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Fly Meaning and Messages

Much like the Butterfly, Fly symbolism lets you know that quick and abrupt changes in your thoughts, emotions, and endeavors are afoot. Moreover, these rapid changes in all aspects of your life are happening now. Therefore, move quickly, even in unfavorable and uncomfortable conditions. Similar to the Rabbit, Fly meaning can also signify that an exponentially growing source of abundance is available for you right now. Thus this spirit animal dictates that you must use your keen eyesight to see the way. In other words, never give up.

Alternatively, the Fly symbolism could be reminding you that your persistence in reaching your goals will bear fruit sooner than later. Moreover, this will happen even if it means that you have to annoy others or be selfish for a while. In other words, you do have the ability to accomplish your goals.

Fly Totem, Spirit Animal

Like the Koi, Fly totem people can multiply their endeavors, ventures, and prosperity at enormous rates. These people are quick to act and never miss an opportunity, however remote when it presents itself. Folks with this spirit animal always have the determination and strength to get what they need as they need it. Like the Cardinal, they will occasionally need to remind themselves that they need to balance self-importance with humility. These folks also have a knack for finding beauty and worth in strange places.

Fly Dream Interpretation

Like the Chameleon, a Fly dream often symbolizes your ability to adapt to the situations in which you now find yourself. In particular, if the insect is feasting on something sweet in your vision, it is a message of abundance and prosperity to come. If the insect is feeding on meat or carrion, it symbolizes the death and rebirth cycles in your life. Similar to the Bat, something within you has changed, and you are reborn into something new.

For a Fly Totem Meditation, visit our sister site, Animal Message

Alternatively, if one of these insects is red and persistently buzzing you in your dream, it is a warning. There is an unusual and unpleasant event in the works. In other words, expect the unexpected and be prepared to stay grounded while you deal with it.

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  1. Ever since I had to get rid of my cat.
    I randomly still feel her climbing in bed with me like she once did.
    well, it happened again this morning
    I fell back to sleep and upon waking up I came out of body I felt her approaching. I thought my cat was trying to psychically connect with me so I didn’t freak out like I usually would coming out of body. long story short it wasn’t her at all it was a fly that flew directly in my ear and started buzzing and I couldn’t move to get it out I began to freak out as fear took over. also I’m not even sure what kind of fly it was.

  2. I just had a fly legit buzz up into my nose. It’s been attempting this feat for days whenever I try to communicate telepathically with my Twin Flame via a photograph while listening to our song – but it succeeded about 20 minutes ago (I had a very powerful/intense “meditation”/”commune” with my TF) and I can feel it at the point where the top of my nostril meets my cartilidge and it’s freaking me out hardcore. It no longer seems to feel “alive”, but I tried to blow it out and it’s lodged up there.

    In related news, I received a direct/very specific message from my best childhood friend who passed away when we were still kids yesterday morning, and my cat – who just only turned 3 – had a mini-seizure a week ago and hasn’t been able to stop walking in circles and wailing sporadically (I’ve taken her to the vet several times/have her on medication, etc…)

    I also have been enduring “triple”/3 nights in a row, 3x a night bouts of triple sleep paralysis for the first time since early childhood again. This first occured last November, and most recently last week after my cat freaked out. The last one I recall happened when I was in a semi-lucid meditative state holding a phantom quartz. I had no music on (I usually sleep and/or meditate to various binaural beats…), but I entered this meditation “organically” and was having intense visions and hearing voices. I must’ve lost control, BC the last thing I remember was a cruel, mocking girlish but grown woman’s voice cackling in my head “Do you want to go get high? Let’s go get nice and high… Hahaha…” (I’m an ex-addict) – and I “came to”, but could feel waves if vibrations/tingles running up from my feet to my scalp, as if my soul was trying to be sucked from my physicality. I knew enough not to “panic”/”fight” too aggressively. I instead remained calm and ignored her taunts (as well as the decidedly disturbing bodily sensations) and said the lord’s prayer (I’m not even Christian, but it worked in the past…) and slowly began to regain movement of my fingertips until I was “free”, but holy sh*t, that was sinister af…

    My crown chakra tingles nonstop day and night and my left ear rings off the hook, and my right ear will do so about once every other day. I also have been seeing numerical synchronicities increasingly for the past two years, but this month in particular I see “22:22”, “2:22”, “21:21″, 21:12”, “12:12”, “212” all day each time I glance at the clock, see a license plate, a receipt, a time stamps, etc… (I see other “significant” numerical frequencies, but this has been most notable).

    I feel like I’m going insane and have been in isolation since a week before COVID hit last year… I’m going through a marital separation after a decade plus and am alone for the first time in as long… I feel tired all the time, and get panic attacks that “aren’t mine” (I believe they are my TF’s – NOT my ex-husband, btw…). Sometimes I dob for no reason (again, it’s some external “catharsis”, not a depression/”mine” – but, other times, I feel so full of hope, love, and elation (which, consequently, DOES feel as though it “comes from within”/is “mine” that my heart feels as if it may burst into a galaxy of stars… Then I get a crushing low… Up and down, up and down.

    I live abroad and have no one to talk to here who “understands”. Can anyone relate or be so good as to share any insights? I’m open to any and all info – and I sincerely thank and appreciate anyone who made it through that mess of a post. I am incredibly grateful for any and all opinions or experiences, etc… Love and thanks. Blessings to all X

    1. P.S. look at the date and time of my prior post re: numerical synchronicities/”21:21″, etc plus the date!!! Us this good or bad? I’m so all over the map – please help me anyone. Thank you kindly and much love 💜

    2. Hello Violet,
      I am totally resonating with you. All these things and more are happening to me as well! Would you like to talk!?
      Kimberly 🌎🌈

    3. Dear Violet,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. They resonated very strongly with me, from TF, to living abroad, numerical sychronicities, exploding into a galaxy of stars, ups and downs and more.
      I’ve been going through transition which has intensified over the last year and appears to be reaching some sort of climax or turning point. It’s very intense, disorientating, soul-destroying, confusing, but also liberating, with feelings of joy, elation, spontaneity and being natural. Many new things and people are coming into my life.
      I would say, stay grounded, sometimes take a break from the spiritual stuff (I know because I have a tendency to obsess about it and keep pushing to move forwards) before coming back to it. Trust and follow your intuition.

      PS I just fell asleep and woke up at 14h14 which means something to me. And I’m replying to you on 21.4.21. I never go on forums !
      In answer to your question, I’d say there is no good or bad, just information that can help you learn something and move forwards.

    4. EspionageCookie

      I’ve worked with negative entities before, actually, and often sleep paralysis is genuinely filled with scientific explanations, more than paranormal ones, with the latter being extremely rare. From what I sense, it is best to check up on some kind of doctor, because sleep paralysis does cause all types of various hallucinations, with being an ex-addict showing that it might be more likely it has something to do with your previous history of harming your body before. So I do recommend a mainstream professional outside psychic options if you cannot find much information on this.

      A fly going up your nose might symbolically mean from the spirit animal perspective that you might be overly suspicious in a relationship. As in, “smelling something fishy,” or “smelling danger.” Since in a negative light, a fly can represent an annoyance, this might be the reason. If it is still stuck in there at this point, you might want to visit a doctor to extract it from your nose.

    5. You are not alone but… RELAX!
      Solar create the highs, great creative energy, lunar which feels like its literally kicking the crap out of us… cuz it is! Good news… There’s lots of support out there… Google “Spirit Library” for multiple sources, but more importantly, you need to relax to receive the most clear inner guidance, then TRUST that you are a powerful soul, in the throws of going home to yourself! Well done beautiful soul!!!🙏☮️

    6. You’re not crazy. You are just aware now. Aware there is more. Keep looking. Look for the things you want. The things that make you feel whole. Because you are. Anything that comes to mind which you deem to be bad, negative, “sinister”, a downer, etc, just know that it is just a program. It’s something that has been instilled in you and is not your creation. You are more than your thoughts and memories. Your brain and ego work together to serve you but you must u set stand that your brain and your ego are not you. You are much more than that. You are consciousness. You are aware of your being. You are not your body or your mind. You are. Period. Observe your thoughts. Observe your actions, Your routines, Your feelings and emotion. And observe the synchronicities. Get behind your thoughts and ask your soul about them. Get to know your soul, your higher self. The self behind the mind. The real you. Regain control of your mind and lead it. Don’t live within the thoughts. Those thoughts are only replays of past experiences. Use them and learn from them. Do not let them control you or tell you anything you don’t want to hear. The mind and the body are a tool for you to use at your disposal. Not to guide you. You can guide it. And watch all of your dreams come true. As I have. From the darkest of depression and defeat, anxiety, worry and fear, I learned that my mind was not serving me. And we switched roles. Live as one with your soul, your higher self, your spirit, God, whatever you want to call it, and use your mind. Don’t be it. Every thought is neutral. You assign a meaning to it. Whether it’s good or bad. Positive or negative. You choose with your mind how to view it. And your body responds with an emotion. Short on time so I’ll leave you with that. Hope it helps. I love you.

    7. Hi Violette
      I hope this response finds you better adjusted after over a year. There are always things that can help.
      My experience would say that the ringing, previous drug problems and intense desire to communicate with your twin flame have over stressed your throat chakra. TRUTH
      I don’t have my books with me at the time but I remember the throat is about speaking YOUR truth. Don’t allow circumstances to diminish your own experiences. Assert your power (probably why the Lord’s Prayer has worked in the past; it is not your own but is a shared thought form at the least). Your post reveals you are very sensitive about where feelings originate. Very likely you have been gaslit before. The current environment/narrative is all gaslighting and you know what I am talking about. The

  3. Hello!!! So earlier today there was a fly in my room that was acting really weird and when it flew really quickly across the room it kind of looked as if it turned into smoke(white) then when it landed it looked as if it was a fly again-the fly was also producing white smoke out of its body. The fly also continuously landed in the same spot in my room on the ceiling and if I used one of my sticks to try and get it down(thought it was stuck) it would either not move at all or climb onto the stick then onto my hand and if I shook my hand to get it off it would just stay on my hand and stare at me in the face and I felt this weird energy in my hands while it was on my hand.
    I was wondering if you could help me understand what this meant please it would mean a lot thank you!!!^-^

  4. okay this happened this morning when i was getting ready to leave for the church service, i got a call from my mom cry and saying she saw lot of big flies in the sitting room. of course it doesn’t make sense why she was crying because she saw flies but she told me the last time she saw lots of flies was in the kitchen of our old apartment 7 years ago after which my dad past away. she was crying because she believe seeing the flies again means a sign of death. this freak me out because i wasn’t at home when my dad died and i’m just getting to know the flies she saw in our kitchen 7 years ago. i watch a lot of horror movies and i know flies is not a good sign in this movie. i just need some lighten on what this means ??????????

    1. I have had a similar experience. After a loved one passed flies began appearing all throughout the year, even when it was cold. I was told by monks to look out for butter flies, flies, birds, etc in the upcoming week of the incident. As they could be a sign of a relative visiting. To this day I still see flies occasionally, always in the same area. I would take it as a sign that someone from your past is visiting you.

