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What you sow is what you reap. Take care in choosing the seeds you are planting.

Squirrel Meaning and Messages

Generally speaking, Squirrel symbolism is often a message for us to have more fun. Most likely, we’ve been so busy taking life so seriously that we have forgotten that play is essential too. On another note, the Squirrel meaning can imply that we must look at practical matters such as retirement, insurance, or even simple repairs. After all, this spirit animal teaches that preparing for the future is a must.

Squirrel symbolism could also indicate that you need to lighten your load of unnecessary things. These are things that you have gathered in the past that are cluttering your life now. Moreover, these thoughts, worries, and stresses can be detrimental to our health.

If you have encountered the flying specimen of this species, then the Squirrel meaning symbolizes that a new awareness is surfacing from deep within your subconscious. Henceforth, like the Chamelion and the Hyena, you should completely trust your intuition to guide you. However, you must be aware that the flying Squirrel symbolism loves to provide disruption and misdirection if you have strayed slightly off track with your purpose.

Squirrel Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Squirrel totem are often resourceful and have a way of manifesting all the things they need. They always have everything they need for the present and the future. With Squirrel spirit animal as your totem, you choose to prepare for all occasions. Like the Toucan, you are also ready to socialize at any given moment. People with this spirit animal are very good at balancing their lives with work and play.

Squirrel totem people tend to be a little erratic at times, often trying to do many things at once. Take the time to stop and listen to your inner self and focus on one thing at a time. Like the Angelfish, you are also enormously curious and always have to know what is going on wherever you are.

Flying Squirrel totem people, like the Red-Eared Slider, have a connection to the angelic realms. Thus they tend to point the people they encounter toward self-discovery. These people are social, have a great sense of humor, and commonly work in the healthcare industry. They also love to travel and explore new places, favoring busy cities to remote areas.

Squirrel Dream Interpretation

To dream of this rodent gathering food, often speaks of a windfall coming your way. Moreover, if you are feeding this mammal, it would mean that you have plenty to share and have more than enough for the time being.

If the animal is sickly or isolated, your vision can indicate that you are involved in a loveless, pointless relationship, or worthless business project. In other words, you are pursuing empty and fruitless endeavors.

A green Squirrel dream implies that you are hoarding something. Usually, you are holding on to too much and need to learn to let go. On the other hand, the dream can also indicate that you need to reserve your time and energy.

To dream that you are trying to run over these rodents with a lawnmower represents that you are trying to change your beliefs and alter your ideas to conform to others’ expectations. To put it differently, you are looking for some form of acceptance.

If you are feeding one of these rodents in your Squirrel dream, like the Ant, it symbolizes that comfort will come to you through hard work, diligence, and prudence. Pay attention to the details, and be sure to put something away for another day.

86 thoughts on “Squirrel”

  1. I lost my best friend and companion Taco my dog this past friday after midnight. Have not stopped crying. My husband and I went to Niagara and as we were walking and talking about our dog this squirrel came from out of no where and climb up my leg up to my waist and starred at my face like looking inside my soul and started talking to me and I was what are you trying to tell me little guy. and then it ran back down up to the tree and continued with what ever she or he was doing. This actually happened and many witnessed it. Do anyone know what this mean?

    1. I saw a squirrel it comes on my porch be looking inside of my house I said God send that squirrel to me trying to tell me something when my mother has passed last year that squirrel was looking at straight at me with those big eyes

    2. Hello, Yvonne,
      Grieving our pets can be so painful. I truly empathize.
      I believe that the spirit of animals and people can come to us in many forms after they pass. I believe your dog, Taco, wanted you to feel better and not be heartbroken. He used the squirrel to get this message across to you, ( whether he temporarily inhabited the squirrel or the squirrel was serving a higher purpose for a moment). I would encourage you to read similar stories of animal encounters. One story that is a bit similar is Dr. Wayne Dyer’s butterfly story. ❤️ Sincerely, Paula

  2. Had a dream that there were squirrels everywhere I looked in the brown leaves either mating or kissing. Wondering what could this mean?

