abundance and the comfort that your precious little Gizmo brought daily to you in living form, and what he will continue to bring you throughout this life.
      Gizmo not only gave love, but he taught you so many things, and it’s through his teachings that one thing is for certain – Gizmo came here to this earth just for you~. Only you and Gizmo will ever know what you shared, what you experienced and what you will continue to have, love, and give because of him.
      Stay strong my friend, stay brave.

  54. White rabbit with black raven hanging out together what is the meaning if one at all thank you

    Lori D.

    1. To, Lori doran,. I’m Native American Indian a mix, and unsure of the TRUTH about the actual tribes and %’s, But my native zodiac sign is the Raven they are the messengers, and highly adaptable as is the rabbit, which I am doing research on presently. The Raven is extremely intelligent and the rabbit creative and has to do with abundance and AND fertility…
      I’m posting this evening because it’s the Harvest moon and a partial eclipse which is NOT visible in the usa. Unfortunately for me..but there’s a planetary alignment with Mercury and something else to do with it being on the feminine side AND asking for/Giving forgiveness for oneself and others. So after repeating a sacred prayer ending with allowing to return to the Earth with clean hands, forward eyes (NOT full of lies), and without shame. I had sat in the cold for hours praying for forgiveness and I then out loud began announcing that I forgive myself and this and that. I had also messaged an ex pronouncing forgiveness and asking for it in return for a choice made**** But after I had said out loud that I have forgiven myself for a bad decision that I’ve allowed to destroy me until this evening, I then saw a very large wild rabbit and looking forward to the new opportunities AND many other traits that ensured me I did deserve forgiveness as Do MOST people who make mistakes. AND self-destruction, honestly full blown blame and HATE towards others, resentment, jealousy are NOT helpful or exceptable. Thank you for your time, and genuinely hope that my self induced suffering from which others have greatly suffered too can help others with their own mistakes from ruining lives, friendship that are greatly valued, ect. So May YOU ALL Find more love, forgiveness for yourself and others.

  55. Tonight I am at a quiet resort in Minnesota. I went outside to watch the great white Heron catch fish. The light on a pole beside me started this annoying buzzing. As I was experiencing one of my frequent headaches, I moved down a ways to a quiet spot in a wicker chair and put my feet up in a chair across from me. Pretty soon here come the wild rabbits. It was quite dark by now and they didn’t notice me. They ran all around me. I was so happy as I love nature. Finally the last rabbit appeared and to my delight ran under my chair quite a few times. Now this was just the best thing to me. Definitely a first! One reason I always vacation in Minnesota,is it was my deceased brother’s state where he lived. I had to smile at the rabbits because that was my dear brother and best friend’s Chinese sign. 🙂

  56. Honestly I don’t know if the rabbit is my spirit animal even thought everywhere I go I end up next to one or a few. Its interesting because I was born on easter. I live in a city, so to see a bunny everyday is a shock to me and its never the same one. I don’t know if I should take it as a yes or its all in my head. Maybe one of you guys on here can give me a better view on this situation it’ll be greatly appreciated.

  57. My most vivid experience with this creature was a dream I had in which I was a rabbit, climbing a big hill. I wasn’t “hopping” exactly but springing forward as rabbits do rather than “walking.” It was so very realistic. I was really aware of my body being and moving as a rabbit does. I think it is probably significant that I was climbing a big hill — perhaps representing challenges or obstacles in my life at the time. I was also perhaps feeling meek and small, unimpressive — yet I was able to scale the hill by persevering until I reached the top.

  58. At 1:30 AM I just couldn’t sleep, too many negative thoughts & uncertainties. I was thinking about life and walked into my living room to turn off the light and I felt as if someone was watching me. Sure enough I looked out the window and there he was. A hare, he stood still, about one meter outside and looked straight at me through the window. He was magnificent; I couldn’t believe how BIG he was. I was in complete awe. This morning, I felt like it had all been a dream but I saw he left his signature behind. His tracks were left in the snow, all over my front lawn.