  5. I too, where ever i go, there always a bunch, a few, or at least one fly flying near me. No mattet how often i clean myself and my surrounding they always came. I kept having bad feeling about it. Help me

    1. EspionageCookie

      There might just be a scientific explanation for this, even as a psychic myself. Flies are more attracted to sweat, so you might be exposing yourself to too much heat or exercise, with very little liquids to drink.

  6. I have currently six flies trapped inside my window. I’ve never seen that many, so I googled the spiritual meaning of flies cause why not. This post actually makes a lot of sense to me, during these hard times in my personal life and in the world. So thank you, I wasn’t sure what to think earlier, and I know everyone has their own meanings to these things, but this just hit very close to home.

  7. Hi many of you are very spiritual. You experience the power of the God of the Universe. He is all love, infinitely loving, so very gentle, but also a tumult of power which we see in the universe and He is deliverer of justice to those who walk in His ways.

    Seek Him in mediation. When you let the unsullied world of matter that we live in, penetrate your being, and feel the vibration of the spirit, you are experiencing God. This can grow and become a powerful energy which can only be used for good. You can speak to God and hear. You can have a wonderful relationship with God too so that you can be perfected and rest in heaven forever with Him. There is also evil in the world, and in the supernatural. So you must learn to discern. This can only be done by being one with our God who is spirit.

    I will tell you, kundalini yoga will lead you to Him. But He wants you to all know a His name. His name is I Am, the one who was, who is and is to come. The people of Israel called Him, YHVH, also called Yahweh in Greek translation. He came in the spirit of redemption, in the flesh, to bring people through the veil, to know Him.

    He is most holy and He asked us to purify ourselves to be worthy of a united relationship with God. This is done through Yeshua. His name in Greek became Jesus, He is real, all loving and will guide us through the process of purification and perfection of our soul. To help us withstand all evil. Following the chakras is the path to spiritual and emotional health. This is exactly what Yeshua would work though with us as spiritual guide.

    When you are filled with the very holy spiritual essence of God it is complete ecstasy. Nothing compares to the resonance of pure unadulterated love pouring through your being. You will realize it was always meant to be this way, our bodies were designed to flow it’s the spirit of God. He gives us free will, to accept Him.

    Then, with this profound change you will feel complete in the world. Know your divine purpose. You will not fear anything. You will feel Gods gentle touch on your life as He brings you on your life journey, resting by gentle waters, shading you from the hottest sun, softly wiping any tears from your eyes and telling you, I forgive you and remember this no more. He asks us to not look back on anything in our life that was, and to look forward and step into our divine purpose. He tells us to not be proud of to feel unloved. He repairs our soul of all hurt. For what He has in mind for us is bigger than anything we could ever imagine.

    Then you will understand, that we are the clay the Potter has formed and put his spark of light into. He gives us the choice to chose Him, goodness and love, or to chose evil, the flesh of man. When you chose Him, you will understand that our body was designed to hold a His spirit. We are complete.

    You must seek Him with your heart and soul. Ask to know Him. Talk to Him about your life and how you wish it could be different. How you must fill the space in your soul that is empty with love. Then ask to meet His spirit of redemption, yeshua. He will set you free.

    This is not a religion. This is Revelation. This is divine purpose. This is a revolution of the spirit world for you. Then you will feel complete and at peace.

    May the holy and loving spirit of the universe bless all of you!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, would love to learn more if you would mind directing me to learning more of what you shared.

  8. Today has been a strange day altogether, chunks of time vanished with no idea why- I went to put my bed tidy, and under the pillow where I’d been sitting was a large fat furry black spider whose body was about an inch long big enough for me to see it’s eyes looking at me it wouldnt run away just sheltered itself and stared at me till I evicted it from the bed- now I have been pestered by a greenbottle fly again it is landing on me, and literally just staring at me it wouldn’t fly off it’s coming back and walking towards and staring at me I don’t kill them but I don’t know what they are trying to tell me either

    1. From what I see in my life – bugs are pointing at our problems, bad events, frustrations, anger, phobias – and so on. But sometimes it is just about thinking about them and paying too much attention. They can “bug” you if you lack of self-confidence and you are afraid that they will do it again. Which in such case is probably helping you facing your fears to overcome them. If you are a person of strong symbolism they might be some specific message for you. Try to take your own interpretation and think strongly about it when you face them. If it will be wrong they will somehow point at it – and you can try another interpretation.

    2. I know you mean well, but I’m very put off by you calling the Absolute/Universal Conciousness “he” and “god”. The Universe is a conscious force of balance, Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, masculine and feminine. Please remember this. Namaste

  9. I have scoured the internet for an answer. And even here I haven’t found it. I was sitting in my van today waiting for my partner to return from inside the store. I look out the window and there on the window staring into my soul is the biggest (1inch) blackest fly I have ever seen in my life. Turns out it’s called the mourning fly, or simply monster black horse fly. I have never seen one before. The size and darkness of this thing alone was absolutely terrifying not to mention the huge mandiables it had! I hope that it still has a positive meaning. But my gut tells me it was some sort of warning or bad omen. Anyone have any idea? Am I just freaking myself out for nothing? Please respond! Thank you

    1. I have always understood black flys to be a very negative omen, however, if the fly was not dead or acting aggressive the above meaning may apply. I always pay attention not only to the animal but also their behaviour. Except spiders. Everyone will tell you they are good luck, for me they are always a negative omen.

    2. So after doing a little research on the fly I also remember that you wrote it was a “horse” fly. Put two and two together and I get this. The fly is a small insect a “small” problem. In this case it was a big fly, so it could mean a big problem. Also the fly is very persistent and can move quickly and quietly but again, in your case the fly that you had seen was a big fly. Unordinarily big. The fly keeps to itself and goes almost unnoticed by anyone or anything sometimes until you really start to look for it but sometimes it could be right in front of your face. Now the horse. A horse represents freedom of movement. It represents power and strength and is also not held down when it comes to being wild and adventurous. Now put two and two together and this is what I have come up with. Someone or something is stopping you from being free and continuing to move past a certain point in your life. Now this was no ordinary house fly so I believe it’s safe to assume that this is no small thing like a paper cut or something to that effect but rather because of the dark color of the fly and the size of it, maybe something along the lines of debt, or maybe something in the body that is being effected causing you not to move about freely or even someone you know could be holding you back from not moving forward in life to be able to do what you wanna do like travel here or move there. Whatever the issue is, just like a fly consistent on “bugging” you, you have to break free from whatever it is and run to which ever path that makes you happy and never stop running. Be free and love life. Very big things could happen sometimes even if it’s learned from the smallest of lessons. Don’t hold back, do what you love and keep doing it. Don’t let whatever it is hold you back and keep you from being free and happy.

    3. Sometimes back when I wasn’t having peace and happiness… I started to see black small flies everywhere then I could tell in my mind what they meant when they buzzed around me in an annoying way.. They don’t get to stop until you notice what they want you to know… Immediately when I noticed the message they could then leave me alone…. After some long time I stopped seeing them…
      And now there back… This time I don’t seem to pick clear information anymore. But they come around me for three days then leave without seeing them for awhile like that… They come in and out of my life… Please help me understand why they do come

    4. I have been feeling fly with me every where since 2010 i think it could be black magic .help plz if you can understand

    5. I believe Source/God/higher self speaks to us thru many different modalities: numbers, animals, “coincidences” which I prefer to call synchronicities. But look up what the metaphor for flies means, seek it out and the message will be shown to you. Trust your inner voice, meditate on this and you will figure it out. Your higher self is always wanting you to remember who u truly are. Do u pray? I know this isn’t the answer you were probably looking for, but in a nutshell keep searching and don’t give up!! Many blessings my friend. We all have our own journeys to walk and asking for help/clarity are tools yo help us in our journey.:)

  10. A tiny fly landed on my IPad today. I kept very still, not wanting to disturb it. It turned its head to face me and then crawled down my screen and flew away after landing on me a few more times. What does this mean!?

    1. For the past 3 months, a fly (or many different ones) has been coming into my room and waking me up every morning. It’s very weird because I guide it outside through my window and watch it fly away every morning, but then it comes back the next morning. At first, I found it annoying but now I can’t rub off the feeling that it’s meant to mean something, or it’s trying to tell me something. Does anyone have any suggestions? For the past year, I have been waking up with a very negative state of mind, as I have been unemployed and still am very confused about what route to take in life.

    2. Personally I’m able to visualize story and dream easily and don’t ever read comments, I just continued down the page but, before I was able to finish reading your comment I has able to see your setting. I was following at a fly flying in a latitudinal “S” shape away from me, flying pass grass and shade. Not much but it’s definitely what I saw, anyways the most helpful thing to take away if this is get out and just explore a bit, I’m not talking the world or even near you. Somewhere you know is safe and simply walk around, the fly hinting at you explore and even with your attempts to rid it it came back which some shows it’s something meant for you. And yes the fly knew the risk everytime but, I had to while it was still alive. Ultimately it comes down to mindset but, one things for sure is that the world is actually a really nice place. Have no fear and live bro, well except in G-D of course.

    3. Hey man,

      Having these experiences now for the past week. I have one sometimes 3 flies that come into my room. I let it out and watch it fly out the window. Late that day I come back and there it is in my room flying around. But it doesn’t look in distress and is quite calm. Sometimes even landing on me or letting me touch it. I am going to meditate and let any messages come to me as I believe it to be more than just a random event. These flies could be our spirit animals and maybe sent to tell us something, we just need to connect to this maybe.

  11. The last month and a half I’ve noticed this very small fruit fly that’s been hanging around my house. If I’m just sitting on the couch sometimes I will see it fly by my face. If I move to the bedroom the fruit fly will follow me there, to the bathroom, and so on. It is just the one fruit fly, not multiples, and my roommates see it too. Sometimes it flies by when I’m overthinking something or making a decision on something of importance. This could just be in my head though. I’m not very sure what a fruit fly represents.

    1. Same thing has been happening for last week just 1! Did you ever figure out if there was some meaning to it?

  12. I found this thread through google…after many years of searching such phrases as “human manifestation of flies”, “Humans that manifest flies”, etc.

    In other words…I manifest flies. It can be the coldest part of winter and i hear a little buzz sound near my head and feel a slight “movement” and then there is a fly. No, i am not dirty and bathe regularly. Sometimes, they appear on my arm. I have also had other things seemingly manifest from my body. And yes, other people can see these flies…so its not a waking hallucination.

    I have had many (and witnessed many) “strange” events in my 40 years of life, that for me…nothong seems strange.

    Anyhow, I am not interested in christian nonesense pertaining to the flies…i am looking for an occult/alchemy type of explination as those are more true than outdated fables of demons and angels.

    Thank you.

