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Gorilla Symbolism, Gorilla Meaning, Gorilla Totem, Gorilla Dream, and Messages
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Gorilla Meaning and Messages

In general, Gorilla symbolism is a signal for us to raise our heads and recognize the nobility within us. This type of Gorilla meaning does not represent prideful or boastful behavior. Instead, this spirit animal exudes a quiet honor and a calm dignity that makes a much more profound statement than any boast. We humans (particularly this day and age) would do well to mimic such regal behavior.

Similar to the Cougar, Gorilla symbolism also gives us a message of leadership, however not of the aggressive kind. Instead, this ape manages other members within the troop with temperance, understanding, compassion, and balance. Very seldom is aggression or violence required to get the point across. The Gorilla meaning also reminds us that tyrannical leaders will never win respect. In other words, the message is that decency, honesty, and quiet charisma gain loyal followers.

Alternatively, Gorilla symbolism could be a confirmation that your endeavors are stable and steady. Therefore you must stay grounded and handle your responsibilities. This animal totem will help you find your inner strength.

Gorilla Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Cardinal totem, the Gorilla totem person is a leader. They effortlessly command groups of people through the strength of will, decisiveness, and the mediation of conflict. Also, with this type of leadership, they understand responsibility. Gorilla totem people always take full protective responsibility of those within their command. Moreover, these folks fully understand that a good leader is a leader who serves the needs of the followers. They also lead by example and with integrity.

With this Great Ape as your spirit animal, you have the power to marshal the strength of community to your cause. There is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Gorilla Dream Interpretation

When you have a Gorilla dream, it suggests that you may be too “over the top” in your behavior. In other words, you are overcompensating for your rigidity and awkwardness. Alternatively, the Gorilla dream symbolizes your primitive impulses, wild nature, and repressed sexual energy. If this animal is hiding, it indicates that you are looking for a sense of security or protection.

Similar to the Antelope, it could also mean that this animal represents the need for you to take action. When we have a Gorilla dream, it is a signal that we’ve been resting on our laurels. In other words, it’s time to start earning the things we want instead of waiting for rewards to fall into our laps.

41 thoughts on “Gorilla”

  1. I dream a gorilla Was chasing me and trying to get hold of me but it couldn’t then someone had to hid me and rub me a smelly odour to prevent the gorilla from smelling me and chasing me again.pls I could not find the meaning so can I get a meaning to this dream

  2. I dreamned that i become a gorilla
    that i am living a quiet life and people all the sudden started to be mean to me. i walked away but they keep provoking me and i turned into a gorilla but i wouldn’t harm anyone randomly. i stand up to injustice against the weak ones. i am surounded by bad people that have no problem harming other to get what they want, and thats when i turn into the gorilla to deffend the ones that can not stand up for them self.

  3. I just saw a dream . In which I was running to save my life like I’m in danger but than I heard people saying he is dead no need to worry and all were happy I turned to see what happen and I saw that a gorilla he was dying like he just crashed into some buildings one after another than it fell in the ground. Even though I was running from him to save myself after seeing him dead I was sad. I was like why ? It was a sad dream .

  4. i saw a dream in which there were three gorillas at my house .
    They did not let me enter the house . I was crying shouting please let me in but they did not let me in, in my house . I called out my mom but she could not hear me .

  5. A couple of weeks before (i dont exactly remember when) i dream about facing a gorilla on my way back home throug a jungle. The gorilla was with a baby, I heard someone say to me to walk past the gorilla without disturbing the mother and the child gorilla, i walked quietely past them and it did not attack me. Yesterday i dream about the same place and this time i am happily going home suddenly i saw the same mother and child gorilla sitting on the way, as i remembered i dont want to disturb. The mother gorilla pulled back her baby to let me go and when i passed by the gorilla warned me that there is a bear at the corner on the mid of my way back home, i saw the bear but i was scared that the bear will attack me so i ran back. What does this signify? Very strange dream ha ha .

  6. I had a dream just now where some random people I know in my life were in this house I never seen before and a herd of gorillas came. I tried to barricade the doors but it was a run down house and things didn’t function well anymore, so they came in. They were trashing the house and maybe even killing the others I tried to hide under the table but they saw and as they bent down it turned to more of a human and stabbed me with a sword, but missed right between my head and neck haha then I woke up

  7. I dreamt that I was looking out back and there was a gorilla and a small black terrier at the back of the backyard (about 30 – 50 yards back) looking back at me, waiting for me to bring them some food. They were standing separate from each other, a couple feet between them, the dog on the left. They were sitting still, just looking at me, and waiting.