  59. Life has been very stressful and this morning has been no different but worse. This morning as I got off the taxi a white rabbit hopped in front of me and went into the shrubs Oh!for some reason I became curious to know the significance of a white rabbit. I believe it was for a reason. I intend to domesticate one. Can someone advise what type/kind/species is the right one to keep as a pet. The comments I have just read give me hope and strength that things are going to be OK. 🙂 💡

    1. Mwelase, depending on where you live, it may be illegal to keep a wild animal. If you wish to have a rabbit for a pet, consider adopting one. They make wonderful friends and companions. Rabbitrescue.ca and the House Rabbit Society are both excellent sources of information about rabbits and what they need to be happy and healthy companions in our lives. Of the many beautiful breeds, white New Zealands are known to be very friendly and affectionate. Good luck! I hope the stressors in your life have eased off.

  60. Rabbits… Are just so beautiful to me… But I just seen 2 Domestic Rabbits…my spiritual totem… I was going to leave out(to go to the store but it’s kinda late) I saw them run across my door… I sat down and it seemed as if they were ⚠ me our guarding me… God sent them to protect me… Thank you Jesus Amen!!!

  61. A friend and I were coming home late in the evening after dinner and came upon a group of 5 beautiful white rabbits outside her place. We thought it was cool but symbolic in a way.

  62. I know that this talks about rabbits in dreams but what about in real life? Everywhere I go if it’s in the city or wherever I go I have a rabbit follow me. Not only I have seen it but others have noticed it as well. We named it my stalker bunny but I can never seem to find information on what it may mean. Just wondering if anybody on here could maybe give any ideas.

    1. I live downtown in my city and there are big rabbits everywhere. There is just a massive amount of them this year. Someone told me why but I forgot.

  63. I had a dream where a rabbit was laying down, looked kinda sick but suddenly it got well as it started to eat some long grass and suddenly it multiplied into hundreds of rabbits inside a winter garden with glass as windows. What could this dream mean?

    1. In ancient days the white rabbit was associated with purity and love. It was during the epoch of the Goddess. This was true for the snake, that was another symbole of power and strength. As was the evening of All Hallowed Eve, and the number 13, which was considered lucky then. As the epoch changed and the Temples of the Goddess, and her priestesses were being destroyed, all things that the people worshipped were deliberately turned into darkness, so people would entierly stop worshipping them. Read, When God Was A Woman, by Merlin Stone, an archeologist who researched in the deep vaults of the Vatican. This book is now taught in seminaries around the world, showing what the ancient people worshipped. Your dream of the dead White Rabbit becoming alive and multiplying is very prophetic, in tune with the emerging knowlege of the first epoch, and the awakening of the purity that existed at this time. We are now birthing an epoch of balance of the Mother and Father, working together, to bring Wisdom and Love in balance with power. Great dream you had!

  64. Ive been having dreams for about a week about this brown rabbit with a white spot on its back and its always following me and never runs away wen i pet it in my dream 😯 any meaning to this People. ❓

  65. When I first learned about spirit animals, I wanted to find out what mine was, so I asked it to reveal itself to me in my dreams. That night, I had a dream that I was lost in a forest. Then these two rabbits came to me to help me find my way and get on the right path. Once I saw them in the dream, I distinctly remember thinking, “Hey, these must be my spirit animals!” One was solid black (I actually had a pet rabbit like this as a kid) and the other was white with black spots. It was very amazing. Looking back, I’ve noticed that throughout my life, rabbits have always been there for me in some way or another or they were there to comfort me. When I was a baby, along with having a security blanket, I also had a security plush rabbit. My great grandmother had a plush rabbit that was hers as a girl. This got passed down to me as a family heirloom when I was a little kid. I didn’t realize the potential significance of this until now. Now whenever I’m in a stressful situation, a rabbit will appear in some way or another and it’s like it’s telling me not to worry because everything will be ok.