    1. There are christian mysticisms that overlap with alchemy and alchemist concepts that have derived from christian,jewish(kabala) and muslim(sufi) concepts. Just so u know not all christian theology is bastardized american bullshit and to try n keep a open mind assess case by case instead of dismiss anything christian related

  13. flies have been following me everywhere I go keep buzzing around my head and sometimes my legs. have tried to stop them but they keep coming. I sometimes become annoying and frustrated thinking God doesn’t like me. to Me it seems it’s shameful to be seen by others when they notice flies have been following you everyday. sometimes it makes me feel like ending my life have been seeing pastors for deliverance but still. Even a certain pastor told me they kept shit on my head in the spiritual realm. have been praying and asking good why me but nothing is happening. been seeing them in my dreams too. a Day will not come without them following me as if they see me to to be like them. I’m not happy in life, can’t go out in the afternoon cos they wouldn’t stop following me like as if I have done it on myself. I’m tired and need help

    1. Please know that you are in certainty unconditionally Loved by God, Almighty in Love for each of his creations, all of us inherently blessed. I have a prayer that is very helpful to me when I feel in need of Self-Love and Self-Kindness. You are so worthy and good, beautiful sister, and may this prayer encourage you and strengthen you to know that you are perfect as you are: I am the soul and servant God, All- Beautiful intended me to be. I am of His Light, of His Way, destined for the Ever-Goodness which He has destined me for from the beginning. I am worthy of His Love, of which He Gives Freely, Unabashedly, and Eternally. He is with me throughout my earthly journey, Guiding me to value the incomparable Gift which is my Life, Guiding me to know my worth, my resilience, and all the ways in which I honor Him. I honor Him by loving myself always. Glory to God and Grace Be Upon Us All. Amen.
      Please also know, sister, that God is always with you and that He loves you dearly. You are loved. With Love Always,
      Your sister and Friend,

    2. Hey why don’t you try something scented like vanilla. It can be used as a bug repellent..and smells good.. hopefully it can help ..

    3. There is no shame on you for this, there is only shame on anyone judging you about it. God loves everyone no exceptions remember that ok. I have no advice to offer about the flies problem but according to this website there saying it related to a theme of persistence. Like the following commenter said dont give up . Maybe try contacting an entomologist (bug scientist) for advice check at a university near you or email a department of entomology. Good luck

  14. I havent seen flies but spiders and a single gnat is always disturbing me at dialysis. I have no idea why it’s there. At home I keep seeing spiders. It’s freaking me out!

  15. While asleep I heard a buzzing sound of a fly around me. I keeped swatting it away until it stopped.

    What does this mean??

    1. My uncle passed away this year. Ever since there’s been a lot of bugs bothering me I’ve even developed a phobia and there’s always these flies following me. One has even went inside of my ear a few times. I hate them so I keep killing them but more show up. Even right now there’s a fly crawling on my hand.

    2. First thing we must understand that bugs aren’t evil. They aren”t bad – and they are much less troubled entities than we are. If you are afraid of them – you are wrong. By creating a phobia for yourself you are forced to fight that phobia in order to free yourself from untruthful generating fear. You need to stop paying attention to them and stop being afraid of them. But on the other hand. Perhaps there is a lot of fear in you which you didn’t express and they try to help you feel it. It reminds me some qoute from a movie “He was afraid of looking at bananas because it was too scary to look at his real fear” Face your fears, demand from bugs to go away and stop making a problem out of them. Because if not it will only get worse until you will learn to do it anyway.

  16. Hi I came across your site and people stories I need answers for myself for past 4days been having just blowflies all in my home I know it’s too do with near death my 18 yr old cat is dying from a brain tumour and is very heartbreaking I been told told by vet she doesn’t have long at all she’s get ill day by day but since past few days swarm of blow flies hanging around inside home especially the toliet and they knock into our faces too my question is is this due to the fact there is death coming from my home from my dying cat ? Several years ago my father passed away sitting on the toliet in sticking hot wheather few days before and after death got flies around me and stinky toliet smell like rotten gas as my family and I knew it was to do with my fathers passing however now my cat usually flies like blow flies all in the home some just dying on the floor in toliet and around home can you tell what you think please been spiritual myself I have done many medium readings in the past but this thing with flies argh

  17. So, my experience with a fly was an apiphony to me… I would have normally passed or off as being annoying and bothersome, simply because at the time I had an encounter with a fly, in typical fashion, I wanted to swat it and exterminate it. During this time when I had this encounter, I was sitting and writing about my reflections of my life. It became clear that this was a sign of some sorts and instead of swatting it … in come across this site. The funny thing is when I read what it meant… that is when the fly stopped annoying me. Now I know it was a sign.

  18. I was in France and alone in the place we were staying. I’d been having a bad time (I have mental health issues) so I was crying and praying for help. Then I noticed a 3 flies come close to me. One seemed still and watched me from a distance, one seemed to be flying around me and the other actually landed on my fingers and arm, my knees and my hair. Then when someone else entered the room and I was no longer alone they all left and only came back when I was alone again. Even as I’m writing this one of them is crawling on my foot and it tickles so its making me laugh. Oddly my nana used to tickle mine and my sister’s feet because it would comfort us and make us happy 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for this!!!! I’m visiting my mom just in time for a first time ever fly infestation in her house. It’s CRAZY!!!! Her house is very clean and there’s really no reason for there to be so many flies. Your post is helping me to see them in a new light. (Ok, guys! Got the awesome message! You can go outside now. lol!)

  20. Some strange things have happend in my life recently. I have lost a person that was very close to me. We hung out almost every day in high school… 5 years later we still found ourselves getting into trouble when we were free from work. We had the same car, we drank the same beer, we even cried about the same things…. It was safe to say that he was my best friend, my keeper. One day he took off his shirt while we were fishing and I noticed that he got an eslovic symbol tattooed across his heart. He started to worry me. I saw him less and less and his dark cloud above his head got ahold of him and unfortunately he died. The pain I feel from losing him is hard to describe but it follows me everywhere. Even in my dreams. I hear the music we listened to over and over in the most random places. It comes on the radio at work… it even plays in my dreams as well. I mentioned we got the same car but my car is a newer year and I keep it as clean as possible. Since he has passed away I always have a fly sitting on my passenger seat about every single day. This morning I was awoke by a fly while I was in the middle of a detailed dream about him. It was crazy because in the dream I saw my him walking to school and I started crying in my dream because I knew he was dead and I was just imagining his presence. Is this him following me, is he telling me somthing? Am I crazy?! The fly follows me everywhere but doesn’t actually bother me..

    1. I lost my BFF guy in high school.
      The fly is just to let you know he’s checking on you. Wish him light and tell him you are ok.
      Appreciate it and dont feel bad when it stops…he will have to move on (pray him to the light).
      Over the years it will happen again and again…I’m at 29 years later and I just feel so loved when it happens now. Love atcha and keep your face to the light!

    2. Jonathan martorella

      Liz that was truly beautiful!! You seem like a super enlightened individual. Where are you from I would love to meet you just to talk if you are interested sometime, I live in LA….you !?

  21. In topic of this thread: ‘real and cosmic flies’..
    I was standing beside my friend’s front step, when a common fly landed a couple feet from my foot.. I said ‘watch this very closely’..
    I slowly reached a hand toward the fly, saying “May I touch you gently?’.. and continued moving my hand toward it, and touched its eyes for four seconds, till it flew away.. I figure it must have felt my love for living things, and permitted my touch, but its eye..? That’s Trust Plus…
    I told you that so I could tell you this..
    The afterlife (‘heaven’) is composed of pure love only..
    When we die, and our spirits are free, in search of the afterlife entry, we are instantly judged by Life itself to determine if Life itself wants us in the afterlife in the rest of itself.. If we hold a track record of bullying and harming life, Life smells us as excrement, and we are instantly rejected.. You can see a few Youtube videos of those who have been rejected, floating close to the ground as tiny clouds.. That’s a very strong spirit of someone very powerful who has just died, having been rejected by the rest of life.. That spirit is now searching for a host, someone to possess, being the most evil thing a human can do to another human.. Most of humanity is possessed with the spirits of their grampas and grandmas, and such, is why some are saying ‘most humans are possessed by demons, aliens, and/or lizards’.. Seems most of humanity desperately needs exorcisms.. These three impending wars may well be humanity desperately trying to escape being possessed, by suiciding humanity..? I’d bet on it.. In being thus possessed they are already in hell…

    I told you that so I could tell you this..
    If you don’t have the love in you to be permitted to touch a fly’s eye, you probably don’t have what it takes to realize the afterlife.. Learn all about love as much as you possibly can, then learn a little more about it.. Your life and future depends upon it…

    I was about to pressure wash the driveway.. I saw a locust resting on the cement.. I dropped what I was doing, and reached a finger to the bug, saying ‘you aren’t safe her. climb on, and I’ll take you to a safer place’.. The bug walked onto my fingertip, and stayed there.. I loomed over it, saying ‘You are such a beautiful creature, your majesty. I would very much like to see your beautiful wing. It would make me so happy to see your beautiful wing. May I see your beautiful wing?’..
    The bug cocked its head slightly, then opened its right wing only, slowly fully open.. ‘Ohhh That is such a beautiful wing your majesty. May I touch your wing gently?’.. I touched its wing.. It didn’t so much as flinch.. After five seconds it slowly closed its wing.. I placed the bug on a tree leaf.. ‘It has been an honor meeting you your majesty, you will be safe here’..
    They all understand English.. Bugs, birds, animals understand English.. Most people don’t understand English mixed with love as well as bugs and animals do.. How can it be that all the wild life seems to understand English perfectly, even the cougar I said to, ‘Walk with me your majesty,’, walked six feet beside me in a midnight forest.. And the grizzly bear sat eight feet from me after I said to it ‘Princess, I have become scared after comparing your size and potential for violence to my size and my inability to defend myself. I don’t like scared. Would you kindly do something to fix it?’.. The bear blinked a lengthy big blink, the lowered herself out of attack posture, and sat.. I was ohh so relieved, that I lay on the ground and talked to the bear for half an hour, eight feet from it.. The rush struck about ten minutes later, and made me sit of fall.. The rush lasted about twenty minutes.. Half way through the rush, I wandered if It could survive anymore rushing free adrenaline.. That, and meeting a cougar up close and personal are probably the second and third biggest rushes a human can experience.. But don’t try it yet.. It is Extremely Dangerous and very likely fatal.. The slightest tiny wee mistake, and you’re probably instantly dead, as in ripped to shreds alive and screaming.. One of my hobbies is making friends with monsters.. I am very good at my favorite hobby.. I will not back down from the mightiest horrific beast.. I stand my ground, and make friends with them all.. Some of the things I’ve made friends with just the sight of would make the average super tough guy instantly fill his pants on the spot.. I hug, and kiss the monsters on the lips.. Now they all want more kisses.. You would not believe what I’ve woke up to beside me in my bed.. It would make most people die of a sudden heart attack.. It’s an extremely dangerous hobby, but it’s a Riot.. You absolutely need basic sorcery to get through it alive.. But do try to touch a fly’s eye.. and do so befriend a grasshopper.. Be nice to the tiny little life, and the big life will be nice to you.. It’s all about love for all life…

