Know that you are unique and what is right for others is not always right for you. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Zebra symbolism is reminding you that there is more than one way of looking at things. Furthermore, this spirit animal insists that you must be ready to accept alternative viewpoints and new ideas. You must open your eyes to new ideas and new ways of resolving problems. Similar to the Spotted Hyena, Zebra meaning also prompts you to find balance and fairness in any resolution, and work toward recognizing the individuals around yours. As part of a team, you all have unique gifts to offer and share to round out your project. You must understand that things are never as simple as black or white and that everything must find balance in the world.

Alternatively, the Zebra Symbolism incorporates the need to accept yourself and others unconditionally. Therefore, like the Cassowary, Zebra meaning reminds you that you should embrace your differences. Look at the whole of who you and others are.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Zebra totem enjoy working in groups and teams while recognizing the power of achievement through this method of accomplishing their goals. They also easily acknowledge that using a balanced and productive format in groups is the best way to gain recognition for each individual involved. Folks with this spirit animal totem enjoy challenges and actively seek them out. They also have a unique understanding of the world around themselves. Opposite of the Starfish power animal, they know that not everything is only black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. For the Zebra totem, there is a fine line in all these matters. They, as individuals, are crucial in helping others understand this delicate balance.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Zebra dream, it represents the good-evil, right-wrong polarity of various elements in your life. If you dreamed of a herd of these striped animals, they are warning you that you must find balance in your efforts. However, similar to the Pelican, a tame Zebra dream predicts gain from an unexpected source. It may also be letting you know to be aware that someone seeks to besmirch your honor and reputation.

9 thoughts on “Zebra”

  1. I dreamed that I saw a zebra out laying under the shade of the bush where there were people around picnicking. I was staying at some accommodation in the bush that was really rough, there was no shower working so we couldn’t shower. Instead of getting upset we decided to just tell the owner that we couldn’t shower when we left. I realised that I needed to be aware and to make better conscious choices with everything in life and on how I dealt with people too!

  2. Zebras andDonkeys have less chromosomes than horses. Even though they are equids they are different species than a horse and are not horse breeds.

  3. I learned a few days ago that my power animal is a zebra. I’ve been fascinated by them my whole life. For whatever reason I never knew they were my favorite animal, and my guide, until now.

    I love Zebras.

  4. Autumn Blankenship

    I dreamt I was at a religious festival, was walking out of a building and turned to see a horse and a zebra standing at the top of a dais. The zebra was brilliantly colored yellow and pink, turning night to day.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The religious festival might symbolize a need for prayer in the form of celebration, such as in expressing gratitude over the blessings given to you in life, including life itself, or expressing worship in a less routine way, such as in song or visual art., even in more modern styles. The zebra’s presence in the religious festival might signal an openness to more unique and less common styles of religious ritual as well, from yoga to candle magick, crystals to alternative medicine, astrology to tarot cards, bibliomancy to studying different goddesses, self inquiry meditation to martial arts, reading channeled books to exploring books on mediumship or the afterlife, from acupuncture to reiki healing, there is a variety of things to at least try to experiment with if it works or not. You’re free to leave or ignore this, of course, but this dream seems to encourage you to at least try this out enough in more practical self experimentation than acting as an armchair philosopher, making theories and speculative philosophy than actually taking the time to just try it to see if it works.

  5. hi…i stumbled onto this site in search of the meaning of the BLUE WOLF….ive heard the story long ago but cant remember it….I have always been attracted to wolves but when my kid’s father died soon after we divorced after 24 yrs i felt the need to tattoo a blue wolf on me….the protector of my pack now that im the only parent…but why? why the blue wolf??

  6. 😛 i received a message from spirit uzerba. i am curious about this. sometime ago i dream of snake, the kind of python what the message could be?

  7. 😉 I am loving this site and information! Today I was told by Spirit to look up Antelope, Zebra, Ant,Hummingbird,Seahorse, Bee,beaver,willow tree, rose,yellow butterfly grasshopper and dragonfly. It’s like reading your here and now profile . Lovely website, thank you : )

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