Moose Symbolism

Moose Symbolism

Dream Interpretation

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If Moose has come passing through your life:

Know and understand that you – and only you – have the authority to make your own choices in life. You do not need to feel ashamed or pressured in any way by your friends and peers in that what you choose is different from them. Stand strong and proud and own who you are! Your individuality is your strength.

If Moose is your Animal Totem:

Your strength is in knowing exactly who you are. You have integrity and always stay true to yourself in decisions and life choices. Friends and peers look up to your knowledge and innate wisdom. You see life for what it is – a long journey with short stops to enjoy the spoils along the way. You move through life with pride and authority.

Dream Interpretation


  • I was looking for my cat in my back yard just now and I kept hearing noises from the yard diagonally across from mine (4 properties meet and all arefenced my back yard is where the fences meet) the noises sounded like the cat was maybe stuck in a tree or broken through the thick crust of snow and stuck in the soft and wet snow beneath…. I was shining a light and yelling for the cat and still only heard these noises so I grew concerned and threw on my boots and glasses and jumped both fences until I was in the offending yard… now these are no picket fences my friends, these are 6 ft high chain link fences with at least 3 ft of snow on the ground and lots of brambles and thicket to deal with… so I land in the other yard and break thru the surface and sink up to my thighs; I pull myself up with a prickly branch and regret grabbing it instantly… I am in the mean time still shining my light and calling the cats name… i know that about 20 ft from where I am there is a big old garage/shed; and the sounds are coming from between that big old building and the fence line (about 15ft between them) So shining my light I move forward until I am about 7 ft from the building and I see eye shine… and it is well above my head. It is dark and I do not see anything else but I feel scared right away and leap back as the creature was within 4 ft of me…. I break again through the crust and sink into the snow and because of this panick and I flounder until I reach the fence and uselessly jump sort of up sort of into it. It gets me nowhere. So I stop myself and listen… I hear the animal behind me coming through the tree line so again I more tactfully this time haul myself up and onto the fence. I stand on top of it where it meets the other fence for a minute and shine my light again trying to identify the thing that I just came nose to nose with…. I cannot see it; but I hear that it has followed me and moved more down that yard around the back of the building now. I am frightened at first… and then I turn my light off and stand against the fence and listen. I thought at first it was a horse. I could hear it’s nostrils puff out air abd I could hear it chomp chomp chomp ing on some vegetation (at this point in my mind I said please don’t let that be my cat and a bear) and I stood there for some time and finally the animal came into view from the trees and a HUGE old male moose stood there right in front of me; he looked at me; and ran his huge rack of horns across a large branch as if rutting; and to.mark his territory; and he stood there; chomp chomp chomp ing and puffing and snorting… and then he stomped his hooves a bunch and snorted a HUGE snort and stamped off across the yard hopped the fence like it was a crack in a sidewalk and was gone into the night. I was surprised it qas not scared of me when I approached it yelling my cats name and clumsily shining a flashlight at it… it was incredible because I was out there a total of 45 minutes with this moose literally within 10 feet of it.

  • Last night I dreamed my husband and I were driving through an upscale neighborhood, admiring the homes when suddenly a very large moose ran across the street in front of us. I yelled to people on the street, “There’s a moose!” and it became a photo opportunity. Suddenly, the moose, almost sensing we were watching began to do cartwheels and summersaults down the driveway of a fancy home. I loved this dream. But what does it mean?

  • I had a dream where a man gave my husband a job, benefits, all was happy. I shook his hand to say thank you Mr.xxxx and he said my friends just call me “Moose.” Just call me Moose…ideas what that means?

  • Last night I dreamed of a young moose he was running all over the place in the woods and fields and then I could not find him or her and then I opend a door to a home and the moose came out and nudged me but not to hurt me.

  • I had a dream that i rescued a white moose calf from a pond of dead animals, moose , horse etc. The calf was grateful and wouldn’t leave my side it even ended up sleeping with me it was so attached.