  3. Hi,
    During a grounding meditation, I had a squirrel speak to me, I disconnected for a little because the sound it was making was so loud and I was curious to see what it was. When I looked up to the tree I was sitting on, the squirrel was right in the top of me, we looked at each other she said something and she kept looking, I moved my back form the tree just in case it wanted to get down but she stayed there until my meditation was over and then left jumping to the other tree… When this happens I was expanding my aura and I asked permission to the earth to allow me to take space. What do you guys think it means??
    today I grounded again and another squirrel was just sitting looking at me until I was done.

    1. i do not know how to comment normally,so i will tell my story through replies..once while doing something for my dad which required going outside.While leaving the front door porch to head to the backdoor,a squirrel jumped out a trash can right in front of me and dashed away..any thoughts?

    2. Since the squirrel is resourceful, this might represent trying to find ideas and opportunities within what people perceive as garbage. As they say, “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Something that is worthless to others can be full of worth for you, and something that has a lot of worth for you may be worthless to others. Keep that in mind in your individual decisions in life and your interactions with others, as you make up your mind on what to do as well as say.

    3. The squirrel within the trees might represent in particular the practical and resourceful aspects of the squirrel. This might be a sign that you have to metaphorically prepare everything for winter. If you’ve been dreamily drifting through life, I suggest making the effort to plan for things going possibly wrong, and saving what you have for a rainy day.

  4. Kindly made interpretation of my dream, seen last night.
    I was standing on the ground, there was many trees on the ground, suddenly I feel leaves of a tree were tearing, by concentrating i see a squirrel running so fast on the tree and hence leaves of tree was breaking and falling on the ground.

    1. I dreamt I was driving down the road with a squirrel in my truck. I stopped and got him out and drove away. But he kept chasing me and climbed up the bumper of my truck and tried to jump in the bed and tried to climb back in the cab with me and I didn’t want it to. But it did anyway and my truck began to mess up. What does this mean?

    2. I believe squirrel is telling you to have your truck checked out or to make sure it is ready for a long drive. Be prepared is the message here!

    3. This might mean that you feel that your sense of fun in life, symbolized by the squirrel, is ruining a lot of your goals symbolized by driving towards a certain destination with a truck. It may be either a sign that you need to enjoy the present and relax more, or it could be a sign that you feel someone in your life is invading your space to work like this mischievous squirrel in your dreams.

    4. This may mean that within the failures of your life, you have to find an alternative solution with the resourcefulness of a squirrel. If you tried the same solution over and over, but it keeps falling down like a tree, is there any new solution you can consider trying?

  5. I was crying and praying today after I said amen a squirrel ran out in front of me I slowed down it came back across the road and I ran it over the tell spend and I started crying again

    1. Since the squirrel represents lightheartedness, it might represent that you are carrying too much of a heavy load, which I can see through your crying. What comes up for me to tell you is that you’re expecting too much of yourself. That you have to be perfect to be loved or accepted. But you don’t have to do anything, accomplish anything or be perfect in everything so you can be loved and cherished. You are enough as you are. Say it to yourself everyday in the mirror. “I am enough.” “I am enough.” “I am enough.”

  6. My bf had a squirrel crawl up his leg and stayed in his body for quite some time. It was a young one so he decided to bring it home. It talked to him too in its chatty little voice as he walked. What do you think it means??

    1. Patricia Rockwood

      There was a squirrel draped over the fence chatting to me through my bedroom window this morning. I thought maybe it was injured because it’s legs were draped over the side. So I went outside to help it but at that point it had run up a tree. I read what squirrel medicine means. But what does it mean that it was laying draped over the fence with both front and back legs straddling while it’s body lay on the wood beam? chatting me up.

    2. It just sounds like the squirrel is relaxing and just enjoying the moment. Such as the squirrel to enjoy life without needing to do anything, but just lie down on that wooden beam. Human beings often need to do something all the time to feel at peace, but the squirrel seems wiser in that it knows how to just have a nice random snooze just for the sake of wanting to do so.

    3. It might represent that he has qualities similar to a squirrel or that he has a squirrel totem, which might explain why the squirrel liked him so much. He is likely playful, resourceful, practical, prepared and light on his feet.

  7. Yesterday I found a baby squirrel that fell out of a tree on my walk with my dog around the block. I picked it up and kept it warm for a few hours before I was able to take to the wildlife rescue center. They say The baby was about 2 weeks old, little precious thing didn’t even have it’s eyes open. Such a cute innocent little thing. What could that mean?

