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Your positive thoughts, prayers, and affirmations have put you back on the right path. Know that you are being helped and guided through this change.

Bat Meaning, and Messages

The Bat symbolism, in this case, is almost always putting you on notice of a significant change in your life. Explicitly, you must pay attention to the signs that are surrounding you. In this case, these clues could be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. The Bat meaning signifies the death of some part of you that no longer serves your higher calling. Therefore, like the Zebra, follow through on new ideas, hunches, and even emotions unfamiliar to you. In essence, this change may be somewhat painful if you forestall it. However, be aware that if you embrace it, the universe will make every attempt to make these changes as easy as possible for you.

Occasionally like the Blue Jay, the Bat symbolism can remind you to continue to pursue your spiritual growth by letting go of your ego. You can do this by renewing your thoughts and beliefs regularly, doing inner work, loving your enemies unconditionally, and nurturing personal growth in all its forms. Furthermore, your Bat meaning reminds you that if you remain in the present, everything will become clear.

Sometimes Bat symbolism can mean that you are allowing your fears to overwhelm you. The creature reminds you that you have nothing to fear, but “fear” itself.

Bat Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Bat totem are generally highly sensitive to, and extremely aware of their surroundings. They have a powerful ability to see through illusions. Also, they tend to dive straight into the heart of matters, are incredibly social, and have strong family ties. Mostly, they are nurturing, have excellent communication skills, and use their sense of touch as part of communicating.

The folks with this totem are also cleverly adaptable. They continuously check everything out for their responsibilities and required resources to be most effective in their day-to-day lives. Bat spirit animal people are very conscious on a psychic level and are prone to have prophetic dreams. Overall, like the Camel, Bat totem folks are also highly adaptable to any situation in which they find themselves. Those with the “flying fox” spirit animal totem of this species should also study the Fox.

Bat Dream Interpretation

Similar to above, a Bat dream can be a symbol of rebirth and unrealized potential. The vision is letting you know that the current path you are on is not very compatible with your new growth and new goals. Furthermore, it may also be a message that you are blindly entering some unknown situation or deal. In other words, you need to evaluate the facts more carefully.

Then again, to see this mammal in your dream can represent uncleanness, personal demons, and or annoyances. You must take the time to allow yourself to let go of old habits.

A white Bat dream may signify the death of a family member, or the transformation of a family member’s addiction. If the mammal is black, it may be an omen of personal disaster. When the species is a vampire, it is usually symbolic of something in your life that is draining you of your self-confidence, your energy, and your resources. In Chinese folklore, seeing five of these creatures in your dream symbolizes good health, happiness, longevity, peace, and wealth.

Occasionally, the dream may also be a pun on feeling “Batty” or crazy. The vision may also portend a crisis within your immediate family. The emphasis is that it may fall on your shoulders to sort it out.

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  1. I had this dream where I was leaving my mom’s house and a bat was coming to the house. I was pretty scared, then I entered a house where I saw people that I don’t even know and also saw my daughter, and it ends there.

  2. I was looking up bats in hopes I could find meaning to a dream I had last night.

    Last night I dreamed that I was at my moms house. There were a lot of cats in her house and I wanted to try to shew them outside.
    They were mean and the kittens were growling and hissing at me. There were about 4 or five of them. They were circling the nice kitten that belonged to my mom, making it very hard to get to my mom’s kitten and making the environment very stressful and very threatening. I went to a different room and The next thing I knew I was looking outside of a window while I was laying in bed. I could see bats flying around and I acknowledged them by saying ” look at the bats outside.” The next thing I knew one crawled In through the vent and was flying around the room. It landed on my right shoulder and shreaked in my right ear so loud. I honestly thought it was going to bite me. I could physically feel it on my shoulder. The dream at this point felt extremely real. I wanted to move and get it off but I heard guidance that said ” don’t be afraid. Think like the bat. Become one with the bat. Don’t fear it. Become like it.” I tried calming down and relaxing but was obviously stressed. As I calmed down the bat began to morph into me. Like it just melted into me through my right shoulder. I could physically feel what felt like stress and tension and paralysis in the place that the bat observed into my body. The bat became apart of me .The bat and I were one.

    The next thing I knew I was at a party and the police were there. Someone it seemed had stolen a vehicle. And I was telling them about it. As I was in this person’s yard talking to the police I heard the neighbors doing something. As I walked over I realized the neighbors were native Americans. They were playing drums and having what seemed to be a ceremony. I went over and joined them. I began dancing to the drums and the music they were playing .

    I woke up after this. When the bat was morphing into my body I was thinking in my dream ” this is your spirit animal. This is your familiar. ”

    Last week I was working on meditations to call my familiar and to connect to it. I strongly this is my answer. This is the animal I am most connected to and that is connected to me.

    1. God is with you dear.
      Write the dreams down as God continue to unveil some things to you by himself so be writing it down

  3. I don’t know what, or why. But what drew me to this page is because I seen what I could only describe as a Bat after spirit aka Bat Ghost. I was outside in my backyard just about to turn the day sky into full night, All the sudden I see this white object over my houses rooff, then it turned whatever it was which if it wasn’t alive but if it was I could only describe it as a head, turned it to me and shreeked a very strange bat sonar noise, it flew in a straight line with a slight arc down, and at this point It was so fast I would of thought it was a shooting star, but it saw me notice it and knew I seen it and wanted me to not be mis confused on what it was, thts it it made the Shreek noise that I can only describe as if I spoke bat language said “Yea that’s right, you’re seeing something and it’s not a shooting star, I’m here. The strange thing was I didn’t see it flap its wings and go up and down as often a bat does. It was also ghostly death grey white. But the strangest thing I seen that happened the other night was… it started off at left front corner of my house just appearing out of nowhere, when it went in a straight line and was just about to fly over my home’s roof diagnally, I’m expecting to still keep following it with my eyes, but no POoof, gone disappeared. This was to the point I yelled and a neighbor heard the bat shreek.

