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Open your heart and allow yourself to receive. Gratitude from the heart will open the flow.

Buffalo Meaning, and Messages

In general, Buffalo symbolism is a reminder that you always have everything you need. It also means that your attitude towards abundance influences the rest of this planet. Moreover, this beast teaches us that wealth is present if you honor everything as sacred.  You will always have plenty when you express gratitude to every part of creation. Buffalo symbolism is also representative of prayer and praise. Therefore, this spirit animal teaches that you can call upon this animal for the needs of all creatures. It will bring you harmony. Thus, the Buffalo meaning teaches you to be thankful for the gifts you have already received.

Alternatively, totem could also be reminding you that you need to stay grounded as you work toward greater abundance. Your path toward success is equally as important as the goals that you accomplish.

The Brown Bear, Wolf and, Coyote are predators of the Bison.

Buffalo Totem, Spirit Animal

If you have the Buffalo totem as your essence, you must walk a sacred path, honoring every aspect of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid of the Spiritual Realms. Therefore, you must be humble enough to ask for assistance and then be grateful for those gifts. The Buffalo totem requires you to establish a deep connection to the Earth. It will ask you to support the endangered species of our planet. Thus, he will bring you ‘strength of character’ as well as an independent spirit. With this power animal, you will generate prosperity, abundance, and have plenty of resources. This manifestation cannot be pushed or forced. Therefore you must follow the most natural path.

If you have the white bison as your totem, then you are pure of intention. The survival of our species desperately needs you. You are a motivated activist. To you, ecology matters.

Buffalo Dream Interpretation

This animal is a symbol of survival, strength, and power. You are receiving a sign that you are supported to complete a new endeavor. In contrast, the dream may also be a caution that you are deviating from your life path and goals. Alternatively, the vision can also represent your heritage and your roots. In particular, if you have a White Buffalo dream, then it means that your desires or wishes will come to fruition.

If this beast injured or is deceased, it forewarns you that you need to carefully think through any new ventures and projects that you are undertaking. When there is a herd of Buffalo in your vision, it signifies tranquility and abundance.

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  1. Hi.
    I had a dream that my family and I (along with people I do not recognize now but felt close in the dream), were looking for a place where a big fire works show was meant to happen. We could not find it and were walking in some sort of big farm place. We opened a gate and found ourselves in a field full of dead brown buffaloes. Hundreds and hundreds of them, piled up in walls. The smell hit me I remember and it had a very ominous feeling. We all knew we weren’t meant to be there or see it. I remember a big fire near with a lot of white smoke going in the air and giant bird circling around. I could not see the reason of their death either, they just were, some of the corpses had opened eyes.
    We left the field straight away and asked for help, and eventually rejoined the path towards the party place.

    Does anybody have thoughts on this dream? None of the interpretations I read around seem to make sense. One thing for sure is that we all felt uncomfortable and it had an ominous feel that disappeared as soon as we left the death field.

    Thank you.

  2. I am not great at recalling all the details of my dreams all the time. Only details I recall from this dream are due to the fact that in almost 52 years of living on this planet, I have not once had any bison appear in my dreams. I just woke up from a dream (about 3 minutes before alarm would have woke me) where I had a single full size bison walk up and start sniffing me. I mean the creature was right up in my face. Never attacked…but I was terrified that it was going to. Just walked around me sniffing and making a grunting noise. No idea what I should take from that.

  3. Thanks for sharing the real meaning of seeing such dream. i was upset and lost. Your points to dream are absolute correct and real. Thanks for your help!!!

  4. I saw a cloud of smoke that turned into a buffalo human and back and forth into smoke then it came up to me as if it was hugging me but went right through me. This was when I was younger but I have always thought about it but never told anyone because I was awake when I saw it and always wondered what it meant.

  5. I had a dream, in which my dad and I were walking on a lane and we both saw a buffalo which was looking angry and ready to attack, and it was running towards me in intention of hitting me. I was afraid and in shock. I had only one thought, well it is going to kill me, no doubt and I held my father’s hand tightly and stood in the same. And finally, when the buffalo reached me, it felt like it went thru me, but nothing happened to me. Not even a scratch on me. And when I turned around to watch where it went, it ran into the bushes passing three people (a man, a woman, and a child).
    I am not able to figure out what to predict from this can anyone help me please?


