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You are reminded that everything you do is of importance.

Cardinal Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Cardinal symbolism is reminding you to be more explicit with your intentions. Moreover, setting a clear and insightful goal for yourself will accomplish everything you are asking for and more. The key to this spirit animal is to focus and set your intentions clearly to expedite matters. Alternatively, the Cardinal meaning may be signaling you to be wary of what you are creating with your thoughts. Is this really what you want? In other words, Cardinal symbolism tells you to make sure that you are aware of precisely what you are manifesting. Also, be sure to make any necessary corrections.

Cardinal symbolism can also be letting you know that you should start putting yourself first. It is essential to realize that taking good care of yourself first will make it much easier for you to help others.

Furthermore, the Cardinal meaning signifies that the timing is now perfect to start those new projects that you have been contemplating. Big or small, you can tackle them all.

Cardinal Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Cardinal totem know how to listen to their inner voice and intuition very well. They are in touch with their feminine side and are also capable of tremendous sensitivity. Redbird totem people tend to be initiators and are always the pioneer or first in line. Folks with this Bird as their spirit animal can get out there and make things happen. They also have a gift for self-promotion and enjoy taking a leadership role with most projects. People with this totem also know where to start projects as well as where to end them. They have excellent strategy skills and handle power well. Those with this spirit animal totem also like new challenges in their lives and are always starting up new things.

People with the Cardinal totem often have a healthy dose of “self-importance.” Their vitality comes from self-respect and self-manifestation. They are gifted organizers.

This Bird, as your animal totem, may also reflect past-life connections with the church and reverence for more traditional religious beliefs regardless of denomination.

Cardinal Dream Interpretation

In most cases, your Cardinal dream symbolizes the need for you to be true to yourself. In other words, stop trying to be something that you are not.  It is time to let go of what you think you should be and find joy in who you are. This redbird can also be a signal that a hectic period in your waking life is at hand. There are many projects currently have your attention, and you need to prioritize your focus to finish them. If you tackle the big things first and the small things will take care of themselves.

To see a brownish Bird of this species in your dream is a message that you have all of the tools necessary in parenting a current situation with your children. To see a pair of these birds symbolizes the need for teamwork – especially when it comes to parenting.

An odd colored Cardinal dream (other than red or brown) is a clear message that you are about to experience something unusual and magical. There are changes afoot, and what you thought was clear will now become something entirely different.

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  1. Tracy Angel Graham

    Twice now i have had a dream of a Red Cardinal in my bathroom, which is odd as there are no windows in my bathroom. The latest dream it was on the floor just looking at me, i put my hand down for it to hop on which it did then proceeded to go onto my shoulder and just stayed there. I felt so much peace and love from this little bird when it was looking at me that my heart just melted.

  2. Everything happens for a reason I’m very big on timing, I can only believe these cardinals are trying to tell me something. At the weirdest moments I see red cardinals lately they’ve been coming to me more and more it’s beyond crazy. After I watched and did a little reading on cardinals, I walked backed into work only to hear the loud distinctive chirping it was as if he was communicating with me I could attempt to share these moments but nobody would understand I almost have to pinch myself to make sure these moments are real.It’s 1440 minutes in what we call a day, I just love that out of all the trees and places cardinals could be they somehow find me. It’s one of the most fulfilling feelings knowing you’re in tune with earth and nature and have a connection. # what are they trying to tell me#

  3. I dreamt of a red cardinal and it’s baby came into my house. I held my hand out and the mother cardinal hopped on my hand and I let her out. She flew a little ways towards another cardinal. I then put on gloves and carried the baby cardinal out to the mother cardinal.
    The mother cardinal flew up to me and had a big smile on her face. It was very touching. All of the cardinals were bright red. Any meaning to this?

  4. For the past 3 weeks I have opened my door to the same red bird on my fence in my front yard or top of the dog lot,and there every single the I open my door just looks at me can anyone tell me the meaning?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems to mean that you need to be more forward and direct in your relationships. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you should avoid the first move all the time, haha, whether it is in approaching someone for a date or calling friends to hang out with them, instead of waiting for them to contact you. If you’ve been waiting for so long and you’re exhausted of waiting for someone to approach you, then stop waiting, and approach someone yourself. Why women these days call themselves feminists and yet place on the burden on men to make the first move these days make no sense to me, especially if they’ve just been waiting for several years without doing anything but complain to their best friends.

