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Lynx Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Lynx symbolism tells you that things are not exactly what they appear to be. Furthermore, you must use discernment to peel back the layers of deception and see things for what they are. Lynx meaning insists that you look through rather than right at the object of your attention. In other words, trust this spirit animal to let you see the truth of the matter.

Alternatively, this Lynx symbolism is nudging you to wake up and smell the roses! Someone is deceiving you, and that someone is most likely yourself. Moreover, Lynx’s meaning reminds you to look inward to see where you are deluding yourself with your beliefs. Take the time to analyze the truth of what you believe and reconsider what you value within it.

Like the Otter, this feline also encourages you to be more playful and flexible in your life. Thus, she also pushes you to reach out for more opportunities, break out of our moulds, and change our routines. Lynx is about developing our abilities to see the unseen and silent aspects of our inner selves. Discerning truth when faced with adversity.

Lynx Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Lynx totem are very patient. They know how to wait for precisely the right moment to pounce. People love to bring them their secrets because they know they can keep a secret. Sometimes other people are uncomfortable around them because they know they see through their little dramas and acts. Like the Roadrunner, folks with the lynx totem have learned to trust their intuition and follow through on their inner guidance. They are playful yet know how to fly under the radar of others. These people are passionate about all things that interest them yet rarely show it to others. Also, they value time to themselves.

Lynx  Dream Interpretation

When you have a Lynx dream, it is a symbol of secrecy. In other words, you need to expose and examine the secrets around you and learn from them. If you have a Black Lynx dream, it is a sign that you need to be objective in any situation. This dream can also signify self-guilt concerning someone you dislike or do not trust. When a woman dreams of this big cat, it usually means that she does not see things clearly concerning her relationship with her significant other.

Lynx – One of the Ten Animals Promoting Change in Your Life

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  1. My sister told me that she had a dream, in that she was in her piano class and she was looking out of the window and suddenly a white lynx came in from the window and it started chasing two boys who were her enemies but it did nothing to her. So can you please tell me what could this dream mean 🙏?

  2. Dreamed I was asleep on settee. Opened my eyes and what looked like a kitten shaped brain was asleep on my tummy, i got a fright and swept it off with my hand, it fell on to the floor. Then a tiny black kitten appeared on my tummy, again I flinched and swept it off. Immediatly a large black lynx was sat on my torso, it latched on to my right hand , a moment of terror rushed through me as I expected pain and blood or worse. Soon I realised as i lay there on the settee with my hand in its mouth trying to push it back, that the lynx was calm had no teeth what so ever, all I could feel were the gums and slight pressure on my hand. I never remember dreams, only one years ago regarding g a wolf. and can’t get this out of my head, also I am a bit scared of domestic cats.

  3. I had the oddest dream just now. I dreamt that I saw a linx was playing with my kitten by jumping on my apartments balcony a few times while me and my cat watched from inside. I then let my cat out onto the balcony and the two of them just look at each other for a moment before he comes back inside and I close the door again. I call to let the apartment complex know theirs a linx outside and they act like it’s normal. Eventually it stopped and jumped on a log, helped a fox up onto the log and then they both traveled with a a black coyote or large dog down the river away from me and my cat. What in the world does that mean??

    I feel like I witnessed an asops fable or something.

    1. This is actually so strange because I had a dream almost 100% exactly like this last night. Only difference was My kitten (Calico) was playing with them while they growled at me until I fed them bread. Etc., Pretty strange.

  4. A couple of mornings ago, I had woken, or so I thought, and was just lying in bed. All of the sudden, with eyes closed I felt a thump on my bed, opened my eyes and saw the silhouette of a Lynx. Closed my eyes thinking I was just dreaming. I then felt claws gripping my hands and then one arm. As I lay completely still trying to decipher what was happening, the grip intensified. I continued to feel the claws for what seemed 10-15 minutes. After a few minutes, I felt another thump and felt as though there were more but younger cubs. Then I woke up. Since that morning, I have had the image of this Lynx seared in my mind and cannot seem to let it go. Here’s my final kicker… I have 3 marks on the top of my left hand that resemble claw marks… The only animal I have is a Chinchilla. Thoughts?

  5. James Michael Corpuz

    Im not sure where I was walking when I suddenly felt something large but not too heavy jump on me. At first I was startled thinking I was being attacked when I noticed that it was a large beautiful white Lynx with long beautiful hair that had jumped on me that had no harmful intentions but was being playful. I asked the owner if this cat did this often to strangers and they said that this was the first time that they had seen this happen. This made me feel special as I reveled in the experience and attention of this beautiful large cat.

  6. Okay here’s a dream I had and I don’t know if it means that a lynx is a totem for me or not. I was at my parents house and it had gotten loose. Me and my brother went outside to try and catch it. It kept running from us but no matter how far I ran I didn’t get tired or discouraged. Only that I had to catch it. When I finally caught up with it at some store like Cabela’s or something. I walked over and knelt down beside it. It didn’t run this time. I hugged it around the neck and it licked my hair and purred. Any ideas what it could mean? Please help because I’m very confused.