  8. Just woken from a dream where I was watching a couple in the jungle who were accustomed to gorillas, maybe studying them. They had their young boy child with them and did not seem worried when the gorilla picked up the child and held him at eye level.
    The gorilla then bit a huge chunk out of the boy’s stomach. The boy died. The mother was in shock as the gorilla handed her a piece of liver. The father remained calm and told her to eat it so as not to rile the gorilla. I felt only like an observer in this strange dream.

  9. I had a dream that there’s a white furred red faced horned gorilla that was at our backyard and I was trying to tame it by giving it a piece of a rotten banana but when i was trying to tame the gorilla it started to rage and ran away, i dont even know what it means

  10. I was visiting the zoo in Seattle with my children and our last stop was at the Gorilla exhibit. The male Gorilla was right at the glass window, with his side next to us, looking away (back of head to us). Several people were there before we arrived. I took my 18 mo son and made the sound to the Gorilla so he would associate it to what we had looked at in book…”OoH OoH Aah Aah”, I said in a low pitched sound and the Gorilla immodiately turned to us and stared me down for a while. I connected with him, closed my eyes and connected with him and when I opened, he was still looking at me, yet differently. It was amazing – weird…. hard to explain, and the people around us couldn’t believe it either. Had to share!

  11. I had a dream that a giant gorilla statue was overlooking a cliff. The statue was at least 40’ high. The exterior of the statue broke apart, and a giant powerful gorilla was there. A normal size female gorilla came to him carrying a child. The giant spoke to her, telling her that she has a mate at home and she should not come to him. He held the tiny baby ape in his giant hand and dropped it over the cliff. Other monkeys sat along the edge of the cliff. Some cried at the death of the baby.

  12. Barb Niederkorn

    I had a vision this morning of a gorilla. His face was very close and large. Eyes looking right into mine and saw him mouth I love you. And did this twice and then faded out. The night before I had a heart to heart talk with my brother in law and hasn’t talked to me for the past two years. I approached him to get everything out in the open an settle whatever was bothering him. I apologized to him and new that’s what he was waiting for so I did. He literally days we are two different people and nothing will ever change. He will not accept my apologies and will not talk to me. So I need to accept this but it’s really hard for me to. I don’t like conflict or drama. Family is very important to me. So gorilla came to me to tell me that he loves me. It was so perfect for him to appear to me when he did.

    1. Thats crazy… Im on this page because I also had a vision of a gorilla. It was very up close exactly as you described. The only difference is that it said nothing and focused on eye contact. It demanded attention and commanded presence

  13. This actually happened. I went to the zoo and when I saw the gorilla area I immediately made eye contact with the silver-back gorilla. I was staring at him, thinking how awesome he was. I didn’t think he was real. I starting mimicking him, by pretending to eat, like he was. He came closer and closer and then he stood up and slapped his hands on the glass. I fell backwards and was very thankful that the glass held. He turned and went away but a younger gorilla came up to the glass. I did walk over and put my hand on the glass. This was an amazing experience and I do often have up close experiences with other animals. They certainly help me with my faith in Christ and with my every day dealings with people.

  14. I had a dream that I was in a classroom and they took us outside and handed everyone skis and ice skates and I was last let go I wanted to ice skates but the man handed me skis instead tell me he wanted to see me on these I was already good at the other somehow I found myself way off the track that everybody what else was going around I seen between me and the track just looking at me two giant gorillas and their babies on ice skates and I start getting hit over the head by this enormous Golden Monkey thing none of the people noticed me only the gorillas off in the distance stopped and stared then I woke a little shaken

  15. I dreamt or it felt like a nightmare rather, that a gorilla was standing tall in my closet. I awoke from a noise, and was very scared and as I was getting up I saw a gorilla in my closet doorway. I flipped the light on, and I kept staring at the gorilla. He started to fade away… as I was waking up to realize i was dreaming. I was afraid because there was a gorilla in my closet, but I remember we just stared at one another. He was tall and had a look of compassion and seemed strong. I was breathing hard… but found my breath as I awoke completely.

    Never have I dreamt of a gorilla. 😨

  16. I saw in my dream that I was in a house ,and outside my house was a big gorilla , and I was trying to not letting him get in from the window , then he succeeded opening the window he took me and feed me his food and the it kissed me in the forehead

  17. My dream was very different from what i read here.. In my dream..I was standing at the roof of big mansion with my 2 friends(which i met them in dream only), when animals start running out from the mansion’s gate..we see gorilla sitting on running elephant backwards and made eye contact with me with curiosity , my friend said he had seen us and will be coming towards us, so we go down and hide in room..gorilla came quietly and tried to find us and I could see him from my room’s window as he was quietly trying to find us..its the first time i had dream like this and am able to remember it very clearly..

    Can anyone help to interpret this..