    I have severe trauma, and a personal belief is people that have severe trauma like no other on earth that it’s within this persons brain to work on a certain Kilahertz level, it’s more wired up than the normal person and their brain like mine works a lot faster at a higher rpm. Now if Ghosts are real which I believe them to be, and if what they are is generally understood they are a spirit right? Well that means they can travel literally within less than a milisecond, if a spirit is what powers this body a thought is very fast and thats what I believe them to be.

    Now the concluson. From my traumas I was given gifts like fast hand eye coordination the plan when I was younger was to in fact get in NFL as receiver. With this said I believe only certain people can see ghosts due to these Traumas and even some people born that way, that these people like myself their brains working fast enough can see and catch what others cant…. My overall personal belief is that they’re here but can move so fast we can’t see them, kind of like how a fan we plugin oscilates and spins so fast we can see through to the other side past the fan Pedals… And now the final belief. I believe if you have the gift to see a ghost ever not everyone can, and if infact you see one they purposely slow themselves down to where they’re oscilating at our perception. And if you see one they absolutely meant that to happen.

    Alls I know the very same day in my house a 2.5 filled Gallon of Water with a spicket was pushed all the way back to the wall and my house is on even ground, and it was sitting on a kitchen counter that’s almost 3 feet wide. When I was home alone that very same day it fell off the counter…….
    This thing didn’t seem to like me and knew I would be not shocked but surprised I believe the mischevious you could say “bad” ones feed and thrive off the fear and emotion. I’m debating sharing this story on my news website.

    1. EspionageCookie

      When it comes to ghosts, know that ghosts or spirits can take any form they want. A human might simply take the form of a bat, for example, if they prefer it. This may simply be them trying to show a symbolic meaning to how they are themselves. I say bats may have a negative image in their interpretation, even if they are not necessarily so in real life, though at the same time, a bat is not exactly the most dangerous thing to encounter. It is scary, yes, but not really the scariest thing in the world, so this seems to suggest that the ghost may be mildly problematic or obnoxious in his/her life, but not necessarily dangerous. I say considering it’s just that, and from what my gut feeling says, it’s just best to pray that the ghost pass on to the other side already. For all you know, it could be someone who died as an immature teenager or something like that.

  4. Dreamed a bat was flying around my pregnant daughter and landed on her a few times. We were just in a room talking and neither one of us were concerned or upset about the bat. ??? I haven’t seen a bat recently or anything so just wondering if anyone has any ideas about a meaning. Love this site and refer to it often. Thanks

    1. EspionageCookie

      Well, despite the bat’s association with being scary, bats are very nurturing, and have strong social and family ties. It might simply mean good news in the area of family soon enough.

  5. My husband took his life 5/6/2019 after a long painful ordeal with Lyme disease. A year before he left he was bitten by a bat and he received rabies treatment. Interestingly the immunoglobulin/rabies series he received caused a brief and significant interruption of his pain and fatigue. We were hopeful the dr.s would realize perhaps immunotherapy could help but the dr.s did not take us seriously and explore that avenue. He left one year later and I felt cheated by the lack of medical closure. I cried for weeks because I had researched tirelessly to find the answers while he was still alive the medical community was not providing. The lack of closure for me was heartbreaking. Soon after he left I found a dead bat in my living room. Could it be he was sending me a sign that we were on the right track medically? Was he perhaps gifting me with the closure I desperately desired and was unable to get? In my heart I think I already know it to be true.

  6. I found a common bat in my bed today. Seemed healthy enough, I caught it in a towel and gently let it go on our 2nd story porch since I know a bat needs a drop to be able to fly. Anyway, wondering if there is a specific meaning to finding a bat in your bed. I had been to town and come back before I found it there, honestly no clue if the bat was in my bed when I got up. I have no bites anywhere on me. (Looked very closely just to be sure I don’t need any shots)

    Anyway, its not every day you find a bat in your bed, so I just wanted to see if it is a message I need to be aware of.

    1. Question too you: Has there been any mystical changes within the last year. I have recently encountered a young, grounded bat last Friday evening, while doing a solitary walk in a park. It looked at me while moving its mouth as though trying to talk or give me a message. I did google for bat symbolism and found your postdated at about the same sequence a year apart. I would like to compare post-findings, if interested. My interpretation to such events is a cosmic/eternal alignment as guides.

  7. I dreamed I was in a beautiful garden with my ex from 16 years ago. We have been in contact and both dreamed of each other. He is happily married now. I asked him to block me in real life and he did. In the dream we were working in the garden. It was because and safe. He was building something on the back of a pickup I was working in the soil. I went over to him and we hugged. He sang about the moon. Then we found a horrible ugly mouse type of thing. Neither of us could kill it. My cat and dog wouldn’t kill it. So we took it and nurtured it. I broke into my childhood home and stole fruit for it. It turned into a beautiful white bat. Huge with sparkling wings and beautiful eyes. It had a peaceful presence. He built a kind of shelter for it. We were happy and blissful. A few days later I text him xx and he has unblocked me. It’s difficult as our conversation goes in circles and it’s like picking scabs of old wounds. Today is 1st of May and he has said to stop texting as he wants me to be happy. I am trying not to text. I know there’s no going back but the dream was on a different level. I know we are not going to be together but I NEED to know the meaning . Any thoughts?

