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Major transformations are taking place right now with the outcome being different than what you expected.

Butterfly Meaning and Messages

In general, Butterfly symbolism always brings you a massive transformation. In essence, this insect is asking you to embrace those changes in your environment and with your emotional body. This physical transformation of energy around you is taking root and expanding in ways that may surprise you. It also behooves you to release any expectations you may have about the outcome of this change.  Moreover, do not try to control it. In this case, this spirit animal insists that you must allow it to flow through and around you. Above all, like the Quarter Horse, it means that you must keep your faith.

Conversely, Butterfly meaning may also be reminding you to get up and move! Dance brings the sweetness of life. These insects will bring colour and joy to your life. Look at them and remember what joy is. Embrace this with all of your heart.

Alternatively, Butterfly symbolism could be reminding you that we are all on a long journey of the soul. As a result of this adventure, we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that will cause us to morph into ever-finer beings. Ultimately, at our soul-journeys end, we are inevitably changed and not at all the same as when we started on the path.

Also, see Moth, Caterpillar, Inchworm

Butterfly Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Butterfly totem have a gift for accepting change with grace and eloquence. In other words, like the Camel, they realize that the journey is their only guarantee. So consequently, they know that it is their responsibility to make their way in faith. They always accept the changes as they come and emerge from their transitions brilliantly.

Folks with this spirit animal are also susceptible to the harmony of the earth. They are genuinely in tune with environmental changes and are often the first to bring it to everyone else’s attention.

Butterfly Dream Interpretation

To have a Butterfly dream in which the insect is fluttering among flowers and green grasses indicates prosperity and wealth are coming your way soon. To see them flying about denotes that good news is about to be received. Traditionally, like the Falcon, this insect is a symbol of change that is beyond your control.

Butterfly – One of the Ten Animals Promoting Change in Your Life

71 thoughts on “Butterfly”

  1. A big blue butterfly landed on left hip and stayed there quite a while, even while I carried on walking. I know it represents transformation but is there any additional meaning if one actually lands on you?

  2. Perhaps somethings you’ve overcome through time has now become nothing more than a butterfly? Not knowing this fully you may still have that emotional trigger and butterfly could be saying “here I am!”, like a bridge to a new world!

  3. Tôi nhìn thấy một con bướm đang bay. Nó bay xung quanh và bay đến gần tôi. Tôi cảm thấy sợ và đã cố gắng xua nó ra xa. Nhưng hình như nó đang cố gắng đến gần tôi. Tôi cố gắng vào nhà thật nhanh và đóng cửa lại để thoát khỏi nó. Điều đó có nghĩa gì không? Tôi đã nghĩ bản thân đã sẵn sàng đón nhận mọi thứ. Nhưng vì sao tôi lại cố tránh xa nó?

    I saw a butterfly flying. It flew around and flew near me. I felt scared and tried to push it away. But it seems to be trying to get close to me. I tried to get in quickly and close the door to get out of it. Does that mean anything? I thought I was ready to accept everything. But why am I trying to stay away from it?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Clearly you are trying to resist change and transformation, since the butterfly represents that. As a butterfly first starts its life as a caterpillar to transform into having beautiful wings, so do you resist gaining your own wings in fear of falling to the ground.

  4. It has just changed seasons to winter here (in the UK) and the weather has been particularly inclement – very high winds, driving rain – just generally the kind of weather that gets you huddled under the duvet. Today was no exception, but at around 11, amidst the rain storm, was a lovely rainbow. Then later on, around 5:30 as I was cooking dinner, I noticed a white butterfly in the kitchen! There’s no way I could put the little one out in such horrendous conditions, particularly as it appears he or she may not have fully formed in the cocoon as the wings appear a little stunted and almost ‘stuck’ at the top. I’ve made a little house for my new friend whilst I research how best to help them, but wondered if you have any insight as to what our encounter could mean. Thank you 💚🦋

  5. I woke up to 14 (I assume there were more) butterflies in my room… Some were black.. 1 brown and few of them were white. What does this mean.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I looked up the meaning online and here is what I saw.

      Black butterfly : Renewal, reconstruction and rebirth. Most of all, it represents freedom and longevity.

