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Octopus Symbolism, Octopus Meaning, Octopus Totem, Octopus Dream, and Messages
Routine maintenance activities are calling you. It's time to clean up some of the mess surrounding you.

Octopus Meaning and Messages

In general, Octopus symbolism is a reminder that to get what you desire right now, you need to camouflage yourself and fly under the radar. In other words, keep doing what you are doing, but be inconspicuous while doing it. The spirit of this sea creature is saying that you must wait until the very last moment. Meaning that when your prize is within grasp, then you can announce your intentions.

Alternatively, the Octopus meaning can signify the need for you to pretend that you are something other than what you are. There are times when we need to become an extrovert. Thus, we put ourselves out there to get to where we want to be. Like the Blue Jay, there are also times when we need to grow invisible to someone to get by them. Occasionally, we will even have to mimic those around us so that we can blend in with the scenery. Moreover, Octopus symbolism is letting you know that you can quickly move through any barriers that are keeping you from your goals.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Octopus totem know how to get what they want intelligently and efficiently. They are also productive workers and often accomplish far more than the average person in the same amount of time. Folks with this spirit animal know how to get what they want and can effectively camouflage their desires until the last possible moment. Octopus totem people are often very flexible and agile, quick thinking, and gifted at abstract reasoning. They also rarely get upset at things and are always adapting and adjusting as needed to make life easier. Also, housekeeping is not their strong suit. They can be clingy in relationships and be self-sacrificial in the rearing of their children.

Octopus Dream Interpretation

When you have an Octopus dream, it is a symbol of your ability to multitask. In other words, like the Road Runner, the vision is letting you know that you can juggle all of the things you have going right now. However, it may serve you well to take the time to prioritize so that you don’t sacrifice yourself in the process. Alternatively, the dream may be letting you know that you are getting emotionally entangled in some drama. It is probably prudent to disengage yourself.

To dream that you are one of these creatures signifies your desire to control others. Therefore, it would be wise for you to explore the possibility that you are in a co-dependent relationship. Ultimately, the objective would be to grow and regenerate from your experience.

8 thoughts on “Octopus”

  1. It was a full moon day and I was studying. For a moment I can’t remember what happened…when I came to my conscious I had written the word “OCTO” on my book ( in my mother tongue). I want to know if it makes any sense

  2. I just lit a green candle and burning my wishes in a paper and when the candle melts down it forms an octopus 🐙. Anyone has an idea on this? A response will highly be appreciated. Thanks! 🤞

  3. I was trapped in a sunken hospital underwater, along with two of my best friends. Apparently, our captor was a big red octopus. Every time we tried to escape, we were caught by the octopus and put back on a cot. And although we didn’t run out of air, the threat was still there, and we were all simultaneously looking at each other and communicating that we really needed to get out of there otherwise we’d die.

  4. I dreamt of swimming under a dock and a pod of black octopi were swimming past me, the water swirling melodically as they passed me. I ran my hands across a few of them and then noticed a Killer Whale in the mix with them. I ran my hands across it as it swam past me. I never felt like I was in danger, but that I was a part of them or accepted by them. It was a very peaceful feeling and I felt transformed somehow, like they swept something away from me as they passed. One of the octopi actually jumped out of the top of the water too. It was extremely odd, since that is not their behavior at all…they are normally at the bottom and are alone. Anyone have any interpretation for that?

  5. Interesting you weren’t afraid of it!
    My recent vision was of a squid. I guess that is similar enough to an octopus…maybe a 5’ squid. Couldn’t find squid on site.
    I was on a massage table in a dimly lit room having a reiki session. In my vision I was floating high up in the night sky and saw nothing but black night sky and beautiful stars and the occasional gassy cloud of purple. Then a purple squid swooshed by out in front of me. It was beautiful and seemed very happy and free! Swooshed by again, not there noticing me or trying to interact with me, just happily, enjoying being a squid, free to explore the beauty of the cosmos.

  6. I dreamed of a giant ,black and looked like evil octopus. It wanted to sucked everything with the sucker which in its tentacle . I attacked it . But when it came back to the sea for a while, it changed to a macra dragon color , friendlly creature

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