    1. Secret advisor

      Hey Annie, I know what it’s like to have an ex and want to contact him. I was with mine for 10 years and we had a very bad break up. The bat symbolizes death and rebirth. In order to let love in and start a new life, you must let this part relationship die. You continue returning to it because you remember some of the wonderful things that happened between the two of you. But it did not work out and now your job is to come to accept this as a fact. Accept the pain, the loss– on your own (or with help from friends). Your ex is not your friend. Let him go, so you can make space for a new and more fulfilling love in your life. i hope this helps you, Annie. Mercury Retrograde is completed and you’ll have an easier time to continue moving forward to a brighter future.

  8. Namaste, I am a solo traveler and I have this unique connection with the bats, that wherever I go..they come around me..flying..I hear there voices very clearly. I explore places in the nature and after the sunset when I look up, I see all sized bats around. I have been noticing this, for more than a year..since I was followed by a bat in a local abandoned park where I used to smoke up with the friends. And that experience was very frightening but ever since then, I m not fearful to them. But I need to understand the deeper meaning behind. I stay grounded mostly, my third eye chakra also is very active and I can feel the vibrations. Wherever I may go, birds come around very easily..and animals also love to be around and are comfortable. I’m on my spiritual journey, but just to understand better with the signs that universe shows me everyday.. I’m asking about bats, bcuz in the dark..they are the significant beings that come around. Recently, I spent a night in an ancient cave which was full of bats. Nothing to be feared of course, and surely there’s a deeper connection..that I’m eager to understand and make the changes I need to make. Thanks

  9. Today i found a bat, size around one n half inch crouching on the floor outside of my apartment door step. The bat seem frightening and weak that unable to make a fly. Since I going out to buy some food, i also buy a coconut to try feed the bat. Unfortunately, the bat not eathing or drinking either. Just felt that the bat need some help. I bring it to home and shelter it for a while, it seem more likely the bat starting to drink water and fed with milk. I dunno what to do next, should observe the bat recovery being better to release back or should i release her now?

  10. I’m so sad today. I took care of a baby bat that fell a few feet from me. A few days old or newborn perhaps (eyes not opened yet).. very tiny, the size of my thumb. I took care of it for almost a week and today it died. And I think it’s my fault . I think I was rough because I didn’t bring my glasses when I fed it . I have been crying. I named it Max. Years ago, there was 1 bat (same house ) that used to follow me in the weirdest way. Anyway, I haven’t buried Max yet. I’m too sad to do so.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. It was very kind of you to help the baby bat. Try not to blame yourself. Sounds like you cared very much for the baby. We need more people like you in the world.

    2. Try not to be too hard on yourself and try to look at this from a different perspective. That tiny little creature landed literally on your door step. He or she could’ve already began the dying process and found it’s way to you for love, care and compassion in its last few days. You took care of him, gave him food, comfort and shelter. Please forgive yourself and see that you’re a very caring person, I can see that. Thank you for taking care of him and loving him while he was here. That’s a very special thing you did.

    3. You guys made me cry. So much love in your comments! I saw two bats fly above me tonight. Wonder what it means. ☆ AA

  11. So around midnight, I went outside and sat on my porch. While I was out there I heard loud screeching above me, I looked up and saw two white(possibly albino) bats seemingly colide into each other before they each flew their own way. I found it odd because it’s freezing cold outside and we rarely see bats where I live.
    Does anyone have any idea as to what that could mean?

    1. It means change, depending on cultural wisdom. It is a white light reminding you of symbolization, Inner depth, intuition, journying, LOVE, sound transitoning the bad to the good..

      If you ever want to know how the species of our land existence to always remember the feeling vibe upon seeing it and the coulture where you should seek. Remember the Earth was recreated through God. There is the quantum physics the Universe first.
      The PowerPoint is within you. Only you know your current situation in that particular term of life. It will either guide you to light from within Unconditional love and forgiveness. Or keep you in the dark it is for you to be able to make the changes you need..

    2. So I was on a camping trip not too long ago, and I found a dead bat. I was wondering if that could mean anything specific?

  12. Amandatory griffn

    Amanda griffin yesterday me and my boyfriend save the bat from being killed by a blue jay we brought it in the house put it in a box it was totally just stressed we didn’t wait until dark and set him free and he live and I was so I was so emotional about that bad that I knew somehow that it’s was tied to a person I had just lost I have passed away I knew that you was telling me a message I guess what I’m trying to say is pay attention to what the universe is telling you and yesterday that message was meant for me the universe had a message for me what was peculiar about the situation is that type of bat isn’t even from the area that I live in so that’s how I am one of the major things that made me realize this was a message for me

  13. I woke up out of my sleep last night,and there was a bat above me,I screamed and it disappeared into my ceiling, vanished,scared me,what does this mean,I couldn’t go back to sleep!am I seeing things??

    1. I had s bat found it’s way into my bedroom about last night and it flew over my head and I scream, when I turned on the light I didn’t see it. I slept with the light on for the rest of the night. When I laid down the next night it reappeared again, but this time when I turned on the light, I saw it and killed it.

  14. we had a bat get in the house last night. it was so panicked. we have no idea how it got in siince all the windows are sealed and doors are closed due to the air conditioning. it toook some effort to shoo him outside. Im taking this as a literal physical manifestation of the bat as a spirit guide at this time in my life. the universe is speaking directly.