    1. I found a dying squirrel today in the middle of the road. It was in the throes of death with blood pouring from its head and mouth. It had not been run over. Wanting to spare it from the misery of a scared death it placed it quietly under a hedge to die in peace. Later in the evening whilst on a walk I noticed the squirrel back on the verge, dead with flies on its body. We covered it in wild flowers and branches, so sad.

  8. Three weeks ago, my dog jumped into the fireplace ashes and flushed out a little animal that scurried up the stone. I thought it was a chipmonk until it glided from the ceiling to a different part of the room. I set up a catch-and-release trap with some food in and around it, but it absolutely refuses to go in even though it crawls all over the trap and knows that the food it appears to like the most is inside. Because it has been so friendly and tame, someone suggested that it might be a sugar glider that escaped. The game warden saw a picture of it and thinks that it is a flying squirrel. This unexpected indoor house guest now lives in a planter area underneath my staircase during the day, and goes into the enclosed porch to be with my dog and cat at night. It refuses to leave, and refuses to go into the trap to get food. I have seen it drinking water from the cat’s water dish at night while the cat just sits there and watches it. It was eating dog food until I began leaving some corn, sweet potato, nuts, etc. around the catch-and-release trap. I also put water out for it, on a platform where it would be safe from the cat, but it prefers the cat’s water and the two appear to be getting along quite well. My dog wags its tail as soon as it moves into the enclosed porch at night. Any suggestions for what I should do about this little critter who has moved in?

  9. I had 4 of them munching on the bird feeder. One was hanging upside down like Tarzan eating. Crazy critters. Have to chase them away so they don’t eat all the food. Piggies!!

    1. Maybe it means you’ve forgotten to be playful in your family/at home! Since you’re driving home every time it happens!

  10. Over the past week, I’ve had squirrels run out in front of my car at the exact same spot in the road on my way home. I’m only a quarter of a mile from my house, I live on a dirt road, and every single day when I have come home for the past week, a squirrel has literally run out in front of my car and I’ve had to slam on the brakes to avoid killing it. The first 3 times it happened, I didn’t think much of it. But when it kept happening every day as I was driving home in the exact same place, it made me stop to notice. Any ideas what this could be trying to tell me?

  11. A grey squirrel jumped out at me today and landed on my leg for a second before leaping off and running away. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life atm and am getting over a recent breakup. I feel he was pushing me to move forward and forget the past. That’s what I’m aiming to do Day by day. Practise mindfulness and live in the moment ❤️

  12. My É:rhar, Dog friends would not be great fans of this particular sign. Onkwetako, Squirrel, speaks of being prepared for the changes to come. Being prepared is not the same as making lists or fretting and worrying about the future. Being prepared is a separate thing. It means facing fully forward and doing the things that you need to do in order to deal with whatever is coming. Worrying and making lists limits what you are prepared to do. They are about you trying to control what you cannot fully control: Tomorrow. Those things narrow down your focus and use up valuable energy. Onkwetako gathers for the coming winter, but she is ready to seize whatever is available today and tomorrow. She does not waste energy on what she cannot know or what she cannot control. Tomorrow will come whether you want it to or not, and it will come in the way that it comes, regardless of what you do. That does not mean to give up and just leave your life to chance. It means to stay alive in each moment and face forward, to be ready for all possibilities, rather than just one or two. And keep an eye out for dogs.

  13. SquirrelSpiritAnimal?

    I spoke with a squirrel today. He was chirping outside and the kids and I ran out to listen. I like to play drums with them. Something I’ve done since I was a kid. I would pat on the ground and the squirrel would pat back in the tree he was in. I’ve done the same with another I live near now. When I heard the chirping or barking I just assumed it was him. I spoke to him and clicked at him. He responded every time and a few times their was an obvious attitude cadence that made his communication clear. We spoke chirp bark clicked to each other for a while. I asked him to approach so I may take his photo and got a clear attitude-ish, I don’t want to. He wasn’t the one I played drums with last season but very talkative none the less. My kids were able to chirp to the squirrel as well. So I took it as a time to lighten up and play sign. But the squirrel was also clearly getting afairs in order (gathering pine needles) so I took that into account too. So we did both.