    I keep seeing the word buffalo all of a sudden, it started about 6 weeks ago, I was offered a packet of buffalo flavoured crisps (chips) I’d never even knew let alone heard of them as a flavouring, that’s how vast and wide the word keeps cropping up unexpectedly. It’s what brought me here. The universe is trying to tell me something.

  7. I dreamed that I was at the top of a large stadium of thousands of students. We were all bench warmers waiting to be called in to play in the game (what it was I can’t remember). I didn’t care about the game and I wanted to escape, so I climbed the hill behind (and built into) the back of the stadium, and I went into the woods. I came to the base of a very steep, gently rolling slope lined by a thick forest of birch trees. It was the most vibrant green, lush grass that I’d ever seen! The sky was blue peaking out from the mount of the path far above me, and the joy I felt in my freedom was immeasurable. Then I saw it. At first I thought it was an enormous Grizzly bear and I was filled with pure terror, but then I realized it was a gigantic brown bison. It completely blocked my path, and I knew that if it saw me it would kill me, so I dived into a ditch covered by brush along the side of the slope. The buffalo passed me by without noticing me, and I was woken up.

    “This animal is a symbol of survival, strength, and power. You are receiving a sign that you are supported to complete a new endeavor. In contrast, the dream may also be a caution that you are deviating from your life path and goals.”

    Real helpful…

    1. EspionageCookie

      Well, clearly it is the negative interpretation in this dream if the buffalo is dangerous here. This buffalo might represent specific individuals, a group of people or society in general. Seeing that there was a scene of being with thousands of other people in the first part of your dream, it might be the pressure from social norms in general to give up on your goals, to become more “normal.”

      Hiding and waiting for the buffalo to pass you might mean that what you need to beat the strong and tough buffalo is not to defeat it in a game of strength (as the first scene of your dream suggests), but in a game of wits. Go around the problem, not through it. Find another option with creativity, strategy and trickery on some level.

      That is how you can pass through the buffalo. If you try to defeat it on pure hard work, determination and brute strength, you can never defeat it. You have to look for another option.

  8. I had a dream of a buffalo in a hotel I was staying in and it was going crazy trying to get out. I was scared because I was so close but I felt bad that he couldn’t get out. Then I was in my room, it was quiet and a beautiful small blue or yellow bird was flying around so I shut the door so no one would scare it off. I woke up thinking I need to set boundaries with people.

  9. Well I’m not trying to blow anybody’s socks off or anything, but I had asked my Inner Being to give me a glimpse in my dreams of what is waiting for me in my vibrational escrow or vortex, if anyone reading this is familiar with the teachings of Abraham… my little son woke me up earlier than usual by more than an hour or I wouldn’t have been likely to recall the dream. In the dream I was giving a lecture at a spiritual gathering in Sri Lanka (this was amusing to me even in the dream…I have a friend from Sri Lanka I rarely get to speak and have never been myself to her country). A sudden rainstorm with half the sky sunny and half rainy began and a herd of white buffalo appeared from nowhere running and playing. The herd was full of small playful babies and they frolicked in the rain, their white tones vividly set against the lush vivid green vegetation and forestry of Sri Lanka. We onlookers sheltered from the rain and watched the buffalo. I later made an awkward joke during my lecture that my friend had mentioned that one neat thing about Sri Lanka is that when it rains the white buffalo come out. (It was a fib even in the dream).

    It was when I began looking up the significance of such imagery in a dream the next day that I discovered its total awesomeness…and my socks blew right off m’feet.

  10. I had a dream a while ago about a white buffalo,
    I was surrounded by trees and I felt lost I didn’t know where I was or what I was supposed to do, then a white buffalo showed up we stared at each other for a while then it called to me so I walked towards it when I was standing next to it, it turned and led me to a circle clearing it looked up and called again so I looked up and a medicine wheel appeared in the sky. it then led me to a field with hills and it seemed to be trying to tell me something important but I couldn’t understand what it was trying to say.
    (this dream has since become repetitive) not sure what it means though a medicine woman told me that the white buffalo is my spirit animal and that its message is important and I have to figure out what its trying to say, unfortunately I just cant seem to figure it out.