    2. Hi Kayla it usually means the other side tryin communication an Angel watching over you be mindful
      Of thoughts and goals the sign it’s to go got it and keep moving forward Ahmen everything you need is inside of you hope this helps namaste peacelove light life in Jesus Christ Ahmen God bless you always

  5. I had a dream two cardinals flew up to me and perched right in front of me then hopped on my shoulders… then a third cardinal shows up. All bright red. They let me touch them and they were so calm, like they were tame. I don’t know what this means. I love seeing birds and have been talking about the cardinals showing up in my inches back yard. Wondering if that my subconscious is why I had the dream or another meaning. It was a very vivid dream. Any insight would be appreciated.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The two cardinals represent two people in love, and the third cardinal may represent a best friend you have, or will have. In general, they all mean devotion to each other, whether in a friendship, a romance or even within the family.

  6. Linda J Johnson

    I have had two cardinals in my backyard while I’m sitting on my patio. Such grace and leadership in the world of different birds. Such meaning to see them keep coming into your yard everyday. Love It!! Give me peace for my Uncle I didn’t get to see him, we were very close. Love and miss him everyday!1

  7. I need help with a dream that I know has some significant meaning. I had a bunch of cardinals in my yard. I went to where they were and one was walking on the ground. It was chirping and very alive but had no head. It let me pick it up. I took it to my porch. It walked around like it was my animal while we waited in wildlife to come get it. It was normal without a head and connected with me. It’s a weird dream but I feel has some kind of message I can’t figure out. It wasn’t a horrible dream but a loving connecting dream with something injured but still very alive.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems like you are obsessed with love, whether you are single or not, to the point that you make everything in your life about love while sacrificing matters of the head. You might be neglecting practical areas of life due to constantly thinking about matters of love all the time. I’m not saying you need to sacrifice one for the other, but you need to do both.

  8. Yesterday April 28, 2020, after leaving the dentist’s office, I sat in my vehicle and noticed a bright red cardinal came to the passenger side of my window. It chirped and pecked on the window as if it was trying to tell me something. Its legs were a beautiful silver/gray. It looked in at me and suddenly flew away. This happened about 7 to 8 times. This cardinal looked like it had been freshly dipped in red paint. Each time it flew to the window it pecked and chirped on the window and quickly flew away. I was in awe at the appearance of such a beautiful bird. I should have let the window down to listen more intently.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might seem that love is knocking at your door repeatedly, but you do not do much to respond, perhaps simply because you do not notice or because you are not direct about expressing your interest in someone, waiting for the person you’re interested in to notice what you’re trying to do. You might even be clueless at how you and a “friend” like each other so much, due to both of you being socially awkward, shy and clueless, which is what I gather.

  9. Today while sitting in my car after parking had just come from Church a brown cardinal hits my aisle window then flush to the gate next to the car. Is there any message to this. I was not able to take a pic as it flew away after about two minutes and eye contact . Please give meaning to this event

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since cardinals are associated with the church, it might mean several past lives connected to religious positions. Ex. Nuns, priests, priestess, rabbis, monks, or a combination of those types of roles.

  10. trying to figure out what the green cardinal means cause I was sitting in my living room and a light lime green cardinal with grey wings landed on my fence right outside my door and stayed there for a few mins. then took off before I could take a pic so I’m trying to figure out what that means

  11. I was sitting in my car one day, and for some odd reason I kept feeling a vein or muscle jump on the right side of my head, it seriously felt like a tap for attention. I instantly look to the right and I see a red cardinal staring at me while sitting on a leaf stem, I swear we had to be staring at each other for at least a minute or 2 I even got several photo shots of it just sitting there with its mouth half open. what type of sign could this be, Ive seen it several times through out the years and now there are 2 of em?

    1. I have been seeing two red Cardinals almost every day when I walk outside. Only briefly. And I’ve always read that they are Like passed loved ones looking out for you. I have also noticed the first time I saw one, I was thinking of my great grandmother and how much I miss her. The second time, I saw two, as you may know cardinals mate for life, and when I saw two i was thinking of both of my great grandparents. I have seen them more frequently as I have been feeling very down, they have been showing up, flying closer, playing closer, and even chirping outside of my window. Well I was just feeling very down today and just said out loud man I just need a sign that I’m gonna be OK. I got in my car A few minutes later and there was a Cardinal feather laying in my seat. I didn’t see it at first because it was kind of wet and I just didn’t notice but then I was like wait a minute. That’s a feather. A Cardinal feather. It has been raining all day, so my windows were up, only the back was slightly cracked on accident, but somehow the feather was in MY SEAT. That is not a coincidence.