    Glad I found this page. I was told that squirrels didn’t have meaning. But after reading the outline above it’s a logical representation.

    1. Oh my gosh, i seen you wrote this on march 19th, which is my late sons bday. What amazes me is that i went outside for a smoke today and heard this chirping and thought it was a bird but it was a squirrel on my house. What is neat i made a feast for my late son and after my hubby were smoking and seen this squirrel running around all over my neighbors house. To me its like my late son is a squirrel. Also i decided to google squirrel because this squirrel was so noisy and i see them a lot now and i was so amazed how you mentioned chirping and barking, especially when you wrote this on my late sons bday. Wow! 😀

    2. Cat that’s amazing! A squirrel began to visit me in my backyard and my back window earlier last year. I was having some health problems, and suddenly the squirrel began coming to see me everyday. I have since gotten through my health issues, and I have to say I felt like I was going to be okay because of that squirrel! I knew that squirrel was offering me hope. They’re amazing animals and so sensitive. You wrote your post on my wedding anniversary, April 8th 🙂 much love to you.

    3. Whoa that’s so cool- I was looking up squirrel meanings because I just pulled over my car and there are 8 squirrels all running around and looking for food and there are some birds doing the same alongside them. I read your reply to the original poster, and my birthday is the same as your late son’s! Amazing how we are so connected and only see it if we are really looking 🙂

    4. Wow so my son’s birthday is April 8th! I’ve been seeing squirrels in meaningful ways since my brother passed away April 15, 2018, only 4 days after my 28th birthday on April 11th. And only 7 days after my son’s 4th birthday (again, April 8th). Not sure what this all means… but the first time I noticed squirrel talking to me was when my brother passed, shortly after, my boyfriend came in from mowing the lawn to say he found a squirrel in the yard. It was alive but not really doing much, so he walked up to it and it would seizure off and on. I told him to bring it to me. I tried reiki, and to give it a peaceful room. I felt it was a she. I felt honored to be able to be near as she passed away, and because I was up close to her and able to see in her eyes, I tried to be open to what she wanted… she said she wanted to be outside, in the trees, and in nature where she’d feel most peaceful. I put her in a box, safe from harm, directly near a few trees and near a pool area. After some time, I felt she wanted to be closer and in the actual foliage, so I ended up gently moving her to an area beside the house which is covered in vinery, and she could see up from her box – the trees. I don’t know how long, but it wasn’t even an hour, and she passed away. I have just seen one now in the window when I went into the bathroom. But I didn’t really see it, it was ON the window… and I could hear the tapping and see it’s shadow through the white curtain covering the window. I can only imagine it all means something to do with my brother, how I was able to be nearby when he died, how I am able still to see glimpses of him, maybe not fully, but behind a “veil” or curtain I can hear him, and see and feel his presence. I looked at the clock and it was 8:57. 8=infinity. 5+7=3 which is my veother’s Favorite number and one he always sends 🙂 Also, I got the quote to arm myself with knowledge in order to prepare for the future… I would think this is in conjunction with my own son..maybe to arm myself with knowledge on how to parent him n guard him from harm, but I think somehow it meant to prepare to finally face my fears head on fully and put things in legal order so that I might be able to keep my son out of harm’s way in regards to his father… who is never around, and tries to keep me (successfully thus far) in fear of doing the right thing and getting child support for our son. He really is something…. never a single care to see our son or mention how is he doing or what does he need… and when I reach out he says things like “I’ll get my partial custody” and “go ahead and take me to court thank god I don’t want to have to deal with you”… horrible things he’s said over the years. He has no mercy & of course our son wants nothing but to know him. He has no idea what his dad is like and I can’t explain it to him why he won’t even call…let alone visit and try to get to know him. Anyways. I think the sign is to go talk to someone and get this all squared away. I hope squirrel spirit will help me arm myself with knowledge 🙂 thank you all and author

    5. That’s so amazing! You play drums with a squirrel! We have a few in our backyard that we feed and talk to, they’re just amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

