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Your determination and loyalty will be key at this time. Don't give up! Success is very close at hand.

If Elephant has lumbered across your path;

Are you remembering to nurture yourself? Elephant reminds us that we must look after ourselves first before we reach out and help others. Know that we have the instincts that will lead us where we need to go and what parts of us need nourishment. Perhaps we have isolated ourselves from family and need to find our way home.

Alternatively you may have to shift your focus to view the whole picture. Occasionally it could mean that you have to unearth buried memories and let them go.

If Elephant is your Totem Animal;

You are extremely intelligent and will make an excellent researcher or scientist. You feel things deeply and respond to those feelings from a place of inner knowing. Family is very important to you, especially the very young and the very old. You have a soft spot for the weak and the helpless. Loyalty is your strong suit and you remain loyal in spite of difficult circumstances in all situations.

If Elephant has come to your Dream;

To see an elephant in your dream indicates that you need to be more patient or more understanding of others. Or perhaps there is a memory that you are holding on to for too long. You need to let go of the past.

Alternatively, the elephant’s introverted personality may be a reflection of your own personality. In particular, if you see a white elephant, then it symbolizes royalty.

To dream that you are riding an elephant indicates that you are in control of your subconscious and aspects that you were once afraid of.

To dream that you are afraid of the elephant suggests that there is an enormous problem that you are afraid to confront.

To dream that you are an elephant suggests that you need to make your opinions and views known. You need to be more vocal and voice your ideas. Express yourself.

Additional Associations for Elephant:

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33 Responses to Elephant

  • Been drawn to elephants a lot recently to the point I felt I need to make a necklace for myself with elephants on it – with raised trunks – they had to be with raised trunks, today I had a few hours work, for a local lady, which, time I had been there a while I had become very uncomfortable with even though I felt I should get work as the jewellery which I make although I want to sell it I haven’t found a place to do so which means I rely on either hubby or my son financially

  • When I meditate,I see a few different faces,and I quite often see,what I believe to be an elephants eye,and just a small area round the eye. Can you tell me if this means that an elephant is my animal spirit?

  • I see a male running and falls down on a wooden crate there are 3 women (witches) that approach and ask him for assistance i notice that one of the 3 women has a gentle young smiling elephant head and a upturned curved trunk (like a tea pot) … any thoughts?

  • I had a dream that we were at a theme park and me and my boyfriend got to walk around with a tall elephant but inside I knew he was a young/teenage elephant but next to me he was huge . And we had are arms tied around him so nobody can get stepped on by the elephant while we would walk the theme park. then a fire work went wrong and created an explosion . And pretty much everyone was gone running in panic . And I my bf wanted me to run to the bathroom building for safety but I refused to leave the poor elephant so I took the elephant to the restroom and took everyone out and locked the elephant inside the bathroom so no one could get hurt . Later I come to the conclusion that it not safe to be outside so I go in the restroom with the elephant with my boyfriend and a couple of other people , we end up staying stranded and food gets scarce so I make a quest to go across the theme park and I get on the elephant ready for this quest and I tell my boyfriend being the tortious so if there food the tortoise can eat . (Mind you in real life I have a tortoise my father gave me which weighs about 25pounds) and my. Bf like okay and grabes the tortious by the neck and the head comes off . I start crying and asking why would you do that if it was a gift from my dad why would you grab the animal in that way and I’m crying on the floor after I got off the elephant . Then I woke up

  • I had a dream a playful baby elephant kept me up and wouldn’t let me go to bed

  • I dreamt last night a baby elephant was in my old room walking about (it was night time and lights were off in the room) and then it walked near my bed and started to go (bathroom) on the floor. It was quite vivid as it was splattered on the floor doing its business. Then I saw my nieces and nephews with their nannies. What could it mean?

  • This is very interesting. I dreamed that I was swimming in a pool with a small elephant.

  • When I was little I used to have annual dreams, most of which consisted of nightmares. The dreams that I had would come around Halloween, and they usually picked up where they left off the previous year. I had a lot of nightmares when I was younger, which stopped when I brought home a dreamcatcher that I had made in my elementary class. Anyways, my early dreams usually had an old favorite stuffed gray elephant that was crawling towards something, at one point I recall seeing a crate that was used for books. At first I was afraid of the stuffed elephant in the same way I was afraid of the nightmares I would have each year. However, after the first or second time, the crawling elephant usually brought me a bit of comfort amidst the nightmares.