    1. Rishi,

      I don’t read people dream. I know from mine I travel and work a lot in my dream on my spiritual path.

      I recently had Gorilla join me. I had strong connection to your writing.

      I believe your power animal the gorilla is trying to find you, offer his strength and protection. He’s trying help you empower yourself and the situation in your life, with family and work. Also Money. Help you over a sadness and allow you to move forward on your path.

      Often our doubt that can this all be real keeps us from believe, power/energy will keep working to find us and help us. Allow a child believe and it may grow the spiritual fire. Faith that you are on the path and growing or soon will be.

      I hope this help.

      Love and light,


      1. I’m going thru a separation from my husband i have been depressed last night i dreamed about gorillas and they we’re trying to talk to me i woke up and still felt the presence of a gorilla watching me. This morning i prayed and looked up the meaning of my dream.I realized i need to be strong and believe what is happening to me is only temporary.

  18. i had a gorilla come in a vision. It’s eye was coming towards mine and seemed to want a deeper entry. I wasn’t sure at first whether to allow it in but i finally did. it entered deeply into my head and then, about a second or two later, i had a very powerful and physical rush of energy into my ribs and chest leaving what felt like a plate of armour over over my chest. I had until then never felt anything quite like that.

  19. My dream was about fighting the gorilla…I saw my dead father go towards a door and then he was hurt by the gorilla which was trying to break in the house …. I didn’t want my family especially my father to be hurt again so i fought in his stead and trapped it outside my house stange thing was I didn’t try very hard….When I went back to where my family was..My father was bleeding from nose…And then I woke up…..And one thing else gorilla had white eyes…

  20. I dreamed i found a beautiful pool of water with my friend that no one else knew about. So we jumped in and I saw a Gorilla dive into the water with us- and he was a lovely sight but i was nervous seeing him. I came above water and saw a female Gorilla there too- they were not aggressive but me and my friend got out of there!

  21. I had a dream that I and one other person (not sure who) was in the gorilla habitat hiking. I accidently went to close and the biggest one charged at me. The whole dream is just me running away and running away. I was hiding in trees and caves bit nothing could hide me from this humongous gorilla. I was scared for my life and that’s all I remember. There was a moment in the dream though that I was not me, I was the other person I was with, but I was still hiding from the gorilla. I was watching me hide from the gorilla. Not to sure what that means.

  22. I just had a dream that a gorilla was going up the driveway and me and my friends picked up my rabbits and ran inside and warned my dad. He was all chill about it and different that he is.I wemt to my room and hid in my closet but i thought he would find me so i locked myself in my room and my friends wanted to hide too so i let them in and the rabbits were so scared and they were with me the whole time.We could hear noises and I knew that it was in the house and my dad wasn’t scared of it? Just then I hear a car pull up, I check the time and its about the time my brother gets home from work and I was sooo scared something might happen to him. That’s when my alarm went off. Sorry about grammar and BTW I’m only 12, plz help me, what does this mean?

  23. I had a dream that I was rescuing a Gorilla. It had gotten to the point that if we couldn’t save it from the lab it was stuck in, we would try to euthinize it humanely so the laboratory couldn’t hurt it. This beast was friendly, and in the dream I understood it to be a very close being to my person, a friend perhaps. I had to fight through a lot of obstacles and shattered glass to get to the Gorilla, we couldn’t find anything to take its life humanely with, I remember holding its hand as it lay on a medical table, it was really sad. I woke up.

    What could this mean?

    Many thanks.

  24. I’ve had two dreams over the past week involving gorillas. The first one involved me at a house party in the middle of the day. I saw through a window that looked over the back of the house, a large field with a river on the far side. At the far end of the field I saw lions running across, followed by several gorillas. I called everyone’s attention and went out on the back porch, which was on the second story of the house. As everyone else stayed inside, I continued to point them out to everyone, which got the attention of the animals. At this point, they turned back and started approaching the house. Fear spread throughout the house party, including within me, and I went back inside. Right before I did, I looked down and noticed several gorillas climbing the side of the house and breaking windows to get in. I ran inside and heard other people yelling, saying things like “they’re getting inside!” I hid in a closet and woke up soon after.

    My second dream involved me with a group of people at a campsite somewhere in a dense forest. We were at an elevated site with small cabins/shelters and all standing around informally with no order. I looked down and over a view, and I saw a gorilla in a tree looking out over the view as well. I was in wonder of it, and pointed it out to a friend. Shortly after, the gorilla started swinging on vines and made its way towards my group. As it got closer, people began to become afraid and before I could see the gorilla, I hid underneath one of the shelters. I woke up soon after.