    1. Amy;
      Has it occurred to that the white buffalo was trying to connect you with the medicine wheel or reconnect you.
      Stop trying to so hard to hear what she is saying. Relax look at the surroundings looking for details. Message will come when you are ready to hear it. Meditation will help.
      Blessings Ed

  11. I dreamt that while I was entering my friend’s house to ask notes from her a tied up Buffalo in their house came towards me and starting leaning it’s neck on my stomach or I felt as though it was trying to adore me but his whole neck was very heavy on me.Tell me what does that mean.

  12. I saw the grandfathers in the night in transited state, Buffalo formed in the night sky then became solid light brown with marking of red and white on him. When i first saw him solid, he was in the air, full stretch then he was flexing like he was kicking both front words and back works like he was trying to expand his space, then he charged straight at me steam coming out of his nose full power then it stop. He broke through a door.

  13. A few nights ago I dreamt I was standing on a low, grassy hill at night, surrounded by a few people I didn’t really know. Slowly a large herd of buffalo came towards us, from a hill across, walking–not stampeding. The feeling in the air was peaceful. They all slowly lay down at our feet to sleep and then snow gently came down from the dark sky. It lightly dusted the sleeping buffalo, but they did not awaken. This dream felt very peaceful, compassionate and calm.

  14. Letichia Sepulveda

    I had a dream about 2 years ago and in this dream I was sitting low peeking out from a small hill and there was a buffalo and it began to birth a baby white buffalo and this careless cowboy type guy came to pick up the baby and the mother buffalo kicked him I can’t rember but I believe she kicked him off in the right direction.. I thought about right brain left brain symbolism and this was definitely a very good dream

    I also won the Clifford white cow award when I was 16
    Just another way white buffalo has came to me
    What do u think?

  15. I had a dream about a white wolf running with my dog then it turned into a white buffalo. What does it mean?

    1. I could try to interpret this, but really you have to look into your own life for answers and that is an involved and detailed process. Perhaps your spirit totem, that which you are most like, changed, or you were incorrect in thinking you were a wolf when in fact you are currently a buffalo at heart. It could also mean that you were making wolf decisions and the time has come for buffalo decisions, which are different for a number of reasons I cannot quite pinpoint as of this precise moment. Buffalo are… not wolves 🙂 Not predators, not beasts of the hunt… not man’s best friend, unless you know some kind of buffalo I’ve never met before. 🙂 I hope this was of some help. If you ask yourself what a buffalo is to you, what a wolf is to you, and attach memories and things to your meditiations, you might come across an answer. As for whiteness, we tend to think that has to do with purity, but in the case of the buffalo it has to do with prophecy and rarity, perhaps even uniqueness.

  16. Jaelle E Kaylor

    I had a beautiful experience with a massive buffalo bull once. We were at a beautiful wildlife park where the buffalo roam free on hundreds of acres. We were riding a tram thru the park and there were about 5 sections of the tram – a lot of families were on it with us. All of the suddenthis giant buffalo bull ran up ti the tram. Ther driver stopped and spoke calmly on the microphone that he needed to stop so he wouldn’t spook the buffalo but that they never come close to the tram so just stay very still and calm. He walked closer and closer to me… I was on the outer edge near him. I slowly slid my kids over to my husband who moved them up to a different section becausewe weren’t sure what he was going ti di he was si very big. All of the sudden we are face to face and he literally laidhis giant head in my lap like a little child wanting a storyread to him !! He calmly stayed like that with his head to the side laying on my lap. He stayed like that for over 5 minutes. I felt very calm and even started stroking his head likeyiu would a little kitty cat. Then he suddenly stood up and wandered away ! The tram driver booked it out of there ther whole time saying he had never seen anything like that. Everyone was askingme if I was ok and saying they hadbeen so scared but I wasn’t scared at all ! It felt very sacred. It was beautiful actually.

    1. This past spring I was camping and a huge bull came into my campsite lay down beside my car my dogs were quiet and respectful the whole time. I sang Wakan Tonka to him and he slept.
      I had the feeling I could touch the buffalo but chose not too as a large crowd was gathering and I Did not want to role model dangerous behaviour to the children. I believe the buffalo came into my life as my personal totem. For over 30 years prior my totem was a pinecone. Quite the difference! It is a big responsibility to have buffalo as a totem but I am up to it! Hope you are too.