  • I dreamt that I was in some strange land with my two friends
    Later they went ahead while I was running to get something quite far away,when I got the thing and had been running for a while and I came to a tunnel where at the end a moose was standing and looking at me but I just went around it ,and then it ran down a hill and sarted running next to me on the grass but then it ran up the hill and right in front of me and I got really scared but I kept running then I looked back and he was standing still and after a few seconds I looked back again an she was running really fast after me and I started running faster and then I woke up and could almost not move my legs 😕

  • I was driving to work and a moose was standing by the side of the road. As I approached he then decided to cross. Coming home the moose was in the same spot waiting until I drove closer and then crossed. SAME SPOT SAME SIDE OF THE ROAD. What does that mean?

  • I saw a moose in the middle of a road, he looked thin and weak, dishevelled. I wanted to go and help him. Before i knew it i was surrounded by crowds of people and I became scared for the moose and the people.The moose charged through the crowd, and ran behind a gropu of young children and charged at their backs. This was adream obviously. ❗

  • I Dreampt that a moose was running around wild on its own then I remember looking away then when I look d back it was dead in a tree with a man & a woman.Very strange but vivid dream..I’d like to know its meaning as I think it has some significance ?

  • Last night I had a vivid dream that I felt I had to look into and try and find some guidance, as have been having a very tough time for the last 5 years and have been feeling its time to give up.

    I was at a harbour or a cove in Scotland and what looked like a sea lion or dolphin was flapping around just below the surface and you couldnt make out what it was. Then it walked out of the water and it was a baby/young moose, there were other people about and they were saying what is a moose doing in Scotland, and someone said it has come from Canada to see you. I felt I had to help the baby moose but couldnt get to it but it came out of the water and was ok and went off over the hills.

    If anyone can enlighten me it would be a great help, thank you in advance.

    • maybe also you feel like you need to be saved somehow when instead you could just change your mindset and trust everything will be okay. like the moose, it didn’t need saving, it just needed to walk out of the water, and know that it could/was possible. you don’t drowning by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.

  • I dreamt about a moose who loved me. The moose followed me whilst I was in a moving vehicle the moose caught up to me , placed his head on my lap then snuggled into me.

  • I had a dream I was in what seemed to be Colorado. Mountains, lake, nature all around and I was standing by this beautiful Lake with all of nature reflecting on it.. then a young moose emerged from the Lake. It was beautiful. The sun was so bright, everything was simply divine. Meaning? Thoughts?
    I’m grateful,

  • I had a dream that I saw a man picking up a moose. There was a storm coming and the strong flood waters knocked it over. Just random and strange dream to me

  • I had a dream of a herd of Mooses but there was one dead moose in the middle. I can remember this dream vividly as i was strongly disturbed. The moose was old but not thats old. Then as i was standing in the middle of the herd, a feather dropped into my hand. It looked like the third eye. A hawk landed on my shoulder and a wolf was beside me along with a horse beside that. The herd of Moose was gone except for the deceased one.
    Can you please explain this?

    • Hi Chloe,

      I was reading through my old dream archieves, and found a very similar dream like the one you described. It was 2.5 years ago that I had this dream, in which I was in a field with a girl and felt intense romance and joy. Suddenly there were all kinds of animals around us. Also a herd of moose, and one of them was dead. Just like in your dream and it was super vivid. The moose was dead, but it just stood there, being dead :s Then 2 bears started fighting with each other. And we looked at it for a while and then 2 cheetahs suddenly came to attack us, but there was this huuuge impressive dog that protected us. That last part sounds pretty scary, but the focus of this dream was mostly on the romance. So after reading this again, I started looking up what it could mean. So I ran through all the meanings of animals in dreams. The whole animal scene of that dream makes alot of sense of what happened to me during that time in my life. I keep reading that the moose represents strength. So… one dying, I think would mean that a part of our strength is failing. 2 bears fighting means inner conflict, which led to me being defenseless (the 2 cheetahs attacking) but… just like in your dream, there was this dog/wolf. If I’m correct they symbolize a guardian. So, if you’d ask me… I think your dream also shows that one of your strengths was failing. As the hawk stands for higher perspective, maybe that’s where that feather came from. Especially cuz it looked like the third eye, which is about intiution and awareness. So you are becoming aware of whats happening to you, about some struggle you’re having in life. The wolf and the horse, I’m not entirely sure about. They are both about wild energy and survival. So on one hand I thought maybe you become aware (hawk) of a failing strength (dead moose) which was caused by survival needs (wolf and horse). But as they were beside you, perhaps they represent some protective element. From within yourself, or a person in your life. Anyway, I believe it’s mostly about the hawk. Hope this helped : ) Mario