    2. The word has Latin origins, coming from the word cardo which means hinge or a door. This makes the bird a literal door between the spirit world and the earth with the responsibility to convey messages between these two worlds.
      If you share the belief that Cardinal are messengers from the spiritual realm, the net time you see one trying to get your attention you should ask yourself several questions. For example, who are you thinking at the time you spot a cardinal? Had you asked for spiritual guidance before spotting the Cardinal?

      A sighting should bring peace and hope to you since you can be assured that your message has been heard. When you see a cardinal, you should always remember that the spirits are protecting you.

      Alternatively, the cardinal meaning may be signaling you to be wary of what you are creating with your thoughts. Is this really what you want? In other words, cardinal symbolism tells you to make sure that you are aware of exactly what you are manifesting. Also, be sure to make any corrections that are necessary

  12. Jennifer K Deckard


    1. EspionageCookie

      It might mean that two people may be interested in you, and you need to be able to choose.

  13. There are 2 red cardinals that visit me often o would really like to know if they are male/female and the meaning. The one comes up on my porch at just looks but they don’t stay long

    1. The male cardinal is red, the female is brownish with orange beak, if you would like them to stay longer or come more often , buy bird seed for singing birds and also put a water bowl or even a bird bath( if you can) in your backyard.

  14. I just moved, and have noticed that I am being visited by a red and brown cardinal every day. Sometimes about the brown cardinal makes me happy at first to see it, then I become overwhelmingly sad….heavy in my heart. The red makes me happy, not sad at all. Any thoughts??

    1. Jessica Larkin

      The brown cardinal is the female and what I am led to suggest is that she is offering you the opportunity and support to explore and heal some uncomfortable emotions that have been put aside or distracted from, in particular around loss. Perhaps there are aspects of the move that were difficult or someone left behind, perhaps ties to a loved one no longer with you that want to be felt. In any case, I get the sense that she is supporting you to go within and her mate is encouraging you to enjoy all of the new opportunities you have brought into your life, they are in balance.

    1. Keep seeing a brownish carnal. A friend seen it to & said its female.i seen it last 3days fly & laid on back patio & eaten the peanuts on ground. It looks like same bird! Want to no what or if its a sign? Spirtually

  15. I had a dream that a beautiful red cardinal bird was sitting on a tree branch and like in reality I would want to take a pic of a bird that beautiful but never get to (they always fly away lol) but anyway in my dream i was about to zoom in on my phone when I noticed there was a white orb looking thing like a halo I’d say almost like a cloud shaped in the shape of a heart around the top of the cardinal… i’m so curious as to what that means.. any help would be appreciated thank u…

  16. Just wondering if someone could help me a bit? I have been in a current situation that hasn’t been going well, and I was sad and acared not knowing exactly what future holds. So i was praying and almost crying/depressed, asking God to forgive me for being so blind, and asking to help me with what choices to make for future. So I was walking away when out of the corner of my eye a brown bird flew by and landed near my window. I thought at first it was bluejay but noticed it was cardinal. It just sat and and we kind of watched each other until my dog scared her away. I am Very very spiritual. Also I should note Everytime I am sad and discouraged this and the male sometimes both show up at same time. If Anyone knows any more info on this experience ive been having with these birds, please message me back! Thank you!!

  17. I revere the animal spirits n intimate in spirit with Cardinal Red bird since toddler. I am sitting in a room with 3 different images of Cardinal. I am a Medium n communicate with the ‘loving departed’ this bird is my protector. I’d say this ”totem generator” is vibrating with me! THKU

    1. Hi yara… beautiful name. Do you have readings since your a medium? I’ve been seeing butterflies at my door. Red cardinals also a feather at my door steps. If you can help me to understand some messages will be forever grateful. God bless you !! May the angels continue to surround you.

  18. I just walked outside and saw atleast (what appeared to be) 50 female cardinals in the tree line, flying from one big tree to another. I haven’t lost anyone in the past 4 years and i’ve never seen so many in my trees. Normally i would see maybe 4 at most. I’m not real sure what the meaning is.