  14. Today I saw an amazing thing, a grey squirrel carrying a whole cob of corn, running across the yard. I was wondering if he had been saving that since the last harvest when he then did a curious thing. He dropped the cob and nibbled on it for a bit then turned and hopped about two feet, dug a hole in the wet ground and dropped his kernels in the hole, then patted it down. He went back and picked up the cob, ran a few more feet then repeated this process again. I watched him stash or plant kernels about five times before I lost sight of him. Now I am a bit perplexed, is he planting corn? Lol Either way it is a direct message to me to get my ducks in a row, prepare for the coming changes and utilize that which I have been blessed. “Arm yourself with knowledge so that you may be prepared for tomorrow.” Is the quote I was gifted when I searched this page. He is signaling me to pay attention to practical matters. Feeling blessed once again as mother nature has answered my pondering in such a fashion.

  15. Liza jane Paladin

    Hi just saw lots of squirrels from the sky landing into tree behind our house and they keep running, i looked them as cute animal being…and one squirrels went behind me and hugging me like he doest want to go…am pushing him away but he doesnt want… what does it mean?? Am quiet worried bcoz i read some dream interpret says that it involves in loveless,pointless relationship or unprofitable business😭

  16. Last night I dreamt of many many dead squirrels in they walls of my front house? I remember seeing them all scattered around but not decomposed. Not sure what it was meant to say to me, I was in so much shock I woke up immediately. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi there,
      I have done a little research online as I too saw a dead squirrel in my dream last night, if you see dead animals it can be a warning sign saying you have not been listening to their message which for me was completely relevant! So make sure you have more fun and take life less seriously, and all will be well 🙂

  17. Last night I dreamt of a white squirrel. Not pure white but definitely with a mutation causing it to lack pigment. He was very friendly. He kept jumping into my hands and lap. I was afraid to hold it or pet it too much. The dream felt very real, and I didn’t want to get bit. At first it was restless and I was showing my dad (who lives in another country in real life) this little guy in the living room. I asked the squirrel if he was tired and he laid and cuddle up in my hand. Nuzzle up to my fingers and closed his eyes. I can’t remember much other than I had to leave and that my parents were going to watch my daughter, which never happens because they don’t live in the States. But they went to lay down so I went to put on the TV for my kid, who was also laying down at that moment. I add that last part because I’m NEVER able to do mundane things in dreams. Especially handle electronics. (Cellphones explode, etc) I cant even write in dreams. And I actually got the TV to work like a normal real TV! So that must mean something as well. This isn’t the first dream lately with a white squirrel but I can’t remember the others. I woke up and decided to type this right away and I still forgot half of it. Any insight my friends?

  18. I have a momma squirrel that comes to our door and we feed her nuts. She now built a trust with me that she can take a peanut from my hand. She answers to my clicks. What could this mean? I’ll mention that over 2 on the ago I took Reiki I class and have been on my awakening journey after attunement. The squirrel has been coming to us for maybe a year now. Not afraid.

  19. I just found a squirrel in my house today hidden behind my couch. What does that mean? I caught him by the tail and let him go free without getting bit.

    1. I could see the couch being a symbol of relaxation. The squirrel being behind the couch could be a metaphor for how hard work and persistence is behind your relaxation, stating that you have earned play and time for yourself for how hard you’ve worked for life’s comfort.

      I think you could take it as a sign to own the fact that you are worthy of relaxation. :mrgreen:

  20. Dreamt a red squirrel was running towards me. As squirrel approached I moved to the side unsure whether squirrel was friendly. Squirrel came up to me and let me pet, very friendly and followed me letting me pet again. I thought it might be hungry but didn’t have food with me, then found a cookie and broke it up into bite-size pieces but squirrel wasn’t interested, figured not hungry. Squirrel let me pet again though.

  21. What does it mean if a squirrel is climbing all over me and then proceeds to hump me on my chest in a dream? I am dead serious, that happened. Lol

    1. This to me means to revive your heart chakra. Open yourself to give and receive love. Acknowledge blocks and heal! So you can begin to enjoy life more. Take deeeeeeppppp breaths inhale love and exhale old habits or thought patterns. I think it’s ironic you also used the word “dead serious” lol you are alive and vibrant!