  • I have been having dreams and various visions of moose. In various forms, but mostly adults. Some black but mostly brown. Some foot prints..some actual animals and at other times it is people mentioning the word moose out of the blue for no reason. Im starting to think Im loosing my mind, but inately feel like someone is trying to tell me something…I just dont know what. I feel strongly that some changes need to happen in my life..I need positive influences and strength. I have been told that I am very strong and at times been considered a leader in my comunity. But I feel that I need to muster extrordinary strength to pull myself and family through a particularly trying situation we have been encou tering with our special meeds daughter. Id really lime to know what the signifcance of the moose is for me though. Im starting to believe that he is my spirit guide or power animal. How can I get more information to build on the positve strenth and energy?

  • I was on a yoga and meditation retreat this weekend with the intent of getting in touch with my intuition and finding some clarity around whether or not I should stay in my marriage or leave (nothing horrible going on). I went on a walk around sunset Saturday night and happened upon a clearing where a moose was grazing. At first I could only see its snout sticking out from behind a wood shed and thought it was a horse. Then it walked out in the open and I realized it was a moose! We both stood there watching each other for probably about 5 minutes, as the sun went down, before it sauntered off into the woods. I’m thinking this was a sign to empower me to be strong and make the decision to leave?

  • I drempt that a very large black moose had charged me but fell before it got to me but then it walked away and played with the children out front of my home.
    I’m very curious to see what this could mean. Does anyone know?

  • I had a dream of a pure white moose and calf. The calf kept running to me and would not go back to the mother. I picked up the calf and took into this room where the mother was, she was laying down and when I walked in with her calf she rolled onto her back and I put the calf down on her,it began feeding. (The calf was also pure white)

  • I dreamed that I found a baby moose the size of my palm under everything in my messy room as I was cleaning. I hadn’t taken care of him in a while and had forgotten about him. When I picked him up he started crying. I brought him to the bathroom sink to clean him off and comfort him In a wrapped towel.

  • I dreamt that I was riding a cow moose. It was very friendly and kept trying to get me to ride it…..I finally did climb on it and ride.

  • I had a dream where a moose was swimming across a lake at me. It was approaching quickly and I knew it was going to charge me once it got out of the water….I hurriedly rushed away and slid down a hill to where I knew there were others, whet I felt I would be safe …..

  • 😮 i had a dream where i was climbing a snow peak and along the rigde line i found something to pull my self up with and grabbed it with my arm. it turned out to be the front leg of a dead moose. then a bobcat or lynx could not tell which, nuzzled its face into mine while i was hanging from the ridge, then it grabbed on my leg like it was attacking me. i pulled myself up the rest of the way and then the dream ended. anyone have any ideas on what this might mean?

    • You must move on from the past. You have been given the gift of life on this planet; everybody makes mistakes, and everybody has done things they wish they could take back. A philosopher once asked one his disciples to stand up, and walk across the room. Once doing so, the philosopher asked his student to turn around to see where his footsteps are. They do not exist. The past does not exist. The only thing that is, is right now. You have the power to live your life knowing that. You have the gift to breathe life into that dead moose. You have been blessed with the gift to allow that lynx to help you up. You do not need to be afraid of it. Your totems are there to help you; sometimes you must face your fears to learn what they are teaching. This life is here so that you may learn from it and enjoy the journey. Love is your vision; love is your hands, your feet and your mind. Allow that to take hold and flow through you. Trust in yourself, trust in now and the moose and lynx will both be there to pull you up.

  • I am the moose as I watch my grandmother walk threw fire.
    She is fire, she is stomping it out.
    I moose see life and death of other elders.

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