    About three weeks ago, I was in bed, not yet asleep.. I sensed a crowd in my bedroom.. I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful creature I had seen in my whole life laying beside me.. Her nose about 10-inches from my nose, she laying on the pillow beside my pillow, gazing into my eyes with her deep black eyes.. I was totally stunned by her beauty and perfect relaxedness.. We just gazed at each other.. I sensed she hosted an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh in her being.. No human could have done the things she did.. I sensed six others in the room.. Seems she, it, or he, had brought her security entourage.. I did something which made her smile the most immaculate exquisite ear to ear smile that could ever be.. Her smile owned me.. I wanted oh so much to touch her, but I maintained my restraint, as I had no right to touch until/unless she indicated I had her permission.. I’m sure she knew I wanted to touch her and kiss her.. She asked ‘What music are you listening to?’.. I removed an earbud, and held it to her ear.. She asked what do you look like naked.. Instantly I flipped the blanket off of me head to toe.. It was all an absolute ultimate epic experience meeting such a great life.. It tells me that the rest of life wants me in itself.. Seems I have the afterlife ‘in the pocket’…

    Make friends with the little things, and grow it into making friends with the big things, and grow that into life itself wanting you in the rest of itself.. This is the road to heaven.. You are so worth it…

    1. That is truely beautiful,I myself have begun to realise this. The idea that heaven is fully composed of love is interesting. I have recently had an experience with has opened me fully. I’m not sure how much further it can go. Opened to the fact that there are always two parts and that one cannot exist without the other. You must sense it too to be able to accept your fear and to not let it dictate you,nor to let your hubris get the better of you. inbetween these two, for about five minutes I found tranquility I found nirvana (coughs, teen spirit). Search for this and you’ll find your calling, whatever it may be.

    2. Oh dear. Now I feel like poop. A huge fly just landed on my computer screen. Usually I’m one for taking the spiders and such out of the house…. Even wasps when possible and I’m allergic. Tonight reflexively I grabbed a Kleenex to grab the fly and not to take outside because I’m out of town staying somewhere and that wasn’t easy to do like at home so now it’s squished in a Kleenex :-(. I didn’t know it wanted me to pet it. It was sitting so still and now that I think of it, that is odd for a fly. I didn’t think I’d actually catch it as they are so fast! Now I’m sad but did apologize. I hope it will forgive me.

  22. Tonight I had a sort of dream, in which I couldn’t move my arms to swat the pesky buzzing thing which was getting in my hair.. I barely managed to wrap a piece of toweling cloth over my head and pulled it tight in trying to squish the pesky demonish insect thing, in the weird dream.. It seemed the thing had me a little paralyzed, maybe it had stung me..? I finally grabbed it, ripped it off me, and took it down to a hell pantry-wall, and slammed it against the wall of fast growing hooked thorns, and had the venom thorn inject it with extreme venom, and it stopped squirming, and the buzzing demon was gone.. It had made a buzzing whining identical to a pesky horsefly, but slightly higher pitched.. I thought maybe it’s a high-strung demon attacking, maybe something trying to possess my being..? Maybe someone evil I know who just died, and was/is seeking a new vehicle..? Sorcery only works for good.. Try to use sorcery for evil, and it shuts down.. I don’t use black magic, as it demands and commands blood payment, and it’s used for evil.. I do not do evil.. I boycott black magic because it is evil…
    Yesterday I had asked my spirit to double itself, to make me more powerful in sorcery.. This dream and buzzing thing might be related to that..?

    What’s those weird dreams where you want to/need to move your arms, but you can’t, they just won’t work..? How do you unlock your arms instantly when that happens..?
    I’ve been attacked by powerful demons, and I always defeat or neutralize them.. I was attacked by the grim reaper.. I barely managed to trick it to leave me.. That one is extremely dangerous, and cannot be harmed by anything on earth.. It’s not of the earth.. I suspect it is the spirit of the boss alien nephilim, whose bones were found under the sphinx.. The worst demon I had to defend from was when a powerful black magician and I were having one hell of a battle.. He attacked me out of the blue to prove to himself he was stronger than I, and he sure was.. Our little battle was beyond epic.. His last ace was to summon the devil itself.. I saw him point at me, saying ‘Kill him!”.. And the bugger was coming at me.. I reminded it that I had given it the four inch gold crystal, and that there would be more gifts.. I said to the devil as I pointed at my attacker “Now kill our enemy!”.. I scratched the round glass disc my opponent was standing on, then hit it hard, it shattered over a deep hole, a huge black-widow spider reached up from the hell-hole, seized him, and pulled him down down down.. I heard his echoing fading gut-wrenching blood-curdling final screams like music, and he was gone..
    I heard in the News that ‘he was in hospital with indeterminate illness’.. I suppose our little battle totally Blew his mind, as in Fried his mind and maybe his brain, and maybe his spirit too…
    He didn’t know I had an ace too…
    A few years previous, I had stumbled upon a tiny plateau on a steep jagged rocky mountain cliff, and a huge door.. As I approached, a three headed thing fiercely came out of hiding, and lunged its heads at me, screaming growling hissing.. The thing was half wolfish, half lizardish.. It really really wanted to bite me.. It tried with its all to bite me.. I dodged its lunges.. I jumped back a few feet, tugged on our three head glands that make us go invisible when pushed into a focal point vortex a relocated.. I went invisible, snuck behind the violent three headed beast, reappeared behind it, and with all my might, kicked under its lizard tail right upon its rectum as Hard as I possibly could, my foot went half into its butthole.. The beast jumped forward in sudden Shock, right off the cliff, flipping upside down in a 180 spin, the three heads gazing at me in wonderment as it started to fall, to see what had just knocked it off its cliff.. I stood there grinning proud, one hand on my hip, the other hand giving it a little four fingers snappy little wave ‘byebye!’.. And down it went tumbling spiraling out of sight.. It had been guarding a huge 40-foot solid wood door.. The door couldn’t be opened.. I hauled back my foot, and kicked the door so hard, it turned into a sudden burst cloud of slivers like large toothpicks, waited for the dust of slivers to clear, then walked in.. It was rooms hewn in solid rock.. Down a lengthy hallway, I found a room to the right, with nine four inch meticulously placed perfect gemstone crystals placed upon limestone stalagmite cups growing three-feet up from the cave floor.. I examined each crystal, and placed each back exactly as I had found it.. While I was studying the four inch ruby, I noticed slight movement in my left peripheral.. I cautiously placed the ruby back as I found it.. I knew I should not be there doing what I was doing.. I had no right, and I had just destroyed the thing’s front door.. I saw a short stalky muscular male-figure, looking sort of Italianish, slowly walking out of a stone hewn hallway, not looking at me yet.. My first impression was that I wasn’t going to get out of there alive.. So I did my all to reach into the planet for its most perfect natural gold crystal, and pulled it back to the gemstone room, turned, and faced the ground in-front of the beast who was now facing me, and holding the crystal in two cupped hands, I slowly eased my hands holding the gem towards him, as he moved his hands toward me, cupped, to accept his gift.. I gently eased the crystal out of my hands into his waiting hands, never looking at his face, as I did not have that right.. He looked down at his gift, held his gift a little closer, and began to examine it, is when I made my escape…
    Seems I had an ace my attacker wasn’t aware of.. I had given the devil a gift.. He wasn’t going to kill me.. I played my ace.. Now the devil had 10 gemstones in his rock collection.. When I said “Now kill Our enemy” he instantly turned away from me, and went after my attacker as commanded.. Later I rewarded his assistance in defeating the black magician, by giving him a perfect four inch pearl, which I stole from a giant clam, which he didn’t have in his rock collection.. Now he has eleven gems in his rock collection.. Nine months ago I gave him a little show of force.. I erased him, left him gone as nothing for three minutes, then restored him back into his caves, and gave him a nice friendly little pat on the bum.. I doubt I will be having any problems with that little puppy in the future.. He is part of life in his own right.. I will Not harm him.. I do Not harm life.. I help living things only.. but bullies are Not life as far as I’m concerned.. Bullies are less than excrement as far as I am concerned.. Bullies are fare game to harm, as are psychic vampires, and zombies.. I sense psychic vampires as a sharp sting to the head.. Instantly I seize them, and I slam psychic vampire attackers against the wall of fast growing thorns.. Psychic vampires are cannibals who feed on the life essence of innocence.. They aren’t worth the air and water they steal from life.. They aren’t worth a days poop.. I added fangs and powerful venom to the wall to quicker dispense with evil attacking things.. I don’t like it when something evil tries to feed on me.. I send them straight to hell.. Something there eats my offerings…

    So, what is this silly little ‘buzzing thing’ that attacked me tonight at about 2:30 AM, in my bed as I drifted toward sleep..? This is the second time something like this has happened in about 35-years.. I have vague recollection of something similar buzzing in my face and hair a few decades ago, but it was more behind my head and at my ears and neck, than in my hair.. I couldn’t move my arms then too..? Your off the top suggestions, guesses, and off the top advice, would be most welcomed dear one.. What attacked me..? and why..?
    If any of the members in this blog has any off the top ideas on this nasty little buzzy thing, I would like to read it no matter how silly you might think it is.. Sometimes a silly is the best answer and solution, or leads to the answer and solution…

  23. House flies in my home are not out of the norm but I have had two house flies die on me or directly beside me today. One in the shower, it fell off of me (I’m not totally sure where it came from, I’m guessing my hair) and then was lifeless in the water of the shower below me. The second happened minutes later in my office where one fell dead on my arm. What could this mean?

    1. It may sound weird but living flies actually manifest from me. Eveb during the coldest parts of the year. Mayne this is the case with you as well..?

  24. I have had two instances where out of no where there are maggots, A LOT of maggots, on the tile floor in our kitchen, with some on the carpet and tile leading in from our front door. I have no idea where they are coming from. We keep a clean house and even have a cleaning lady that comes in every other Friday. Strangely enough, both instances have happened on a Friday when our cleaning lady was going to be coming and they happened about 2-3 months apart.
    It’s very odd because neither of us could figure out where the maggots were coming from. We would sweep them up, put them in the trash, the floor would be completely free of them, and then we would turn our head and there would be a group of them right in the middle of the floor where we had just swept.
    It was like they were appearing out of thin air!
    I’m a big believer in animal and insect totems…what can this possibly mean?

  25. This is my awesome story.

    I’m going to face my ALs next week. And my mood was really bad the whole day but as I’m a big believer and a secret lover, I’m using law of attraction in every single thing in my life. And i just talked to the universe and poured my heart out saying how bad i want to go to my dream college and to be the topper in my state in my ALs.