  22. A black squirrel appeared to me twice this month in my living room. The first time it made it’s presence known, it came in through the window and was scaling the curtain rod. I had a job interview the very same day. The black squirrel appeared to me again this morning, peering in through the window blinds. Today I am still awaiting the outcome of the same job interview. Squirrel must be trying to tell me something.

  23. Squirrel Medicine: Today, while out of the room I heard a ruckus in the kitchen. I walked in to see one of my three cats, the ‘hunter’ stalking around the dish cabinet on the floor. His head was in the air, sniffing, as I watched him lick his whiskers. The other two cats; lazy, entitled girls came into the kitchen…I knew something was up. I herded all of the cats out of the room and moved the cabinet. Peeking out was a little claw and a black tipped tail. I thought a raccoon had snuck in.

    The handy man was walking by my front door and I called to him for help. He wasn’t having any part of it. I was informed animals were not part of his deal at the apartment complex. He’d call to have it ‘taken care of’. Heck NO! That is not how my household lives; hands do not hurt and we do not snuff the life out of critters.

    I leaned the cabinet back to find an adolescent squirrel…maybe in babyhood. The scent must have filled the air because the cats came running back into the room, and all hell broke loose. I clapped my hands loudly, the cat’s que to go to the bedroom to be safe…only one did. Such a good girl, yes she got the kitty treats. The other two had to be ‘naughty kitty sprayed’ with the bottle of water to get them outside.
    The chirping from baby squirrel to his mom was loud. Mom was outside the patio door in the tree, with her tail twirling and running up and down screaming at me. I went outside and sent mom pictures and love from my heart, that I would not hurt her baby and would do everything I could to get her baby back to her, unscathed. Mom actually settled down. Being a Reiki Master, I sent her unconditional love and to her baby, visualizing the bond between them.

    Meanwhile, baby squirrel went scurrying under the first book shelf, then the long red couch, then the short red love seat, then the other book case, then into the bedroom where the girl cat came running out, then the TV cabinet, then the dish cabinet again…it was on. 45 minutes later, I turned around to see all my furniture tipped in efforts to save the furry love bug. Baby had no intention of leaving the house.

    The only thing I could do is open all of the doors and windows and wait. My partner came in and saw the house torn apart…he knows me well enough that he knew something was in the house and I was trying to save it. He stomped his feet on the floor and entered the kitchen stomping. Baby squirrel snuck out the front door from behind him. Oh thank gosh!

    In the distance you could hear baby calling to mom. Ten minutes later mom squirrel came to the fence line with baby in tow. She sat there looking at me chittering softly. I told her she was most welcome. She picked up her baby in her mouth and disappeared down the fence line up a tree.

    We put pecans out in the tree for them.

    All life matters.

  24. My life is a absolute mess, I live in a area that has a indictment coming and I believe I maybe part of it. I really want to go all out and make it worth the 27yrs I heard I’ll be gettong, but on the other hand I feel Im then just a product of something pushed beyond my limits to commit crimes that I have known how to do but not yet done because I have 3kids….today while with my daughter we saw a black squirrel, I’ve debated just taking off with her but know it’s dangerous…..i believe God will protect us but I’m yet heavy with the thought of me being selfish by putting her through such chaos at a young age….any thoughts on what the black squirrel ment??

    1. Crime is never the way to follow Gods way
      I believe you know this
      But the pressure of life can be heavy and burdensome
      Pray. I know you will be guided. Pray for preparedness

  25. I manage a nutrition/ vitamin store. I had the door propped open today as it was nice out. I was doing some paper work at the front counter when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye…A squirelle had walked into my store! I tried to gently direct him away from my counter and out the front but he headed toward the back of my store and into the backroom. He fled up my ladder and remained there for the last 4 hours until we had a humane pest remover come and coax him down. Nothing I did could get him down he was quite content to sit and stare at me working lol. I don’t by any means work out in the stix… but do live in upstate NY…..not the first time something has wandered into my store, but definately the strangest.

  26. We have a lot of squirrels & birds. Yesterday I noticed one very small squirrel that was behaving oddly. Today, it crawled up to the back patio door, and positioned itself as close to the house as possible. It struggled quietly for about an hour, then gave a tiny little bark and died. I suspect it may have fallen out of a tree. I like to think the little bark was a sign that he was passing over & he was communicating with squirrel family on the other side who came to be with him. I don’t feel that there was anything ominous about his death being on my doorstep. In fact I feel honored that he allowed me to sit with him as he died.