  66. As a kid I have had many encounters with rabbits.I watch tv and i would see glimpses of rabbits.At age six I had a stuffed rabbit named Rose.I lost it a long time ago.Sometimes when I go places I would see rabbits staring at me.At age ten and eleven I had dreams of rabbits.I feel very connected to my spirit animal,although I really want to find out its name. Thank You

  67. A rabbit was given to my son for Easter however, I am the one who takes care of it. Ever since the rabbit came to my house I have been having all sorts of mental powers (I don’t know what else to call it). What does the rabbit mean in my life?

  68. When I was 15 I was in a coma. the doctors rushed me in and said I should be up in 2 days. 4 days past and the doctors scratch their head. 5 days past and they think IF I were to wake, I’d be a ‘vegetable,’ 7 days and they start to lose hope. All this while, my family prays.
    I didn’t know this before, but when you’re in a coma you dream. I dreamt everyday. I dreamt everyday of all kinds of things but my most significant dream was my very last dream. The dream that brought me back to this world- it was a dark, rainy, windy, day. We were at the beach, and at this beach there was a cave which nobody dared to go through. I had this pet, I didn’t really know what it was or even seen it before that time at the beach, but I knew for some reason it was mine. And I loved it. It was a very unusual pet. It was a white mixture of all animals warm and comforting. Mostly rabbit, I think. Well this mostly rabbit creature pet was with me on that rainy day at the beach. As all my friends and I sit on the sand as close to the mountain as possible, the animal ran into the spooky cave and I knew I had to go after it. When it got into the cave, it would hop a few times and look back at me to make sure I was following even though there were half dead things and zombies trying to get me. We walk further into the mountain and I can see the other side of the cave. It is sunny and beautiful. I’m getting closer to my pet and I feel like I can hear something-beep-beep-beep. I am now just an arms length away of it and right before I can step to it, it runs to the other sunny side of the cave and I wake up. Like a baby. Not knowing a thing, starting from scratch all over again like who I was, to walk, talk, eat, read, ect. I didn’t know a lot of things, but I did know that white creature brought me back to this world. And I am forever grateful.
    At first I thought this was a crazy dream that I had. Then when I could finally go back to school, we were learning of lewis and Clark and native american people. We learned of Sacagawea. We read her journal entries. And she too was on the brink of death. She too dreamt of the EXACT. SAME. ANIMAL. I could not believe my mind. I felt all sorts of emotions at once. I was shoked, surprised, speechless, almost in denial. After i gave it a minute to sink in, I finally accepted it- I have a spirit animal. And I couldn’t have been more happy.
    Anybody have an experience like this or thoughts of this kind of spirit animal?

    1. That is absolutely amazing! I have never been in a coma before, but I had a strange recurring dream of a hawk for a long time some years ago. I would stand on the edge of this cliff and a hawk would beckon me to jump off of it and come fly with him. I hesitated always and then I would wake up. It was early fall and I was walking to class and I saw a hawk perched on my car! That night I had the same dream and I jumped. The sky lit up, and the hawk caught on fire and grew huge and bright. He revealed his name to me, and told me that he was my spirit guide, and in times of great importance in my life hawks have always been present. This is a miraculous gift you spirit guide has given you, and I advise you attempt to make ck tact with them again (why do I want to say her?)

    2. I love your story! Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m so happy that you came out of the coma and are doing well now. Blessings to you. 😀

    3. I was at my boyfriends house n we was in the bed laying down and all of a sudden i saw 3white Rabbits in a row hop accross me and when i hurry up n lifted up they disappeared. I looked at my boyfriend and asked him did he see them and he answered with a smerk in his face i was just seeing some thing. To this day wonder and is curious of what that meant could someone help?,

    4. I dreamt of a white rabbit with big black eyes and its message was that everything is reincarnated. Thats what it said to me a few times. As it did its black eyes were huge.