  17. I had a dream I was walking in an open field and this beautiful strong white buffalo followed me I turned around and I reached my arm out and toughed his face I looked in to its eyes I than turned around and started walking he started following my again walking step by step beside me off in the distance I seen woods and at the wood line is this big beautiful black wolf walking and looking at us following us like he was protecting us from something than I woke up.

  18. I dreamt of a large brown buffalo, and I watched as she gave birth to a strong, healthy calf. It was part of a larger dream during which I was struggling with several other problems. Watching that birth was the only pleasant part of the whole dream. Is there anyone with an understanding of this dream?

    1. Today i saw this dream. Black buffello was giving birth but only half birth with head baby didnt came fully and suddenly i woke up. it means that dreamer will do something new in his/ life and some good things will going to happen.😊

  19. Tsitekeriyakon, Buffalo speaks again that we always have everything that we need. We so easily and so often mistake what we want with what we need. We are never going to have everything that we want, because it is built in to human nature to want more than we have at any given moment. But Tsitekeriyakon reminds us that our needs are always provided to, even if our desires can never truly be satisfied. Buffalo speaks of the generosity of Spirit that comes when you know that you have all that you need and so are willing to share with others, Our desires, our appetites are selfish and greedy. But our Spirits are much larger and more generous than our ever hungry bodies. Our Spirits, our Souls and our Hearts seek to open ourselves up to the vast universe. Tsitekeriyakon is the Spirit of our generous Hearts and lives in the simplicity of the moment, not in the fear of selfishness of anticipation. Be here. Be now. Be as mighty and as generous as Tsitekeriyakon is, because she is never wanting.

  20. Tsitekeriyakon, Buffalo, with his great and powerful shoulders and mighty breath reminds me once again that, however it might appear I always have more than enough of what I need, and that I should share what I have with others rather than hoard and cling to it. My Grandmother, my Memaire, liked to say “When you’re in doubt, do something for somebody else. Give something away.”. Coming today in conjunction with Hunter of Vision, on a week that has been a challenge in that it feels like I’ve lived a life filled with far too much loss for one person, Tsitekeriyakon seems to remind me that I should be grateful for the wonderful souls that have crossed my path and that it is time for me to carry this loss once again, because I can and because I should. My heart has always been strong and my back has always been strong. I can carry what I am given. And I am truly grateful that so many bright souls have touched my life. I have been given so much. Some of it has been taken from me. Some of it has been lost to me. More will be lost. And still I will have had so much and I will have so much to offer. I may not always See this clearly. But I will be reminded if I am willing to listen. Thank you, Tsitekeriyakon. Niawen’kó:wa. And Thank you too to all those who have allowed me to be a small part of their lives.

  21. Tsitekeriyakon, Buffalo, coming on the weekend of the Canadian Thanksgiving reminds me that we always have more than we need, even when we do not think that it is so. I often joke that Thanksgiving is not exactly a holiday on the Reservation, that when I was growing up it was seen more as “Why did we feed them, day.”. But giving to others, sharing in the abundance of the earth, even when the result might turn out very badly for us, enlarges us and makes us fully human beings. We do not give in order to improve ourselves, but to improve the lives of others. It is not the reward, or even the punishment that matters. It is that we give, we share no matter what the result might be. Because that is how the earth, how the universe gives to us. We live our lives as if outcomes are the point, but there is so much more to being alive than mere outcomes. Today can only be today if we allow it to be. If we treasure it as today, not as the result of our yesterdays or the addition to our tomorrows. Tsitekeriyakon reminds me that my life is filled with an abundance of gifts, even when I do not see it as so, and that it is the sharing of those gifts that makes the difference between being alive and merely surviving.

  22. Lately I have been going through a ruff time. I have singing the scared songs and praying every morning and night; fasting 4 days every month, but today during my afternoon prayer/meditation I had the strangest thing happen…I need someone to help me understand what I saw… I am away from those that can help, for I do practice Shamanistic … I have always had the 1st sight since I was a child and a White Wolf always goes with in my dream walks… But today during that walk this time A Hugh White Buffalo with a Beautiful dressed in white with long Black hair… Not Blue Black…Reddish Black , rode up to me and reached out, took my hand and said “Your Jounry has just begun. Don’t be afraid, for this will pass and you will be strong!!” Then She said my Native name and told me wake up ….. I only one woman like this , but what I don’t understand is some of the other stuff that was said and shown to me… This isn’t the place to speak… So I guess I am asking if someone can email me and let me who I can speak with about this?