    Then as usual i was reading exam success stories in the secret site. While reading them i felt something just hit by leg with a teeny tiny touch. And it nade me look down to see what that was And Boom it was a beautiful glittery blue little cute fly just by the leg of my chair. Omg i was ecstatic. And it made to find this site and then i figured out the msg which was saying “you deserve it”. Thank you Universe for that incredible sign

  26. The most powerful meditation event of my life occurred once and only once, in the heat of the summer. I lived in a house in rural Idaho, farm land abundant. I awoke early and ate nothing. I assumed my meditation on the couch with pains of hunger, with flies buzzing about freely within my air-conditionless home. All I could do was leave the doors and windows open and battle the army of house flies. Traps and poison of all sorts couldn’t stem their presence. This particular meditation began normally, being a novice at the time I was still working out some process with my thoughts. How to shuf them off, if possible. I began by relaxing myself and breathing deeply amidst flies landing and walking about my legs and arms and shoulders and face. At first distracted by their presence, but then a tool for my meditation. While The Rain Song by Led Zepplin played around me, I used my minds eye to envision the position of every fly on my skin. I counted them, I imagined their location as Led Zepplin began to reach their classic 432hz crescendos. I felt the vibrations from my pineal gland begin. Then crawl up the back of my head and resting behind my eyes. I held this, at the time unknown feeling, within myself while following the flies about my skin. Then, something occurred that changed my perspective on meditation as well as my very being. A single fly landed between my eyebrows. Normally, this event would be over with a swat of my hand, if I was able to even move my fingers. An explosion occurred deep inside me and my body was suddenly rigid and shaking as vibrations roared through my body. Up my spine, through my mind, and out the top of my skull. My mind gave me a vision of myself, sitting in my home, covered in flies, motionless and breathless. I saw a cylindrical beam of energy, of an unknown color or shade or hue, flowing rapidly from my stiff body through the ceiling and into the sky. I had no thoughts of fear, or terrors of death, only a deep wonderment over what I was experiencing. All the while Led Zepplin played The Rain Song in all its glory within and around me. As energy coursed through me, as my body burned with vibrations, the rhythms and flow of Jimmy Paige seemed to be the mathematical equation to guide this energy. I’d never felt so alive, so energized, so….so myself. All at once, to my extreme disappointment, it passed. I was left gasping for air and seemingly struggling to pull my vision back through my own eyes with rapid, scared blinks. As I sat there, in silence, pondering on what in the ALL had just happened to me, I remembered Led Zepplin. I realized I no longer heard The Rain Song, as I had the entire time I had been…alive. I checked my phone, to find the song had ended. 3 hours ago. What felt to be mere moments, had been hours, what seemed to be just another verse, was actually the silence of not having turned on repeat. To this day, I haven’t been able to recreate this experience. It has astounded me for years, after searching on flies and meditation, I am now hear, asking all of you. If you can enlighten me, on what I had just done with these flies and Robert Plants harmonic cries.

    1. Wow. I’m not sure what that was but I’m forever grateful you shared your experience.

    2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing! I think you may have opened yourself up enough to have had an etheric/astral experience –but im only learning myself –whatever it was exactly -it was definitely a significant milestone in you spiritual advancement. I think the link below will lead you in the direction intended. Good luck on your journey!

    3. Have you looked into Kundalini at all? What you experienced was probably what some people would call a “Kundalini Awakening” – knowledge about it is mostly verbally transmitted, or obscured in really dense texts. Wikipedia has some information, but if you want to get closer to that feeling again, practice chakra meditation.

    4. Joanna Gayle Mann

      Yes, I would say kundalini awakening. Was it followed by a period of rapid spiritual growth or change, maybe integration of the energies?

    5. The experience was followed directly by a consistent period of enlightenment. It’s brought me to a new level of existence. It started my note taking and studies into Sacred Geometry, studies of religious documents. I even re taught myself math after discovering Vortex Math and Mathematics without the presence of ‘0’. Its has been a beginning. A very powerful and up rooting beginning hahah.

    6. Hello Nate i found this video you mentioned interesting , i’m a novice going through the same as you, i think i’m in the middle of accessing my Akashic records . and the 0 point in math is a present factor you want to share notes let me know.

    7. I have been looking into that extensively. I’ve even drawn my own diagrams and such of the Kundalini and its 7, 8, and 13 chakra points. Or so I’ve discovered their to be…As well as much more haha.

    8. Well if you can come to understand that each Fly is a plane in and of its self elementry wise , then you
      understand that all the flies together create an intelligent net of what elements they (the flies) embody ,That all the flies experienced in that phenomenon Were connected as one mind/Compund. And when introduced to your experience ,The elements which the flys embody (Raw Unconscious Energy)was bought fourth in your psyche state.

      This intermission was bought to you you by firey gold compassion.
      Blazing hearts that will rise on wings high and call out the name of the Greatest.
      Praise for all righteous aspects of you Law and Love, I pop rocks.

    9. I hadn’t considered this. I should start to be aware consciously of the levels of consciousness around me. Thank you for your knowledge

    10. “If all the flies were one fly, what a great enormous fly-follolloper that would bold,”

    11. I forgot to say that i’m writing a book about these experience if you would like to share experiences on that also let me know.

    12. The reason why its hard for you to access that “feeling” again because it was a body mediation where the mind and spirit join the body in harmony do to frequency of the flies and heat putting you in a stilnessl/space separate from of time. The stress of the external environment forced your internal environment to functions as one. I think the question should be can you reach that place without flies and extreme heat? and the answer is yes but the how is the key.

    13. His sounds like an out if body experience or perhaps your kundalina rising? Congratulations how beautiful.

  27. Rex Michael Pelobello

    Pls explain to me why there’s a fly in my room tonight because usually, flies don’t go out at night and it’s not supposed to be in my room during my sleep, and it was a SINGLE fly which is also weird. I’m thinking there might be a dead body something in my room or something rotten but i don’t even smell anything bad in my room either. So what now ?

  28. Edgar Jimenez

    Excuse my grammer errors.

    Ok… for the past few months maybe years I come into contact and or across a fly, Now this in every part of daily life when eating, at the gym, at work, at home etc… I do clean and nevwr leave food out so that doesnt explain the fly in my bedroom roght now… i am loke what? I even seen one in my car, so i open the window and say shuuu fly dont bother me… anyways today (not the forst time) at the restaurant a fly floating around a meeting i was having over dinner…. really? anyways I keep myself and my space clean yet I always come into contact or get a visit from a fly… dont know what it mean but i usually open a widow or door to let it out. I think .going crazy but several time i seen one in my room i swear i let it out sp how did it come back in lol… nev less all jokes aside what does this really mean? thank you

  29. Found a hurt fly crawling for it’s life at my doorstep. And then, I kid you not, that day, In the shower. A fly lands on the wall, lands on my body, and washes to the floor. I was like, “WTF.” It’s winter outside, there are no flies outside… AND, I Kid you not… ##$%, I pick it up and try and save it and… not trying to be dramatic here, it #$%^ing dies in my hand. LIKE WTF. I WAS GOING TO SAVE YOU IN THREE SECODNS AND YOU DIE!? WHAT. DOES. THAT. MEAN! HA. I BET NO ONE KNOWS!!!

    1. You want the reality of this?
      If you understand this your alright in my eyes. A dark fly is not of any means an enemy but is telling you what your doing is out of your nature if you let them
      do what they must without causing harm to the fly, also all animals vibrate towards the highest frequency not the most righteous frequency
      A White fly Is A very good sign that your on the right track with Christ you can see all of this even before Christ initiates you
      A Squirrel is a friendly animal and vibrates on the frequency of two people in harmony -Not Sex-
      A Bee I’m not too sure personally I want to think that’s its sent in if the flys start to bother you. but I’m sure there is another reason for them
      CHRIST CONCONCIOUSNESS – Birds The messengers from the sky They are to assist you in anyway they can for the reason of helping a soul (if you allow them into your life without force if your mean to the birds they will go quiet) but they are very helpful when all hope is lost Stay safe with this

      You can either have a flowing holy mind or a Burning insane mind (I have not been that close but close enough to know you can get trapped)
      SPIRITUAL WARFARE – angels and demons

    2. Very succinct. I do not agree with spiritual warfare. This seems naive. From my point of view (the Jedi are evil) everything has its place and it’s purpose. Angels and demons are two sides of the same coin that you hold in your hand. If you want to better understand (AND I ADVISE EXTREME CAUTION OR IT CAN DESTROY YOU) you need to understand where the energies come from. The good and the bad. The bad comes from pain. Like bullies negative energies or demons have. Just so much pain and it’s too hard to let go of. This would make you feel alone. So what are you goning to do about it. Bring someone to your side and make them feel your pain. Search for this and the balance between the two and you will find truth.

    1. Agustina Cellona

      In our home there is always big fly coming in and stay long for a week. Sometimes I let it out inside our home but its coming back home again and I was surpriced why it always go inside our home? What message did it bring?

    2. It wasn’t an act of aggression but an act of healing. What Accupuncture point was bitten?

  30. So recently my fiancé and I have noticed huge blow flies in our home. We moved in only a month ago, and the house is always spotless. I’ve even been even more stern on the cleanliness since we noticed the blow flies, but they never go away. We kill one a day, and the next day a new one appears. I’ve been feeling very down lately, just issues with finding my happiness and being kind to myself. Today in particular, my fiancé and I had a heart to heart because I have just been so down. He went to the bathroom and that’s when I noticed the “blow fly of the day”. It literally came flying right at me and began to circle me. When my guy came out of the bathroom I brought the fly to his attention and he attempted to let it out of the house. I headed to the bathroom and after 5 minutes of being in there, the gigantic bull fly was there flying right at me!
    I’m wondering if this means anything. I had a similar experience with hummingbirds on two different occasions where they literally flew up to me and hovered right above my face for seconds. It’s ironic because I remember on those days I was feeling down about myself as well. It’s almost as if they were looking right at me. Very strange, but also very exciting.

    1. Hi kada flies like that come from dead animals (they may have exterminated before you came) try appear suddenly and are quite large!

    2. I’ve heard of a thing where flies can come in through sewer vent pipes like where washing machine drain-hose goes in (or maybe basement floor drains?) they were actually calling them sewer flies. Eww!

  31. Hello,
    So I came home from work yesterday for a brief moment to get some clothes to leave again to do a photo shoot. And I left my Lamp on in my bedroom (normally i turn it off before i leave for work.) but when i came into my room i went to go turn that lamp off, and there was a fly, on its back. I didn’t see it move at all, and i ended up leaving my lamp on and leaving the fly. When I got home late night, the fly was still there on its back, i bumped my night stand and then it started moving…. but never flew away. What does it mean to see a fly on its back. I thought it was dead, until i bumped the table bc i was going to pick it up.
    And also a few days ago, I had a fly stuck in between my screen and glass window. HOW DID IT GET IN THERE? There are no holes in my screen…. I know that there is change coming into my life , however Im trying to know what the fly on its back meant??? (And i also am an OCD clean freak)

  32. I Have a Fly On My Window Screen That Won’t Leave For Nothing In The World, Rain Storm, Snow Storm It’s Still Sitting There, Can Someone Please Tell Me What It Mean Spiritually?

  33. my daughter rebirth from a drug overdose and I as asleep a day afer the rebirth and she laid on my head an said momma wake up shut the door don’t let the flies in, I jumped up and ran to the door on the way to the door The Most high said I change them in the twinkling of an eye. What is this about?