  15. Last nite as I was driving with my boyfriend I started hearing this weird creeping cherp close by it was following us for about 3 or4 miles threw town cherping awfully until we gained enough speed to loose it on the way back from our friends it happened again what could this mean I’ve had a past experience with a bat outside my apartment circling around the area for hours late one nite squalling and annoying me

    1. The same thing is happening with me .first it happener when i was in college it followed many times then one time it came and hit on ma left side of head,I thought it was due to my light in bike (UV) amd today when i am back at ma home it came again when i went outside i was driving a totaly different vehicle …..

    2. That happen to me that a bat was circling desperate around & around my apt. window after 12 am & up.This is the 2nd time I’ve seen it the 2nd time was 2 bats.The 1st time was 1 bat what does this mean???

  16. A baby bat appeared in my dream last night hanging from a fence. A mature white owl and a flying insect also visited my dream yard and I stood watching the three from across the way.

    1. U dreamed that my daughter had a big house and she had a chimney and the grey bats was coming down the chimney and my fiance was sweeping them up throwing them away what that dream about

  17. This morning I found a dead bat on my path at the side of the house does this have meaning for me, I have been through a tough time piritually and feel my path is being blocked any ideas

    1. Found a dying brown bat on my back doormat this morning.
      Could barely move. Then stopped breathing and died.

  18. Lucius Decatur

    Out for a walk late in the morning today. An infant bat – quite alive and active – but unable to fly was near a shrub on north edge of sidewalk. And…I’m taking an airline trip tonight.

  19. I had a dream of a black bat it was looking at me. The dream went from the bat look at me. Too seeing several groups of baby squirrels, but in my dream someone said they where baby rats. What does this dream mean.

  20. Great change has come into my life. I walked away from my house to get rid of my ex that wouldn’t leave after a 10 year relationship had ended, and am now engaged to a wonderful woman. I find myself worrying that so much change happened so fast, and even tho I’ve never been happier I wonder if I’m making the right decision. So I asked for a sign. A few hours later I’m driving down the interstate in a busy city in the middle of the day and a giant bat flys straight down the road just inches above my windshield and looks right at me, not the least bit afraid of all the cars. Just like anybody else traveling down the road. And then it was gone.

  21. Yesterday Monday. March 13 iwas about to go to sleep and I hear my sisters and mom screaming I ask what’s going on and they all pointed at a bat on my mom’s door .First we tried to catch it but it did want to cooperate so we took percutions with a BB gun that night I had a dream of a bat biting me I woke up very shock at 3am. I fell back to sleep and I had another dream of me getting shot as a bat with a BB gun so I woke up and stayed up think and it’s was 4am when I had the sceond dream and now it’s 12:30 and I’m going to try to sleep

  22. I’ve had so many run ins with these creatures. One landed on me camping, climbed up my back and callled its mate. There were two in my tent. Twice I had the same bat fly into my home on two separate days, back to back. Wherever I’m at these creatures like to fly close to me.

    I feel very connected to them. And also to Octopus, which I’ve had run ins with as well.

  23. You Need Schooling

    Woke up from a dream about dead black bats in my garbage disposal. I turned on the appliance to wash it out with water, but instead, the oily, mangled bodies of dead black bats came shooting up through the drain opening. The black, oily substance from these dead bats got all over me in the dream. There were vague appearances of other black bats in other rooms of the house, too. What could be the meaning of the dead black bats and their thick oily substance in my garbage disposal? Please help!

  24. I just had a dream where I could willingly turn into a bat (a few other children did as well, the others were turning into ravens or crows). I was a child in the dream and amongst other children in the wilderness learning how to tap into their powers. As I was flying, I flew close to a camping site and someone who was scared when they saw me, shot me with a bb gun. I flew back to our area in the woods and towards a shaman elder. She healed me with herbs as a demonstration to other children trying to learn how to learn how to heal. Before I woke up, I could remember feeling concerned about how my appearance as a bat had scared the people and was frightened to use my power again. I was going to consult with another elder to see if I could change the animal I could transform into… Maybe an owl or something less threatening. Any insight on the meaning or omen of this dream?

    1. I did forget to mention that I often dream of animals in my dream, usually panthers, polar bears, and sea turtles. This is my first time dreaming of bats.

    2. I just had a dream similar to that last night! I don’t remember the beginning other than the fact that I was trying to keep away from people trying to capture me. But I quickly realized that I could turn into a bat and it felt 100% real to my body. One of my cousins (whom I’m not very close with anymore) was like me. I helped her learn to fly properly and took her with me to fly above the clouds to see the stars which were absolutely brilliant. And I distinctly remember telling her to trust me and to let go so she could see the stars dance. It was such a beautiful dream! Don’t know exactly what it means but it’s crazy that I found this when I did.

  25. Could anyone shed some light in the possible meaning….
    Dead bats! We are experiencing dead bats around the property. Most recently one at the beginning of my driveway today … at 4 in the afternoon!!

    Hope to hear from anyone with meaningful guidance🌿

    1. Hi Catt

      First off have you seen any other dead creatures in and around your home ? Perhaps taking one of the bats in for testing may unlock some of your mystery. If there is some community based virus that’s killing the bats as they do live in such close proximity to each other.
      Bats can be a sign of the need to let go of old habits and that perhaps you have a current goal in life is not compatible with your new growth and thinking .
      This may also indicate some situation where you are blindly walking into it and you need to evaluate the facts more carefully.
      They symbolizes uncleanness and annoyances. Alternatively, bats represent rebirth and unrealized potential.
      Take a good look around your life when it comes to decision making and be careful that any bigger decisions are made with a clear head and positive intent .