    1. The most important right now is that you write down everything about that dream every detail it will come the time when you’ll need it and understand it. Dreams usually come very early before we need them but when the time comes we think we will remember but we have forgot the details. I too have dreamed with a white buffallo. All the best, Rita

  23. I had a dream last night like I was in the old western days.. and this white buffalo was chasing this bully because the bully was after me and then the white buffalo would come up to me let me pet it and then go back chasing him then he try to run up towards me the guy so the Buffalo came up camp let me pet him and start chasing him again. what’s that mean.

  24. Tsitekeriyakon, Buffalo is not a common Haudenosaunee symbol, although the word refers specifically to the woodland buffalo. It is a strong symbol that you have what you need and you are provided for, something that we need to be reminded of. We always want more and we always confuse what we want and what we actually need.

  25. I was told by a Navajo Shaman while in Sedona Arizona that my spirit animal was very rare – the White Buffalo
    Can you tell me a little bit more about that, or actually I’d love to hear everything there is to know. Many thanks!

    1. Kristine, the White Buffalo has come to me as well and I can certainly tell you more about it if you want.

    2. Jennifer St. Jude

      I was told by a Native Shaman the White Buffalo is my spirit animal as well. I’d be grateful to hear what you know about it as well. Thank you.

  26. I had a dream where a person from my past (who was controlling and a very negative influence in my life) was standing in front of me. I was holding a gun on him and there was a white buffalo calf that appeared next to the man and I said to him, “this buffalo calf is more important that your life, and for it to live, you must die”. The man began walking toward me, menacing, even though I was still holding a gun to him. The calf was staring at me and I began to hear it’s words, “tell him…’I AM the ONE…the original Ma of the world…you cannot harm me.’ This is your destiny.” Then, I became very powerful and I felt as though I became who the buffalo calf said I am. I woke briefly, and needed a drink of water. I laid back down with the intention to continue the dream, and as I dreamt, I was still this Ma. Magical and all-knowing.

    I have been on a spiritual journey for many years and knew this already, that I am Ma, but the white buffalo coming to me in my dream was so beautiful (one of my spiritual gifts is prophetic dreaming and I have not had one in a few months). This is not the first time that a white buffalo calf has come to me in my dreams with a powerful message. Perhaps this is my animal totem? Any ideas?

  27. I had a dream where a person from my past (who was controlling and a very negative influence in my life) was standing in front of me. I was holding a gun on him and there was a white buffalo calf that appeared next to the man and I said to him, “this buffalo calf is more important that your life, and for it to live, you must die”. The man began walking toward me, menacing, even though I was still holding a gun to him. The calf was staring at me and I began to hear it’s words, “tell him…’I AM the ONE…the original Ma of the world…you cannot harm me.’ This is your destiny.” Then, I became very powerful and I felt as though I became who the buffalo calf said I am. I woke briefly, and needed a drink of water. I laid back down with the intention to continue the dream, and as I dreamt, I was still this Ma. Magical and all-knowing.

    I have been on a spiritual journey for many years and knew this already, that I am Ma, but the white buffalo coming to me in my dream was so beautiful (one of my spiritual gifts is prophetic dreaming and I have not had one in a few months). This is not the first time that a white buffalo calf has come to me in my dreams with a powerful message. Perhaps this is my animal totem?

  28. I have a kneeling praying figure facing abuffalo who is running towards them. Not frightening or threatening, just spiritual. Any thoughts on meaning?

  29. In my dream I was in a large metal cage with another young women whom I don’t know of in real life. We crawled up the sides of the cage because a herd of buffalo had entered the cage. As we hung from the tops I was scared to put my weight on them in fear of spooking the buffalo: my arms were getting tired of hanging onto the cage. At this point I forgot about the lady that was with me. Me was only focusing on the herd. I finally laid my weight on them all evenly as if I was laying on a mattress. The buffalo had slowly and carefully carried me out of the cage and I was overwhelmed with happiness. They were all full grown adult buffalo in this herd. No white buffalo. What could this mean?