    There are some common themes with these two dreams that I’m aware of – obviously the presence of the gorillas/gorilla (only one gorilla in the second dream), but also the fact that they approach only after I have pointed them out to someone else. I anticipate that they are coming to attack us, and I am leaving other people behind without protecting them; however, since I have not witnessed what the gorillas do after they arrive, I am uncertain what this could mean.

    If anybody has any thoughts on this, I am very interested to hear your comments. Thank you.

    1. I had a similar dream last might. I was in the house i grew up in. It was a sunny, warm morning. I looked out the back and saw a baby gorilla, which I proceeded to treat as a puppy and bring into the house. Flash forward, I was in the living room, looking out the window where I saw a silverback standing up. It mustve been 8-10 feet tall. The thing was ferociously angry. I ran in fear, after lingering long enough to see it bang on the windows to come inside. I ran upstairs, into my brother’s room and looked out the window, to meet eyes with it again. On a completely different side of the house. It climbed up to the second floor, and tried to get inside again. I thought it was after me. I remembered that I had taken its child, and intended to give it back but I was too afraid to go outside and meet it. Then I went to the front of the house, and saw an old friend dirtbiking. The gorilla went after him, and a battle ensued. The gorilla was killed by my friend and my brother. I went outside and saw that the gorilla had changed. It looked meek and as though it had been dead much longer. The point is, dont sweep under the rug your ability to lead. Dont forsake your natural ability, your natural dominance for a quiet role in your own life. Because everywhere you go, there will always be that side of you, looking you dead in the eye, trying to show you who you are. Trying to help you remember who you are deep down. Dont hang up your hat before the journey even begins. You are who you are. If you blame others for taking the silverback from you, you are not looking in the right direction. Only you may let it happen, just as only you can meet it face to face.

  25. I keep having dreams about gorillas every day . The first dream was about the gorilla seeing me in the forest it got agitated and started chasing me as if it wanted to kill me … I also saw it kill a man before it saw me . My next dream was about a gorilla feeling up on me… sexually . The dream I had last night was about a gorilla living in my yard… playing in the trees , it was a nice gorilla no hostility or anything just fun and playful… I really don’t understand why gorillas keep popping up in my dreams , someone please help me understand these dreams

  26. All I could say is WOW! I Google everything to get more understanding, and I got it. My Apostle was wondering why she was seeing Gorillas in the spirit realms when she was casting out demons, and now I could let her know what this was, she was seeing. Thank you! I’m so grateful.

  27. My 3 yr old son keeps saying he sees a gorilla outside at night time and is afraid of it. He pulled me away from the door and said “no mommy! Gorilla is gonna get Mommy!”

    1. Elizabeth Conner

      Your son may still be in the terrible two stage still. Saying that he is having a little trouble maturing out of that phase. I suggest if you are being hard on him pull back a little. Don’t push him into growing out of his phases too quickly. It may take him a little longer than the average. He is very sensitive. God bless.

  28. I’m a teacher and reality yesterday a student pushed me and told me to shut up. I was so mad all I can do is call that student B*+€# in my mind. So last night I had a dream that I was 12 in a house I use to play in with friends in cousins I use to play with running from a Gorilla. One of my friends provoked the Gorilla

  29. What does it mean when in meditation state a gorilla approaches me without any fear, I stand strong as the gorilla approaches and he comes face to face with me. I might also mention that the gorilla was seen in a complete black and white state whilst(this is where it gets weird) the glasses he wore reflected a color image but not what was behind me but as if it were showing a different world/realm?

  30. I’ve been having repeated dreams of gorillas, last night i had a dream that i was a gorilla and i was following a friend to the middle of nowhere, just tall buildings all around. someone was chasing us, and in all the commotion we got seperated. the bad guys ended up finding me and killing me.. i transferred into my friend gorillas body once I died and he was the one safe. he had made it, but i did not.

  31. I had a dream that i was trapped in Gorilla’s body. I wondered around my home town and i had encounters with another Ape that was not fully a gorilla but something more twisted it had much longer arms and longer hands. Every time i managed to end conflict by scaring it away. Only once i decided to chase it and then it screamed really loud, like it was luring me into a trap and calling for aid. When i started running away it was all muddy and i was slipping and being slowed down by it. Afterwards i was only trying to dodge the attacks before i woke up. I cannot find meaning of this dream anywhere.

  32. Just wanted to let you know I re-blogged this content on my site, giving you credit of course! I made a personal blog post which goes up tomorrow about my own experience with the Gorilla spirit animal, and I wanted to provide my readers with extra info on the gorilla. Thank you so much – if whatever reason you would prefer I didn’t reblog the content, please just let me know. Lots of love. x <3

  33. My power animal! I see him, a majestic silverback gorilla in my meditations. I just want to say a really insightful description.

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