  7. Alexandru Ionescu

    Two days ago I dreamed two linx cats…one was white and one was blach…I read this text and what is write here is strongly releted with me

  8. We have rabbits in real life but they were in side in this dream i was outside helping mom with planting/growing a garden just generally helping out an when I was about to step over the fence to the small garden with the door on the other side open these two baby Canadian. ( white with spots) lynlxs run through the door so I finish jumping the small garden fence and run after thinking they may be after a bunny, (this part is kinda weird) while they were going through the door though they looked like rabbits but I knew them to be lynkx (back to running) they stopped after a few feet sat down and waited for me to pick them up (so I did) by their scruffs and took them to mom and she gasped because she knew what they were and was all ooooohhh! They are solo cute good catch. And handed them to her to cuddle we were all happy and that’s when I woke up. an you help me figure what/why the baby lynkx s were in my dream? Please and thank you!

  9. I had a dream where i was a bit older then i am now, and i walked into my living room. There sat a grey/white spotted lynx on my couch, laying there, filling up the whole space(it was rather large). My body was hesitant but i went towards it, and fed it some meat (i wasn’t sure what meat it was). It ate it and i sat on the floor next to it and it began to groom/lick my head. Could someone decipher this dream?

    1. That you are doing something right and are conscious and evolving in a good way. Your soul is alright too. A good dream indeed.

  10. I would like some help deciphering the meaning of this dream please. It was night, myself and others were barricaded behind extremely tall thick wooden walls. We were under attack by “something- someone”, I had a black wolf and a yellow/tan spotted shaggy in some areas bobcat- they and I were “one” –connected — i refrain using the word “pet”, but like that. So they both ran through the gate to attack what was out there, I had to close the gate and called them both back- only the bobcat came back the wolf kept fighting. I couldnt see him but I knew he was alright, but I wanted him in behind the gate as I had to close it. Swarming the gate was wild dogs, I kept slamming the gate on them – some got by but i knew the bobcat and the others could manage what had gotten past me so far. I woke up before the wolf came back and I could secure the door. …….. what could that mean.. are they guides ? …..

  11. Last night I had a dream, which had normal domestic cats in it, and then a very large orange tabby that resembled a cougar. Although the cat was frightening, I felt I was in no immediate danger. This morning, on my drive to work, I took a different road to the highway than I normally take, when I turned the corner, there was a rather large lynx walking down the middle of the road. When it heard my vehicle, he turned and walked off, over the snow bank and carried on. I’ve never seen a lynx in the wild this close before. Amazing, and so close after dreaming of a large cat.

  12. I was tripping on lsd by myself in the woods, just sitting completely still by a fire zoning out thinking, and out of no where i look to my left and there was a little grey lynx creaping slowly toward me, but it hadnt seen me until i turned my head and we both kind of jumped in surprise at one another. It was verry funny at the tims but also mysterious. Thats the only time ive seen a lynx in the wild. Always wondered if thers was some sort of message being sent.

    1. OMG yes that is definitely something with deep meaning for you! I know this is months old but just wanted to say that- I had a very similar experience after a night of altered perception- only with me it was a raccoon that came up very close and looked at me, and then just calmly walked away. Raccoons are very special to me now…I know they have an ability to shift (masks) and they are also scrappy- they will eat whatever is available when it is in abundance- they are quick to adjust to circumstances and are the entrepreneurs of the food chain- work with what’s available and plentiful at the moment. They are HIGHLY intelligent, and extremely curious. Look at what qualities in lynx resonate with you and what lynx medicine is telling you personally 😌

  13. I dreamed I was walking to my car and the lynx was attacking a dog which a lady tried to help the dog the lynx let’s go of the dog and I continue to walk I feel scared the lynx just looks at me in the eye but I continue to walk I get in a car and we left realizing that I had to go back because there was no reason for me to leave with someone else when my car was there already so we turned back and I get to my car…

  14. I had a dream last night that I was in my parent’s barn and there were several animals in cages. The animal I remember most vividly was a lynx, shrunken and sickly, in a cage. I felt so bad for the animals and let them out. I let the Lynx out of the cage, and she ran into the woods. What does this mean? I am currently going through changes right now- I am moving into a house with my partner and leaving my one-bedroom (where I’ve lived alone) of 3 years.

  15. Lynx, Tahontaneken’kó:wa, speaks to me of being still, putting aside all the noise of modern life and paying attention to the things that go beyond all the noise and pointless movement around me. Sometimes we all need to stop and be quiet and still, to become mindful of the real things in life, the things that actually matter. This does not mean to block anything out or to try to narrow our vision. Bruce Lee used to say that “Concentration is a narrowing of the mind.” . Only we humans think that is how to approach the world. Awareness means opening up your senses and your mind and listening without judgement or exclusion. Lynx is reminding me that I should do this every single day. It can be done in a few moments or for hours. It doesn’t require a temple or a guru. It just requires me to stop for a moment and listen, and to see what is really there.