    1. Whe you understand yourself as receiving abundance for your community rather than for yourself alone you will find the fear removed, and you will move forward joyfully.

  30. I had a dream where I was sitting at edge of woods a heard of buffalo where grazing in a field a white buffalo came to me nuzzled my neck and face then lay down with his head in my lap and just layed there while I petted him. I would really like to understand what the meant. I have had the dream severale nights.. Can you help explain it.

    1. My grandfather gave me the name White Buffalo in a peyote meeting. i accepted the medicine at a very young age. I dont have dreams, i have visions. Of decades and centuries past and future. Ive seen rivers run black, and animals fall out of the sky. Ive seen animals run together in heards as one family, drinking from a bodies water together. Ive seen a spirit world where my childhood remains and which the White Buffalo entered me and now walks beside me. Not behind me nor in front but beside me as a brother, as a friend, and a mentality as one. One cant explain everyone dreams just by talking. If you seek answers you have to follow the light and the prayers, not a person who reads stories that have been altered throught time for there likings and where its bondable and makes sense. Its giving to you in your dream to not make sense. Its giving to you to have a journey to find this answer. Look to the east, south , west, then the north. Make it all the way around and thank the creator the animals for what we have and we are given. Everything could be explained. Everything has a reason.

    2. You already know what it means, because you live in the place where the bright field and dark forest meet, and are connected to the white buffalo.

    3. I had a dream I was petting and nuzzling a Buffalo too. Not white. Normal brown. Did you ever find this meaning?

  31. Recently i had a dreem where one young baby black buffalo(how hv some rope in his nose)get angry on me nd he’s chasing me with anger n goning to hit me but someone(i can’t see his face) were stop the buffalo nd i was running from their yo save my self…i was save my self but the baffolo continues saw me nd cheasing with anger…plz tell me what does it mean…i’m very afraid plz….

  32. A brown Buffalo was walking by with her white young. I said oh how cute, which the sound of my voice caused her to charge at me. She stopped at my face I wasn’t scared, I touched her face with my finger, I said be gone, she ran away but before she could be out of sight , she turned around and charged again, stopped at face to face.
    I touched face again and said be gone and leave me two of her young. She gave me her two calves which were pure white. Me and the buffalo were at peace with each other when she left.

  33. I had a dream of my family n me are at a park. Suddenly a brown colored bison passes by and I shoo away it. Another bison comes to attack me and my mother comes in front to save me. In this process she also holds the bison breath to tame it. What does it mean? Pls help

  34. I dreamt that my parents and i were in the back yard and a stamppeed of Buffalo ran threw. One buffalo charged my dad. My dad magically pulled a small caliber rifle and shot at it. The Buffalo knocked him to the ground. My mom then tried to distract the buffalo to get it away from my dad. I ran to get my dads gun. I picked it up just in time to see the buffalo rear and try to come down on my mother. It appeared that my mom may have been trying to sooth it and calm it down. My mom was in the way of my shot and my dad yelled to take it anyway. I aimed closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. I hit the animal right between the eyes and it was over. I woke up knowing i didnt hit my mom but not if the animal lived. What do you think this means?

  35. Michelle Nyquist

    I had a dream i was in a town of the old western days and i was walking the streets . There was an old woman in black with a cane. I avoided being beside her . Not out of fear. It was as if i knew herbut kept my distance . 3 brown buffalos came herding in front of me. One turnd and looked at me. I advanced toward him yet kept my distance knowing it was an animal . Yet i could distincltly remember his wild eye. I was not in fear bit shear amazement of my moment. This dream repeated three times. The heard would run in front of mee and stop some distance in front of me.

  36. Hai,
    I have a poor English so plzzz try to understand my English…
    I had a dream last night… I saw a black wild buffalo in my dream…
    first That buffalo chasing me with angry and destroying everything (door,windows,walls,bus) and I’m running fast then that buffalo and I’m hiding but that buffalo finding me again and chasing me again and again…
    it’s very scary…
    and afterwards that buffalo is saving me from other people and their pets it’s helping me… plzzzzz tell me first why that buffalo chasing me with angry and afterwards why it’s helping me to survive… what dose this dream meant…? what message that buffalois giving to me….???? Plzzzzz tell me soon….