      Regards Derek

  26. Okay so I was back home where I’m originally From to have my triplets and when we came home to where we life now the night we got home Dec 22nd 2016 We was sitting in the living room enjoying our food after a long drive and a bat can down my chimney into our house which scares us because it was very unexpected. Two days later I had to take my newborns to the hospital because they somehow got RSV the last one his got out last week. And last night as I was about to burp one of them a bat came out of nowhere flying toward my head then Carried on to my one yr olds room then to the living room and I finally got it to go back outside where it belongs. Now I read that it’s supposed to be a change or luck oe something good happen but today Feb 17th 2017 I had to go to my fiancee work to drop of his papers and as I was pull in to the lot I hit a pole with my car “no one was hurt luckily” so I feel that the bats that have flown into my house lately have been bad omens on my family and myself. What do you all think about it??

    1. Hi Holly
      Bats symbolize uncleanness, demons, and annoyances. Alternatively, bats represent rebirth and unrealized potential. You need to let go of old habits.
      They are also known to be a omen of pending troubles , now seeing that this part has already shown its ugly face I do believe that your in the clear with that side of things .
      Bats nest in our homes and any I closed space and they do it more or less in a community so if you haven’t already had the house looked at for nesting locations you may want to do so. They could be in the property somewhere and are ending up in your house the same way most flying creatures do (down your chimney.
      You can also use Eucalyptus or peppermint. The smell of both of these is intolerable to bats , close off any opening into your home and again take a look around your property .
      I do believe that if you handle the possible nesting (roost) issue your problems with the bats are over ,,
      If you start to have dreams with bats in them (more then 1 anyway) it may be time to start looking harder at the first bit of info I passed .
      Hope they find their own way off the property or at least out of your home.
      Good luck

  27. Last night, I had a bat fly straight through my window and into my bedroom. I live in an apartment complex on the fourth floor, so to me, it is very odd that the bat would puck my room up so high out of the hundreds of windows nearby. It stayed in my room under my bed until now (lunch break) when I decided to face my fear of it and let it out through the balcony. My guilty conscience reminded me all morning of what it would feel like to be in a strange environment all alone and defenseless. When I watched it fly, I felt a strong relief, as if I had passed a test or payed a karmic debt. Please explain what a bat would mean. Btw, Ive been wearing a black batwing blouse and black pants for the past three days because I guess it matched my mood after a recent harsh heartbreak I had. I don’t k of if it has anything to do. Did I “attract” the bat?

  28. I dreamt about hundreds of baby bats in our house. In the dream I had to wake my kids because I needed help getting them out of the house. The babies were very cute but, I was worried about them getting trampled in the house. My daughter in the dream was ga-ga about how cute they were. My son was surprised about how many there were. The last part of the dream we got them all out safely and the parents were walking out and they did not have wings but they walked on all four legs they did not bother us they just followed along with their babies outside and looked over their shoulder at us and kept walking. 😕

  29. I had a dream last night about feeding baby bats with bottles of milk and they appeared to be wearing diapers. As if they had been abandoned and needed taken care of. Curious as to what others may interpret this as.

    1. Hi Dianna

      That is an odd one isn’t it
      I think that the symbolic meaning of this is perhaps you are handling somthing for someone else and it’s become somewhat of a negative thing. Diapers indicate that you need to clean up the mess you may have created due to childish behaviours. You may be too dependent on others in life and this could be unhealthy for you in the future
      This dream could also be focused around maternal instincts .
      Intern To dream that you are feeding someone/ somthing indicates that someone in your life is in need of love and acceptance. That someone could be an aspect of yourself.
      To feed something in a dream also is about your ability to nurture a particular project, idea or relationship.
      I hope that helps some , it’s a hard one to nail down for me but I thought I would give it a shot …

  30. I was cleaning up in the kitchen this last Sat. Night and I saw a bat flying around in my house, catching me off guard naturaly it scared me and I screamed, my husband got it back outside.
    I mentioned it online to my friends that weird stuff like that happens to me but that was my first bat in the house and a friend said it was probably a brown bat which now come to think of it I think it was, and that maybe there was a meaning to me having that experience.
    Was there a meaning to this? And can someone please help me find that meaning?

    1. Hi Jackie, I have been working with bat a lot in meditation, so I hope I can help. I too have animals appear to me in my home and any time I leave my house. I’ve seen the strangest things out in nature, like a small bird riding on the back of another bird, and have even had a close encounter with a bear! I have noticed a pattern that bat comes to me whenever I’m being down on myself and comparing myself to others. Also -when I’m ruminating on past traumas. Bat is “in your face”, but also really kind and nurturing. Bats message seems to be “pull up your inner strength and let it go.” Hope that helps!

    2. that is very very true what you said.
      I have had 2 surprise visits from bats. I couldn’t notice any similarity between the 2 incidents. but i ruminate a lot. and the intuitive motion of bats as they move around seems to draw my attention. i get kind of scared and shiver sometimes when bats appear in my dreams. there was one dream where it showed me its big sharp teeth, as though trying to attack.
      in another dream i saw that the bat was a motor which brings hot water to my house. but in place of the bat, my cousin’s friend had taken place of the bat as the motor. and the bat was later eaten by ants. so maybe what you said that we are trying to compare ourselves with others can be used here….i was comparing myself to this cousin’s friend….so she had become the motor and it caused the bat’s death….what are your views on this? Can you also please share something about bat meditation?