  16. I sat and shared food with Lynx once. We were up in northern Ontario, near Hudson’s Bay. I sat down to eat some jerky when I spotted the Lynx watching me from behind some birch trees. I threw him some jerky. And then we spent some time just sitting. Neither one of us moved for a very long time. I was careful not to look directly at him so that he felt comfortable in my presence. I was, and remain very thankful for our moment together.

    1. I’m glad you are greatful for this powerful moment with a majestic Lynx. However, no one should feed a wild animal. It is unnatural and they lose the natural fear of humans . Wild animals need to fear humans for their own saftey and so they can maintain their abilities to forge on their own.

  17. Last week I dreamt that my brother and I were chilling in his garage and all of a sudden this leopard appeard. My brother told me it shows up every once in awhile thinking he has food, he handed me this bottle of nail polish than I fed the cat the nail polish, later in that dream I was in the rafters trying to hide but the leopard came up with me. A few moments passed and we went inside, we looked out the window saw it wasn’t there and jumped back in the garage, than his neighbour was walking by with 2 white lynx’s with black spots that had many incisions over them, the leopard charged at them and his other neighbour came out with a broom swating at the leopard.
    That’s when my dream ended, could this mean anything?And which one would be my totem animal?

  18. I just woke up from a nap. In my dream it was winter and i was walking outside in the parking lot of my work place…a big majestic grayish lynx was running at a coworker of mine. She climbed in her car and i just stood there in front of the creature and it was pulling playfully on my coat sleeve. It wasn’t mean…it bumped it’s head on my arm and the coworker asked me to get in the car cause it was dangerous. I finally listened and left the Lynx behind…it was so beautiful

  19. Dreamt of many many many playful baby lynxes on the path I walked in Russia along a river.
    One of them was injured and came to me
    I healed him some and off he went to return later in my dream..

  20. I journeyed wildly and ended up coming down through the centre of a redwood tree and crawled out through the roots, and sat with my back to the tree. A lynx came and sat next to me and watched the dawn rise with me..

  21. I dreamt I was talking on the phone to an old friend when a female white lynx appeared a few feet away. I was scared but excited and hurried in a cabin and peered through the window as she laid on the porch. Then a male black and white lynx approached and mounted the female. Later an unknown man mounted the female. I don’t know how but I ended up becoming pregnant with sextuplets. However, 5 died and I was only pregnant with a baby girl. What does this all mean?

  22. I dreamt of a gorgeous greyish linx last night. It was full of love and wanted to be my pet companion. I was and stayed skeptic of the linx as i knew it could turn on me at any time. My mom loved the linx although i was telling her to tread carefully. As the linx got older he still was following me everywhere i go however more aggressiveness would occur and i even witnessed him attack another human. I started distancing myself from it and it would get more aggressive and wanted to attack me. I tried to avoid any confrontation however the dream came to the point were i had to confront it. I had a long chopping knife in my hands and was facing it with a glass door in between us. That is where the dream stopped. Im really confused.. But the dream gave me the feeling that the linx or i would not have won the battle, we would have both died in this altercation. What can this vivid dream mean?

    1. Honor the lynx don’t fight the lynx. It seems it may be your totem. That’s why both must live or die together, your conclusion in the end. He represents your soul. Don’t be afraid of what appears as wild and violent or not predictable in yourself, life and choices. Drawing a lynx may be a good start 🙂 it can also represent a big change in your life, the one we say someone has “rebirthed” you know? Blessings!

  23. Last night had a weird dream of someone having a purple viper with the head of a lynx around their neck, and I was petting it under it’s chin. I’ve always been drawn to the lynx and snake, weird that they appeared as one in a dream, still trying to discern what the message is.

  24. The Lynx is one of my totem animals and I was drawn to her for the first time tonight. I didn’t understand her significance and felt drawn to the woods to find the truth. As I was reading her description in Medicine Cards, I read that sometimes she appears as an omen and the very moment I read the word “omen,” I heard a scream to my left. A few dozen yards away, an actual lynx was screaming at me. I shined my light on her to see if I could see her and she stared back at me for a moment. It was then that I finally heard the message she wanted me to hear.

  25. I dreamed of walking my dogs in an unfamiliar place. There were big cats in the backyard and puppies a few houses over. One cat went to touch or attach one of my dogs, but scratched me instead. Another big cat told him to leave us alone. The cats appeared to be in the Lynx family.

  26. I just dream that i had lynx on my head all the time. I was not scared. It seemed so.etimes its a dry straws but he was lynx either sleeping or half dead? I felt like i need to take care of him.

  27. Other beautiful creature also i believe that it can see more than the common or evident things, it is one of the animals i love most

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