      Brown butterfly : If black butterflies represent the end of pain and misfortune, then brown butterflies represent the beginning of something new, such as when you plant a seed in the brown soil.

      White butterfly : This could mean purity and spiritual transformation. Angels are near, and what you’re doing currently seems to be on the right path, even if it may not seem to be.

  6. I just saw my cat catch a bird across the street and bring it to my door. I had a weird urge to open the door and here he caught a HUGE butterfly. He brought it in and set it down. I couldn’t save it because the wings were severely damaged but it was alive. He ate the whole thing then left. What does that mean?

    1. Maybe it’s the world warning you that your animal side is blocking your spiritual growth. The cat, a predator representing our consuming, animal nature (don’t get me wrong, I love Meow-Meows, we have three), first damaged the wings of the butterfly, taking away its ability to fly (spiritual freedom), and then eventually devoured it whole.

      Perhaps your survival instincts are unnecessarily strong right now, and need to calm down to allow your spirit regrow its wings, and get you back on the path.

  7. I have not experienced a lot of butterfly encounters that seem out of norm. Why does my spirit animal show up as a butterfly if i havent encountered one in a “special” way?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It does not always have to be an actual butterfly encounter for something to be a spirit animal, but it can be anything that has butterflies on it, such as clothing or accessories with butterfly symbols, images and advertisements involving butterflies, or butterflies showing up in fiction you consume. After all, a lot of people have a lot of spirit animals in parts of the wilderness that most people have access to, and to be honest, for some people, their spirit animal might end up eating them if they encounter them in real life. There are all kinds of other options to find your spirit animal you can find online or in books if you choose to.

  8. I had to set 2 white butterflies free from my home. As I did this I was watched by a grasshopper who was perched on my clothes airer. How should I combine the messages from each animal?

    1. It just seems to say that you are indeed on the right track, in the right place doing the right thing and most important of all: that you have your heart on the right place.

      More precisely, if you are in need of an advice I would guess they are saying that if you are looking for an oportunity (grasshoper) you’ll find it following your Joy/your bliss (butterflies).

      Have a great day Sophie!

  9. In my dream, I was at my grandmas place it’s a village and I went along with my family and friends to the forest to click pics of the nature, I see a golden winged butterfly that comes to me when I stretch my hand and rest on my palm, it was small and cudnt fold her wings… After few days I went again and expected the butterfly.. I stretched my hand and the golden winged butterfly came flying and rested on my palm and I recognised it was the same little butterfly now bigger in size like a grown up normal size and IT WAS A TALKING butterfly. I take the butterfly and show it to someone saying “uncle see this is the butterfly and it also talks to me” and the one who I call uncle was my dad.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Butterflies in general mean transformation, though yellow butterflies symbolize in particular a transformation that will bring happiness. Search “yellow butterflies meaning,” on the internet and you’ll find this.

  10. Just now I had a long 30 minute “session” with an orange and black butterfly with blue and yellow towards its end. It flew in a circle around me and fluttered along the driveway where I was for a while. It kept resting on a muddy track and I even got a chance to touch it – not it’s wings but the middle. It was a very enlightening experience and due to two recent losses, I embrace these rare moments and hold them very dear.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Butterflies after losses can be a sign that loved ones are near, and are now at peace in Heaven.

  11. Well this is out of the ordinary about 30

    Whites butterflies one by one dancing thru my yard pass right by me dangling and some came close along with 4 orange ones. A poor abandon cat. Came. In. My yard very friendly so I fed her I have my own cat but she has to be the only animal i saw 2 bald eagles flying above and a few birds in my yard. Normally they are elsewhere but they were here today then another cat I never seen before came here but she look healthy must be a neighbor cat and a few hawks too NOAH ARC DON’T LIVE HERE WHAT THE SIGNS

    1. EspionageCookie

      White butterflies often represent spiritual transformation. (Look up online “signs of spiritual awakening” and “signs of kundalini awakening” or “signs of a lightworker,” and “types of lightworkers” for example.) The specific animals involve might mean to transform, you need to adopt some of its characteristics. Perhaps explore the meaning of the other animals for this involved as well.