    1. I believe that buffalo was trying to warn you about someone close to you has not been truthful. I think he ran after you so much is because it is important for you to know. Then afterwards he was showing you that he would be with you through your coming trials. Just call on him when you need help

    2. Ann that is an incredible response to this dream. I had a dream recently where my mother and I(she has been dead for 10 years after cancer over took her entire body and it had to be laid to rest) Her and I were in buffalo land. it wasn’t quite a buffalo, it was almost like a wooly mammoth buffalo and there were a herd. One was charging near us, not toward us. My mother grabbed our machete, jumped with swift accuracy onto the top of the buffalo, sliced its head of in a warrioress display of power and beauty. I ran to the side of the buffalo with my arms out stretched to help hold the buffalo head. As I held it she put her hands powerfully at the top of the head and peeled it open like a pomegranate. I felt the heat and saw steam rise from its brain. She put forth the exposed brain offering it to me to eat. I took a hot steamy bite and it tasted warm like rich sweet butter. I felt so nourished and honored.

  37. When traveing through Janesville, Wisconsin during when a white buffalo was found, I had a clear lucid dream that I went there and a ircle was formed and the spirit gaurdian of the white buffalo was to be ackknowledged. I was surprised that I was picked and that everyone gathered around me and danced. I woke up before I was tod what that entailed.

  38. I had a dream of a white bufflo standing by a house jus watchin me the turned around and walked off i followed it around the house but when i got around the house the bufflo change in to a black panther that jus looked at me and keeped walking i jus stood then watching it then i woke up does any1 no what this means

  39. In my dream I saw that many people are in any building anda group of buffaloes enter there and went I’m a room one men beat them then they run fast toward me n my brother and they can hit him so I pull my brother towards me to save him
    What’s that mean?

  40. I had a dream that a buffalo followed me home and was living in my house it was very friendly and at one stage was in my bath having a bubble bath. Any help on what this means would be very helpful

  41. I had a dream that i was in temple that time one buffalo entered into temple and chasing me inside the temple.finally its licking me in my face and went. What is mean..plz any one answer me

    1. What you were looking for in the temple is already inside you, buffalo was playful in licking you as acknowkedgement if your heart, to remind you that what you seek is already inside of you 🙂

  42. I dreamt of a cave. All kinds of drawings, the one that stood out most was the buffalo. I saw on the other side of the cave, tons of Native Americans in tiers. Going up or down. That’s all. But very intriguing to say the least.

  43. I dreamed of a big horse, the size of the buffalo. And a big buffalo. They were tied together with reins of their bridle’s. They were coming towards me, and they split apart. The horse, i think became my pet, but the buffalo folloed me every where and put his nose in everything i did. I think the last thing i did was open a drawer , and he put his nose in it to see what i was looking for or at, and then i woke up. It was so strong and real.

  44. i had a dream where I heard a roaring thunderous something going between my house and the fence. I got out of bed, went to the patio and saw a huge buffalo right beside my patio door. I tried to hide around the door so she wouldn’t see me because I was fearful that if she saw me she would charge through the window and kill me. When I peered around the corner, She seemed pushed back from the glass door so I snuck a look at her. She was pressed against the fence, only one eye looking toward me, frozen like a statue, so much fear in her eye. I knew immediately, that she was more afraid of me than I of her. I woke up.

  45. Buffalo Dream 6/10 or 6/11 2015

    I recently had this dream: I am walking down a wooded section of the bike/walking trail in my area, it is night and dark but the clouds have a reddish glow. As I walk I hear a deep grunting sound coming from the trees behind me to my right. I think it might be buck and turn around to face it. Branches start to crack, and suddenly there is a huge dark form, I think now it’s a bear and I’m frozen in place. It steps closer to the trail and I notice the legs are much too thin to be a bear but the body and head are too massive for a buck – I realize it is a buffalo. In an instant it has crossed the trail to me, head lowered to the right of my face – we are almost eye to eye, I feel the rough hair against my cheek, I feel the warmth of his breath. I turn slightly and his eye is staring into mine. At that moment I feel such a sense of peacefulness, no fear. Yet one tear slowly starts rolling down my cheek.
    And then I gasp in awe, and sit up in bed-I feel as if my life just changed/shifted

  46. Lots of things were happening in my dream but at the final part of the dream, I heard something snort(growl) not sure make a noise thought it was a cougar. When it turned around it was a water buffalo it seen me and started towards me. Not really frightened but I went towards the trees because I knew it was to large to fit through the trees to get me if that was what it wanted. I look up this slender pine tree thinking I can’t call for help because I don’t have a phone with me, then thinking I will climb this skinny tree and just hang out. Then woke up nothing, weird. I have dreams like these many times a week this is one that will stick with me.

