Contact and Comments

Contact and Comments

Hi There: If you are having an issue or technical problem with this website please contact the Webmaster through our contact and comments form. You can also use this form for feedback if you have suggestions, requests, stories you would like to contribute and share or simply let us know that you are enjoying our site.

If you are contacting because you have a question, please have patience. It can occasionally take more than a week for a reply due to the high volume of mail we sometimes receive.

Copyright and Licenses

If you are contacting us about the use of some of our images then please save us a bit of time and use the Creative Commons for your image searches. Make sure the images you choose are used according to their licenses. All of our early images came from using this resource and those that require attribution are attributed. If we have made an oversight with regard to attribution please notify us and we will correct the issue promptly.

***We are currently in the process of switching out all of our images to images we have purchased through Adobe Stock Images.  All of our new images are available for purchase through this resource.***

If you are asking to use a quote from our pages please feel free to do so. If appropriate please credit and attribute the website and the animal accordingly. Please notify us and let us know that you have done this. Depending on the volume of email we may or may not reply. We feel our time is better spent answering questions and working on new animals to add to the website.

We hope you enjoy this website as much as we do.


I have opened up the comments for each each animal on the website. If you would like to see them published keep them specific to the animal you are posting on. If you have insight to add to this animal you are more than welcome to bring it to the Editors attention. If you have questions or are seeking insight on specific animals this is good as well. You are also welcome to offer insight to others posting questions about the animals already posted. If you have a question about an animal that is not posted or would like to see a certain animal posted – please comment on this page: Requests

We encourage our fans and followers to please participate in helping others that are looking for answers by answering some of the comments on this page or on any of the Animal pages.

Spam comments, links to eCommerce pages, vague comments about liking the blog, and excerpts from books will be filed in the spam folder – so please make sure that your comment does not fall into this category.

Questions and Answers

Here are the answered questions from our website users that have made contact with us.

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