  34. I’ve noticed at home there are a couple of flies and a few gnats that won’t go away. At first I thought maybe I had missed something while cleaning (I am highly OCD) but now I’m not sure because this has now started happening at work. There’s one fly that won’t seem to leave me alone. I don’t know what to do anymore. Is there something going on that I’m missing?

    1. Jennifer Desaulniers

      I too always have a fly near me. At home at work. I’m sitting in front of a frozen yogurt shop on a cloudy rainy day…and there it is. The fly. Strange really. Hhmm…

    2. i had an encounter with a lot of files swarming over my camera bags and as i shifted the location of the bags the files suddenly went away. the bags were clean and the table was clean. i moved the bags just about 3 feet away.

  35. So when I was little, my dad told me about the time his father died and how he noticed a fly was in the hospital on my grandfathers bed the night he passed away. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about the fly for some reason. When he was on the airplane to go back to NY he noticed there was a fly on his arm rest and it stayed with him the whole flight. That story always stuck with me and for years I always thought about it…. In April this year, a few days before my father passed, I noticed there were flies constantly around me, in class, in the bathrooms at school, my house, literally everywhere and it was so weird to me. The night before my dad passed, there was a fly next to my bed and it randomly buzzed in my ear for a few seconds, it kept buzzing as if it were trying to tell me something. The next day my father passed and there was a fly next to me while I was crying on my bed and one when I was comforting my brothers on the kitchen floor. (There’s rarely ever flies in my house btw) That same night I bought a flight ticket to Ecuador for the next morning for my dads viewing. The second day in Ecuador was my dads funeral, (usually in the states, the first half of coffins are open and you are physically able to touch the corpse of your loved one, in Ecuador the first half of the coffin is sealed with clear glass) my brothers, uncle, aunt, grandmother and cousin were surrounding his coffin to say our goodbyes and were reminiscing all the good times we had with my dad, until my cousin noticed something was in the coffin (MIND YOU THE COFFIN IS SEALED WITH A CLEAR GLASS SO NO HOLES, SLITS, CRACKS, ETC WERE FOUND), SO there was a mothafuckin fly on my dads nose. Like how the hell could that possibly have gotten there? All of our jaws dropped, it was unbelievable. So now 5 about to be 6 months have gone by and there’s been two flies following me everywhere. Last night I had a dream about my dad and I felt him hug me in my dream, I then woke up to a fly on the pillow right beside me, its so weird. I feel like I’m going crazy or something but I feel a deeper connection to these flies… I’m not sure what this means? 😕

    1. Hi Kaylene
      I have been experiencing the same thing, not sure what is really means. You said you flew to Ecuador for your dad’s services, wow, I am also from there but raised in Southern California.

    2. My sister passed on july 7 2016 in her house. I dealt with all issues at her place. Flies were always dancing around the spot where she died. Around the first of august some weird accidents happened to me. Then i started to notice 1 fly with me all day and night no matter what i did. I started to take pictures and plan to publish a book about this experience. It is now over 3 months and it continues.she is on my bathroom mirror right now at 127 am. 10/25/2016. At this point the only thing i can do is journal and document. This is so strange because my cats do not see this. At times there have been 2 or 3 as well. But never more than that.

    3. It is November 20 and this still continues in my life. I have hundreds of pics and starting a documentary book about this experience. I have many personal witnesses as well. Wish I could post some of the pics for you now

    4. my old house I lived in was haunted. sounds crazy but the ghost protected me. now that I have moved back to my mom’s house (she is very christian) not very many paranormal activities happen but even just tonight before I went to bed, there was a fly on the ceiling. I tried with my hand to scare it and I could get within 3 inches of it and it wouldn’t move at all. Most flies you’d think would move when you do that. Earlier tonight I was at my friend’s house and he was like did I just see a fly? Other friend called him crazy, I kept my mouth shut. It is ALWAYS 1 fly. strange indeed, the house I was renting was built in 1931, my moms is 1970s. I think there was a lot of past in that house that I did not know and I don’t know if talking to the ghost was a good or bad thing. I am still alive today.

      I looked up what a fly means:

      Know that quick and abrupt changes in your thoughts, emotions and endeavors are afoot. Rapid changes in all aspects of your life are currently happening for you so be prepared to move quickly even in unfavorable and uncomfortable conditions. Fly can also signify an exponentially growing source of abundance is available for you right now. Use your keen eyesight to see the way. Never give up.

      Alternatively this insect could be reminding you that your persistence in reaching your goals will bare fruit sooner than later. Even if it means annoying others or being selfish for a while – you do have the ability to accomplish your goals.

      Additional Associations for Fly…
      Deal with Issues
      Multifaceted vision
      Ability to change waste into valuable assets
      Adaptation to the harshest environments||

      I am currently at my moms with nothing. I care more about others than myself which in this day and age apparently no one reciprocates.

      “Even if it means annoying others or being selfish for a while – you do have the ability to accomplish your goals.”

      I am too intelligent for my own good and possibly this is a sign. Does any of this relate to you?

    5. Kaylene,

      “SO there was a mothafuckin fly on my dads nose.”

      I’m sorry about your grandpa and your father’s passing. However, this line right here, lets me know you’re a dope ass chick.

      Good luck with everything 🙂


    6. Kaylene-

      I’m here in my bedroom watching a fly on my ceiling—so I’m here in this website analyzing it’s presence… I have to say that out of all the information and comments I’ve scrolled through—yours pretty much nails it on the head!!! I couldn’t help but chuckle at your description of the m-f-ing fly on his nose… I’m sorry but that is hysterical. And that’s just the key here—yes we do indeed get these signs and messages from the Divine—but our ability to extract humor in it-is of utmost importance. My dad has passed and he had a dry sense-of-humor—so I do indeed without a doubt believe that fly is indeed your dad’s way of sending you a message that undoubtedly couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than Divine message from your father!! And u are indeed special!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience and confirming what the fly-on-my-current-wall means to me!!! 🙂 Thank u!!

    7. Hi Kaylene
      In your situation it seems that the fly is a forwarning of sickness and or death .
      The fly in your ear can mean someone was trying to tell you something discreetly that you may not want to hear .
      I get the sense that something else is going on too but can’t place it . I keep seeing wooden almost totem poles with etched faces on the tops kind of similar to the face of the king in a deck of cards and they look as if they are supposed to be put in the ground .
      The flies that your seeing at times are being used by your father and were used by his father as well to let you know he’s with you , they chose the fly because they both knew that it would make both your father and you immediately take notice and think of him ..
      So no your not going crazy it is what you think .
      I feel a strong bond here and more then just father daughter but on a spiritual level.
      I hope this helps somewhat ,

    8. My boyfriend died 12 days ago since then these fruit flys have been bugging me non stop in the shower wen im sleeping always trying to go up my nose i thought i was overthinking i even came to my moms in a different city and wen i went on my phone one flew right on my screen its like they are following me !

  36. Hi I didn’t believe at first that insects have spirits but the past week this house fly has been following me everyday, it also keeps an eye on what I’m doing and when I’m sleeping. Also me and my boyfriend were playing around and the fly started attacking him.
    The only possibilities I can think of this is I’ve had two cats in the past, my first cat Sweetie and my second Toopy. I know by now sweetie has passed but I am unsure of Toopy as I haven’t seen him in a year. Can an animals spirit find a way to get to you in the afterlife?

  37. Hi
    its been four years a house fly in different occasions (i have killed some of them) keep chasing me every where different cities, countries(UK, Spain, Turkey, USA), inside the house, car, work, lifts, aeroplanes, in my room. in past two years i travelled a lot and in every connecting or direct flight that house fly was present. can any one help me what is all about ???

  38. Hello, Recently my cat passed away and since I came back from a much needed break a fruit/house fly hass been following me. I joked to say it was my cat because just like her this fly follows only me, sits on me and tge most freakiest part is it will stare at me or buzz by my ears to get my attention.
    It’s been following me for over a month now… I asked it this morning “What is it you want to tell me” it got up and hovered and tried to lead me to the back door. It’s really weird… It doesn’t bite me like most flies do, it doesn’t stay in kitchen/bin where most flies might be seen due to sweets and food. What is also strange is I opened the back door to let it go but it just sits there. I thensaid “show me” and it moved to where my cat’s ashes are.

    At first I was joking about it being my cat but the more and more it follows me and almost responds to me is scary. I hope I’m not going nuts from the grief and just sub-consciously hoping it’s her… Either way I can’t help but feel that it’s trying to something.

    I always thought of cat’s being my spirit animal but maybe that was just my cat. I am looking after a kitten who was originally feral but settling nicely now, im pretty sure we saved eachother him from certain death and me from a certain breakdown (hearing/feeling my old cat all the time). Since I’ve not heard/seen/felt her was when the fly appeared. Also I know flies don’t usually live long… So why is this one being very wary of everyone else but me? Why is it not interested in food or my smelly housemates? Just me, following me, buzzing for my attention, looking at me (i dont mean it seems to look at me itdoes I can get so close I can sit face to face with it, I can hold it in my hands and even stroke it – if I pat a surface it lands on it)

    1. Wow Adrastia! You are not going nuts and I believe you are right in your insight. It is your cat telling you that no matter what , even he/she has passed away she/he is accompanying you and will always be there. Our pets/animals when passed away stays with us in spirit. That is the message that this fly is telling you. Once you realize it she may fly away or come back in time when you need to be reminded. A few years ago, I was a a workshop and a guy shared about the lost of his animals and loved ones, suddenly I felt and saw my dog Japser appearing at my side. Also one of my cats died and he showed up in the clouds a few days later. They never leave us. I don’t only believe it but know it. So trust in that. Your cat is with you.


    2. Thank you for that, I was worried it was trying to inform me of something…
      My Cat and I were very very close. I always wanted a kitten to bring up since I was a very little girl and i got her 8 yrs ago. my Cat was sold to me and I was not informed of her real age until I got home by text. She was much too young but returning her to the hovel I got her from would not have helped as her mother was pregnant again. She had a very unique personality, I trained her effortlessly and if I told her off she would argue back like a 13 yr old child. She was put down in july as her kidneys failed (was running on like 12%) it happened all very suddenly.

      The fly is still hanging with me getting only shy when I try to record it. Just like my cat it sits on my shoulder. It seems more relaxed now then it did… Maybe as I’m due to go Dr’s after putting it off for so long. It’s very strange, I do and don’t want to believe it, it could just all be coincidence…
      Maybe it means something else… Maybe I read too much into it… My Cat is alive and well in my dreams and thus see her everynight – I usually try to ‘hide’ her, just like my late younger brother, like their alive but no one else can know.