    3. Beautifully said! I felt like I was reading my own experiences with bats while reading your reply! Bats are amazing!

  31. Okoe jessey abdul manan

    Saw a tiny bat flying in hall way yesterday which scared me I mananged to kill it and swept it out and today just around the same time 3am I saw another one flying around me scared again I killed it .I was scared so much that I checked tge whole house if there was an entry but wasn’t.I had to do some little reearch and bam I found your comments too can some pls give me certain meanings pls

    1. Don’t kill bats they don’t harm

      you would have kept quiet & they would have found their way out in no time

      sad u react that way

    2. Just woke up from dream, first there was a black bat in the home, my niece was in my dream and I awaken lights were off ond i seen this white bat with wide wings perched on some boxes in my room looking at me. I sought refuge in Allah against any and all of shaitan’s trickery. Turned on the light of course no bats. Looked up white bats, they don’t grow to the size i seen in my dream. 🙁 it could be death related Allah knows best bcuz nite before I had a dream about suicide.

    3. Thinking about this white bat. I am having problems with family and thinking about letting them go that bring more sorrow by not returning the same love and respect i have for them and this is immediate family members. For spiritual growth I will love them from a distance but i feel I can’t hold on to something that once was but hasn’t been there on their part for years. So i say that I am divorcing those that no longer respect the ties of family kinship so that I can grow spiritually. So I do agree somewhat to the meaning death in the family ➡ 💡 however it’s growth for me in shaa Allah. Best to you all.

    4. a white bat means death of a family member or someone close to you.This may show that one person you hold dear might pas away.

    5. In my country it’s illegal to harm them . They really will not hurt you so please stop you are just being cruel

  32. I have been going through a really weird time in my marriage feeling like it is not my highest path and my eye is good I sat outside in nature and I asked spirit repeatedly for a sign… I went in the house and was washing up in the bathroom and the hugest bat I’ve ever seen started flying all around me! My husband later got it out of the house safely! Does anyone have any feedback? Thank u spirit batman!

  33. For the past few days a bat will fly past my window at the same exact time everyday. This has really helped me a lot since i’ve been dealing with a breakup recently. Its hard now but i can slowly feel myself feeling replenished after shedding this stage in my life. Perhaps this relationship was hindering my spiritual growth to some degree and now that i’m out of it i see beautiful changes to every aspect of my life. The universe is spectacular

    1. Wow ! I am having trouble with my marriage as I feel like it is not aligned with my spiritual path! I prayed for a sign… And I came in the house and was in the bathroom for quite a while washing up and then this huge bat flew all around! I read your post and maybe that is my sign ??

    2. Just woke up from dream, first there was a black bat in the home, my niece was in my dream and I awaken lights were off ond i seen this white bat with wide wings perched on some boxes in my room looking at me. I sought refuge in Allah against any and all of shaitan’s trickery. Turned on the light of course no bats. Looked up white bats, they don’t grow to the size i seen in my dream. 🙁 it could be death related Allah knows best bcuz nite before I had a dream about suicide. Darlene Lacey, you and hubby need to possibly spend more time praying together and seeking God in all aspects of your marriage, don’t let go so easily, because it’s easier to abandon a marriage than to fight to keep it.

  34. We had a cute little bat stay with us for 2 nites in our flat, we had all windows open but he didnt seem to want to leave just kept landing near us and flying around us, not long after that i felt i needed to change direction in my life and did it!
    That was about 3 weeks ago and i feel great
    It just popped into my head this morning to lookup spirit animals and i thought of the bat
    Very fitting 🙂 thankyou little bat friend 🙂

  35. This interpretation of embracing change instead if resisting it kind of makes sense. In my dream I was at a costume party dressed up as Batwoman and I went into a room that was filled with bats. They kept flying near me and poking me. I remember feeling the sharp jabs on my back as I was trying to protect myself and the more I freaked out the more they seemed to attack me. But then I took a deep breath and noticed the more I relaxed the less they attacked me, eventually they went back to roosing.

  36. marnie phillips

    I have always been fond of bats, there was a large white bat that used to fly around the street light when I was a kid. I used to lay on the road because it was still warm from the sun, and watch as it chased the moths.
    My husband gets up early and was having his shower it was about 4:30 am. I came up stairs and saw something flying around the living room. I thought wow that’s a huge month, it was not a month it was a bat. It was flying around the living and then followed me down stairs. To say the least I was a little startled it was after all 4;30 on the morning and I had just woken up. We have an old oak tv stand and I have painted a family of fairies male and female well the bat flew in there walked out on it’s little hands looked right at me and flew around again. We opened the doors and we never saw it fly out. I will always remember my husband coming out of the shower and yelling and peeking around the corners as long as I live. I checked the house later that day and have no idea how it got into the house.
    I looked up the meaning and feel very blessed that it gave me message of change.

  37. Bats give me a sense of joy.

    When I was a child, playing outside in the backyard at dusk, I was never fearful of them and actually loved watching them in flight.

    As an adult have I had 2 exceptionally moving experiences with bats.

    The first was at my house. One day I noticed guano on my roofed front entryway. Wondering how it got there I looked up and saw that where the entryway roof met the side of the house there was a muddy looking lump. I didn’t know what it was. I wasn’t worried about it or thinking I needed an exterminator to get rid of whatever it was. I wanted to keep my eye on it. Lo and behold, later that day at dusk, I saw a bat fly out of it. I was so excited to have bats nesting on my house. That nest stayed there for the 15 years I lived there and I loved “MY” bats.

    A few years later, after relocating to another state where all my family lived, my brother introduced me to a friend of his. The friend was complaining about a HUGE population of bats living in his steel building from which he operated a heavy equipment repair shop. I told him that I love bats. He said he had nothing against them but their guano was destroying his shop and his customers’ equipment. He said he was going to have them exterminated. Of course I didn’t want to hear more of that story, but understood his plight. Anyhow, he invited my brother and me to stay for dinner so that at dusk we could watch the bats fly out. IT WAS AMAZING to see HUNDREDS of bats fly straight downward through the corrugated metal roof tunnels and just before hitting the ground flying straight upward and out to begin their nightly hunt. It was such an incredible sight that I was literally crying with joy. The friend invited us to return to see them fly back in. Holy Cow what a sight! it was incredible to see them zoom straight up and into the corrugated tunnels.