    1. From what I’ve learned, the red (male) cardinal represents loved ones visiting you. Seeing many females like this, would make sense if you haven’t really lost anyone. I’ve just started my journey recently with my own awakening. Do you remember what you felt seeing them? Things that you were thinking of at that exact moment when you saw all the females? Try a meditation session with your intention to find the meaning of this.

      That might help you determine what the meaning was for all the female cardinals. I’m going to look for some answers through a trusted friend of mine, I should know more tomorrow!

  19. I was walking out to my mailbox and I see a red cardinal laying on my doorstep, looking as if it was dying. I run inside to google how to mercy kill a bird. Check outside again and still is looking terrible but then stands up (struggling.) I leave it be and come back outside 5 minutes later to check on it and it is gone. Is there any meaning behind this?

  20. Red Cardinals live in the trees that are in my yard and sing all the time. They have actually been quite for awhile and then the past couple of days have been really singing loud. Which I find odd. Then just a few moments ago I am in my bathroom and when I am done I look up and on my screen of my window there is a cardinal just latched onto the screen staring at me. I don’t move and I stare back for like a minute then it flys off and some other birds fly up to the window as I’m walking over to it and they are just fluttering there and I say what is it little birdie and they chirped at me and flew off. I felt like Snow White lol what could this really mean?

  21. Sadly this morning I had 3 Cardinals fly into windows of my house actually 2 into the windows and one into a door on another side of my house within seconds of one another. One flew away after the impact, one (female) laid there for a while until it recovered and the one that hit the door (female) died. I am in the process of a separation. I wonder if any message was intended by this event? I’m so sad that this happened…..

  22. I’m a singer, I’m in the beginning process. Even in my pupil stage no matter where I’m at. If I sing a cardinal will appear at first just the male. Then the female, but on several occasions I’ve seen them both. Very close,. I’ve had the pleasure of a male singing to me. Very I stepped from the shadows he flew out so I could see him. I sung one day at the new amphitheatre stage in Montgomery in the afternoon. A male cardinal was in the center of the audience spinning in circles as I sang. Then a sparrow flew down to listen but the ended up in a tangle. Pecking away. What does all this mean. I just wanna change the world with my voice and they left my spirit. One day I sat in my car in front of a giant oak tree. I was singing not paying any attention and the grass was filled with birds. So I closed my eyes to see how many I could attract. When I opened my eyes, all the other birds were gone. But I red cardinal was right thier center stage.

  23. This week has been a hard week. I had to make a very tough decision and struggling with the one I made.
    today on way to work, in three different locations a male cardinal crossed my path flying left to right.

    1. Carol,
      I am sorry to hear that you had a rough time. I hope things are much improved now! I saw your question as I came here to gain some Cardial insights. I have heard that the left to right movement can mean something hidden will be revealed. I hope you have a great day!

  24. My dad hit a cardnail today with his truck. I am curious to know what everyone’s interpretation of this is…

  25. So I went to my garage this morning to have a smoke. I opened the side door to the garage to see the rain. It had been raining since late last night. I went back to my chair and was just relaxing enjoying myself. The most amazing thing happened. A male and female cardinal flew in the side door. The male landed on the top shelf and just watched me for about 3 minutes while the female was hopping around getting a little closer to me. It was a spiritual moment. They were so beautiful. The female has been singing to me from the top of a tree in my backyard for about 2 months. She definitely has been letting me know her presence when I’m out on the back patio. Why would they come inside to see me?

    1. Bradley, you are very blessed to have a cardinal couple intentionally come to close you! Do you have a deceased set of relatives that are special to you? My grandparents come and see me in this form sometimes. To me, I think they come to give us hope, love, and comfort. Trust yourself

  26. since my aunt passed in 2004 I have been seeing Cardinals almost everyday. I asked God to show me a sign if I should move to another city by having many Cardinals appear and I counted seven at once. I ended up moving to another state a place that I am not too happy with and I don’t see them as much why?

    1. You are not Happy, because the Cardinal is a bird which never strays from the same area in which he has always lived. Seeing 7 Cardinals was a Big Sign that you should stay where you were and make the best of it.