  12. What if a butterfly pauses? A big orange butterfly fluttered outside my bedroom window then rested upon an outstretched bamboo stalk. Possibly resting during migration? A wind gust swung the branch around as if trying to shake the butterfly off. The butterfly remained there, clinging to a bamboo leaf. I have been seeing a lot of yellow and orange butterflies the past two weeks at home and in the neighborhood. An orange one is circling my house.

    1. Discovered the loquat tree is covered with open blossoms and bees. Many orange monarch butterflies are in the tree gathering nectar. My heart filled with joy at the amazing sight! Bountiful Harvest! In the afternoon, another orange monarch rested in the bamboo , just as on the previous day.

  13. Interesting stuff…. Been having a rough time with my bipolar and alcoholism, really didn’t think I would make it to thirty years old… Found out this week my family has lined out a treatment for me. I also got a new phone this week and already have a picture of a butterfly on my motorcycle and another one on my finger on two separate days when I have never taken a picture of a butterfly in my life… Made me wonder what it could mean, so I looked it up and found this… Maybe it’s time to embrace some change

  14. Butterfly, Tsiktsinenná:wen, yet again. I am seeking to transform the spiritual way that I am being in this world, and have taken steps to change my life, all of which feel far more positive, but I still have a long way to go before I am travelling in this world more lightly.

    1. I recently had a Mantis lay its nest on my porch and than a butterly entered my proch and I opened the window and released it, but it fluttered it wings first. Do these two happenings mean anything?I have been having a rough time emoti0nally.

  15. Tsiktsinenná:wen, Butterfly is a very profound symbol for me right now. I am going through a physical and spiritual cleanse, seeking to rediscover the old ways taught to me by my Grandmother, my Memaire, who was a traditional Shaman, and the best person in what was a very rough early life, and am planning on a spirit walk with friends tomorrow. One of those friends recently pointed out a Monarch to me and we stopped to watch the butterfly and its brothers and sisters. Tsiktsinenná:wen speaks to me also of profound change and a spiritual breakthrough, which is what I seek.

  16. was at cemetery visiting my dad and a yelllow butterfly flew by and then 2 minutes later a white one fluttered right by my head as i was looking down at his stone. maybe to get my attention? this experience has me feeling a way i cant quite describe in words. i feel even more connected to my dad then ever in this experience. its in a way thats on another level. any further insite? id be most grateful 🙏🏼 thank you

    1. I can definitely relate to your experience Laurie. My dad passed away November 13th 2014. There are times when I feel fine and others where I feel this deep emptiness inside. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve seen 4 butterflies which is quite rare now around here. The 1st one being mostly yellow, a monarch, another yellow and black one and then just yesterday a small white one. After seeing these beauties I felt this connection with my father. Some may call it crazy but I believe these are messengers from my dad telling me everything will be alright.

  17. I work in a granite shop. A dusty wet and loud granite shop. One bright day last summer a beautiful, wounded butterfly came fluttering in the shop and landed on the floor. I stopped what I was doing and picked it up and set it on the bench as it is less dirty there. Upon looking closely at it, its rear wing was torn and ripped. It sat there still alive but made no attempt to fly away.
    I snapped some pictures of it with my phone as it was a very beautiful yellow and black butterfly. I took it outside and placed it in the green grass, in the bright sunlight so Its last moments in this life were spent in the warm summer afternoon sun as opposed to a dark and dank fabrication shop.
    I showed my friend and co worker the butterfly, and the pictures I took of said creature. He operates a water jet at our company and revealed to me a butterfly he had jetted out of stone a YEAR prior that had sat in the corner. After pulling out the stone butterfly we were both shocked to see that the stone wing was broke on the granite butterfly in the exact spot where the rear wing was ripped and torn on the butterfly that had entered my life……… The stone butterfly sits in my garden on this day.

  18. Adriana Chagoya

    I love butterflies as I was walking outside I found dead butterfly. I brought her home. What does it mea she still looks pretty.


