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Remember your roots and make sure that you honor the people who have helped you.

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Goose symbolism is reminding you that we often take on the quests of our peers and family.  Therefore, like the Lynx, it is essential to step back and discern whether or not this is something that you wish to pursue. In other words, Goose meaning is telling you to make sure that the path you are on is your own. Goose symbolism also prompts you to look deeply into your heart to ascertain that the choice is yours. This spirit animal asks you to be sure that it is not what someone else has wished upon you.

Alternatively, similar to the Fly, Goose symbolism is letting you know that the quest you are currently on is about to take an abrupt change of course. However, understand that this is only a temporary thing and that you will soon be back on your chosen path. In other words, Goose meaning is telling you that you will quickly be back on track.

In some cases, Goose meaning can be symbolic of a lack of focus on your goals. Thus you should take some time to evaluate why this is happening. If need be, do some inner work to clear out any fears and self-sabotage that may be present.

Occasionally, to see a pair of geese is a symbol of the imminent arrival of a soul mate. These people can come to you as family, friends, or as a lifelong mate.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Goose totem are kind, loyal, and brave. Moreover, family and friends are a high priority for them. They are also a clear communicator and like the Prairie Dog, a compassionate member of the community. Their focus is always on the district and family as a whole unit. Often they will make their decisions (often with self-sacrifice) based on what is best for all.

Folks with this spirit animal have an innate belief that there is just one particular person in the world for each of us and make a devoted and tentative spouse. Goose totem people are also good at setting boundaries and aggressive at keeping them in place. Their greatest desire is to manifest the “good life” for your family and community. They know how to tap into the Universal Mind to find the destiny and directions of individuals. Then Goose totem people relay the stories they need to activate the process of destiny manifestation.

Dream Interpretation

To see a flock of these birds is often a symbol of your powers of intuition and instinct. It can also be an omen of misfortune. However, for the most part, a Goose dream represents domesticity and lifelong companionship. In other words, like the Shepherd, the Goose dream is letting you know that you are you never alone.

In general, when you have a Goose dream, it symbolizes fertility and family devotion. It can also signify the awakening of a new consciousness and spiritual awareness. Alternatively, the vision can also suggest that you may be approaching a problem from the wrong direction. In other words, you have sent yourself off in the wrong direction.

Similar to the Moose’s calf, when you see Geese in flight, it is a precognitive omen or indication that something important is about to happen. Something new is coming in, and you should prepare for it.

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  1. In the past week I’ve seen 5 flocks of geese…Today on the anniversary of my father’s death.August 16th.. I’ve seen 2 flocks and a cardinal(male). I know that the spirits are telling me something πŸ˜‡πŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸŒˆ

  2. In my dream I found a goose and I befriended it and fast forward into the dream my family/parents were being chased by a grizzly bear. We tried running away from it because it kept trying to attack us and it left me with no choice to sacrifice the goose to distract it and then me and my parents never saw the bear again. i feel bad for my goose but it had to be done…

  3. Yesturday. Feb. 1 the father of my child passed and today. I looked up. And there it was. Three. Geese. Flying by night above
    e. I thought of him. And my daughter. Today as its her bday. Too and she passed her. G1 licence. A new. Begining. For her. And a spirite for my. Father. Of my child. It was. Amazing. Actually pretty Kool I miss. U Ben. Always. And. Dream. Ahead. Nevaeh. My daughter wish u a happy bday. Co

  4. I was outside during the evening before dusk when two geese fly over head and make their squawking noise I never seen geese fly by during this time of year much less just two usually a flock but just two was odd I lost my wife about four years ago . I was wondering how and why one else was around but I was wondering if it was a sign of some sort am not superstitious.

  5. I was on a walk today, a crisp and sunny winter day. I was walking next to a river where many Canada geese and ducks congregate. On my way back on 2 occasions there was a great ‘whooshing’ sound just above me and then the sound of geese landing on the water. I have never heard this profound whooshing sound before. I realized that it was the sound of spreading wings just before landing on the water. It was a very powerful sound but also a feeling sense… a gathering of energy. I believe there is some significance, a message in this experience… any suggestions or insights?

  6. I have owned my farm for 14 years. The geese have come and gone, but there is a pair who have come back for several years and laid their eggs. My husband always insisted on feeding them. He passed away two years ago. I come back here only a few times a year. I always hear them squawking. I have had a hard time without him, especially in mornings, where I don’t especially feel like getting out of bed. This morning, I heard them on the pond. But suddenly the squaws grew much lowder. I got up from my bed and the male was sitting right outside my upstairs window. I had never before seen them land anywhere other than trees or the pond.
    I feel that this was some type of message.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope for only healing from the grief … I do believe in death there is always something that happens when the spiritual one come back to let you know that they are ok and don’t fret or be in pain ,,, so if that’s a feeling of brief relief and a little joy ,, there a great book i once read along with Sorrow there is some kind of joy ,,

  7. A week before my husband transitioned on Dec. 20, 2019, from dioxin poisoning exposure in Vietnam/Cambodia 1969-1971, which presented as Stage 3 Lung Cancer and had gone undiagnosed by the US Veterans Administration he awoke from a 15 hour restful sleep. When he opened his eyes which appeared more radiant blue than I had ever seen he said my name and followed with “I just met the most wonderful people…first one, then two, then three, then four…and they were so kind. And I wasn’t alone.” And looking out our hospital window he continued saying my name again…”and can you see the Temple, it’s so beautiful, can you see it…and the geese, they’re so beautiful and flying and so many, can you see them?” I knew he was at that time with me and there as well, a sacred welcoming place. I can see the Temple now in my Third Eye Knowing…and it is ethereal and beautiful. It remains in my ‘knowing’ at all times, not as much like a memory but rather as a real place that is always there and is a great comfort. I am wondering what is the spiritual significance of so many beautiful flying geese. His spiritual path has been a blend of a young boy’s early years alone in deep woods along water and a wonder of the life of Jesus and an initiation into Sat Sang at the age of 22 upon his return from Vietnam and the extreme trauma experienced there. What is the siginficance of geese in this context? I believe they were comforting presence for his journey.

  8. Maureen A Connolly

    I had a very interesting experience today. As I was meditating i heard a flock of geese squawking very loud. They were making so much noise that I had to end my meditation go outside to see what was going on. They were not flying together; they all where flying very erratically. Some in circles around my street, some so low to the ground that I thought they might land on my street. Finally they all grouped together and followed the leader to land in a field right next to my street. They obviously were off course as I live in the middle of a city. I was mesmerize; seeing how big & beautiful these birds are in flight right over my head. I know it was a message for me … any thoughts or insight would be appreciate.

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