  27. On Monday as I walked to work a cardinal landed on a tree beside me. It sung a sweet little tune in my direction.
    I smiled and kept on my way.
    Later that day I found out my baby to be passed away. It’s been a rough few days but I can’t forget that brief moment on the street with that crazy red bird.

    1. So sorry to hear of your loss, Dee. My deepest condolences to you at this difficult time. Take especially good care of yourself, Dee, because you are important, too.

    2. Dee, that cardinal was the energy of your child connecting with you. I believe you may have lost the child either at this exact moment in your day, or shortly beforehand. The song you heard was your child’s spirit telling you they are at peace and wanted you to know that they are with you always.

  28. Today I found a dead male cardinal under my lavender bush in my herb garden. Perfectly intact. No injuries. Any insight in to this symbolism?

  29. My Mom has had a red cardinal visit her every day for a month. He looks in the window like he wants inside. What is he doing? Is this sent from someone that has passed on?

    1. I’ve personally been seeing a cardinal cross my path and appear in my apple tree on countless occasions ever since my noni died 8 years ago. It was her favorite animal and would always draw portraits of them as a hobby. I often wonder if its her communicating with me or if its something else trying to give me a message/warning.

  30. In the recent months I see a lot of Red Cardinals on the trail my daughter and I ride and play on. I first believed it was my mother who passed in 1994 but I now I believe it is my Father who passed in 1989. I am now on vacation in another state and I had 2 red birds and a yellow bird in my presence. What could all of this mean?

    I did read some of the comments so please note that I have two men in my life for parenting purposes. I try to co parent well with both my ex husband and ex boyfriend.

  31. I have a huge crepe myrtle growing rightttt in front of my Living room window and a female cardinal ( male sits in the tree) is persistently trying to come/fly into my ( closed ) window. I sense there is a Message there, but I have no clue what it could be. I did read up on the cardinal totem and I just do not feel that ‘That is it”. do you have other feedback?
    Thank you soo much
    sincerely Birgit

    1. The male sees his red color reflected in the window and thinks it is another bird. So he is flying at it to protect his nest nearby. The behavior will stop once the chicks are out of the nest.

  32. My mother died a few days ago. My father and I were with her at the end. After she died, a cardinal came to me in my dreams. But he was different. Every brilliant red feather was tipped in black. In the dream I was cleaning my mother’s garage with the doors open. I was afraid he would fly away. But he didn’t–he flew in the garage, hopped to me and let me scratch his head. Then he flew away. What does it mean?

    1. My deepest condolences to you, Kathy, your father, and all of your family. A garage in a dream represents attitudes, skill sets, the tools you use to deal with Life. You are sifting through your mother’s old ways of dealing with life . You are tossing away what does not work or no longer makes sense. The doors are wide open for a new strategy, a new skill set. The cardinal represents the old way of doing things, a traditional viewpoint, he could be your father

      Please remember that older people have a much harder time adjusting to changes than younger ones. Be gentle with yourself, especially be gentle with your father at this difficult time. When my mother died, my father shooed away my brothers from the telephone drawer. No one should touch anything in it because my mother was so well organized. She had set it up perfectly with all the address books, scheduling, notepads, etc. This certainly was illogical, unreasonable, but grieving people are not reasonable. They are in shock. They need some time and distance before they are ready for major changes and decisions.

  33. Is there possible meaning to seeing these gorgeous birds in threes in my yard (always 2 males and 1 female) but everywhere else I go I just see the 1 male?

    1. Caitlyn, are you sure they are not baby cardinals? The adults have orange beaks. I have never seen two adult males at one time except when there was an aerial fight. It looked like a pillar of fire, unforgettable sight! They are very territorial and superb at aerial combat, the original Red Baron. The website photo of two adult male cardinals on a frozen branch is unique.

  34. Early this morning when I set the sprinklers up, the cardinals did not even wait for me to leave the yard! I saw a somewhat reddish feathered body (Mrs. Cardinal) go zooming by at face level right in front of me (like a baseball zooming across the plate). Then they both started flitting around in the sprinkler like kids. Talk about crossing and recrossing paths! I guess they are expecting a fine day.

    1. The cardinals were right, it was a fine day, sunny, clear blue skies with moderate temperatures. You can add a new tag for this bird, “rejuvenate”.

    2. You won’t believe this! Three days after the birds bathed in the sprinklers with such jubilation, I found a SpeedQueen washer. My laundry woes have come to an end.

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