    1. It was not a white buffalo, just a normal brown in color, any ideas on what this might mean?

  47. I had a dream about a buffalo but it was on a calendar,the buffalo itself was brown and I was shown 2 numbers on this calender ,”5-8″…nothing else,just the buffalo and those numbers,I don’t understand it,so I hope someone can help me….thank you…oh and this happened on april,24 2015…last night..thank you

    1. Hello Elvia: It means that your financial situation is changing for the better. You will be receiving a windfall of some sort shortly.

  48. I had a dream where I was trying to help out one of my childhood idols from self destruction and family loss. When he didn’t heed my warnings I left him to his fate and walked away, then suddenly was riding a buffalo at incredible speed yet with complete control. Afterward I got off the buffalo and seen he was at complete happiness with me and my control over him. My idol returned with a new found view on life and thanked me for my decision to help him. Then I woke up. Does anyone have feed back into this dream?

  49. I dreamt that a white buffalo was chasing me. When he came to me he was very gentle fluffy and unharmful; however as he approached me a horse charged after the Buffalo to protect me. what does this mean?

    1. Hallo Miss Jones, the white buffalo represents your Inner Higher Self, the horse represents your objective consciousness, your daily awareness. If you follow your intuïtion, coming from your Higher Self, it will lead you to a wonderfull life. It is always difficult to just accept what your intuïtion is pointing out to you, try not to reason about it objectively, just trust your Self and follow thru whit it.


      Thomas Rührup, The Hague, Netherlands.

  50. I dreamt that my friend owned a tamed heard of buffalo. They huge but very friendly. He even carried a baby on his chest. BUT when it was time to eat.. We were having buffalo. No, I did not see it being killed. I knew that eating buffalo was a delicacy and I ate being very mindful of the hard work and love my friend put into his heard.

  51. My dream entailed watching a parade as if in honor of Native Americans and there were many buffalo in the parade I was watching it from the window of a very old home that I used to live in. It was a powerful sight to me.

    1. The Buffalo represents tranquility and abundance beginning to flow into your life. They are also a manifestation or sign of progress of an attained level of Spiritual growth. The recognition of abundance lets you know you are on the right path.

  52. I dreamnt i wS running to get around and in front of a heard of buffalo but I noticed there was some wolves chasing the heard. Do I jumped a guard rail to get out of the way but the wolf jumped it too. Then it attacked me & bit my forarm. I slung it off & ran to my truck. Weird?

  53. Last night I dreamt I was in someone’s kitchen and I was petting a small (waist high) bison. I woke up, went back to sleep and dreamt it again.

    1. I had a reoccurring dream of this small buffalo. as a small child. seeing myself wake up abruptly but still dreaming. I associated that buffalo with the sound of my heart beat in the pillow at night for some years

  54. Recently I had a dream where I was riding my bike along the countryside and a herd of buffalo came running toward me, they were too fast for me to get away so I stayed where I was at and some of them went up a hill behind me and one came face to face with me and then ran away. A cougar came out of nowhere and was chasing them lol

  55. I had a dream where one red and one white baby buffalo wandered into my back yard. I was awed and an overflowing sense of peace and love filled my heart. I felt so blessed by their presence. A knock came at my front door and it was the police wanting to capture the buffalo. I became fearful for the animals, that the police wanted to cage or kill them. I brought them in my home while blocking the officer from entering my home and denying that I had seen them. It was both an amazingly beautiful dream and at the same time fearful for the beautiful buffalo, which felt like visits from a great spirit.

  56. I just dreamt a black bison.The surface of that bison is looks very shiny just like a dolphin,it was on a drain-like small river.I passed the drain and I dropped my right sandal,couldn’t find it.Somehow that bison pooped at the same spot twice,ai dare not go near to get it.That bison like me very much and keeps liking me although I am little nervous,I can’t really remember if there is anyone I saw in dream.

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