    I was hoping for more explanation of this dream, if the elephant means something special to me (Which I believe it does since it just seems to sit very “right” with me), or if the dreams I had when I was younger mean something more than what I have already extracted from them.

    • The Father The Son and the Holy Spirit is your elephant Hes always there you are blessed to have the comforter that The Lord sends down ??? ? Heavenly Father I thank you in Jesus name for your child I pray in the name of our savior that you save this child and bless her with a beautiful and tangible experience like never before thank you Father God

  • Hi, I dreamt I took a tattoo of a blue and pink elephant on my right side and torso. On the left side same region I took a crab tattoo same color. I was mostly pleased with the work done, only requesting highlights be done on them so they appear mobile. Also while taking the tattoos I was bowing forward as if praying dressed in white. Anyone???

  • I had a dream where the white elephant was chasing something but later starts throwing stones at us over while we are standing over the bridge! What does it mean ??

  • Last night I dreamed that this elephant fell through a canopy and died. It landed on his back and it’s legs were up in the air. I felt scared for myself and the elephant. How can I interpret this?

  • My niece told me that she dreams of a rainbow elephant and some times she is riding it and sometimes she is the elephant. Could someone please tell me the significance of it being rainbow in color.

  • Last night I dreamt of an elephant head that slowly crashed through the bedroom ceiling of my childhood bedroom. The ceiling was like white plastic wrap that stretched over the elephant head. When the elephant head hit the floor, one of it’s mighty tusks broke in half. Do you have any insight into this? Your website has been so amazingly helpful in leading me to develop a relationship with bird spirit animals. Thank you for being here!!!

    • Ganesh, the Hindu god of removing obstacles has the head of an Elephant. Not a full Elephant body, mind you. Just the head. He is also uniquely described as having a broken off tusk from the fight when the head was gathered to be put onto the body of the baby God (long story). His receiving the Elephant head was what made him deity. The broken off tusk is very specific to Ganesh. He is the God of removing obstacles. Your bedroom would say to me that it represents your self (Mind Body Spirit) and this Elephant moving through the ceiling and falling into your room with the tusk braking off would symbolize that Ganesh is removing the obstacles that keep you confined within yourself, and that he is giving you the tool to become a higher vibration than you are now.

      But this is just my observation from working with totems and esoteric ministry. Others may see it differently.

      • Thank you so much! I just now read your response and your insights into my dream are spot on! I know that Ganesh is an obstacle remover. I received the gift of a Ganesh statue from a fellow student in my yoga teacher training last year. I was unaware of the broken tusk. I have faced huge inner obstacles and my study of yoga, among other things, have helped me to begin to uncover my true self and continue to dissolve old thought and behavior patterns. Ganesh is truly helping me!

  • I have recently been obsessed with elephants. I see pictures of them every where specifically the painted ones like they have in India. I have never been good at drawing, however yesterday I had this need to draw this elephant. The drawing was really good. I’ve never drawn anything well besides stick figures…does anyone know or have any idea what this could be about or mean?

  • A dear friend of mine, whom I hadn’t seen for a while just showed up at my house one day. I have been really sick for a few years with chronic depression.
    she told me that she had a really crazy dream: She went to my house (in her dream it was the last house I lived in, a big house) and she was looking for me. Every room she opened to see if I was there was super cluttered, every single room nothing but clutter. she came down the stairs and there was the living room totally empty. She heard some noise coming from the stairs, she thought it was me, turned around and it was 2 elephants. They came down the stairs walked right past her thru the front door and just kept going. She woke up with her little doggy licking her toes, which as per what she said, it never happened before.
    Would anyone be able to tell me what this means?
    With love
    Maria Esperanca

    • 😛

      It means the past is bogging you down. Whatever you do to let go of emotional and psychological clutter will help you out.