  27. Last night I had an odd dream about an over sized squirrel running across my floor, at first I thought it was mouse and I was about to catch it but it turned out to be a huge squirrel and it came running out from behind a dresser, it knocked me on my ass when I woke up i was on the floor… weird dream ❗

  28. I just witnessed a
    baby squirrel road-crossing to
    its tail-tumbling death.

    I found gratitude
    in officer’s timing
    for me to aquire.

    In ceremony:
    a squirrel burial planted
    with mimosa tree.

  29. I just bought a 2000 Yamaha V-Star 650, this last weekend, and, of course, I had to name it. My first bike (I’d only had it for a few months when I realized I needed a cruiser) was named Mason. However, “squirrel” popped into my head with this one and. In Tsalagi, squirrel is “Saloli” so I named it Saloli – “Sal” for short.
    I don’t have a particular fondness for squirrels – it just kept popping into my head and it has stuck 🙂

  30. I dreamt I found a baby red squirrel asleep in the clothes in my house right next to a window. When I went to move him he just snuggled in more.

  31. Tanesha McGhee-Davis

    I’ve had a reoccurring dream of a squirrel for just a about a week now. He continues to come to me in my dream. Initially from what I can remember he was first introduced to me and was on my right leg attached to some leggings that I was wearing. The second or third time the same thing. Well this morning I was talking to my daughter and we were about to walk into a building and he came out of no where and attached himself to my right leg near my ankle and bit me. I shook my leg so hard in my dream to get him off that I inadvertently was shaking myself woke. Now I’m up and won’t be able to go back to sleep until I figure out what this all means. I’m a Virgo, so one of the things we tend to do is over analyze everything. I have to figure out what this means. Any help would be so appreciated.

  32. I had a dream where I had a pet Squirrel who lived with me in my apartment and cuddled with me, slept near me, ate near me and we had a special bond. The squirrel was like my child. Anyway, I had to go on a trip to look for work. I took a plane to Canada where I’m from but I live abroad and left the Squirrel behind with my husband.
    While I was away my husband gave the squirrel away to another family who then moved to the rockies and the middle of a forest on a mountain and the squirrel got lost in the woods and then they moved again leaving the squirrel behind.
    I went home and my husband told me what happened. I had the feeling that something terrible had happened and the squirrel was dead. I cried and cried and was heartbroken. I was upset with my husband for giving away my baby.
    I awoke very sad and then remembered that on 2 occasions someone had mentioned that they saw a squirrel around me or that my spirit animal was a squirrel. That made me feel better, like maybe the squirrel was ok and near me. What do you think the dream means?

  33. A baby squirrel fell out of a tree in my backyard and almost hit me in the head. The mom never came down to retrieve it so I took it in and nursed it like one would nurse a kitten. He was only about 4 weeks old at the time I found him. I named him Hank. I kept him until he was around 15 weeks and released him back into his environment. He loved me and I loved that little Hank. I have since decides to become a certified Wlldlife Rehabilitator because of Hank. I am very happy with my new found hobby. Thanks Hank!

    1. I just found a baby squirrel, which has led me here! I am hoping his mama comes for him. I put him in a little container with wool socks. I do think its a sign from Spirit though. It is grand to witness the little life, I am not sure what I will do if mama doesn’t come back.

  34. A few minutes ago my fiance and I took our dogs outside to go to the bathroom. As always we have to go in the corner of a fence, while there i noticed a squirrel sitting on the top of the fence just staring at us. We stayed quiet so our dogs wouldnt notice him and start barking. Then he scurries into the tree right next to him, moving to a crevase in the tree he continues to look directly at me and then starts muttering, sounded like he was talking to us, so we talked back telling him it was alright we werent going to bother him. He the turned to my fiance and started “talking” to him. This went on for about 5 minutes until we said goodbye and went back inside. You could say he was literally speaking to us 🙂

  35. ❓ I had a dream that I was running from something; I cannot recall what. In order to elude them/it, I stopped at a park bench and shapeshifted into a squirrel. What does anyone intuit that could be about? There is no mention here [yet] about shapeshifing into a squirrel.