  69. :mrgreen: I have had some strange encounters with rabbits that made me realize they were my spirit animal. I don’t feel like going into detail, but every time I see one run by or laying in the sun as I walk by them, they cross my path, etc.. it’s usually when something good or bad is about to happen. Like a warning to prepare for whatever is to come. Rabbits & only twice in my life a humming bird flew by my head & both times I was healing from something that had weakened my spirit.. anyway, Rabbits have always been a big part of my life. My first pet that I considered my own pet was a bunny rabbit & I got her when I was 5.. she died in a terrible way, but that never traumatized me from loving animals.. it made me feel like she is my guardian angel & always has been. Not only are they my spirit animal.. one of my guardian angels is my pet bunny from my childhood, Emily Rose. Rabbits are beautiful animals.. I was born in spring time too.. so there is another connection. 🙂

  70. Had a dream someone gave me two rabits as gift. One died and i put the other at the booth of my car.That one too died and was stinking so much that i wouldnt want to go near the booth of my car.What is the meaning please?

    1. I might think it tells the story of someone who received a lot of responsibility that required them to be fast or clever. They may resent the responsibility and the feeling that they are responsible for ‘cleaning up’ after its successes and failures.

  71. 1*1 = 1 = 2 in 1.

    Hello curious as to your thoughts on a believable experience. Tonight which is 4/6, I looked out my window and saw the moon and a distinct light path that became stunted around 2 inches from our normal eyesite looking at the moon. I shut the curtain then a few minutes later I heard a robotic womans voice right outside my window. Her voice then become smooth and I thought it was my brothers wife and him outside at 1030pm being dumb cause she was speaking to another so it seemed.
    At this point I started playing some music on my laptop. I heard some soft contact hits on the side of my trailer. I opened up the curtain again automatically and saw a 2 in 1 combo at once. The light rays from the moon and a direct path with a bushy plant on the left and right with new fresh bark between it – my bros landscape outfront the house. His motion light came on and the first bunny tanish brown walked out of the dark into the lit path. The second one came out and was moving in a human way and was kinda scurffy. It appeared white at first and also brownishtan. It looked like a jackrabbit. There is definitely a spiritual message from god and it turns out its EASTER NIGHT. Love to hear any insites or whatever you got on this.

  72. would I be correct in speculating that seeing a white rabbit violently torn apart in a dream might signify a threat to the positive aspects of its symbolism?
    …and would it be worth noting that in place of viscera there was a mess of red and green ribbons and forget-me-nots?
    it was a weird dream. 😐

  73. I dreamt there were 4 grey rabbits with, what I think we’re balloons tied to them, all sitting in a row. I later held one.
    Any thoughts on the meaning of this.
    Thank you,

  74. A baby rabbit came and sat outside our patio door for the entire day. Me and my two girls spent the day watching it through the patio door. It was there when we woke up and stayed close all day. Around dusk it hopped into the flower bed and passed away. By this time we had named it Hunny Bunny and were enjoying checking on it. I just can’t figure out why this sweet little bunny would come into our lives just long enough for us to feel attached and then pass away. I would love to hear your thoughts. I should also say we never touched it or anything just incase its mom was going to come back so I don’t think we could have caused this to happen.

    1. you were meant to be the last person in sight to see his final breaths of life blessed and move in a spiritual path and continue towards this. good luck

  75. 😛 Dreamt there was a white rabbit in my bed. 1st I was surprised but the dream changed. I go back to my bed and have to dig through the sheets to find it. It’s eating the sheets and looks tired w some gray around the edges but let’s me take it with out a problem.

  76. I had a wild rabbit follow me while I was unloading groceries from my garage. I did not pay any attention until I was done unloading the bags and went to lock up my car in the garage. I turned around and about 6 ft away from me was a big fat fluffy wild bunny looking at me like “Waz up” not afraid of me at all. I had to laugh and said “What are you doing in here stinker?” It had to have followed me into the garage. I have seen this rabbit many times in my yard day and night. Its winter time now so its not nesting…its just kinda odd and comforting that its around and not afraid. I opened the large garage door and lead it out so it wouldnt get locked up in the garage. So…..I am wondering whats up with this? What signs should I be catching?

    1. (I also have TON of crazy squirrels hanging around lately….they even pound on my windows and baby squirrels have chased me into the house!!)

  77. I dream of tryin to put a live White rabbit in a Refrigerator, but I took him out after he could not fit and Then I woke up….