  • Other of the creatures iove and respect so sweet and affectionate, its difficult dont love an elephants

  • I dreamt of some brown elephants attacking us.
    Does anyone knwiits meaning plz? 🙁

  • Hi

    Dreamt of a baby elephant clinging onto my back and refusing to go off. The elephant has the normal colour , has a smiling face and blinks its eyes intermittently. Looks pretty. I can see only the face when I turn around to look. What does this mean? Thanks.

  • Hi! I just dreamt that I was tired and weak after traveling! A baby elephant was trying to comfort me. The building and scenery seem to indicate that this was in ancient times and I think I was in the Middle East or some type of palace! Anyhow when I was told to move the baby elephant began pushing me back and was trying to protect me! The people around guided the elephant away! I just remember feeling blessed the elephant took it upon herself or himself to try protect me! I remember rubbing its face when it was comforting me! Any ideas? I am 31years old and don’t have children.

  • My 2 year old daughter every morning tesla me of a white elephant floating in her room, what could this be for her?

    • Hi, Your daughter is divinely protected and looked after, it could be that your daughter will develop strong psychic gifts such as channeling or mediumship. Encourage your daughter to ask the floating head it’s name and if she can help it with anything, if she gets an answer that should reveal more for you x

      • I had an elephant’s head appear to me in a meditation and I do see elephants everywhere I go / look the images obviously lol. I’m still a little confused as to what it means.

    • Hi, i am so intrigued by this post. When my daughter was about 2 or 3 years old she told me that one night she saw a tiny white elephant mom and babies floating from inside her room and headed out her door and into my room. She also said they didnt have trunks and had big creepy black eyes but somehow she knew they were elephants I believe it frieghtened her. She had a similar thing happen in a dream when she was in 3rd grade and then again in 4th grade. This time, in the dreams, there was a voice in the background singing “Mary had a little lamb”

      Has your daughter ever brought up the white elephant again?

  • just come here searching for an elephant pictures, thanks for the pictures and a lot of information about elephants 😀

  • Hey there. So I had a dream last night that I was on a vacation with my sisters, my brothers, my mom, my aunt and Robin Williams (lol). We got a cottage in somewhere south, i believe it might have been Africa or something I dont know. In the back of the cottage was a pretty large river with a current, across the river was a raft shelter sort of floating house thing. Flowing through the river were huge fish, sharks(I dream of sharks often because I am afraid of them). I had to swim to the other side because I looked out and saw my baby daughter over there, my brothers and robin williams. I realized that I needed to cross the river to get to my daughter because I knew my brothers or robin williams wouldnt be taking her back, so i crossed it, terrified that I would be eaten by sharks. But I got there, no problem. I started having a lot of fun with them, laughing and so on. The sun started to go down, so I realized I had to go back to the cottage across the river. I looked in the river and saw that there were no sharks now, but big brown elephants flowing through it. They’re trunks were the only thing you could really see flowing by (for oxygen). I was now terrified of the elephants, even more scared than I was of the sharks (which is shocking cuz im so scared of sharks and not scared of elephants in my waking life). I looked over at my daughter, who wasnt a baby anymore but a 4 year old and she and my brother were playing with a a baby elephant, and washing it. They werent afraid at all. I was so impressed that she wasnt afraid, but then I felt like I needed to rescue her from the baby elephant so I can and grabbed her, had a bit of a panic attack before going in the water, held her up and started swimming backwards on my back through the river to get to the other side. Robin williams swam next to me and by him doing that, and looking up at my daughter, I felt safe with them and wasnt afraid as long as I focused on them. I got to the other side very fast, no problems. When I got back to the cottage, the sun was coming down over the horizon and I sat next to the river and it was still . I wasnt afraid anymore.

    What do you think this all means?

    • I’m definitely not evolved enough to interpret this, but to me it’s saying if you focus on your goal and not be distracted by your fears, you can easily or smoothly achieve it. And maybe looking at things with a child like perception will help with the fears. 🙂

  • In my teenage years I once had a vivid dream that happened before my first day at a new school, I dreamed I gave birth the a Baby Elephant. And I have no idea what that meant

    • There is a reference in a book named ANIMAL-SPEAK The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews that mentions about dreaming of white elephants . It says that for a woman it means to give birth to a great teacher or a master. I highly recommend getting the book I use it as a cross reference with this web site , very informative and interesting.

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