  36. I had a squirrel the other day literly screaming at me. I thought he was fighting with another one but I got up and looked at him and he was staring right at me and screaming lol. Not sure what that means. My grandpa shows is presence through a white butterfly all the time. Not sure if that was him with the squirrel

  37. I had a dream that a squirrel that I was being chased by a number of squirrels and 1 bit me on my finger what does that mean

    1. Isaac Character

      It’s a family of squirrels that took over my back porch, I don’t know if it was the trash or what either ways they bold and funny always stopping and posing for the pictures 😆

  38. I Just some up to a dream about a squirrel with fout tails. It was calm and curious, but I had to catch it. I was a bit scared of it. When I did catch it, a cat layed calmly next to it, in a tupperware box. Now I’m weirded out.

  39. Hi I had a dream about a squirrel last night but I felt good about it it was jumping around showing off and I was following it like it was so full of life and energy. I kept saying that oh look the squirrel like to tell people about it. The meaning of a squirrel in your dream doesn’t seem to pertain to me maybe about energy and time and having more fun because the squirrel wanted me to follow and be as spunky and fast and jump around. I just wanted to know what you think. I was on a road walking and the squirrel jumped in front of me and kept jumping and playing and it wanted me to follow him.

  40. Since learning about animal guides I think my main guide is chipmunk. I have most of the traits. When I was little my favorite book was about the life of a sweet chipmunk. Also when I was around six I got double mumps and looked alot like a sad chipmunk with her cheeks full. Chipmunk left for a number of years, at least I can’t remember any chipmunks standing out. Then I had a cat bring in a live chipmunk through my bedroom window and drop it in my bed. It proceed to run laps all over my bed and room with the cat in prosuit. Finally the cat caught it and I took the cat out and made him drop it, it ran to the wood plie. I hope it lived. I think that time chipmunk was telling me to be more playful in bed. Now that I,m older and a mother I have been drawn to polar bear and dreamed of her before. She seems to show me how I feel about motherhood. Mess with my children you’d better watch out! 😡

  41. I have been extremely busy with a new job for the laast half a year and also actively trying to conceive with no success. Trying to concieve has been extremely frustrating and this month i decided to stop trying and just go with it.. Yesterday my team at work finished a huge assignment. Then tonight i dreamed about a squirrel sitting with me and being extremely affectionate while i pet it. Slowly i began to see fleas in its fur but still was petting it. I feel lile in the dream we were speaking but i dont remember what about and i also dont remeber our lips moving. Thiis is the second vivid dream this week and i very rarely remember dreams and also rarely feel calmed by them like i did today. What do you think this was saying to me?

  42. In a meditation, I had my totem squirrel was handing me a nut which looked like a walnut. I took one and held tibia my hand. As I came out of the meditation, the squirrel kept offering me a walnut. It called me back to show me the walnut again. It just kept showing it to me.
    Can you tell me what this means?

  43. I just finished a elk leather and fox fur bag/purse on 10/20/14,didn’t know what to do with it….Made a trip to the store and passed a messed up looking chipmunk..I decided if it was still there when I went back through I’d pick it up…It’s a baby squirrel and I haul it in the bag,he was a little dehydrated but he’s healthy now..I ate Indian curry all day that day..Your dream is strange,just be glad you got the dream and not the real thing..A grown squirrel can destroy a house in 30 minutes…

  44. Had a positive squirrel dream set in India. I have actually been there and they have squirrels there!
    Anyway the dream squrrel was tired and an Indian avatar put it in a bag to heal it.
    and protect it.
    Might be time for a holiday…..

    1. Hi Andrew – if this were my dream, I’m begin shown that I’ve been too busy and would benefit from spending time alone and getting in touch with my inner wisdom. I would also ask for spiritual guidance on how to energetically protect myself. More than likely, I’m empathic and sensitive and unknowingly take on other peoples’ “stuff” and they siphon energy from me. This is probably the reason why I’m so tired.

    1. That’s a shame. It hapens to alot of people and it’s devastating but also at the same time part of the life circle/process. He must have had things to do on the other side of the life cycle

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