    3. So the fly dropped out of the blue into my hands dying literally I didn’t even notice how or why it fell or was dying. I placed it on a piece of dry fruit gave it some sugar water and put it somewhere warm and safe. I stepped away for a moment and when I went back it had vanished. Gone. Nowhere to be seen… I have thought that this was my cat who i had put down whilst in my arms. I kept wondering if i should have let her die in her own time but this message was clear… She would have passed away but not whilst I was there… Could of been anytime… And to not be tgere would of almost been like abandonment… I miss her terribly but know that, with this message, saving her from the pain and in the arms of the loving owner is most comforting way to go… We alll dream of being with our loved ones at death, not being alone. I understand this now… Thank you for reading my message which was sent to me, i hope it helps others who may feel the same about loss xx

    4. Just wanted you to know i recently had a pretty surreal experience with my dog. You’re not alone!! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    5. My dad comes to me as a fly… I have more crazy/unbelievable stories than I can recount here.

  39. Anyone know about the meaning of blow flies?
    I am moving into a new house and when i opened the door – the inside was swarmed with blow flies – i couldn’t believe it. they were definitely giving me a message.
    thanks 😯

  40. I love this and part of it resonates with me. The past few days flies have been trying to get my attention. However: this morning out of nowhere I woke up to a kitchen floor riddled with maggots/fly larvae. I don’t have an unusual amount of flies or filth in my kitchen but I know it is trying to alert me to something.
    I googled maggots and came back with only dream interpretations that did not vibe at all. Is there a different sort of significance around larvae?

    1. Search for the time they take until becoming flies, something within that period will manifestate/transform in your life. I had a similar experiente, just can’t recall how much time it means!

  41. ❓ So lately I have been meditation a lot more frequently, and I have noticed that while in meditation I get a fly on each of my limbs or more. And thats not all, I picked up a stink bug off of my floor and walked him outside, he rested on my finger for a good 15 min. Then just now I had fly on my wall that looked different. So I got up close to him and said, oh to be a fly on the wall, and he literally let me put my finger right up to him, without moving… so I sat back down and pondered what all of this could me, I mean last week I had a dream of an Egyptian Beetle on a wall talking to me telepathically… although I ant remember what was said. I just know I talked to it.. If anyone else has some insight, great.

    1. Maybe it means you have your energy in such a peaceful vibration that not even bugs are afraid 🙂 about the beetle, years ago I found a metal egipcian beetle in my bed. I was so happy it was a gift from my dad I thought (I was 9 or 10 I think) but after hours with it I’ve discovered it was alive and not an objectivo/gift. I left him for a while and he was gone after. I believe it was an omen that I was more sensitive and spiritual than I knew. Like a passage symbol/omen.

    2. Hi Mary,
      I have the same experience. I try to meditate regularly and every time I am able to get into good meditation a fly sits on me and I seem to attract one fly almost everywhere I go. But the same thing doesn’t happen if I have not meditated for a long time.

  42. I have to share this because I find such significance yet I would love a deeper interpretation if you have one. Thank you!

    Last night was the new moon, I held a fire ceremony and offered very deep big prayers to the fire that I am ready to manifest in physical form in my life now. This morning I awoke feeling this lightness. I went into the kitchen and on the middle of a clean plate that was drying was a dead fly. I put it outside onto the earth. Later I sit down to eat my breakfast on the floor in the living room and seemingly out of nowhere there was a maggot alive on the ground. The house is so clean and I have no idea how this was happening! Then I took the maggot outside and placed it on the earth near where the dead fly was. I came back inside and saw an alive fly on the wall. I am tuned in that I was just shown the complete cycle of life. And I am wondering the deeper meaning and how this applies to me right now.

    Thank you for any of your wisdom. I am always grateful to read your channeled descriptions on your site.

    Kristin ❓

    1. I recently experienced this same cycle of events with the fly, only in my vehicle… which I was perplexed bc my husband keeps my vehicle immaculate. I didn’t even think about the life cycle occurring right in front of me. Thank you for your comments as it has now brought awareness for me. I’ve recently had more dead flies… presented at strange moments… so that’s why I’m here… bc the flies seem to be attempting to convey a message… I was perplexed but with certain life events occurring… with this new perspective given… things make sense now 🙂

  43. Maybe this is just me but excessive flies have become a bad omen in our house. They carry diseases and death- they love getting into your food while you’re trying to eat it (I have to throw things out alot because of this one). Also the coined phrase “fly on the wall” makes me feel like I could be being spied on. Is this just me?

    1. I agree… to an extent… I have heard the saying “fly on the wall” but never associated flies with being spies… I do find them absolutely annoying though and do not like them near my food at all… for some reason i always think crows and spiders are the spies… just personally

    2. I am currently going through a situation where I might be pregnant. I feel pregnant however the urine tests I take keep coming back negative despite. I have an appointment made now I am sitting in wait. I took a nap this morning after some errands and all I could recall from my dream was a very dramatic close up view of a single house fly flying from one room to another. No humans no food just a house fly with the world blurred around it flying from the living room to the kitchen. I wonder what that meaning is. If anyone has any theories I am open to hear them. ❓ 😐

    3. Roshelle Greene

      Hello… This green June Bug situation… For a while.. I can be a different places.. Like DMV. Has beautiful flowers and plants. I was waiting in line. A few people are waving their hands.. For the june bugs can get out they face.. Me?? They kept on fly around my face and my hair. All the way til the DMV open. It was soo embrassing. Some were saying.. *Oh they like you…your fragrance.. Your hair.. They had me running.. All around people and chasing me.. Oh Lord.. I even tried to be still but the buzzing sound. Sends me running.. I dont do bugs well and they bugged the hell out of me… Funny.. Im asking what that means? I see them every summer. 😉

  44. Every time I get in my car I either see horsefly June bugs or stink bugs on my windshield of my car in the passenger side of my door what does that mean

  45. This is weird. I have a same exact fly that visited my room for 3 days in a row, even if i have chased it out of my window each day, it comes back the next day, in the exact same timing!! Heaven knows i’ll see it again tomorrow. What does this mean?

    1. Also, i need to mention that this is not a common house fly. Its slightly bigger, something like a cross of a moth and a fly.

  46. Horrible dream last night, a human fly (like Jeff Goldbum but short 😆 ) was chasing me trying to get me to marry him. I’m already married but it didn’t care. I managed to finally evade it and it was unmasked/reverted to human form. WTH?

  47. Dear all.
    Ive been having house flies infesting in my house recently. I dunno what it means. 4 years staying in this apartment i havent seen a single house fly.but recently 3 or 4 came from nowhere. My wife made me kill them as she is disgusted with them. But i dont understand why they came. I did fail many job interviews which made me very upset and yesterday i got an email that i failed the interview again amd thats when these guys showed up.

    Please advice im new in animal spirit

  48. It has been raining ALLLLLLL week. But today when everything cooled down, I’ve noticed a FLY on my windshield while I was driving. It was soooo random that I knew that God was telling me something. I am so happy!!! :mrgreen:

    1. This is going to sound outlandish, but I had THE EXACT same thing happen to me just now. I usually do not frequent this website or comment on like-minded/same situational aspects of life, but this is too similar to ever be just a coincidence. See, in Colorado we had a winter storm/thunderstorm/ hailstorm just blow through here, and I was parked eating and listening to the radio when I heard the very faint, but distinguishable sound of a fly’s wings hitting my windshield. And it was such an odd occurrence that it warranted checking up the meaning of such a significant occurrence. Wow!!! I wonder what that means……

  49. For the past three days now my wife and I have been experiencing influx of army of flies trouping into our bedroom. Disgusting and strange. What does this mean?

    1. Oh my, me too! First time happened last night and then a fly was hanging around while I was getting ready this morning. That’s how I got here!

  50. I follow animal totems. This is the second time a fly appeared with significance for me. The first time, I was dealing with the death of my pet rabbit. I was close to her because she really helped me through an emotionally difficult time in my life. She had died in a painful way. After I had buried her, I went out for a walk. I saw a dead animal in the road and flies were decomposing the body. As hard as that was to see, I was reminded of the impermanence of life and everything serves a purpose.

    The second time, I was wanting to let go of an attachment emotionally I had to someone. It wasn’t healthy for my mind. I wrote out a “release” and goodbye letter. I went outside to burn it. After it finished, a blue bottle fly appeared next to my embers. Sure enough, I come to read that it symbolizes change in emotions and thoughts. I felt so much lighter. Thank you for the affirmation.

  51. I had a fly by my yoga mat thought class today just sitting at the top of my mat the whole time I even used it as a point of focus!

  52. House fly started to follow me around. Have to say that I really hate insects. They give me the heebie jeebies.I always associate them with dirt and general uncleanliness. That being said, I really avoid killing them, to the point where I have vacuumed around a spider etc..
    This fly , follows me from room to room. It lands near me and remains there until I leave. It is cold outside, yet it hovers in the doorway when I go out. .
    It is here while I type, sitting on my printer and oddly enough, I know it will find me if I go upstairs.
    What does it want me to do?

    1. I’m wondering if flies, just like butterflies, can be signs of those who passed away. At the end of they day they too change from a maggot/larvae into a flying animal, which could be seen as the soul leaving the body right. Since our son passed away I too have one fly inside the house and I found one near his grave too that caught my attention for some reason. After that I noticed this one fly inside our house. Of course I don’t know if it’s the same but it strikes me as odd because we’re almost mid december and we’ve never ever had flies in the house beoyond october, also it’s just the one. Some people associate flies with evil spirits but I doubt it. I’m quite sensitive and I don’t feel an anwanted presence here.

    2. I too have a fly with me when visiting my mother in hospital…..or is it visiting her. I asked for a sign from my departed brother yesterday whilst visiting and worrying about Mum….the fly came again around her bed….. it had not been for a few weeks and it’s mid December….xxx

    3. I just commented about this above… Since my dad died a few years ago, I have had the oddest experiences with flies (more than I can type here).

      It’s always been very clear to me (for so many reasons) that it was him, visiting me, in some way, even before I knew the symbolism.

  53. ❗ I love this. How accurate. I know plenty of animal totems and what they mean. But This has hit home. I have been debating on, and putting off so many things lately. But the flys came and they woke me up when the sun came up and they made me clean top to bottom. I was trying to find out why so many flys in this house. Now everything I put off is done.

  54. Hello, thanks for the info. The past few months, flies have been driving me bananas. I shower…haha

    I’m trying to figure out if it’s due to the drought or a message. They are always around where I Am and landing on me as I swat at them. It’s either fruit flies at work,house flies in my car or in the house, then the moisture shower fly in work bathroom or home bathroom, looking at me. It’s getting really annoying…haha

    Have you ever experienced this for a long period of time? Never had this prior.. It was usually a Hummingbird or something pretty:)

    1. Exactly what I have been going thru! anything that you have tried and it worked? atleast for a day to visit friends.

  55. Hello, I traveled with my wife, and when we got home today, I noticed big flies in the kitchen. Sure it was neat before we left. Pls what does this mean?