  19. An orange comma and its mate landed on me 15 x or more, as well as a bumble bee, whilst a robin in a bush looked on; I count the experience as extremely lucky! Am I going to fly soon – we shall see, Barbados beckons

    1. Christine Susianto

      Plant some swan plant to attract the monarch butterfly and any number of cottage garden flowers 🙂

  20. I recently was at a local butterfly exhibit. Just walking through admiring all the beauty- when a large blue morpho butterfly landed on me. He/She landed right on the front of my pubic bone, staring up at me and a very intense connection as our eyes locked. People were gently laughing as the placement was a bit strange. But the little butterfly was determined- he crawled one inch higher up around my uterus area, but other than that would not budge. Until finally needing to leave the attendant had to help lift him off. I’m so in wonder what to make of it. Such a playful loving creature

  21. Hi there. I have an amazing story about a butterfly. I have been recently in Argentina travelling arround and while i thought life could not be more beautiful in the South when i saw condors and honey bees appearing unexpectedly on my way, was up North at the waterfalls where a butterfly fluttered by and landed near my hand showing me the real beauty of life! I was looking patiently at him to suck up the nectar around when suddenly climbed up my finger and stayed in there for almost 30 mins while i was moving around. He walked almost a mile with me on my hand with his bright purple wings wide open. Several times tried to place him gently on a flower but refused to leave at my will… Just did it at his… Has this any meaning?

    1. How nice. I also have a similar experience were a butterfly landed on me and hung out for over 20 minutes. I tried to brush it to the sky and it came back. 😍

  22. A long time i havent seen any butterflies-which said to be my spirit animal. I just see caterpillars their other relatives :v and cocoon :v .-. @@~

  23. I have been feeling a bit down recently with anxiety which are effecting nearly every aspect of my life. So I woke up this morning and went for a cigarette as routine and noticed 2 beautiful butterflys flying around each other almost looked as if they were dancing, this made me smile but only just after doing my day to day things one butterfly perched right in front of me on the garden table and stayed there for around 5 minute before fluttering off. And even whilst writing this it has appeared again in front of me and is letting me admire it’s beauty. Truly has made me smile and feel that I am not just going through a bad stage, but a transition into becoming the person I am meant to be. 😀

  24. This morning I had a moth in my living room. Flappering against the glass window, trying to get to the light. I thought: 1. Ew a moth and 2. I need to help to get him outside, into freedom. I knew a moth’s wings are very fragile, so I grabbed him with loose hand/fingers. When I had him in my hand, I opened the window to set him free. Then I saw it wasn’t a moth at all. It happened to be a gorgeous butterfly. The butterfly opened his wings and stayed on my hand for a while. Then suddenly he closed his wings, I could almost hear it, and flew off.

    Do you have any thoughts on this visit?

    1. Hello Hannah & Car,

      This is often a sign of impending good news. Sorta like nature’s or a fairies way to deliver as messengers of good news to you personally. Something that has been pressing you as of late yields and gives way for your highest good. Consider the butterfly a Fed-Ex from Spirit bringing blessings on its wings to you and your loved ones.

      Good Journey.

    2. Hannah, it is possibly a sign from a loved one who passed on. They are visiting you and letting you know they are safe and also watching over you.

    3. Isabell Rossignol

      My experience was in the passing of an animal that I had for 21 years on was very close to her. The day after she died I had a friend call me on a business matter and I tried to tell her I couldn’t go because I was pretty upset and she talked me into going to lunch with her I know business person. As I was interviewing this individual a butterfly landed on my hand and we never really stop talking and I just let the butterflies down my hand I was eating fruit and put fruit in my hand and it started eating the fruit. Well this lasted about 30 minutes finally I looked at the person I was interviewing and said can you believe this and the young woman said this was supposed to happen and you can’t let her go so I had to leave and took the butterfly with me walkthrough a very loud large restaurant and it stayed on my hand when we got outside I tried to lay it down on a rose bush and it just flew around me closed about three times and then landed back on my hand and at this time it was very spiritual I looked at the butterfly and said I know you’re going to be okay. I am a spiritual person but it was strange how my sadness left me it is very hard to explain. The interesting part of this story is that I had a dapple weenie dog that was brownish red and white and I have a picture of this butterfly and it is exact color of my dog. I also have experiences with white butterflies after my mom passed away. They definitely are sending you messages because I feel it and know it.

    4. I jus saw the same thing in my dream.. A huge moth was on the wall and when I tried to touch it, it changed into several smaller colorful butterflies… Beautiful dream it was.