    In the UK bats are protected against human extermination. Not so in the US. We have 45 different species, which granted is a lot. Of those 45, 6 are endangered. Bats play a significantly positive role in our ecological system. I Love Bats!

  38. They are such a cool spirit animal… I’ve had many visits from bats, in 3 different apartments. I never know how they get in or out, (once I caught and released one, but the rest ???) Just last night there were two that were flying around my room together for hours, then disappeared. Each time they show up is during or before some big transformation, at least spiritually, and during a very spiritually in-tune time of realizations. They bring a sense of wonder and playfulness along with some of the deeper transformational stuff, something lighthearted in the midst of mystery. This time I know there are some big changes coming up, and have feeling lost about where to go, and alone. They’re somehow reassuring to see, though I still feel like I’m operating in the dark by instinct alone… so much thanks to the universe for this visit!

  39. Was just watching some spiritual series for a while and it got dark in the mean while. What happens next something flies into the flat from the open balcony door and scares the s**t out of me. First I thought it was a bird but then when I came back after my “escape”, I saw a bat hanging from blinders. Which then left from the flat after a while. I hope anyway.. 😀

    Had to have a look if there was some spiritual meaning in this since the timing was rather “convenient”. Hope this was a good sign for me though 🙂

  40. I was sitting outside on my porch when a white bat flew past me. It was close enough that I could have reached out and touched it, if I had been fast enough. 😯

  41. I’ve been experiencing spiritual changes in my life recently, I’ve been spending lots of time alone to meditate and really search within myself.

    Last night I came back into my bedroom and gt the fright of my life when I heard something rustling behind me. It was a little bat stuck in a bag below my desk, how on earth it got there I don’t know. And then this afternoon I pulled up my bedroom blinds and another bat fell out onto the windowsill!
    They live inbetween the houses walls but I’ve never seen them in the house before! how they’ve been getting in I don’t know because I don’t leave the windows open.

    I had a strong urge to look up the meaning of them and it resonates exactly with what I’m experiencing right now!

    thank you for the info!

    1. hi there
      i too had an experience similar to yours early this morning. asleep around 2 am a bat started ciciling around the ceiling fan. it was large and healthy. the cat saw it first. i dont know how it got in to the house other than shamanically as nothing was open that would be a venue for it. that is nothing in the physical reallm. i am going through a great deathing and rebirthing and see this as a welcome affirmation. i have looked all day tofday through the house were it might be but feel it has dematerialized after deploying its message. we are fortunate.

  42. For the past two years there has been a bat that sits outside my window, i know that it is not a cawincitence because i just moved at that bat still sits outside my window at my new house what does it mean

    1. Hi Ashley
      How are you feeling spiritually at the moment ?
      I get the sense that this bat is connected with you in some manner .
      Do you have any close relatives that have passed prior to the bat sitting at your window ? I ask because bats don’t generally sit , as they can but its predominantly after a kill..
      I am being told that it’s spirit that has passed and is trying to make you notice it and it needs your to understand who it is . I get the feeling that it’s female and was someone fairly close to you ..
      If you can you should go see a physcic and sort out what it wants you to know , I can’t pick up on that at the moment and normally when this happens spirit really doesn’t want anything , if this is the case she is just watching you almost like protector .
      Wish I could say and do more for you but it won’t give me anything else ..
      All the best

  43. This is really something and a much needed surprise. This morning I stepped outside on my porch before 7 a.m. It’s quiet here in this concrete jungle in the early morning and late evening hours and it is those times which I savor. The night is giving way to the day so it’s still a bit hazy out. All of a sudden, “whoooosh”, a flying creature streaked past me and I thought, “well, now, that wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t black like the bats around here”. I recalled, over and over, the vision of what I had just seen and resigned myself to believing that it was a quite large, tan-colored bat. Shortly, thereafter, the thought left my mind. A couple hours later I sat down at my keyboard to see what was happening in the world and this photo of a bat appeared and I clicked to read. (I’ve always been fond of these little critters. Did you know that ALL bats, when exiting their caves, ALWAYS exit out to the left? It’s true.) All of a sudden, I’m reading that “my positive thoughts, prayers and affirmations have put me back on the right path and that I’m to know that I’m being helped and guided through this change. WHOA! I was really taken aback! This IS what I have been doing, quite regularly, for a month or so. You see, when my son was 26 yoa, he was a passenger in a sports car which struck a tree going 60mph. He sustained a traumatic brain stem injury and became a quadriplegic, unable to do anything at all, not even speak. He is now 34 and I am his sole, 24/7 caregiver. I’m all alone in this world, here where we live, as far as getting him the help which he needs and also, alone in his care. Because of the stress and the very little sleep I’m able to get, I’ve put on weight. My limbs have also suffered because of having to constantly move my 185 lb. son by myself. Anyway, I’ve been speaking aloud positive affirmations. Quite a few of them. Like “my wrists and ankles and knees are healed”, “I’m pain-free”, “I’m full of vim and vigor”, “I have 1% body fat”….and the biggee…”my son and I will be moving to St. Petersburg in September and I will love where we live and all of the doctors will give my son allllll the help he needs and he will do GREAT!!” (FL healthcare will offer my son all he needs which we do NOT get in NC and also, my son and his wife and boys live near St. Pete and they will visit and give us the love which we so need and my son will enjoy the time they spend with him because after all of these years, he must be really tired of seeing only his mother’s face, don’t you know?) Sooooo….you can SEE why this was SO INCREDIBLE to come upon!!! I’ve never even BEEN to this site before! You must agree with me…this was MEANT TO BE!! And let me tell you, I’m sooooo thankful and grateful to the powers that be for this because I really needed this lift!! I really, really did. Hallelujah, yippee and hurray! This has given me a spring to my step! I’d better go and take advantage of this unexpected burst of energy and get some housework done. Sorry this was so long but I wanted to share with anyone who wanted to know. I’m still shaking my head in amazement. Indeed a real Blessing. Wow.