  56. I enjoyed the article on flies as a totem animal. I thought at first I was in a movie with the Exorcist when I encountered this fly crawling around on both of my hands. I was at a healing session with a healer and was asking for a healing with some issues concerning my blood. I saw this fly crawling on both my hands methodically and then flew over to the healer and crawled around on both of her hands for another few minutes.
    I am like, “say what??” She just looked in amazement as well. We know the fly totem was at work and the next day—things started happening quickly in my manifesting new things.
    Wow to the fly energy is all I can say.

  57. One, single fly seems to have made it its mission to to follow me all over the house, CONSTANTLY buzzing about and landing on me. This morning, it had landed on the screen of an open window, and as soon as I thought to close the window it tried to fly away, but I stopped it with the curtain. I was able to get the window closed and it seemed to sit there saying, “Hey!” but I did not feel like dealing with it and resolved that I would get it safely outside later, but for now, it would (literally) be out of my hair. A couple of hours ago, I felt a wonderful energy in the room, or, my own energy, I do not know, but decided to enjoy it and meditate for 20 minutes. Isn’t it interesting I’d hardly been meditating in corpse pose before a fly was landing all over me. I thought, is there another one? I finished my meditation, all the while fly flew by my ears, landed on my mouth, my nose, my cheeks, constantly landing here, there, and everywhere, but I resolved to finish my meditation. As soon as the time was up, I immediately went to the window and sure enough that little devil had found a way out. It even landed on my hands while I’ve been typing this and is still landing on me. Now, I do shower and what not, and have been wondering, why the heck is this fly stalking me like a mosquito, and enough is enough and looked to find the meaning of fly. I am in a time of heavy duty transition and difficulty, and I’m hoping the message is that my persistence through all of this will pay off.

    1. Hi Dianne:
      Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page – the message will be relevant to you.

  58. Greetings Silken,

    First I want to share with you how much I have enjoyed going to your site to read about the nature world – animals plus – readings you share!

    Silken, I am in the process of writing a second book. One of the stories in it is about the Fly.
    The other day when a Fly landed in my arm I looked up Fly to find something from your site that I wonder if I may have permission to include it in my book.

    It is the short quote about keeping your eye on the prize and having persistence to get you there.
    My stories are about helping people see and experience the nature world from a new perspective and to go into nature to experience its wonder and information it is communicating. We need to listen.

    Silken, my name is Heather Oliver. I live in Guelph, ON, Canada. I am a Holistic Practitioner and I also provide massage therapy at my Healing Arts Centre.

    Please check my website. Its focus is more about the services I provide. My company name is: Healing With Nature’s Touch.

    If you want to discuss this further with me about me having your Fly quote in my book, I look forward to connecting with you!

    Blessings and Light for All!

  59. I have quite a few really important decisions to make right now and earlier I was eating a burrito and when I took a bite, there was a dead fly in it. I have always had a strange relationship with bugs, but this made me wonder what it means besides don’t ever eat a burrito from there again. And suggestions?

  60. Today when I came home from work I see bug on my door. It l I owed like a cross between a moth and a fly. After further research I found out it was a “tiger bee fly” and they kill bees. I don’t know why but I felt like it was visiting me….I wonder if the meaning is the same…

  61. I’m sitting here and during the past 2-3 hours this one LONE persistent fly just flies in…lands somewhere within my vision then disappears. It just came for the second time and landed straight on my laptop screen. I was in the middle of reading a blog….so I cut to google to check this out and I’m glad I did. Thank you for the insight and confirmation that I am on my path. I resonate with the message.

    Be blessed! <3

  62. About 12 years ago I heard a loud noise outside. Opening the door, I saw our largest tree covered in noisy crows. Never happened before or since. It was on my birthday. I half way thought they were spirit family coming to visit.
    Fast forward to last week. A large swarm of flies invaded my kitchen. Don’t know how they got there. No open windows/doors. Again, it was on my birthday. It had never happened before and hasn’t happened since. I sincerely hope they were not spirit family visiting again, because I killed them all. ha

  63. Every time I go into my bathroom, I hear a very loud buzzing sound that sounds like a trapped fly, but I can’t find the fly. It’s been going on for two weeks so it should be dead by now. I spoke to it one day and asked it to find another way to communicate because I don’t speak fly. I was kidding. The buzzing is in a pattern if that makes any sense. It seems like it’s speaking fast words. Does this mean anything? I thought flies only meant decay. Thank you for this explanation. Flies follow me even in the winter in chicago!

  64. So today after work. I enter my truck and there I see a group of flies just there inside onn. The pasanager seat and glove compartment. . I freaked out roll down the windows and let them out.. I killed like 2 .. I was so scared… none of thewindows where open. Idk how this happend.. does anyone know the meaning of this… I’m so scared…

  65. HELP! 😯 Hello, I was just wondering if someone could help me figure this out . . . . . . about a week ago our house became a hang out for all of the local fruit flies! TONS OF THEM. We probably trapped 70 or 80 a day in bowls of vinegar and bananas. (I didn’t want to kill them, I’m always the one that saves bugs, flipping over beetles stranded on their backs and putting earthworms back in the grass that are cooking on the sidewalk etc.). Now, here it is a week later and NOTHING! It’s like they all vanished overnight. I read that fruit flies are mostly a symbol for survival, perseverance and adaptability so I guess what I’m asking is that they seemed to of come in large numbers to give me a BIG message and POOF 😯 they’re all gone. How should I take that? Is the fact that they all disappeared so quickly another sign of something? Thanks for your help in advance 🙂

  66. Hi there, could someone please let me know if it is significant for a blue bottle to be on my back door window? It’s been there since first thing this morning and even though we have been in and out of that door today it’s no moved. It’s now pouring with rain (it isn’t sheltered) but it’s still there….ps. It’s not dead!

  67. I have been seeing this fly in my dreams which alwayS bothered me for years in my life. I was scared of it, I thought it has some demonic possesion and prayed on it. but, it just would not go anywhere which was amazing me. when I didn’t know what to do until I found this article and gives me a good hope, and probabLy I will also say hallo to the fly when I see it again in my dreams. It truely makes me realize that I am really about to change my life and become a better person because I’ve had tons of ideas which could help me deal with my current situation. Thank you so much for these positive feedbacks.

  68. I have had a single small fruit fly turn up in my life every where I go and now my wife has it turn up too for the last 7yrs. Just one that appears for no apparent reason. I have hopped in elevators and found it there, while I am driving it will appear on the window screen (which always amazes me as the forces while driving are extreme for a little creature), at work, while shopping, restaurants even on a mountain once (a very high mountain with snow). I was scared to tell anyone just encase it was in my head then one day I told my wife and now she gets visitations too. I do shoo them but have long since given up on catching it or killing it. It is funny to watch other people as the single fly buzzes around (which is also confirmation that others can see it). My wife has tried talking to it and asking it what it wants or what it has to say, but no answer. Sometimes it is pure white or brown but mostly black. Just one only one. We have settled in to having the visits which are daily and sometimes all day. What it means I don’t know but there are still many things in life I am still learning. 😆

    1. Hello, I have a fruit fly that follows me everywhere. I believe it’s a sign of my grandpa being around. This is how he likes to present his energy.

  69. The place I work at…I keep seeing dead flys and it is in the middle of winter in the midwest. Thing is I never see them flying around, just dead. I can sweep them all up, and the next day there will be more dead flys.

  70. This was so helpful for me! I’ve been “bugged” by a little fruit fly for a few weeks. I’m a follower of Christ, and reading a book “Absence from Felicity”, and this little fly would come buzzing around me. I killed a few of them – clapping my hands and getting the little booger. Then there’d be another one almost immediately. I soon gave up killing,and shooshed it away…why bother killing it if another would be there? I found myself saying hello to it the other day. Told it to stay away from my face because I don’t want to inhale it.
    This morning, I was sitting in my reading spot on the couch and doing some journalling. Then I put the journal down and opened my book to read…and there again was my little fruit fly. I was happy to see it today (I live alone, have a large circle of friends and family, but live alone). I was wondering if it was an angel or messenger of sorts. It buzzed around as usual, then went away. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see it again tomorrow! I was thinking about this little creature and it’s morning visits to me, and found this very helpful site. Thank you so much for the help!

  71. Hi I am going thought a bad breakup with my husband and all I see when I think of him are Flys. Over my head. I don’t want a divorce and he does so I will persist and see where it takes me.

  72. Hi from past few weeks there is only one fly at my home and it keeps following me… i have killed couple of times but still next day i see one more fly.. does this signify anythin.. plz help 😯 :mrgreen:

  73. Hi! I have been “bugged” by flies, as usual(they’ve been lasting longer this year in my area) lately. It’s not been anymore than what’s normal, except I felt that they had a message for me(I still swatted them away; but now, well, I’ll try to not. ;)). So I got to wondering if flies had any symbolism. I was surprised to see they do! Thank you for this article; I’ve got my message. It rings true inside, and I’ll probably refer back until I feel the “pull” not to. The only message I could come up with before was, “Skmetimes you have to bug a person, in order to get their attention.” I got two messages above the article(I accidentally swiped back on my screen.). They were, “Keep your eye on the prize! Persistence will get you there!”; and, basically saying to remember who I am, and be true to myself. Thanks, again! <3

  74. Thank you for this! I was awakened this morning by a loud buzzing in my left ear, 50 mins before I had to get up for work mind you, from dreams of flies, flies close-up, flies and her eggs, and I’m sorry but *blech*! 😉 Lol! I’m glad to know these wonderful positive things about fly, and it all rings so true for me. I’ve had my childhood and young adulthood on my mind and both were spent struggling through the nastiest conditions but I survived, and without any of that “nastiness” neither physically nor spiritually “sticking” to me. I’ve always been a staunch defender of the light. So be it. Cheers! 🙂

  75. I dreamed as warm of flies (10) were flying in my house. It seemed important that I notice that but don’t know why. Any thoughts.

    1. Hi Allison: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page. The message will be specific for you.

  76. I just had a ritual house cleans performed this morning. We smudged and beat drums. Now there is a fly that is following me around everywhere I go in the house. I’m so glad I found this, it makes me feel secure that all the energy that no longer served me is gone and we opened doors for abundance.

  77. For the past several days, every time I get into my car, there’s been a fly sitting on my dashboard. I would always open the window, and they’d “fly out.” Then, there were two flies. Same thing. I’ve been looking under my seats and in the trunk for food, or something else that is attracting them, but nothing. Each time my windows were completely closed so they weren’t getting in from the outside. I kept thinking, “When I get home I need to research the significance of fly, yet always forgot. Today I went, and there were a swarm (10-12) of flies in my car! I came home and came across this website! I am on the brink of tremendous abundance in my life, and this explanation of fly is so on target. I’ve come to realize that food isn’t attracting them. Rather, I am! Wow. Amazing. Thanks for the insight!!! I am grateful.

  78. thanks for interpretation of the fly! He was bugging me, and only me, for 3 days then died in my coffee!! I am at a turning point in my business and made the decision to expand just the day before he appeared.. So I would say this article is 100 percent helpful to me.

  79. it seems like all the other comments are spam. I think fly is overlooked because it’s seen as annoying and dirty… but I’m proud of those qualities! (insert euphemism if you so desire : )

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