  78. One day 4months ago I woke up to a wild rabbit in my back yard he would stay under the shack that’s back there. It would come out just to eat. I would leave the back gate open several times at night so it can leave but it wouldn’t. Intil this afternoon I noticed it finally got out but it still appears around here. After it’s been loose for about 2 days. Just want to know what this means?? 😯

  79. I have been seeing a spirit white rabbit at random times over the past few weeks in my house. He will pop up randomly just long enough for me to get the feeling I am being watched and when I turn around I see him long enough to know that he is watching me and then he is gone. Thoughts on what this means would be appreciated SO much!

    1. Considering the white rabbit in my dream last night told me for certain all is reincarnated. It was firm on it’s message. Never dreamed of a rabbit before. A family member died recently. Don’t know if there is a connection. Or the fact that i am focusing my life toward higher consciosness. I think either someone you know that has passed is contacting you or your higher self is pulling you forward. Do you see the number 11 quite frequently??

    2. Can you please tell me if your rabbit was as tall as an adult or child walking on 2 legs. Not like a bunny rabbit. I saw a 6 ft. tall white rabbit on 2 legs peaking into my sliding glass doors on my patio. I saw him from the 2nd floor on way home from a neighbor’s apartment. I think I wasn’t supposed to see him. I feel as though I caught him watching me. I don’t know if maybe they are mostly invisible? I realize this sounds insane but I am not mentally ill. He was absolutely huge. I don’t know if he was a good rabbit or an evil rabbit or even if he truly really was a rabbit for real? Feels like something out of the twilight zone.

    3. Hi. I would really like to contact you on a personal level to share our experience. Yours was the only one that struck me in being similar. I have had many visions since I was a small child- while I was awake, as clear as I can see living beings, you understand? I am not insane, either. Some of us are fine tuned to the shielded (unseen) good and wicked beings. I saw an evil white bunny, who instinctively was a man, with an evil grin. He was at least 6 foot five to 7 feet tall, as leaned into my bedroom doorway. He was dressed like a man. His eyes were black, but I instictively saw red swimming through my mind. He lit up my seemingly darkened house through the hallway and into my bedroom. He was pure wicked in nature. He was a pedophile. There was another dirty filthy man who had been haunting me. He would rush up to my face to scare me; oftentimes causing me to flee from my bedroom. I would then go and stay in my brother’s room, but to no avail. I would topple over the top of my brother’s top bunk bed. I did have sleeping dreams, as well, of running through woods and being drowned; and then I was somehow lifted out of the water. Sometimes, I would sleepwalk and be in conversation with my mother about what I was seeing in sleeping dreams ,when suddenly I would enter in completely awake in the middle of speak. I’d rather say not much more. I know there are others like me.

  80. I was just on my way home, and saw a wild rabbit when I was stopped at a light at the end of an off ramp. I was daydreaming a little, waiting for the light to turn green, when I saw it. At the exact same time that song by Florence And The Machines came on – The Dog Days Are Over. I got this strong feeling that it was a sign, but I’m not quite sure what it could mean.. Any thoughts??

  81. :I saw 2 black rabbits at a friend;s house outside eating under her trailer . I believe they were wild. What is the significance of BLACK rabbits please? thank you

    Also rabbit is one of my totems, my center totem


    1. Hello Jeanne: The number two is about having faith and courage. Trust that your dreams are manifesting abundantly even though you cannot see them yet. The color black is associated with the unseen.

  82. My rabbit was stolen out of our moving truck while we were moving this weekend. I had awful feelings the week before. We have done a lot to try and find him. I know this represents many things for me. I dreamt of a whittle owl flying out of a tree that night and a baby bald eagle in a tree as well. I also dreamt about being on a train and going through a dark tunnel. Any guidance or intuitive help would be appreciated…Peace

    1. Amanda;
      I am feelings that the birds flying away from a tree symbolize your move from your old home or old life into a new one. This might be a representation of migration and going to a new home where you will be much more comfortable. The tunnel may symbolize your ‘being in the dark’ about what is going to happen with your relationships and your future as they have to adapt to agree with your surroundings. Just remember to take time to step away and ground yourself.

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