  44. I just saved a bat caught on my wasp trap (which is now in the trash) what is symbolism of saving a bat? Or of one that is in peril. He or she didn’t bite me and once I freed it (using olive oils) it flew away. Can someone please tell me the meaning of this?

  45. Winona Collier

    A bat came to our campsite last weekend and stayed for several hours before heading out near sunset. Our group gently pet the bat. It was such an incredible experience for everyone there. I couldn’t wait to explore the spiritual messages that beautiful little creature was sharing.

    1. Oh, wow, you all were really blessed to be able to have that experience. That is pretty amazing, for sure.

  46. I had an interesting dream tonight. I was at work *though not working*, while hand in hand with my husband, when I get a tug on my other hand. I turn to see my grandpa, whom in real life I have not seen in almost 10 years now. He tells me he loves me, and has missed me so much. We hugged, and kissed, and he says he is angry at the family for telling him that I had not wanted to see him, when in reality that was not the case. I could feel, smell, hear my grandpa so clearly in my dream. As soon as we stop touching each other, I wake up. I laid in my bed, wondering if perhaps my grandpa has passed away and visited me in my dreams *he would not be the first to do so*, when I noticed an upside down bat hanging on my door frame. As I lay there, trying to figure out how this is possible, my alarm goes off to get ready for work *I wake up at 3am in the morning*. Of course, by this time, it appears bat is no longer there *or blended back in with the other shadows*.

    I am not quite sure yet what Bat’s message to me means yet. My first instinct *as well as my husbands* is that Bat is letting me know that yes, my grandfather has indeed passed and perhaps helped his soul visit mine in my dreams before he moved on. It is too early to tell. I will be keeping my eyes, ears, instincts alert for whatever Bat’s message may be.

  47. Kristie Hammond

    I just want to thank whoever runs this site, I have a lot of spirit animals that speak to me and you have helped me so much in understanding what messages they are trying to say. The short message in the box before your description seems to be exactly what is going on in my life every time I look up an animal. And I’m sure there are plenty of others out there that appreciate your work. Thank you x

  48. I was outside on my balcony and a white bat flew right by me. I was taken back because I have never heard/seen/know of this animal. Does anyone know anything about the white bat? I live in Los Angeles area nowhere near any region these species dwell.. ❓

  49. It’s funny how something that happens can trigger an old memory. The bat that scared the hell out of me two mornings ago in my bathroom did just that. In February 1971, a bat was flying around my childhood home in the middle of the night. I remember my Dad trying to knock it out of the air with a pillow. I wasn’t sure which of us was scared the most, us kids, hiding under the blankets, my Dad, who kept saying over and over, “Oh Jesus”, or the bat.
    I remembered this incident because two days later, a heart attack took my Dad’s life.
    When I told Julie my childhood bat story after my recent encounter she said that my bat could have been a sign or a warning. After the bat that I captured disappeared, she started calling it a ghost bat.
    This morning we got word that Julie’s little brother, Mark, died of complications from cancer surgery. He was 47.
    In her grief, I heard my wife mumble, Freakin’ ghost bat.

  50. 🙂
    After I ending an acting performance in los Angeles, as I was driving home I had released a huge amount sorrow and desperation that needed to resurface again..I already collapse in tears a few times the last recent weeks. The tears themselves felt familiar but the reason itself unknown. As I breakdown choking up tears behind the wheel I prayed to the archangels and universe for a sign to pull the answer out of me and bring me clarity to heal.
    About 15 mintues later a huge bat that flashed white in my headlights barely hit my weind shield and flew up.
    I immediately resolved my feelings and that they are not the same as thoughts. My mentality on my path is tired closed up and hanging upside comfortably ..and yet my feelings..intuitively were being revived and unpackaged to a new innerdepth that only the thoughts of doubt could bring me to ..this bat his message up is not an option. We all have been through the worst. And when painful things arise We immediately go back that place again and again but never feed into it the way we did before at it’s worst.
    Thank you bat. Thank you universe. Thank you archangel for sending him the message to send to me.
    Love and light 😀 😀 😀 😎

  51. Hi
    I dreamt I was in a tower sitting on a big chair with a musician I know.
    A long line of big bats was queueing to administer some “treatment ” on him. They were almost like dogs – big sandy brown creatures.
    I was panicked but my friend said
    “don’t worry they’re just here to remind me to play more”

    I initially thought it meant to be more playful in life in general but later remembered I’m a somewhat frustrated musician. Maybe a confirmation then of a sense I’ve been having recently of wanting to get more into music but in a more playful, creative way.

    Any feelings you have on this dream?

    Thank you very much

  52. Jeremy Hood-Daniel

    My grand daughter took me and showed me this fruit bat fast asleep hanging from a mango leaf. Thing is, I dont think it was there all morning as the limb alwaus brushes my truck roofrack when I drive in or out and I had been out in the mid morning. I sttoked it and it jerked but settled back and I picked up my grandkids so they too could stroke it. Wonder if it is an omen of anything

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