  25. So I am writing a book, and I would like to know if anyone could tell me what sort of vision involving a Butterfly would herald negative change. I see a couple examples above, but those only tell of good things.

    1. Butterflies in any culture don’t bring bad or negative news. Unless you believe the moth man or giant butterfly story that appeared before a bridge collapsed.

  26. Yesterday I was relaxing on a chaise lounge outside with my dogs nearby. I felt something on my foot and assuming it was a fly and lifted my head to see. It was a small butterfly. It sat on my toe for what seemed like a very long time, before fluttering off, but staying very close to me. It then started flying VERY QUICKLY all around me and then again, lighted on my toe. This scene repeated a couple times and then the butterfly landed on a porch railing and opened its wings totally flat onto the railing post. Later that day, I had a potentially huge business breakthrough; the answer to an obstacle I’d had for years was suddenly revealed to me. Today, another breakthrough. I have not felt this encouraged or emotionally charged in a long time.

  27. Recently while in Peru on a detox/yoga retreat, I was setting the intention for my new chapter and transformation. After a very beautiful profound night of yoga and the amazon, I woke up to a butterfly on my bungalow porch. The little guy stayed with me all day and hung out. I was surrounded by butterflies for days! One of many beautiful amazing stories of when butterflies have entered my path. They have also been part of my poetry when I release and let go not even thinking what i am writing about but letting the words flow onto paper…


  28. Last week I was walking past a shop windows, a huge admiral was trying to escape so I asked the shop owner if I could save it.which I did. Today I was searching for my cat and saw in our old shed a huge admiral butterfly again, stuck inside the windows. I had to help it. I ended up breaking the glass to free it!

  29. This past Wednesday, 7/13/15, I was outside talking with my daughter and two grandson’s. A butterfly landed in my hair, which I brushed away. It continued to circle behind me and landed in my hair several times. My daughter watched the whole thing. When she pointed it out, I turned and looked up to see it perched on the gutter above me. After I turned back to face her, it continued to land in my hair over and over. I welcome any thoughts.

    1. Perhaps your shampoo, as butterflies eat fruit and nector, however, I imagine good fortune is to come.

    1. I believe that any animal or insect that crosses your path is your spirit guide at that moment. They become your totem animal. If you look at it this way you forget the drudgery of looking and start accepting their subtle messages which become more powerful and healing with each mystery solved in your life until you find yourself being pushed by that spiritual wave. Just like a surfer harnesses the ocean. Once you release your straps from the old and stressful beliefs you find yourself effortlessly being pushed by the gentle wave of Grandfather. Then you can truly live a purposeful life.

  30. when i was young at around 8 or 9 years old i visited a aunt i cant remember if it was a that day or another moment that i saw a butterfly. but by trying to make something that may not be completely accurate of me with my memories would be inaccurate and later be stupid because am 14 years old right now.remembering this occurrence is difficult, that what am saying.

    1. Your lucky little one. Why? Because your already seeing in Spirit vision. If you find yourself here reading and writing and learning you have found the strongest medicine for your being. Your never stupid. Your brilliant. When you walk out your door everyday, observe all the creatures of the Earth that you see. Immerse yourself in Nature. Become a healer for others Guide them by being an example. Show them how to heal themselves.

  31. I just found a bitterly on the sidewalk in front of my house. It couldn’t fly so I gently transferred it to my front porch. I went for a hike and an hour later when I returned it was still there. On my hike three deer crossed right in front of my path. It’s a big day for spirit animals. What’s the significance of both in one day.

  32. Rowan Moonlight

    Such a beautiful article. I am now embracing the changes in my life by following the way of the butterfly.

  33. Butterflies and also moths helped me in sooo many ways I less expected. They had and still have their own surprising way to support, remind, and encourage me to do wonderful things I never thought I had enough courage to. They helped me through a massive transformation recently and I am so grateful to them.

    1. That is healing power beyond what others have had. You must be a healer. Today I saw 2 Golden Eagles. I bought them a trout and left it below where they were perched. I also brought a lilac flower for a jumping spider who has made his den in my window. Thanks for sharing your medicine.

  34. 😛 I have seen allot of butterflies this month. It means to continue to believe and have hope for the future. I am ready for my rebirth-transformation.

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